Prepare for an explosion of green and gold with our Irish-themed game, Clover Blitz Hold and Win! Experience the enchantment as you achieve Cashpot symbols to activate the Hold and Win Blitz Mode, providing opportunities to secure a cash reward alongside one of six tiers of Cashpots at the conclusion of the feature. Featuring Buy Bonus, HyperBet, Multiplier Wilds, and an expanded Free Spins round, Clover Blitz Hold and Win is overflowing with chances to win!

A whirlwind of riches and golden opportunities, Clover Blitz Hold and Win is the ultimate choice for fans of traditional slots with a contemporary Irish twist. May the luck of the Irish shine upon you!

Trigger 3 Hold and Win Blitz Mode spins by landing Cashpot symbols. Each Cashpot symbol landing resets the spin count to 3! Fill all positions on reels 2-5 with rainbow frames to claim the displayed cash prize above the reels, in addition to a shot at one of the six Cashpot rewards based on the accumulated number of Cashpot symbols.

Activate the Free Spins game by landing three or more Bonus symbols. Strive to cover all reels (1-6) with rainbow frames for even greater potential winnings.
Journey through the Bifrost to locate the formidable Asgardian guardian Heimdall in this fresh iteration of the popular game Heimdall’s Gate! Experience a revamped reel layout that offers players the opportunity to enhance the initial count of free spins through K-Boost and a personalized rendition of the beloved K-Cash feature. Ensure you commence your grand adventure to encounter the vigilant sentinel of the Norse deities himself!

Receive assistance from Odin by filling the meters during the base game to elevate the starting count of Free Spins to a maximum of 20. Seek Thor’s riches and align two symbols in the indicated positions on reels one and two to activate instant cash rewards when additional matching symbols emerge on reels 3-6.

Unleash three sword or horn symbols to initiate either level 1 or level 2 Free Spins. Both tiers feature three designated K-Cash spots spanning reels 1 and 2; moreover, Level 2 Free Spins introduce a random K-Cash multiplier reaching up to 10x, amplifying the potential for winnings!
Dive into the world where guns, katanas, and ninjas collide with Narcos in this high-energy journey through an 80s-inspired fantasy realm of somewhat organized crime. Will you emerge victorious and claim the ultimate BOSS PRIZE, or will you find yourself sleeping with the fishes? Always remember, when the Cartel faces off against the Clan, there can only be Juan!

Initiate Blitz Mode by landing the triple Narco symbols on the reels at any time. Populate any of the columns on reels 2-4 with golden frames for an instant, cold, hard cash prize!

Achieve the ultimate by filling all positions in any of reels 2-4 with golden frames, triggering the Ninjaz RAGE MODE. This mode remains active until the end of Blitz mode spins, with each ninja possessing a unique power on each column.

Ringo-Shi (Green Ninja) doubles one K-Cash amount before accumulation. Rem-Shi (Yellow Ninja) increases ALL K-Cash amounts on the column by a random percentage. Tom-Shi (Red Ninja) resets Blitz Mode spins to 4 instead of 3 and provides extra spins in Free Spins mode.

Unlock Free Spins by hitting 3 Free Spins symbols, unveiling an additional row above the reels. Target any ninja in this row to add all visible K-Cash amounts to the win at the spins' conclusion. Hit all three Ninjaz in any order in the row to claim the coveted BOSS PRIZE. With each meter fill, the BOSS PRIZE receives a doubling multiplier!

Engage in this thrilling clash where Ninjaz face off against Narcos, and the stakes are high. Will you conquer the underworld and secure the BOSS PRIZE in this action-packed adventure?
Set forth on a truly exciting journey alongside the magnificent Blessed Dragons! Immerse yourself in the divine ambiance of sights and sounds as you discover the potential for remarkable victories through K-Cash, K-Cash Bonus, Buy Bonus, and more. Experience the excitement of the K-Cash Spins game, where players can unlock fantastic features for a thrilling gaming journey.

During the base game, fill the accumulators alongside the reels to enhance K-Cash prizes in the K-Cash spins. Attain the ultimate stroke of luck by landing 3 K-Cash symbols in any position on a single spin, activating K-Cash spins with the opportunity to enjoy 1, 2, or 3 of the following features based on the colors of the symbols that appear in the triggering spin.

