Ignite your gaming experience with Big Time Gaming’s Fireworks Megaways™!

With an impressive 117,649 ways to win and reactions that cascade symbols onto the reels, each spin is filled with explosive action. Every spin and every reaction brings a burst of excitement with the Firework Wild Bonus. One of the four Extra Reel positions is randomly ignited, poised to unleash a dazzling display. When a Purple, Red, Blue, or Green Firework lands in the lit position, it magically transforms into a Wild symbol, setting the stage for big wins that will light up your screen.

During Free Spins, the unlimited win multiplier increases with every Firework Wild Bonus triggered, creating an awe-inspiring fireworks display. Every Free Spin and reaction will ignite two of the four Extra Reel positions, doubling your chances of triggering the Firework Wild Bonus for a truly electrifying gaming experience.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Use Win Exchange™ to convert your big wins into Free Spins, ensuring the fun never ends. Alternatively, dive straight into the heart-pounding action with Bonus Buy and start celebrating with Free Spins right away. Experience a thrilling spectacle like no other in Fireworks Megaways™!
Enter the serene depths of the forest and submerge yourself in the realm of Panda Money!

Every win initiates the dynamic Prize Builder, a mesmerizing feature that gracefully removes non-winning symbols, clearing the path for new symbols that bring forth grand rewards. Set forth on an exciting journey of exploration as you unveil the entrance to Free Spins, accompanied by an ever-expanding Free Spins Win Multiplier. The excitement of the Prize Builder persists throughout the Free Spins, offering glimpses of Bamboo symbols that emerge when unsuccessful symbols are cleared from the reels. Utilize the influence of Bamboo symbols to satisfy your panda's cravings, with each set of 5 delectable Bamboo treats increasing the Win Multiplier by one.

Amaze yourself with the Panda Money pandemonium! With 15,625 pathways to victory, each triumph triggers the dynamic Prize Builder, a feature that elegantly removes unproductive symbols, making room for new symbols that bring extraordinary rewards. Embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery as you enter the Free Spins, and employ the strength of Bamboo symbols to fulfill your panda's desire to continuously enhance the Free Spins Win Multiplier. Dive straight into a frenzy of bamboo feasting with Bonus Buy or convert your significant victories into Free Spins with Win Exchange™.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the forest, where every triumph initiates a cascade of victorious symbols descending to the bottom while all other symbols seamlessly transform into new symbols before the win is bestowed. Should luck smile upon the Extra Reel, its victorious symbols cascade gracefully into the reels below, potentially increasing the number of symbols on the reels. Witness the enchantment unfold as improved victories trigger another round of Prize Build, capturing the enchantment of the forest for truly magnificent victories!

Discover 3 or more golden panda Scatters to unlock 8 Free Spins, with an additional 2 spins for each Scatter beyond the third. As the pandemonium of the Prize Builder unfolds, keep watch for the emergence of Bamboo symbols amid the symbol shifts. The Free Spins Win Multiplier commences at x1, growing as you generously feed the panda 5 delightful Bamboo symbols, increasing the multiplier by 1 with each feeding!

Utilize Win Exchange™ to transform your significant victories into Free Spins! Whenever you achieve a victory between 25 and 100 times your stake, you have the opportunity to exchange the entire victory for the chance to receive 8 Free Spins. The likelihood of winning the gamble is displayed in green on a wheel. Whenever you achieve a win of 100 times your stake or more, you have the option to exchange 100 times your stake for 8 Free Spins.
Bonanza, the globally acclaimed creation from Big Time Gaming, has undergone a stunning transformation in the thrilling world of Bonanza Falls!

Featuring the iconic Megaways™ mechanic, it opens up an astounding 117,649 ways to win, providing an unmatched gaming adventure. Brace yourself for the pinnacle of excitement during Free Spins, where Bonanza Falls introduces its groundbreaking Megadozer™ mechanic. Witness the anticipation as gold Bonus Coins gather in the dozer, ready to cascade onto the reels, revealing their extraordinary surprises.

What mysteries do these Bonus Coins conceal? Unveil Wilds enhanced with multipliers reaching up to x5, observe repeating symbols adding to the reels, creating individual symbol multipliers of up to x10. Enjoy additional Free Spins, or marvel as the Free Spins win multiplier skyrockets to unprecedented levels!

Immerse yourself in Win Exchange™, a feature where substantial wins can evolve into even more Free Spins, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of action. With the Bonus Buy option, plunge straight into the heart-pounding Free Spins action, bypassing the wait and unlocking limitless possibilities. Fall into the zenith of gaming excitement with Bonanza Falls and its revolutionary Coin Dozer!
Santa's reindeer are tirelessly laboring, creating magic with every twirl and reaction to bring the spirit of Christmas to life. Uncover the delights left by Santa himself, with captivating Gifts Bonus Prizes materializing after each reaction. Witness the dedicated reindeer gathering your prizes, loading each Sleigh for the season of generosity! And if you've secured a spot on Santa's nice list this year, anticipate the possibility of receiving a Golden Sleigh adorned with a dazzling x10 multiplier.

