Seize the opportunity for the biggest haul of your life in HEIST: BANK RUSH – HOLD & WIN™! Experience the adrenaline rush of breaking into a bank alongside a team of four seasoned professionals, determined to loot the most impenetrable vault in the city. With 1024 ways to claim victory, this slot game combines Betsoft’s renowned HOLD & WIN FEATURE technology with four distinct symbols to amplify the bonus round!

Enter the bustling, neon-lit underworld of the city, where the rewards are plentiful and the bonuses are abundant! Encounter four SPECIAL BONUS symbols that dictate the course of the bank robbery, each with its own impactful effect on the gameplay. Will it be explosives, drilling, or hacking? Let your adept crew of specialists lead the way as your winnings soar with every daring move!

HEIST: BANK RUSH – HOLD & WIN™ promises immense potential for colossal wins and captivating bonuses that will keep you glued to the game, eager to join the ranks of the elite crew!
Welcome to the enigmatic depths of the ancient Egyptian tombs! Enter the world of COINS OF RA – HOLD & WIN™, a captivating 3×3 video slot that immerses you in the allure of historical riches. Prepare to be enthralled by rapid spins and even faster victories! Our revamped HOLD & WIN FEATURE introduces innovative mechanics, heightening the thrill as your pockets swell with winnings and exquisite gems ignite your passion!

Gather BONUS and RA BONUS symbols to trigger the coveted HOLD & WIN FEATURE, allowing you to amass fortunes amidst a stunning array of colors. Let the serene blues carry you along the mystical River Nile, while RA BONUS symbols gather your rewards from the reels. Witness the ancient deities guiding your destiny as the CHEST OF GOLD unlocks to unveil its coveted secrets!

When you land 3 or more BONUS symbols, with at least one being a RA BONUS symbol, the HOLD & WIN FEATURE is activated, granting you 3 respins! Throughout this feature, any RA BONUS symbols become fixed in place, while standard BONUS symbols vanish from the reels to create space for new ones. Whenever a fresh BONUS or RA BONUS symbol emerges, it resets the respin counter to 3, providing numerous opportunities to secure victories!

In the main game, the appearance of any BONUS or RA BONUS symbols on the reels offers the chance to trigger HOLD & WIN FEATURE rounds.

WILD symbols act as substitutes for all symbols except BONUS and RA BONUS symbols, and they can emerge on all three reels.

Experience gaming excellence like never before with COINS OF RA – HOLD & WIN™!
According to ancient tales, the majestic tiger is revered as a harbinger of prosperity and good fortune. Harness the legendary luck attributed to this magnificent creature and seize control of your destiny with TIGER’S LUCK – HOLD & WIN™ by Betsoft! This enthralling 5-reel, 4-row video slot game delves deep into the wonders of the animal kingdom, promising an immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

Experience the thrill of our immensely popular HOLD & WIN FEATURE, which transports you into the mesmerizing realm of the tiger. Introducing a unique COLLECTION BONUS symbol, this feature allows you to gather your winnings in a single exhilarating moment! Witness the enchanting sight of delicate leaves gently descending as anticipation mounts and your winnings overflow. TIGER’S LUCK – HOLD & WIN™ invites you into a world of exquisite East Asian-inspired design, brimming with opportunities for substantial riches!

Embark on a journey to claim the wealth reflected in the tiger’s piercing gaze as you delve into the captivating world of TIGER’S LUCK – HOLD & WIN™!
In Take the Vault - Hold & Win™, Betsoft reintroduces you to the Bandit from their popular game Take the Bank™, delivering a fresh slots adventure packed with the beloved Hold & Win feature! This sequel promises an immersive experience as you engage in successive rounds of 10, each cycle ticking down for thrilling wins!

This innovative slot combines the excitement of Hold & Win with the adrenaline rush of progressive rounds, offering a gaming experience unmatched elsewhere. Take the Vault - Hold & Win™ transports you to a realm of massive wins and plentiful Free Spins, complete with a thematic Scatter symbol resembling saloon doors and a Wild West backdrop.

