Step into the heart of the jungle and join an extraordinary expedition filled with the promise of immense wealth in El Dorado Totems, an enthralling slot game with five reels and ten paylines. Amidst the dense foliage, every spin holds the potential for discovering hidden treasures.

Embark on a thrilling journey deep into the jungle with BF Games’ latest creation, the El Dorado Totems slot. Riches beyond imagination and ancient artifacts await your discovery — stay vigilant throughout your enchanting voyage and harness the power of Gold Totem Wild Symbols and Respins.

Unlocking the jungle's secrets hinges on the Gold Totem symbol, a Wild that exclusively appears on the middle three reels. Limited to one Wild symbol per reel, this age-old guardian substitutes for all other symbols, guiding players towards winning combinations and the concealed wealth hidden within the rainforest's depths.

During the heart-pounding Respin rounds, reels adorned with mystical Wild symbols remain fixed, while the others spin with anticipation. Triggering consecutively up to three times, Respins unveil a cascade of possibilities, each spin bringing players closer to the legendary riches. Only one Respin activates per spin, irrespective of the number of Wild symbols present. Brace yourself for an alternate set of reels during Respins, offering a unique twist to this exhilarating adventure.

As the reels spin and the jungle resonates with the promise of fortune, BF Games' El Dorado Totems slot invites you to embark on a captivating journey where each turn of the reel brings you nearer to the untold riches concealed within the ancient wilderness.
Prepare yourself for a magical journey with the video slot Book of Wisdom! As a bold adventurer, you'll uncover arcane secrets under the guidance of the most powerful wizards. Encounter mystical Book Scatters that unlock Free Spins, transporting you to enchanting realms as the reels spin tales of fortune and wonder. Your path is filled with excitement and abundant rewards — are you prepared to cast your spell?

Set on a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 10 fixed paylines, your destiny intertwines with ancient magic and wizardry. Your mission is clear: Align as many identical symbols as possible along the payline, for each spin holds the potential for enchanting rewards.

The Book of Wisdom slot transcends its role as a mere symbol, becoming a gateway to unimaginable treasures. Keep an eye out for the elusive Book Scatter symbols, as they unlock 10 Free Spins, introducing the Extra Scatter symbol. Experience the surge of magic as Extra Scatter wins seamlessly merge with normal wins, creating an ethereal dance that paves the way for an abundance of riches.

The Book Scatter symbols are elusive markers of destiny that can materialize on any of the five reels. When three or more Scatter symbols align, supernatural forces trigger 10 Free Spins, with each Scatter win harmoniously blending with other symbol line victories. The Scatter symbol, a beacon of magical prowess, subtly substitutes for any other symbol in its specific position on the reel, adding a tantalizing twist to your quest — that's what we call 'sorcery'!
Step into the vibrant realm of Megacity, where the urban hustle merges seamlessly with the excitement of spinning slot reels! Immerse yourself in the dynamic chaos of the big city with our electrifying slot game, guaranteed to keep you perched on the edge of your seat.

This high-volatility video slot, comprised of 5×3 reels, transports you to a cyber-punk styled cityscape where diamonds and chips reign as the keys to success. Tune out the clamor of the city's hustle and lose yourself in the Zap! Pots, securing Wilds that will elevate the urban metropolis to unprecedented heights.
Step into a world where flames twirl and fruits sizzle, as we introduce the Fiery Slots Cash Mesh Ultra slot — a blazing paradise of luscious rewards and scalding fortunes by BF Games! Immerse yourself in the latest 5-reel, 3-row sizzling slot edition, boasting 5 fixed paylines where fruits aren't just juiced but set ablaze with potential!

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the Fiery Slots Cash Mesh Ultra reels, where a cascade of sizzling delights awaits, each more tempting than the last. Let the fervent dance of embers captivate your senses as Cash Mesh, Jackpots, and Fireball Scatters blaze a trail of exhilarating opportunities!
Introducing Burning Slots 100 slot from BF Games, where the allure of the flames meets the charm of Irish luck in an electrifying gaming experience. Step into a world where the reels ignite with potential, and every spin holds the promise of thrilling rewards.

