Step into the captivating realm of 3 Laughing Lions, set in a mystical land inspired by the Far East. This mesmerizing Chinese-themed game invites you to explore a world brimming with secrets, riches, and the presence of laughing lions! Prepare for an exhilarating journey as you delve into this thrilling slot adventure, navigating through enchanted landscapes where regal lions animate to safeguard the treasures concealed within the spinning reels.

But the excitement doesn't stop there – anticipate heart-pounding jackpots and dynamic Power Combo™ Free Spins, offering a fusion of thrills and rewards that will keep you riveted. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Orient as you engage with the reels, pursuing your aspirations of boundless wealth and success.

3 Laughing Lions transcends mere entertainment; it's a passage into a realm where every spin unveils new possibilities, beckoning the bold to embrace fortune and delight!
Ahoy, me hearties! Welcome to the exhilarating escapade known as "Treasure Ireland" — a swashbuckling adventure that stands apart from the rest! Embark on a riveting voyage as we unveil an enchanting realm where pirates and leprechauns jointly reign over the waves.

In this extraordinary gaming odyssey, immerse yourself in a world brimming with concealed riches, mischief, and mythical allure. "Treasure Ireland" seamlessly melds the intrigue of pirate legends with the whimsical enchantment of leprechauns, crafting a gameplay experience that is both truly distinctive and enthralling.

As you traverse the reels of "Treasure Ireland," be ready to encounter the mesmerizing feature known as the Wild Compass Collection. These mystical compasses possess the ability to metamorphose ordinary symbols into wilds, setting off a whirlwind of potential winning combinations. With each collected compass, the prospect of unimaginable rewards expands, bringing you closer to unveiling the ultimate fortune concealed within the game.

But there's more excitement awaiting you in "Treasure Ireland!" Brace yourself for the adrenaline-pumping Free Spins feature, where you'll embark on a thrilling treasure hunt. As you delve deep into the virtual soil, accompanied by mischievous leprechauns, every spin transforms into an opportunity to unearth chests overflowing with gold, gems, and priceless artifacts. With each dig, anticipation builds, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience filled with excitement and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

So, assemble your crew, don your pirate garb, and prepare to navigate the high seas of "Treasure Ireland." Allow the allure of hidden treasure to guide you, while the potency of the Wild Compass Collection and the exhilaration of the Free Spins feature propel you towards untold riches. Are you prepared to undertake this legendary quest? The seas of "Treasure Ireland" beckon, poised to unveil their secrets to those daring enough to seek them!
Step into the delightful world of "Cock-a-Doodle Moo," a charming slot game set on a vibrant farm where whimsical animals roam, and big wins await! Immerse yourself in the picturesque countryside as you spin the reels and experience the excitement of life on the farm! In "Cock-a-Doodle Moo," the farm comes alive with a charismatic cast of farmyard characters, each bringing their unique personality to the reels, keeping you entertained throughout your gameplay.

The cheeky cast of characters offers an abundance of exciting features to keep you engaged and entertained. Experience the Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus, where the animals appear on screen, playfully chomping their way through their food, leaving wilds in their wake.

Additionally, the game boasts a marvelous Free Spins feature, transforming the farmyard into a lively nightclub that will have you hoping for a retrigger to keep the party going all night long! Join the festivities and let the charismatic farm animals lead you to exciting wins in "Cock-a-Doodle Moo"!
The Bison Moon is rising once again, and with it comes a chance to win bigger than ever before, this time the Bison Moon is ULTRA. In this latest release from Northern Lights Gaming, players have the chance to return to the valley of the Bison Moon.

As the sun sets, the valley is filled with the sound of hooves as herds of bison stampede across the screen delivering chances to win wilds, wild reels, more bonus symbols and bigger wins. Players can catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures as they land on the reels, turning whole reels wild for a maximum win of 12,500x bet!

As the sun sets, the once quaint valley turns eerily quiet as the player enters Free Spins. Get up close and personal with the various animals with jumbo 3x3 symbols! The Wild Bison and Full Moon Ultra Link&WinTM symbols are also available as 3x3 jumbo symbols.

