In the midst of the icy expanse, the intrepid adventurer Batista embarks on a quest to unveil the secrets of epochs past. Deep within the polar ice, ancient beasts lie suspended in time, anticipating discovery as the ultimate revelation—the true GOAT.

Frozen Age unfolds as a high volatility Video Slot game on a 6x6 grid featuring 50 paylines, offering an impressive maximum win potential exceeding 8000x the bet. The game introduces Monster Blocks, roaming wilds, and an impactful Free Spins feature equipped with Wild Respins, Synced Blocks, and retriggers!

Monster Blocks, oversized symbols on the reels, emulate individual symbols arranged in a 2x2 to 6x6 formation.

The Synced Blocks feature occurs randomly, transforming all Monster Blocks into the same symbol for enhanced winning possibilities.

Wild Respins, randomly triggered in the base game, introduce 1-6 roaming wilds onto the panel based on the initial Wild block size. Following wins, a respin ensues, with roaming wilds changing positions. If roaming wilds land on a Monster Block, the entire block transforms into a Wild. Notably, roaming wilds cannot land in the same spot.

Initiate Free Spins by landing 5 or more scatters, earning an equivalent number of spins with up to 36 free spins available. Collect roaming wilds during Free Spins to unlock tiers, providing an extra 2 spins upon reaching each tier. The panel multiplier progressively increases, potentially reaching up to 10x when amassing 50 or more roaming wilds. Furthermore, any scatter appearing in the panel adds an additional free spin, enhancing the exhilaration of the Frozen Age adventure.
Step into the shadows of the city zoo where the Animafia, weary of cages and cold meals, hatched a cunning plan for freedom and fortune. With whiskers twitching and feathers ruffled, they embarked on a daring mission – to rob the city bank and orchestrate the most legendary heist in animal history.

Animafia unfolds as a 5x5, 40 Paylines, Medium volatility Video Slot game featuring Power Wilds. Engage in a collect feature to amplify your free spins game, and immerse yourself in a free spins experience enriched with roaming wilds, powerups, and retriggers. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure with a max payout surpassing 3200 times your bet. Join the Animafia on this daring escapade where cunning meets fortune, and the city zoo becomes the stage for an unforgettable heist!
Peter Hunter stealthily navigates the challenging landscape of the expansive Siberian forest, seeking out the grand prize! Introducing Peter Hunter, a 5×3 Video Slot featuring medium-high volatility with 20 paylines. This game includes a cash collect feature that instantly rewards wins on Cash symbols, along with a free spins round boasting additional free spins and cash multipliers.

In the primary game, Wilds have the ability to replace any symbol, excluding the Scatter. When the Bonus symbol (Target) lands on the screen, all high symbols undergo a transformation into Cash symbols. These Cash symbols progress towards the Scatter, leaving a bet multiplier value at each position they traverse. Once the Cash symbols reach the Target, the hunter takes precise aim and shoots them, accumulating the multiplier values in the panel, which are then summed up. The resulting win amount is the product of the multiplier and the initial bet amount.

Initially, 5 free spins are granted, and the game unfolds on a 5x5 panel. Extra free spins are earned whenever a free spin symbol makes an appearance on the screen. With each spin, one scatter and random high symbols emerge in the panel. Each high symbol journeys towards the scatter, leaving a trail of multipliers. On every spin, the hunter's multiplier doubles upon each successful hit. When the hunter takes a shot: * If a moving high symbol is hit, its value is multiplied by the hunter multiplier. * In the event of a miss, the symbol undergoes a random change in position.
Editors Choice
Get ready for a magical journey into the enchanting realm of Abrakadabra, a captivating fantasy slot game where a skilled sorcerer and an array of whimsical creatures breathe life into the world of magic! Abrakadabra unfolds on a 5x3 grid, offering 243 ways to win and a thrilling max win potential of 10,000x your bet. Immerse yourself in cascading wins, a distinctive power reel featuring various types of Wilds, Free Spins, multiplier jumps, and not one but two exhilarating free spins Bonus games.

In the base game, each winning combination sets off a cascade, causing the victorious symbols to disappear and be replaced by new symbols cascading from a Power Reel above the grid. Cascades persist as long as new wins are generated, and with each triumph, a cumulative global multiplier adds to the excitement.

Step Multiplier Feature: The multiplier resets after all cascades are concluded in the base game. The step multiplier appends the current cascade iteration to the previous multiplier, following a sequence such as 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, 29, 37, 46, 56, 67, and so forth.

Power Reel Feature: The power reel harbors special symbols released when winning symbols are replaced by cascades. It includes Wilds with limited lives and powerup Symbols offering features like extra free spins or multiplier jumps.

Monster Free Spins Bonus Game: Trigger 7 free spins by landing 3 Scatter symbols, with each additional scatter granting 2 more free spins. Scatters are tallied once cascades cease and no further wins occur. Unlike the base game, the step multiplier doesn’t reset here, and the power reel contains symbols awarding extra free spins or boosting the multiplier. Additionally, a random wild placement feature can be triggered during spins without wins or in the final cascade of a winning spin, heightening the excitement.

Super Free Spins Bonus Game: Accumulate 450 Scatters in a meter during the base game to unlock the Super Free Spins Bonus game, bestowing 10 Free Spins. This bonus game encompasses all Monster free spins features, with the added benefit that the Multiplier Powerup can elevate the step multiplier by up to 3 steps.

Power Bet Feature: Opt for the Power Bet feature, which involves an extra cost per spin but doubles the speed to access the Super Free Spins game, enhancing the chances of triggering the Monster free spins Bonus game.

