Station Red is the scentific laboratory of 5 reels and 10 fixed win lines. It is the place of innovative inventions, of ominous experiments and of the female scentist wild symbol.

One of the newest inventions of Station Red is a special gambling machine. For every special symbol that lands on the reels the corresponding machine starts to spin. If the winning combination of 3 balls shows up, the corresponding special symbol and all his neighboring symbols turn into wild.

A different experiment that is carried out there is the winning series feature. If 6 symbols of the same kind appear, this feature is triggered. The symbols on the reels 1 & 5 are held until the feature ends. The spinning continues until more wilds or streaks appear or until all positions are filled with wild or streak symbols. They are held until the end of the feature.
Good news for you: Phil and Kane invited you to their halloween party! 5 reels and 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 selectable win lines get this party started. As a special guest star the witch as wild symbol will appear and complete the trick or treating fun!

You can celebrate on this scary event until the moon shines brightly from the sky. 2 or more of those scatter symbols mean up to 30 free games and two features that bring new spirit to the party:

Either you select the Swirlkin Spins where a lot of little pumpkins fly around the reels. In each free game some of the pumpkins of the swirl set themselves on symbol positons and turn them into wilds.

Or you choose the Jumpkin Spins where a big pumpkin jumps around, having the same size as 2 reels. It transforms 2 neighboring reels into wild in each free game.
Electric Fruit is the slightly different fruit game. Not only a lot of fruit fun and great successes through colorful combinations await you, but above all the unique electrifying 7! If you manage to get the bright, light-filled 7 to run in, all reels will be filled with an impressive stream of electricity and the real fun begins!

And that's not all: unlike other fruit games, this game even has two WILDS, which is not only a winning combination, but also allows you to do great multiplications! What are you waiting for? Make your first, electrifying experience with "Electric Fruit"!
In the middle of the desert, not far from a beautiful oasis, hides the mighty temple of the snake charmer. Everyone knows him only by this one name, no one knows of his true identity. The only thing everyone knows: No one comes too close to the enchanted, powerful snake of the snake charmer.

Because only the snake charmer is qualified to command the snake to trigger the precious, exciting free spins. So collect big wins, get the Summoner on your side and pave your way to the free spins!
Dry, barren landscapes where dinosaurs and strange animals are at work: This is the "Ancient World Deluxe"! Make your way to the great volcano, past primeval creatures, dinosaur eggs and ancient trees. If you manage to climb the dangerous volcano, free spins are guaranteed and you will discover undreamt-of chances for great success!
Find the hidden diamonds of the Pharaoh!

Venture under the burning sun of the Egyptian desert and search for the ancient pyramids. In each of them there are great achievements to be discovered in the search for the Pharaoh's legendary diamonds. The more of the ancient buildings you track down, the more successes you can call your own.

Search through the dark and hidden treasure chambers and with a little luck you will find the sparkling gems that will give you even more chances for great success!

Collect the diamonds and hit the jackpot!
In this magical world a witch brews various magic potions. Among them is a pink love potion, which is supposed to seal the love between two people forever. But recently she also succeeded in making a green potion. In contrast to the love potion, she has only malicious intentions with it.

The green potion causes the dark death. To stop her, you must try to get into her castle. But can you find all the keys to the locked doors? This is the only way to gain access. Let the enchanted pumpkin and the crow help you, because they can give you the keys. Can you open the doors to magical success and stop the witch?
ON THE TRAIL OF THE BLOODSUCKERS! A starry night, the full moon is in the sky and a wind roars through the alleys. Eerie vampires prowl the area and go hunting for prey. Residents are afraid of this time, because vampires often devastate the city and cause trouble. You play the brave hero and try to stop the bloodsuckers from their plan and capture them. The rewards are high! As few as three vampires can score 12 free spins. It will not be an easy task, so even small successes will increase your reel count. Prove your skills and let the locals celebrate you.

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About Edict Egaming

Edict eGaming GmbH was founded in 1998 as a casino gaming solutions provider. Merkur Interactive, a part of the Gauselmann Group in Germany with 60 years of gaming experience, purchased Edict eGaming in 2008. Edict eGaming is a firm that develops online gaming services for the business-to-business industry.

Because of its 'Made in Germany' revolutionary technology, they will provide a fantastic gaming session with assured security and equity. When Edict eGaming's first client casino went up in 2011, they got their first break. They teamed with several game suppliers in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany in 2014.

Under the Gauselmann Group, Edict eGaming distributes Merkur machine slots. Merkur is well-known for manufacturing slot machines all around the world. Players may enjoy a real-life casino experience with Edict's table games. Some of the top slot titles are Jolly's Cap, 221B Baker Street, Blazing Star, Spacemen II, Amazonia, Double Triple Chance Brilliant Sparkle, and Cash Fruits Plus.

Sic Bo, Tropical Stud Poker, American Roulette, French Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat are their most popular table and card games. They've been offering complete solutions to well-positioned online casino businesses since then.

Edict eGaming is a company that creates slot machines, card games, and table games. Merkur slot titles are now available through internet gambling providers. The gamers have experienced their titles for over six years and are pretty popular.

High-definition visuals and animations are used in these games. HTML5 technology creates Edict slot games, giving gamers a mobile gaming experience. Their games are unique and maybe played in any web browser.

Edict eGaming has created a table game called Classic Roulette HD. Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack are among Edict eGaming's other table and card games. iGaming GmbH's games library portfolio mixes classic casino titles with their iconic Merkur slot machine titles in full HD resolution and full-screen mode.

The firm also provides scratch cards and table games like Las Vegas Poker, Table Poker, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, and Baccarat and their renowned slot machine titles.

Gaming firms provide classic table games such as dice and card games, online slot machines, and live dealer games with Virtual Reality features. Everyone, especially jackpot hunters, will find something in their favor. There are some excellent jackpot slots available from several gaming companies. Some progressive jackpots are worth tens of millions of dollars.

Although Edict is recognized for its quality gaming games, it currently appears that the firm is more of an intermediary between online gambling sites and Merkur, its parent company. Edict eGaming is more interested in delivering a comprehensive turn-key solution for online casino operators, presumably because their official website lacks a professionally developed games portfolio page.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses and regulates Edict eGaming, displaying the UKGC seal at the bottom of its page. As part of a more prominent corporate conglomerate, it's no surprise that this developer has access to its parent company's license privileges.

With that in mind, Edict is also licensed by the gaming regulatory authorities of Spain, Malta, the Isle of Man, Italy, Schleswig-Holstein, and Kahnawake came as no surprise. Such licenses indicate that all the company's gaming software has passed the essential quality control audits by industry-approved administrations, as Edict has shown.
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