About IVSDb

Internet Video Slot Database started it’s journey in August 2021 and quickly started to grow into something big. Just in 2 months the archive hit 1000 video slots with stunning, best in class thumbnails. We add new video slots every day, and the goal is to list all video slots from all game studios. You will even find games that have been decommissioned by the game studio, since we keep all video slots on our site. 

Play Video Slots for Free

At ivsdb.com you can play all video slots for free (depending on your jurisdiction) without the need to download anything or create an account. Please let us know if there’s a broken link and you are unable to play a certain game. The decommissioned video slots will most likely not be possible to play for free since the game studio have removed it from their game library.

Rating and Reviews

We strongly believe that the most honest way to rate and review slots, is to let the players do it themselves. Therefore we do not write any reviews ourselves but instead let the players do it.