Accompany the daring Bandit on his quest for riches, where he transforms into Wilds to boost your wins and detonates TNT charges to raid the town's bank vault!
The stage lights illuminate the scene! Explosive pyrotechnics crackle! The globe's most renowned rock band graces the platform in ROCKSTAR: WORLD TOUR – HOLD & WIN™! This dynamic 6-reel, 5-row slot promises an abundance of victories, echoing the thrilled cheers of the amped-up audience!

Featuring Betsoft's HOLD & WIN FEATURE as the main act, ROCKSTAR: WORLD TOUR – HOLD & WIN™ offers a multitude of other elements to maintain the concert's vibrancy and captivation! Keep an eye out for the MULTIPLIER BONUS within the HOLD & WIN FEATURE, which amplifies the worth of randomly selected BONUS symbols by up to 256x! Regular appearances of WILDS and generous SCATTER payouts will captivate you while you enjoy the performance of your favorite rock band!

With all these elements, complemented by an electrifying soundtrack, you'll find yourself in the heart of the action when you indulge in ROCKSTAR: WORLD TOUR – HOLD & WIN™!

Activate the HOLD & WIN FEATURE by landing 6 or more scattered BONUS symbols. The triggering BONUS symbols, along with any new ones emerging during the feature's 3 respins, lock in place. Each additional BONUS symbol resets the respin count to 3.

Your devoted fan club makes an appearance during the HOLD & WIN FEATURE, randomly selecting 2 to 8 existing BONUS symbols on the reels and multiplying their value by up to 256x! SCATTER symbols have the potential to show up on every reel, contributing their wins to payline rewards for those coveted rock star prizes!

The versatile WILD symbol has a presence on all reels, acting as a substitute for all symbols except SCATTER and BONUS symbols!
Indulge in the captivating world of PLINKO RUSH™ and become part of the global Plinko phenomenon. This game will propel you into a whirlwind of excitement, offering the potential for substantial gains without a second thought, and the chance to secure significant wins for a gaming experience that will keep you glued to your screen!

Immerse yourself in a delightful yet gripping adventure as you witness each ball navigate through the pins one by one, your heartbeat filled with anticipation, eager for the highest multiplier, and ready to press “bet” repeatedly with boundless enthusiasm! This is the thrill that PLINKO RUSH™ promises, consistently delivering an unforgettable experience.

The game showcases an adaptable triangular base of pins, guiding the descent of the ball as it bounces back and forth across the board until it reaches the bottom. There, it will land on one of the multipliers, determined by the risk and lines you have selected! Plinko is a genuinely exhilarating "choose your own destiny" game of chance, offering you the freedom to configure your own board by adjusting the number of lines, bet amount, and volatility according to your preferences. This allows for a continuous rush of playful experimentation, ensuring an ongoing sense of excitement!
Elevate your gaming experience to the highest echelons of the affluent world with TYCOONS: BILLIONAIRE BUCKS – HOLD & WIN™! Betsoft Gaming invites you to spin and win like never before in this breathtaking slots adventure.

As a thrilling sequel to TYCOONS™, this game features the immensely popular HOLD & WIN FEATURE. Take your plays to the limit with each FREE RESPIN and witness your cash explode with every spin. Immerse yourself in the world of billionaires, enjoying the smooth gameplay, memorable characters, and, most importantly, the substantial wins that keep rolling in!

Don your finest attire, savor a professionally crafted martini, and ascend to the heights known only to a select few when you play TYCOONS: BILLIONAIRE BUCKS – HOLD & WIN™!
Get ready for a magical adventure as Feera the Fairy and Rufus the Ogre make a triumphant return in ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™, the latest whimsically fun video slot from Betsoft! Join these beloved characters in a fairy tale brought to life through exquisite rendering of thematic elements, creating an irresistible game that invites you into the deep woods where the biggest wins are hidden in plain sight.

ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™ boasts a 5-reel, 4-row layout with 40 fixed paylines, all crowned by the popular HOLD & WIN FEATURE. This feature will keep you enchanted as you play, eager to see how big your wins can grow in the magical earth of the Enchanted Forest. Watch out for the cunning wizard named Eldrid, who resides within the towering trees, ready to use his power to make all of your wildest dreams come true!

