Feng Shui money, frogs that come to life, Ingots, Kois, Nekos, dragon eggs and other treasures covered in gold set the stage for a unique twist on an Asian slot. Both the Queen and the dragon are exotic wilds offering a range of multipliers on each exotic expansion. Land both on the same reel to expand the dragon queen, offering a multiplier of up to 500x on a single exotic wild!

Cash Coins have been fused with Exotic wilds, giving every wild the chance to win all the coins displayed on the screen for the spin in addition to the lucrative multiplier wheel functionality. This, combined with the three different free spin mechanics, Multiplier Boost, Extra Exotic, and Extreme XXX make for a long and pleasurable slot experience.
Embark on a magical journey in the beautiful lands of ancient Greece. Meet the mighty gods, descend into the searing flames of Tartarus, submerge in Poseidon’s realm, or ascend to godhood by escalating Mount Olympus in our newest slot, Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks.

Armadillo Studios introduces Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks, 6-reel by 4-row ways slot set to transport players to the fascinating world of Ancient Greek.

The brand-new slot combines an all-time classic favorite theme with ingenious and surprising features that will delight fans worldwide. Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks is our most innovative slot release to date.

Featuring Supreme Streaks combined with cascading symbols, Mythological Mayhem sets the stage when back-to-back cascades are won, giving players both exponentially growing win potential in parallel to the excitement of the game and story ramping up.

This exciting video slot introduces players to four mythic dimensions: Elysian Plains, Depths of Tartarus, Seas of Poseidon, and Skies of Olympus.

The Elysian Plains transcend mortality and transport players into a state of bliss and happiness. From here, players can fall deep into the Depths of Tartarus, a world of suffering where the Titans are chained and ferocious creatures reign. Moving on, the Seas of Poseidon await you to discover the submerged world of the blue oceans. Play it well, and you can ascend to the final level, the Skies of Olympus, where the Greek gods await to reward the winners.
Get ready to win with the greatest female MMA fighter of all time!

Armadillo Studios' slot THE LIONESS featuring Amanda Nunes is a one of a kind 6 reel by 4 rows, 40-line slot is set to get your blood pumping. Every spin has long stacks of symbols spinning through the reels. When stacks of Nunes land, in addition to enlarging her action fight videos, there is a chance to trigger her Fight Feature when 3 or more full stacks land. As Nunes punches and kicks during this feature, a multiplier grows to further increase the size of the big win at stake.

You can also activate the Fortune Bet to upgrade her punching power even further, delivering the feature more often, with higher average multipliers and a higher max multiplier!

Land 4 or more of Special Lioness symbols on any spin to activate the Lioness Link! This popular mechanic is brought on 4 rows by 6 reels for a total of 24 independent positions.There are 3 initial spins, and they reset to 3 after each award.

During the Lioness Link, you can win either credits or prizepots with each lioness that lands. The fortunate can also win the top prizepot award for an additional 1000x win by landing all 24 positons! For the impatient or for the prizepot hunters, there is also the option to buy the bonus and immediately jump back in again and again for instant gratification.
he gold hunt goes full throttle as our Armadillo Goes West with all his wits up his American shell. Equipped with a pistol, cigar, booze, his stylish sombrero, and a good sense of humor, our Armadillo Studios Mascot is ready to take on all the bounties and bullies to help you reap the rewards.

This 25 line, 5 reel 4 row slot frequently triggers random features via our Armadillo. When you see him pulling out his pistol, tipping off his hat, or behaving in unique manners whatsoever you can bet a feature is on the way. Weather he is shooting symbols to give you more wilds, randomly sticking cash prizes in your wallet, or summoning giant symbols to rip through the reels, it is a sure sign that fortune is on it’s way.

Like the win you just got? The armadillo may summon for the reels to do it again, and again, and again, just for the fun of it. For players that can’t get enough of the armadillo’s fun, place a 50% ante bet to put the armadillo’s random features on overdrive, having him come to your aid around twice as often.
Queen of Egypt Exotic Wilds is a 5 reel by 3 rows, 243 ‘ways pays’ video slot revealing Egyptian Treasures. Excitement awaits and arrives frequently as exotic wilds have the potential to please any player, especially the ones that get lucky and hit it big with a jackpot chance given every time an exotic wild lands.

The frequent exotic wilds make for a great entertainment title while the choose your volatility free games offer a variety of free spin bonuses while giving the player the flexibility to control their game volatility according to their preference.
Immersed in the Florida’s everglades, wild animals await in this one of a kind 5×3 video ways slot featuring wild respins, Armadillo link, pick accumulation, and five free spin choices.

Armadillo link brings players to a jackpot hunting area where each full column upgrades the jackpot you win. As these respins play out, armadillo coins award credits but can also spread more coins for instant jackpot upgrades, upgrade coin wins amounts, or take award the sum of all credits on the screen. 15 Armadillos awards the top jackpot of 10,000x!

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About Armadillo Studios

Armadillo Studios is a platform created by young iGaming developers from Miami, the USA, in 2021. The developers aim to develop US-focused content and build slot titles to cater to the Canadian market. They are akin to showing their expertise in the US market by providing their unique creations in slot games and enthralled in making a new partnership with Brazilian MMA fighters Amanda Nunes.

15 Armadillo was its first slot title that gained immense popularity in the US market after its launch. The company launched it after making a distribution agreement with Spearhead Studios. It is played on a 5-reel engine with 25 active pay lines, with its theme and background set in the wilds of the United States. The game's symbols appear as some iconic reptiles and flesh-eating creatures like bald eagles, snakes, and other traditional slot icons. Here, players can gain bags of coins from its re-spins, free spins, and a progressive jackpot. The jackpot prize increases as the player get a maximum number of symbols and free spins.

The online slots from this software provider are premium in quality, and the creating teams of this company are responsible for reaching a pinnacle in the market. They focus on creating only slot games to provide the best gambling experience to the players based in US countries and other areas. Since then, they've been offering complete solutions to the well-positioned online casino businesses. The software company is magnificent in delivering casino content in the market dedicated to their slot titles.

They came up with the backing of Matrix and its connections like Slot Matrix and Every Matrix, which are profound in delivering iGaming solutions in the US market. They also offer slot games through other casinos like My Bet, Bet Victor, Croco Bet, and many more. It maintains to upbuild its slots with the latest US-based technology to provide a fantastic gaming session with high-end security and certifications. Players enjoy their real-life casino experience by playing top-level slot games like Queen of Egypt Exotic Wilds and 15 Armadillos; these games push the boundaries of the gambling arena to cater to the dynamic players of the world.

If you wander through art design for the Armadillo Studios slots, you may discover that they come in high-quality and distinct styles. They are packed with a reel engine of 5x3, similar to regular video slot variants. But to elevate the gaming thrill, some of their slots incorporate a 5x4 reel engine with lucrative jackpot potential. High-definition visuals and animations are used in these games. Armadillo's style is nestled on a Florida base that accumulates volatile features and reasonable RTP rates. The slot games are created by HTML5 technology, giving gamers a mobile gaming experience. Their games are unique and may be played in any web browser.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario gave the license to cater their gambling platform in the market. They approved Armadillo Studios' license to scatter their gambling platform in the Canadian province. The regulatory body of Ontario acknowledges current market realities. They are eligible to provide a good safety net for at-risk gamblers. Armadillo Studios soon will endow a license from another regulated framework to tighten the security of their players and the bright future of the sector as a whole. As Armadillo has shown, such licenses indicate that all the company's gaming software has passed the essential quality control audits by industry-approved administration.

Official Website: https://armadillostudios.com/