Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of "Energy Joker: Hold and Win" by Playson, a fresh slot game boasting a 5x3 reel grid and 5 pay lines.

Inspired by the rich legacy of energy-based coin games and the timeless charm of the Joker, "Energy Joker" seamlessly melds classic elements with beloved player features, delivering an electrifying gaming experience. The key to unlocking the game's full potential lies in the Bonus symbols, which, when paired with Collect symbols, unlock access to the exhilarating Bonus Game.

Once within the Bonus Game, players find themselves immersed in a whirlwind of action as Collect symbols act like magnetic forces, drawing in the values of all other symbols. Meanwhile, Jokers take center stage as coveted Multiplier symbols within the Bonus Game, leaving behind multipliers that enhance the value of subsequent symbols within the same cell. In the Main Game, Jokers also serve as Wild symbols, increasing the likelihood of forming winning combinations.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. With each Bonus and Collect symbol that appears in the Main Game, players have the opportunity to activate the Pile of Gold feature, which awards extra Bonus Games for even more chances to win. And for those daring enough to fill the entire grid with Bonus symbols, a Grand Jackpot awaits, offering unimaginable riches to those who dare to dream big.

Prepare to harness the power of Energy Joker and dive into a whirlwind of thrilling gameplay.
Get ready to saddle up, partner, because it's time to dive into the most exhilarating adventure of your life in the Old West with Playson's latest video-slot game - "Arizona Heist: Hold and Win"!

This gripping game takes place on a 5x4 grid featuring 25 active pay lines. The hold and win mechanism takes center stage, with thrilling enhancements introduced to the Bonus Game. Each Bonus game introduces a unique top reel that drops boosters, each of which upgrades Bonus symbols in its own distinct manner.

Moreover, the game offers an exhilarating Free Spins feature - activate Free Spins with more than 3 Scatters to ramp up the Wild Multiplier! Additionally, the slot boasts the classic Extra Bonus feature and 4 in-game Jackpots with innovative methods of acquisition - collecting Bonus Gold symbols in the Bonus game progressively increases the Jackpot!

Prepare to step into the boots of a seasoned cowboy and join his infamous gang of outlaws as you pursue your fortune beneath the blazing sun.
Enter the captivating realm of fortune in "Clover Charm: Hit the Bonus" crafted by Playson, the dynamic introduction to the exhilarating "Hit the Bonus" series. Submerge yourself in a mystical cosmos adorned with vivid Clovers, symbols of endless prosperity.

This game guarantees an adrenaline-fueled experience as Bonus Game rounds are frequently activated, presenting opportunities for colossal victories. The magic lies within the Bonus symbols, guiding the way to substantial payouts, alongside escalating Multipliers that double in magnitude, Boost symbols that accumulate all other rewards, and the Grand Jackpot of 1000 Total Bet.

Watch for Sticky Bonus symbols, generously rewarding players while adhering to the reels, indicating the imminent arrival of the Bonus Game. But that's not all! The awe-inspiring Ultra Bonus Game instantly elevates the excitement by initiating Multipliers right from the outset. With a blend of these captivating elements, "Clover Charm: Hit the Bonus" emerges as the ultimate destination for adventurers seeking thrills.
Introducing the eagerly awaited sequel to a beloved fruit-themed endeavor – Sunny Fruits 2: Hold and Win.

This slot game showcases a fresh take on the classic fruit machine concept, featuring a 5x3 reel grid with 5 paylines. Vibrant fruits, alongside iconic symbols like bells, bars, and Wild red sevens, immerse players in the radiant ambiance of a Brazilian summer. Triggering the Bonus game requires landing 6 or more Bonus symbols represented by cheerful yellow suns, along with special Sun Bonus symbols depicted as fiery red suns.

Within the Bonus game, players can relish exclusive perks such as in-game Jackpots and the Sun Bonus feature. Activation of the Sun Bonus feature occurs when the red Sun Bonus symbol appears during the Bonus game, gathering all Bonus symbol values to boost the player’s total winnings.