Come Christmas Eve, attune your ears to the soft rhythm of reindeer hooves on rooftops, announcing the advent of Free Spins and a plethora of Sleighs! The inaugural Sleigh takes flight, bearing a x1 Sleigh Multiplier, and with each subsequent Sleigh, the multiplier escalates, marking the commencement of festive celebrations! Experience the Christmas spirit as each Sleigh multiplies your Gifts Bonus Prizes.

Let the snowfall commence as Win Exchange converts your significant wins into Free Spins for the most enchanting time of the year! Embrace the genuine essence of the season with Bonus Buy, where Free Spins await, wrapped in a large red bow, poised to unleash the full grandeur of holiday merriment!
Rise above the world's challenges and immerse yourself in the Sanctuary of extraordinary rewards and thrilling gameplay! Open the door to a realm of boundless possibilities and unimaginable wealth, empowered by the might of Full Reel Wilds. The luminous brilliance of the Purple Wild brings vitality to the reels, commanding an impressive x8 multiplier that will keep the flame of excitement burning brightly in your eyes.

An enticing adventure awaits with the Free Spins Gamble, poised to work its enchantment and elevate you to extraordinary heights. Embrace the journey as the allure of multiple video slots captures your senses in an unprecedented manner! Be prepared to be entranced as up to 4 video slots, each featuring an astonishing 4,096 ways to win, come alive in a symphony of spinning reels and endless thrills. Witness the mystical metamorphosis as the Ankh symbols unveil their true potency, transforming into Sticky Wilds that grace identical positions across every Free Spins video slot.

Behold the marvel of Win Exchange™, where significant wins become a portal to additional Free Spins, ensuring that the momentum never falters. For those yearning for instant gratification, bask in the brilliance of Bonus Buy, granting you direct entry to the heart-pounding action of Free Spins.
Gobble up the excitement in More Turkey! Fall into a world of holiday magic with Big Time Gaming’s iconic Megaways™ offering up to 117,649 ways to win! More Turkey is pumpkin spice and everything nice with an Extra Reel for the ultimate feast mode even in the base game!

Golden roast Scatters will leave you feeling thankful as you enter the Free Spins Gamble with the chance to win up to 24 Free Spins. Feast on explosive action in the Free Spins with an unlimited win multiplier that will keep you stuffed with excitement!

Keep the Free Spins gobbling when you reveal 3 or more roasted Scatters. Thanksgiving thrills await in this fully stuffed slot with the inclusion of Bonus Buy to get you straight into the Free Spins, easy as pie!
Discover your happily ever after concealed amidst the forests of Big Time Gaming’s freshest creation, Wild Unicorns!

This slot, with 4,096 potential winning combinations, contains just the perfect touch of fairy dust to animate your fantasies! Graceful unicorns traverse the reels, introducing the wonder of Wilds and Multiplier Wilds for an absolutely mesmerizing gameplay! Immerse yourself in genuine fairytale enchantment with Multiplier Wilds capable of reaching up to a staggering x10 multiplier!
Within the serene woodlands lies an enchanting castle that transports you to Free Spins, where unicorns reign supreme and an infinite Win Multiplier awaits. For those eager to dive straight into the enchantment, Bonus Buy will whisk you to the core of the magic! Wild Unicorns features Win Exchange™, allowing you to sprinkle a touch of magic over your significant wins and transform them into Free Spins.
Max Megaways™ 2 - A Galactic Sequel Unfolds!

Max Megaways makes its grand return with another explosive installment, offering a galaxy-sized adventure with an astonishing 117,649 pathways to victory! Max has touched down on the lunar surface, primed to combat malevolence amidst the weightlessness of zero gravity! Immerse yourself in the excitement of four bonus selections within the main gameplay, utilizing your array of gadgets to navigate the lunar base and secure monumental triumphs along the way.

Gain access to two portals to acquire the ideal ammunition for executing the Free Spins mission in unparalleled style. Elevate your strategy by unlocking a third portal in the Enhanced Free Spins mode, granting Max a significant advantage in his quest to safeguard the world. With five distinct Free Spins Bonuses at your disposal, Max Megaways™ 2 delivers a thrilling spy spectacle that transcends earthly bounds. Secure passage into Free Spins with Bonus Buy™ or take a daring gamble by utilizing Win Exchange™ to infiltrate the villain's hideout, converting substantial victories into Free Spins!

