Would you be interested in assisting Isabelle, the Shadow Summoner, in achieving mastery over the four elements? Defeat the malevolent imps by employing various spells, thereby unlocking new totems and advancing Isabelle's journey towards mastering each element.

There exist four distinct tomes, each imbued with its own unique attributes. These tomes can be acquired by progressing through the elemental meter. Achieve all four bonus symbols to trigger Free Spins, during which all four tomes will become accessible.

Upon conclusion of the Avalanche sequence, the cumulative value of all Multiplier symbols on the screen is tallied, and the total winnings from the sequence are multiplied by this final value.
Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure, delving deep into the vast ocean depths to uncover hidden treasures. Trident Respin unleashes a tempest, sweeping away 4-12 symbols at random and triggering a cascading reaction. Generate a multiplier equivalent to the number of symbols removed.

With the Power Bomb Feature, detonate and transform all eight surrounding symbols into identical ones. A random multiplier symbol emerges. Combine all multiplier symbols visible on the screen to amplify and augment the cumulative Avalanche winnings.
Explore the unique world of otter fishing, a technique that employs trained otters to skillfully catch fish. Meet Captain Bob, the maestro of otter fishing, who is ready to demonstrate the art with his otter companions.

Even in the face of a thunderstorm, Captain Bob and his highly capable otters fearlessly take on the challenge. No obstacle is too great for this team—let's embark on this fishing adventure with confidence!
Step into the celestial realm of 24 Stars Dream, where you're invited to embark on our stellar journey and ascend the STAR LADDER to reach the illustrious GRAND JACKPOT of x5000!

Pile up the STAR LEVEL METER to bring yourself nearer to the pinnacle win within the STAR LADDER JACKPOT.

And as you traverse through the cosmic expanse, be sure to make a detour to the Big Spin. Mark the center square for a thrilling opportunity to achieve a spectacular x5000! Welcome to a world where dreams and stars align for extraordinary adventures.
Embark on a spell binding journey with Mystic Spells, here the magic of powerful spells awaits to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience

With two exhilarating free spin modes, the magic intensifies as your journey unfolds.
In the enchanting world of Divine Dynasty Princess, players embark on a journey to the prosperous and mysterious East, uncovering the secrets of mythical dragons, phoenixes, and the bountiful koi fish.

This dynamic video slot offers an escalating multiplier that increases by 1 after every avalanche, ensuring increasingly rewarding wins, while also guaranteeing 2 Wild symbols with every other avalanche, adding an element of excitement to each spin. Additionally, the game boasts a persistent multiplier and the promise of 2 Wild symbols with every avalanche, making it an enticing choice for those seeking both adventure and substantial rewards in their gaming experience.
The African savannah is a place of wonder and excitement, where the sun regins supreme and the wildlife thrives. With Safari Sun, you can experience the thrill of th ehunt and the rush of the chase, all while immersing yourself in the beauty and power of the sun.

So come along for the adventure and see what the untamed wilds of Safari Sun have in store for you.
Embark on a wild adventure with the outlaws in Payday Express. Join them on their daring train heist, filled with explosive action and heart-pumping suspense. Will they succeed in their mission and secure the ultimate payday?
The dinosaur society is facing their destined doom as the meteor shower draws near. The apocalypse is inevitable, and time is running out.

All eyes of the dinosaur society are on the Rich Raptors to see if they will take action to save their kind. As the fate of their world hangs in the balance, will the Rich Raptors fight for a chance of survival, or will they even care about the society at all?
This kitty has claws. Enter Wicked Kitty, a magical world where cats have taken over. Keep an eye out for the Wicked Kitty, win with her and receive a Wicked Respin with expanded reels as a reward.
Enter the Volatile Egypt, a classically themed slot where you get to choose your own path. Deep in these old tombs, the Wilds have grown more and more powerful. Concentrated to the middle 3 reels, each reel boasts Wilds with multipliers stronger than the reel before it. Land them all for some really exciting moments.

Once you stand before the chamber of the Free Spins, 4 choices are presented. Each choice has a unique set of Wild Multipliers and amount of free spins. Once you've made your pick, enter and see the wins stack up.
Join the party on the dance floor, and keep an eye out for the Llamas who mark positions when they appear. When all the floor tiles are marked, the Big Llama comes out to play, and he’s not one to hold back.

