Chinese mythology tells a story of Koi competing annually to leap the Dragon’s Gate falls in a video slot game with 243 win ways. Although the journey upstream is already arduous, those who successfully overcame the challenge are transformed into dragons, auspicious symbols of power and benevolence.

“Koi and Dragon” has a unique Re-spin feature where players can have opportunities to win more free games. During free games, the wild symbols substitute for all symbols, including scatter symbols, giving players more chances to activate the Re-spin feature to win more free games. The game also features a fantastic personal jackpot bonus game where players can win the Grand jackpot of 5,000 times the total bet!

“Koi and Dragon” will surely entertain players with Zen-like aesthetics and music.
Foxy Princess Deluxe is a high volatility and feature-rich video slot game with a fixed 20 lines.

The Fox Spirit is a legendary mythical Eastern figure. She’s also known as Goddess of Immortality that grows wiser and more powerful as she gets older. Legend says the Fox Spirit turns into Heavenly/Celestial Fox after reaching 1000 years and obtaining its final, the ninth tail, and ascends to heaven.

Foxy Princess Deluxe is inspired by Heavenly/Celestial Fox, the ultimate form of these Fox Spirits.
The Monkey King, knows as Sun Wukong, is a legendary mythical figure best known as one of the main characters in the Chinese novel, Journey to the West. He’s famous for his temper and his rebellious nature. In defiance to the Heaven, he proclaims himself to be The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal.

The Great Sage is inspired by the rebellious nature of Monkey King as The Great Sage that dares to challenge the Heaven and claims the treasure for himself.

The original gameplay features a series of clouds on top of the reels. The prize of the 3rd or the middle cloud can be won when the Bonus symbol appears on the 3rd reel. The game also features a unique personal jackpot bonus game where players can win the Grand jackpot of 100,000 times total bet! The game also benefits from the soundtrack inspired by the legendary tv series, and multiple exciting features such as re-spins with all wins are multiplied up to 10 times, random wilds, and random full wilds. There is nothing out there like The Great Sage.

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