The Emu War, famously known as the Great Emu War, unfolded as a military response to address concerns in Australia during the latter part of 1932. The operation aimed to manage the nuisance wildlife situation arising from an increasing number of emus running rampant and causing havoc by destroying crops in the Campion district within the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

In an effort to control the emu population, Royal Australian Artillery soldiers armed with Lewis guns were deployed. This led to the adoption of the name "Emu War" by the media in reference to the incident. Despite their best efforts, the attempts to reduce the emu population were unsuccessful. Although some emus were eliminated, the overall population persisted, and the problem of crop destruction persisted.

Following the initial attempt, a second culling operation was initiated, but it proved to be just as ineffective as the first. Our slot game takes a unique perspective, immersing players in the narrative from the emus' point of view as they embark on a quest for a third and final victory!
Deep beneath the earth lies an ancient tomb, guarded by a great army of soldiers, horses, and chariots. This is the final resting place of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, and his Terracotta Army.​

One of the most enigmatic and fascinating archaeological discoveries of all time, the beautifully crafted Terracotta Army is a testament to the power and wealth of the Qin dynasty. But beneath the beauty lies a deeper mystery – why did the emperor need such a vast army to protect him in the afterlife? And what other treasures and secrets lie buried within his tomb?​

In this slot from Blue Guru Games you can experience the wonder and mystery of the Terracotta Army for yourself.​

A thrilling slot that transports you to another time and place, where the dormant emperor and his guard keep their eternal vigil. With stunning graphics and exciting gameplay featuring mystery symbols, multipliers, wild respins, symbol removals and action that shifts from 243-30375 ways you’ll enjoy digging deeper into this mysterious tomb.
Sea Otters are the heroes of the ocean, keeping the kelp forests healthy and beautiful by munching on the pesky sea urchins that would otherwise devour them.​

But something is wrong. Since 2014, the kelp forests have been disappearing, leaving behind barren wastelands of urchins and trash known as ‘urchin barrens’ where kelp once flourished.​

That’s where you come in. In Otterly Amazing, you help the Sea Otters restore the ocean to its former glory by collecting urchins and trash and letting the kelp grow back. As you do, you’ll unlock more rows, mystery symbols, symbol knockout, and increasing multipliers.​

Otterly Amazing is a game that combines fun gameplay and great maths and mechanics with an engaging and important ecological story. Join the Sea Otters on their mission to save the kelp forests and have a blast along the way!
Using the cover of a Boston St Patrick’s day parade, the Irish criminal gang, known to Interpol only as The Leprechauns, are set to pull off their biggest and most brazen bank heist yet. The river is flowing green, the massed pipes and drums of the Boston PD fill the air and the craic is mighty.

As the fireworks explode and tens of thousands of revellers blast out Dublin in the Green at full voice, the boom of a vault door blown off its hinges barely registers. After months of meticulous planning the Leprechauns are within sight of their objective.

In 30 minutes, with a fair wind and the luck of the Irish, they’ll be shipping out of Boston with enough wealth to turn Darby O’Gill green with envy, and a long luxurious retirement within sight.

Leprechaun Heist is an exciting feature-packed caper which will keep you on the edge of your seat as the features start to land. Combining expanding reel sets, wild drops, symbol upgrades & transformations, free games, bonus multipliers and a bonus buy.

With a banging soundtrack and fantastic gritty graphics this is an Irish-themed slot with a difference.
In Ancient China the people were terrorised by a monstrous beast with the head of a lion who would come down from the mountain to destroy crops and eat the villagers. The villagers ingeniously fought back and The Legend of the Nian was born… Time to take on The Nian in this epic cascading reels game.
In 1806, in an effort to Impress Napoleon and to celebrate the victory over Prussia, the Minister of War organised a hunt on the Parisian Estate for the Emperor and his entourage. He decided on a Rabbit Hunt and sent his servants off to procure some suitable bunnies.