As the Llama power stacks up in the progression meter, the progressive multiplier keeps growing. Work your way towards the 100x multiplier that will be sure to raise the roof in the next Free Spins.
Jump on the train and ride into the wild adventure that is Goat Rush! On this mountainside, the Wild Goats have taken over everything. They drop, the walk, the gather gold, what can’t they do? And don’t get surprised when they start falling from the sky in the Mystery Feature. Join in on this wild ride and experience the fun of Goat Rush!
Welcome to the Wins of Winter, a winter wonderland filled with magical moments. In this exciting journey, the snow constantly falls onto the reels. Collect all the snowflakes you land, and see the progressive multiplier reach new heights.

It will grow and grow towards the sky, with a 100x multiplier as the final goal. Make sure to be on the lookout for the golden snowflake. Once it lands, watch as the frozen frames turn into magical Winter Wilds that are sure to be a thrill.

Find all the 3 magical presents, bring your multiplier and enter the Bonus game. Here awaits a present opening session like never seen before. Open them all and enjoy the magical wonders of Wins of Winter.
Join Prometheus, the Titan of Fire, on an epic adventure loaded with exciting moments. Enter the cave of the Titan and collect the golden coins of Medusa with the Fire Collect and Double Collect features. Find the keys and go into the Free Spins where hotspot multipliers reside. Land coins upon coins and see the hotspots grow up to 5x each. Alongside the increasingly powerful hotspots, watch as the coin wins multiply and reach new heights.

Throughout the Free Spins, make sure to collect the keys and receive milestone awards along the way. Once all 15 keys have been gathered, bring your hotspots and venture into the Super Free Spins. Here awaits 5 spins of hold and respin with 2 guaranteed collect symbols and more to find. Stack up the coin wins and bring home the gold.
Discover the unknown and take a trip into the feature rich experience that Animal Carnival has to offer. From multiple wilds packed into one during the Sparkle Wild feature to the Cannon Respin Features that moves all wild symbols to the top reels we guarantee there is never a dull moment.

If that cant tempt you enough dont forget you will also have the chance to increase wins by collecting wilds that increase multipliers in the main game.

With so much going on, will you even have the chance to leave?
This is a modern reimagination of pirates and treasure with an aeronautical twist with 5 reels,27 Pay-lines, and an explosive 6th reel Multiplier Reel. All line wins in the base game and Free Spins are multiplied up to 10X.

Exciting progressive features: Zeppelin Feature, Lightening Mystery, Free Spins, Super Free Spins, and Feature Buy.
Fantasma Games are bringing back even more flowery fun with one of their fan favourites, Flower Fortunes Supreme with even more action!

Level Up Flower - The Flower "level ups" unlocking even more ways to Fortune! Respin Feature - Respin symbol feature, spins away non-winning symbols to build even more ways to win! Expanding Wild - Wilds that expand with multipliers that multiply each other for even bigger win potential! Both Ways - Win both ways for even more explosive ways to win! Pick Your Lucky Flower - Winning is as easy as picking a flower! Pick flowers for fortune winning fun!
Magikspell is a game that grows on you, literally. The Free Spins Multiplier is a tantalizing prospect for patient players with the lure of x250. A unique “infectious” wild mechanic keeps the player glued to the game. In the Bonus, Prize Gems are collected.

If all positions on a reel are filled with Prize Gems, the prizes are awarded and removed so new Prize Gems can land. When the bonus ends, the total values of all Prize Gems are summed and multiplied by the Free Spins multiplier unlocked from the Base Game.
Welcome to Alice in Adventureland! The Rocketkat symbols bounces in on more than any one reel.

The Rocketkat awards a 50/50 chance of turning any symbol WILD. More the merrier as additional Rocketkats on wilds can upgrade each WILD further, up to x9 WILD Multiplier.

In the Adventure Free Spins. The Ultra bomb drops in even more winning action, with each bomb awarding the player with up to 8 additional WILDS that become activated by a supercharged Rocketkat.
Your road to riches begins on the Caravan of Riches! Join us in this middle-eastern adventure from Fantasma Games. Caravan of Riches is a 3-4-5-4-3 format slot with 20 lines.