Max Megaways™ 2 catapults Big Time Gaming's beloved classic into the cosmos, providing an entirely fresh encounter that keeps players engaged and suited up for adventure!

The game features two Scatter variants - the standard Gold Scatter and the illustrious Diamond Megascatter. Unveil three of any Scatter type to trigger 10 Free Spins, with an additional two spins awarded for every Scatter beyond the third.

Equip yourself with an unparalleled arsenal of gadgets by unveiling two Free Spins Bonuses just prior to initiating the Free Spins round. Escalate your battle against evil when one of the triggering Scatters is a Megascatter, granting you three Free Spins Bonuses upon entering the Enhanced Free Spins mode.

As you venture into the lair of the supervillain, the Free Spins win multiplier initiates at one and escalates following each successful reaction.

Utilize Win Exchange™ to test your luck in bypassing the guards and accessing the supervillain's lair for Free Spins! Upon achieving wins ranging from 25 to 100 times the stake, you have the opportunity to exchange the entire amount for a chance to secure 10 Free Spins. The likelihood of winning the gamble is depicted in green on a wheel. Upon achieving wins exceeding 100 times the stake, you can exchange 100 times the stake for 10 Free Spins.
The untamed wilderness beckons in Big Time Gaming’s thrilling game, Big Bad Bison! As the sun dips below the canyon's edge, the natural world unfolds in all its glory, combining with the innovative Megaways™ feature to offer an exhilarating gaming experience. Watch as single symbol wilds dash across the reels, introducing random multipliers and paving the way for incredible wins. With 117,649 ways to win, the stampeding buffaloes bring forth the promise of substantial rewards.

Under the veil of night, the North American wilderness comes to life during Free Spins, with the multipliers enhancing the already breathtaking landscape, leading to truly remarkable victories. Each retrigger during Free Spins lowers the minimum density by 1, intensifying the gameplay and setting the stage for a flurry of wins. As retriggers accumulate, the full splendor of this Western-themed slot is unveiled. Utilize the Win Exchange™ feature to convert significant wins into additional Free Spins and tame the formidable Big Bad Bison!

As you traverse the picturesque canyons, keep a vigilant eye out for Wilds that may reveal multipliers of up to x5! Combine these with the vast potential of 117,649 ways to win, and you're poised for stunning victories as you delve deeper into the North American wilderness.

Discover 3 or more shimmering gold Scatters to trigger Free Spins beneath a star-studded sky. As the night unfolds, the mysteries of the wilderness are illuminated, with each additional Scatter during Free Spins awarding a retrigger along with extra Free Spins. With each retrigger, the minimum Megaways™ for the remaining Free Spins increases, allowing the untamed potential of the wilderness to shine. After 5 or more respins, you're guaranteed to lead the pack with 117,649 Megaways™!

Prepare for an epic wilderness journey with the opportunity for Free Spins through Win Exchange™! Upon winning between 25 and 50 times your stake, you can choose to exchange the entire win for a chance to receive 12 Free Spins. The likelihood of winning the gamble is indicated in green on a wheel. If you win 50 times your stake or more, you can exchange that amount for 12 Free Spins, ensuring an even greater chance at thrilling adventures.
Experience the electrifying excitement of Vegas Rush as the vibrant neon lights illuminate the reels, setting the stage for an unforgettable night! In this thrilling game by Big Time Gaming, the Megaclusters™ feature brings the city to life as symbols split and react, creating up to 100 symbols for an exhilarating Vegas adventure!

The renowned Megatrail™ makes its triumphant return, offering players a taste of Vegas luxury in the base game. With each spin, 12 randomly determined rungs bring the potential for epic wins! Dive into the action-packed bonuses as the Megatrail™ ramps up the excitement, offering prizes of up to 1000 times stake in the base game and 2000 times stake in the Free Spins round for heart-pounding thrills. For those eager for instant excitement, the Bonus Buy™ option provides direct access to the glitz of Vegas!

In the pursuit of a true Vegas Rush, discover the 12 rung MEGATRAIL™, where the highest level promises a Bonus Prize of up to 1000 times stake. Aim for Rung 7 to unlock 6 Free Spins and keep the adrenaline flowing with the addition of at least 3 Random Bonuses to the MEGATRAIL™, along with the Bonus Prize and Free Spins reward!

Feel your pulse race as you reach Rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ in the base game and trigger 6 Free Spins! Witness the neon lights shine brighter as an enhanced MEGATRAIL™ is randomly determined for the entire Free Spins round. The excitement peaks at Rung 12, where an ultimate Bonus Prize of up to 2000 times stake awaits! With additional Random Bonuses and the possibility of a Retrigger, Vegas Rush promises non-stop entertainment. And for those unwilling to end the Vegas adventure, Rung 7 offers 3 extra Free Spins, extending the journey for up to a total of 99 Free Spins!
Blast off to boundless wealth with Big Time Gaming’s release, Over the Moon!

