Peter Hunter sneaks through the rugged terrain of the deep Siberian forest, he is on the hunt for the big catch! Welcome to Peter Hunter, a medium-high volatility 5×3 Video Slot with 20 paylines, a cash collect feature that gives immediate win on Cash symbols and a free spins game with additional free spins and cash multipliers.

In the base game, Wilds can substitute for any symbol except the Scatter. When a Bonus symbol (Target) lands on the panel, all high symbols transform into Cash symbols. These Cash symbols move towards the Scatter, leaving behind a bet multiplier value on each position they pass through. Once the Cash symbols reach the Target, the hunter takes aim and shoots them, collecting the multiplier values in the panel which are added together. The win amount is the resulting multiplier times bet amount.
Editors Choice
Prepare for an enchanting journey into the captivating world of Abrakadabra, a spellbinding fantasy slot game where a masterful sorcerer and a host of whimsical creatures bring the magic to life!

Abrakadabra is played on a 5x3 grid, and 243 ways to win offering a max Win potential of 10000x your bet. The game features cascading wins, a unique power reel with various types of Wilds, Free Spins, multiplier jumps, and not one, but two exhilarating free spins Bonus games.

In the base game, each winning combination triggers a cascade, where the winning symbols vanish and are replaced by new symbols, also from a Power Reel positioned above the grid. The cascades continue as long as new Wins are created. With each win, an increasing global multiplier is applied ensuring plenty of excitement.
The tribe gathers in reverence to the all-powerful Thunderhawk, for it blesses the harvest and brings fortune and riches in abundance.

Welcome to Thunderhawk, a high volatility 5x3 Video Slot with 20 paylines, Thunderhawk symbols, a free spins game with up to 10 expanding symbols and random powerups on every spin and a collect feature that triggers a super free spins game with bigger panel, random powerups where you will need to gather as many thunderhawks as possible.
Embark on a thrilling adventure in Pirate Barbarossa. Brave the shark-infested waters as you search for the biggest treasure of all times. Will you be the one to uncover the ultimate pirate loot? Get ready for an epic pirate experience filled with treasures, danger and non-stop action!

Welcome to Barbarossa Doublemax, an All Ways Video Slot with Free Spins, Wild Cascades, Unlimited Multipliers, Multiplier Jumps and more features.
The order of the Peregrin hide under the robes of musicians and minstrels. They guard the biggest secret known to man. The book of books, father of all books, source of all power and wealth.

Welcome to Book of Books, a high volatility Video Slot with expanding symbols, a collect feature to power up your free spins game and a free spins game with up to 10 expanding symbols, up to a 5x5 panel and 40 paylines, powerups and retriggers.
The dragon dwells on piles of gold and gems! Treasure hunters arrive, with fright in their eyes they gaze at the gates of the old mines.

Here dwells the legendary red dragon on piles of gold and gems! Welcome to Dragon Blox, a high volatility Video Slot with the signature Gigablox and Lock'n Blox features, Wilds, a Monster Jackpot bonus game and a Monster Free Spins bonus game!
For years he has honed his skills to perfection, he is the greatest master of the double blade, a katana in one hand, a wakizashi blade in the other, he is ready to meet your challenge.

Welcome to the Legend of Musashi, a high volatility 6x4 video slot game with avalanche cascades with monster multiplier, wilds, expanding wilds, power mode, monster free spins and a super free spins bonus game with unlimited monster multiplier!
The wild book tells of the once forgotten Tower in the dungeons of mount Argol and the creatures that guard the hidden treasures of the once great king.

Dungeon Tower is a high volatility 5x5 video slot game with the signature MULTIMAX feature, Grid-pays, avalanche cascades, wilds, and a Free Spins bonus game with unlimited reel multipliers, offering a max payout of 20000x bet!

Three or more linearly matching symbols, vertically or horizontally, constitute a winning combination. Symbols involved in a win are removed, initiating a cascade, and replaced with other symbols. 1 to 3 Wilds can randomly be placed in the empty spots. These Wilds substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter and are not removed until they are part of a Win. Additionally, each Wild increases by x1 a reel multiplier placed on top of their Reel.
In the year 1921 of the lord, deep in the New Orleans French quarters, a Voodoo Shop is alight at the end of a dark and sinuous street. As Mardi Grass rages across town, the former priest is at work. Spells are cast towards the celebration, hex bonding musicians and transforming the streets into a magic ritual without precedence, all to win Oshun’s favour!

Voodoo Hex is a medium/high volatility 3x3 Video Slot game with 5 paylines evaluated from left to right and a max payout of 10000x/bet.

The game features Wilds, Mystery Stack respins with progressive panel multipliers and a Free Spins bonus game with a possible buy option in the base game.
Many winters passed since the grand collapse, survivors gathered, the old clans revived and the knights of the old machines became the gods of the new era. The ancient roads are alive again and the new wars fought on their back. The winner takes it all!