Buy Free Spins Feature: Players have two options to secure entry into the Monster Free Spins Round, either for 90x the bet, granting 7 Free Spins, or for 120x the bet, providing a random number between 7 to 11 free spins.
The clan assembles in homage to the mighty Thunderhawk, bestowing blessings upon the harvest and ushering in prosperity and wealth.

Thunderhawk presents a slot game of medium-high volatility, played on a 5x3 grid with 20 pay lines that pay from left to right. The potential for a maximum win reaches 10000x your bet. The game showcases Thunder Hawk symbols offering instant payouts, a free spins round featuring random power-ups on each spin, and a collection feature that activates a super free spins game, requiring the accumulation of as many Thunder Hawk symbols as possible.

In the main game, Wilds act as substitutes for any symbol except the Scatter and Thunderhawk. Scatters, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4, do not yield payouts. Landing three or more Thunder Hawk symbols in the panel results in an immediate win, with payout values displayed on a pay table adjacent to the grid.

Triggering the Free Spins bonus game requires three Scatters, granting 10 free spins. Each spin awards a random Powerup feature applied to the wins. Powerups may include multipliers ranging from 2x to 4x, one to three extra free spins, or the opportunity to acquire one to three additional Thunder Hawk symbols. As in the base game, Thunder Hawk symbols provide instant wins.

Accumulating 7 Free Spin games on a meter unlocks the Thunder Hawk Super Free Spins bonus game, awarding 5 free spins. Players must fill the panel with up to 12 Thunder Hawk symbols for the maximum win. Additional free spins can be earned with each subsequent spin.

For increased chances of triggering the bonus game, players can utilize the Golden Bet feature, paying an extra x1.5 per bet. An alternative option is the Buy Bonus feature, allowing players to enter the Free Spins game with their chosen bet.
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey through the Pirate Barbarossa realm. Navigate the perilous waters infested with sharks as you pursue the grandest treasure of all time. Could you be the one destined to unveil the ultimate pirate plunder?

Barbarossa presents a high-volatility Slot game, featuring the distinctive Doublemax element. The gameplay unfolds on a 5x3 grid, providing 243 Ways to Win and a staggering maximum payout of 20000 times your initial bet. Engage with Wild Cascades, Multiplier Jumps, and a Free Spins bonus round boasting limitless Multipliers!

Within the primary game, every triumph initiates a cascade, eliminating the victorious symbols from the reels and introducing a Wild to a random spot before fresh symbols fill the grid. Cascades persist until no further victories occur. Each cascade doubles a cumulative multiplier, commencing at 2x and resetting after a fruitless round. There's also a prospect of the multiplier escalating up one position, occurring up to three times in a single spin.

Triggering the Free Spins Bonus game in the base round requires landing 3 Scatters, bestowing 7 Free Spins and an additional two for each extra scatter. During Free Spins, the reel multipliers remain uninterrupted between spins.

Players can heighten their chances of initiating the bonus round by opting for the Golden Bet feature, incurring an extra x1.5 per bet. Moreover, players have the option to acquire entry into the Free Spins feature, securing seven free spins for x100 or obtaining seven to eleven spins randomly for x200. Gear up for an extraordinary pirate escapade filled with riches, peril, and ceaseless excitement!
The Peregrin order conceals itself within the attire of musicians and minstrels, safeguarding mankind's most profound secret—the tome of tomes, the progenitor of all written works, the fount of unparalleled power and affluence.

Referred to as the Book of Books, this slot game of heightened volatility unfolds on a dynamic grid, ranging from 5x3 to 5x5, encompassing 40 pay lines during the Bonus Game. Within the base game, a collection mechanism empowers players to enhance their Free Spins experience with up to 10 expanding symbols, extra free spins, and multipliers.

To acquire these Powerups, players need to secure two scatters during the base game. These enhancements encompass one or two free spins, a single expanding symbol, or an expanding symbol multiplier of either x1 or x2. Accumulated in a meter, these Powerups are activated during the Free Spins round.

Activation of the Free Spins game requires the landing of 3 to 5 scatters, granting 7 Free Spins along with any previously collected Powerups. The panel size varies based on the initial scatters, reaching a maximum of 5x5 with five scatters. In the calculation of a regular win, panels with expanding symbols expand to cover the entire reel, earning an extra prize. Expanding symbols cannot be substituted by Wilds and pay out even in non-adjacent positions. Retriggering free spins is possible by landing two or more Scatters, resulting in extra free spins, Powerups, and panel resizing.

Players may opt for the Golden Bet feature, paying an additional x1.5 per bet to boost their chances of triggering the bonus game. Alternatively, the Buy Bonus option allows players to enter the free spins game directly.
Treasure seekers arrive, their eyes wide with fear as they behold the entrance to the ancient mines. Within lies the fabled red dragon, surrounded by heaps of treasure in the form of gold and jewels.

Welcome to DragonBlox, an exhilarating video Slot game featuring the renowned GigaBlox and Lock’n Blox mechanics. Played on a 6x6 grid with 50 pay lines running from left to right, this game showcases oversized symbols, Wilds, a thrilling Monster Jackpot bonus round, and an exciting Monster Free Spins feature!

Throughout the base game, oversized GigaBlox symbols ranging from 2x2 to 6x6 may land on each spin, while Wilds can substitute for any symbol except the Scatter.

When 6 or more Lock’n Blox symbols appear, the Monster Jackpot bonus round is triggered, granting players 3 free spins. These spins reset whenever a new Lock’n Blox symbol appears, with the original triggering symbols remaining in place. Adjacent Lock’n Blox symbols merge to create larger patterns, leading to higher multiplier values. The bonus round concludes when all 3 spins are used up or when the grid is filled.

