Zeus and Poseidon reemerge with a captivating presence, igniting unparalleled thrills in this dynamic slot game, ensuring an electrifying experience for players!

Delve into the realm of the divine with Gods of Olympus III Megaways, where the Gods wield their powers on the spinning reels! Within the Base Game, witness Hera's mystical ability to transmute 2-4 symbols into Wilds, while Zeus electrifies 2 symbols into Multiplier Wilds. Apollo brings forth his influence by transforming 2-4 symbols into a random symbol from the initial reel, while Poseidon commands the conversion of 3-4 symbols into the most valuable symbol.

The excitement intensifies with the onset of Free Spins. Obtaining 4/5/6 Scatter Symbols triggers 8/12/20 Free Spins correspondingly. During Free Spins, Zeus amplifies his potency, escalating the Wild Multiplier he grants with each appearance, heightening the thrill for players. Gods of Olympus III Megaways delivers an unforgettable odyssey for players across the globe.
Enter the glitz and glamour of Vegas Hold and Win, where each spin presents an opportunity for a major payout! Activate Hold & Win by landing six or more Coins, which triggers three respins. Each additional Coin resets the respins counter.

In the Base Game, the presence of a Wild and two H&W symbols (coin-coin or coin-diamond) on the same reel causes the Wild to expand and pay out the value of the Coins. Coins can also transform into Jackpot Symbols, leading to increased payouts with 3, 4, or 5 of them on the board.

Trigger Freespins by landing three or more Scatter Symbols, with extra Freespins triggered by additional Scatters. Upon completion of the Freespins mechanic, these Scatters morph into coins, heightening the chances of entering Hold & Win. Should the player activate Hold & Win during Freespins, they receive an enhanced payout.
Introducing Bacon Banker, the wealthiest swine in Piggy Town, accompanied by his faithful companion, Elvis Pigsley. Join them as they venture on an exciting journey in pursuit of lost gold coins in this captivating 6×4 slot game created by Iron Dog Studio.

Prepare yourself for a voyage to a realm abundant with gold coins, where fixed jackpots and multiplier wilds await your discovery! Your mission: aid Bacon Banker in gathering as many gold coins as possible, with a maximum collection of 8 coins in the Base Game and 9 coins during Freespins. Fixed jackpots, ranging from x1 to an astounding x1000, are up for grabs, determined by the number of coins amassed on each spin. The greater the collection, the grander the reward bestowed upon you.

The Bacon Banker Dollar Scatter Symbol acts as your golden ticket to Freespins, activating them when three or more symbols are landed. During Freespins, the frequency of Bacon Banker collecting gold coins is heightened, and the Mega Jackpot (x2500) becomes attainable!

Prepare to be captivated by the charm of Bacon Banker and Elvis Pigsley as they embark on this thrilling, high-volatility slot adventure, destined to steal the hearts of all who play.
Experience the exhilaration of the Chinese New Year festivities with Iron Dog Studio’s latest thrilling slot game, set in the vibrant world of Macao!

8 Treasures: Luck of the Dragon presents players with two distinct ways to initiate the Hold & Win feature (Any Hold & Win HR 1/72). The first method involves the strategic placement of both the Dragon and Envelope symbols on the reels. As the Dragon chases the Envelope, it leaves a trail of coins in its wake, activating the Hold & Win feature with any number of coins collected.

These coins remain on the reels until the conclusion of the Hold & Win round. Alternatively, players can activate Hold & Win by landing six golden coins on the reels.

Freespins can be unlocked by landing 3/4/5 Scatter symbols on the reels. What's more, both methods of activating Hold & Win are also accessible during Freespins, intensifying the thrill of the game!
Venture into a grand gaming adventure with Apex Strike, the inaugural Megaways installment of the Strike Series! In the base game, players can immerse themselves in cascading tumbles following each victory, heightening the potential for substantial payouts. Upon landing six Scatter Symbols, the Hold and Win feature springs into action.

Once triggered, the Hold and Win feature locks all the Scatter Symbols in place on the board, preserving them until the feature concludes. The objective is to secure additional Scatter Symbols for a rewarding payout. To enhance the likelihood of entering Hold and Win, players have the option to activate the ante-bet feature, effectively doubling their chances.
Embark on an enchanting journey to the North Pole with Megaways Jack Frost, the latest addition to the successful Megaways Jack games! Join Jack on this exciting adventure, where the Base Game offers players a visually stunning experience filled with captivating features.

