Experience the excitement of the heavens, in the Realm among the Clouds...where the unpredictability isn't the sole thing soaring to great heights!

Skylantis 2 emerges as a fresh, 5×3 slot game crafted by Boomerang Studios.

Take to the skies with WILD FIGHT – a feature transforming symbols into WILDs, paving the way for substantial victories, and potentially initiating the HOLD & RESPIN Function! Simultaneously, the boundless WildMulti multiplier is applied to all WILD triumphs. When combined with WILD FIGHT, their united force propels triumphs to the celestial sphere! Activating 6 WILDs triggers the HOLD & RESPIN Function, allowing you to ENHANCE and GATHER valuable STAR symbols, promising the possibility of MONUMENTAL VICTORIES! And behold, a game where FREE SPINS are truly in your favor – activate 5 Free Spins where ONLY VICTORIOUS SPINS ARE TALLIED! Though Atlantis may have descended, SkyLantis 2 ascends!

3 or more SCATTER symbols trigger the allocation of 5 Free Spins. Free Spins are conducted at the same wager as the initial bet. The WildMulti multiplier persists until the conclusion of the Free Spins. Only spins resulting in a win are subtracted from the remaining spins. Upon Free Spins activation, the WildMulti multiplier begins at 1. Free Spins have the potential for reactivation. Each appearance of a wild increases the WildMulti multiplier by 1. One or more WILDS in a victory multiplies the reward by the WildMulti. The WildMulti multiplier resets to 1 upon the conclusion of the Free Spins Feature.

Activation of 6 or more WILD symbols initiates the HOLD AND RESPIN Function. 3 respins are granted. All triggering WILDs remain in place throughout the HOLD AND RESPIN Function. The HOLD AND RESPIN sequences unfold in the following manner: 1. The values of WILD symbols increase by the sum of all STAR symbol values on the reels. 2. The values of WILD symbols increase by the values of any previously held COLLECTOR symbols. 3. Any new COLLECTOR symbol that lands receives the aggregate value of all STAR symbols. 4. Appearance of an UPGRADER symbol adds the base bet to the values of all STAR symbols, then converts into a STAR symbol.

Fresh STAR, UPGRADER, and COLLECTOR symbols may emerge and are retained. Possible values for STAR symbols include: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 25, or 88 times the base bet. Fresh STAR, UPGRADER, and COLLECTOR symbols reset the respin counter to 3. Should all positions be occupied by symbols, all rewards are doubled and the HOLD & RESPIN Function concludes. Prizes garnered during HOLD AND RESPIN are not subject to multiplication by the WildMulti multiplier. STAR, COLLECTOR, and UPGRADER symbols manifest solely during the HOLD AND RESPIN feature. HOLD AND RESPIN is executed at the initiating bet level.
Launching into the world of Winning Wishes, a captivating slot creation by Boomerang Studios, driven by their exclusive WinMulti multiplier.

Within the base-game, each victory elevates the WinMulti multiplier, igniting sequences of substantial rewards.

Discover the enchanting Bonus Lamp symbol of Aladdin, unlocking the gateway to the wealth within the Hold & Respin feature. Gather and enhance your coins until they rival the opulence of the Sultan's trove. As the feature concludes, watch as the WinMulti amplifies your balance, multiplying your winnings to new heights!
Embark on a daring journey in search of riches and renown, exploring the realms where the majestic Wild Dragons freely roam. In the realm of "Legend of Dragon Wins DoubleMax," every victory holds the key to unlocking extraordinary rewards, all thanks to the distinctive DoubleMax multiplier.

Witness the magic unfold as, with each successive triumph, the multiplier doubles, propelling your winnings to unparalleled heights. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure, guided by the dragons towards unimaginable wealth. Experience the thrill of doubling your win multiplier repeatedly, fueled by the boundless power of DoubleMax!

Are you bold enough to pursue the fabled fortune guarded by the legendary dragon?
Saddle up for an adventure in the Wild West with "The Wild Drifter," a thrilling new slot from Boomerang Gaming where you're not just a player; you're the law!