Moreover, an opportunity to clinch the Grand Jackpot emerges if the entire grid becomes adorned with various Bonus symbols. Adding to the excitement, there's a chance of unlocking an extra Bonus game featuring the Extra Bonus feature during the primary gameplay, which is initiated by accumulating Bonus symbols.

Bask in the sunshine and savor the delights of "Sunny Fruits 2: Hold and Win"!
Unleash the age-old forces within Playson’s latest creation – 3 Magic Lamps: Hold and Win. Immerse yourself in a realm brimming with genies, mystical relics, and uncharted wealth.

Spanning a 5x3 reel grid with 25 pay lines, watch for the captivating Magic Lamp icons that unlock additional features in the Hold and Win Bonus Game. Here, seize the opportunity to amplify your winnings twofold, uncover substantial rewards through the Mystery Feature, and amass prizes from across all reels. Furthermore, experience the potential to trigger all three features within a single Bonus Game for the utmost in fortunes. During Free Spins mode, the Wild symbol's potency doubles your earnings, injecting an extra dose of enchantment into your gameplay.

Give the lamp a rub and ignite the enchantment! 3 Magic Lamps: Hold and Win promises a mystical voyage where each spin propels you closer to unraveling the genie's hidden treasures.
Step once again into a realm of opportunity where the rainbow's end extends even farther across an expanded game grid. Uncover the follow-up experience overflowing with Bonus features, with added twists woven into the Bonus Game. Each pot brims with chances for riches, and when combined, they ensure a bounty that would make even the luckiest leprechaun green with envy.

The beloved trio of pots returns triumphantly! Introducing the highly awaited sequel – "3 Pots Riches Extra: Hold and Win" by Playson, continuing the thrilling saga of the Leprechaun! With an enlarged 5x4 reel grid and 30 pay lines, players can anticipate even grander victories with the renowned trio of pots, now joined by the stunning addition of the Golden pot. This unique pot, aglow with rainbow hues, can surprise players during the Bonus Game, revealing additional pot features or augmenting existing ones with extra Clover Coins.

Just as before, the verdant Double pot doubles all values, the crimson Mystery pot grants fortunate players with generous rewards, and the azure Collect pot gathers all reel values. Furthermore, players can combine up to three of these features in a single Hold and Win Bonus Game, with the Golden Pot making unexpected appearances in each.

During Free Spins mode, any combinations featuring Wild symbols trigger a special x2 multiplier on their payouts. It's an exhilarating double dose of excitement. This sequel isn't merely a step up; it represents a significant evolution that beautifully complements the charm of the original game. Prepare to be captivated by the enhanced enchantment and magic awaiting in this thrilling installment of the Leprechaun's journey!
Experience the timeless allure of Playson's latest slot, 'Blazing Wins: 5 lines'. Journey back to the roots of gambling with our 5x3 grid, featuring 5 winning lines adorned with vibrant fresh fruits, dynamic animations, lively sound effects, and rewarding prizes.

This game strikes a balance between minimalism and engagement, offering a single play mode and setting. The iconic red Seven symbols form the most lucrative combinations, and scatter symbols resembling stars pay out independently of bet lines. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic thrill of traditional slot action as succulent fruits and blazing Sevens dance across the reels.

The lively fire animations cast a warm glow on each spin, and Scatter Stars gleam with wins when they grace the grid. Simple, yet sophisticated, exuding a retro reel vibe – it's a classic slot experience revived for the contemporary player.
Prepare to be entranced by Power Crown, the latest addition to Playson's "Hold and Win" slot game collection. This electrifying slot guarantees a thrilling journey where each spin ignites a symphony of powerful wins.

As a distinguished member of this esteemed game series, Power Crown boasts a 5x3 layout with 5 active pay lines. Enhancing the gameplay, this slot is adorned with captivating features, including the Power Bonus Feature, the exhilarating Pile of Diamonds feature, and the enticing Hold and Win Bonus Game with 4 Jackpots. The dynamic Power Bonus symbol takes center stage in the Bonus Game, as the golden-powered crown diligently accumulates all Bonus symbol values, amplifying the player’s winnings. For those fortunate enough to fill the entire field with diamonds, a stroke of luck unfolds with the prestigious Grand Jackpot.