Witness the magic as winning symbols freeze and shatter, and reels lock in place with an enchanting icy border that gradually covers the entire reel. Each spin brings the promise of a winter wonderland with visually mesmerizing elements.

To add to the excitement, players can trigger Free Spins by landing 4 Scatter Symbols, immersing themselves in a snowstorm of thrilling features. The pre-feature will determine the number of Free Spins, Locked Reels, the presence of Jack Frost, and the multiplier value, setting the stage for an exhilarating bonus round.

Whether in the Base Game or Free Spins, landing a Jack Frost Symbol is a cause for celebration, showering players with fantastic bonuses such as Symbol Swaps and Wild Symbols. Every spin becomes an opportunity for a big win, making Megaways Jack Frost a game where the magic of winter brings joy and rewards at every turn.

Are you ready to explore the snowy landscapes and experience the magic of Megaways Jack Frost? Join Jack on this frosty adventure and discover the enchanting features that await in this winter wonderland of a slot game!
Immerse yourself in the classic allure of Roulette with Iron Dog Studios' Roulette Classic. This rendition allows players to delve into their favorite traditional table game, complete with all the classic ways to play Roulette, including the timeless bet patterns!

Roulette Classic effortlessly transports players to the nostalgic ambiance of the original casino, seamlessly blending it with a contemporary digital twist. Experience the charm of classic graphics, access to betting history at your fingertips, and a sleek user interface that seamlessly transports you into the heart of the gaming action.
Indulge in the festive sweetness of Sweet Candy Christmas from Iron Dog Studio, a Scatter Pays game designed to infuse your lobby with holiday spirit!

Kicking off in the base game, players can trigger substantial wins by landing eight of the same symbol anywhere on the board. When four Scatter symbols appear, the Freespins feature activates, opening the door to even more significant wins!

During Freespins, players have the opportunity to maximize their payouts by landing multiplier candies. These candies wield the power to multiply the current spin's winnings between x2 and x100, depending on the multiplier number atop the candy.

To enhance the chances of entering Freespins, players can activate the ante-bet feature. By doing so, landing three Scatters becomes sufficient to trigger Freespins, heightening the game's excitement and potential rewards. Sweet Candy Christmas is set to bring a delightful blend of holiday cheer and thrilling gameplay to your gaming experience!
Zeus and Poseidon battle for domination of Mount Olympus and its reels in Iron Dog Studio's Gods of Olympus!

This thrilling slot features a dynamic versus system, where landing multiple God Symbols not only triggers an expansion, but also a mighty battle between the Gods, with the victor awarding a stake multiplier.

During Freespins, players only need to land one God Symbol to trigger a battle, with the resulting multiplier persisting cumulatively on that reel for the rest of Freespins, setting up some potentially massive wins!
Prepare to be spooked and entertained with Iron Dog Studio's Halloween Horrors Megaways, a classic Megaways format wrapped up in Iron Dog's signature premium style. During the base game, players can expect classic high-volatility gameplay, with Megaways' iconic tumble mechanics. Should the player land four successive tumbles, they'll be awarded with Freespins.

During Freespins, the reels lock at 7 symbols high to help chase the 25,000x maximum win. Players can also retrigger further Freespins with by landing additional tumbles. Halloween Horrors Megaways is also available as a Brandable Megaways, contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.
ad Cabs, the exciting video slot by Iron Dog Studio, takes players on a thrilling ride through its taxi-themed gameplay. With a 5-reel, 4-row layout and 20 paylines, this game offers a visually immersive experience.

Players can enjoy an array of features, including Wilds, Freespins, and Expanding Symbols, enhancing the excitement with every spin. What sets Mad Cabs apart is its unique Call a Noober feature, activated by landing at least 2 different sets of Mad Cab Symbols in the base game, providing players with the chance to win big while enjoying the taxi adventure.
Luck of the Dragon, developed by Iron Dog Studio, is a captivating video slot featuring a 5-reel, 4-row layout with 20 paylines, offering players ample opportunities for exciting gameplay. Within this dragon-themed adventure, players can harness the power of Wilds and Scatters to enhance their winning potential, while the Free Spins feature adds an extra layer of thrill and reward to the experience.