The game is adorned with STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS that can add to your wins, offering a touch of mystery and excitement to every spin. Enjoy plentiful FREE SPINS and frequent WILDS that will send thrills of satisfaction down your spine as you play for big wins in the beautiful forest.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™? Join Feera, Rufus, and Eldrid on an unforgettable journey through the magical forest, where big wins and delightful surprises await at every turn!
Prepare for an otherworldly adventure with ASTRO CASH - HOLD & WINTM! Launch into the realm of huge wins in this 5-reel, 4-row video slot, brimming with features that will captivate you like a meteor shower. In this innovative twist on a classic theme, embark on a journey to the outer reaches of the universe in pursuit of stellar victories!

ASTRO CASH - HOLD & WINTM will ignite your imagination as you spin your way to astronomical heights, courtesy of the captivating HOLD & WIN FEATURE that graces the game. Witness your wins streak higher and higher, soaring into the atmosphere! With bountiful FREE SPINS and the opportunity to win up to 4,000x your bet, it's time to take flight with this exhilarating game today!
Experience the blazing flames of huge wins when you play TRIPLE LUCKY 8’s™! This thrilling dive into Betsoft’s latest 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 10 fixed paylines features familiar fruit and coin symbols that will make you feel right at home as you rack up incredible wins.

TRIPLE LUCKY 8’s™ boasts frequent WILD RESPINS, which are triggered by 3 or more of the flaming Triple 8 WILD symbol across the reels. This special symbol substitutes for all symbols. WILD RESPINS can be retriggered during a RESPIN, so you can win up to 5 consecutive WILD RESPINS, massively increasing your chances for winning big!

TRIPLE LUCKY 8’s™ provides a visual feast for you as the flames of excitement take over the reels!
Join forces with Triton in an epic battle for the sea and win big in RISE OF TRITON™. Prepare for the quest of a lifetime as intense cinematic music pulses in the background, keeping you on the edge of your seat and beckoning you to the reels. Help harness all the wrath of Triton in every spin and watch as the God of The Sea twists the fates in your favor. This is the experience the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers.

This game is packed with beautiful ocean treasure themed symbols, exhilarating animations and the chance to win up to 4,100X their bet. With generous special features like HOLD & WIN BONUS combined with lucrative paylines and treasure-filled regular payable symbols, RISE OF TRITON™ is overflowing with unique ways to win!
The dragon is back for round two in SUPER GOLDEN DRAGON INFERNO™ – the next installment in every player’s favorite game series: GOLDEN DRAGON INFERNO™! This game will have everyone running back for more of the Dragon! Step into the den of fortune once again and relax into the sounds of calming background music as the cheerfully clinking machines stack the wins with each spin! This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers, sure to charm your players with a new exciting twist on a well-loved modern classic!

With the chance to win up to 2,916X their bet, SUPER GOLDEN DRAGON INFERNO™ gives players an authentic experience full of bonus features and a generous “243 Ways” model that offers virtually endless opportunities to win big! This game is packed with extensive ways to win, from regular payable symbol prizes to generous boosts from bonuses like STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS and HOLD & WIN BONUS.
Unlock the mystery that is Wukong The Monkey God and shape-shift your way into winning a FORTUNE! This 4-reel video slot has 3 standard reels and 1 single payline. The fourth reel is a bonus reel offering the potential to win one of 3 game-changing bonuses. 72 FORTUNES™ will have every player on the edge of their seat!

And with the chance to win up to 4,440X their bet, players will keep coming back again and again for more of Wukong’s fortunes! This game features an enticing trio of bonuses, making anything possible with each and every spin — a 2x, 5x, or 8x multiplier on wins, an 8x or 18x boost to the player’s wager, or a free respin that features its own multiplier on wins!

