Prepare yourself for an electrifying gaming journey with 3 Oaks' latest slot sensation, Coin UP: Hot Fire! Just a friendly heads-up, though - the victories and JACKPOTS waiting on the 3x3 reel set might prove too scorching to handle. Ready to dive into this blazing action?

The HOLD & WIN BONUS round boasts thrilling surprises, featuring COLLECT SYMBOLS, STICKY COINS, and two types of MYSTERY SYMBOLS. And here's the kicker - an additional row adds to the excitement! This is where MULTI UP and COIN UP symbols emerge, igniting your screen with monumental wins. Alongside the MINI, MINOR, and MAJOR JACKPOTS, the elusive GRAND JACKPOT awaits those blessed by Lady Luck. Brace yourself for a fiery wave of gaming thrills - let the reels sizzle!

On the base game reels, your aim isn't to form winning combos but to land three symbols of any kind on the central row. This triggers the HOLD & WIN bonus round, where the STICKY COIN symbol lends a hand. Acting as a currency symbol, it remains locked until the bonus round kicks in. If it lands on the central row, it also aids in activating the feature.

Once immersed in the bonus game, you'll be granted three respins with the sole task of collecting more symbols, each with its own value. All symbols, including those triggering the feature, lock in place during this round. Moreover, each new symbol refreshes your respin count.

Keep an eye out for the MINI, MINOR, or MAJOR JACKPOT SYMBOLS for some scorching returns. And don't overlook the MYSTERY JACKPOT SYMBOL, which morphs into one of these JACKPOTS upon conclusion of the bonus game. But wait, there's more! A MYSTERY SYMBOL reveals whether you've landed the regular MONEY SYMBOL, the JACKPOT SYMBOL, or the COLLECT SYMBOL. Speaking of which, the COLLECT SYMBOL may appear anytime during the feature to gather all values from MONEY SYMBOLS, STICKY COINS, and JACKPOT SYMBOLS. Now, that's a comprehensive package!
Are you eagerly anticipating the sun-sational release of the year? Well, dust off your desert boots, dear gamers, and get ready for an exhilarating return to the sun-kissed and treasure-laden sands of Ancient Egypt. Sun of Egypt 4, the latest addition to 3 Oaks' highly popular 'Sun of Egypt' series, has arrived!

Building on the incredible success of Sun of Egypt 2 and Sun of Egypt 3, celebrated for their captivating HOLD & WIN mechanics and visually stunning design, the newest slot, Sun of Egypt 4, not only preserves all the best features of its predecessors but also introduces more of what spinners crave. Loaded with the exciting HOLD & WIN BONUS game, a thrilling SUPER BONUS round, five incredible JACKPOTS, enhanced FREE SPINS, an enticing BOOST FEATURE with MULTIPLIERS, and a fantastic BONUS ACCUM MECHANIC, this desert adventure is reborn in all its glory! It's time to immerse yourself in the radiance of Sun of Egypt 4 and set your sights on rewards reaching up to x10,000 your wager.

Against the mesmerizing backdrop of majestic pyramids, verdant palm trees, and a fiery red sunset sky casting enchanting hues over the magical River Nile, Sun of Egypt 4 showcases aesthetics that are bound to leave you in awe! Prepare to relish every moment on the golden sands, as you become immersed in the radiant glow of incredible JACKPOTS and other legendary treasures that await you in this extraordinary slot game.
Prepare to journey back into a realm teeming with mystery, legends, fabled treasures, and daring adventures with Aztec Fire 2, the scorching sequel to the beloved Aztec Fire game featuring 20 paylines. Get ready for an exhilarating experience as the talented team at 3 Oaks elevates the jungle action to new heights, introducing a myriad of mind-blowing features that would even make the most stoic Aztec warrior crack a smile.

Witness the magic unfold as the reels expand during the HOLD & WIN BONUS round, offering you a shot at the flaming hot ROYAL JACKPOT of x10,000! The menu is rich with MINI, MIDI, MINOR, MAJOR, and GRAND JACKPOTS, mirroring the glory of the Meso-American civilization itself. This 5x4 game is more than just a sequel; it's a captivating adventure that brings the spirit of the Aztec world to life. Get ready to unleash the power of Aztec Fire 2, where every spin holds the promise of ancient riches and thrilling surprises!
Embark on an exhilarating journey of a lifetime as you delve into the colossal gold mine of the Gold Nuggets slot by 3 Oaks, uncovering mega nuggets and extraordinary JACKPOTS!

