In a distant realm, there exists a mystical and abundant domain known as the "Gemstone Haven." This realm is filled with numerous caverns, each concealing a treasure trove of valuable gemstones. To protect these precious jewels, ancient civilizations devised intricate traps to dissuade would-be thieves. These complex mechanisms and cryptic puzzles now serve as tests for courageous adventurers.

As a daring explorer, you've resolved to undertake an exhilarating quest to unearth the mysteries of this concealed gem sanctuary! Prepare yourself for an expedition into Gemstones Gold, where you'll need to rely on your intellect and bravery to overcome various trials and lay claim to the invaluable gemstones!

Gemstones Gold presents a 5 by 6 symbol combination video slot featuring a multiplier reel offering multipliers of up to x500. With each winning spin, multiplier symbols can be unlocked, boosting the win multiplier to as high as x500! Furthermore, gather 3 Scatter symbols to activate 10 free spins!
Once upon a time, in the midst of a Lunar New Year celebration, a compassionate villager came across a wounded dragon. Without hesitation, he nursed the dragon back to health, tending to its injuries until it was restored to its former strength. Grateful for his kindness, the dragon unveiled its true identity as a deity of prosperity and good fortune.

In honor of this auspicious Fortune Dragon, the villagers adorned the surroundings with vibrant lanterns and filled the air with the crackling sounds of firecrackers, offering prayers for abundance and success. As the clock struck midnight, the magnificent dragon took flight, its resplendent golden scales illuminating the night sky and bestowing blessings upon the entire village.

This enchanting tale of the Fortune Dragon soon became a cherished legend within the village. Each Lunar New Year, ceremonies were held to pay homage to this divine creature, with hopes and aspirations for happiness, well-being, and favorable conditions in the coming year.

Fortune Dragon presents a captivating 3-reel, 3-row video slot experience, featuring a multiplier reel that can reach up to x10, along with exhilarating Fortune Spins accompanied by an expanded multiplier reel. Triggered at random, the Fortune Dragon Feature grants players 8 Fortune Spins, each enriched with 2 or 3 multipliers! Additionally, with the activation of the Sure Win Bet, players can ensure a win on every spin, excluding the Fortune Spins!
Nestled deep within the Fulroya mountains lies the dwelling place of the East China Sea dragons, secluded from the outside world for half a millennium. This solitude was disrupted when the dragon queen laid three eggs imbued with mysterious powers, attracting "dragon hunters" fixated on the coveted dragon's eye gem. Legend has it that the trio of dragon eggs holds the key to discovering the precious gem. To safeguard the eggs from falling into the wrong hands, the weakened dragon queen entrusted them to the dragon master.

The feared day has finally dawned! The East China Sea dragons face an assault from the relentless "dragon hunters"! In the midst of the fierce conflict, the dragon queen was petrified in stone. Fortunately, the "dragon hunters" failed to locate the dragon queen's eggs. Presently, the only means to revive the dragon queen is to uncover the dragon's eye gem. But can the dragon master harness the enigmatic power of the three dragon eggs to successfully break the seal binding the dragon queen?

Dragon Hatch 2 presents a 5 by 5 grid of symbols in a video slot format, offering diverse features that contribute to cascading more wins and incorporating sticky Wild symbols. Accumulate winning symbols to activate the Earth Dragon Feature, Water Dragon Feature, Fire Dragon Feature, and Dragon Queen Feature! Experience substantial wins with each distinctive feature now!
In a quaint village, a long-standing tale has been shared among its inhabitants: Each time the moon reaches its fullness, werewolves emerge from their concealed dens within the forest to prowl the human domain. These creatures, known for their ferocity and cunning, pose a significant threat to the local populace!

Recently, a number of children have vanished under the cover of night, plunging the town into a state of intense fear. To safeguard their loved ones and themselves, the townsfolk have instituted a reward. They're offering a substantial bounty to anyone who can successfully track down or repel the werewolves. This enticing reward has garnered the attention of numerous seasoned hunters.