If you’re lucky enough to catch 6 full moons, you’ll be transported to the new Ultra Link&WinTM bonus round. In this round, players can earn cash prizes, unlock rows and win jackpots by landing moons on the reels. Fill all 35 spaces on the reels to win the Mega Jackpot of 10,000x bet! So saddle up and get ready for another night of adventure and excitement with Bison Moon Ultra Link&WinTM!
Welcome to the mean streets, where danger lurks around every corner and only the toughest survive. Northern Lights’ latest slot game takes you on a gritty, pulse-pounding journey through the seedy underbelly of the city, where crime is rampant and justice is hard to come by.

With sticky Wild frames, breakout exploding wilds, and a Free Spins featuring an upgrade trail where you’ll need to solve the clues to put the Big Boss behind bars where he belongs. So if you’re ready to take on the streets and come out a winner, then come play the Unusual SuspectsTM. Who knows what rewards lie ahead as you attempt to blow the case wide open!
Welcome to Tiki Tiki Boom, the most explosive Hawaiian game there is! Get ready to feel the heat and experience the thrill of the islands with every spin in this latest release from Northern Lights Gaming.

With Barrels that explode populating the reels with wilds, a feature upgrade trail and a truly mind blowing Extended Link&Win style bonus game you’ll be dancing the hula all the way to the bank. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sunglasses, slip on your flip flops, and get ready to hit the beach with Tiki Tiki Boom!
Battle over the rough seas, through great storms of rolling thunder and lighting to reach the vast treasures of Valhalla in the latest Release from Northern Lights Gaming. This video slot game has a standard reels set of 5x3, which can be pulled by the great kraken under the sea up to 5x8!

This beautiful and immersive game is set on the stormy high seas, where the player is voyaging on a Viking Longboat to discover the untold riches that await at the gates of Valhalla. With a stepping Wild Coin Collect, Static Jackpots, Valhalla Free Spins and Expanding Reels – this game has excitement and drama on every spin! Ride through the storm to the untold riches at the gates of Valhalla.
Adventure into the deep jungle and find the Happy Monkey in Monkey Bonanza from Northern Lights Gaming.

This 5x3 video slot is based inside a wild jungle where you collect coins in the Piggy Bank & Win Bonus knock out symbols (with bananas!) in the Banana Bonanza Bonus and as the sun sets on the base game you find yourself winning big in the wildest of Free Spins Games. Go bananas for Monkey Bonanza!
The Bison Moon is rising. Spend a night under the stars and witness America’s great rolling plains in this latest release from Northern Lights Gaming. Bison Moon takes the player into a secluded valley along the edge of the wonderful forests with the setting sun echoed below in the sparkling waters of a beautiful lake.

Relax and observe the great Wild Bison as they land on the reels, turning whole reels Wild for incredible wins! Watch out for stampeding Bison though, as a full Bison stampede can award the player 12,500x their bet! As the sun sets, the once quaint valley turns eerily quiet as the player enters Free Spins. Get up close and personal with the various animals with jumbo 3x3 symbols!

The Wild Bison and Full Moon Link & Win symbols are also available as 3x3 jumbo symbols. Get your lasso ready and tether the Link & Win moons to enter the link & Win bonus where 15 moons wins the mega jackpot! Saddle up and let’s ride!
The Guardians of the Pyramids have returned from the future to protect their hidden treasures! Set out the outskirts of an Egyptian city you, the explorer, spin the reels to try and achieve 3 scatter symbols to enter Free Spins. Along the adventure you will be awarded by the pyramid for your efforts with split symbols that can award loads of cash. Beware the wild Mummies they may blah blah – sounds negative.

It’s not. The scarab symbol can appear to offer wonder cash Also mention Ultraways? Free Spins takes place inside the tomb of the mighty Pyramid where the powerful Guardian gives you a random multiplier on each spin and also awards your treasure hunting with extra spins and splitting symbols. Since you have made the tomb the Guardian shows respect by offering a guaranteed win on every spin.
Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight in Ticket to Riches by Northern Lights Gaming. Witness the beginning of aviation history and get on board the maiden flight in Ticket to Riches! Fly to a multitude of destinations in both comfort and style as you spin, win and collect tickets.

Pilot your way through big wins and watch your bonus dials above the reels as each ticket collected builds up your bonus picks, spins and multipliers. Become a seasoned pilot by spinning in the collect symbol to trigger one of the Last Call or Free Spins bonuses! The multipliers collected in the base game apply to every Free Spin.