Get ready to leave the ordinary behind as BTG catapults you into hyperdrive, promising wins that will leave you feeling ecstatic! Activate your Rockets to gather Meteor rewards worth up to 100 times your initial bet. Engage full power during Free Spins, where Rockets come with an ever-growing multiplier, escalating with each Rocket appearance! For even more excitement, Enhanced Free Spins double the thrill as your Rocket Multiplier skyrockets, offering monumental wins! Dive headfirst into the action with Bonus Buy™ or convert stellar wins into Free Spins with Win Exchange™. With an astounding 117,649 Megaways™ to win, Over the Moon guarantees the most explosive entertainment in the entire universe!

During each spin or reaction, Rockets equipped with x1, x5, or x10 multipliers might zoom onto the screen. Meteors aren't just celestial decorations; they yield wins of up to 100 times your bet when retrieved by your Rockets! Just like space exploration requires fuel, your Rockets deplete a fuel cell after each reaction, returning to Earth once their fuel is exhausted.

When you encounter 3 golden star Scatters, prepare for a journey to a distant galaxy, awarding 12 Free Spins, with an additional 2 for every Scatter beyond the third. Revel in the unlimited Rocket Multiplier during Free Spins, growing with each Rocket encounter in outer space. Ensure your Rockets stay in orbit by landing a Battery symbol to refuel, keeping those astronomical wins pouring in! Discover a whole new realm when the purple star Megascatter whisks you away to Enhanced Free Spins. Your path to riches accelerates as the Rocket Multiplier doubles with each Rocket appearance. Landing 3 or more Scatters grants an extra 4 Free Spins, with an additional 2 for each Scatter beyond the third, ensuring your wins remain at full throttle!
Experience the thrill of Big Time Gaming's game, The Race™!

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as Wilds replicate across the reels, delivering explosive wins that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With Bonus Spins securing your path and an unlimited win multiplier in play, this 6-reel game offers an exhilarating 117,649 ways to win. Don't miss the opportunity provided by Win Exchange™ to trigger Free Spins and amplify your excitement.

Feel the rush as Wilds explode across the reels, offering epic wins with every landing. Brace yourself for spine-tingling Reactions that deliver electric wins and keep your heart pounding.

Trigger the Heart Bonus with 3 Scatters, embarking on a thrilling journey across a 4x5 grid in search of lives to propel you through Free Spins. Hold onto your Hearts to maximize the unlimited spin potential, with Wilds gaining up to a x5 multiplier to intensify your wins.

Take your excitement to the next level with Win Exchange™, where winning between 25 and 100 times your stake gives you the chance to exchange your entire win for Free Spins. For those who crave even more action, winning 100 times your stake offers the opportunity to exchange for Free Spins and keep the adrenaline pumping.
Experience a wealth of treasures in Big Time Gaming’s latest game, Gifts of Fortune™!

Step into a lavish world adorned with shimmering gold, luxurious red, and deep purple hues in Big Time Gaming’s Gifts of Fortune™! This six-reel Megaways™ adventure unfolds in a sumptuous Chinese-inspired setting, teeming with symbols of opulence and affluence, offering players up to 117,649 avenues to victory. Your riches await in the collection pot, accumulating gleaming gold fortune prizes and showering you with immense wealth.

Embark on the Free Spins round to uncover riches beyond imagination, with an unlimited pot multiplier! For a truly prosperous journey, seek out the Enhanced Free Spins, where a Wild Red Packet awaits in every spin! If you're eager for instant gratification, utilize Win Exchange™ to trade your significant wins for a chance to access Free Spins. Alternatively, indulge in the Bonus Buy™ feature to directly immerse yourself in the dazzling realm of Free Spins or Enhanced Free Spins.

Untold riches beckon in Big Time Gaming’s lavish Gifts of Fortune™! Beneath the resplendent golden paifang arch, Wild Red Packets await, ready to bestow joy upon their recipients. Feng Shui coins bring more than mere fortune symbols, as they accompany the appearance of fortune prizes alongside Wild Red Packets. The collection pot promises true prosperity, with a fortune prize multiplier reaching up to x10 in the base game or unlimited in Free Spins. Embrace abundance in the Enhanced Free Spins, where at least one Wild Red Packet graces every spin. Prosperity is assured with Win Exchange™ and Bonus Buy™ at your disposal.

The auspicious Feng Shui coins bestow their blessings whenever winning symbols vanish, revealing gleaming gold fortune prizes. Each Wild Red Packet on the additional reel above reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 brings you closer to your riches. These fortunate Wild Red Packets exclusively reside in the additional reel. The collection pot may shower you with prosperity, unveiling a multiplier of up to x10 at any moment. All awarded fortune prizes are multiplied by the displayed pot multiplier, bestowing true happiness and opulence.