As the most esteemed hunter in the town, you've resolved to take action come the next full moon. The outcome of this pursuit depends greatly on your prowess and valor!

Werewolf's Hunt presents a 6-reel video slot (with 4 rows on reels 1 and 6, and 5 rows on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5) featuring a bonus round with escalating prize values. When 4 or more Scatter symbols land on the reels, the Bonus Feature is triggered! Securing wins with full moons during this feature will escalate the multiplier, bringing the grand prize of up to 10000x within grasp!
In the enchanting town of Yagetha stands the captivating Royal Museum, a repository of precious artifacts and treasures hailing from the era of the Tsars. However, darkness has befallen the once-peaceful town as a nefarious group, under the shroud of night, infiltrated the museum with a singular goal—to pilfer its most prized display, the magnificent Tsar's Fabergé Eggs. This audacious theft has left the town shattered.

Legend has it that these eggs, especially the rare blue Tsar's Egg, are invaluable gems from the Tsar's reign. Bestowing mysterious powers upon their possessor, they also promise untold riches. Now tasked with the mission to recover the stolen Tsar's Eggs, the reconnaissance team must unite, rallying together to restore the glory of the Tsar's treasure.

Enter Tsar Treasures, a 5-reel video slot with a unique layout (3 rows in reels 1 and 5, 4 rows in reels 2, 3, and 4). This game features multipliers of up to x15 and Treasure Egg symbols that transform into Wild symbols, adding an element of surprise and excitement to every spin. Achieve the collection of 3 Scatter symbols to unlock a rewarding 10 free spins. During these free spins, wins are multiplied by up to x15, and in the fourth round and beyond, all Treasure Egg symbols morph into Wild symbols, significantly boosting your chances of securing remarkable wins.

Embark on this thrilling adventure with Tsar Treasures, where the quest for the stolen eggs unfolds against a backdrop of mystery, history, and the promise of immense riches. Will you be the one to restore the glory of the Tsar's treasure and bring light back to the town of Yagetha?
Nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Italy lies an indelible destination - "Prestige City." Catering to an affluent clientele boasting wealth and high social standing, this opulent haven is the brainchild of Albert, a notable figure in the contemporary Italian mafia. Yet, behind the facade of glamour, a subtle power struggle has been quietly unfolding. Envious eyes of rival mafia bosses have long fixated on Albert's position and influence, eager to seize the golden opportunity that "Prestige City" represents.

The allure of "Prestige City" persists, drawing in the rich and influential as Albert continues to extend his reach. While he maintains a resolute grip on his position, beneath the surface, hidden currents of rivalry persist. Can this captivating entertainment hub sustain its upward trajectory?

Introducing Mafia Mayhem, a 6-reel video slot with 3 rows in reels 1 and 2, and 4 rows in reels 3, 4, 5, and 6. This game features sticky Wild symbols that may undergo a transformative shift into Multiplier symbols. Moreover, at the conclusion of each spin, all Wild symbols seamlessly morph into Multiplier symbols, boasting values ranging from x2 to an impressive x100, enhancing your chances of securing even more substantial wins!
The much-anticipated day of the biggest soccer game in history has finally dawned. Jack, a skilled striker on his team, is gearing up for the most high-stakes match of his life, where the winner takes it all. Today, Jack's team faces off against their fiercest rival to date. The stadium is packed with eager spectators, and the air is electric with excitement.

As the game unfolds, with both teams neck and neck, and the clock counting down its final seconds, it's up to Jack to unleash his ultimate striker move and secure victory in this season-defining match! Can you maneuver past the defenders and deliver the winning goal?

Ultimate Striker is a thrilling 6-reel, 6-row video slot featuring sticky Wilds-on-the-Way and free spins that enhance all multipliers. With Sticky Wilds-on-the-Way, a randomly selected symbol transforms, boosting your chances of winning. Plus, every win increases the multipliers below the reels, intensifying the thrill of the game!
In recent years, cruise ships have gradually become one of the many ways for tourists to go on vacation. Regardless of the country, cruise travel has a place in the tourism market. After years of preparation, the PG "Treby" Royal Cruise has officially set sail!