The innovative Hold and Win feature keeps players on the edge of their seats as they collect prizes and strive to fill the Collection Pot, promising even greater rewards. Plus, the exclusive Luck of the Dragon Respin feature provides an extra chance to secure those coveted wins, making this slot a must-try for fans of both traditional and modern slot gaming.
Indulge your sweet tooth with Sweet Candy Cash, a delightful candy-themed video slot by Iron Dog Studio that offers players a sugary rush of excitement, featuring a free spins feature, cascading wins that bring continuous rewards, and the innovative mechanic of symbols paying anywhere on the reels for a truly delectable gaming experience.
Are you ready to make it rain in a dazzling world of wealth and prosperity? Welcome to "Rainin' Money," an exciting slot game developed by Iron Dog Studio that will immerse you in a vibrant and opulent experience. With its fun bonus feature where money rains down the screen which you need to catch and also a lucrative free spins feature. this game is set to shower you with excitement and riches!
Iron Dog Studio’s Strike Series of Hold and Win games reaches a new level of intensity with Savannah Strike, and the biggest Expanding Wild of the series so far. During the base game (1/70 Spins), the Lion expands with a triumphant roar into a massive 2x2 Wild Symbol.

While during Freespins (1/4 Spins)z, the symbol expands and triggers a x2 multiplier to any wins it contributes to, teeing up some massive wins. Alongside the Expanding Wild, Savannah Strike features bonus rounds in the form of Freespins and Hold and Win Respins. Bringing fresh visuals to the series, while maintaining clear symbol hierarchy, Savannah Strike is an exciting addition to the series, and your lobby.
Sweet Candy Cash Megaways from Iron Dog Studio is as sweet as it is satisfying. With delicious visuals and a tantalising max win, this title is a classic Megaways experience. During the base game, players chase Tumbles and Magic Candy symbols to climb the Candy Cane and enter Freespins.

Across the game, the Chocolate Fountain can be triggered to award a variety of bonuses such as additional wilds, positions on the Candy Cane and respins. During Freespins, the Chocolate Fountain is triggered more often, and as well as awarding Wilds can award additional Freespins and lock reels at seven symbols.
One of the most famous games of all time, Blackjack has entertained players for hundreds of years. With Iron Dog Studio’s first iteration of the iconic casino game, we extend that history and enjoyment to your players with a simple, yet bold Blackjack experience, with the full suite of betting and play options you’d expect at a casino.

Uncluttered by unnecessary user interface elements and other players, Blackjack Classic from Iron Dog Studio allows players to focus on the game, strategise, and relax.
Fruity Megaways brings players a truly casual volatility Megaways slot. By removing multipliers and massively high-paying symbols, the game provides players a more consistent Megaways gaming experience. Enter Freespins by landing Scatter Symbols or via the PICK ME! mini game. Fruity Megaways' Freespins are a simple but engaging elevation of the base game, awarding stake multipliers after consecutive tumbles.

By awarding stake multipliers via the PICK ME! Feature and Freespins rather than progressive multipliers on consecutive tumbles, Fruity Megaways brings the massive action gameplay of Megaways to a broader audience, with a more casual volatility level.
Forge of The Gods brings players a fiery gameplay experience, at a high volatility offering the possibility of some truly god-like wins. With a slightly darker, moodier take on the player favourite Asgardian theme, Forge of The Gods is a classic but exciting 5x3 slot from Iron Dog Studio.

A respin feature provides added anticipation to the base game, and breaks up gameplay sessions. Landing two Scatter Symbols awards the player a respin, where 3-9 symbols are highlighted in the feature. Should a highlighted symbol land on a winning line, it will expand across the real to trigger a big win.

Landing three Scatter Symbols launches the player into Freespins rounds, with an engaging progression feature to setup some potentially massive wins.

Each time a symbol lands on a winning line, it is highlighted in the feature, and if a further win is triggered with a highlighted symbol, that symbol will expand across the reel, triggering big wins.
Stampeding Strike combines everything players love about Iron Dog’s Strike Hold & Win series so far. With the Expanding Wilds from each pre-vious game rolled together in an action packed slot experience.

Board Expansion: 1/20 Hit rateDuring the base game, players can randomly trigger the Stampede event, sending a herd of bison stampeding across the board, causing 1-3 reels to expand, adding more lines until the end of the spin.

Players can enter Freespins by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols. During Freespins, the Wolf, Eagle and Grizzly Expanding Wilds can be triggered, each acting similarly to how they did in their original games, causing a range of bonus payouts.

