Travel through history and delve into the enchantment with the Golden Wheels of Egypt! Experience two variations of Free Spins. The Mini Free Spins, activated with 2 Scatters, grant 4 spins on a 3x3 grid with 2 random features.

Alternatively, the Free Spins, initiated by 3 Scatters, offer 10 spins on a 5x3 grid with 3 random features. These features encompass Sticky Wilds, Walking Wilds, Symbol Transform, Super Stack, and the Global Multiplier. Get ready to be captivated by the allure of ancient Egypt as it reveals the timeless treasures of the Golden Wheels of Egypt!
Step into the captivating realm of Rainforest Gold™, where lush greenery hides countless enigmas and the spinning reels abound with wild creatures! Amongst the roaming Wilds and the allure of an elusive Wild Treasure Bonus, each spin signals a fresh chapter in your daring expedition. Gather scattered Coins to unlock the coveted Treasure Bonus. Explore the array of chests available, each offering the chance for bet multipliers ranging from x5 to x50.

Navigate towards deeper excitement by aligning 3 Free Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, granting you 15 free spins to delve further into the depths of this vibrant rainforest. With every spin, anticipate the revelation of a random multiplier of either x2, x3, or x5. Reveal the vivid panorama of this exotic escapade, ensuring an adventure as captivating as the hidden secrets of the rainforest itself, enticing you to relish every electrifying moment of exploration!

Wild symbols have the potential to emerge anywhere across the reels, substituting for all paying symbols except for the scatter and Coins.

Amass sufficient Coins, which land individually but can appear anywhere on the reels during the main game, to unlock the Wild Treasure Bonus! Select and unveil one of five treasure chests to reveal cash prizes of either x5, x10, x15, x30, or even x50 your initial bet.

Trigger 15 free spins exclusive to the main game by landing 3 scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5. During each Free Spin, a Blazing Multiplier of either x2, x3, or x5 will be unveiled. Scatters and Coins won’t appear simultaneously in any given spin during the main game.
Embark on an audacious journey with NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure: Chalice of Souls! Join a fearless trio as they uncover ancient mysteries, gathering the Cursed Treasure and releasing souls into a mystical Chalice. This triggers continuously growing Cash Prizes filled with unexpected risks, activated sporadically throughout their hazardous expedition. Explore forgotten realms, deciphering the Chalice's puzzle with each spin, unveiling incredible rewards. Are you prepared to conquer the undiscovered?

Within the primary game, Wild symbols adorn reels 2 to 5, substituting for all symbols except Scatters and Cursed Treasures.

The Cursed Treasure feature initiates in both the main game and Free Spins, accumulating symbols into a Chalice beside the reels. Starting at 5, each gathered Cursed Treasure symbol increments the tally. In the main game, it activates randomly or upon collecting 20+ Cursed Treasure symbols, positioning Cash Prize symbols on reels corresponding to the amassed Cursed Treasure count.

For less than 20 symbols, Cash Prizes vary from 0.5x to 5x the bet; 20 or more symbols escalate prizes to 0.5x to 20x the bet. Cash Prizes accumulate if placed in the same location and they cannot overlap with Scatter symbols. Following payout, the tally resets to 5. If Free Spins initiate with symbols in the Chalice, they are reserved for later. Adjusting bet values stores collected symbols separately and reinstates them upon the original bet's return.

In the primary game, landing 3 or more Dynamite scatters triggers Free Spins. During Free Spins, each reel position rotates independently, featuring only Cash Prize, Mystery Cash Prize, and Cursed Treasure symbols. Starting with 3 spins, each appearance of a Cash Prize, Mystery Cash Prize, or Cursed Treasure symbol resets the spin count. Cash Prizes range from 0.5x to 10x the bet; Mystery Cash Prizes range from 50x to 5000x the bet, persisting on the reels until Free Spins conclude.

Cursed Treasure symbols raise a new Chalice count, starting at 5. When spins deplete, the collected Cursed Treasure activates Cash Prize symbols (0.5x to 20x the bet) and/or Mystery Cash Prizes based on the amassed symbols. Upon the Cash Prize symbols' appearance, Mystery Cash Prize symbols disclose their values, culminating in a total win summing all values. Free Spins uphold the initiating bet, concluding at 0 spins or when the grid fills with prizes. Total Free Spins winnings combine with initial round winnings before reverting to the main game.
Enter the enchanting realm of Magic Lab™, where bubbling elixirs, vibrant mixtures, and a playful fiery lamp beckon you into an alchemical adventure across the spinning reels. Scatter Pays introduces the possibility of winning with 8 or more paying symbols, while Avalanche™ triggers a cascade of fresh symbols, opening avenues for consecutive triumphs. The enigmatic flaming lamp, serving as the Wild symbol, not only endures wins without vanishing but also augments its power with a +1 multiplier after each Avalanche™.

Discover the secrets of Free Spins by landing 3 to 5 Scatters, with each Scatter granting a unique enhancement on every spin, promising an exhilarating blend of features. From the Fixed Wild, steadfastly anchoring in place, to the Erase Symbol, banishing elements from the reels, and even the Double Multiplier, there's an array of instant enchantments awaiting exploration. For those eager for immediate marvels, the Buy Feature option guarantees access to Free Spins, offering a shortcut to the mystical wonders of alchemy. Immerse yourself in the world of Magic Lab™ – where potions, sorcery, and grand victories await your revelation!