The cruise exudes exquisite luxury and is equipped with top of the line facilities and decorations, and can accommodate up to a thousand people. In addition to enjoying the sea scenery, passengers can also experience a variety of entertainment and facilities while on board, such as spacious cabins with private balconies, Michelin-star restaurants, world-class opera houses, and many more entertainment venues!

Cruise Royale is a 6-reel, 4-row video slot (with an additional reel on the top of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5) featuring travelling Wild symbols. Trigger the Free Spins Feature with 4 Scatter symbols to win 8 free spins. After each free spin, the win multiplier will be increased by x1, and any Wild symbols will remain and travel diagonally downwards to the left in the next free spin, increasing your winning prize!
There is a legend in the Kingdom of Kechira: A gorgeous candy palace will appear on the northern border whenever the night falls. It is said that the candy master that lives in this palace has a mysterious unique skill. He can create "Flying Candy", a candy that can make anyone who eats it fly like a bird.\n\nOver the years, he has been obsessed with making one of the candies called "Fruity Candy".

Whoever eats this candy can turn their dreams into real life figurines! They say he recorded his unique skills in a secret book and hid it in a candy maze.\n\nOne day, the King of Kechira sent someone to obtain the secret book to make a profit from it. However, the maze created by the candy master is difficult to break through.

Will the King's men be able to pass through the complicated maze and get the secret candy book for the king?

Fruity Candy is a 5-4-5-4-5 reels combination video slot featuring expanding reels and increasing multiplier. 3 Free Spins symbols will trigger the Free Spins Feature with 10 free spins. At the end of every free spin, 2 free spins are awarded and the multipliers above the reels are increased by 1, 2, 3 and 5 respectively for each Free Spins symbol, allowing you to win huge prizes!
Somewhere in another world, there lives a beautiful elf named Eva. She wears a light green dress and holds a bouquet of sparkling four-leaf clovers that she planted herself. Legends say that when elves get married, they will gift each other four-leaf clovers as love symbols, and that those who obtain these clovers will be blessed with good luck and wealth.

As a result, many people have started a quest in this world to search for Eva in the hopes of winning her affections. Recently, rumours have been spreading that Eva frequents a bar called PG Soft™, which has attracted many suitors. Faced with so many potential suitors, will Eva be able to decide who is her one true love?

Lucky Clover Lady is a 5 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring sticky winning symbols, Level-up symbol and Multiplier symbol. Lucky Clover symbols may appear during any spin, and each of them will award either a Level-up symbol or a Multiplier symbol. Any 8 or more matching symbols that appear on the reels will result in a winning combination! Additionally, when 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, 15 free spins will be triggered.
Leo Diegel, the most famous golf player in history to have won the highest championship award in the world, has just announced his retirement. To celebrate this special day, he will be organizing a golf tournament that welcomes people from all around the world to participate.

Moreover, he will offer the tournament champion a 5 million cash reward, his only golf set, and a private golf course in Georgia! Grab this chance to show off your skills and bring all those great rewards home! Super Golf Drive is a 6-reel, 6-row video slot featuring mystery symbols with increasing multiplier.

When 3 or more Mystery symbols appear on the reels, each of them will increase the win multiplier by 1! Moreover, 10 free spins will be rewarded when Free Spins Feature is triggered!
There is an isolated forest on the Paraná River. Legend has it, on this mysterious land lived not only veteran trees but also three mystical spirits that go by the names of Salamander, Undine and Leafy. They are the guardians of the forest. They punish people who destroy the forest and grant those who take care of it the power of three elements: fire, water and leaf. It is said that people who bring these three elements to the stone arch in the middle of the forest will be blessed with a lifetime of wealth!