If 6 or more Scatters land, the Monster Free Spins bonus round is activated, awarding the same number of free spins as there are Scatters. Additional free spins are granted for each new Scatter that appears during the round. GigaBlox symbols are more common during Free Spins, and the Monster Jackpot bonus can still be triggered by landing enough Lock’n Blox symbols.

Opting for the Golden Bet increases the likelihood of encountering GigaBlox symbols and accessing the bonus features, requiring an additional x1.5 wager per spin.

For those seeking instant excitement, a buy option allows players to purchase access to Monster Free Spins or the Monster Jackpot bonus game, offering between 5 and 20 random free spins or entry into the bonus round.
Enter the saga of Musashi, the fabled samurai, as he embarks on a quest for truth and honor, facing off against the celestial beings of the zodiac until his ultimate showdown with the grandmaster dragon.

The Legend of Musashi unfolds on a 6x4 grid, offering avalanche cascades, 4096 Ways to win, and a staggering maximum payout exceeding 20000x. With cascades, the game introduces progressive multipliers, along with 10 Power mode tiers featuring expanding Wilds, and two distinct Free Spins bonus rounds.

Throughout the base game, cascades trigger a progressive multiplier. Below the grid, a horizontal reel showcases 10 Power levels. Accumulating scatters fills the meter, unlocking Power levels that grant up to 10 random Lives. Each Life converts appearing Wilds into Expanding Wilds. Progressing through all levels, achieved with approximately 650 scatters, initiates the Supers Free Spins round.

In the base game, the appearance of 3 scatters on the panel initiates the Free Spins round, offering 10 Free Spins. During Free Spins, the progressive multiplier persists through cascades, resetting after each spin. Additionally, Wilds expand consistently, and each Scatter landing on the panel boosts the multiplier base value by one while awarding an extra free spin.

In contrast to regular Free Spins, the Super Free Spins round maintains the progressive multiplier without resetting at the start of each spin.
The ancient tome speaks of the long-forgotten Tower nestled within the dungeons of Mount Argol and the guardians who protect the concealed treasures of a once illustrious king.

Dungeon Tower presents as a high volatility 5x5 video slot, boasting the distinctive MULTIMAX feature, Grid-pays, cascading avalanches, wild symbols, and a Free Spins bonus round with limitless reel multipliers, promising a potential max payout of 20000x the initial bet!

To form a winning combination, three or more symbols must align in a linear fashion, either vertically or horizontally. Once involved in a win, symbols vanish, setting off a cascade and making room for new symbols. Between one to three Wilds may appear randomly in vacant spaces, substituting for any symbol except the Scatter and persisting until they contribute to a win. Furthermore, each Wild augments a reel multiplier by x1.

These reel multipliers impact wins in the following manner:

Vertical winning lines are influenced by the multiplier atop their respective reel. Horizontal winning lines are influenced by a multiplier derived from multiplying each individual multiplier atop the reels involved in the winning line. Upon completion of the game round, all multiplier values revert to 1.

The Free Spins bonus round activates when 3 or more scatters land on the grid. Depending on the number of scatters, players receive 7, 9, or 11 free spins. During Free Spins, the same rules as in the base game apply, except for the top reel multipliers, which remain in effect and continue to escalate throughout the entire round. For an additional fee of x0.20 per bet, players can opt for the GOLDEN BET feature in the base game, doubling their likelihood of triggering Free Spins. Alternatively, players have the option to directly purchase entry into the Free Spins game, selecting their preferred bet size, where they are randomly granted 7-11 Free spins.
In the year 1921, in the heart of the New Orleans French quarters, a Voodoo Shop illuminates the end of a dark and winding street. Amidst the vibrant festivities of Mardi Gras sweeping across town, a former priest is hard at work. Spells are cast towards the celebration, weaving hexes around musicians and transforming the streets into an unparalleled magical ritual—all in a bid to secure Oshun's favor!

Voodoo Hex emerges as a medium/high volatility 3x3 Video Slot game boasting 5 paylines evaluated from left to right, with a tantalizing max payout of 10000x/bet. Featuring Wilds, Mystery Stack respins with progressive panel multipliers, and a Free Spins bonus game with a potential buy option in the base game, Voodoo Hex is a spellbinding adventure. In the base game, Wilds may manifest randomly anywhere on the grid, acting as substitutes for any symbol except the Scatter.

The Mystery Stack respins feature is triggered when 2 reels are filled with the same symbol. The triggering symbols transform into mystery stacks, initiating a respin. After the spin concludes, the mystery symbols unveil themselves, revealing a randomly chosen symbol, possibly including Coins with multipliers reaching up to 100x. Following a win, all symbols matching the revealed ones transform back into mystery symbols. The mystery stack descends one step with each respin until no mystery symbols remain on the panel. Additionally, a global progressive multiplier, commencing at x1 and increasing by one, is applied with each respin.

A single Scatter landing in the center of the grid sets off the Free Spins Game, where 7, 9, 12, or 15 free spins are randomly granted. During the Free Spins game, the Mystery Stacks feature triggers more frequently, and the progressive multiplier influences every spin, extending beyond the Mystery Stack respin feature. To enhance the excitement, there are three buy Bonus-Game options available in the base game, enabling you to purchase 7, 15, or a random number of Free Spins, offering a unique twist to your mystical journey.
Since the great collapse, numerous winters have swept by, witnessing the gathering of survivors and the resurgence of old clans. The knights of antiquated machines have ascended to the status of deities in this new age. Ancient pathways have sprung back to life, serving as battlegrounds for the conflicts of this era. As the age-old saying goes, the victor claims it all!

