Enter Wilfred's Wheel, a majestic spinning palace where opulence intertwines with chance at every twist. With each wager, anticipate the grand descent of the Royal Curtain, potentially revealing the entrance to the Wheel Bonus. This esteemed game of fortune features a circle adorned with ten regal segments, each carrying cash prizes befitting royalty.

In a triumphant moment, the wheel may come to rest on the illustrious King Wilfred himself, who, with a royal gesture, doubles the riches of the segments to princely sums, reaching up to a remarkable 500x reward each. However, take heed of the royal caution – landing on an empty sector concludes your courtly quest, bestowing the amassed riches of the round upon you.
Explore enchanted ponds and encounter majestic amphibians in our newest slot, Royal Ribbit, where a fairy-tale narrative unfolds with every spin. Get acquainted with the Frog King, a noble leaper whose cash prizes double with each jump across the pond!

Yet, the enchantment doesn't end there. Activate the Free Spins feature and witness the appearance of the Frog Queen on the reels. She not only bestows additional spins but also enhances the Frog King's riches. In this magical realm, each leap and spin holds the potential for legendary rewards, making every moment in Royal Ribbit a step into a captivating fairy-tale adventure.
Prepare for an icy expedition in Walrus King, where the freezing Arctic meets sizzling rewards! Step into the snow boots and explore this frosty slot, where prizes are locked in frozen cubes, eagerly waiting for the mighty Polar Bear to release them.

Experience an adrenaline rush during Free Spins when the majestic Walrus King emerges, doubling the value of treasures and providing extra opportunities to win. Delve deep into the glacial adventure of Walrus King, where each spin unveils a frozen journey filled with icy riches and royal bounties.
Join the herd in Sheep King, a delightful, cartoon-style slot game where royal sheep reign and riches await. A unique feature in this game are the Stacked Cash tiles, whose value depends on the number of cash tiles visible on screen.

Watch out for the black sheep in free spins, to further boost your winnings. Spin the reels of this extraordinarily themed slot, where every player gets a shot at claiming their own share of the woolly riches.
Step into a vibrant urban world, where cash symbols are all over the place and wait to be collected. Feel the buzz while you work your way towards the free spins in a high end penthouse and a 7x7 grid, where the real prizes await. With each free spin, the excitement builds up as cash values land and form clusters. Watch out for the crown - it will double the value of a random cash prize. If you're lucky enough and that prize is part of a cluster, you're in for incredible payouts!
Saddle up for Bullet Bonanza, a riveting western-themed slot where the stakes are high and the rewards even higher! Experience the excitement of the unique Bonus round, where every bullet matters as you aim at the flipping coin that determines your fate. Go on an unforgettable gaming experience and double your loot with the last bullet in the clip.
Cash Strike is an enthralling 5x3 classic-style slot game that brings a groundbreaking twist to your spinning experience. Unveil hidden cash prizes as symbols expand in the bonus round. With every symbol holding its own cash value, Cash Strike delivers an unparalleled level of excitement. The thrill doesn't end here – keep an eye out for the majestic crown symbol, which can boost your cash prizes to even greater heights!
Panda Bills is a thrilling slot game that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you uncover cash prizes hidden in the bamboo symbols and watch as your winnings pile up. But that's not all – watch out for the special Panda symbol in Free Spins, which can increase your payouts even further! Come and join the fun in the bamboo forest, where fortune favors the bold and the Panda is king!
Get ready to strike gold together with the king of Leprechauns. Collect cash prizes on the reels and enter the bonus round to find King Blarney, who will help you build up your cash pots. But do mind the time, as the bonus feature concludes when you've used up all your four-leaf clovers.
Join Mr Piggles on a wild ride through the reels with this exciting slot game. Keep an eye out for Mr Piggles as he jumps around the reels, leaving a trail of Mystery symbols behind him. These symbols can reveal any paying symbol, or even better, cash prizes! But that's not all - if you land the Wild Crown symbol on the reels at the same time as Cash prizes are on the reels, they all get a big boost!
Embark on an adventure through the wild forest rivers in search of salmon! This exciting slot game is packed with cash prizes that can be won if the mighty Grizzly bear appears on the reels. In the Free Spins feature, the Grizzly gets even stronger by catching the elusive Salmon King. Join the fierce Grizzly bear on its quest for the riches of the rivers!

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About Penguin King

Newly established casino games development company Octoplay recently launched its new second in-house studio Penguin King. The studio already has four games in its kitty. Gameshop Limited operates as a provider company registered under the laws of the Malta Gambling Authority. The Romanian National Gambling Office and Swedish Gambling Commission provide other licenses.

Penguin King studio will join Super Hippo gaming studio on the Octoplay platform. Panda Bills, Blarney’s Gold, Mr. Piggles, and Salmon King are the four major games introduced for the players. The company provider launches two games from each studio, ensuring the gaming operators have a continuous flow of attractive games. It will let the casino players choose the games from any studio.

Coming onto the games released by Penguin King, Salmon King was the first game developed using the provider company’s technological platform. It was later distributed on the proprietary Remote Games Server. Salmon King is a jungle-themed low volatility and low hit rate casino game. 5 reels and 4 paylines slot game gives cash prizes when the Grizzly bear appears on the reels. It will get stronger by catching the Salmon King. The maximum win of this slot game is 4,000x. Cash prizes start from 5x and go up to 50x.

Panda Bills is an animal-themed game that lets you win cash prizes when you uncover the prizes piled and hidden in the bamboo symbols. The appearance of the special Panda symbol will increase your payouts. The cash prizes are available from 5x to 25x. It has a medium hit rate, low volatility, and maximum winning size is 11,000x. It is 5 reels and 4 paylines slot game.

Blarney’s Gold is the third game that lets you strike gold with the King of Leprechauns. This 5-reels and 4-paylines is a cash collection game that offers more cash when you find King Blarney. Build up your cash pot with this Leprechaun-based game. From 3x to 10x, you can win cash prizes in this casino game. Four-leaf clover symbols will also offer you cash prizes. It has a medium volatility and hit rate. The maximum win of this slot game is 5,000x.

The last game developed by Penguin King Studio is Mr. Piggles. This piggy-styled casino game has low volatility and a low hit rate. The slot size of the game is 5x4. You have to watch Mr. Piggles who will leave a trail of Mystery symbols. These symbols will offer cash prizes. The maximum winning amount is 5,000x.

Talking about Penguin King, Mr. Carl Ejlertsson, CEO at Octoplay states, “We aim to offer successful and specialized formats of the casino games under our studios. The launch of Penguin King is a refreshing one.” Carl was previously the gaming director at Evolution Gaming, Director of Business Development at Red Tiger Gaming, and worked as a Casino Insight Lead with the Betsson Group. Since October 2022, he is heading his new casino development company Octoplay providing tailored-made games for different markets.

Official Website: https://www.octoplay.com/