Embrace the power of the storm and become the god of thunder in 21Thor Lightning Ways, the thrilling slot from 4ThePlayer that seamlessly combines the excitement of 3,125 ways with the striking force of Lightning Ways on top!

With every spin, at least 1 Lightning Way courses across the reels, capable of creating line wins of up to 5 of a kind. Witness the magic as a win along a Lightning Way with any symbol triggers a multiplier, offering the potential for massive prizes!

Thor himself takes center stage in the Lightning Strike feature, where he can create new Lightning Ways and amplify win multipliers at any moment. Will he conjure multiple Lightning Ways before the reels cease spinning, or enhance an existing win for an electrifying reward?

Feel the power surge in Thunder Free Spins, where the storm intensifies, illuminating more Lightning Ways as the bonus unfolds. Not only that, but Lightning Way wins during this feature increase the multiplier for that Lightning Way on all subsequent spins!
Get ready for a spooktacular adventure in 3 Lucky Witches, the sequel to the top-performing 3 Lucky Leprechauns!

Embark on a spellbinding journey and spin the Witches’ Wheel, where you can conjure cash prizes, Win Spins, or Mega Picks, or land on a mystery space to choose which feature you want to win! Can you bewitch your way to win up to 5000x?

Land more Pumpkin Scatters in view on the reels to upgrade your starting wheel! Summon one of our 3 Lucky Witches to be your wild symbol! Each Witch has her own unique charm, so choose your companion wisely to guide you through this supernatural adventure!

Can you win a cauldron of cash? Cast a spell on your fortunes and join forces with your luckiest witch for the most hexcellent prizes!
Return to the Ice Age in 10000 BC DoubleMax, combining the mammoth multipliers of DoubleMax with gigantic Gigablox to create truly prehistoric wins! Every cascade doubles your win multiplier and creates a wild symbol on the reels!

Beware the mammoth as it rams the reels to create a new cascade complete with a multiplier increase to guarantee you a win and the potential for more cascades! Alternatively, if a big Gigablox is on the right of the reels, the mammoth might shove it to the left to guarantee a win!

In Free Spins, experience extra Mammoth Ram Cascades and guaranteed Mammoth Ram Shuffle features! Your win multiplier is not reset in this bonus – keep cascading for the coolest wins! Don’t miss out on 10000 BC DoubleMax – the most mammoth slot in prehistory!
Take your wins off the leash with Money Ways where the top dogs can carry cash prizes - you win any prizes on winning symbols! Get paid again if you land a Collect symbol which awards all cash prizes in view on the reels!

Can you find the biggest bone? Win 1 of 4 Big Prize Bones: BIG, SUPER, MEGA, and ULTRA! These prizes are not progressive and are compliant in all markets! Chase your tails with the Frisbee Feature, which mixes up losing spins to create guaranteed wins with cash prizes! Alternatively, go mutts in the Pick-A-Win bonus!

Lock and collect cash prizes in the barking Respin bonus, where every symbol with a prize is locked in place - lock in a win to keep winning it over multiple respins! Collect full reels of cash or land a Collect symbol to massively increase your win!

Raise the woof with man's best friends in the most paw-fest bow wow bonanza!
Find the biggest fish in Egypt in the underwater Tombs of the Pharaohs!

4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt brings the Sarcophagus scatter to 4ThePlayer’s Money Ways™ mechanic - collect all cash prizes on Fish in view, or win them in ways wins! Cash prizes grow bigger left to right, with 4 Big Game prizes: BIG, SUPER, MEGA, and ULTRA!

Watch out for the Giant Squid, which will swap Fish to create bigger wins!

Lock and collect Fish in the Respin bonus! Fill up a reel and the Shark will combine the prizes and multiply by 2x, freeing up space to catch more Fish! The Sarcophagus triggers a Shark or Squid feature, or collects or increases all existing prizes for massive wins!

Take your big game, big prize fishing to find the greatest treasures in the Nile!
Dig for gold in 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop, featuring 4ThePlayer's explosive Trail Bonus where you can win the biggest bullion in the Old West!

Ride the mine cart round the reels on any spin! Land on cash prizes, Free Spins, Mystery squares, or a chance to win a Dream Drop jackpot! Keep spinning the reels for chances to go further around the Trail to win the biggest prizes - can you win 5000x?

Win Free Spins from the Trails and collect even more gold - every move on the Trail awards the prize you land on! Retrigger Free Spins for dynamite win potential!

Featuring the Dream Drop Jackpot System: spin for 1 of 5 amazing jackpots on the unique Jackpot trail: Mega, Major, Maxi, Midi, and Rapid! Dream Drop is available in all territories where regulations allow.

Light the fuse and kick off a massive gold rush - the jackpot of your dreams awaits!
The only thing Leprechauns love more than gold is St Patrick himself, so make your way to the old Wishing Well and climb the Leprechaun Trail!

Take the Leprechaun Trail to win cash prizes, guaranteed win spins, or picks in the Pick-a-Win bonus! Play the bonuses for the best win potential or trade in your win spins and picks to take cash prizes instead! Land more scatters in view on the reels to start higher up the trail!