Wild One stands as a medium-high volatility slot, played on a 6x4 grid, offering 4096 Ways to win and the potential for a maximum payout exceeding 5000x the initial bet.

The game boasts cascading Ways, a Power Wild Reel feature showcasing various Wilds and multipliers across distinct tier levels, and a Free Spins bonus round with retriggering capabilities.

During the base game, winning combinations trigger cascades, with vacant spaces replenished by symbols from above. Positioned atop the grid lies a horizontal Power Reel housing WILDS, Unbreakable Wilds, Expanding Wilds, and Wild multipliers. These features unlock and activate at varying tier levels. Upon a win, symbols from the horizontal reel descend first. Following cascades, two scattered symbols in the panel are collected and detonate, initiating a Scatter Blast that clears surrounding symbols within a 3x3 area, thus sparking an additional cascade. The tier level on the power reel advances with two Scatter Blasts, unlocking a new Wild feature.

Activation of 3 or more Scatters on the panel triggers the Free Spins bonus round, granting 10 or more free spins, with each additional Scatter yielding an extra free spin. Free Spins occur at the unlocked tier level of the Power reel, increasing the likelihood of Wild features. Furthermore, any Scatter landing on the panel during Free Spins awards an additional free spin, while the simultaneous appearance of 3 Scatters triggers retriggering, providing 10 additional Free spins.
Where the woodlands of Walarya fade into the vast expanse of the ocean, immense sea creatures traverse the fjords. Positioned at the waterfall's edge, the shaman patiently awaits the arrival of the grandest catch, knowing that the rewards bestowed upon capturing the largest creatures are truly magnificent.

Water Blox emerges as a high volatility Video Slot, featuring the distinctive GIGABLOX attribute and offering the potential for a maximum payout exceeding 7500 times the initial bet. With gameplay unfolding on a 6 by 6 grid and 50 pay lines evaluated from left to right, the game introduces Wild Re-spins, Roaming Wilds, and a Free Spins bonus round featuring up to 10x Multipliers!

During the base game, symbols may manifest as colossal blocks, reaching sizes of up to 6x6. A random Wild-Respin feature activates, transforming 1 to 3 symbols into Wilds; subsequent to awarding a win, a respin ensues, prompting Wilds to roam around and change positions. The dimensions of the symbols converted into Wilds determine the quantity of roaming wilds. A 1x1 Wild-Block yields one roaming Wild, while a 2x2 Wild-Block generates two roaming Wilds, and so forth, up to 6 roaming Wilds granted by a 6x6 block. Roaming Wilds possess the ability to convert entire blocks into Wilds and cannot land on one another.

In the base game, the appearance of five or more Scatters initiates a Free Spins bonus round, granting an equivalent number of Free Spins as the quantity of Scatters.

During Free Spins, each newly landed scatter awards an additional free spin, and the Wild Respin feature activates on every spin, transforming 1 to 3 random symbols into Wilds. Moreover, each Wild symbol contributes points to a meter, progressively increasing a panel multiplier from 2X to 10X, and granting two additional free spins with each multiplier upgrade.

An option to directly purchase entry into the Free Spins round, known as the Buy Bonus feature, is also available to players.
Editors Choice
Wild Town is assailed by outlaws and gunslingers. The Wild Marshals are meeting them up across town in savage and wild duels, the good guys, get to harvest the rewards.

Welcome to Wild Duel! A high volatility 5x3 Video Slot with 10 paylines, Respins, Wild Duel Feature, Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Wild with multipliers, and a Free Spins bonus game with Re-triggers!

During the base game, the activation of the Wild Duel feature occurs when 2 Scatters land on the panel. This initiates two vertical reels on each side of the grid, each consisting of three symbol positions. The right side hosts the Outlaw-reel, where characters of Outlaws display random multipliers ranging from 1 to 10x or empty spaces. On the left side, the Marshal-reel showcases Marshal characters, each associated with a distinct Wild feature: Random Wild, Expanding Wild, and Sticky Wild.

A duel ensues when the Outlaws' position on the right aligns with the Marshals' position on the left. Upon a Marshal winning a Duel, their corresponding "Wild feature" activates, providing a re-spin, and the defeated Outlaw's Multiplier is added on top. Multiple Duels can occur simultaneously, with each winning duel triggering a re-spin that persists as long as the Marshals emerge victorious. The possibility of Wild overlapping exists, and the multipliers are cumulative for the ongoing spin.

In instances where there are no active duels and no wins, there's a likelihood that the Wild placement feature will position 3 wilds randomly anywhere on the panel.

Triggering a Free Spins bonus game involves landing 3 Scatters anywhere on the panel, awarding 10 Free Spins. The Duel feature remains accessible throughout the entire session. Furthermore, achieving two winning duels simultaneously awards an additional Free Spin, and securing three winning duels grants two Free Spins.
Hidden within the depths of the Mayan jungle lie the twelve demon lords of Xibalba, feared deities of death who reign over the underworld with an iron grip. Men are called forth and succumb, for the pathways to Xibalba are fraught with deception, and the gods themselves are masters of treacherous cunning. Only the heroic twins possess the power to vanquish these malevolent beings and unveil the long-concealed treasures.

Xibalba emerges as a high volatility slot game boasting a maximum payout exceeding 20000 times the initial bet. The adventure unfolds on a 5-reel, 3-row reel set initially, offering 243 Ways to win. However, with each winning combination, the grid expands, reaching a maximum size of 5 reels by 6 rows, and offering 7776 Ways to win.