Mystical Spirits is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot featuring winning symbols collection with win multipliers. All winning symbols will be collected in multiplier collection slots below the reels to increase the win multiplier. In addition, collecting 4 Free Spins symbols will trigger 12 free spins.
Songkran is Thailand's New Year national holiday. Songkran is usually celebrated on the 13th of April following the solar calendar. The word "Songkran" comes from a Sanskrit word that means transformation or change. During this festival, it is a traditional ritual to pour water on Buddha statues to symbolise purification and the washing away of one's sins and bad luck.

The Songkran holiday is also known for its water festival. Visitors flock to Thailand every year to join in the fun of splashing water on each other on the streets. Traditional parades are also held in some venues, where they may crown a "Lady Songkran" or "Miss Songkran".

Songkran Splash is a 5-reel (3 rows in reels 1 and 5, 4 rows in reels 2 and 4, 5 rows in reel 3) video slot featuring increasing multipliers. Any winning symbol in reels 2, 3 and/or 4 will either set the respective reel's multiplier to active or increase the respective reel's multiplier value, increasing your chances of winning even more!
Hawaii – the island of dreams, known for its beautiful blue skies, endless seas, and yellow sand that glitters under the sun. Tourists yearn to travel to this warm and passionate "Sandwich Islands" for a variety of exciting and fun water activities, as well as beautiful girls wearing grass skirts and garlands singing and dancing on the beach. However, there are travelers who have traveled there for other intentions.

It is said that a hundred years ago, on Hanauma Bay stood a giant tiki statue with intricate carvings that protected the Kala tribesmen from evil spirits. However, one day the tiki statue suddenly disappeared. To find this tiki statue that brings good luck, travelers have gone to great lengths to gather information to find it. Can this information help you find this mysterious tiki statue and bring you happiness and good luck as well?

Hawaiian Tiki is a 6-reel (3 rows in reels 1 and 6, 4 rows in reels 2 and 5, 5 rows in reel 3 and 4) video slot featuring expanding Wild symbol. After each winning round, any Wild symbol on reels 3 and 4 will remain on the reels, while a new Wild symbol will be added below the bottommost existing Wild symbol to greatly increase your winning odds! In addition, collecting 3 Scatter symbols will reward you with 12 free spins!
A grain-growing village near the Hengduan Mountains regards the rabbit as the guardian of production and wealth. Every year, they organize a grand festival to praise the rabbit and have been doing it for 500 years. How was this culture started?

According to the villagers, the area once suffered from drought and faced a shortage of food supply. To overcome this problem, the village chief began to search for some magic paddy seeds that could allegedly mature overnight. In his most desperate time, he saw a bunny pointing to a carrot field where he later dug up the carrots and found the magic seeds. After the seeds were planted, they grew into grains overnight and saved the village from starvation.

The festival is more special this year than ever before, as a golden rabbit statue will be displayed in the village. It is said that the statue will bring eternal luck and wealth to those who pray to it!

Fortune Rabbit is a 3-reel (3 rows in reels 1 and 3, and 4 rows in reel 2) video slot featuring prize symbols up to 500x. The Fortune Rabbit Feature with 8 fortune spins may be randomly triggered during any spin. Moreover, there will be only Prize symbols on the reels during the Fortune Rabbit Feature.
Midas is the name of a famous king in Greek mythology, remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This came to be called the golden touch, or the Midas touch.

According to legend, King Midas divested himself of the golden touch by washing himself in the Pactolus River after he accidentally turning his daughter into gold. Since then, people from all around the world have come to the Pactolus River to find gold, as it is said that the river naturally produces gold thanks to the golden touch.

Midas Fortune is a 5 by 5 symbols combination video slot featuring Gold symbols and win multiplier. Win more with the Midas Gold Feature when 3 or more Gold symbols are touching horizontally or vertically, transforming them into Wild symbols. Be rewarded with 8 or more free spins when 3 Scatter symbols appear as well!
Battle of the warriors in the age of the viking voyages! 4 Scatter symbols will trigger 12 free spins. At the start of every free spin, the multipliers below reels 2 to 5 will be set as active with a multiplier of x2 to double your winnings!
The Clues is a restaurant located in a busy area of California. The chef specializes in combining spices to create a unique taste and uses only fresh ingredients in his cooking. Many customers have complimented that their food is of high quality and delicious.