In the base game, every non-winning spin amps up the excitement with the Winmulti Multiplier. Quick on the draw? With Winmulti, you can turn a slow spell on the reels into an outlaw win! Feel the adrenaline as you increase the multiplier, anticipating the big wins that await.

Claim your bounty in the free spins round, where the Wild Drifter takes center stage. Watch as every wild symbol expands, sticks, and roams across the reels, creating opportunities for massive wins. But that's not all – during these free spins, the Winmulti Multiplier doubles on every non-winning spin, ensuring that the excitement never wanes.

Are you ready to step into the boots of "The Wild Drifter" and bring justice to the Wild West? Spin the reels, build up that Winmulti Multiplier, and let the free spins round take you on a wild ride filled with expanding wilds and doubled multipliers! It's time to claim your bounty and show the outlaws who's boss in this action-packed slot adventure.
In the oceans, orcas gather to play and swim with excitement.

As the number of Shell symbols increases, more Wild Orcas will surface and gather to show off their beautiful spotted patterns. Each orca that appears increases the wild multiplier by 1, benefiting from every player's favourite WinMulti mechanic.

5 FREE WILD SPINS, where every spin is a guaranteed win now and can be extended with the Extenda Feature. Purchase an extra 5 free win spins at the end of the feature where the multiplier is continued.
Set sail for the endless night... The quest for riches awaits the brave warrior who dares to seek their glory and riches, in Viking Lock. With our special Strike Bet ante bet, players "lock" four reels at a time, guaranteeing a win on every spin!

5 Free Spins with Locked Reels and an increasing Win Multiplier await the bravest conqueror. Claim your place in history as you conquer lands and win untold riches! Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Vikings? Join the voyage for untold treasures!
Meet the fearless trio – Buffa-Low, Razzle Rabbit, and Vicious Vulture as they battle it out on the reels for big wins and non-stop entertainment. This iconic game will take you on a wild ride through the city of lights and show you what it means to truly go wild in Vegas.

During the Wild Fight™ feature, Razzle Rabbit and Vicious Vulture will show off their fighting skills and transform into, Buffa-Low to increase your chances of hitting the big wins! Strike Bet feature, the buffalo’s wins become even bigger, giving you the chance to cash in on huge rewards!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the party and let Buffa-Low, Razzle Rabbit, and Vicious Vulture take you on a wild ride through Vegas like never before!
Looking for a magical adventure that's filled with lucky leprechauns and the promise of riches? Look no further than Cloverland Riches! This thrilling slot game features a unique Strike Zone that's guarded by a mischievous leprechaun and awards up to 5x win multiplier on any spin, as well as instant collect prize symbols and many more!

With the luck of the Irish on your side and the magic of the Cloverland surrounding you, every spin of the reels is an opportunity to uncover incredible treasures and bask in the glow of good fortune. So why wait?
Out in the oceans, orcas gather to play and swim excitedly. As SHELL appear more WILD ORCAS will surface and gather to show off their beautiful spotted patterns. Each ORCA that appears increases the wild multiplier by 1 benefiting from every player's favourite WINMULTI mechanic.
Welcome brave explorers to a place Monkey Mike and Polly Parrot call home. Dense jungles, erupting volcanoes and carnivorous plants are enough to discourage the foolhardiest of explorers. But the treasures have been revealed from the constant eruptions have lured many treasure seekers to this once unknown island.

Enjoy the fast-paced RESPIN feature with erupting Volcanos that expand and cover the whole reel during the feature. Watch as the Volcano melt down indestructible AMBER and reveal prizes up to 1000x the total bet!
Deep within a secluded forest, electricity arcs sizzles as the miraculous Lady Merlin conducts here magic with spells and potions!

In her attempt to conjure the elemental forces, Lady Merlin has found a way to turn POWER into PRIZES! Watch as her STRIKING with electrifying PRIZES from random MULTIPLIERS to extra bonus symbols with STRIKEZONE! Watch MULTIPLIER grow with every WILD benefiting from player's favourite WINMULTI mechanic.

Active the WILD+ Ante Bet to add more wilds for bigger wins!