Unlock extra excitement with UP ONE – a feature that grants you an additional starting K-Cash Spin, elevating your initial gameplay and increasing your chances for enticing rewards. Experience double the fun with DUO REELS, where two K-Cash reel sets come to life simultaneously, amplifying the thrill and creating more opportunities for exciting wins.

Embrace the unpredictability of PRIZE BOOSTER, as each landed K-Cash symbol, when this feature is active, carries a random chance of boosting its current value. This element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement to your potential rewards.

Immerse yourself in the abundance of potential rewards with K-CASH BONUS. Trigger this feature by filling every position on the grid with K-Cash symbols, unlocking a plethora of opportunities for substantial rewards throughout your gameplay.

For those seeking instant action, the BUY BONUS feature allows you to skip the build-up and dive straight into the heart of the game with K-Cash spins. Choose from a selection of all the K-Cash accumulators or let the game randomly pick one or two features, enhancing your gaming experience with immediate thrills and rewards.
Dive into a enchanting holiday escapade with Diamond Bounty Xmas Hold and Win! This festive video slot game dazzles with four HyperBet levels, an exhilarating Hold and Win bonus round, Multiplier Wilds, and four captivating Cashpot levels.

Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned enthusiast, Diamond Bounty Xmas Hold and Win offers a summit of holiday glitz, excitement, and the promise of festive fortune with every spin!
Get ready for a jubilant whirlwind of festive thrills with Santa Blitz Hold and Win! Unwrap the holiday joy as you land Christmas Cashpot symbols, triggering the Hold and Win Blitz Mode. This exciting mode not only presents a chance to scoop a cash prize but also unveils six enchanting levels of Cashpots at the conclusion of the feature. With enticing features like Buy Bonus, HyperBet, Multiplier Wilds, and an expanded Free Spins game, Santa Blitz Hold and Win is brimming with seasonal opportunities for victory!

Immerse yourself in a true holiday frenzy of gold and prizes – this game is tailor-made for aficionados of classic slots with a delightful yuletide twist. May your spins be filled with merriment, and your wins adorned with festive cheer!
Get ready for a festive gaming experience like no other with Xmas Lightning! This slot integrates a distinctive reel layout with a variety of festive-themed features that will fill your holiday season with excitement.

In the K-Boost feature, players aim to fill the purple (level 1) or gold (level 2) star meters during the base game. Successfully doing so enhances the starting number of Free Spins, with the potential for a maximum of 30 spins. The more stars you collect, the merrier your holiday spins become.

K-Cash adds an extra thrill as players seek to match two symbols in the highlighted spots on reels 1 and 2. To win instant cash prizes, additional matching symbols must land on reels 3-6. It's a quick and exciting way to boost your festive winnings.

For those eager to dive straight into the holiday fun, Xmas Lightning features the Buy Bonus option. Players can choose from three options and instantly purchase up to the maximum of 30 free starting spins. It's the perfect shortcut to the heart of the festive action.

The Free Spins game itself offers two levels – Level 1 (purple) or Level 2 (gold). Triggered by landing three matching star symbols, the Free Spins feature includes two highlighted positions on reel 2 and introduces a K-Cash multiplier of up to 10x. It's the pinnacle of holiday excitement, promising big wins and festive cheer.
Dive into the captivating world of Allstar 7s Hold and Win, where players can indulge in the eponymous Hold and Win feature by landing 4 or 5 special symbols in any position to claim the displayed amount. Triggering the Hold and Win Spins requires hitting 6 or more special symbols, providing 3 initial spins and the potential for resets to 3 spins by covering all reel positions.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, the game introduces 4 levels of Cashpots, randomly triggered when 4 or 5 Hold and Win symbols appear in any position, including within the Hold and Win Spins. Stacked Multiplier Wilds further enhance the gameplay, ensuring wilds are consistently stacked in both the base game and Free Spins, complete with a 2x multiplier.

Unlock the Free Spins feature by landing three or more Free Spins symbols, exclusively featuring high-paying symbols. Earn extra free spins by hitting special symbols during the Free Spins round. For those seeking a shortcut to the action, the Buy Bonus option lets players choose from four options of either Free Spins or Hold and Win Spins.