However, the chef has some off-the-menu specialty dishes that he has yet to reveal. To satisfy the curious customers, the chef has just announced a “Guess The Secret Menu Challenge”! Whoever can successfully guess what is on the secret menu will be invited to enjoy the specialty dishes with up to ten of their family members and friends!

Diner Delights is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring multiplier symbols and increasing multipliers in free spins. Collecting 3 Scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spins Feature. At the end of every free spin with wins, all Multiplier symbols will be added together, and the total win of that free spin will be multiplied by the total win multiplier. Besides, after wins are paid, the total win multiplier will remain until it is combined with the total win multiplier of the next winning free spin.
Alchemy is the practice of purifying, maturing and perfecting certain materials. Alchemists usually use alchemy to transmute base metals like lead into noble metals like gold. Alchemy is supposedly also able to create an elixir of immortality and remedies that can cure any disease.

Legends say that the person who has mastered alchemy will be able to not only live forever with the elixir of immortality, but also create an unlimited supply of gold.

Alchemy Gold is a 5 by 5 symbols combination video slot featuring sticky winning symbols and increasing multiplier. Win more with multipliers and gold-framed symbols that transforms into Wild symbols. Trigger the Free Spins Feature with 3 Scatter symbols to win 10 free spins and increase the win multiplier even more!
Prosperity Fortune Tree — the sequel to the hottest game Tree of Fortune is launched! Long ago, a farmer planted a magical seed under the guidance of a deity. The seed then grew into a towering Fortune Tree with pockets of gold ingots, bringing him infinite wealth. However, due to the passage of time, people have lost track of the exact location of this tree.

After being left unattended for ages, the tree has grown even taller and is laden with gold now. Open Prosperity Fortune Tree now to locate this Fortune Tree and be blessed with unlimited wealth!

Prosperity Fortune Tree is a 6-reel, 4-row video slot featuring increasing multiplier and bonus feature with increasing prize amount. During any spin, all wins will increase the win multiplier! In addition, 3 or more Bonus symbols appearing on the reels will trigger the Bonus Feature. During the Bonus Feature, Prize Multiplier symbols, Angpau symbols and Golden Angpau symbols will appear on the reels. These symbols will reward you in different ways and multiply your wins!
In the realm of banditry, there exist two distinct archetypes: those who prey on the common folk, and those who target their fellow thieves. Cass falls squarely into the latter category, having traversed deserts, relieving countless bandits of their ill-gotten gains. Now, she finds herself in Crystal Town, a fresh locale for her next grand heist. The town harbors an old bar, a hub where locals convene to share valuable information.

Stepping into the bar and ordering a drink, Cass discerns a hushed conversation among a group of men examining a folded map. Eavesdropping, she learns about a stash of gold bars concealed in an ancient cellar, the spoils of a recent bank robbery. The conspirators plan to return to the cellar tonight to divide their loot. Cass seizes the opportunity, shadowing them as they exit the bar. Assist Cass in identifying an ideal ambush location to secure all the gold bars!

Wild Bounty Showdown unfolds as a 6-reel video slot, with three rows in reels 1 and 6, four rows in reels 2 and 5, and five rows in reels 3 and 4. The game showcases Gold Framed Symbols and a progressive multiplier. Activate the Free Spins Feature by collecting 3 Scatter symbols. Each free spin kicks off with an x8 win multiplier! Moreover, if winning symbols grace the reels during any free spin, your win multiplier will double. Brace yourself for an exhilarating Wild Bounty Showdown!
The sky is adorned with stars, while a full moon shines brightly. An astronaut sits on a high cliff with his telescope pointed to the sky. He suddenly recalls an old story his mother told him when he was little.