A victory is achieved with 8 or more paying symbols, irrespective of their positioning on the screen. Symbols composing wins vanish, clearing the path for new symbols to descend, potentially forming fresh victories.

The Wild symbol serves as a substitute for all paying symbols, boasting an escalating multiplier that ascends by 1 with each Avalanche™. Although it endures on the reels after contributing to wins, only a single Wild symbol can manifest at any given time.

Trigger 5 Free Spins by landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. Each triggering Scatter bestows 1 enhancement on every spin during Free Spins, with up to 5 Scatters in the base game ensuring an enhancement on each spin within Free Spins. The enhancements activate sequentially on the corresponding Free Spin before the reels halt.

Fixed Wild: 1 Wild is securely locked in place at random on the reels. It remains fixed in that position until the conclusion of Free Spins. Erase Symbol: A single type of symbol is eradicated from the reels until the conclusion of Free Spins. Double Multiplier: The cumulative Wild Multiplier during the Free Spins feature is doubled upon activation of this enhancement.
Beneath the earth's surface, a world teeming with secrets and danger awaits as Detective Jack Hammer and the fearless Pearl embark on a thrilling mission to retrieve the coveted Blue Diamond from the clutches of the notorious Madam Venom in the adrenaline-pumping adventure of Jack Hammer 3! Sticky Win™ intensifies the thrill by locking in wins and triggering Re-spins when winning combinations or Free Spin symbols land. Detective Jack Hammer's keen deduction skills enhance your winnings by upgrading symbols and aligning lucrative ones in the enigmatic Multiplier, escalating rewards as symbol combinations expand. Free Spins introduce an additional layer of excitement, offering opportunities to activate and prolong the feature while the Multiplier continues to escalate. Immerse yourself in Jack Hammer's highly anticipated third quest - Diamond Affair - where the enigmatic Jack Hammer and his allies strive to retrieve the dazzling Blue Diamond from the clutches of the cunning Madam Venom!

Wilds can emerge in the base game, Re-spins, or Free Spins, substituting for all symbols except Free Spin symbols and Jack Hammer symbols.

Sticky Win™ is triggered in the base game or Free Spins, awarding Re-spins when at least one winning combination or three Free Spin symbols appear on the reels. During Re-spins, these winning or Free Spin symbols remain in place on the reels. Another Sticky WinTM is granted when an additional symbol joins the winning combination, a new winning combination emerges, another Free Spin symbol appears, or a Jack Hammer symbol is revealed.

Watch out for the mysterious Detective Jack Hammer, who only emerges during Re-spins in the base game or Free Spins. Following a low-win symbol win, Jack Hammer transforms all low-win symbols involved in a winning combination into symbols with higher values. High-paying symbols contribute to the enigmatic Multiplier. The more symbols in the win, the greater the multiplier elevates that symbol. To reach a multiplier of x2, x3, or x4, eight symbols are required, while twenty symbols are needed for x5 or higher. During Free Spins, these symbols persist in the Multiplier until the conclusion of the Free Spins round.

In the base game, landing 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10+ Free Spins symbols on the reels triggers 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 Free Spins, respectively. Additional Free Spins symbols appearing during Free Spins add more spins to the ongoing count. If the Multiplier feature is active before entering Free Spins or if both the Multiplier and Free Spins are initiated simultaneously, Free Spins commence, and the Multiplier continues to grow until the Free Spins conclude.
Step into the dynamic realm of NetEnt’s Good Old 7’s™! This game isn't just your typical classic; it merges nostalgic charm seamlessly with contemporary thrills. Experience the enchantment of the Twin Reel, where a solitary reel adorned with Wilds triggers a unique feature that duplicates one Wild-free reel onto another. The real excitement peaks with the Bonus Game and Gamble Prize. Trigger the Bonus Wheel by landing the Bonus symbol on the 5th reel, revealing a range of multipliers soaring up to an impressive 100x! Will you opt for the guaranteed prize or take a gamble for an even greater reward? The decision rests with you! Spin, triumph, and indulge in the everlasting appeal of Good Old 7’s™. Prepare to relish every moment of this blend of classic and contemporary slot adventure!

Wilds act as substitutes for all paying symbols and are considered the highest-paying symbol in a single win way. They can appear anywhere on the middle three reels.

Activation of this feature requires one or more reels to be filled solely with Wild symbols, cloning a Wild-free reel onto another reel without Wild symbols. If multiple reels are packed with Wilds, this feature does not activate multiple times.

Upon landing the Bonus symbol on the 5th reel, the Bonus Wheel is set in motion, showcasing multipliers in the following sequence: 100x, 25x, 10x, 5x, 3x, 2x, 50x, 25x, 10x, 5x, 3x, and 2x. Your bet multiplies by the value where the pointer stops if you opt to ‘Collect.’ The multiplier prize from the first two spins can be gambled in subsequent spins, except when it halts at 100x, where the highest prize is automatically collected.
Feb 15, 2024


Unite with the formidable Barbarian, cunning Assassin, precise Archer, and mystical Sorceress on an exhilarating journey through NetEnt’s action-packed adventure, RAGE! Witness as the RAGE team transforms into 2x2 Colossal Symbols, spreading their fury across the reels. Participate in respins activated by Colossal Symbol victories, preserving the Colossal Symbol for subsequent spins. The more identical symbols you achieve, the greater the number of respins you unlock. Activate the Scatter Mini Game for a chance to win Free Spins! Experience the power of Sticky Wilds during Free Spins as the legendary quartet morph into potent, locked wilds. For an instant thrill, initiate Free Spins immediately with the Buy Feature for 80x the wager. Step into the world of RAGE and wield the might of the Barbarian, Assassin, Archer, and Sorceress to triumph over the turmoil and seize monumental triumphs! Symbols of high value, when combined, and Scatter symbols transform into 2x2 symbols, dominating the first two reels. Combined symbols exclusively emerge as colossal symbols, blending any two distinct high-value symbols or all four high-value symbols.