Spin the reels, embrace the regal power of the crown, and let the diamonds pave your way to unimaginable wealth.

Enter a majestic realm where crowns crackle with lightning energy, unlocking thrilling Bonus Games through striking symbol combinations. Witness the commanding presence of Power Crown symbols on the reels, collecting fortunes with every thunderous zap, while the Pile of Diamonds feature promises a sovereign passage to grandeur and riches.
Prepare to embark on an enchanting journey into a realm of pure fantasy with Playson's latest heart-pounding game - Crystal Land 2. This 7x7 cluster wins slot invites you to join our determined Miner on a thrilling quest for precious and gleaming crystals. However, the true magic unfolds when you encounter the formidable Wild symbols - these powerful game-changers have the ability to complete winning combinations, and Wilds with Multipliers elevate your wins, both in the Main Game and Free Spins mode.

Delve into even more exhilarating gameplay with the 'Random Wilds' feature, which generously scatters Wilds across the game field. And if you chance upon the extraordinary 'Pile of Diamonds' feature, brace yourself for an instant launch into Free Spins, accompanied by a substantial pack of Wilds. Crystal Land 2 transcends the ordinary slot game with its engaging features and captivating theme. If you seek a memorable, heart-pounding gaming experience, Crystal Land 2 is the perfect choice for you.
Engage in a thrilling adventure across a 6x5 grid where symbols hold the key to potential winnings in any position. Simply land 8 or more identical symbols, and watch as a cascade of winnings unfolds before your eyes! This slot game is not just about the sheer number of wins; it's packed with exciting features to enhance your gaming experience.

With every winning combination, the symbols involved vanish, making way for new symbols to cascade onto the reels, creating opportunities for even more wins. The excitement doesn't end there – each avalanche increases the avalanching multiplier by 1, offering players virtually boundless entertainment possibilities. And if that's not enticing enough, the slot comes equipped with multiplier symbols that magnify the overall win at the conclusion of each play.

Take the excitement to new heights with the Free Spins feature, where multiplier symbols and wins become even more frequent, providing an enhanced and exhilarating gaming experience!
Welcome to the heart of the jungle, where an ancient temple guards its secrets and untold riches, all under the watchful eye of a fiery tiger. The lush greenery of the jungle sets the stage for an adventure like no other, and with every spin, players are drawn closer to unraveling the hidden wealth within the temple.

Introducing "Fire Temple: Hold and Win," a video slot game that boasts a 5x4 reel grid, 30 paylines, and abundant opportunities for players to discover hidden treasures. The classic Hold and Win bonus game gets a thrilling twist with the unlocking rows mechanic. Players unlock rows by collecting Bonus and Mystery symbols on the active rows, with the top row offering a chance to win big with a random high-value reward. To unlock the incredible Royal Jackpot, players must fill the entire field with Bonus symbols. But the excitement doesn't end there. Within the bonus game, there are in-game Jackpots and Mystery symbols that add even more intrigue and excitement to the gameplay.

As if that weren't enough, "Fire Temple: Hold and Win" also features Free Spins, where exclusively high-value symbols adorn the reels, increasing the chances of striking it rich. The Temple Fire feature further intensifies the action, promising an adventure filled with excitement and potential riches.

Are you ready to delve into the jungle, unlock the secrets of the ancient temple, and seize the untold treasures guarded by the fiery tiger? Spin the reels, collect symbols, and let the adventure unfold in "Fire Temple: Hold and Win"!
Embark on a noble quest alongside the charismatic Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they seek fortune deep within the forest in Playson's immersive game!