The HOLD & WIN BONUS game promises a myriad of exciting surprises, featuring the immensely powerful COLLECT SYMBOL with an enticing MULTIPLIER twist, along with two varieties of MYSTERY SYMBOLS. Additionally, brace yourself for the allure of MINI, MINOR, and MAJOR JACKPOTS.

Much like dynamite, the game's features are explosively thrilling! For those with the perseverance to dig deeper, there's even the chance to unearth the dazzling GRAND JACKPOT prize. So, don your headgear and prepare your buckets, because this dazzling 3x3 game is poised to shower you with a cascade of golden rewards!
Embark on a thrilling voyage with Olaf, the charismatic Viking, in 3 Oaks' brand-new 5x4 slot, Olaf Viking! Despite his warm smile and Nordic charm, Olaf is no stranger to raiding and plundering. He's eager to impart the art of war as he guides you to lands brimming with untold wealth. Get ready for an epic slot experience across 25 paylines, where you'll raid and loot like a true Viking.

Olaf Viking introduces exciting features, including the BOOST FEATURE, FREE SPINS, and an epic HOLD & WIN game. The BOOST FEATURE adds an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay, enhancing your path to fortune. Immerse yourself in the Viking way of valiant escapades and massive loot, with four colossal JACKPOTS within reach. This adventure promises more success than ever before, making it an experience you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Are you prepared to join Olaf on this daring journey, where the thrill of the raid and the promise of untold wealth await? Brace yourself for an epic slot experience as you navigate the seas, conquer new lands, and claim your share of the riches in Olaf Viking!
Secure your camels, enthusiasts of riches-laden pyramids and mysterious adventures! The latest Egypt-themed 5x4 slot from 3 Oaks, Crystal Scarabs, is poised to grace your screens, bringing with it the iconic golden sands and scorching hot gaming action.

Revisit the bountiful land of Pharaohs and unveil a wealth of dazzling in-game extras in this captivating slot. Unlock the HOLD & WIN BONUS and witness an extra board with BOOSTERS elevating your payouts to the heights of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Keep an eye out for Gold Scarab Symbols that bestow the game's four colossal JACKPOTS. With the GRAND JACKPOT of x5,000 - wahoo! - and an array of exciting features spanning 15 paylines, prepare to traverse the sands of time and immerse yourself in the wealth of Pharaohs!
The gold-toothed Miner and his loyal companion Donkey are back for another thrilling gold-hunting escapade, armed with their swinging pickaxes and unyielding determination! Get ready for the highly anticipated sequel to Grab the Gold! slot by 3 Oaks – introducing Grab more Gold! Hold onto your hard hats, fellow gold enthusiasts and devoted fans of the original game. True to its name, this latest 5x4, 20-line slot extravaganza offers you the chance to scoop up a massive bucket of life-changing nuggets!

Similar to the original game, the MYSTERY SYMBOL unlocks access to four incredible JACKPOTS. However, in this exciting sequel, the grandest of them all – the GRAND JACKPOT prize – has been doubled to an astonishing x1,000 of your wager. Eager to unearth all that treasure?

Well, you're in luck! Apart from the JACKPOT rewards, this game boasts enticing features like the COLLECT FEATURE, FREE SPINS with the UPGRADED COLLECT FEATURE and PROGRESSIVE MULTIPLIER, and even SUPER FREE SPINS for exceptionally dazzling wins. With a stroke of luck, you could walk away with the ultimate prize of x10,000 your bet!
Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime under the blazing African sun! Slather on some sunscreen and grab a water bottle because 3 Oaks' latest slot is ready to transport you to the heart of the sunny savannah for a gaming expedition like no other.

Embark on a journey where you'll encounter magnificent wildlife and immerse yourself in the vibrant tribal culture, uncovering a treasure trove of in-game bonuses across 20 paylines in African Spirit.