Activated by any winning combination featuring a Colossal Symbol in the main game or Free Spins, respins retain the Colossal Symbol and all winnings for the subsequent spin. Additional respins are granted for every matching symbol to the Colossal Symbol. If no further matching symbols appear, the feature concludes, moving on to the next spin.

Scatter Mini Game: In the main game, trigger the Scatter Mini Game by landing a Colossal Treasure Chest scatter symbol on reels 1 and 2. This awards a complimentary main game spin where only reels 3, 4, and 5 spin, exclusively revealing scatter symbols. Each Colossal Treasure Chest scatter symbol is equivalent to 4 Scatters, determining the number of free spins awarded.

Sticky Wilds: At the conclusion of respins, during Free Spins, symbols on reels 3, 4, and 5 that sporadically match the Colossal Symbol undergo a furious metamorphosis, transforming into raging Sticky Wilds! This occasional transformation, triggered by a powerful strike, locks these symbols onto the reels throughout Free Spins.
Hey there, cowboy! NetEnt's Buckshot Wilds is an online video slot with medium to high volatility, boasting a solid 96.04% RTP. It plays out on five reels and four rows initially, offering 20 paylines. But hold onto your hat, as special features can expand the grid to eight rows, giving you a whopping 48 paylines to wrangle in this old-school game. Saddle up and place your bets ranging from 0.20 to 100 as you track the majestic bucks through the wilderness.

Take it easy! In Buckshot Wilds by NetEnt, the wild symbols are the stars of the show, adding excitement to this classic-style slot. With each spin, existing wilds descend one row, sticking around until they reach the bottom row. They might even stretch out to nearby positions, boosting your chances of matching symbols. Plus, keep an eye out for the grid expanding, doubling the available paylines.

Opting for the Bonus Bet feature increases your shot at triggering features and Free Spins scatters. It's worth a shot, as Free Spins come with an expanded grid and more chances for bonuses and wilds.

Up to three wild symbols can grace the reels on any spin, sliding down row by row until they disappear from the grid. Wilds stand in for all symbols except scatters, enhancing your chances of scoring big wins. Remember, wilds are tied to your original bet, so they vanish if you change your wager. But fear not, they'll reappear when you return to your previous bet (just keep an eye on their expiration date!).

Keep your eyes peeled for the Expanding Reels Feature, randomly triggered at the start of any spin in the main game. This nifty feature causes wild symbols to shift down a row and expands the reels by four rows, bumping up the paylines to 48. And if a wild lands in the top four rows, another wild pops up four positions down on the same reel.

When a wild covers a trigger symbol during the main game or Free Spins, it triggers the Expanding Wilds Feature, turning adjacent symbols (except other wilds) into wilds. These extra wilds disappear at the start of the next spin.

To kick off the bonus round with 6, 10, or 15 free spins, land 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere on the reels, even if they're hidden under wilds. Activate the Bonus Bet for even more spins: 8, 12, or 20, respectively.

During Free Spins, the grid expands to eight rows, offering 48 paylines for the duration of the round. Plus, one to three wilds may appear randomly on the reels during the initial spin, with an additional wild joining in each subsequent free spin. And don't forget, landing scatters during Free Spins earns you extra spins, keeping the excitement going.
Get ready for an exciting voyage across the vast oceans with Pirates Party™ presented by NetEnt! To access the Helms of Luck Bonus, amass 30 Bonus symbols, and then navigate your way through three distinct helms. The Blue Helm (requiring 1 token) promises treasures worth x2, x5, x8, x10, and x15 the bet.

Opt for the Green Helm (3 tokens) to unveil the path to riches, offering rewards of x5, x10, x15, x20, x50, and a chance at Free Spins. Choose the Purple Helm (5 tokens) for bountiful prizes of x10, x15, x20, x100, and the potential for Free Spins. This bonus quest lasts until all tokens are spent, with prizes combining for the ultimate treasure. For a pirate's advantage, trigger 2 Free Spins from a single helm to double your free spins.

Unlocking Free Spins requires capturing 3 scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5. Take your pick from 15 free spins with a x5 multiplier, 10 free spins featuring Random Wilds, or 5 free spins with Colossal 2x2 Wilds.

Choose your course and embark on the most magnificent plunder of them all!
Enter the Jelly Belly Kingdom and unwrap a sugary delight in NetEnt’s Jelly BellyTM MegawaysTM, where the candy-coated reels are packed with sweet surprises! Experience the dynamic Megaways™ and Avalanche™ mechanics, providing up to 117,649 win ways, where matching symbols on adjacent reels from the leftmost reel lead to mouth-watering victories. Encounter the whimsical Wild Jelly Dragons, ready to substitute for paying symbols and assist in crafting sweet winning combinations.