The game introduces cascades, wherein winning symbols are replaced with new ones, accompanied by the addition of an extra symbol to the winning reel. Reels have the potential to grow to a height of 6 rows. Moreover, a progressive win multiplier, starting at x1 and escalating by +1 with each cascade, is applied, with no ceiling limit. However, the multiplier resets between paid spins in the base game.

When 2 scatter symbols land on the middle reels, a respin is triggered, merging the reels containing the scatters to form colossal symbols ranging from 2×2 to 3×3 in size.

Activation of 3 scatter symbols in the grid following a cascade sequence initiates the bonus game, awarding 15 free spins. The Free Spins mode encompasses all the features available in the base game, with the added advantage of the win multiplier persisting between free spins. Furthermore, in Free Spins, 3 scatters retrigger, granting an additional 15 free spins.
The Valkyries assemble at the gates of Valhalla, ready to welcome the fallen heroes with their resounding battle cries. Guiding the souls of the brave to the hallowed halls of the slain, they usher in the promise of rewards beyond compare.

Presenting a thrilling adventure, this high volatility video slot game unfolds on a 5x3 grid, with 10 pay lines assessed from left to right, offering the potential for a maximum payout exceeding 20000 times the initial bet. The game boasts an array of exciting features including Power Reel, Dropping Wilds, Locking Wilds, Wild Respins, and a free spins bonus round with an optional buy-in.

In the base game, Dropping Wilds may appear randomly on any reel, descending one position with each spin until exiting the grid. Wild symbols serve as substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter.

Activation of 2 Scatters anywhere on the panel triggers the Power Reel, positioned beneath the grid, presenting various Wild features along with Respins. Red (Dropping Wilds) and blue (Locking Wilds) symbols may emerge within its cells.

When Dropping Wilds materialize on the Power Reel, they ascend to the top position of the corresponding vertical reel, with Wild Respins continuing until all Wild symbols vanish from the grid. Locking Wilds exclusively appear when the Wild Reel is engaged, adhering to their landing position until the feature concludes. Additionally, two Respins are awarded even in the absence of Dropping Wilds. Both Wild types may include random multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x.

Activation of 3 scatters anywhere on the reels triggers the Bonus game, granting 10 Free Spins. Throughout Free Spins, the Power Reel remains active for the duration of the session. Furthermore, 2 additional Free Spins are awarded for each unlocked Wild symbol that appears. Should Dropping Wilds intersect with any other Wild, they merge, combining their multipliers for that particular spin.
Prepare for an unprecedented journey into the realm of monsters!

Throughout the land, creatures of all shapes and sizes are wreaking havoc. Brave adventurers converge at the ancient tavern, where lucrative bounties await those daring enough to hunt down these monstrous foes. Only the boldest warriors, capable of vanquishing the mightiest creatures, stand to claim the greatest rewards.

Enter the world of MONSTER BLOX, a high-stakes slot game with 6 reels and 40 pay-lines, offering thrills aplenty. With each spin, the potential for adventure grows, as respins expand the playing field and introduce wild surprises. Keep an eye out for random Wilds and elusive Scatters, which unlock the path to free spins and multiplied fortunes.

In the heart of the action, symbols materialize as imposing blocks, stretching up to 6x6 in the base game. Every win triggers a respin, expanding the grid and escalating the excitement. With each successive win, the panel expands further, offering up to 6x8 reels and 100 pay lines of monstrous potential. And don't be surprised if a few wild allies join the fray, enhancing your chances of victory.

Achieve greatness by collecting five or more Scatters, unlocking the gateway to the Free Spins bonus game. Amidst a 6x8 reel set and 100 pay lines, the true test of skill begins. With each Scatter collected, the prospect of victory grows, as extra spins accumulate and multipliers await. Gather enough Scatters, and you could walk away with a multiplier of epic proportions, reaching up to 10x your fortunes.

Embark on this thrilling adventure, where every spin brings you closer to untold riches and legendary glory!
In the rugged peaks of Durmir, where the gods convene, observing the realm of mortals, a gathering storm signals the onset of war, spurred on by Thor himself. The Viking horde descends, driven by the pursuit of riches in life or honor in death, knowing that Valhalla's gates await them.

Hammer of Gods presents a 6-reel, 3-row video slot experience of high volatility, boasting over 729 Ways to win and a staggering maximum payout exceeding 51000 times your initial wager. Within the game, players encounter Way multipliers, a distinctive Special Wild feature for collecting and releasing, and the opportunity to trigger 15 Free Spins in the bonus round, which can be reactivated.

Throughout the base game, random positions illuminate with each spin. Symbols, excluding the Scatter, landing on these spots divide into 2x, 3x, or 4x, creating new winning combinations. Accumulating three Special golden wilds fills a meter, prompting a re-spin where all collected wilds are reintroduced onto the reels.

Activation of 3 or more Scatters initiates the Free Spins bonus round, granting 15 Free Spins. During this phase, symbols on highlighted positions split into 4x, with a Wild guaranteed on every spin. Special Wilds are also amassed during this round. Moreover, if any wilds remain in the meter after the allocated free spins are used, the bonus game persists indefinitely until the meter is full and triggers the feature again. Additional 15 free spins are granted for every occurrence of 3 or more scatters during the bonus game.
Gather them, Preserve them, for these valuable sevens shall flourish, unlocking the gates to fortune! A timeless game with a fresh twist! Clusters of sevens will initiate re-spins, with airborne sevens continuing until the grid is brimming and the ultimate multiplier bestowed! It's all about the sevens, our Treasured Sevens!