72 FORTUNES™ is appealing to all players with its simplistic and easy-to-understand gameplay, beautiful highquality graphics, and exciting mythical theme.
Enter the tombs and prepare for the most rewarding adventure of your life in APRIL FURY AND THE CHAMBER OF SCARABS™! Pay close attention to the reels as they spin mysteriously before you, filled with riddles and clues alike. Solve the mystery and escape with the most precious artifacts – HUGE WINS! This is the experience that this video slot offering from Betsoft delivers.

With the chance to win up to 4,000X their bet, APRIL FURY AND THE CHAMBER OF SCARABS™ offers players a truly enthralling experience with scintillating special features like HOLD & WIN BONUS and PAYING WILDS! This game boasts incredible high-quality graphics alongside an adrenaline pumping theme so riveting you will come back for more and more APRIL FURY™!

This highly popular game format offers an experience that appeals to all players with its intuitive user interface and ease of play.
WISH GRANTED™ is any player’s wish come true! Step up to the treasure laden reels and watch as they dance magically before you. Excitement pulses through the air as the genie decides if he’ll turn the wheel in your favor when suddenly the reels burst with riches and sing playfully with another huge win – it’s decided, WISH GRANTED! This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers.

With the chance to win up to 5,000X their bet, WISH GRANTED™ offers a truly captivating experience with alluring special features like HOLD & WIN BONUS, and seemingly endless opportunities to win! This game draws on high quality graphics and enticing bonuses, as well as a theme so enchanting players will come back again and again to see if they can have their WISH GRANTED™.

This highly popular game format is appealing to all players with its ease of play, eye-catching display, and thrilling possibilities.
In PHO SHO™ the reels are as fresh and delicious as the noodles! This game has just what every player needs to hit the spot – that familiar scent of winning big! The street markets are packed with hidden gems around every corner, one must only look for them and treasure will unveil itself.

However, nothing could top the unassuming noodle shack secretly slinging spins and wins with every bowl – PHO SHO™. This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers!
Every day can be your lucky day in HOT LUCKY 7’s™! The essence of adrenaline and high hopes ring through the air as you relax into your lucky chair at your favorite casino. You take the first sip of that delicious complimentary beverage, and ease into the ambiance of winning while the sounds of jazz and cheerfully clinking machines draw you in. This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers, sure to excite your players with the rush of their favorite casino experience, right at home!

With the chance to win up to 10,102X their bet, HOT LUCKY 7’s™ gives players an enthralling reminiscent experience, as well as ease of play, and seemingly endless chances to win! This charming game features classic symbols and simple features for a no-frills, all thrills style of play. HOT LUCKY 7’s™ is a 1024 WAYS game with no paylines which gives players the access to potential wins in all possible winning combinations – filling spin after spin with fun and simple wins!

This highly popular game format is appealing to all players with its relaxing, reminiscent feel, eye-catching visuals, and the thrill of possibility in every spin.
SUPREME 777 JACKPOTS™ is an exciting multi-hand Blackjack that allows you to play up to 3 simultaneous hands of Blackjack.

The SUPREME 777 JACKPOT side bet gives you the chance to win any of the three JACKPOTS while the PERFECT PAIRS side bet provides the opportunity to win big with your first two cards. Each hand plays only against the dealer (i.e. the bank), independently of other hands. Six (6) decks of cards are used to play.

Your goal as the player is to draw cards (i.e. hit) until your hand adds up to 21, or comes as close as possible without exceeding 21. If your first two cards total 21, you have Blackjack.
At the end of every rainbow you’ll find CHARMS & TREASURES™ and a mischievous little leprechaun with a pot o’ gold just for you! Watch as his riddle-fueled reels flutter with magical charms and treasures right before your eyes! This latest video slot offering from Betsoft is sure to deliver an enchanting and enthralling experience for all your players, right in the palms of their hands.

Slide across the rainbow into the enchanted forest where you’ll meet the leprechaun in CHARMS & TREASURES™ – the game that gives players the chance to win up to 1414X their bet, with each and every spin! Answer the riddle with a spin, and watch the sneaky little leprechaun dive into the pot, sending the reels into an extraordinary twirl as the ethereal sound of impending luck beams off every symbol.