Landing 6 or more nuggets will trigger Hold & Win respins, with 3 Jackpot values up for grabs alongside classic Hold & Win gameplay.
Vegas Hotspots takes a classic retail slot format and packages it up with Iron Dog Studio’s signature VIP treatment. With a dynamic Hotspots feature and an additional reel in Freespins there’s plenty of anticipation and excitement.

The titular Hotspots feature adds between 1 and 5 highlighted symbols on the board, each multiplying that symbol by the value shown. Players can trigger Freespins by landing 6 Freespins bonus symbols, including any bonus symbols that are multiplied by a Hotspot.

During Freespins, an additional horizontal reel opens up above the board, providing more winning combinations and greater chance of landing multiple Hotspots.
The Base Game entails the classic Megaways format with Tumbling Reels and Cascading Wins, at a higher volatility than the original Megaways Jack, with a more impactful Symbol Swap feature from Golden Harp.

During the Base Game, landing the Golden Harp symbol causes a symbol Swap across multiple reels, with the Harp converting itself and a number of adjacent symbols to generate a win and further Tumbles.

During Freespins rounds, players start with a base Multiplier and Locked Reels as determined by the Beanstalk pre-game. Freespins round have 1792 different configurations based on the Beanstalk pre-game, providing players with a more unique gaming experience.

The Golden Harp appears more frequently in Freespins, to a maximum of 4x it's frequency in the base game. During Freespins, it also increases the multiplier and Freespins count.
Grizzly Strike is the third iteration in Iron Dog Studio’s Strike series of Hold and Win slots. Including the most powerful Expanding Wild feature of the series so far. Trigger the Expanding Wild by landing two Grizzly Wilds on a winning line, at which point one will expand and chase the other from the board, leaving Wilds in its wake.

Land three or more Scatter symbols to enter Freespins, with a higher chance of triggering the Expanding Wilds. Land six or more Nuggets to enter Hold and Win, awarding three respins as well as three tiers of jackpots
Feeding Fury brings players a ferociously fresh gaming experience accompanied by gorgeous visuals and high-latency animations. During the base game, players can trigger the Shark Attack bonus by landing Wild symbols. During the bonus, Wilds of increasing multipliers land on the board to set up some voracious wins.

Land 3 or more Scatter Symbols to enter Feed or Die Freespins, where players are awarded lives, with each spin that doesn't payout losing them a life. During Feed or Die, a central collector symbol chomps it's way through and fish symbols landed, and can expand into a larger collector if enough wins are landed.
Merry Megaways seasonal theme provides a relaxing backdrop to your players’ sessions this festive season, with classic Megaways Gameplay and an entertaining array of features. With Freespins, Wilds and a bonus mechanic in the base game there’s plenty to enjoy.
Boom Time brings your players an explosive gaming experience, with an alternative reel layout for elevated video-slot sessions. Coupled with the classic heist theme, and the game’s trio of would-be heisters, Boom Time brings a rounded action slot to your lobby.

With an array of bombastic Wilds, Boom Time has plenty to aim for in the core gameplay, and even more in Freespins, with a dynamic Freespins Progression system. Players will use these Wilds to bust open the bank’s safe, with Regular and Sticky Wilds in the base game, and Enhanced Wilds during Freespins.

During Freespins, players are pitted against the clock to reach Boom Time in the game’s tumble-trail progression system, where each consecutive tumble moves them along the progress bar, awarding multiplier increases and additional Freespins as it does so.
This Hold and Win title plays across a 5x4 board, with a maximum win of 25,000x stake. During the base game, players will hunt for Skull and Bones Scatters, landing three of which will have them barrelling into the feature packed Hold and Win.

During Hold and Win, players are awarded respins by Iron Dog's dastardly crew of pirates, each contributing their own feature to the bonus round. If players only land two scatters, they're still in luck! As they're sent to the game's Broadside Bonus, firing off rounds into a nearby merchant ship to reveal multipliers, and additional ammo.
Dive into the Amazonian wilderness with Aztec Wilds Megaways from Iron Dog Studio. This Megaways title builds on your favourite mechanics from the original Aztec Wilds, with some truly wild gameplay.

The six-reel, two to seven-row video slot boasts a formidable 117,649 winning ways, and not to mention its host of titular wilds.

Aztec Wilds Megaways is a highly colourful game, and its wilds are no exception. These symbols, appearing in the base game and during freespins provide even bigger win opportunities.

During freespins, the wilds include multipliers. In fact, Sticky Wilds and the Aztec Wild itself only land during freespins, the former with a multiplier that increases with tumbles, and the latter which can expand out onto the reels.
Delve deep into the realm of Norse mythology with Gods of Asgard Megaways from Iron Dog Studio.