Presenting a traditional 5x4 video slot, boasting 40 paylines, wilds, stacked seven symbols, and re-spins featuring soaring sevens that escalate multipliers, culminating in a grand final multiplier. During base gameplay, each stack of sevens triggers a re-spin, with sevens gliding to the far left position. Every new seven appearing awards an extra re-spin, shifting leftward again. With each re-spin, the panel multiplier ascends. Achieving a grid filled with sevens triggers a full-house multiplier, amplifying all wins by both the panel and full-house multipliers!

A stack of 7's enveloping an entire reel initiates a re-spin, with sevens drifting to the leftmost slot. Any subsequent appearance of a seven triggers another re-spin. With each re-spin, the panel multiplier increments by one. Upon completely filling the screen with sevens, the player earns an additional, randomly generated multiplier ranging from two to five.
In the year 1914, amidst the tumult of marching soldiers and advancing tanks, Hans Schultz finds himself deep within enemy territory. Despite the odds stacked against him, the valiant soldier engages in a fierce battle, not on the battlefield, but within the thrilling confines of Kaiser, a timeless slot game.

Kaiser stands as a quintessential video slot, characterized by its moderate to high volatility gameplay across a 5x5 grid adorned with 40 pay lines, all assessed from left to right, promising a maximum payout of 2333 times the initial bet.

Within this virtual battleground, players encounter wild symbols adorned with lucrative multipliers, scatters that unlock hidden treasures, and a bonus round boasting roaming wilds, along with escalating multipliers and additional free spins.

Throughout the primary gameplay, a flurry of 3 to 10 wild symbols descends upon the grid at random intervals, each accompanied by a multiplier that increases with every level, capping at x3 before resetting. Triggering the bonus round requires the alignment of 3 scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4, promptly gifting players with 7 precious free spins.

Once immersed in the Free Spins realm, players are granted 3 to 10 roaming wilds from the outset, each traversing the grid with every spin. Moreover, the accumulation of scatters serves to elevate the multiplier associated with the wilds, ranging from 1x to a staggering 5x, while also bestowing an additional 2 spins with each upgrade.
The narrow streets of Nottingham lie deserted, devoid of life. Concealed in the shadows of the castle, Robin bides his time, awaiting the changing of the watch. As darkness blankets the castle, hooded figures leap over the walls, sprinting toward the towering structure's summit. The raid has commenced!

This high-volatility video slot game unfolds on a 5-reel, 4-row panel, boasting 20 paylines appraised from left to right and a maximum win potential exceeding 121,500 times the bet. The game boasts a range of features, including Special Wild collection, re-spins with wild placements, and a Free Spins bonus game with roaming wilds, panel multipliers, and free spins with re-triggers. Wilds may spontaneously transform into Special Wilds. Upon accumulating 9 Special Wilds in a meter, it triggers a re-spin, releasing all wilds into the panel at random positions, leading to a potential win.

Free Spins come into play when 3 or more Scatter symbols grace the reels, bestowing 15 Free Spins. During this phase, the likelihood of converting standard Wilds to Special Wilds increases. Every set of 3 collected special wilds not only awards 3 extra free spins but also introduces these special wilds into the panel at random positions, where they roam throughout the session, changing positions on each spin.

Players can amass and trigger a maximum of 9 Special Wilds, allowing all of them to roam the panel concurrently. If multiple Wilds land on the same reel, a panel multiplier comes into play. With 3 Wilds, an x2 reel multiplier is added, and with 4 Wilds, an x3 reel multiplier is applied. The total panel multiplier is then calculated by multiplying these reel multipliers together, elevating the excitement of this daring raid on the Nottingham castle.
In the deep caves of Algroth, many moons away, the blue wizard poured his knowledge and strength into the Cauldron. Time passed, and the Cauldron grew in power, becoming the source of dreams. Adventurers all over the lands seek for it but still haven’t found it.

Cauldron is a classic 5x3 video slot game with 20 fixed pay lines counting from left to right, wilds, scatters, and two Free Spin bonus games with multiplier symbols. During the base game, Wilds appears only on reels 2,3, and 4, substituting all other symbols except the scatter. Three or more scatters on the panel trigger a Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins.

During the Free Spins game, the first time there is a Win on a high-paying symbol ( HV1, HV2, HV3, HV4, or HV5 ) that symbol pays double on all subsequent spins. For each upgrade, players get one additional free spin.

During the base game, collecting scatters in a meter unlocks a Super Free Spins bonus game awarding 10 free spins, where low-paying symbols disappear, and High-paying symbols pay double.
In New York, circa 1920, the era of Prohibition is in full swing. Various factions vie for control, each hungry for a slice of the action. Don Giovanni, the eleventh patriarch of the L’Amiranta family, surveys his loyal subjects with a steely gaze. His silent command speaks volumes: conflict looms on the horizon, and he demands absolute loyalty.

Welcome to a thrilling 5-reel, 3-row video slot game, offering 243 ways to claim victory, assessed from left to right. This game boasts expanding wilds, multipliers, and three enticing bonus rounds teeming with free spins.

In the base game, watch as expanding Wilds adorned with escalating multipliers grace reels 2, 3, and 4, engulfing entire columns. Keep a keen eye on the scatters dotting the reels—they're your ticket to fortune. Gather three or more scatters simultaneously to trigger a Free Spins bonus round, granting you 10 precious spins on the house. Throughout this bonus round, rest assured that each spin will unveil at least one Wild symbol, while the multiplier steadily climbs with every new Wild that emerges.

As you steadily accumulate scatters, filling 70% of the meter, prepare for the thrill of the Super Free Spins bonus round. Should you opt to prolong the anticipation and fully charge the meter, brace yourself for the ultimate reward: the Mega Free Spins Game.