At the heart of the game are the Horseshoe Scatters, strategically positioned on reels one, three, and five. The mere appearance of these Scatters can set the reels ablaze with excitement. Line up three of these lucky symbols, and you’ll find yourself revelling in a winning combination that’s as rewarding as it is exhilarating.

Adding to the fervour are the Clover Expanding Wilds, which make their presence known on reels two, three, and four. These enchanting Wilds possess the power to transform ordinary spins into extraordinary wins. They deftly substitute for all symbols except the Scatter and Bonus symbols, elevating your chances of hitting remarkable combinations. Watch in awe as the Clover Expanding Wild emerges, weaving its magic across the reel. In its wake, it replaces every other symbol on that reel, paving the way for an array of dazzling payouts.
Journey into the heart of ancient civilisations in BF Games’ latest Legacy of Tombs reels, where age-old secrets and treasures abound. Unravel the mysteries of the tombs, lined with alluring hieroglyphs and guarded by mythical creatures.

Feel the thrill of Pyramid Scatters and Wilds alongside Free Spins to help you make every spin an all-new chapter in this exciting archaeological narrative!
Brace yourself for a royally good time at the brand-new Stunning Crown castle with an array of fresh fruits, Star Scatters and Crown Wilds!

Introducing Stunning Crown, the newest slot game from BF Games that will transport you to a realm of treasure and grandeur. Prepare to be captivated by the dazzling jewels and royal rewards that await you at the 5-reel, 3-row setup — with 10 gleaming ways to get you winning!
BF Games is firing up your gameplay like never before in the all-new Fiery Slots reels! The latest title to keep the flame high is Fiery Slots, which has a 5-reel and 4-row setup alongside 40 blazing-hot ways to rack up wins.

Sink your teeth into a selection of delicious treats along your journey to the Fiery Slots reels and let the heat simmer with Fireball Scatters and Stone Wilds.
Your latest quest takes you to the all-new Horizon Hunters reels. Make sure to grab your bow and arrow before setting off to the 5-reel, 3-row setup — you might just hit one of the 10 incredible ways to win!

Head into the direction of the sunset in the newest Horizon Hunters slot and keep your eyes peeled for wolf-guarded golden treasures. Take handy Skull Scatters, Mask Wilds and Free Spins gear with you on your journey to help you out!
With a 5-reel, 3-row, 20 payline setup, you KNOW the disco party is about to be a good one! This unmissable bash is a cocktail of all your favourite features in one gorgeously-decorated slot.
Are you ready to unleash your wild side? Delve into the madness once again in the all-new Chicken Madness Ultra slot by BF Games and try your cluck at scavenging farm-tastic treasures! The madness is back again — and it’s bigger, better and CRAZIER than ever before! Hop into your tracker and make your way over to the crazed Chicken Madness Ultra reels for an all-new wild time featuring Cash Mesh, humungous Jackpots and incredible Multipliers.

The newest Chicken Madness Ultra slot brings back the comedic and bright graphics, with an insane 5-reel and 3-row setup. In the base game mode, you could be scoring ×2, ×3, ×4 or ×5 Multipliers for two, three, four or five consecutive wins respectively but you could also get your feathers in a fluff with Cash Mesh, which is triggered when landing five or more Coin symbols.

These Coins have a Jackpot or Bonus label with a predefined value and give you an extra win that is shown on the symbol’s respective banner. The Mini Bonus offers 2x your stake whilst the Minor Bonus offers 3x your stake, but the real hen-tertainment lies in the Major and Grand Jackpots, which increase with every spin! The Jackpots could be hit at any moment by any player at any spin — it’s mad!
Dragon's Chance is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 ways to win. Ways to win means that the player wins any time they spin a winning combination from left to right on the reels. Winning combinations are achieved by landing identical symbols, at any position on adjacent reels, and in any form of a “line”.