A high volatility video slot with the signature Wild Reel feature, Cascades, All ways, All types of Wilds with multipliers, Wilds, Unbreakable Wilds, Expanding Wilds, a Bomb feature that triggers new cascades and unlocks the power of the Wild Reel and a Free Spins bonus game with retriggers, an superpowered Wild Reel!
Where the forests of Walarya end and the big blue breaks, huge sea creatures travel up the fjords. The shaman stands at the falls waiting for the big catch for the rewards are great for the biggest ones.

A 6x6 video slot with Gigablox feature, 50 paylines, Wild Re-spins and a Monster Free Spins bonus game with an increasing Monster Multiplier and Wild Re-spins feature!
Editors Choice
Wild Town is assailed by outlaws and gunslingers. The Wild Marshals are meeting them up across town in savage and wild duels, the good guys, get to harvest the rewards.

Welcome to Wild Duel! A high volatility 5x3 Video Slot with 10 paylines, Respins, Wild Duel Feature, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Wild with multipliers, and a Free Spins bonus game with Re-triggers!
The twelve demon lords of Xibalba, gods of death, rule the underworld with firm hand. Men are summoned, and they fall, for the roads to Xibalba are filled with deceit and the gods full of treacherous trickery. Only the hero twins can defeat them and unlock the treasures for so long hidden.

This is a 5x3 video slot with up to 7776 ways to win, the signature growing falls feature that grows the panel on each cascade and the ways to win, a Gigantor feature that syncs reels making symbols gigantic, growing wilds that grow with each cascade, an unlimited progressive panel multiplier that grows with each cascade with no upper limit, free spins with all features active with an unlimited panel multiplier that does not reset and re-triggers.
The Valkyries are gathering at the gates of Valhalla to welcome the fallen heroes. As they sing their battle cry, they lead their souls to the hall of the slain, where the rewards await.

This is a high volatility video slot game played on a 5x3 grid, 10 pay lines evaluated from left to right, and a max payout of more than 20000x bet. The game offers a great mix of features, Power Reel, Dropping Wilds, Locking Wilds, Wild Respins, and a free spins bonus game with a buy option.
A monster adventure like never before! Monsters of all sizes are assailing the lands. Heroes gather at the old tavern where the bounty for hunting them down are on display and for the taken. The rewards are grand for the bravest warriors, those who can take down the biggest ones.

MONSTER BLOX is a 6 reel, 4-row high volatility slot game with 40 pay-lines evaluated from left to right, and a max payout of more than 7900 times your bet. The game features respins with expanding rows, random Wilds, Scatters, and a free spins game with panel multipliers played on a 6x8 reel set.
The gods feast on the mountains of Durmir, looking down at the world of men, war is coming. With Mjollnir in one hand and his shield held high Thor lands on the shores of the northern sea to welcome his followers.

The Viking hordes are here, they chase gold if they survive and honor if they die, as the gates of Valhalla open. Win more than 51 000x your bet in this 6x3 video slot game with more than 729 ways to win.

Featuring Wilds, Scatters, Way multiplier feature with random symbol multipliers, Special Wild Collection, re-spins with Wild Placements and a Free Spins bonus game with Way multipliers of 4, Guaranteed Wilds per spin, and unlimited free spins until all special wilds are collected.
Precious 7 is a classic medium-high volatility Fruity- themed slot game. The game is played on a 5x4 grid and has 40 pay lines, wilds, stacked 7 symbols, re-spins with flying 7 ́s, increasing multipliers, and a final Full house multiplier, offering a max win potential of 5500 times your bet.

During the main game, when a stack of 7 ́s lands covering the entire reel, it triggers a re-spin and all moves to the leftmost position. Each new appearing 7 awards an additional re-spin moving to the leftmost part of the row. Additionally, a panel multiplier applies on each re-spin, increasing by x1.

When the whole panel is filled with 7 ́s, a full-house multiplier, up to x5, is triggered. All wins are multiplied by the panel multiplier and the Full house multiplier!
The year is 1914, and the world is shaken by the rolling thunder of marching boots and waves of unstoppable tanks. Way behind enemy pay lines, the lonely soldier Hans Schultz bravely scores win after win in an epic slot game battle for his Kaiser!

Kaiser is a classic mid-high volatility video slot game played on a 5x5 panel with 40 pay lines evaluated from left to right and a max payout of 2333x bet.

The game features wilds with multipliers, scatters, and a bonus game with roaming wilds, including increasing multipliers and extra free spins.
The narrow streets of Nottingham are empty of life. In the shades of the castle, Robin hides, waiting for the change of watch. As darkness surrounds the castle, hooded men jump over the walls and run towards the highest tower. The raid has begun!