The MAGIC FRAME feature serves as your gateway to an array of WILDS and the progressive MULTIPLIER, transforming your adventure into an exhilarating ride across the 5 reels. But the excitement peaks during the FREE SPINS round, where STICKY WILDS await, alongside the chance to unlock a refreshing MULTIPLIER. Get ready to experience some of the most extraordinary wins the gaming world has to offer. It's time for African Spirit!
Hola, amigos! Are you ready to add a touch of Mexican spice to your gaming experience? Look no further than 3 Oaks' sizzling new slot, 3 Hot Chillies! Immerse yourself in this vibrant game, where the lively beats of Mexico will have you tapping your feet and swaying your sombrero with joy in no time!

Join the fiesta and collect the hot Chilli Symbols to unlock the extra delicious HOLD & WIN BONUS round. This enticing round is brimming with MULTIPLIERS, EXTRA RESPINS, and the electrifying DOUBLE REELS feature. With such fantastic additions, the excitement reaches new heights! And of course, don't miss the highlight of the fiesta – the four blazing JACKPOTS that turn 3 Oaks' salsa into an absolute scorcher. Get ready to savor wins that melt in your mouth while your hips sway to the rhythm! It's time for a spicy and sensational adventure – ¡Vamos a bailar! (Let's dance!)
Prepare to claim your share of gold Coins and incredible JACKPOTS in the exciting brand-new 777 Coins slot by 3 Oaks. If you prefer your classic slots with added shine, you’ll be left dazzled by this latest 3-reel, 3-row and 5-payline slot smasher.

By blending the charm of a classic slot with the thrill of a modern game, complete with sleek graphics and action-packed features, 3 Oaks brings a fresh twist to the traditional slot experience. Watch in awe as everyone’s favourite retro symbols and precious Jewels make your purse heavy with crispy cash. But what truly adds sparkle to this creation is the exciting HOLD & WIN BONUS game, where generous Coin rewards and four massive JACKPOTS are just waiting to be won!
Ready for a howlin’ good time? Embark on a thrilling adventure where you journey deep into the wilderness for a chance to sink your claws into the hidden riches!

Welcome to 3 Oaks Gaming's 5x4, 25-line Black Wolf 2 slot. In this exciting new sequel, venture back to the picturesque wildlands, and join forces with wolves, wild cats, and other majestic creatures of the woods on a quest for ultimate JACKPOT prizes! This time, the rewards are even more enticing.

Your path to success lies in the HOLD & WIN BONUS game, featuring the heart-pounding FORTUNE SLIDE mechanic that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for an outdoor escapade that will leave you craving for more!
Pay a visit to a happy and vibrant farm, where Chickens lay eggs filled with massive JACKPOTS! It’s clucking fantastic!

The adorable crew of farm animals, including Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits, Cows and the loyal Dog, are all waiting to show you a good time. So roll up your sleeves, don your straw hat and prepare to dive into the thrilling world of the brand-new 25-payline Little Farm slot, brought to you by 3 Oaks. From the WALKING WILDS feature to four massive JACKPOTS, this golden game with its 5 reels and 4 rows promises a farm bonanza like no other.
Holy guacamole! Get ready for the spiciest sequel ever! Brand-new from 3 Oaks is the flaming hot 5x3, 20-payline Green Chilli 2 slot. This game banger packs unlimited FREE SPINS with SHIFTING WILDS, along with the thrilling HOLD & WIN BONUS GAME featuring spicy MULTIPLIERS, COLLECT SYMBOLS and four mouth-watering JACKPOTS.

So are you ready to have the time of your life? Don a colourful sombrero and grab a bowl of nachos because we're heading to the hottest party in Mexico! With flowing tequila, festive mariachi melodies, alluring Señoritas and a red-hot x5,000 your bet max prize, Green Chilli 2 is going to set ablaze your gaming experience like never before.
Watch in awe as the wise Druid unleashes nature’s raw energy, unlocking a fortune in shiny gold coins … just for you! Join forces with the wild creatures of the woods—wolves, bears and eagles—and accompany your new Druid friend as he embarks on a thrilling adventure through the magical woodland. Prepare to meet this gang of delightful characters hanging out in the all-new Forest Spirit slot by 3 Oaks.