In the Super Free Spins round, revel in the same exhilarating dynamics as the standard Free Spins game, but with an expanded 4x5 grid to amplify the excitement. And in the coveted Mega bonus game, anticipate not only the enlarged 4x5 grid but also the thrill of witnessing the multiplier soar by 2x with each Wild that graces the board. The stakes are high, the rewards immense—fortune favors the bold.
Amidst the shadowy depths of the Sherwood forest, Robin patiently awaits! Approaching are ponderous wagons, dragged by weary horses straining against their loads, enduring lashes from large men donned in dark coats — tax collectors!

This slot unfolds on a 6-reel x 4-row grid, offering an All Ways video slot experience with 4,096 ways to win. Highlighted features include Avalanche Cascades, Free Spins, escalating prize Multipliers, and expanding Wilds during the Free Spins round.

In the base game, winning formations trigger the Avalanche Cascade feature, removing winning symbols and paving the way for new symbols to descend from above, creating additional winning combinations. Each subsequent cascade amplifies an overall win multiplier by 1, resetting to 1x when cascading wins conclude.

Land 3 or more Scatters on the panel to initiate the Free Spins bonus game, securing a minimum of 10 Free Spins and an additional 2 for each extra scatter symbol. Throughout Free Spins, a multiplier is applied to all wins, increasing by 1 with each triumph and resetting after cascading ends. Within the Free Spins game, wilds expand across reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, filling the entire reel.

In the base game, amassing scatters in a progress bar triggers the Super Free Spin Bonus game, granting 12 free spins. The multiplier commences at a randomly selected level, and expanding wilds make more frequent appearances, elevating the excitement of this thrilling adventure in Sherwood Forest.
Since ancient times, tales and narratives have circulated, weaving together the exploits of heroes, villains, and historical events into a tapestry of Legends.

Enter the inaugural installment of the Legends series: an odyssey of grand proportions, driven by the pursuit of wealth and renown!

Accompany Johnan on his odyssey to uncover forgotten civilizations, battling legendary creatures from the mists of time. Experience the thrill of winning over 5000 times your initial wager in this high-risk, high-reward 5x3 video slot adventure. With 10 pay lines spanning left to right, plus Wilds, scatters, and two bonus games offering free spins, the excitement never wanes.

In the primary game, landing 3 or more scatters triggers a Free Spins bonus round, gifting 10 free spins. At the onset of this bonus round, a random symbol expands throughout the session, enhancing winning potential. Furthermore, each occurrence of 3 or more scatters on the reels during this round introduces an additional symbol, refreshing the free spins count to 10.

Meanwhile, amassing scatters in the main game activates a Super Bonus round, furnishing 10 free spins. Throughout this round, landing 3 or more scatters adds another 10 free spins to the tally, amplifying the thrills and rewards.
The allure of gold has stirred the ancient miners from their eternal rest. The undead horde is knocking at the gates!

This is a cross-platform video slot game with moderate volatility, set on a traditional 5x3 grid with 20 pay lines. The game boasts wild symbols, scatter symbols, two bonus rounds with expanding grids, and a quick hit feature that grants instant wins with high-paying symbols whenever a scatter symbol lands on the fifth reel.

Completing a progress bar by collecting 5 scatter symbols unlocks a Free Spins bonus round, granting 10 free spins. During this bonus round, the game expands to a 5x4 grid with 40 pay lines.

Gathering 5 scatter symbols within the Free Spins bonus round activates a Super Free Spins game, awarding an extra 10 free spins. This round is played on a larger 5x5 grid with 60 pay lines.
The Wild Bard makes port!

Crowds gather to hear his melodies of ancient shipwrecks and hidden treasures.

Wild Bard presents a multiplatform, low volatility video slot experience. It's played on a classic 3x3 grid with 8 fixed pay lines, assessed from left to right. The game includes Wilds, Scatters, Quick Hit symbols, and a bonus round of Free Spins.

During regular play, Quick Hit symbols offer immediate wins, reaching up to 3508 times the bet when 9 symbols land simultaneously. Wilds appear randomly on the grid, substituting for any symbol except the Scatter or Quick Hit symbols. Scatters exclusively appear on the middle reel, triggering the Free Spins mode. A spin of the wheel randomly grants 10-25 free spins and a multiplier of 1-3. In Free Spins mode, each Scatter landing on the grid reactivates the Free Spins game with the original number of spins awarded.
Rome faces a siege. Gather whatever you can!

In the year 410 AD, Rome finds itself besieged by the Germanic tribes led by King Alaric. Engage in this captivating game of medium volatility where you could win more than 5033 times your initial wager. With 1024 ways to win, running from left to right, the excitement never fades.

Experience the thrill of random multiplier wilds, scatters, and two bonus rounds offering free spins and escalating multiplier levels. The base game unfolds on a 4x5 grid. Each appearance of a wild on a pay line brings forth an extra multiplier win.

Trigger the Free Spins Bonus round with scatters landing on reels 1 and 5. Enter a heightened phase of play on a stretched 5x5 grid, featuring escalating multiplier levels. Enjoy up to 20 free spins and a maximum multiplier Wild of 15 times.

Every tenth Free Spins Bonus round initiates a Super Bonus game. This advanced stage unfolds on an extended 5x6 grid, promising amplified winning opportunities!
Join the Punch Club and compete for the ultimate prize!

In the depths of the impoverished areas, where the most intense clandestine battles occur, only the most courageous emerge victorious.