The servants, unaccustomed to rabbit hunts and no doubt looking to clock off work early, raided every rabbit hutch they could and procured an impressive 1000 rabbits. Tame rabbits... When released, the timid bunnies initially just huddled together in a huge furry group. The Minister sent his troops to whip the rabbits into action and shots were fired. The bemused rabbits eventually dispersed into two groups...

The largest group decided that the men in funny hats looked like they might have all the food; so suddenly, and en masse, they turned and charged at Napoleon.

The Emperor was overwhelmed and was forced to escape in his carriage, pursued by rabbits, many of whom made it into his carriage. Napoleon and his general were hastily retreating - a few hundred tame rabbits had succeeded where the mighty empires had failed.
We’re enjoying a traditional Yuletide holiday and, naturally, everyone is invited. Warm yourself by the fire, sip on a hot chocolate or eggnog and just melt into the holiday spirit as the snow falls outside and we’re serenaded by carols and traditional songs.

If you happen to spot a Tomte remember to make friends, they’re sure to bring good luck. This heartwarming slot from Blue Guru Games is for those of us who crave a more peaceful, sedate and family-oriented Christmas.
Victorian England had its fair share of Villains and Spring-heeled Jack was among the most notorious.

More mischievous than malicious, a cloaked Spring-Heeled Jack would knock on doors, often disguised as a policeman who needed help. He would then expose his face and flash his demonic red eyes, petrifying the poor occupants before leaping away over the rooftops. His maniacal laugh echoing through the Victorian fog, leaving only cloven- hoofed tracks in his wake.

According to a report in The Times one unfortunate victim was said to have instantly and irrevocably lost her mind. Spring-Heeled Jack is an evocative, high paced and volatile game featuring mystery symbols, Leaping Jack multipliers, free spins, and a bonus buy.
The Totem is a powerful symbol and can be found among many ancient and indigenous groups throughout the world.

Totems may represent spirit beings or animals that offer protection. They can be used to signal the Heraldic lineage and tradition of a group or may convey a story important to the groups’ history, marking significant victories or events (in which case they are generally read from the bottom up).

Many commemorate important people and family members, and in some cases they are even used to ridicule people or to serve as a reminder for a debt owed. One notable example of this is the Shame Pole in Tongass village which depicts the 19th century US Secretary of State William H Seward as a reminder of his failure to honour a debt to the Tongass people.

In Totem Link we pay tribute to the Native American Totem tradition. The game offers stacked wild totems on multiple reels, free spins and a coin link feature.
Nobody tells tall tales quite like fishermen.

Take to the sea in search of a big catch and even bigger stories about the ones that got away in: Reel Big Fish.
A biblical battle between the forces of good and evil rages on unseen around us… Since the War in Heaven the seven Seraphim and their armies have been battling Lucifer’s fallen legions for control of creation. It’s time to settle the conflict, and you’re taking control, in Clash of Seraphim.

Dark and Light Seraphim can both trigger big wins when appearing within the aura field. When the eye of Seraphim symbol lands in the Eternal Gate area it triggers an epic battle bonus round in which you can choose between Light and Dark volatility. A truly epic story, an exceptional soundtrack and incredibly compelling gameplay awaits, whichever side you’re on.
Look to the skies – the legendary flying dragon Tengshe approaches, bringing good fortune and riches to all who see him. This inventive slot is full of fun, exciting twists and turns – literally.

Key Features: Regular slot with 50 paylines, Expanding Wilds with multipliers and Growing Wild Dragon Free Games.
Curse of the Mummies from Blue Guru Games is a fresh take on Ancient Egypt and a classic well-loved slot theme.

The Mummy’s Tomb is brought to life with vibrant colorful graphics, an atmospheric contrasting soundtrack and solid gameplay.

The titular Mummies are out for revenge against the living and this deeply engaging 243-ways game is full of excitement as players hunt down those massive multipliers and resulting big wins.

Land a scatter on each reel and make your way deeper into the tomb to enter the rise of the crypt free games with as many multipliers as possible. Multipliers will continue to be added during the bonus game and there are plenty of retrigger chances as well to keep the action going.

Lower the lights, grab your headphones and enter the tomb to break the Curse of the Mummies.

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