Gather around the Norse Tree of Life to meet this Megaways' titular gods: Freya, goddess of love and gold influences the future, transforming symbols across the centre reels; Loki, the infamous trickster, uses his shapeshifting magic to match symbols with one from the first reel for some spectacular tumbles; Thor, God of Thunder, crashes from the heavens to strike symbols across the board, forging them into high paying Rings; and finally Odin, enthroned ruler of the Gods, transforms two symbols into multiplier wilds, which are cumulative in freespins.

With fantastic spine animations and plenty of features, Gods of Asgard Megaways offers an exciting and engaging experience to players.

Gods of Asgard Megaways takes the player favourite theme of Norse Mythology and pushes it to the max. With four unique God characters each triggering exciting gameplay features.

These are included in the core gameplay, and then upgraded as the player enters freespins - which can also be accessed via Iron Dog Studio's Bonus Upgrader feature.
The majestic bald eagle swoops down from his perch for some fantastic wins in Eagle Strike from Iron Dog Studio.

This 5x3 retail slot offers players tumbles, wilds, scatters, freespins and hold and win. Built on the foundations of Wolf Strike, Eagle Strike brings even more to the table. Using a stacks based model provides more satisfying wins, and the anticipation of successive tumbles.

The game's titular Eagle appears across the game as wild. In freespins, the eagle spreads its wings as an expanding wild, guaranteeing a win as it clears the board. The game's hold and win bonus feature is packed with excitement, affording players opportunities for satisfying wins as the nuggets are collected.

Eagle Strike has a relatively high hit rate of ~24/25% during the base game, which affords players a consistently engaging core experience, driving longer play sessions, pushing to trigger features. Although the highest symbol has a payout of 5x, most players will see winning ways paying out around 38x on average.
1 Million Fortunes Megaways from Iron Dog Studio builds on the foundations of the highly successful 1 Million Megaways BC.

This slot brings back the player favourite centre reel that appears during freespins, and can land a maximum of nine symbols rather than Megaways' reel's regular seven symbols. This extra reel affords 1 Million Fortunes Megaways its titular grand total of 1,058,841 winning ways, providing players plenty of payout opportunities.

During this classic Megaways base game players can enter freespins upon triggering four or more tumbles with a win at which point the centre reel appears. 1 Million Fortunes Megaways' freespins includes a reel lock feature, where reels lock when they land their maximum number of symbols.

1 Million Fortunes Megaways Eastern theme draws upon the rich cultural history of the Far East, and such visuals continually prove themselves to be popular across the player base.
Wolf Strike takes players deep into the wilds of the North American frontier, where they’ll journey toward this five-reel slot’s 5000x maximum win. If players land six or more nuggets on the board simultaneously, they trigger the hold & win mini-game.

During this, the player is given three re-spins where any further nuggets landed stick to the board until the player runs out of respins. Every spin can potentially land more nuggets, and doing so will reset the spin counter. Nuggets pay out their cash value once the player runs out of respins, but if they manage to fill the board with nuggets, they pay out double their value.
Join the intrepid explorer as he delves into the Pharaohs’ ancient tombs deep beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Book of Ba’al is IronDogStudio’s latest slot in the ‘Book of’ series, boasting a 5100X max win, against the backdrop of a mystical Egyptian theme.
Fire up your rockets and spin your way through outer space in this 9x9 clusters pays slot. Look out for the constant Solar Wild in the middle of the reels. Solar Flares are randomly triggered and transform 1-4 of the cross lines into the same gemstone symbol. Rockets are sticky wilds and increase their multiplier by 1 after each win, 3 or more rockets triggers freespins.

Rockets at random may teleport and swap positions with another symbol to guarantee a win. During the freespins Solar Nova expansion occurs when the Solar Wild symbol contributes to 8 wins during FS. The Solar Nova explosion expands the wild symbol into a 3x3 version of itself.
Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry Christmas!

Come and join the festive fun in Santa’s Big Bash Megaways.

A 6-reel slot with win ways from 64 to 117,649, featuring wilds, random events, tumbles and freespins with locked reels, re-triggers and incremental multipliers all set in a cool Christmas party scene.