Unveil three glimmering gold ingot Scatters to enter the opulent purple domain of Free Spins. Receive 10 Free Spins, with an extra 2 spins for each Scatter beyond the third. Luxurious riches await, as the pot multiplier begins at x1 and escalates by 1 for every Wild Red Packet occurrence. To prolong your stay in this lush environment, seek out 3 or more Scatters during Free Spins to gain an additional 4 Free Spins, plus 2 for each Scatter beyond the third.

Those who discover the Megascatter among the triggering Scatters unlock the gateway to Enhanced Free Spins, where abundant riches await. Revel in the wealth as at least one Wild Red Packet is guaranteed to grace each Free Spin during the Enhanced Free Spins round.
Turn up the speakers and hit the dance floor with Big Time Gaming’s Rasputin Megaways™. Will Russia’s greatest love machine be leading you down the path of extending reels in the Big & Strong Free Spins or an unlimited multiplier in the Ecstasy & Fire Free Spins?!

This 6 reel Megaways™ game offers up to 1,000,000 ways to win in the base game & up to 2,985,984 in the Free Spins! The lover of the Russian queen can head straight into the Free Spins with Bonus Buy™; allowing you to purchase 7 or 10 Free Spins for 100 times stake!
Make it rein with Christmas Bonanza™!

Santa has come early this year to deliver this festive take on Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza! You’ll find out if you’ve been naughty or nice as you search for Santa’s GOLD. It’s the season for giving and the unlimited win multiplier in the Free Spins will be the best gift of all.

This 6 reel Megaways™ game offers up to 117,649 ways to win and you can even put your own present under the tree this year with Bonus Buy™ which allows you to purchase 12 Free Spins for 90 times stake!

Big Time Gaming have all that you want for Christmas, turning Bonanza into a winter wonderland in Christmas Bonanza! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the cascading symbols mixed with Megaways™ will keep you in the holiday spirit.

With Rudolph ready to light the way, this fast paced slot and it’s unlimited win multiplier will make sure you have yourself a merry little Christmas! The massive pay potential is ready to let it snow in this seasonal sensation that’s sure to delight all the boys and girls who made Santa’s list!
Giddy up for a wild Western ride with Big Time Gaming’s Outlaw! This game ain’t for no city-slickers with your choice of Sticky Wilds in the Fallen Angels Free Spins or multiplier ladders in the Dizzy In The Head Free Spins. Pony up for the ride of a life time with Megascatter Enhanced Free Spins to really wet your whistle.

You’ll be hitting the saloon early with Win Exchange™, letting you exchange your big wins for a chance to enter the Free Spins!

This 6 reel Megaways™ game offers up to 117,649 ways to win and lets you quick draw your pistol with Bonus Buy™, allowing you to purchase Free Spins for 70 times stake or Enhanced Free Spins for 300 times stake!
Sink your teeth into Big Time Gaming’s latest game Castle of Terror™!

Castle Of Terror™ is love at first bite with the inclusion of Bonus Buy™, allowing you to purchase 12 Free Spins for 70 times stake or raise the stakes with 12 Enhanced Free Spins for 200 times stake! This 6 reel game offers up to 4,096 ways to win and features Win Exchange™ for extra chances to trigger the Free Spins!
Max Megaways™ is sheer magnetism, darling. The base game is a loaded gun with 4 bonus options waiting to shoot with any spin and reaction that occurs. Then the Free Spins are a whirlwind ride which changes every time depending on the Free Spin Bonuses you reveal.

Big Time Gaming have done the hard yards of interrogation for you with Win Exchange™ for extra chances at triggering the Free Spins or Bonus Buy™ to purchase 10 Free Spins or 10 Enhanced Free Spins!
Prepare yourself for the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas in Big Time Gaming’s newest release, Vegas Megaways™! This thrilling 6-reel Megaways™ game offers an astounding 117,649 potential ways to win. Take a shot at the VIP Gamble feature, where you could score up to 50 Free Spins.

Nik Robinson, CEO of Big Time Gaming, describes the game, saying, “There's no place quite like Vegas, and there's no slot quite like Vegas Megaways™. Set in the ultimate party destination, Vegas Megaways™ thrusts you onto the bustling casino floor for an unparalleled Megaways™ experience. With the Bonus Buy option, players are whisked away to the exclusive high roller lounge, where they can boost their winning potential through a Video Poker-style free spins gamble! Once in the free spins round, the multiplier rises alongside frequent appearances of the maximum 117,649 ways to win, delivering wins fit for any Vegas VIP!”

In the dazzling lights of Vegas, every winning symbol triggers a dazzling cascade, replaced by symbols cascading down the reels and from the right on the extra reel.