“There was an ordinary couple who lived in a small village. The husband was a kind-hearted man who always helped people in need. His wife was a beautiful lady with skin as fair as snow. She had many admirers, some of whom were even from the neighbouring villages.“

“One day, a sorcerer passed by the village and was attracted by her beauty. He demanded her to become his wife, disregarding the fact that she was already married. Rejected and exasperated, the sorcerer turned them into the Sun and the Moon, so they would never meet each other ever again. However, once a year, both of them will appear in the sky simultaneously and unite for a brief moment. Anyone who witnesses this beautiful scene will be blessed with everlasting love.“

Destiny of Sun & Moon is a 6-reel (2 rows in reels 1 and 6, 3 rows in reels 2 and 5, 4 rows in reels 3 and 4) video slot featuring win both ways and win multipliers in both ways. Winning combinations can be formed from left to right or from right to left, giving you a higher chance of winning! During the Free Spins Feature, every Sun or Moon symbol will increase the win multiplier by 2!
Legend has it there is a thousand-year-old emperor that rules an empire called Immortal. The secret to his immortality is his rare golden tiger which always stays by his side as a guardian. It has beautiful striped fur that glows like sunlight and a pair of golden eyes that can abduct the soul of anyone who looks at them. Not only that this tiger keeps the peace in Immortal, but it has also granted the emperor an immortal life.

The tiger only gives birth once every twelve years, and this year is one of those years! The emperor is very excited to invite the people to witness the miracle. It is said that golden rain will fall from the sky when the baby tiger is born. The rain has the power of fertilizing the soil and curing all kinds of diseases.

Play “Fortune Tiger” now to witness the birth of the golden tiger and be blessed with a lifetime of luck!\n\nFortune Tiger is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot featuring respins and x10 multiplier. Fortune Tiger Feature may be randomly triggered during any spin! If there are 1 or more additional symbols (either a randomly chosen symbol or a Wild symbol) appearing on the reels, all reels will respin again! In addition, when all symbols on the reels are involved in a win, the win will be multiplied by x10.
Oriental Prosperity is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot (with an additional reel on top of reel 2, 3, 4 and 5) featuring Wilds-on-the-Way and Scatter symbols with multipliers. Collecting 4 Scatter symbols will trigger 8 free spins!

During any free spin, each Scatter symbol that appears on the reels will not only increase the win multiplier by 2 but also award 1 extra free spin! Do you want to get your hands on the jewellery box and become wealthy? Play Chinese Painting now to discover the hidden clue in the painting!
Mask Carnival is a 5-reel 4-row video slot featuring shifting reels and increasing multiplier. Collect 3 Scatter symbols to trigger the Free Spins Feature. Players will be awarded with 10 free spins and a win multiplier of x2.

Stand a chance to increase the win multiplier by 2 for every extra reel added and win 1 free spin for each 1 symbol on the reels too!
MULTIPLIERS MIXED WITH IMPECCABLE SKILLS WILL MAKE YOU TIPSY WITH HAPPINESS! Collect 4 Scatter symbols to trigger 10 free spins. During the Free Spins Feature, whenever Wild symbols appear on the reels and is involved in a win, the multiplier reels below those Wild symbols will be triggered, multiplying your winnings exponentially!

Cocktail Nights is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot (with an additional reel on bottom of reel 2, 3, 4 and 5) featuring Wilds-on-the-Way and multiplier symbols at the bottom of the reels. The theoretical return to player (RTP) for this game is 96.75%. This RTP represents the long term theoretical game payout.
Emoji Riches is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring sticky winning symbols and Wild symbols with multiplier. During any free spin, stand a chance to win a Big Win whenever 1 or more Wild symbols appear on the reels, the win multiplier will be increased by 2 for each Wild symbol before wins are paid.
Farm Invaders is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring respins with sticky winning symbols and Wild symbols with multipliers. 8 free spins will be triggered when 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. During any free spin, collecting 1 or more Wild symbols will increase the win multiplier by 5!
The God’s Hand was a magic scroll owned by the Jinguji family, the most powerful Onmyoji (oracle) family in the world. They used the scroll to protect humanity by defeating yōkai (spirits or spectres) and binding them to the mysterious symbols in the scroll. In fear of getting killed, the defeated yōkai would pledge their loyalty to the Jinguiji family and promise not to harm humans anymore. However, little did they know, the yōkai were plotting to take their place of power and have their freedom returned during the Obon festival!