Line up 3 scatters to unlock the Free Spins, or unlock the Silk Road feature spin when a cluster of matching concurrent character symbols span across reels 1 to 5.
Megaways game with entertaining visual, one unique feature: the Countdown Bomb Feasture, and Free Spins with progressive multiplayer. Theme: Submarine adventure, inspired by 20 000 League Under the Sea.
When the dragon was slain a new foe awakened, spreading terror across the land. The full moon has just started to rise when three heroes approach the stairs to the old castle. Walls of stone loom high above the ground, whispers can be heard from the shadowy creaks and a foul stench of decay fills the air. The archer puts an arrow to his bow, the wizard gathers her spells, and the warrior draws his sword. There is no turning back now. The evil that has awoken must be stopped before it’s too late.
Experience otherworldly gameplay across a 6x6 MEGAWAYS™ reel with Expanding Wilds, Void Respin feature, Free Spins, and cascading reels.

In the middle of a vast and endless desert, a lone tent can sometimes be found on clear and moonless nights. Sheltered from the howls of the icy desert winds, a night full of mystery and gambling may now begin. The border between reality and dream slowly starts to blur as the image of a cryptic eye grows clearer deep within your mind.

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About Fantasma Games

Fantasma Games is truly dedicated to creating new generation slot machines for the players who like to live up to the minute. This Stockholm-based gaming studio was established in 2016 and is now operational in 50 countries worldwide with over 150 operators. Fantasma Games comprises around 20 different slot machine titles. All these titles are graphically astounding and capable of paying high winning amounts. Partnering with other igaming developers like Relax Gaming and Microgaming showcases its proficiency in creating online video slots. All its slot machines are designed to offer one-handed, mobile-optimized gaming experiences for gamblers.

Fantasma Games has plenty of online slots, creating a reputation that this igaming software developer currently possesses. So, there’s a need to know about the leading ones.

The Serpent Shrine slot from Fantasma Games pays out from 108 winning ways up to 16807, and you can avail up to 10013.25x your bet amount from it. This slot machine based on skeleton mine workers and serpent heads features a 3D display and is entertaining with multiple features like respins, different types of free spins, gaming wild, and more. You can wager up to €100.00 in a single spin of this game.

The Golden Castle Titanways slot will keep you spellbound with its allure while being played. This slot machine features 33.81% hit frequency and 96.34% RTP, which results in the maximum winning amount being 20,000x the stake. In-built features like Titanways, Win Multiplier, Wild Hunt, and Phantom Free Spins sprinkle some more dust of attraction into it.

Alice in Adventureland will make your heart run faster with its maximum win potential of 10,000x, which looks quite possible to be attained with multiple features. While playing it, you can trigger features like wild multipliers, two different free spin rounds, and a feature buy option. This high volatility game offers an RTP of 96.26%.
Noticing the graphical quality and themes of the slot machines of Fantasma Games, it feels like it creates detailed paintings with every product. Both video slots and mega ways titles feature 3D displays and are playable on computer screens and mobile phones. Besides, the existence of more than one special feature is seemingly a common phenomenon in the majority of Fantasma Games online slots. This significant facet makes slot machines from this provider well accepted and celebrated by the players worldwide.

Fantasma Games offers paylines between the 20s and 1000s for its slot machines. More than 96% RTP is common in most slots. Besides, their volatility rates remain high most of the time. Hence, gigantic winning amounts are easily expectable from them. Slot machines with the highest win capacities of 10,000x and 20,000x are present in multiple numbers in their gaming library. Fantasma Games also acknowledges that the gamblers' base is divided into players with different wagering patterns and preferences. Hence, the provider has kept the betting range of its titles typically between €0.20 and €1.00, suitable for newbie players and high-rollers alike.

Fantasma Games maintains its worldwide presence with licenses from multiple gambling regulatory bodies. It includes Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission. Besides, it also comprises a stamp of approval from eCOGRA, a reputed, autonomous auditing organization for online casinos and game developers. Therefore, it hasn’t faced any hindrance in serving its slot machines to players worldwide through renowned online casinos.

Official Website: https://www.fantasmagames.com/