These enchanting creatures may also grace your reels with special eggs, transforming into additional Wild Jelly Dragons. Unlock the door to Free Spins with 3 consecutive Avalanches, initially offering 3 spins, and accumulate more spins with each subsequent Avalanche during this captivating feature. As Free Spins unfold, consecutive Avalanches trigger an escalating multiplier, adding an extra layer of excitement. Immerse yourself in the action with the Feature Buy option. Jelly Belly™ Megaways™ promises a delightful journey into a world of sugar-coated wins and unforgettable moments.

Megaways™ provides a staggering 117,649 win ways, where matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right bring about wins, regardless of size and the initial symbol's position on the leftmost reel. The AvalancheTM feature causes winning symbols to disappear, allowing new ones to cascade in, potentially leading to more wins.

Wild Jelly Dragons can grace any of the first 5 reels, substituting for all paying symbols and counting as the highest winning combination symbol. At random intervals, a Wild Jelly Dragon may soar by, dropping dragon eggs that transform into additional Wild Jelly Dragons placed anywhere on the first 5 reels.

The Free Spins feature is triggered by consecutive Avalanche™ events, requiring 3 or more for entry. Initially starting with 3 spins, consecutive Avalanches during Free Spins activate an increasing multiplier. However, this multiplier applies only to the current screen's wins and resets after the Avalanche™ concludes, offering a thrilling and sweetly rewarding gaming experience.
Explore the hidden temple and unveil the treasures within Gem Crush!

Form groups of at least 5 symbols to initiate winning combinations, and witness the mesmerizing disappearance of symbols with the extraordinary Avalanche™. Amplify your combos with the power of Wilds, while keeping a vigilant eye on the exhilarating XStrike Multiplier.

The Rainbow Gem works its enchantment by metamorphosing symbols, remaining active throughout the entire Avalanche™ experience. Uncover the entrance to 10 free spins by landing 3 Bonus symbols. Indulge in the thrill of Rainbow Gems, colossal Wilds, and an ever-increasing multiplier. If you're eager for a shortcut to the action, the Feature Buy ensures your entry into the Free Spins adventure.

Gear up to conquer Gem Crush and lay claim to the concealed treasures within the temple!
Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with NetEnt's Jingle Bells Bonanza™! The festive cheer comes alive as you collect bells to enhance the Cash Drop and multiply frame rewards, spreading joy across the reels.

Scatters play a key role in transforming frames into Wilds or Multiplier Wilds, adding an extra layer of excitement to your holiday spins. The magic of Wilds, combined with frames and scatters, brings winning enchantment to your holiday reels.

Trigger the Cash Drop with just 2 scatters and enjoy 3 spins with Cash Drop symbols, creating opportunities for delightful surprises. Keep the festivities going by landing more Cash Drops to reset the counter or fill the screen for a cheerful holiday treat.

As you gather Christmas Bells, you'll unlock milestone prizes – The Big Cash Drop, Super Cash Drop, Mega Cash Drop, and the Ultimate Cash Drop. Achieve all the milestones for a bonus-packed holiday experience that will leave you with a sleigh full of rewards.

Get ready to unwrap a festive surprise in Jingle Bells Bonanza™ and let the holiday magic unfold on the reels. NetEnt invites you to immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere of the season with this delightful and rewarding slot game!
Embark on an adrenaline-pumping expedition into the wild with Elk Hunter! Navigate through the untamed reels and take your shot at big game wins in this exhilarating adventure. Keep your focus on 6 Elk symbols for a win, but the real challenge demands 8 to hit the mark.

Experience the wild side with Multiplier Wilds that can appear anywhere, elevating your wins with x2, x3, x5, or x10 multipliers. Feel the rush of luck with 2 or more Multiplier Wilds stacking up for even more thrilling rewards. Keep the chase alive with Free Spins! Trigger 7 free spins when 3 Free Spins symbols emerge, and in the heat of the hunt, snagging 2 or 3 more symbols can score you an additional 2 or 5 free spins.

Elk Hunter promises the thrill of the hunt, so lock and load for a reel-y wild ride! Get ready to track your way through the wild and take aim at big game wins in this captivating adventure.
Indulge in a delectable sugar-filled escapade with NetEnt’s Finn and the Candy Spin, a delightful new journey that reintroduces everyone’s beloved leprechaun! This game is brimming with candy-inspired features: Sugar Rush randomly adds 2 - 5 wilds to the reels; Yeti Destroy removes symbols, setting off an Avalanche™; Candy Luck transforms symbols on a random row or reel into winning combinations; and Pop Transform converts low-win symbols into high-win ones.

No Finn adventure would be complete without the excitement of collecting Free Spins Keys to unlock a plethora of magical worlds. Explore the Wild Sugar Hub, the Ice Cream Palace, the Cotton Candy Lab, and the Gumball Factory – a tantalizing journey designed to satisfy your sweet cravings! Spin the reels and let the sugary sweetness unfold before your eyes!
Get ready for the spotlight and the glamour as we present 'Lights, Camera, Cash!' – the game show that catapults you into the heart of the excitement! Featuring three rows of symbols, including numbers, diamonds, and the mysterious xReel, every spin is an opportunity to dazzle the audience.

Create winning combinations with numbers to trigger respins and unlock up to three paylines. However, there's a catch – only two respins are permitted. The xReel adds an extra layer of thrill, activating random multipliers (ranging from x2 to x50) when combined with numbers, leading to even bigger wins. Keep an eye out for the scatter symbol; only one is allowed per spin or respin.

