Are you brave enough to sneak on top of the “Dark Towers”?

A legendary evil witch with black magic holds three beautiful princesses captive in a tower chamber to keep the power of the great kingdom for herself. On your way up, you will get some rewarding winning combinations as well as valuable jewelry and items which are supposed to have magical powers. By using them, you will enter free spins, where the mighty witch can't harm you thanks to a cloaking spell.

Outside of free spins, you'll experience an incredible adrenaline rush spin after spin - because you never know what's waiting for you after entering the next step.

With every win you get, your cashpot grows and only you decide its outcome. So consider carefully which step will be your next. If the witch discovers you, she will destroy the unsecured successes within seconds.

Do you want to take a risk this time or do you prefer to secure your cashpot step by step?

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