Punch Club presents a timeless 5x3 video slot experience with 25 pay lines, spanning from the leftmost to the right. Experience the thrill of random wild multipliers and unlock a bonus round of free spins, where premium symbols morph into wilds.

In the base game, Wilds can emerge with varying multipliers of x1, x2, and x3. Achieving three scatters on the reels triggers a Bonus Game, granting 10 free spins.

Within the Free Spins round, gathering scatters initiates the transformation of premium symbols into wilds. Each premium symbol has its unique threshold for transitioning into a Wild. With every conversion, an additional 2 free spins are granted, with a maximum of 18 available in total.
Keep your wits about you, and trust sparingly!

Meet Sheriff Colt, the iconic guardian of law in the frontier town of White Cuervo, where outlaws lurk like predators in the shadows.

Sheriff Colt presents a multiplatform video slot game of moderate volatility set on a classic 5x3 grid, boasting 10 fixed pay lines running from left to right, with the potential for a maximum win of 10000 times your initial bet. This game offers sticky wilds, re-spins, collectible scatters, and two bonus rounds featuring free spins and multipliers.

In the main game, wild symbols stick to the reels, remaining in place until the conclusion of a re-spin. Triggering 3 or more scatters unlocks a Free Spins Bonus round, providing between 10 to 15 free spins. Throughout the bonus rounds, wilds remain sticky, clinging to the reels for the duration of the session. Achieving at least one wild on each reel during the base game rewards an additional 5 free spins.

As you collect scatters and fill the progress bar during regular gameplay, prepare for the Super Free Spins Bonus round, where all winnings receive a generous threefold multiplier.
Step into the enchantment of the circus!

D’cirque invites you to a carnival-themed adventure boasting stunning visuals and captivating gameplay mechanics designed to appeal to a wide audience of casino enthusiasts. This multiplatform video slot game features medium volatility, played on a traditional 5x3 grid with 25 fixed pay lines. Get ready for expanding wilds accompanied by respins during the main game, along with a bonus round offering free spins.

In the base game, keep an eye out for expanding wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4, which illuminate a lamp beneath the reel and trigger a respin. Activate three lamps simultaneously to unlock the bonus game, where you'll enjoy 10 free spins.

Once in the bonus round, watch as lamps randomly illuminate, transforming all reel symbols into wilds for an electrifying experience.

Wild symbols may appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, effectively substituting for all other symbols on that reel. Whenever a wild lands, it initiates a re-spin and then exits the panel. A lamp illuminates each time a wild appears and remains lit during the re-spin. However, if no wilds land on the subsequent spin, the lamps extinguish. Accumulating three illuminated lamps triggers the Free Spins feature, granting 10 free spins.

During regular gameplay, the appearance of a wild triggers a re-spin.

The Free Spins bonus round awards 10 free spins. Throughout each spin, lamps randomly illuminate. Each illuminated lamp converts all symbols on its corresponding reel into wilds.

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About Peter & Sons

Peter and Sons are amongst a few names who have become an example of creating massive recognition in the gaming industry in a very short time. It has only become possible due to their hard work creating some of the unique and innovative designs in their slot titles with the help of cutting-edge technologies. It has made the players imprison themselves for long hours in front of the screen.

The content developers of this software company came from Armenia 2019, who created a new formula in slot features to make every player win for them. To create an authentic charm of slot games, the veterans have induced a unique contour, and color accompanying features are also very entertaining. To simplify its business portfolio, Peter and Sons is a firm that develops online gaming services for the business-to-business industry.

All slot games of this software company are inherent with the latest technologies like Flash and HTML5, making the game even more convenient to play on mobile or portable devices. The games work fast on these portable devices and are cost-effective as well. Their proprietary framework, accompanied by an agile game development responsive to cross-platform, is operated in multi-language and native apps covering any regulatory requirement.

They launch their slot games by making a collaboration with the YGS Masters platform. This platform enables the game to provide additional credibility and seriousness at the beginning of the game development career. Such associations are highly lucrative for small brands to make their existence in the global market. Thus, this software supplier has an itch to produce and deliver a comprehensive turn-key solution for online casino operators, presumably because their official website lacks a professionally developed games portfolio page.

Besides, it has made its broad network with magnificent musicians, artists, and mathematicians, capable of creating innovative themes, graphics, and features and providing engaging experiences for the players. This software company is working with such brilliant people to offer a new generation of slot games that can create an evolution in the gaming market.

With these perspectives in mind, they had stepped forward with eye-catchy games, exceeding players' expectations in the games and breaking new ground in mechanics and visuals. Moreover, they have partnered with other casino sites working as delivery vendors like, OnlineSlots, Slots Catalog, and About Slots.

Starting its slots library, it has developed close to 15 games, seemingly increasing its production, with several new releases ahead. It comprises and bestows mainly video slots, with high ending potential like 150000x your stake. Several titles like Wild West, Zombies, The Circus, and Vikings are some examples of slot games developed by this company. However, their players who like traditional touch in slot games can start playing these Precious 7, confining modern features. For example, at Johnan Legendarium, a slot title, players experience an adventurous trip fighting with giant creatures and gaining massive prizes, which halt at 5000x your bet.

When you load the official website of Peter and Sons, you will be incapable of discovering any licensing information or other details which can assure you about the authenticity of the games or their regulatory requirement. However, the developer partners with Oryx Gaming and Yggdrasil, which addresses Peter and Son's licensing attributes to the customers.

To transparent their licensing phenomenon, they acquire gambling licenses from the MGA and UKGC. It assures the players that Peter & Sons' slot titles meet the premium standards of fairness and security. Thus, being a prominent corporate conglomerate, it's no surprise that this developer has access to its partners' license privileges.