Only the highest winning combination of one symbol is paid out per way. Wins from different symbols are added up.
Slice into the all-new Burning Slots Cash Mesh reels and unleash the luck of the Irish for your chance to hit incredible Jackpots, Mighty Cash Scatters and Golden Four-Leaf Clover Expanding Wilds. One of the most iconic features of the Burning Slots Cash Mesh slot is, as the name implies, the Cash Mesh feature! To trigger it, you will need to land five or more Coin symbols, each having predefined values or labels indicating a Jackpot or Bonus. It first starts with three respins, but when a new Coin symbol hits, the respins value resets back to three.

Cash Mesh spins keep the rewards going on and on until the respins are finished or until all positives are filled with Coin symbols. Once all the respins are spun around, the Coin values are added up and paid out! It is even possible to land a flaming-hot Full House in Burning Slots Cash Mesh! Whenever 15 Coin symbols fill up the reels during Cash Mesh, you will snag an additional x2 Full House Multiplier on your total Coin symbols value — phew! What if you land a Coin symbol with a Jackpot or Bonus symbol during Cash Mesh? That would call for an extra win, of course!

The Mini Bonus grants you double your bet and the Minor Bonus offers triple your bet stake. The Major and Grand Jackpots are flames that only get bigger and bigger after each spin, and each player contributes to that! It can be won by anyone at any time, with their current values shown on the labels above your gameplay. No sizzling hot slot comes without a side of Scatters and Wilds, and Burning Slots Cash Mesh is no exception! The Horseshoe Scatter can appear on the first, third and fifth reel only, and landing three of them forms a winning combination. On the other hand, Clover Wilds appear on the second, third and fourth reels and replace any other symbols except for Scatters and Bonus symbols.
Fancy a delicious treat? The all-new Sweet Reward slot is here to satisfy your cravings! Set off on your palatable adventure to Candyland and dig into an array of scrumptious goodies with cream-filled Scatters, Lollipop Wilds and Free Spins.

This love-at-first-bite treat is packed with mouth-watering flavours, with one of the most noteworthy being the cream-filled Scatter. Take at least three bites out of Scatters to trigger 12 Free Spins alongside a superb x3 Multiplier. Your course of Free Spins is served on a different set of reels, and the best part is that if you aren’t quite full yet, you can order even more.

When retriggering the Free Spins round, you unlock 12 extra Free Spins that are added to your current spins serving, with the same multiplier. When making it to Candyland, you should also keep your eyes peeled (and mouth open) for swirly Lollipop Wilds. These can appear on the middle three reels and have the ability to substitute for any other treat on the reels.
Stunning Cash Ultra is everything like the original but bigger, better and bolder! If you’re a fan of the original or still green to the Stunning game, get ready for fresh features, fierce reels and far-out rewards to really take the reels up a notch!

The Scatter symbol shows up on all the reels, but only once at a time. Land three of these for a winning combination. Next up is the Coin symbol. Each Coin has a predefined value and landing at least five triggers the Cash Mesh feature. Starting off with three Respins, any Coin symbol landing on a reel is held there while the other reels spin again. Cash Mesh starts off with three Respins, and every Coin that lands resets the number of respins. When you run out of respins, all Coins tally up and pay out the total!

Filling up on 15 Coin symbols during Cash Mesh activates an extra 2x Full House Multiplier to the total value of coins, with final winnings totalling the value of all Coins added up. Yum! It only gets sweeter from here; BF Games whipped up the tastiest of Jackpot and Bonus features for you! Coin symbols labelled Jackpot or Bonus nab an extra win which varies on each spin. Bonus wins come in two flavours: Mini Bonus at a fixed 2x your bet and Minor Bonus at a fixed 3x your bet.