This is a high volatility video slot game played on a 5-reel, 4-row panel, with 20 paylines evaluated from left to right and a max win potential of more than 121500x bet.

The game Features Special Wild collection, re-spins with wild placements, and a Free Spins bonus game with roaming wilds, panel multipliers, and free spins with re-triggers.

Wilds can randomly be transformed into Special Wilds. When 9 Special wilds are collected in a meter, it awards a re-spin and all wilds fall into the panel at random positions providing a win.
In the deep caves of Algroth, many moons away, the blue wizard poured his knowledge and strength into the Cauldron. Time passed, and the Cauldron grew in power, becoming the source of dreams. Adventurers all over the lands seek for it but still haven’t found it.

Cauldron is a classic 5x3 video slot game with 20 fixed pay lines counting from left to right, wilds, scatters, and two Free Spin bonus games with multiplier symbols. During the base game, Wilds appears only on reels 2,3, and 4, substituting all other symbols except the scatter. Three or more scatters on the panel trigger a Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins.

During the Free Spins game, the first time there is a Win on a high-paying symbol ( HV1, HV2, HV3, HV4, or HV5 ) that symbol pays double on all subsequent spins. For each upgrade, players get one additional free spin.

During the base game, collecting scatters in a meter unlocks a Super Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins, where low-paying symbols disappear, and High-paying symbols pay double.
New York 1920, Dry law has been imposed. Clans are fighting for a piece of the cake. Don Giovanni, the 11th godfather of the L’Amiranta family looks at his underlings, his gaze says it all, … war is coming, he wants all!

This is a 5-reel x 3-row All Ways video slot game with 243 ways to win evaluated from left to right. The game features expanding wilds, multipliers, and three bonus games with free spins.

During the base game, expanding Wilds with increasing multipliers appear on reels 2,3, and 4 covering the whole reel. Scatters appearing on the panel are collected in a meter. 3 or more Scatters landing on the panel at the same time, triggers a Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins. During the Free Spins Bonus game, at least a Wild appears in every spin, and the multiplier increments by x1 with every new Wild that appears.

Filling 70% of the meter unlocks a Super Free Spins bonus game. If the player decides not to play the Super Free Spins bonus game and continues serving the whole meter, it unlocks a Mega Free Spins Game.

The super Free Spins game follows the same logic as the Free Spins game, but the panel increases to 4X5. During the Mega bonus game, in addition to the 4x5 increased panel, with every new wild appearing on the board, the multiplier increases by 2x instead of 1x.
In the darkest of the Sherwood forest, Robin awaits!

Heavy wagons are closing in, wagons pulled by tired horses, struggling to move while lashes rain on their backs, driven by large men in dark coats, … tax collectors!

This is a 6-reel x 4-row All Ways video slot with 4,096 ways to win. The game Features Avalanche Cascades, Free Spins, increasing prize Multipliers, and expanding Wilds during Free Spins
From the old times and the ancient world, stories have been told and passed on. Heroes, villains, and events from the past are brought together in a series of Legends.

Follow Johnan in his quest for lost cities, fighting his way through mythical creatures from the dawn of times. Win more than 5000X your bet in this high volatility 5x3 video slot game. The game features 10 pay lines counting from left to right, Wilds, scatters, and 2 bonus games with free spins.

3 or more scatters in the main game trigger a Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins. At the beginning of the bonus game a random symbol is selected and acts as an expanding symbol during the session, 3 or more scatters on the panel select an additional symbol and resets the free spins counter to 10.

During the main game collecting Scatters on a meter launches a Super Bonus game awarding 10 free spins, during the session 3 or more scatters on the panel awards 10 additional free spins.
Gold fever has awakened the ancient miners from their deadly slumber. The zombies are at the door!

This is a medium volatility video slot game played on a classic 5x3 panel and 20 pay lines. The game features wilds, scatters, two bonus games with increasing panels, and a quick hit feature that gives immediate wins on High symbols every time a Scatter appears on the fifth reel.

Collecting 5 scatters in a progress bar unlocks a Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins. The bonus game is played on an increased 5x4 panel and 40 pay lines.

Collecting 5 scatters during the Free Spins bonus game, triggers a Super Free Spin game with 10 additional free spins, and played on an extended 5x5 panel and 60 pay lines.
The Wild Bard arrives at port! People gather around to listen to the songs of his searchings for ancient shipwrecks and hidden treasures.

Wild Bard is a multiplatform low volatility video slot game, played on a classic 3x3 panel with 8 fixed pay lines, evaluated from left to the right. The game features Wilds, Scatters, Quick Hit symbols, and a Free Spins bonus game.