This magical game has 5-reels and 3-rows of symbols that will fill any heart with nostalgia, and every pocket with the hope for just a touch o’ gold. With a whopping 50 paylines, and thrilling features like FREE SPINS with COLOSSAL SYMBOLS, it’s easy for any player to solve the leprechaun’s riddles and walk away with their own treasure.
Let TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH™ pump up your players to the maximum with exciting and EASY WINS! Satisfy your players with the opportunity to win up to 100,000x their bet and an edge-of-their-seat gaming experience! This latest innovative offering energizes players with an explosively good time right in the comfort of their own homes!

TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH™ features a trio of brave astronauts who blast off into space with your player’s bet. Their mission? To fly higher and higher as the multiplier earns more winnings by the millisecond! However, players must keep a sharp eye on their intuition and eject the astronauts safely from the rocket before it EXPLODES along with their winnings. The higher they fly, the higher your players’ bets are multiplied… IF they can escape in time, that is!
He’s back and ready to roll right into a Las Vegas state of mind, in MR. VEGAS 2: BIG MONEY TOWER™! Join the entourage and indulge in all the thrills and frills Sin City has to offer in the game that packs each spin with maximum potential wins, and the ultimate luxury casino adventure. This latest video slot offering from Betsoft is sure to charm every player with an exhilarating high roller feel, right from the seat of their own chairs.

MR. VEGAS 2: BIG MONEY TOWER™ gives players the chance to win up to 2601X their bet with every spin! 5 reels and 4 rows of casino-themed symbols pair perfectly with the satisfying sounds of smooth jazz music playing in the background, while the machine gracefully chatters spin after spin. Adrenaline-pumping bonus features like the BIG MONEY TOWER keep the excitement and wins flowing! Flip a coin to climb the BIG MONEY TOWER, rung by rung, until you reach the coveted BIG MONEY PRIZE at the top.

This highly popular game format appeals to all players with easy gameplay, virtually limitless wins, and an array of generous bonus features.
These reels are out of this world! Get ready for an astronomical adventure, right from your own backyard in EXPANSION!™ The game that fills each spin with the thrill of huge potential wins, stellar bonus features, and an extraterrestrial atmosphere. This latest video slot offering from Betsoft is sure to deliver an exhilarating experience for all players.

In EXPANSION!™ players have the chance to skyrocket their pockets, and win more than 1200X their bet with each spin! This game has 5-reels and 4-rows of space-themed symbols, and a new electrifying bonus feature – DIRECTIONAL WILDS. Watch as the UFO-style DIRECTIONAL WILD symbols spin, then stop, sending lazer beams straight across the reels, zapping every symbol in its path into MORE WILDS! Every spin in EXPANSION!™ is abuzz with adventurous opportunities to win big!
Get ready to fall in love with spinning and winning all over again this Valentine’s Day in HEARTS DESIRE™, an amorous spin on the classic fruit machine. The excitement of delectable juicy symbols, bubbly sweet graphics, and flirty synth sounds all come to life in these romantic reels. Our latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers an experience sure to pump up any heart.
Take a walk in the woods and you might stumble upon the WOODLANDERS™, a delightfully mischievous family of fairies who live in the enchanted forest spinning tales of magic and luck. Allow your players to live on the edge of curiosity when they join the fun in WOODLANDERS™ – a fantastical game with delightful prizes.

With the chance to win up to 3794X their bet, WOODLANDERS™ not only gives players an adventurous and nostalgic experience, it delivers plentiful opportunities to win! This fantasy game offers generous bonuses and features a charming family of fairies. Watch as they summon up the reels from the wishing well with a sprinkle of fairy dust, a dash of mystery, and just enough whimsy.

This highly popular game format is appealing for its captivating fantasy theme, potential for bountiful wins, and eye-catching art style.
Welcome to GOLDEN DRAGON INFERNO™, a “243 Ways” game that fills every spin with the potential for virtually unlimited combinations of winning symbols. Relax into the sounds of dreamy Eastern Asian music and cheerfully clinking machines while the wins stack with each spin! This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers, sure to charm your players with an exciting and amusing touch on a well-loved theme!