Experience 5 FREE WIN SPINS, where every spin guarantees win. Watch multiplier ADDS +1 with every WILD and Keep getting larger and LARGER WINS for as long as the Magic of Lady Merlin may sustain you!
Load up on sugary goodness as the fruits split up for the sweet wins. There is a chance to get Splitz™ on reels 2 to 4. When that happens all Splitz™ all on reels become the same symbol up to 4 times each for a rush of wins.

Hit the sugar high with the hold and respin feature. 6 or more coin wins the feature with instant prizes up to 888x the total bet. Splitz™ and Lightning Chase™ make a great combination like any favorite fruity mix. Each collect during any spin wins all coins immediately instantly and refreshes the feature for limitless potential in the Lightning Chase™ feature with a dash of Splitz™.
An unearthly howl pierces the stillness of night...

You awaken to find yourself in a place that seems enhanced beyond reality. An envelope of auroras, ghostly mists, and interstellar flares wash the landscape in a lurid, almost psychedelic glow.

Infinity feels tangible - like a living presence teasing at your fingertips: Suddenly your eyes are fixed by a creature of immense power and light. His piercing eyes reach into the depths of your own and in that moment you realise you are no longer yourself.

You have become the Crystal Wolf!

Celebrate the circle of life with a truly packed out suite of Features that includes the return of Hold and Respin favourite, Lightning Chase - where bonus prize COINS keep stacking up until 'COLLECT' appears.
Test your might against the legendary warriors of the world. Increase your power in the Boomlet as you venture forth collecting Coins with Collect symbols.

Unlock your power during the Lightning Chase feature with 3 Collect symbols. Fill the screen with Coins and then win the Boomlet.

Spin Warriors also introduces the brand new Side Bet feature - Side Strike. Choose Red or Green to win a bonus prize on every spin and fill the treasure chest with gold!
Explore the world and sail the seven seas.

Treasure Pirates Gather crew mates along the way, with the Roaming Seas feature. Every Ship that appears joins your crew to win more Treasure. Roaming seas turn into Sea Captains, Parrots or Coins. Win 5 free spins with the crew mates you have gathered along on the crazy adventure!
The beat of mighty wings and crashing of fleet hooves pierces the shroud of thunderheads, and another worldly light shines down upon the fields of battle.

The Valkyrie swoop down to claim fallen heroes, bearing them skyward to join the warriors of renown in the Great Halls of Valhalla.

BOOMERANG STUDIOS returns with a blistering title featuring fan favourite SPLITZ™ game play. You will enjoy a frantic white knuckle ride that guarantees the chance to WIN UP'TO 15552 WAYS.

Warrior maidens on winged steeds land amongst the reels, marking symbol spaces each time they appear.
Once a year, a bridge opens between the worlds of the living and the dead. Spirits of loved ones long passed return to rejoice together. Party heavy with the spirit of Carlos Esqueleto - the long gone ghost of a mad mariachi.

The appearance of Carlos's smiling skull will enliven festivities with a variety of wondrous wild enhancements! Watch him enchant the reels with ghostly expanding wilds. Supercharge the action with a Boom+ ante-bet to unlock mysterious wild multipliers, creepy contagious wilds, and selectable free spin modes. Select wild+ to juice up the action even further, adding extra wilds to the reels for a small additional ante.
Deep within a secluded forest, electricity arcs and sizzles as the miraculous Lady Merlin™ conducts her experiments in Alchemy and Arcane Science! Lady Merlin™ has found a way to turn POWER into PRIZES! Watch as her LIGHTNING COILS charge up the reels with electrifying BONUSES, then throw the COLLECT Switch to make your Balance SURGE with a red-hot current of cash!

Activate the BOOM+ Ante Bet to extend the suite of Features! Combine WILDs and SCATTERs to trigger 10 FREE SPINS, where each subsequent WILD or SCATTER appearing ADDS +1 addition Free Spins AND increases the WILD MULTIPLIER by +1. Keep getting wilder and WILDER WINS for as long as the Magic of Lady Merlin™ may sustain you! Lady Merlin™ may also grant the FREE SPINS FEATURE randonly on ANY SPIN!

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