Experience the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip with the extra reel, which adds a symbol to the reel below it for reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Take a gamble in the VIP Gamble and win up to 50 Free Spins! A successful gamble moves you up the prize ladder, while an unsuccessful one might cost you Free Spins— but hey, that's Vegas, baby! Rungs 2 and 7 serve as safety nets, guaranteeing 10 and 20 Free Spins, respectively. Let the neon lights guide you as each gamble comes with a tip: Remove Two, Winning Odds, and All Odds.

Vegas Megaways™ truly shines when you land three Scatters, triggering 8 Free Spins and kicking off the VIP Gamble. Additional Scatters propel you up the prize ladder in the VIP Gamble. The Free Spins round is where the real excitement lies, with the Win Multiplier starting at one and increasing after each cascade.
Big Time Gaming takes the cult classic Danger High Voltage™ and puts it into overdrive with the inclusion of Megapays™, offering players the chance to win a once in a lifetime jackpot!

Danger High Voltage Megapays™ is a 4096 Ways slot with a twist with two incredible features to choose from: Gates Of Hell Free Spins or High Voltage Free Spins. This game takes you back to the early 2000’s when Danger High Voltage was riding high in the charts with a song The New York Times called “catchier than anything on the radio!”.
Big Time Gaming introduces a brand-new take on a fan favourite with Millionaire Rush™. Millionaire Rush™ is a MEGACLUSTERS™ game where symbols split and react, allowing up to 100 symbols to occur. Bringing in a new mechanic, Millionaire Rush™ has a MEGATRAIL™ with 12 rungs that is randomly determined every base game spin.

Nik Robinson, CEO of Big Time Gaming, explains “Millionaire Rush is a fast paced reaction game that introduces MegaTrail™. With each spin the game produces a brand new MegaTrail, each rung bonus is unlocked with each reaction for some incredible big win action!

Millionaire Rush has infinite combinations keeping players on the edge of their seats, especially in the Free Games where the ladder can be set up for maximum potential with up to 99 free spins.”
You’ll fall for Big Time Gaming latest game Golden Catch™ hook, line and sinker!

As the Boats roll in, trigger reactions to reveal Fish Bonus Prizes that will be awarded for each Boat above the reels. Golden Boats multiply Fish Bonus Prizes by 10 and for a reely epic game trigger the Free Spins where Boat Multipliers are unlimited! Can’t wait for the fish to take the bait? Well, you’re off the hook! Use Win Exchange™ for extra chances at triggering the Free Spins or Bonus Buy™ to purchase 10 Free Spins!
Step into the Sci-Fi world of BTG, a Wild door that is the portal to another dimension of massive wins and free spins. Get 2 or more of Wild symbol ‘W’ and the door opens, and all instances of the revealed symbol are removed, and they increment a multiplier on the Wild. Any wins are then paid with the Wild Multiplier applied.

Free Spins awarded from Win Exchange will always commence with a Wild Portal Mul-tiplier of 1. Three or more Scatters in any position appear, awarding 8 Free Spins, plus 2 for each Scatter beyond the third. A Wild Portal is guaranteed to appear in every Free Spin. The Wild Portal Multiplier carries over from the triggering game into the Free Spins and may increase throughout the Free Spins. 3 or more Scatters retriggering the Free Spins, awarding 2 Free Spins plus 3 for each Scatter beyond the third.
Set over Mount Olympus, the mythical home of ancient Greek God Apollo, is a beautiful castle with magical lagoons and waterfalls. Many people come to Apollo with a mission in mind, to uncover the hidden treasures of Mount Olympus.

Big Time Gaming's creates a world first combining Megaways™ with the player favorite hold and win mechanic with a sophisticated style that will appeal to all demographics. Apollo Pays is also the world's first hold and win game with an unlimited multiplier awarded with every re-spin in the free games. Apollo Pays™ is a six-reel slot featuring Big Time Gaming’s unique Megaways™ with up to 117,649 ways to win.
Could Diamond Fruits™ be the Bonanza of the Megaclusters™ series! It is the third game and if you equate Dragon Born to Star Clusters and Cyber Slot to Queen of Riches, the thinking, the technology and the analytics set the scene!

Diamond Fruits is a reactor game where symbols pay in clusters! Payouts are multiplied by stake and the highest win is paid per winning cluster. Each game delivers symbols to the player in a 5x5 grid in which some positions may be blank, some may contain a large symbol, and some may contain four small symbols in a 2x2 grid. All symbols pay when 5 or more matching symbols of any size connect in any cluster.
Pirate Pays is a 6-reel Megaways™ game with up to seven visible symbols per reel, giving up to 117,649 ways to win in the base game. A horizontal Secondary Reel is visible below the regular reels. Every spin, this Secondary Reel delivers one extra symbol to Reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Kingmaker Fully Loaded is a five-reel video slot featuring Big Time Gaming's Megaways™. Kingmaker is set in the medieval world of the Four Kingdoms. The action occurs inside a golden scroll set to a beautiful backdrop with the castle of the Four Kingdoms reflected in the pristine Lake Plenty.

