In the icy depths of the Arctic, the mystical creatures and riches of the sorcerer lie ensnared within the frozen expanse... The Arctic Enchanter endeavors to liberate his enchanted animal allies and precious hoard from their icy confines. Aid the Arctic Enchanter in obliterating the ice barriers to unveil his treasures.

As the ice fractures, the hidden wealth shall be unveiled. Shall it reveal a majestic polar bear, cunning wolf, wise owl, or graceful deer? Or perhaps it will unveil dazzling gemstones? Or will the Enchanter summon forth Wilds to increase his opportunities to break the ice!

Assist the sorcerer in uncovering all the hidden riches!
Catch gold fever! Follow the gold miner deep underground as he blasts his way to a golden haul. Golden Haul is a unique slot game, enhancing the Infinity Reels concept with the introduction of the Infinity Wild. The new Infinity Wild symbol extends the Wild symbol across a number of reels, with unlimited potential to retrigger over and over again.

This is an unparalleled enhancement of the existing Infinity Reels function, with automatic extension of reels whenever an Infinity Wild appears and guaranteed Wild symbols on every additional reel. Blast your way to more gold with this new gaming experience.

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