To tailor the gaming experience to individual preferences, the HyperBet feature is also available, offering three distinct levels for a personalized and immersive gameplay journey.
Prepare for an exhilarating adventure in the thrilling realm of Monkey God Hold and Win! Feel the excitement as Hold and Win symbols shower down both in the base game and the Free Spins Bonus. Keep a keen eye on these symbols as they carry random cash values and have the power to trigger incredible Cashpot prizes.

Instant wins await when you land four or five Hold and Win symbols anywhere on the reels. But the real excitement begins when you hit six, triggering the Hold and Win Spins. With each new Hold and Win symbol, the spin counter resets, offering endless opportunities for big wins. Imagine covering the entire grid with Hold and Win symbols – that's your ticket to an extraordinary prize!

Are you ready to unveil the treasures guarded by the Monkey God? Harness the Power of the Primate Fortune and dive into the excitement of Monkey God Hold and Win. The adventure awaits – play now and let the journey begin!
Unleash your inner culinary maestro in Hell Chef, the sizzling all-new slot game that will set your gaming world on fire. Let Lucifer himself treat you to his enormous lunchbox of tricks and treats in this tasty trip to hell and back! If you're brave enough, Hell Chef is your ticket to the best grill in town.
Introducing Joker Lanterns Hold and Win, a spine-tingling 6-reel, 4-row video slot game brimming with spooky excitement across its 40 paylines. Prepare yourself for the sinister allure of the Hold and Win Bonus, as you embark on a quest to capture the elusive Joker Lanterns.

This timeless game guarantees a relentless whirlwind of thrills and bewitching opportunities that will leave you on the edge of your broomstick!
Introducing Blazing Spirit Hold and Win! Including Cashpots, Hold and Win, HyperBet, Buy Bonus and stacked Multiplier Wilds, Blazing Spirit Hold and Win promises spiritual entertainment on a fantastic scale.

Make sure your players have a chance to experience all the features of this colourful, vibrant adventure into nature.
Let dragons and moons light up your path during the Moon Festival and beyond as you spin the reels in Moonrise Fortunes Hold and Win. Including Cashpots, Hold and Win symbols and Spins, Buy Bonus and incrementing Multiplier Wilds during the Free Spins game, Moonrise Fortunes Hold and Win offers an immersive experience that transports you to a world of mysticism and potential wealth.

Enjoy the harmonious blend of captivating visuals, serene soundscapes, and the allure of dragons. Moonrise Fortunes Hold and Win is a captivating and rewarding gaming experience.
Get ready to embark on a glittering adventure in Diamond Bounty 7s Hold and Win! This action-packed video slot game includes four HyperBet levels, a thrilling Hold and Win bonus round, Multiplier Wilds and four amazing Cashpot levels.

With Diamond Bounty 7s Hold and Win, players of all types can experience the epitome of glitz, excitement, and potential fortune with every spin they play!
Welcome to Cashpot Kegs Megaways™, the ultimate thrill-packed adventure where instant wins are turned up to the max! This beer-fest inspired slot, now with the much-loved Megaways™ feature added also includes four Buy Bonus options, an extreme Free Spins game and a low minimum bet level which all add up to one of the most enjoyable slots games around right now.

With its top end volatility, seasonal theme and amazing range of features, Cashpot Kegs Megaways™ is like a great afternoon in the pub with your best friends – fun, frothy and even more fantastic than ever!
Get your revolvers ready for a Wild West Zombie shootout with Megaways™ Duel of the Dead BoomBoom! Including Megaways™, Zombies Go Wild, DUEL and the all-new “BoomBoom” gamble feature, this is one of the most exciting slots you’ll ever play!

With its blend of brand new and classic features, Megaways™ Duel of the Dead BoomBoom is an epic showdown not to be missed!
Join Big Bounty Bill once again in his dogged pursuit of a gallery of original villains in this special “BoomBoom” edition of the classic slots adventure!

Packed with Kalamba signature features that let you play your own way, Big Bounty Bill lives up to his name with a maximum win of 5000x bet, allowing truly intrepid gunslingers out there to chase really big wins.
Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of Wilds from the Crypt, where luck and terror intertwine. Prepare for an exhilarating gameplay experience like no other, where the restless spirits roam and potential fortunes await the brave!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable encounter with Wilds from the Crypt, where every spin holds the promise of both terror and untold riches. Enter if you dare!
Introducing Gold Tracker 7s, a thrilling 5-reel, 40-line video slot that will take you on a classic-style adventure filled with cashpots, free spins, Multiplier Wilds and, naturally, 7s! Get ready to uncover golden treasures and have the chance to claim massive rewards.

Prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience with Gold Tracker 7s. Join the quest for gold, spin the reels, and let the adventure begin!
Get ready to make a splash with Deep Rush, the ultimate casino crash game! Brace yourself for an exhilarating deep-sea experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Taking you to the depths of the ocean, where treasures lie waiting to be discovered, will you be able to cash out in time and foil the great white shark that lurks down there? With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the mysterious abyss first hand.

But be warned, the excitement in Deep Rush is intense! The crash format adds a thrilling twist to the traditional casino games. Will you ride the wave and win big, or will you end up as shark bait? The only way to find out is to take the plunge!

With its easy-to-use interface and seamless navigation, Deep Rush is suitable for both experienced players and newcomers alike. So, whether you’re a seasoned slots enthusiast or a curious beginner, this game will have you hooked from the first expedition.

Don’t miss out on the underwater adventure of a lifetime. Equipped with your submarine and full diving gear, try Deep Rush today and search for your own hoard of treasure!
Prepare yourself for the thrills packed within Hyper Blitz Hold and Win! With a range of great features like Hold and Win Blitz Mode, Buy Bonus, HyperBet, Multiplier Wilds, and an expansive Free Spins game with an enhanced Blitz mode, Hyper Blitz Hold and Win has Vegas-style thrills in abundance!

Hyper Blitz Hold and Win is a true frenzy of gold and prizes, offering a perfect blend of classic slots and modern game features, and will let you experience Vegas-style thrills from wherever you are.
Set in the enchanting world of ancient Egypt, Flaming Scarabs sees you embark on a thrilling adventure in this classic historical era. Featuring a mesmerizing reel layout, the mystical power of K-Boost to enhance your free spins, and an exhilarating twist on the player-favourite K-Cash feature, Flaming Scarabs is an unmissable journey into the past.

Embark on a profound journey and reconnect with the ancient wonders of Egypt as you chase and uncover vast ancient treasures!
Journey through the Bifrost to find the mighty Asgardian Heimdall in this 6-reel, 4-row video slot where 4096 ways pays. Intrepid adventurers from Midgard can collect sword and horn bonus symbols to trigger free spins with multipliers. Get your runes and warrior spirit ready to start your journey to meet the mighty watchman of the Norse Gods himself!
Welcome to Megaways™ Bushido Princess, a game that will transport you to a magical world of honour, bravery, and excitement! In this game, you’ll enter the dojo of the Bushido Princess, a noble princess and a skilled warrior who’s ready to help you win big. With beautiful graphics, immersive sound effects, and plenty of features to keep you entertained, this game is sure to be a hit with players of all kinds.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword and get ready to do battle with the Megaways™ Bushido Princess in this thrilling online slots game. With its beautiful graphics, exciting features, and the chance to win big, it’s a game you won’t want to miss!
If you’re looking for a fast fun-filled frenzy of fortune, then look no further than this classic-style title which includes a distinctive reel layout, the chance to increase the starting number of free spins with K-Boost, the fan favourite feature K-Cash, and Buy Bonus. Get in pursuit of huge potential wins via Lightning Fortune’s great range of features.

There’s nothing like classic, beautiful visuals and this game is full of them! Packed with pulsating action and great features, Lightning Fortune will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end.
Joker Rainbows offers epic light shows and instant potential wins for players who love classic fruit-style slots infused with brand-new flavour. Wrapped up in a super smooth UI, Joker Rainbows contains some amazing features. With its low minimum bet and flawless fusion of classic and modern gaming elements, Joker Rainbows provides entertainment on a truly grand scale!
Get your revolvers ready for a Wild West Zombie shootout with Megaways™ Duel of the Dead! Including Megaways™, Zombies Go Wild, Duel and much more, this is one of the most exciting slots you’ll ever play!