Reach the very top o’the trail to win the max prize of 5000x! Pick the luckiest of Leprechauns to act as your wild symbol! There are 3 Leprechauns to choose from, so pick your favourite to accompany you on your travels! Have you got the luck of the Irish? If so, spin to win the luckiest Leprechauns’ gold!
Roll up, roll up, to win up to a monster 9,216x with the true king of Las Vegas: King Kong!

Reach the biggest wins with the new BIG WIN REPEATER feature: after every Big Win, Kong will climb for a chance to win it again! Every time you succeed, Kong climbs higher for an extra chance-how many times can you repeat your biggest wins?

Keep repeating your highest wins in Free Spins with the HIGHEST WIN REPEATER! When you run out of Free Spins, spin the FREE SPINS REPEATER wheel for a chance to win more spins! Activate Xtra Bet to increase your chances of hitting Free Spins to 150% and for an extra chance to spin the wheel in any feature - repeat your big wins or win more Free Spins!

From Skull Island to Sin City: win big with the eighth wonder of the world!
Win up to a dazzling 70,000x with 46,656 ways to win in this golden Gigablox slot, from the makers of 90k Yeti Gigablox!

Climb the Gold 7 Ladder, where you can win massive prizes by collecting Gold 7 symbols on any spin! 3 unique bonuses can trigger on any spin! Lights Reveal uncovers winning symbols under the Glass symbols; the Lights Shuffle moves the reels to create wins; and Giga Summon brings the biggest Gigablox to the reels, including mighty 6x6 symbols!

Trigger up to 36 Free Spins with at least 1 guaranteed Lights Shuffle or Giga Summon! Keep retriggering for a glitteringly gigantic bonus!

Play Buy Feature to instantly trigger Free Spins, or to play a single spin with a Giga Summon and a huge guaranteed win!
Choose your deal and pick the bonus you want to play for: do you want to cool down with frequent Free Spins features, or are you willing to turn up the heat with Xtra Hot features and infernal payouts?

Land scatters to trigger any bonus you didn't pick and spin the wheels of hell for a chance to play it! Each Free Spins mode guarantees 1-4 Wild Devil Ladies on the reels - play XTRA HOT for 4 Wild Devil Ladies that jump and expand through the feature!

Land Wild Devil Ladies in view on the reels to trigger a Wild Respin, where Wilds lock on the reels and grow to create the hottest wins!

Find out how wild you like your wins: COOL, MEDIUM, HOT, or XTRA HOT!
Featuring the return of 4ThePlayer.com's innovative BonusUp mechanic: play to improve your next bonus! Visit 4 ancient locations with multiple prize levels; climb each pyramid to win Free Spins, Multipliers, and Super Stacked Symbols.

Win twice as many bonuses with the new Extra Bonus Bet or win double-sized bonuses with the Double Bonus Bet - or combine both bets to play bigger bonuses more frequently!

Take shortcuts to work your way faster up the trail, or gamble for a better bonus! Chain together quick bonuses or go long for massive bonuses!
Go big game, big prize fishing in 4 FANTASTIC FISH, featuring 4ThePlayer's Cash Ways mechanic and prizes up to 15,000x your bet!

Fish symbols create ways wins with cash prizes – the prizes grow bigger and bigger left to right, with 4 Big Game Jackpots: BIG, SUPER, MEGA, and ULTRA! Jackpots are not progressive and compliant in all markets!

Lock and collect Fish cash prizes in the Respin bonus – how many Fish symbols can you catch? Fill up a reel and the Shark will combine the prizes and multiply by 2x, freeing up space to catch more fish!

Watch out for the Giant Squid, which will swap Fish in the base game and in the Respin bonus to create bigger wins!

Reel in the biggest prizes the ocean has to offer – can you find the biggest catch of the day?
Join forces and unlock your hidden powers! 7 Elements features escalating Free Spins and 4ThePlayer’s exclusive FUTURE POWERS mechanic that boosts your game throughout the year!

Free Spins has multiple increasing features which create crazy fun combinations! Escalate your prize power with extra spins, increased win multiplier, enlarging symbol stacks and extra wild reels!
Outrun the law for a massive potential score: the heat is on in 60 Second Heist, a 5-reel, 1,024-way slot, featuring 4ThePlayer’s revolutionary WIN TIME feature! Win 60 seconds of Win Time Free Spins - keep spinning until you run out of time! Increase your win multiplier the longer you play and collect speed boosts and extra time on the reels!

Can you pull off a daring heist and escape with your hard-won rewards? The Turbo Lock Respin feature can trigger on any winning spin: respin the reels for 5 seconds while all winning symbols lock in place for a massive potential payout! Activate Bonus Bet and fine tune your chance of triggering Win Time Free Spins – play the game how you want to play! Put your foot down and spin those reels: the heist starts now!
Win up to an abominable 90,000x with 46,656 ways to win in the record breaking Gigablox slot, featuring the largest wins and ways of any Gigablox slots! The legendary Yeti returns and can trigger 3 unique bonuses on any spin! Yeti Reveal uncovers winning symbols under the snow; the Snowstorm shuffles the reels to create wins; and Giga Summon brings the biggest Gigablox to the reels, including mighty 6x6 symbols!

Trigger up to 36 Free Spins with at least 1 guaranteed Snowstorm or Giga Summon! Keep retriggering for a mountainously massive bonus! Play Buy Feature to instantly trigger Free Spins, or to play a single spin with a Giga Summon and a huge guaranteed win!

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