Sherwood Coins: Hold and Win unfolds on a 5x4 reel grid with 25 win lines. Elevating the renowned Hold and Win mechanics, this game introduces spin-worthy features like the Boost feature, available in all game modes, and the Treasure Chest Feature, offering a chance to activate an additional Bonus game. Robin Hood himself takes center stage as the Wild symbol, accompanied by his trusted crew—Little John, the Pope, the musician, and Lady Maryann.

Triggering Free spins mode requires 3 Scatter symbols represented as shields, enhanced by the potential to land more Bonus and Booster symbols. Gathering 6 or more Bonus symbols, portrayed as golden coins, leads players to the Bonus game, where they have the opportunity to win Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots, along with the chance to uncover a Mystery symbol concealing another jackpot.

The ultimate triumph comes with winning the Grand Jackpot by filling the reels with Bonus symbols. Join Robin Hood and his band of merry adventurers in Sherwood Coins: Hold and Win for a chance to seize the riches of the forest!
Step into a realm where wealth meets royalty, and diamonds come to life with electrifying power! Welcome to Diamonds Power, an enthralling slot game that will leave you spellbound with excitement and lavish you with glittering riches!

This game proudly belongs to the esteemed "Hold and Win 3x3" game family, and it enters the scene with unparalleled style. Diamonds Power, as the series implies, features a 3x3 layout with 5 active pay lines. The gameplay is elevated with thrilling features like the Diamonds Power Feature, Hold and Win Bonus Game, and Diamond Pile feature. The latter allows players to trigger the Hold and Win Bonus Game with every spin containing any bonus symbols.

The slot is enveloped in lightning and exudes excitement with every spin – boasting 4 in-game jackpots and the exciting additions mentioned above, this game will captivate players for as long as they desire!
Embark on a blazing journey with Fire Coins: Hold and Win, the latest sensation from Playson. This glimmering expansion of the wildly popular "Coins" series boasts a groundbreaking feature - Sticky Bonus symbols. Set in a fiery cosmic realm, the game immerses you in an exotic landscape on a 3x3 grid with 5 fixed pay lines.

The radiant Fire Bonus symbol strikes at the heart of the game, igniting the Fire Coin Feature, which collects all Bonus values in both the Main and Bonus Game. Experience a game-changer – Bonus symbols turn sticky for the next three spins, granting winnings three more times. Fire Coins: Hold and Win is designed for all, whether you're new to the gaming world or a seasoned player.

Novice players can dive head-first into a variety of thrilling features, creating heart-pounding experiences with every spin. On the other hand, seasoned gamers will find new excitements sprinkled among their favorite, well-known 'Bonus game', 'Jackpots', and 'Pile of gold' features. With Fire Coins: Hold and Win, there's always a fresh thrill or a rewarding classic to explore!
Dive into the depths of Pearl Ocean and embark on an unforgettable adventure with your new aquatic friends. "Pearl Ocean: Hold and Win" is a fresh addition to Playson’s portfolio. The game is played on a 5x4 grid with 25 lines and a myriad of existing features! Experience the classic Hold and Win mechanic with a new spin on it.

Not only should players lookout for the shining pearls, which play as Bonus symbols, but the real deal is the newest addition, the Super Bonus symbols, presented as enhanced pearls. The game was built around the new Super Bonus feature, but that does not mean winnings do not come in other ways! Free Spins, Boost symbol, and even the brand new Boost x2 symbol are here, among many other ways to taste the epic wins of Pearl Ocean!

The cherry that tops the game off is the ever-so-successful Extra Bonus feature, presented as a pile of fabulous pearls awaiting to trigger an additional Bonus. So get ready for the whole new Hold and Win action with existing new additions and trusty top performers!
Welcome to "777 Sizzling Wins 5 Lines", an enticing new slot game brought to you by Playson. This captivating game captures the essence of vintage casino play with its classic fruits and sevens theme across a neat 3x3 field with 5 fixed pay lines.