The Obon festival was held by Jinguji Ryo, the new heir of the family. The peace was broken when someone stole his scroll and vanished into the crowd. Ryo then summoned his pipe fox and lantern spirit to search for the thief. He was determined to get the scroll back as there would be a disaster if the scroll fell into the hands of the yōkai!

Spirited Wonders is a 6-reel, 4-row (with an additional row for each of reel 2, 3, 4 and 5) video slot featuring Mystery symbols and win multiplier. Collecting 3 Scatter symbols will trigger 10 free spins! During the Free Spins Feature, the win multiplier will be increased up to x15!
Legendary Monkey King is a 5-reel 4-row video slot featuring expanding reels and increasing multiplier. A symbol will be added to the reels with the Expanding Reel symbol which increases the number of ways to win! In addition, 3 Scatter symbols will also trigger 8 free spins!

Join the Monkey King in “Legendary Monkey King” to wreak havoc in the heavenly palace and conquer the world!
"Mark Each Coin" is a famous supermarket in Washington. The owner Marina has managed to keep her prices competitively lower than other grocery stores in the area. Not only that, people who have bought groceries from her supermarket have claimed that her items are always fresh and natural. Marina's supermarket has become the most popular among other grocery stores and has many loyal customers.

Supermarket Spree is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring special symbols that cascades more wins. Multiplier symbol with values ranged from x5 to x50 may appear during any free spin to multiply your prize! Collect 1 or more Multiplier symbols and they will be added together at the end of every free spin and the total win of that free spin will be multiplied by the total win multiplier!
In the prairie of Rongshan, all creatures lived in harmony. However one day, an unprecedented heavy storm darkened the sky of Rongshan. All the animals had to run to survive and were terrified of the loud thunderstorm. This harsh weather cleared the path for venomous snakes to thrive. They started to destroy the ecological environment and mutilated other weak animals. The animals all live in fear of rainy days, as whenever it rains, violence will happen.

Buffalo Win is a 3 or more reels, 4-row video slot featuring Infinity Reels, increasing multipliers, and Expanding Stacked Symbol Feature. Collect 3 Free Spins symbols to trigger 10 or more free spins. During the Free Spins feature, each additional reel will increase the win multiplier by 1!
Raider Jane is a world-famous adventurer known for her amazing expeditions to find her missing parents. She has written countless best-selling books detailing the exciting and dangerous parts of her adventures around the world. Her most popular book tells the story of her parents search for a mysterious Egyptian crypt. It is said that this crypt was hidden somewhere in the vast Sahara Desert, and that you would have to solve hidden clues to uncover the vast treasures hidden deep in this crypt.

Raider Jane's Crypt of Fortune is a 6-reel, 3-row (with an additional row for each of reel 2, 3, 4 and 5) video slot featuring sticky Wild Symbols and win multiplier. Sticky Wild symbols will increase the multiplier and stay on the reels until it destroys itself. Trigger the 10 free spins with 3 Scatter symbols too!
Groundhog Harvest tells the story of 6 groundhogs that have escaped from a secret science lab. The groundhogs were mutated to become highly intelligent and were very good at farming. One day, an old farmer found the 6 groundhogs lying in front of his house on the brink of starvation.

The kind old farmer rescued them and even fed them the vegetables that he grew from his small garden. That night, the thankful groundhogs helped the old farmer fertilize his vegetables. To the old farmer\'s surprise, the vegetables that were once small and weak grew luxuriantly in just a few weeks! The old farmer was finally able to sell his vegetables at a good price and even earned the award of the Best Garden!

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