With the chance to win up to 5000X their bet, GOLDEN DRAGON INFERNO™ not only gives players an easy-going and authentic experience, but offers seemingly endless opportunities to keep on spinning and winning! This game is nearly overflowing with unique ways to win from regular payable symbol prizes to big BONUS boosts like STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS and HOLD & WIN BONUS.
You are invited to hop into Santa’s sleigh this Christmas for grand gifts in SLEIGHIN’ IT™! This 5-reel, 4-row game has 30 fixed paylines and a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT linked to Betsoft’s RAGS TO WITCHES™ Jackpot system with plans to link to future releases! This delightful holiday-themed festivity with jolly Saint Nicholas is one you will love to indulge in this holiday season.

The PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT is the centrepiece, but like all Betsoft games, SLEIGHIN’ IT™ is packed with features and elements to provide the total gaming experience to you. Earn BIG WINS with the exciting PICK BONUS FREE SPINS feature, where you can choose the number of FREE SPINS they receive and the number of WILD REELS that come with them. These WALKING WILD REELS are lively, moving from reel to reel, changing places to maximize your winnings!

STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS give a peek at what’s hiding under the Christmas tree: MORE chances at even BIGGER wins! Christmas has never looked so bright and lovely before SLEIGHIN’ IT™ came onto the scene!
Your players will encounter a cutting edge slots experience when they play TRINITY REELS™! This innovative 6-reel, 3-row video slot features a colorful gemstone motif with smooth gameplay and up to 177,147 ways to win that will keep players coming back for more.

Symbols in TRINITY REELS can be single or split, with up to 3 symbols appearing in a single position on the reels!
Fly with the witches on Halloween night to find tricks and treasure in RAGS TO WITCHESTM! This game features an explosive progressive Jackpot ensuring that you will take home loads of treats! A Non-Jackpot version is also available.

A cackle splits the spooky night, and mysterious shadows fly across the bright full moon! RAGS TO WITCHES™, the latest 5-reel, 3-row video slot from Betsoft Gaming, will engulf you in a bubbling cauldron of Halloween tricks and treats that will appeal to any sweet tooth! You will find yourself transported to a world ruled by witches and bats, skeletons and cats.

RAGS TO WITCHES™ is packed with fun features for a hauntingly good time!
CAPTAIN’S QUEST: TREASURE ISLAND™ whisks your players away to the high seas where fortune awaits! Sail with the legendary Captain as he and his crew face the unexplored oceans to find treasure beyond your wildest expectations! When the seas get rough, your players can be sure that the Captain will lead them onward to great riches and greater fame.

This 5-reel, 3-row video slot brings the best of Betsoft to your players with effortless pirate style. The Captain is a 3-row tall symbol and is WILD, any partial appearance will result in a nudge up or down to fill the reel and reveal his full glory. 3 of these reels are needed for an award of 10 FREE SPINS!

During FREE SPINS mode, all the reels that have WILDS when FREE SPINS are triggered become TREASURE REELS and start with a 2x reel multiplier! If another WILD lands on one of these reels, it increases the multiplier by 1, and if more than 1 TREASURE REEL is involved in a win, those multipliers are also multiplied. This can lead to explosively large wins, with multipliers of up to 40x or more!
The WINDS OF WEALTH™ are blowing and they’re bringing in massive prizes! This beautiful game brings a serene undertone to the excitement of iGaming, with charming music that settles your players in for a thrilling session of play. The Winds of Wealth feature that gives the game its name gathers the lowest value symbols and blows them away from the reels, leaving space for the higher value symbols to take over and bring more big wins and beautiful animation.

WINDS OF WEALTH™ also features a robust FREE SPINS mode where up to 5 SCATTER symbols can award 25 FREE SPINS and an instant payout that depends on your player’s bet. Follow the Lucky Cat to huge wins during FREE SPINS! Winds of Wealth feature has higher chances to trigger inside of FREE SPINS mode.

This gorgeous game has STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS on each reel, which change during each spin and are always identical, leading to even more glorious wins when your players feel the WINDS OF WEALTH™ rushing in!
Welcome to WILDS OF FORTUNE. Take a seat at your new favorite video slot and allow the soothing sounds of smooth jazz and cheerfully clinking machines relax you while you sip on refreshing complimentary beverages.