In 'Lights, Camera, Cash!', every spin is your chance to shine and become the ultimate game show champion! The applause awaits!
Step into the enchanting universe of NetEnt's Don’t Eat the Candy, where your sweet cravings find fulfillment and thrilling features will keep you teetering on the edge of your seat!

Meet the Sticky Win feature, where triumphant symbols stick in place while the rest of the reels respin, multiplying your chances to win. Unleash the wild symbol, hiding on reels 2, 3, and 4, ready to substitute paying symbols and boost your odds of eerie success.

Beware of the chilling Pumpkin symbol, appearing randomly on the reels, with its bone-chilling perks, including a x2 multiplier, expanded reels, and symbol replacements. And don't overlook the Free Spins, triggered by 5 or more scatters, where the Pumpkin features come alive in a specific sequence.

Prepare yourself for a delightfully spooky experience and be on guard for hair-raising surprises with every spin!
Embark on a mystical journey deep into the woods with NetEnt’s Druid’s Magic. The forest conceals captivating secrets and the druid’s enchanting magic shapes your destiny! Featuring five distinct Wilds, each possessing its own captivating abilities. The Stacked Wilds tower 3 high or appear as singles or doubles.

The Expanding Wilds unfurl to cover entire reels, while Random Wilds summon up to 9 companions. Linked Wilds horizontally transform intervening symbols and Colossal Wilds create a 2x2 spectacle.

Unleash Free Spins with scatters on reels 1 and 5, triggering 10 spellbinding spins. Within these wondrous Free Spins, a pair of full-size scatters may provide an extra round - up to 5 times, extending your journey through the mystical reels and increasing your chances of uncovering extraordinary rewards.

Embrace the power of the druid’s spells, and let the forest reveal your fortune in Druid’s Magic!
Embark on a sizzling adventure to a tropical paradise and feel the summer heat in NetEnt’s new game, Thrill to Grill. As you journey through this juicy slot, prepare for mouthwatering excitement as a BBQ grill takes center stage.

This 5-reel, 5-row video slot brings the heat with its flaming Collection Feature. Keep an eye out for the special Grill symbols in the 3-reel, 3-row central area, as they step up the charcoal challenge. The Collection Feature, which activates randomly, keeps the excitement going until a re-spin happens in the main game, or throughout the entire bonus round.

Dive deeper into the game and uncover three additional bonus features during Free Spins, turning up the heat. And for those hungry for instant action, indulge in the Buy Feature, allowing you to jump straight into Free Spins. Get ready to ignite the sizzling excitement and tantalize your taste buds with NetEnt’s Thrill to Grill! Embark on a fiery adventure filled with smoke-infused shenanigans and savory rewards.
Explosive excitement waits for you in NetEnt’s Big Bang Boom as neon-esque graffiti symbols come to life on the screen.

Starting with a gaming grid of 4 reels and 4 rows, symbol matches and dropping bombs blow up the background to open new positions. Unlocking all 10 rows—3 atop and 3 below— takes you to Free Spins, where you can further expand the playing area by 2-2 reels on each side. As you extend the gaming grid, your bet ways grow from 256 to a maximum of 10,000. In Free Spins, uncovering Treasure Prizes triggers extra bonuses, such as additional Free Spins and up to 64x multipliers.

Ignite the fuse and have a bombastic time in the colourful world of NetEnt’s Big Bang Boom.
Voyage into the unknown in NetEnt’s Lost Relics™ 2 as you become a courageous adventurer searching for hidden chests. As you forge your path deep into a long forgotten temple, Cluster Pays™ matches break the symbol tiles, revealing hidden chests behind the gaming grid.

When you completely uncover a chest, it opens to reveal exciting rewards: multipliers, random wilds, instant cash, Free Spins and the special Level Up reward in the bonus game. In Free Spins, the multipliers keep accumulating, and you can grow the gaming grid to 10x10 to increase your Cluster Pays™ chances.

Crack the code of jungle mysteries and unearth ancient hidden chests full of prizes in NetEnt’s Lost Relics™ 2.
Indulge in a candy shopping spree like never before with NetEnt’s 101 Candies! This 7-reel, 7-row Cluster Pays™ video slot is packed with sweet features that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. When at least 5 of the same candy symbols join, your wins accumulate in the Total Win Jar by the reels, and the Avalanche™ mechanic drops new candies onto the reels.

The Wild Conveyor of 2x-101x Multipliers, sitting on the top of the gaming grid, delivers wilds, potentially boosting a following cluster win. When 1 of the 4 Feature Coin symbols randomly triggers, it may Upgrade, Destroy, or Scramble wild multipliers in the Conveyor, or Transform a symbol into another. If you’re lucky, you’ll trigger 10-15 Free Spins when 3-8 Scatters appear on the reels. What are you waiting for? Play NetEnt’s 101 Candies and see if you have what it takes to fill up the coin jar with some sweet wins!
This game is ripe for the picking and will leave you feeling berry entertained. Give it a spin and go on a fruity adventure! A gentle breeze carries the sweet aroma of ripe fruits across the cobble-stoned Italian town as a simple payline match earns you 2 Free Spins.

A multiplier progress bar pops up above the reels during this quick bonus round. Every winning round moves you 1 step up on the bar and earns you 1 extra Free Spin. As the Fruit Shop™ overflows, the Helper may roll out sweet features to enhance multipliers or launch the Frenzy Mode.