The Wild replaces any symbol except the Scatter or the Quick Hit symbol. Quick hit symbols appearing on the panel award immediate wins, up to x3508 times the bet when 9 symbols land simultaneously. A free spins bonus game with multiplier triggers when a scatter appears in the middle of the panel.
Rome is under siege. Take what you can!

Rome, 410 AD. The Roman empire is under attack by the Germanic tribes under the rule of King Alaric. Win more than 5033X your bet in this epic medium volatility game with 1024 ways to win, counting from left to right.

The game features random multiplier wilds, scatters, and two bonus games with free spins and increasing multiplier levels. The main game plays on a 4x5 panel. Every time a wild appears on a pay line, it gives an additional multiplier win.
Join the Punch Club and fight for the grand prize! Deep in the slums, where the fiercest underground fights take place, only the bravest prevails.

Punch Club is a classic 5x3 video slot game with 25 pay lines counting from leftmost to the right. The game features random wild multipliers and a free spins bonus game where high symbols transform into wilds.
Trust no one, stay sharp! In Sheriff Colt, you are introduced to this legendary character, the law in the southern town of White Cuervo, where bandits prowl like wolves looking for prey.

Sheriff Colt is a multiplatform medium volatility video slot game played on a classic 5x3 panel, 10 fixed pay lines counting from left to right, and with a max win potential of 10000 x your bet. The game features sticky wilds, re-spins, collectible scatters, and two bonus games with free spins and multipliers.
Immerse yourself in the magic of the circus!

D’cirque is a circus-themed game with beautiful visuals and fun, engaging mechanics targeting a broad set of casino players. A multiplatform medium volatility video slot game, played on a classic 5x3 panel, with 25 fixed pay lines, expanding wilds with respins, and a bonus game with free spins.

During the main game expanding wilds may appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, turning on a lamp below the reel and triggering a respin — three lights on at the same time unlocks the bonus game awarding 10 free spins. During the bonus game, lamps randomly light up, replacing all the reel symbols for wilds.
Filthy Pirates is a video slot with 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 Ways with a Pirate theme.

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About Peter & Sons

Peter and Sons are amongst a few names who have become an example of creating massive recognition in the gaming industry in a very short time. It has only become possible due to their hard work creating some of the unique and innovative designs in their slot titles with the help of cutting-edge technologies. It has made the players imprison themselves for long hours in front of the screen.

The content developers of this software company came from Armenia 2019, who created a new formula in slot features to make every player win for them. To create an authentic charm of slot games, the veterans have induced a unique contour, and color accompanying features are also very entertaining. To simplify its business portfolio, Peter and Sons is a firm that develops online gaming services for the business-to-business industry.

All slot games of this software company are inherent with the latest technologies like Flash and HTML5, making the game even more convenient to play on mobile or portable devices. The games work fast on these portable devices and are cost-effective as well. Their proprietary framework, accompanied by an agile game development responsive to cross-platform, is operated in multi-language and native apps covering any regulatory requirement.

They launch their slot games by making a collaboration with the YGS Masters platform. This platform enables the game to provide additional credibility and seriousness at the beginning of the game development career. Such associations are highly lucrative for small brands to make their existence in the global market. Thus, this software supplier has an itch to produce and deliver a comprehensive turn-key solution for online casino operators, presumably because their official website lacks a professionally developed games portfolio page.

Besides, it has made its broad network with magnificent musicians, artists, and mathematicians, capable of creating innovative themes, graphics, and features and providing engaging experiences for the players. This software company is working with such brilliant people to offer a new generation of slot games that can create an evolution in the gaming market.

With these perspectives in mind, they had stepped forward with eye-catchy games, exceeding players' expectations in the games and breaking new ground in mechanics and visuals. Moreover, they have partnered with other casino sites working as delivery vendors like, OnlineSlots, Slots Catalog, and About Slots.

Starting its slots library, it has developed close to 15 games, seemingly increasing its production, with several new releases ahead. It comprises and bestows mainly video slots, with high ending potential like 150000x your stake. Several titles like Wild West, Zombies, The Circus, and Vikings are some examples of slot games developed by this company. However, their players who like traditional touch in slot games can start playing these Precious 7, confining modern features. For example, at Johnan Legendarium, a slot title, players experience an adventurous trip fighting with giant creatures and gaining massive prizes, which halt at 5000x your bet.

When you load the official website of Peter and Sons, you will be incapable of discovering any licensing information or other details which can assure you about the authenticity of the games or their regulatory requirement. However, the developer partners with Oryx Gaming and Yggdrasil, which addresses Peter and Son's licensing attributes to the customers.

To transparent their licensing phenomenon, they acquire gambling licenses from the MGA and UKGC. It assures the players that Peter & Sons' slot titles meet the premium standards of fairness and security. Thus, being a prominent corporate conglomerate, it's no surprise that this developer has access to its partners' license privileges.

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