This is the experience that this latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers, sure to make your players feel at ease and right at home!
Open the BOOK OF HELIOS and join forces with acclaimed hero Olivia Brave… if you dare. Are your players ready to step into the hot seat with Helios and his fiery chariot to fight for epic wins? This latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers a thrilling gaming experience, sure to make your players feel like a Greek God, right to your door!

With the chance to win up to 20,168X your bet, BOOK OF HELIOS gives players the chance to team up with intrepid warrior Olivia Brave, as she infiltrates the temple of Helios. Together, they will obtain virtually endless opportunities to win! This fantasy-themed game features the Greek God of the Sun: Helios, who drives his magical fiery chariot across the sky from east to west, searching for heroes to step into the ring of fire with him, filling spin after spin with exhilaration and adventure!

This highly popular game format is appealing for its fantasy Greek Mythological theme, ease of play, and potential for epic wins!
The GEMINI JOKER twins excite your players into the chance for frequent wins with every spin! Indulge your players with the opportunity to win up to 1700x their bet, plus the joy of a FREE RESPIN when a full reel of identical symbols appears on the first two reels with no winning paylines. This latest video slot offering from Betsoft charms players with a whimsical gaming experience brought right to their door!

GEMINI JOKER features a set of eccentric trickster jokers, leaving your players overjoyed with the chance for single-round frequent wins! Two is better than one in this game! While both Jokers are WILD symbols, the Golden Joker is a MULTIPLIER WILD, earning even more BIG WINS for your players with each additional Golden Joker appearing on the same line!
Join forces with Kensei and his loyal Sakura for adventurous paid spins that lead to EASY big wins… are your players ready to step into this fantasy showdown and carve out some EPIC WINS? This latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers an exhilarating gaming experience, sure to make your players feel like a fantastical hero, ready for battle!
Return to Alkemor’s tower in this long-anticipated sequel. Alkemor’s magic allows the Elements to combine in potent concoctions for varied bonus effects.
The hunt for giant wins is on! Traverse dangerous paths in PRIMAL WILDERNESS, where the fiercest animals roam and huge winnings are found deep in the primordial forest! This 5 reel video slot offers 1024 ways to win, meaning that all ways pay!

During the generous FREE SPINS bonus round, more FREE SPINS can be won, extending the excitement of the multiplicative WILDS found during this bonus event. 3 or more SCATTER symbols grant access to the FREE SPINS mode!
Coming soon!Return to the mysterious pyramids of Egypt with world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Dakota Bones in LOST: MYSTERY CHESTS! In this fascinating sequel to the hit game LOST, your players will go deep beneath sand and stone to discover untold treasures hidden in MYSTERY CHESTS on the reels.

This 3-reel, 3-row video slot offers unique mechanics to allow for those MYSTERY CHESTS to open when they land on the reels, revealing what lies within, anything from an instant cash win, high value symbols, WILDS, or SCATTERS symbols that lead to generous FREE SPINS!
This 5×5 gridbased cascading reels video slot will have them collecting colorful symbols for a chance at one of the three PRIZE WHEELS in the game. With generous WILDS in standard play, TRIPLE JUICY DROPS is a fast paced game with the potential for huge rewards!
Take a journey into the high mountains in GOLD TIGER ASCENT, the latest video slot from Betsoft Gaming! This 3-reel, 3 row video slot, featuring an iconic golden tiger character, pays on 3 of a kind on any payline.

Innovative functionality allows for MAGIC RED ENVELOPES to appear on the reels, and these ENVELOPES can reveal WILDS, instant cash wins, high value symbols, and even SCATTERS that pay and offer generous FREE SPINS!

During FREE SPINS mode, the MAGIC RED ENVELOPES have even more power: there can be up to 5 ENVELOPES with SCATTERS, and up to 9 ENVELOPES with other symbols! This offers unprecedented chances to win!
A fearsome dragon guards great treasure… are your players brave enough to gather an army and TAKE THE KINGDOM? This latest video slot offering from Betsoft brings an explosive gaming experience right to your door!