During Frenzy Mode, your Free Spin and Multiplier potential receive a further boost! Indulge in a delightful adventure and enjoy a squeeze of la dolce vita in NetEnt’s Fruit Shop™ Frenzy.
Head to the seaside to fill your cages with restless crustaceans for instant cash rewards in NetEnt’s Crab Trap. Grab a net, set your trap, and scan the waters in NetEnt’s seaside fun-packed Crab Trap!
NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk™ Remastered is a great remake of the original game complemented with the Buy Feature. Set in the familiar atmosphere of a quaint countryside, the reels spin by the towering beanstalk reaching for the clouds, accompanied by Jack.

Randomly occuring Walking Wilds will earn you Respins so long as they are present to the reels. When 3 Scatters land on the reels, the game progresses from the mellow farm to the skies above the clouds for at least 10 Free Spins. In this Bonus Round, collecting keys unlocks special features, like Stacked Money Bags, Stacked Golden Hens, and Expanding Golden Harps.

NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk™ Remastered revives the greatness of the original game with wonderful storytelling, a calming soundtrack and stunning graphics.
Enter the vibrant world of Aztec mystery in NetEnt’s Wild Turkey™ Megaways™. Join the tribal turkeys in this vivid sequel as they dance in splendor among fantastic features. Discover powerful Wilds: the Wild Turkey and Scatter Wild, both etched with ancient wisdom.

Tangling vines frame the middle reels, as Wild Turkeys may dance onto the gaming grid to start the Wild Turkey Feature both in the main game and Free Spins. During this special feature, random high-paying symbols become Wild Turkeys as your feathered friends chant and dance in celebration. When 3 Wild Scatters land, they trigger 10 Free Spins as you move on to the Bonus Round.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Aztec culture as you meet the turkey tribe leader in NetEnt’s Wild Turkey™ Megaways™. Are you smart enough to outwit the winged warriors?
A decade after the launch of the original, Twin Spin™ XXXtreme by NetEnt brings a new twist for an elevated gaming experience. Funky music fills the air as the gaming grid spins with vintage slot symbols. This third addition to the trilogy, Twin Spin™ XXXtreme, gives a new twist to the legendary game, offering a staggering 729 win ways thanks to the additional reel compared to the original Twin Spin released in 2013.

The exciting Twin Reels Feature copies the symbols of a random reel to the adjacent reel. The more reels that become twins, the better your winning chances are. When you switch to XXXtreme Spins Feature it brings you at least 3 or 4 guaranteed Twin Reels. Your attention is pulled to the Win Multipliers action when the reels start to synchronize—the more Twin Reels, the higher Win Multipliers are. Get a taste of this classic feeling slot with a cutting-edge twist. How many Twin Reels will fill the gaming grid for you? Let’s get spinning and find out!
Welcome to the mystical world of NetEnt’s The Wish Master™ Megaways™. Meet the powerful genie who makes your wildest dreams come true, fulfilling all your desires - if you are lucky! The genie lamp special symbols summon the powerful genie, The Wish Master™, to the gaming grid. As he shows up in a puff of smoke, he adds up to 3 of his Wish Master Features to your inventory.

The Wish Master Feature is triggered for 5 consecutive spins. In the event that the inventory is full, the oldest feature is replaced. The reels spin with a bet-way potential of 117,649 Megaways™ as the treasure-filled cavern zigzags endlessly in the flickering flames of torches and oil lamps. The Wish MasterTM waves his hand and flicks his fingers to cast his magic. Are you ready to share your desires with The Wish Master™ Megaways™ by NetEnt?
Embark on an exciting adventure with NetEnt’s Taco Fury™ XXXtreme, where street food is reimagined as tacos filled with ground human brains in a world overrun by zombies. While waiting for your order, why not spend time with the undead chef? Enjoy the Taco Wilds, Wild Explosions and Respins while you toy with switching on the XXXtreme Spins.

This street food truck is old and run-down, but it offers delicious food to zombies while the surroundings are filled with strange and unreal landscapes. Taco Wilds may bring you 5x Win Multipliers on the middle reels. Wild Explosions add new Taco Wilds to the reels, and when they cover each other, their Win Multipliers grow!

Once the Wild Explosions Feature stops shuffling around, the Taco Wilds get chained to the reels and remain there for a free Respin, attracting the attention of curious zombie onlookers. The game also has two levels of XXXtreme Spins, which always trigger the Wild Explosion Feature, offering amazing rewards to players and driving zombies wild with excitement.
Some serious bone-chomping action takes over the reels when Buster appears on the gaming grid. Buster quickly spots any bones lurking around and gobbles them up. But that’s not all; Buster has a unique trick up his sleeve. He magically turns those Bones into Wilds and adds up their values to create a powerful Multiplier that he carries on his collar.

After Buster eats all the Bones, he takes his place on the reels, remaining there until the next spin. Sitting there like an obedient dog, he turns himself into a Wild and boosts any Cluster Wins he takes part in with his impressive Multiplier.

But the real fun starts during Free Spins. Buster sticks around for the entire Bonus Round, gradually increasing his Cluster Win Multiplier with each passing Bone. Join forces with this lovable and mischievous pooch and experience the thrill of Buster’s Bones!
Raging fire crackles under the reels as players spin NetEnt’s fiery, action-packed video slot, Let It Burn™. Rolling Reels go ablaze and dance around the gaming grid with impressive Multipliers and incredible Wilds in this atmospheric game, which brings players a modern twist to classic slot machine vibes.