The Jackpots also come in two fiery flavours, Major Jackpot and Grand Jackpot. The cherry on top?They’re progressive, meaning every spin by each player on the casino’s server keeps them growing juicier until they hit! You can monitor the values for bothJackpots and Bonuses on labels shown above gameplay. Available on every bet stake, Jackpot and Bonus may appear simultaneously on any reels, so you can potentially taste the full flavour, all at once!
It was the hunt before Christmas…while snowmen slumber, Santa Claus sips his cocoa by the fireplace, and the elves are fast asleep, the BF Goblin is busy finding the location for his next tunnel. If his calculations are correct, gold lies just beneath that hill of snow!

Armed with his trusty dynamite, some Wild and Scatter symbols, a nifty new BUY feature, and the spirit of Christmas, there’s only one more thing he needs to find that spoils beneath the icy soil – you! Join Goblin in a special slot for the season, Cave of Xmas!
Enjoy a night in the lights as BF Games invites you on a trip to the theatre. Punch your ticket and take your seat; the reels of the new Lucky Ticket 81 slot have arrived.

Enjoy a show lined up with entertainment in the form of WILD symbols, multipliers and 81 ways to win.
Oh no — the watering hole is shrinking, and the once-peaceful buffalo are getting thirsty! They’re pawing the ground, about to charge… BF Games is bringing back a classic – bigger, bolder and beefier than before. Featuring fierce Full House multipliers, crazy Cash Mesh spins, and two progressive Jackpots. Are you ready to rumble with Buffalo Trail Ultra?

Ultra brings famous from previous Buffalo slots Cash Mesh feature, where Coin symbols hold their ground on the reels while all other positions spin individually. If spins run out before every position is filled, the Cash Mesh Bonus Spin stomps through, randomly awarding up to three spins.

Landing 15 Coins during Cash Mesh awakens the Full House 2x multiplier, a fearsome beast that chews your total value of Coins and spits it out, twice over! This trail sports four fields of Jackpots to graze on: Grand, Major, Minor and Mini. The Mini Bonus has a win value fixed at 10x the bet stake, while Minor sits at 20x.

The grass is even greener with Major and Grand Jackpot values that grow progressively after each spin. Every player on the server helps the Major and Grand jackpots mature into mammoth wins! Don’t forget to watch out for Wild symbols popping up on the middle reels which substitute for all symbols except Coins.
It’s the time of the season for slot games! Stunning Cash, the latest fruit from the BF Games Stunning slot game tree is here and boy, it is sweet! If you’re a fan of BF Games, you know this provider always delivers. Stunning Cash continues the winning streak; dig into a sleek design, feast upon fantastic features and gobble up gameplay smoother than a Mediterranean peach!

Look out for the Star; that’s your Scatter symbol, and three or more in each reel form a winning combo. Coin symbols have a set value or Jackpot/Bonus label, and landing five or more triggers Cash Mesh — the Coins hold their position on the screen for three respins, and every Coin landing a new position resets the respin count.

When respins are completed, the value of every Coin is added and paid out. Hold up, there’s more!? Land 15 Coins during Cash Mesh for the Full House 2x multiplier to Coins! This only applies to reel winnings, but Coins with Jackpot or Bonus that land during Cash Mesh award various prizes to players per spin!

Mini Bonus has a 2x bet stake, and Minor Bonus has 3x, while Major and Grand Jackpot grow bigger with each spin. The current value for each Jackpot and Bonus sits atop the game, and every player on the server helps make that Jackpot nice and fat!
It’s a hot summer’s day in a mysterious sandy field; no breeze to be felt, no movement to be seen. Nature is still – even the little bugs have decided on a day’s rest. All that can be heard is the sound of silence. Suddenly, what sounds like a storm begins. First, a slight tremor can be felt below your feet, followed by a clattering sound.