Freespins are triggered by activating 8 baubles on the Christmas tree, each successive win activates 1 bauble. The more baubles you accumulate the better starting position you have when entering freespins. Magic baubles can also be won on the reels which add random number of positions, up to 3, on the trail.
When this team of Dwarves aren’t wielding weapons and armor, they are mining down at the earth’s core harvesting rare gems and gold

Join this brave team's quest to explore the deepest crevices of the ground below, digging up their treasure and brining their findings to the surface. As the gems glisten by the light of the torches, help this legendary crew to mine away at the caves and discover a new wave of wealth.
Re-live folklore's most magical trip to market in MegawaysTM Jack -the six-reel slot game that invites players to climb the beanstalk, ascend to the clouds, then escape the Giant's Castle with armfuls of famous fairy-tale treasures.

MegawaysTM Jack re-tells a timeless story where Jack moves skyward, from a quaint village square all the way up to the giant's kingdom, and special symbols on the reels play a role in advancing either story or gameplay. Jack's mother and the cow she sends him to sell are high-paying. Magic beans give Jack an extra foothold on the beanstalk.

The goose's golden eggs serve as wilds - standing in for any other symbol. And Jack's magic harp can trigger game-changing effects when it's strummed - creating extra golden eggs, or even increasing multipliers. Every reel can change height independently with every spin, so at any time one reel might contain just two symbols while another could be fully stacked with seven.

And because no two spins are alike, the number of potential ways to win is being constantly recalculated, ranging from 64 to a maximum of 117,649. All symbols in MegawaysTM Jack can scale to take up more of the reel. And when the Magic Giant onus game starts, the strum of Jack's magic harp can lock the reel height at seven symbols, as well as awarding additional free spins.

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About Iron Dog Studio

Many leading slot machine providers currently rule the online casino gambling industry. But, Iron Dog Studio's name is obviously on the top list of slot game providers. The igaming developer designs each slot machine with unique concepts and leaves a few built-in bonus features as enthrallments. This comparably fresh online casino game provider started its journey in 2016 in the United Kingdom. 31 different slot titles are present in the Iron Dog Studio’s existing assortment of slot machines, depicting high graphical quality and storylines.
Though the provider has offered a handful of video slots, many of them are significantly admired by the players. It has helped the provider attain the recognized position it has now. So, let’s learn about some of those titles through the following lines.

Wolf Strike slot is noted as one of the latest and most celebrated titles the provider has come up till now. This 20-payline slot machine comprises a maximum win potential of 5000x stake, which looks even more tempting with an RTP of 95% and medium volatility. For making the title even more compelling, a free spin round and hold & win mini-game make frequent visits.

The Irish-themed slot machine named Rainbow Wilds Megaways mesmerizes players with a colorful scheme designed with friendly leprechauns, mushrooms, golden-colored horseshoes, and more. Special features like free spins, sticky wilds, and increasing multipliers create up to 12,000x stake. Besides, the slot’s extremely high volatility paves the way for hefty wins.

Solar Nova slot will bring you three different RTPs - 88%, 94%, and 96%. This cluster pays slot includes wilds that increase the win multiplier by 1. Besides, the free spins round will get activated by getting 3 or more of them at once. This high volatility game will give you chances of winning up to 10000x.

After entering Iron Dog Studio's slot machine collection, you will observe diversity in themes and excellence in graphical quality. These slot titles are equally intuitive on mobile phones and computer screens. Two different video slots are present in Red Dog Studio's collection - video slots and megaways. Moreover, the presence of multiple in-game bonus rounds is another characteristic that you will find in nearly every single title.

You won't notice slot machines without generous RTP rates in Red Dog Studio's gaming library. From 94% to over 96%, you will find multiple titles on the very return-to-player ratio you want in your preferred game. Many of these titles are also designed with the megaways engine. Hence, you don’t need to be surprised even if you notice a slot machine paying through 117649 winning ways. When it's about coin range, most of the titles feature adequately elongated arrays suitable for players with varied wagering habits. However, the slots incline to be within the medium to high range in terms of volatility. Therefore, sky-scraping max winning capacities aren't uncommon either.
Iron Dog Studio is nestled in the United Kingdom. Therefore, naturally, it's licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. In addition, this igaming provider encompasses another license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

The expedition across those years has rewarded Iron Dog Studio with many milestones. In 2020, its 1 Million Megaways BC slot machine won the SlotBeat’s Slot of the Week award. In the same year, Iron Dog Studio became a winner at EGR Awards. Besides, it was nominated for the EGR B2B Software Rising Star Award in 2018.

Official Website: https://irondogstudio.com/#/