Engulfed in flames, Let It Burn™ is a 5-reel, 4-row game with 1,024 bet ways. However, when players progress to Free Spins from the Main Game, the gaming grid expands to 5 rows, increasing the possible bet ways to 3,125. Rolling Reels, flaming golden frames that occupy one position at a time, carry symbol Multipliers and spin individually. Their Multipliers grow with each spin, and they may spark Wilds for additional features!
Fill glasses to the brim with delicious ice cream and sprinkle them with shiny candies in MilkshakeTM XXXtreme. Your oh-so-sweet creations may yield exciting Multipliers for you! A milkshake glass rolls by the reels on every spin, filling with winning symbols of identical colors.

Once you fill a glass with at least 20 symbols, your potential wins are enhanced by the glass’s Multiplier. If you're looking for a bold new flavor, you may be in luck! Activated by the Booster Feature, the rainbow shake’s magic blends all the ice cream and candy colors into one glass for stellar Multipliers.

Hungry players can toggle on the XXXtreme Spins Feature, where two or four glasses will be waiting on each spin. Step into the NetEnt parlor and try out MilkshakeTM XXXtreme, where guaranteed brain freeze-free fun awaits!
Cupcakes, a scrumptious new online slot from NetEnt, is a casual game with tasty treats, zingy features, and stunning visuals. Sweets, candies, gumdrops, and of course Cupcakes scatter the reels to satisfy your sweet tooth! Yummie!

Floating above the enchanted lilac clouds of bliss, you will find candy-filled reels on the move as Scatter Pays and the NetEnt signature Avalanche™ mechanism keep the symbols busy. When the colorful gumdrops gather for a payout in this high volatility, 96.05% RTP slot, they fill the fluffy frosting of giant Cupcakes, taking you closer to potential Multipliers.
What’s that coming down the chimney? Ho-ho-ho-holy spirit, it is a merry little game by NetEnt! Wonders of Christmas has landed on the rooftop in a sleigh of jingling bells - just in time for the Holiday Season! Save Santa a trip this year and just be naughty as you chase up to 1,000x Multipliers in this festive slot that will make your spirits bright.

Let it snow Wilds and Scatters by the Christmas Tree; if you are lucky enough, you will trigger Free Spins. Here you can snuggle in before the crackling fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the cozy red carpet for the Bonus Round. Mistletoes, wreaths, reindeer, elves, gift box Wilds, Christmas trees and a diamond-shaped, five-reel playing area will make sure that the Festive Season will pamper you.

It's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the Wonders of Christmas!
Finn, Gonzo, Lady Pig, Space Wars™ Brute and Starburst™ come together for a star-studded, mind-blowing party in NetEnt’s Superstars™ slot. Beyond the luxurious Diamond Scatter symbols, the special Dice Scatter and star-speckled Wilds, this slot boasts a fabulous Bonus Game round with Free Spins and individualized Bonus Features and the fantastic possibility to enter the Final Game!

The most iconic characters of NetEnt’s history assemble for a party on five rows and five reels in a medium/high volatility game. Flashing lights, glowing fireworks, and endless fun culminate in limitless glamour. Bright-shining Diamond Scatters, star-embellished Wilds, NetEnt character-branded high-paying symbols and the convenient Buy Feature all support the same aim—entertaining you.
Cornelius™ invites you into a lovable ambiance where this fantastic feline fella’ cannot wait to get his paws on some tasty treats—and great instant Cash Prizes. As a true foodie, Cornelius™ knows all about cat treats, let them be cans of tuna, bottles of milk or crispy crackers. His happy place is right beside his food bowl by the rattling reels.

Four rows and five reels thrill the nerves of Cornelius™, the lovable tubby cat, as eye-catching symbols rattle with the potential of appetizing prizes. Feral scatters, awesome Free Spins, tasty Cash Drops, and attractive Multipliers care for Cornelius™’s delight. For the eager cat that Cornelius™ sometimes is, the Buy Feature will instantly trigger the Bonus Round of tasty treats.
Bee Hive Bonanza™ will take you to a medieval countryside of green slopes and blooming flowers. Peculiar knight bees buzz around, readying themselves for sweet honey and shining coins as they fly out of their castle and into their bee hives to impress the bee queen.

If three, four or five Honey Pots land on the reels, the busy bees will buzz by for 10, 15 and 20 Free Spins, respectively. Breathless bumblebees, however, sometimes cannot wait for the Honey Pots to magically appear. The Buy Feature, at 100x of the original wager, will fly the player to the Free Spins round in a guaranteed manner.

During the Free Spins, further Honey Pots may scatter the reels. They will be filling a status bar on the left-hand side for some nice Multipliers: 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. Whenever a Multiplier milestone is reached on the status bar, extra Free Spins are added to the round.
Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ is a sequel to the popular Space Wars™.

The game is a 6-reel, 6-row video slot featuring the Powerpoints™ mechanic, Wild symbols, Multiplier Wild symbols, the Avalanche™ feature, the Column Blaster and Row Blaster features, the Zapper feature, the Bomb feature, 3 Combo features, and Free Spins with expanding reels. The game is also equipped with the Buy Feature to activate guaranteed Free Spins.
Knight Rider Video Slot – a 5-reel, 4-row video slot – takes fans back to the world of the iconic TV series, where a lone lawman and his self-aware Pontiac Trans-Am sidekick chase down criminals and bring them to justice.

The slot’s design was developed in close collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, with powerful evening shades of black and red. K.I.T.T., as always, gets the last word: “If I may say so, Michael, I’m quite pleased with my new look!”
Watch out! The mighty silverbacks are running wild all over the reels. Go on a wild, wild safari where you’ll witness all manner of creatures, none more impressive than the Mighty Golden Silverback!