Either sail through the night skies during the Free Spins bonus, and watch your multipliers help you win big! Or try not to miss your flight during the Last Call bonus! Select from a variety of boarding passes to either reveal one of many destinations with a multiplier or a prize worth up to x5000 your original bet!
Rocky returns in Northern Lights Gaming’s first ever revamp - this time with Ultraways – giving you over 60 million ways to win!

In the barren desert of the wild west, help Rocky find his fortune! Spin the reels to locate rare symbols and precious gems all of which can be doubles or quad symbols. Keep your eye out for Rocky’s Bonus minecart which will allow you to enter the mines below. Don’t forget to duck as you enter Rocky’s Free Spins mine and help Rocky prospect rocks for treasured stones, metals, upgrades and multipliers!

Watch out for an explosive WILD bonus as Rocky blasts your reels for an even higher win!
Step into the friendly local Pet Store where the Prized Pets are waiting to play! Prized Pets is a 6x4 25 payline game featuring Gigablox reels which means symbols range in size from 2x2 to a whopping 6x6! Watch out for those crazy animals as the reels spin, they may "Chomp" symbols to turn them wild!

As night draws in the animals start up their Free Spins party where there are more wins and more Wilds on offer. Prized Pets also features a Pot Bonus where you can win up 5000x Bet and you will really find out if the Pets are as Prized as you thought!
Turn losing spins from the past into winning spins in the present! In the fantastic slot ‘Timelines’ from Northern Lights Gaming.

Join us as we travel back in time over the last five spins, land the ‘Time Lines’ scatter and watch as symbols from the past warp onto reels of the present, to create galactic sized wins! If the stars align, you can also trigger wins with sky-high multipliers that are out of this world.

Those aren’t just stars in the sky they’re diamonds! Keep a lookout for the scatter diamond symbols; three or more will give epic strike wins that will make the stars shine bright...all night!

The bonuses keep on coming.... Land 3 wormhole symbols to get transported to another dimension as you enter Free Spins, with doubled multipliers and even more ‘Time Line’ scatters added to create big interstellar wins!
Hail Winner! Introducing ‘4 Corners of Rome’ the latest slot from Northern Lights Gaming. Sit back and relax in splendor as you conquer all 4 corners of this outstanding new slot. Keep a look out of adjacent corners, if the symbols match you trigger the ‘lock and load’ respin feature where opulence is but a spin away!

3 Scatter symbols trigger majestic freespins but watch out for 2 scatters that increase your multipliers.

Try the gamble feature where you dictate the play, choose how much you want to gamble. Spin to win-see if your chariot awaits to enter the freespins game where you can choose your volatility!

Test your luck and see if you become the triumphant winner and watch out for the extra multiplier symbol to boost your wins further. Hail to the winner! Hail to the big wins! Hail to ‘4 Corners of Rome’!
Cast spells, craft potions, collect stars, and conjure multipliers in this world of magical wonder. Collecting five stars will let you summon ingredients and enter Free Spins, where you can gather bonus stars, and with a flash of your wand, you will be multiplying your money for even more wondrous wins.

Due to the unique way of triggering the bonus game, there is a high chance of activating multiple bonus games in quick succession, so create a winning magic potion and let Magical.
Aztec Falls is a mythical game crammed full of features that promises you golden riches beyond your wildest dreams. Watch out for the legendary golden Coin on the last reel, that can trigger one of multiple different bonus games.

If you pray to the Mayan gods, you could find untold riches in the JACKPOT bonus game or catch the cascading gold coins and pray for the Inca stone warriors to fall in the Free Spins bonus game for those jaw dropping empirical wins!
5 Star Knockout is the latest release from Northern Lights Gaming. Sit back and play the superbly retro-themed knockout slot game that will leave you wishing for the stars. Build up your stars, and the symbols come crashing down, leaving big cash prizes!! Featuring spin until you lose ‘Win Spins’, keep on collecting the stars!

Play a superbly unique Free Spins game that gives you the chance to knock out more symbols and deliver more Free Spins, as the bonus continues combined with a multiplier that will light up the sky with huge cash wins and have you coming back for more!

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