Utilising ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels™, we have taken the innovative mechanic one step further and flipped it on its head!

Martian Miner takes players on a futuristic mining expedition in search of hidden treasures, on Mars! (Thanks Elon!) Merging two popular slot themes; mining and space/exploration, the reels are set within a futuristic mining/drill unit amidst a dusky Mars backdrop, with the aim for the player to drill as deep as possible to uncover the most valuable rewards.

The game is designed first and foremost for mobile portrait use, utilising the entire screen real estate. The reels are delivered horizontally, from right to left and showcase an industry first: additional Infinity Reels™ are added vertically to the bottom of the reels. This twist on the Infinity Reels™ mechanic helps to immerse the player into the theme of the game by blending the mechanics of the game into the mining/ drilling theme of the game.

The deeper you drill, the higher the rewards!

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Official Website: https://www.bbgamesltd.com/