With each passing second, the eerie sound begins to roar even louder. You spot a herd of stomping buffalos making their way towards you from the distance, seemingly in search of new pastures and watering holes. Will you join their thunderous journey? If you’re up for the challenge, then put on a brave face and gear up for a wild ride to BF Games’ release: Buffalo Trail Lite™.
Burning Slots 40 is flaming straight into the action and turning up the juice to the ultimate level. Tickle your tastebuds with the third game joining the fan-favourite Burning Slots series with Lucky Horseshoe Scatters, Four Leaf Clover Wilds, Gold Pot Bonuses and Golden Four-Leaf Clover Expanding Wilds.

Add a dash of extra spice to your gameplay with blazing hot slot features. Take a bite out of a delicious selection of fruity treats with the help of Lucky Horseshoe Scatters, that can appear on the first, third and fifth reels, forming a winning combination. Keep your eyes peeled for fiery Four-Leaf Clover Wilds on the second, third and fourth reels, as they substitute for all other symbols, except Scatter and Bonus symbols, giving you the chance to form extra scrumptious wins.

Go for gold with Golden Four-Leaf Clover Expanding Wilds, which similar to our handy Wild Symbols, substitute for all other symbols on the reels besides Scatter and Bonus symbols but also ignite throughout the entire reel. Coming across three or more Pot Of Gold Bonus Symbols on the reels is certainly deemed as good fortune, as this results in a winning combination being formed.
Following the success of the last groundbreaking excavation, gear up for another adventure to the explosive down below! Who knows what it could hold this time? With an all-new cave up for exploration, join Goblin once again on a quest for golden treasures with Persistent Wild Reels, Treasure Chest Scatter symbols, Free Spins and the Grand Nitro Meter in Cave of Gold.

Unite with Goblin once again and get ready to discover breathtaking game features in Cave of Gold. The plan is to get ahold of a Single, Double or Triple Nitro symbol on the reels for it to be then added to the Nitro Counter. Once Three Nitro are collected, the Persistent Wild Feature is triggered, causing the reel to transform into a Persistent Wild Reel for the following three spins of the same bet amount.

All positions on the reels are replaced by Goblin Wild symbols. When the Persistent Wild has been triggered on all five reels simultaneously, you will be awarded 200x your bet! When there are 2, 3 or 4 reels with Persistent Wild symbols respectively, you could mine into magnificent 2x, 3x or 3x Multipliers.
BF Games is serving nothing less than the juiciest and hottest titles and Burning Slots 20 is no different! With a prestigious pot of gold on the line, unleash all your Irish luck on the reels and scavenge for a set of Lucky Horseshoe Scatters, Four-Leaf Clover Wilds, Gold Pot Bonuses and Golden Four-Leaf Clover Expanding Wilds.

Take it to the reels and spice up your gameplay with the help of ultra fiery features. Slice and dice your favourite fruity treats with the help of Lucky Horseshoe Scatters, that can appear on the first, third and fifth reels, forming a winning combination. You could also come across Four-Leaf Clover Wilds on the second, third and fourth reels that substitute for all other symbols except Scatter and Bonus symbols.

Golden Four-Leaf Clover Expanding Wilds may also come your way, which similar to the Wild Symbols, substitute for all other symbols on the reels besides Scatter and Bonus symbols. The difference lies in the fact that when this symbol pops up, it expands throughout the entire reel. Last but certainly not least, landing three or more Pot Of Gold Bonus Symbols, that can appear anywhere throughout your fortune-filled journey, will trigger a flavoursome surprise!
Flap your wings in the direction of the all-new Chicken Madness slot to hatch endless egg-citing surprises. A pesky fox, a hungry cook and even Mervin, a good ol’ villager, want to get their hands on the peculiar group of destructive chickens. But the question stands: who will win the battle between the two clans? With Mighty Cash features, massive Jackpots and Extra Bonus Spins on the loose, head to the coop and go wild on the reels of BF Games’ drop.