This high volatility game is a 5×4 slot with 1,024 bet ways and a max win of 45,000x. The green snake and bluebird are low-paying symbols. The leopard and the crocodile are mid-paying symbols. The Silverback Gorilla is a high-paying symbol, surpassed only by the Golden Silverback.
A new adventure beckons! Gonzo is delving deep within an Incan temple and is close to unlocking riches beyond his wildest dreams. All that’s left is for him is to get past the falling stones.

And soon, you will have your own chance to discover epic fortunes within Gonzo’s Gold video slot, bought to you exclusively by NetEnt! 5 reels, 5 rows makes this game a NetEnt classic in so many ways! Apart from Gonzo, who is the quintessential virtual face of NetEnt, this game also contains a number of features that are fan favourite hallmarks of NetEnt slots, including Free Spins and the increasingly popular cluster pays™ mechanic.
Not all pirates sail the high seas! Some prefer to stick to the shallows. Plunge into the colorful world of the Reef Raider and find out what he’s up to inside his rock pool. Reef Raider™ is a 7x7 cluster pays mechanic slot, feature-packed and bursting with fun. Five or more adjacent symbols of the same type award a cluster win. Cluster wins trigger the Avalanche™ feature.

Reels are encircled by a ‘Treasure Trail’ consisting of 15 ‘meter bars’. These bars are initially uncharged, but each time a Clam Wild is removed from the play area because of a cluster win, 1 bar of the Treasure Trail meter is charged. The Reef Raider -- a crazy pirate crustacean searching for treasure -- moves along the treasure trail as its meter bars get charged.

Features lie at each of the four points along the Treasure Trail and are activated when the Reef Raider arrives at that point along the track. Features include the Anchor Drop Feature, Random Wilds Feature, Mystery Chest Feature, and the Canon Blast Feature. 15 or more charged Treasure Trail meter bars triggers Free Spins.
Get ready to bust into Pork KnoxTM! Feature-packed and bursting with fun, this slot will have you laughing all the way to the bank. Land 3 Scatters in the main game and they'll transform into Pick Me symbols (depicted as safes). Click on any of the Pick Me symbols to activate one of the Bonus Features: Free Spins, Cash Stacker™, or Instant Win.

The Cash Stacker™ feature also brings with it a progressive Mega Jackpot. With electro swing blaring as you spin (and win!), you'll love this ultra-smooth bank heist jackpot game. Give the game a go and pig out on big wins!

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About NetEnt

Are you looking forward to a thrilling online adventure? You can enjoy every second of online casino gambling with NetEnt slots games. Net Entertainment, also known as NetEnt, is a renowned online casino software developer offering its creation to casino sites since 1996. Its awesome casino games technology is rapidly improving, and the company has created over 250 various games in recent years. At least one new NetEnt game is released at casinos every 4 to 5 weeks.

Without a doubt, NetEnt's slot games have helped them become well-known. With some of the industry's most potent visuals, players are treated to an incredible gaming experience. Fantastic graphics and hallmark traits accompany these.

Mega Fortune, Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, and Blood Suckers are just some of the most popular games found in this section. The first has the most significant online jackpot ever, while the last features a historic RTP rate. It's no surprise that Mega Fortune has some of the most incredible online jackpots ever.

Slot machines dominate NetEnt's creative games, but other prominent casino game types are not excluded. If you favor classic casino games like Roulette or Blackjack, don't worry since there's a variety of table games and live dealer games queued up to keep you captivated by the screen.

NetEnt has increased the casino game options with its innovative approach, and you can now test out their exclusive variety of games like Horse Races and Keno Bingo.

This Swedish software company offers casino games, including famous table games, mini-games, side-bet games, and live dealer games. The staff here is dedicated to providing clients with the most incredible experience possible to push online gaming to the next level.

As popular as they are, these games have distinctive features like stacked wilds, expanding wilds, scatters, substitutions, free spins, respins, and special bonus rounds that will entice you to take your chance at the reels. On NetEnt, you can hit a winning combination and receive life-changing prizes.

NetEnt is an exclusive proprietor of its Live Dealer games aside from table games and slot machines. However, it has changed after the arrival of Evolution Gaming in 2020. Evolution Gaming just acquired NetEnt and is planning a massive organizational restructuring. One of Evolution's first moves was to close NetEnt's live casino studios.

Evolution Gaming launched a public auction for NetEnt, approved by investors who possess 93.9% of the company's stock plus 97.3% of the overall majority in NetEnt. It's worth noting that the CEOs of both firms think that their combined capacity and ability will contribute to a top provider with a powerful position in areas as crucial as North America.

Because of their licensing, NetEnt can function in a limited number of countries. The firm has offices in Sweden as well as Malta. In addition, the software vendor holds licenses from Alderney, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Gibraltar, Italy, Malta, New Jersey, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

NetEnt has ascended the ladder of success since its inception over 20 years ago. When a provider company, or any firm in the iGaming industry, achieves great success, they are recognized.

NetEnt's efforts have paid off in this regard. The software company has won several impressive honors in the online gaming market. Between 2010 and 2019, there were 27 EGR Awards, 2 International Gaming Awards in 2014 and 2019, Global Gaming Awards in 2014, 2018, 2019, and WiG Awards in a row in 2014 and 2015.

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