Kingmaker starts on a glorious day and as multipliers and potential grow, the sun begins to set on the kingdom. Finally, the bonus transports you to the King’s throne room where all the riches from the Four Kingdoms are stored.
Slot Vegas Fully Loaded is a made up of four 4-reel video slots which each have 256 ways to win, with 65,536 ways to win during the Rainbow Wild Bonus. The Free Spins are made up of two 4-reel video slots which each have 4,096 ways to win, with 16,777,216 ways to win during the Rainbow Wild Bonus.

Each Multiplier is given a random value from x1 to x100 for each spin and Symbol Multipliers multiply respective Diamond and Lucky Seven wins in the Base Game.

Once again the biggest game show in the world meets arguably the best maths in the world, a match made in heaven for all BTG and Who Wants to be a Millionaire fans with Megapays™ mechanics is a 117,649 ways slot designed to deliver a game to suit every type of player. 

Millionaire Megapays™ has a slick land-based feel and will appeal to a broad demographic due to its relative simplicity. Millionaire Megapays™ is a six-reel video slot with four progressive jackpots featuring Big Time Gaming’s Megapays™. A quick draw land-based double up gamble which includes the ability to gamble the total free spin win, putting the player once again in the hot seat.

GOLD MEGAWAYS is a six-reel slot featuring Big Time Gaming’s unique Megaways™ with up to 1,000,000 ways to win in the Free Spins with Extending Reels. Gold Megaways™ features Win Exchange™, which gives extra chances to trigger the Free Spins.
SPICY MEATBALLS is a six-reel slot featuring Big Time Gaming’s unique Megaways™ with up to 117,649 ways to win. There’s a new chef in town and his restaurant is the hottest place on the Vegas Strip! In fact it’s so hot that people are flying in from all over the world just to sample his a-Balls!
BEEF LIGHTNING is a six-reel slot featuring Big Time Gaming’s unique MegawaysTM with up to 117,649 ways to win. Raise your cows in the base game and sell them in bonus with our unique auction multiplier. Get more cows and a bigger price, to add additional prizes to what is already a beefy bonus round.

Beef Lightning has Iconic ‘[M][O][O]’ Gold Scatter Bars that can appear on any reel. 3 or more Scatters in any position awards 12 Free Spins, plus an additional 4 spins for each Scatter beyond the third.
Bonanza Megapays™ is a slot with 6 Megaways™ reels, with effectively 2-7 symbols on each, cascading wins, and free spins with increasing multiplier, and a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot (4 tiers) is available in a separate bonus feature that is played after the normal game when it triggers. Jackpot feature is started by additional client request, if the jackpot feature isn't triggered the game finishes on initial play request.

Another world first innovation with Bonanza Megapays™! The game builds on the great success of BTG’s Bonanza with our unique patented MEGAPAYS™ system that gives each spin the potential of of hitting a municipal de-risked jackpot that can pay x3000000 plus with a 10p stake.
KING OF CATS is a six-reel video slot with PlayerSelect™. Featuring Big Time Gaming’s Megaways™ with up to 117,649 ways to win. PlayerSelect™ gives players the choice to play between playing the Puma Game or the Lion Game.

In both games, 3 or more Scatters triggers the Free Spins. When Puma wild appears, Puma wild multipliers on that reel increase! Every time a Lion wild appears, all Lion multipliers increase!
Joining the fantastic 4096 range of Big Time Gaming slots, Wild Flower follows in the footsteps of Danger High Voltage, The Final Countdown and Lil Devil. Wild Flower takes all of the above to the extreme with a ferocious feature choice and the introduction of our brand new MEGASCATTER™ system.
Bringing all the fun of a Santa Monica boardwalk sideshow straight into your casino! Pop introduces a brand new reel mechanic, where reels spin up and down, both reels marry up to create wins and the more Royal boxes that react create openings for endless balloons that react across the ways of the reel.

Scatters can drop in on the reels or bounce from exploding balloons, enabling every spin and win the capacity to deliver the feature.
Get ready for riches in BTG’s latest game, Wheel of Fortune® Megaways™! Enjoy up to 117,649 ways to win in the base game and up to 1,000,000 ways to win in the Free Spins. Wilds may transform into Wild Megastacks™, filling an entire reel!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune® wheel at the start of the Free Spins to determine the starting Megaways™ – up to 117,649! During the Free Spins, Expansion symbols expand the height of that reel by 1 symbol. Extend a reel to 10-symbols high to retrigger the Free Spins and receive up to 12 extra spins!
Big Time Gaming introduces their next Megaclusters™ hit, Cyberslot Megaclusters™. Following up from Star Clusters we took a tremendous amount of feedback from players to evolve the Megaclusters™ format. CyberSlot is set in a vision of the future from times past.