Featuring bright and comedic graphics, Chicken Madness features a 5-reel and 3-row setup. Your goal is to sneak past all those who want to get into your feathers, from a crazed cook, a sneaky fox and Mervin the villager, whilst keeping your prized treasures safe and sound. The endless battle between the wacky chickens and those who seek them just might come to an end with your help!
Hold your breath and dive right into the brand-new Squid from the Deep™ slot. An underwater adventure awaits brave players who are willing to get their tentacles on a moss-filled treasure chest or two! With Golden Squid Scatters and Blue Squid Wilds, you’re bound to reel in an exciting experience

Featuring five reels and four rows with 40 pay lines, this slot will take you on an adventure to the deep blue sea. Keep your eyes peeled for the Golden Squid Scatters, as legend has it that if you find at least three swimming their way through the reels, you can hook 10 Free Spins your way.

You should also stay on the lookout for Blue Squid Wilds throughout your adventure as these symbols can replace any other symbols besides the Golden Squid on the reels, giving you an extra shot at scoring rewards—no squid-ing! Swim as far out as you can and try your luck at landing magnificent sea treasures.
The brand-new Burning Slots™ game is bringing all the heat! This game comes in a 5-reel and 3-row setup with 5 fiery ways to dose up on rewards. Keep your eyes peeled for lucky horseshoes and try your luck in uncovering gleaming pots of gold in BF Games’ latest release. Give the reels a spin and discover blazing hot gameplay!
Buffalo Trail is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 25 fixed paylines. The objective is to land as many identical symbols as possible along the payline.

Winning combinations start on the first reel on the left (excluding the SCATTER symbol) and run along a payline to the last reel on the right. Wins on different paylines are added. Only the highest winning combination of one symbol is paid out.
Hold your horses ‒ is there a brand-new, revamped Wild Jack™ slot on the loose? You betcha! Step into your sheriff boots and keep bandits in-check in BF Games’ Wild Jack Remastered™ slot. Buckle-up for an adventure to the Wild West and seek-out hay wagon Scatters and masked Jack Wilds, or if you’re in the mood to get your hands real’ dirty, ready your saddle for the good ole’ Gamble feature.

Scatter symbols are all the rage in the Wild West ‒ and rightfully so! Jump on the bandwagon, literally, by landing at least three wagon Scatters, as these bad boys carry quite a bit more than a stack of hay; they’ve also got you covered with 15 Free Spins, yeehaw! Thinking of putting your bandit skills to the test?

Give it a spin with the optional Gamble mode, where you can ride away with honour (or horror!). Simply predict the correct colour of the card, between black and red, for your chance to score even greater loot, or risk the win!
Hop onto the narrow-gauge railway for a fascinating journey inside Cave of Fortune™. Goblins are waiting for you within the walls of the giant cave, and they came equipped with any weapons you might need! Their most effective weapons are the bottles filled with nitroglycerin as they can blow-up symbols for three following spins, and in their place, a friendly goblin will appear as a Wild symbol.
The fan-favourite gem by BF Games, Stunning 27™, is now the latest slot to join an amazing list of remastered titles. Although this game offers a small 3-reel setup, the number of ways to win is anything but meagre. As the slot’s name suggests, there are 27 ways to snag wins in Stunning 27 Remastered™. Turn up the heat and spin the reels, it only takes three identical symbols to trigger a win!
Star Settler™ is taking you on an intergalactic journey into the spacetastic reels to discover new galaxies that offer extra bonuses. Unleash your inner astronaut and scavenge for the mysterious blue planet to receive 3x your winnings.

Blast-off to the skies and discover what lies on the planets above in Star Settler™. Guide your spaceship through the reels and you may discover astronomical artifacts such as hidden multipliers and Free Spins. Keep an eye out for the astronaut Expanding Wild and intergalactic Scatter symbols for Bonus Spins with Hot and Cold Wilds.
3D graphics and dynamic animations, combined with rare special features, are the perfect combination for hours of original entertainment. In Stunning Cube™, every win brings you closer to claiming an extra bonus – 10 Free Spins. Spin the reels and have fun!