TAKE THE KINGDOM is played in 7-spin increments and features a massive red dragon who breathes on the reels, leaving fireball bombs that count down over the 7 spins until they explode! All fireball positions are then converted into WILDS!

This highly popular game format is appealing for its strong medieval Dragon theme and unique progression style of play.
Celebrate the holiday season with a warm mug of cocoa and STAY FROSTY! This 5-reel, 100 payline video slot is bursting with holiday cheer and innovative Sticky WILDS that stay Sticky for 2 spins when part of a winning combination! The Snowman symbol is WILD and varies in size from small to tall!

Follow the Merry Reindeer to an instant SCATTER pay and FREE SPINS, where winning WILD symbols stay Sticky for the entire round, ensuring that your players will receive an exciting payout just in time for the holidays!
Discover a lush jungle paradise where the scent of fruit is heavy in the misty air. THAI BLOSSOMS, the latest Betsoft video slot, offers a gorgeous thematic backdrop of Southeast Asia. Luxuriate in a tropical wonderland as you play this exciting new game.

This 5-reel, 100 payline video slot features stacking WILDS that stay Sticky for 2 spins when occurring on a winning payline. The grand elephant, lord of the fragrant jungle, trumpets triumph in groups of 3 or more, granting access to a generous FREE SPINS mode where the stacking WILDS remain Sticky and persist until the end of the bonus round.

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If you enjoy playing online slots, you have probably spun the Betsoft-powered reels at some point. Betsoft Gaming is the most renowned game supplier, and it is well-known throughout the casino gaming industry for being a substantial investment in graphic quality. They have been in this field since 1999, and you've almost certainly explored some of their popular titles across your gambling journey.

Betsoft has been relatively inventive when producing new games as a pioneer in the iGaming sector. It currently has at least 150+ casino titles in its portfolio, with more on the way. In addition to video slots, the provider has released several different games.

The Slots3 video slot game series and its other renowned products, including Next Casino, Video Lots, Casino Luck, and Tropezia, are among the top-notch games. Betsoft, which has its roots in the United Kingdom, aims to give the best pleasure to casino players worldwide.

Betsoft offers traditional casino games in addition to the most prominent ToGo and Slots3 slots for smartphones. Table games such as Baccarat, Rummy, and Craps are among them. Players should consider several variants of Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Pai Gow, Trumps, and even Red Dog.

The company now offers video poker games and famous table game titles. There are 26 different video poker titles and factors to choose from. As a result, you will never be bored when playing Betsoft games.

The visuals and high-definition soundtracks presentation elevate casino gaming to new peaks. It is a unique niche that has successfully built through time and attracts gamers to prefer them over their competition. The provider's ToGo line serves mobile players with games suited for portable devices such as Android and iOS phones.

Some software developers refuse to let their products be utilized by online casinos accepting players from the United States and Canada. This is not the case with Betsoft, which welcomes US players to their linked online casinos. Over 100 of the major online casinos and gaming sites employ Betsoft games. Their 3D slots may even be introduced to a casino that already uses a competitor's software in certain situations.

Although free spins are not always intended for Betsoft games, you may still enjoy various slots. Once you've begun playing, stay updated on the promotions website and casino publications since they will run several frequent promotions where you can receive extra casino bonuses, free spins, and other rewards.

The casino software business has won several honors for its exceptional cinematic animations and robust, unrivaled bonusing system. In 2016, AAMS clearance and certification allowed us to enter the Italian industry.

Best Manufacturer of Gaming Solutions from Login Casino Award in 2017, G2E Asia Award in 2018 as the Best B2B Digital Platform and Software Solution, and the same year awarded as the Best Gaming Casino Supplier of the Year from Malta iGaming Excellence Award.

From the 5-star iGaming media Starlet Award, Betsoft won Slot Provider of the Year. And most recently, the company has been awarded as an RNG Casino Supplier of the year by the 5-star iGaming media Starlet Awards in 2021.

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