Featuring a thumping synth wave soundtrack players will be fuelled by 80’s nostalgia, as the game board divides and connects to create incredible win potential.
Big Time Gaming is once again bringing something deliciously sweet to the online slots marketplace. Chocolates™, like it’s predecessor Donuts™, has simplified the popular WAYS format for a much broader appeal.

However, nothing is lost for seasoned players as the game has big, big payouts underneath its simple 4x4 symbol veneer.
Big Time Gaming introduces yet another brand new gaming genre with Megaquads™ completes the trilogy of Big Time Gaming’s Mega format games, like Megaways™ and Megaclusters™ the format opens up an entire new arena for players to enjoy.

Multipliers, multiply the ways for truly astounding wins!
Big Time Gaming likes to create new and innovation titles to push the online slots market to the next level but at the same time. we like to remember the past. Lucky Streak Mk2 is an upgraded version of their original Lucky Streak Flash game that took the industry by storm when it came out. With new and improved game play and a better RTP.

Players pining for the good old days of the penny arcade will feel right at home with Lucky Streak Mk2’s trails, lights and sounds!
Big Time Gaming introduces yet another brand new gaming genre with Megaclusters™, like Megaways™, Megaclusters™ is a brand new way to play, allowing for greater entertainment and deeper player engagement.

Megaclusters™ extends the format of cluster/reaction style games creating new ways to win out of winning clusters, in the base game extending the game play from 4x4 to 8x8 to an impressive 16x16 ways in the free spins allowing for 256 symbols to be present on the screen at any time.

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About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is a global entertainment firm that offers a comprehensive range of gaming items to appeal to the players. Their clients are well-known B2C gaming companies that adhere to the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Big Time Gaming began as an inventive game house 10 years ago in 2011. It is the handiwork of Nik Robinson, CEO, and Founder, who has led this company to where it is today, thanks to his solid corporate sense and creative ideas. BTG grew into a powerhouse because of the technical leadership of Huw McIntosh and Ian Schmidt's creative pursuit.

The entire executive team has extensive experience in the online gaming industry, with over 30 years of experience in particular. They take pleasure in their ability to innovate and compete with companies like IGT, WMS, and Bally in the online market. They release monthly content with GTS, Openbet, and MGS and have a large customer base.

Big Time Gaming invented the shape-shifting game machine that has radically transformed the popularity of online slots. This year, its popularity has gone wide; likewise, Big Time Gaming's spaces have been quite lucrative. Hence, the famous slots ever created by this provider include Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Vegas Dreams, Bonanza, Temple of Fortune, Gold, Viking Quest, Temple Quest, Lucky Streak, Haunted House, Golden Goals, Feathered Frenzy, Faeries Fortune, etc.

The gaming provider offers a wide range of options for video slots. You won't need to download anything for most of them, but some older ones may require Adobe Flash. All these slots have incredible 3D graphics and an entire HD environment. In addition, the games usually have fantastic themes and accompanying audio.

Big Time Gaming put in a lot of effort and time to create such an incredible slot, and it shows. As mentioned earlier, it has many things to offer to its customers. The Big Clusters and Megaquads slots developed by this provider company offer plenty of innovation expected from the players. Hence, Megaways is a mechanic that has helped BTG gain notoriety.

Regarding the launch of Megaways, Big Time Gaming slots have been available in practically every casino and slot site. With many slots available, they prioritize quality above quantity. Megaways are high-volatility slots that payout when symbols appear on neighboring reels. It makes no difference whether the slots are in the same row or otherwise. It's only essential that you have a corresponding slot on reels 1, 2, 3, 4, and the like.

To win at Megaways, though, you must go from left to right. If you go from right to left or from the middle to the edge, you will lose. You begin with the left rebel and work your way up. Plus, your winnings are proportional to the amount you've bet. Put another way, the more amount you stake, the bigger your win will be.

DragonBorn Megaways was the first slot powered by the Megaways gaming engine. With the debut of Bonanza (Megaways), the mechanic soared in popularity. BTG has licensed Megaways technology to several companies, including Blueprint Gaming (currently offering the most extensive Megaways slots catalog).

NetEnt and Microgaming, two industry heavyweights, are the suppliers that branded the BTG's Megaways model. It's easy to see why these high-octane slots have become such great fan favorites, with much prospective excitement and many opportunities to build winnings.

Official Website: https://www.bigtimegaming.com/