Enter the futuristic, virtual world of the Stunning Cube™ alongside the cyber geisha. Spin the cube and arrange single-coloured walls – like in a Rubik’s cube – to get a chance to multiply your winnings. This unique 3D slot has many special features that can help you to win big, with a little luck! So, what are you waiting for? Get spinning!
Blast your way through the snowy reels of Stunning Snow Remastered™ to get your hands on unique rewards and sweet Christmas treats. Land on the hidden lucky sevens and Christmas tree stars to get your hands on the highest winnings in the game.

Get ready for a chilly season serving nothing less than heavy snowfall with the frost-filled video slot waiting for you. Slide down the reels and shake your citrusy fruit clean of snow to earn yourself some exciting Christmas presents to indulge in. Stunning Snow Remastered™ is a reanimated version of your favorite classic slot, bragging a new Christmas soundtrack and even wilder fruit wins!
Royal Win Remastered™ (prev. Royal Crown Remastered) is a classic slot offering countless fruits, sevens and bells symbols with a brand-new look and feel!

Participate in a knight tournament in the Royal Win™ timeless, remastered video slot. With the jewelled crown on the line, the bar is set high by those who venture to claim it. Landing on the middle reels will reward you with a Respin, which serves as a definite advantage in the tournament. Ready your sabres and have fun!
If you enjoy classic fruity symbols, simple rules and fantastic retro gameplay, then Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe™ is the perfect fit for you! The latest remastered version will take your favourite old-school gameplay to a new level with modern graphics and a stunning soundtrack.

Feeling the rush? Dreaming of shiny, polished bars of gold? Put that pep in your step and fill the coffers with gold in Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe Remastered™! Experience the best of Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe gameplay in a brand-new, remastered version with fresh and fruity symbols. The game also features an all-or-nothing Gamble mode, where you can test your luck for a chance to double the winnings. Have fun!
The dragons return to set the reels ablaze once more in Stunning Hot Remastered™. This long-awaited sequel to Stunning Hot™ is bringing back your favourite, old-school gameplay with new and improved graphics. Spin the reels if you can stand the heat!

The reels of Stunning Hot Remastered™ are packing heat! The fan-favourite slot, Stunning Hot™, is back with a new look and gameplay that you’ve always loved. The brand-new, hot classic has five reels, three rows and familiar mechanics that are enhanced by modern graphics and a fresh, remastered soundtrack. Take it for a spin and watch out for the flames!
Open the mystical Book of Gates™ and gain access to the unlimited powers of Ancient Egyptian deities! Seize the strength of the divine and explore the many exciting features of this brand-new slot.

The gates to the underworld have been opened, and the mighty gods Ra, Osiris, Bastet, and Chnum, have returned to Egyptian lands with one thing in mind – to take over the entire world. Spin the reels of the Book of Gates™ online slot to discover the guarded secrets of the deities, and perhaps Ra will show you the way to legendary riches!
Hot Sunrise™ takes you on a journey back to the radiant beaches of 90s Miami, where the fun never ends and the sun never sets! This neon-lit slot is brimming with hot features and fantastic gameplay for your round-the-clock entertainment.

Bask in the warmth of the rising sun, ocean waves, and silky sand on the Miami beaches of Hot Sunrise™! Take a break to enjoy the stunning view and set the fruity reels on fire: this retro slot is brimming with Wilds, Multipliers, and the incredible Wheel Bonus.
With Fibonacci ™ everything is possible. To win in this video slot, there’s only one rule, catch 3 symbols on the payline. So, spin the reels and collect your winnings.

Red, green or blue? Which symbols will provide you a fortune? In Fibonacci ™, red symbols, like stop light, are a shot in 10 and give you the highest win. If you see symbols of different colors on your payline, don’t worry. In Fibonacci ™ you could still win! Spin the Fibonacci ™ reels and be a lucky winner.
Discover the riches of Egypt found within the Ramses Rising™ video slot. Spin the reels filled with Feathers, Heka, Scarabs, Ankhs, Cobras and Eyes of Horus, all serving to unlock the treasures of the pharaoh.