Megaways™ dynamic reel heights add to the excitement, again giving a chance for bigger potential wins and with its blend of brand new and classic features, Megaways™ Duel of the Dead! is an epic showdown not to be missed!
What could be better than the luck of the Irish? The extreme volatility of a ‘Joker’ game you say? Well, we have great news. We’ve wrapped both up all in one St Patrick’s Day extravaganza. Wild symbols, HyperBonus and Bonus Wheel round out this great seasonal, classic Vegas-style slot.

With top end volatility, a classic theme and huge potential wins, Joker Leprechauns Hit ‘n’ Roll is sure to be another massive hit. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style!
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Divine Gongs! Featuring K-Cash, K-Cash Bonus, Buy Bonus and more, players have the potential to trigger any or all of three great features in a thrilling K-Cash Spins game.
Get feeling festive with Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll Xmas Edition, which turns the volatility right up, with numerous tweaks and improvements, including the popular Hit ‘n’ Roll bonus wheel feature!

If you are a fans of super volatility, classic themes and massive potential wins, you will love this new seasonal version of a classic hit.
Inspired by the hit movie Casino, Phat Cats Megaways™ takes players on a journey into the past with all the glitz, glamour and sheer excitement of 70s Vegas. Including Megaways™, Infinite Free Spins, stacking Mystery Symbols and a max win of 20,000x bet, Phat Cats Megaways™ is a feline-filled safe cracking adventure!

With a compelling cast of furry rogues, awesome features and a groovy soundtrack Phat Cats Megaways™ is truly purrfect entertainment!
Get ready for the incredible levels of excitement contained with Joker Fortune Blitz! Hit Cashpot symbols to trigger Blitz Mode for the chance to win a cash prize PLUS one of 6 levels of Cashpots at the end of the feature.

Including Buy Bonus, HyperBet, Multiplier Wilds and a Free Spins game which expands the Blitz Mode, Joker Fortune Blitz is full of winning possibilities! A true frenzy of gold and prizes, Joker Fortune Blitz is truly a game for lovers of classic slots with a modern twist.
ootball fans all around the world will love this classic “fruitball” game with a twist. Featuring 5 levels of Cashpot with K-Cash Symbols all rolled into one, a crazy Free Spins game with K-Cash Symbols & Multipliers; and HyperBonus, Football Blast delivers classic football thrills with VAR-iable RTP, state-of-the-art game mechanics – truly a game for potential cup winners!

With a maximum win of over 10,000x bet Football Blast is a tremendous slots experience which will no doubt deliver some truly incredible scenes.
Classic fruits with a massive Bingo-style twist! FruitMax Cashlinez is fit to burst with incredible features including: K-Cash Spins, Buy Bonus, and the all-new Cashlinez Bonus where the aim is to cover as many possible positions on the reels for truly enormous potential wins.

Fun, frenetic and most definitely “fruity to the max”, make sure you try our juiciest title yet!
Journey to a new dimension with Machina Reloaded Megaways™! Including four levels of Cashpots, our buy bonus feature HyperBonus, a unique Free Spins game and, of course the player favourite Megaways™ mechanic, delivers entertainment on a truly galactic scale.

A great blend of features and cutting edge artwork, this sequel to the hit Machina Megaways™, is part human, part machine – all slot!
Joker Lanterns Hit 'n' Roll, brings even more thrills and spills to hit Joker series of games. Volatility is super high, and the entertainment is non-stop. Including the Hit 'n' Roll bonus wheel feature, classic art style and - of course - lanterns, Joker Lanterns Hit 'n Roll is sure to brighten any player's day!

An engaging mix of classic Vegas style, high volatility and massive potential wins.
Join the intrepid band of small furry friends, the Rumble Ratz as they try to outsmart the cat in search of huge amounts of cheese – and even bigger potential wins! With an unparalleled range of features, including player favourite Megaways™, this cat’s surely in big trouble.

Make sure you get Rumble Ratz Megaways™ in your lobby today – with a maximum of over 5k x bet you won’t want your players to miss-out on what’s surely our most immersive title yet. Sweet dreams are made of cheese!
Go wild with this truly spectacular safari adventure! Based on the original Safari Chase, this new title now includes the new “Hit ‘n’ Roll” mechanic where even bigger potential wins are up for grabs.