You will be blown away as the HOLD & WIN BONUS GAME cranks up the gameplay excitement to the MAX! Get ready to take a shot at four enticing JACKPOTS, including the GRAND JACKPOT of x5,000 your bet! A whirlwind of MULTIPLIERS is coming your way, so brace yourself. And the EXTRA BOARD booster supercharges your chances of discovering that massive treasure stash.

Not only that, but you’ll have the opportunity to win not just one but two GRAND JACKPOT prizes from a single spin. That’s right, this game is an absolute banger! A 25-payline adventure on the 5x3 slot like no other is waiting for you.
Do you dare to venture into the scorching realm of the Coin Volcano slot for riches and hidden treasures? Then brace yourself for an eruption of blazing wins!

This 3x3 reel game by 3 Oaks is nothing short of explosive. It features the player-favourite HOLD & WIN BONUS GAME and its enhanced version - the ULTRA BONUS GAME. Watch in awe as the reels erupt a torrent of precious Coins, VOLCANO MULTIPLIERS and an array of smashing boosters. All of this is waiting for you to claim as your own riches.

The game comes with four fiery JACKPOTS, which is why Coin Volcano promises to be the ultimate slot adventure.
Embark on an extraordinary journey as the gates to beautiful China swing open, revealing the enchanting realm of the all-new and surreal Lady Fortune slot by 3 Oaks.

Revel in the breathtaking CASCADING REELS feature and behold as the alluring Lady Fortune graces you with MULTIPLIERS of up to x500. These epic MULTIPLIERS accumulate over the course of FREE SPINS, opening doors to unimaginable winnings in this thrilling 6x5 reel adventure. Get ready to be spellbound by the allure of Lady Fortune and the boundless possibilities that await in her captivating realm!
Are you ready to meet the most awesome Mummy ever in the thrilling brand-new Mummy Power slot by 3 Oaks? Unlike your typical ancient Egyptian mummy, this one comes with a mischievous grin and an infectious sense of humour, keeping everyone endlessly entertained in this hilarious 5х3 slot adventure.

But here's the real treat: 3 Oaks’ friendly Mummy possesses the power to magically transform regular symbols into 2x2 MEGA SYMBOLS, offering rewards that would make even pharaohs green with envy. That’s right! This fantastic slot is all about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! Brace yourself for potentially enormous winnings as you allow the mesmerizing dance of the Egyptian sands to captivate you.
Let the sparkling gemstones on the reels of Tiger Gems slot dazzle you with fabulous rewards as you embark on an unforgettable journey to the land of India! From the grand Taj Mahal to the exotic wildlife, this newest 5x4, 25-line slot by 3 Oaks is simply irresistible.

Prepare for an exciting hunt for prizes! Like the fiery kick of spices in Indian curry, the FORTUNE SLIDE feature ignites the HOLD & WIN game with an explosive burst of fun and thrills. Ride this slide to incredible shiny riches, and take your shot at one of the four mouth-watering JACKPOTS. You could be just one spin away from basking in the glory of royal rewards!
Got your pickaxe ready? Great, because the new and sparkling Grab the Gold! slot by 3 Oaks has mountains of gold for you to dig up! Join the gold-toothed miner and his trusty donkey as they venture deep into the dusty tunnels in search of unimaginable riches.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty as you mine for gold in this awesome 5x4, 20-line game. With the MYSTERY SYMBOLS, you could unlock one of the four mouth-watering JACKPOTS and strike it rich in an instant. But that’s not all! The FREE SPINS game is a gold mine of winning potential, with an upgraded COLLECT feature and a PROGRESSIVE MULTIPLIER that could potentially leave you swimming in a sea of gold.
Enter a realm of enchantment and test your luck with the all-new and shiny More Magic Apple slot. Once again, the good people at 3 Oaks invite you to join Snow White and her legendary companions on a thrilling adventure to uncover the fairest JACKPOT of them all! And for fans of the previous two Magic Apple slot smashers, get ready to celebrate because the hunt for prizes is going to be even hotter!

The highlight of this captivating 5x4, 25-payline slot is an electrifying HOLD and WIN feature, where PLUS, MULTIPLIER and GOLD BOOSTER SYMBOLS can appear on an extra board to supercharge your winnings. Throw four mouth-watering JACKPOTS into the mix, and you could be just one spin away from living happily ever after!
Explore the magnificent sandy landscape of Ancient Egypt and unearth the flaming symbols to ignite your reels like never before!

The terrific 5x4 reel, 20-payline Egypt Fire slot by 3 Oaks is finally out! And there’s no way you can be in de-Nile of all the great fun to be had with the game’s many thrilling features. There are five scorching hot JACKPOT prizes in store as well. With extra rows in the respin round and a smashing JACKPOT ACCUMULATION MECHANIC, get ready to experience an inferno of wealth!
Ahoy, me hearties! Eye patches and a barrel o’rum at the ready - it’s time to embark on an exciting pirate adventure on the high seas with the Yo-Ho Gold! slot by 3 Oaks.

This 5x4, 25-line slot lets you join the daredevil swashbucklers as they sail across the merciless seas in search of hidden treasures. With WILDS, BONUS SYMBOLS, BOOSTER SYMBOLS, the extending grid mechanic and the BUY BONUS button, Yo-Ho Gold! has enough features to fill your ship’s hold with riches! So mateys, aaarrgh you ready for the biggest adventure of your life?
Start an epic adventure amidst the mystical pyramids set in the heart of the Mexican jungle. If you’re lucky, you might bag some riches of the Maya people in the amazing 5x3, 30-payline Maya Sun slot by 3 Oaks!

The HOLD & WIN game packed with JACKPOT, MYSTERY, SUPER, and BOOST SYMBOLS means one hell of an adventure. And you won’t want to leave anytime soon. At least not before you’ve taken a shot at winning the ROYAL JACKPOT of 10,000x your bet!
Yeehaw, gold diggers! Kickstart your gaming adventure today with a blast. Blow up the reels of the amazing Boom! Boom! Gold! slot by 3 Oaks and unearth mountains of golden rewards worth 10,000x your bet.

Brace yourself for plenty of booms and bangs because the game’s tremendous cumulative MULTIPLIERS are about to shake the ground with oh-so-huge rewards! Jam-packed with explosive features and cascading shiny symbols, this 6x5 game might just flare up your balance with a bit of luck.
Stake your claim for immense riches today as you journey to the inner depths of mysterious China. That’s right, it’s time to meet the mystical Golden Dragons and experience their supernatural powers on the 5 reels and 4 rows of the brand-new Dragon Wealth slot by 3 Oaks.

Behold magnificent MULTIPLIERS shooting up your payouts and watch BONUS SYMBOLS award the game’s massive JACKPOTS during the respin round. With 25 paylines and a myriad of exciting features, get ready to fly on the Golden Dragon back all the way to the bank!
Embrace the splendour of ancient Egypt and bask in the golden rays of fabulous royal fortune as you play Sunlight Princess, a captivating brand-new 5x3, 30-payline slot by 3 Oaks.

The alluring Sunlight Princess can’t wait to spark her mystical powers to bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Join the Princess on the quest to set your winnings ablaze with five flaming-hot JACKPOTS!
The powerful goddess has made her way into 3 Oaks’ Goddess of Egypt slot and she comes bearing the magic of fabulous, fiery Multipliers! Tap into Pharaoh’s luck as you’re heading to Egypt to play this epic 6x5 slot. Spoiler alert, the wealth of ancient Egypt will follow you back.

From scarab to the Eye of Ra, all symbols on the reels rain riches to uplift your mood to the height of the pyramids!
Turn your life into a never-ending thrilling party with the 3 Oaks Rio Gems slot! A brand-new 5x3, 25-payline game, it floods the reels with bright feathers, gorgeous female dancers, Brazilian drums, and sparkling gems, all landing on the screen in the rhythm of samba.

Dance your way to big winning combinations with a generous sprinkling of feathery WILDS, FREE SPINS and BONUS SYMBOLS. And the ravin’ will just get wilder if you manage to catch one of the five BREATHTAKING JACKPOTS in the explosive STREAK RESPIN BONUS game!
Dust off your pickaxe and dive deep into the mine of endless treasures in Hit more Gold!, a 5x4, 25-payline slot by 3 Oaks with an explosive Hold & Win mechanic!

Meet the friendly miner and his loyal dog as you make your way through the tunnels of this fantastic adventure. With much perseverance and help from the reliable dog who’s able to squeeze into gold-laden spaces, they will lead the way to the Four Colossal Jackpots! Needless to say, the Jackpots are the highlights of the title.
Shhhh…The gang is plotting to steal the Sticky Piggy bank! Would you help the gang to make away with a gigantic 6,750x prize in the new 5x3, 20-payline Sticky Piggy slot from 3 Oaks? Is it worth the risk? Sure thing!

Join this epic sticky bank heist and you just might get lucky and steal your way to some incredible rewards. You’ll have lots of assistance to help you like WILD Piggies, generous MULTIPLIERS, SCATTERED Safes, and an explosive FREE SPINS round with STICKY MULTIPLIER WILDS. Sounds impressive? That’s because it is!
Hola, amigos! Maracas sounds are calling for you to join a fun party in the hot Mexican desert, with rivers of tequila, jolly mariachi music, and spicy JACKPOTS. Prepare to dance the night away across the festive reels with fiery chillies!

Welcome to the new Green Chilli slot from 3 Oaks, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines of sizzling entertainment!
Get your gears on because it’s time for a big heist. Probably the biggest of your lifetime. The bank vault is full to the brim - the cash and gold are waiting for you to loot them.

Hold on to your seat because the new 5x3, 10-payline Big Heist slot by 3 Oaks is about to take you on a wild ride. Now is your chance to pull off the robbery of a lifetime without the punishment of being caught red-handed!
Are you ready to explore 3 Oaks’ hot jungle reels in the 5x4 Aztec Fire slot? Prepare to venture into the unknown, across 20 paylines, on your quest for rich temples, legendary gods, jungle beasts and piles of treasures.

This gorgeous jungle is home to FREE SPINS with a twist, as only top-paying symbols are in play during the FREE SPINS round. But the killer feature is definitely the HOLD & WIN bonus game where the flaming Meteor Symbols rain down on the ancient Aztec reels, firing them up with legendary payouts and epic JACKPOTS.

Just like the Aztecs themselves, this game too is timeless!
When dawn breaks by the sacred Lotus Lake, the dream starts…Dozens of lotus flowers in 3 Oaks’ new 5x3, 20-payline Lotus Charm, Hold & Win slot open up their divine petals to make a miracle of big wins possible!

Follow exotic birds and gorgeous geishas into the night to discover the moonlit path to the four epic JACKPOTS and other amazing rewards!
Sun, heat, fun and the impassable Amazon jungle are calling!

A bunch of colourful parrots hide their treasures in trees and are waiting for an enthusiastic adventurer in Eggs of Gold, the brand-new 5x3, 10-payline slot by 3 Oaks. Eggs-plore the parrot nest for valuable rewards and a MASSIVE JACKPOT prize!
Join Snow White in Magic Apple 2 on an exciting journey through the enchanted forest, collecting Apple prizes and magical JACKPOTS along the way so that you too can live happily ever after!

Coming as a welcome sequel to The Magic Apple game, this 5x4, 20-payline slot offers an easy escape to the lands of mystery, enchantment and beauty where the characters of the classic bedtime story are waiting for you with plenty of generous rewards – Snow White, the Prince, the Hunter, and the Dwarf. And don’t forget that the wicked Queen is always peeking through the magic mirror!
Ride waves of gold and red all the way to the GRAND JACKPOT of 5,000x your wager with Caishen Wealth, a 5x4, 20-payline slot by 3 Oaks!

This splendid game sees Caishen, the Chinese God of Prosperity, descend from heaven to pay a visit to the mortals and share his wealth with a deserving spinner. Appease the God of Wealth because he can reward you with riches beyond your wildest dreams!
Following the hugely popular Sun of Egypt and Sun of Egypt 2 slots, comes the long-awaited 3rd installment in the Sun of Egypt series, the Sun of Egypt 3 game!

This time around, you’re in for a special treat! With prizes of up to 10,000x your bet lying beneath the endless golden sands, there is more to discover. Unearth these lavish rewards by collecting ancient artifacts and Golden Sun symbols in this exciting 5x3 and 25-payline game by 3 Oaks.
Slip into your wetsuit and plunge into the underwater world of fabulous treasures! The Pearl Diver 2: Treasure Chest slot by 3 Oaks offers five reels, three rows and 10 paylines of super fun and lucrative aquatic action.

Waiting for you beneath the waves are Diver WILDS, PEARL prizes, TREASURE CHEST JACKPOTS, and a fantastic DIVER COLLECT GUARANTEE FEATURE. With the max prize of 4,000x your wager, it’s time to splash into the c-a-a-a-a-sh!
Grab your scuba gear and get ready for an exciting underwater expedition within the depth of Fish Reef, a splendid 6x7 slot by 3 Oaks. Dive into the deepest parts of the aquatic world and uncover the untold treasures in the ocean trenches.

The MEGALINES engine is a highlight of this captivating game and is all the bait you need to help you catch the fattest fish in this fin-tastic game!
Are you ready for the slot journey of a lifetime with Queen of the Sun, a captivating 5x3, 25-payline game by 3 Oaks?

Jump on a thrilling Aztec slot adventure in a hunt for rich temples, exotic animals, Sun Symbols and unthinkable riches hidden deep in the wilderness. With the smashing HOLD & WIN feature, get caught in the sizzling action as the mighty Queen of the Sun lights up your reels with mind-blowing JACKPOTS!
The Great Wizard is back and not empty-handed! Our new slot will bring you even more magic with a new alternative type of Magic Crystal Free Spins with three Special Expanding symbols at the start! Now the symbols of the Book will not only give you Free Spins but also fill the progress in Magic Crystal.

Collect Books - unlock Magic Crystal Free Spins! 3+ Books will immerse you in the atmosphere of Magic and Wonders. And an additional drop of Books will not only append Free Spins but also increase the number of Special Expanding symbols. Believe in a miracle and you will definitely believe in collecting all 9 Special Expanding symbols in Free Spins.

And of course, always remember: you don't have to wait for Magic to happen - just hit the Buy Bonus button and enjoy Free Spins and Epic Wins right away!

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3 Oaks Gaming (also known as Booongo), a steadfast platform, stands among the top-rated video slot providers. With their impressive slot games, they are on the favorite list of many players. It is a platform that made an impressive entry into the gaming world in 2021. The creators' sole focus is to release masterpiece slot games that offer unforgettable gaming experiences to players.

The most popular Green Rock Ltd. owns this platform in the Isle of Man. Previously known as "Booongo," the managing director, Sebastian Damian, took the company to great heights with his team of extremely talented minds within just one year. Being RNG certified by the official Isle of Man government and the Gaming Associates Europe, they have gained a feather of legitimacy. This ensures a trusted and authentic platform for the players.

3 Oaks Gaming stands for perfectionism! Their conceptually impressive graphics are everywhere, even in their logo. Their games are exclusively crafted to suit the taste of every player around the world. Their speciality is with the Hold & Win Slots. There are games like Tiger Jungle, Lotus Charm, 777 Coins, Fish Reef, and many more. All the games offer mind-blowing graphics and sound effects and give an experience close to reality!

Their interesting journey started with the famous Black Wolf game launch in 2021 and then gathered up fame and new releases. Some great releases were seen in the last part of 2023, like Olaf Viking on November 30, Gold Nuggets on December 14, Aztec Fire 2 on December 29, and Sun of Egypt 4 on January 4, 2024. This shows the core teams' dedication and skills in developing mind-blowing slot games!

3 Oaks Gaming understands the player's needs! They have all the games that provide 95-96.86% Return To Player. The slot is mostly highly volatile, like Green Chilli, Fish Reef, and Hit More Gold. With over 60+ slot games, players can find the one that suits them the most. Other than Hold & Win, Megaways, Free Spins, and other amazing resources make players visit the site regularly.

The company has a long list of pros that are tough to count. There is API integration in their games, which makes them the fastest and the safest. According to its history, the site launches 20 new titles every year. The back office system and the core teams work rigorously with consistency. With the platform's growing status, 3 Oaks Gaming will soon be on the nominee list of top iGaming awards.

They play well in the market with their mobile compatibility features, fairness, and security. 3 Oaks Gaming offered their eccentric games to the top-recognized casinos like Parimatch, Favbet, Infingame, and Pokerdom.

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