Darkness has come, a fire is burning in the Nile delta. Be like Ramses, from the commander of Pharaoh’s army to being a pharaoh. Get on the rung and get higher and higher. Ramses and his happy green ball will accompany you on a journey through Ramses Rising™. Catch at least 3 green Scatter symbols and collect the prize worthy of the pharaoh.
The secrets and treasures of Egypt are at your fingertips. The sarcophagi of the pharaohs, symbols of the gods and golden books are waiting for you on the reels of the Book of Gods™ slot. If you hit them, it means that you are on the way to a big win.

The great Egyptian god calls you to fulfill your destiny. Become an archaeologist searching for the Great Book of Gods™. Have you found a mummy in a sarcophagus? You are already close to the treasury. Catch the books hidden in the pyramid and run with them it collapse, you will receive 10 free spins as a reward.
The mysteries of the universe are now within reach on Cosmic Dream™ – play this exciting BF Games slot and claim your cosmic rewards.

For thousands of years, the cosmos has been a subject of contemplation, mystery, and the great dream of reaching the stars – this dream is about to become true with Cosmic Dream™. In the vastness of our universe you can see an infinite number of stars and if you look closer, you will see phenomenal rewards waiting to be claimed. In Cosmic Dream ™, you can make your dreams come true!

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BF Games, previously known as Beefee Games, has been a key player in the European markets. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has evolved into a powerhouse, offering over 80 slot titles that have captured the hearts of players in 40+ countries. Talk about a winning streak!

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BF Games doesn't stop at slots. They have a diverse range of over 80 engaging titles. From the sizzling Fiery Slots Cash Mesh Ultra to the luck-infused Burning Slots 100, they've got your every mood covered. It's an experience, like being at a buffet where every dish is a winner.

The provider is more legitimate than your grandma's secret apple pie recipe. With Swiss4Win by Casino Lugano and a strategic agreement marking their second launch in Switzerland, BF Games is expanding its empire while ensuring players get top-notch, licensed entertainment.

The company is adding games to its portfolio and making strategic moves. The launch of BF HUB, an aggregation platform hosting content from new studios, shows they're making the games and shaping the industry. And let's not forget their content partnership with REEVO – it's like teaming up with superheroes for a slots adventure!

Launching Megacity with Zap!Pots – because who doesn't want their wins to go ZAP!? And if you're feeling impatient in the Free Games round, use the Buy Feature – 3 Free Games for the price of a fancy coffee. Grabbing wins has never been this convenient!

BF Games is a force to be reckoned with in the iGaming industry. From launching innovative features to expanding their reach across Europe, they're on a mission to make every spin, every game, and every partnership an unforgettable adventure. With Wiktor Grabarczyk as their new CEO, the provider company is not just looking at the future but creating it.

BF Games isn't satisfied with being a major player in Central and Eastern Europe. They're setting their sights on North America. Appointing Wiktor Grabarczyk as the new CEO is like adding rocket fuel to an already fiery operation. With Grabarczyk overseeing expansion and implementing new strategies, BF Games is poised for global dominance.

Introducing BF HUB is not another platform, but it's a game-changer. Supporting emerging studios like Tornado Games, BF HUB is a testament to BF Games' commitment to nurturing talent and providing players with fresh and thrilling content.

BF Games knows how to turn up the heat. Fiery Slots Cash Mesh Ultra and Burning Slots 100 are more than exciting games. Whether it's dancing embers or the luck of the Irish, the company brings stories to life on the reels, ensuring players are not only spinning but embarking on adventures.

With a portfolio boasting over 80 titles, strategic partnerships, and a vision transcending gaming, BF Games isn't only a studio but a revolution. The company has made it to the final round of nominations in the SLOT SUPPLIER category at the highly esteemed EGR B2B Awards! So, if you're ready for an exhilarating journey, BF Games is the conductor of this unstoppable thrill ride!

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