Don’t miss, Safari Chase: Hit ‘n’ Roll – an even more fun, frenetic and ferocious addition to your lobby.
This latest title in the smash hit Blazing Bull series includes an all-new reel layout, the chance to increase the starting number of free spins with K-Boost and a brand new version of fan favourite feature K-Cash.

Get back to nature in pursuit of the Blazing Bull and huge potential wins with Blazing Bull: Cash Quest!
Revisit the Goblin Treasure Vault – now with our great new Hit ‘n’ Roll feature! Featuring Paired Reels, Expand ‘n Lock and Scatter Split, Goblins and Gemstones Hit ‘n’ Roll is designed for massive volatility and huge potential wins. Crack the vault in pursuit of gemstones and other riches within!

Collect gems, chase treasure; and play a choice of three different bonus games in this new twist on a classic unmissable fantasy crime caper!
Instant wins are turned up to the maximum with 9 Blazing Cashpots! Take a trip down memory lane with the ultimate classic fruit style slot, but with just a hint of brand new flavour. A great range of features is sure to get players buzzing!
Joker Max: Hit ‘n’ Roll, the latest in the hit Joker series turns the volatility up even more, with numerous tweaks and improvements, including the all new Hit ‘n’ Roll bonus wheel feature!

Players who are fans of super volatility, classic themes and massive potential wins will love this new version of a classic hit.

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About Kalamba Games

Kalamba Games was founded in 2016 by two industry professionals and has rapidly established its reputation. It is a comparatively new online casino software company, prioritizing quality rather than quantity when creating games. Malta is the headquarters of Kalamba Games, where they dedicated themselves to creating top-notch, entertaining, and the most engaging slot machines. Because their titles encompass such a broad range of topics, everyone can pick as per their desire from Kalamba's gaming library.

The provider company specializes in creating online casino games, particularly slots. To provide an immersive and entertaining gaming experience, the company employs the most recent HTML5 technology.

Several games are inspired by various legends and stories across Kalamba Games' multiple slots and lots of games with entertaining themes and more appealing betting options. The company's most prominent slot machines are Age of Dragons, Atlantis Thunder, Caribbean Anne, Fire Eagle, Gates of Babylon, Griffin's Quest, Hong Bao, Joker Max, Joker Supreme, Machina, and Sky Hunter.

The company has created over 30 slots to reach out to a broader range of casino enthusiasts. The themes are comprehensive, even though the corporation hasn't developed any branded slots. They cover a wide range of topics, including pirates, wildlife, mythology, and fantasy. Players will find various additional features on the Kalamba casinos list, such as random wilds, upgrading symbols, set jackpot rewards, etc. Player objectives, which are simply challenges that end with a reward, are included in some games.

In addition, it offer slots with preset in-play jackpots that can be claimed when a specific winning pattern is reached. Bonus jackpot slots include Joker Max, Mermaids Galore, Ruby Hunter, Desert Gem, etc. HTML5 is used in the development of all its products. This ensures they can be accessed directly through web browsers on mobile and desktop devices.

Whereas every slot contains unique features that provide players with several potential for profitable results, many casino enthusiasts like taking a massive risk to win a jackpot. As a result, the gaming firm has included in-play and progressive jackpots in a few of its slots.

The progressives are determined by the wagers made by other players on the company's slots since each lost wager contributes to the jackpot growth. Thus, when players wager on Kalamba Games' progressive jackpot games, they have an opportunity to win a huge prize.

Apart from these, there are two aspects of the company’s slots that fans genuinely enjoy. The first is their titles' RTP is known, and the second is that it is fixed relatively high. Blazing Bull, for instance, has an RTP rating of 97.42%. Doctor Electro has an incredible RTP of 96.23%. These rates are far higher than the industry norm, reaching around 96%.

Malta is the headquarters of Kalamba Games and is governed by the Maltese gaming authority. The company has partnered with several reputable firms to provide European gamers with slot machines possessing unique features and a beautiful appearance.

Its impact has grown even further due to its deal with QTech Games. As a result, Asian gamers can now experience the entertaining and different slot varieties developed by Kalamba Games.

The firm’s work has been recognized with numerous nominations and awards. It received two of the major nominations in 2018 at the B2B Awards, where it was nominated in the following categories: Rising Star in Software and Innovation in Slot Provision.

Official Website: