Unleash the ancient force of the runic artisans! Venture into an enigmatic domain nestled within a shadowy woodland governed by THE RUNIC ARTISANS. Engage with the potency of DOUBLEMAX™, an enthralling attribute that bestows doubled multipliers with each triumph, promising boundless possibilities! Post every victory, adventurers may unearth the enchantment of enigmatic ARCANE SIGILS, paving the path to unforeseen riches.

Yet, the odyssey truly commences with THE RUNIC ARTISANS FREE SPINS – procure 3 scatter symbols to unlock 7 Free Spins, where the DOUBLEMAX multiplier remains constant. Are you prepared to wield the ancient force of the runes on this mystical odyssey? Join the quest today and unravel the mysteries of the woodland in a game set to enthrall and captivate its players!

Acquiring 3 bonus scatters triggers 7 free spins where the DOUBLEMAX multiplier remains unchanged. Upon entering Free Spins, players can opt for the standard DoubleMax all-or-nothing gamble for additional Free Spins, up to a total of 11.

After a successful spin, MYSTIC SYMBOLS may descend and all disclose the same symbol, triggering spectacular cluster formations!
Explore the fish-filled treasures of the frozen tundra that lie in wait! Embark on a thrilling Arctic fishing experience like never before with Arctic Catch!

Against the enchanting northern lights, this game immerses you in the exhilaration of the frozen wilderness. Feel the thrill of Catch of the Day, where distinctive symbols with multipliers amplify your victories.

Gather symbols of Fishy Cash and witness the multiplication of your fortunes! Prepare for Frostbite Free Spins, where each spin brings the potential for chilly triumphs. Join the expedition now and capture substantial victories in this icy wonderland!
With a combination of CASH chips, MYSTERY chips and super high value MEGA CHIPS, will the player take the HOT OFFER, or gamble, reveal the mystery chips and collect what’s on the board?

With chip values up to x2500, the chance to promote chips to higher and higher values via the CHIP UP METER, and a DOUBLE UP FREE SPINS bonus where line wins, chip values and chip collection are all doubled, turn up the heat and play this classic slot from Bang Bang Games!
Step back in time to the days of the Roman Empire where emperors ruled with an iron fist and Caesar’s glory was celebrated in the streets of Rome! In Roamin’ Romans UltraNudge you too can pay tribute to Caesar and his glittering achievements.

Spin the reels and maybe the great man will grace you with his presence and bestow the honour of his favour! Hail Caesar!
When two proven player favourite mechanics combine, the result is one seriously wild ride and the ultimate slot game experience! With Ultranudge, all reels pay and keep nudging, delivering win after win, and now in our latest release, the addition of Yggdrasil’s Gigablox ramps this up to whole new levels of excitement and potential! So come on, spin those reels and feel the rush with JOKRZ WILD ULTRANUDGE GIGABLOX!
The Shadow Raiders were a fearsome crew, known for their ruthless tactics and insatiable greed for gold. Led by their undead captain, they sailed the seven seas in search of new victims, striking fear into the heats of all who crossed their path. With reel multipliers and cash prizes, will you uncover the hidden treasure of Shadow Raiders?
Entombed within his undiscovered resting place, the Pharaoh’s power has lain dormant across the ages. Now released and fed by gems, his unearthly gaze is waiting to bestow riches upon those deemed worthy. With a massive max win of x15,000 and some darkly volatile gameplay, are your players brave enough to enter these ancient catacombs in search of untold treasures?
Deep in a magical glade at the end of the rainbow lives a cheeky chappie, guardian of the Power Potz! With a prize carousel capable of delivering delivering free spins or cash prizes up to 1000x, and Bang Bang's ever popular ULTRANUDGE feature, stacks of Power Potz will fire their Rainbow Blast and deliver pots o' gold time after time.

With huge max win of up to x7,000 total bet your players are sure to find this game their lucky charm!

Get ready for this dynamically themed slot from Bang Bang featuring a seasonal skin active for December that will automatically thaw on January 1st!
Step inside Dr Jekyllz secret laboratory where he had concocted his infamous potion! The mysterious side effect turns Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde and pumps out plenty of mega cash wins as well!

Get ready for this spookily themed slot game from Bang Bang featuring cash-on-reels potion prizes and Mr Hyde Multipliers that combine with the breakout ULTRANUDGE™ mechanic to deliver a new twist on a hugely popular format!
Strap in for a high octane, all action gaming experience in this classic Joker themed slot game from Bang Bang. This cheeky chappie delivers thrills and spills with the all new ULTRANUDGE™ mechanic along with massive win multipliers and a tantalising feature gamble!
Bang Bang Games brings Yggdrasil’s acclaimed GigaBlox™ mechanic to its hit game Super Cash Drop!

It’s a glitzy, volatile game that’s a perfect fit for those trademark colossal blox! With SUPER REEL EXPAND the reels can change size to be up to 6x6 and lines increase from 40 to up to 60 for more ways to win!

Landed wilds expand to be a SUPER STRETCH WILDS with a cumulative multiplier possible, with GigaBlox wilds ramping up the potential to new heights! SUPER FREE SPINS, are supercharged with NO LOWS, LOCK & RESPIN WILDS, and more super-massive GigaBlox! Extra spin awards are frequent, and it’s all played out on max reel height and max lines for max wins!

With huge max win of up to x5,300 it won’t only be GigaBlox fans who find themselves banking dolla dolla bill y’all!
Jumbo Jellies is a big ’n bouncy 6x3 slot set in a sugary fantasy land to rival even those owned by other notable chocolate factory owners! In Jumbo Jellies, matching pairs on a win line trigger the JUMBO POP where the trigger pair will turn WILD, the entire row will go colossal and more win lines are added.

This starts a WIN STREAK landing more win pairs pops more JUMBO ROWS - when all 3 rows are jumbo then each new win in the streak gets +1 win multiplier, which can result in some super-long streaks and crazy win potential! Win up to 18 free spins via the SCATTER GAME, then play JELLY FREE SPINS where the JUMBO ROWS are not reset for the duration of the bonus! This can see our sweetie machine crank out whopping wins of up to the x5432 max win! Get ready for the sugar rush!

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