Keeping the best traditions of the old-fashioned fruit games, every spin offers grand chances to win. Moreover, it stands out with its exceptional combo of high payouts and timeless aesthetics. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned gamer seeking the thrill of traditional slots, "777 Sizzling Wins 5 Lines" provides a vibrant experience, guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Get ready to blaze your way to winnings!
They say there are 3 steps to heaven… In this game, there are 3 steps to some heavenly bonus wins! Spin and win on the first step to play some Free Spins on the second x2 All Wins step, with all wins doubled! From here you can win entry to the third step, and unlock a QUADRUPLE bonus on ALL wins!
This game is based on 3x3 grid with 5 winning lines and few engaging features. Classic fruit symbols have met royal treasures – the blue diamond as Bonus symbol and the exquisite crown as Royal Bonus symbol, which appears only on the 2nd reel. 3 Bonus symbols trigger Bonus game with an enriching Royal Bonus feature and 4 in-game Jackpots.

The Royal Bonus Feature allows Royal Bonus symbols to stick on the reel and collect the values of all Bonus symbols, allowing bigger winnings. Besides, with every Bonus symbol landing on the reels, there is a chance to win an additional Bonus game by activating the Diamond Pile feature. The best winning mechanics, wrapped up in a classic fruit setting and fine jewelry, will charm anyone who is ready to rule the game.
Traverse the greenery and immerse yourself in the majestic moonlit wilderness of the Wolf Land! Presenting Wolf Land: Hold and Win is the newest installment in Playson’s portfolio of thrilling Hold and Win games. The adventure plays on a 5x4 grid, with 25 active lines of excitement and exhilaration.

The game is filled with interesting and intriguing mechanics, which will glue players to the screen. Boost mechanic was added to all game modes - Base Game, Free Spins, Hold and Win, so the gameplay is definitely spiced up by this successful feature. Apart from the Boost, the everlasting Hold and Win is here to rumble, with the Mystery feature and 4 ingame Jackpots, the bonus is an exciting part of the game.

To top it all off, the game is fitted with the engaging Extra Bonus Feature as well! Watch out for the Moon at the top, for the chance to trigger the Bonus game, whenever you hit any Bonus symbols!
Get ready for the thrilling journey with Playson’s new creation – 3 Pots Riches: Hold and Win, as it is a golden ticket to a world of hidden leprechaun’s treasures. Featuring a 5x3 reel grid and 25 pay lines, it offers the chance to win big with the leprechaun's famous three pots of riches.

Each pot offers unique bonus game features - the green Double Pot multiplies all values x2, the red Mystery Pot rewards lucky players with a high wins, and the blue Collect Pot collects all values from the reels. Up to three of these features can be combined in a single Hold and Win Bonus Game, increasing the chances of great wins.

And that's not all – the game is spiced up with the Free Spins mode, where all combinations with Wild are paid with multiplier х2. Join the leprechaun on his quest and spin the reels to see what comes your way. 3 Pots Riches: Hold and Win is the ultimate slot game that guarantees a thrilling gaming experience.
Embark on an epic journey to the ancient Roman Empire with Playson's new addition – Empire Gold: Hold and Win, a thrilling slot game set amid the historic war for victory and hidden treasure. Empire Gold is the combination of favorite Playson’s winning mechanics and features on a 3x5 reel grid with 25 winning lines.

3 golden eagles as Scatter symbols trigger the Free spins with only high-paying symbols and a chance of getting respins. The Bonus game starts with six or more Roman coins, as Bonus symbols, and features classic Hold and Win reels and a Mystery symbol, which hides one of the three types of in-game Jackpot.

The reels filled with Bonus symbols award with Grand Jackpot. The game is spiced up by the Treasure Chest feature, which grants a chance of winning of an additional Bonus Game. Join the legendary warriors and seize the fortune that awaits you in the heart of the ancient Roman battlefield.
Royal Fortunator: Hold and Win has a 3x3 grid and offers 5 lines to win. Staying true to the formula of greatness, the game features a Royal Bonus feature within the Hold and Win Bonus game. With 4 in-game jackpots and a new-and-successful Diamond Pile feature, look out for the Pile at the top!

With every diamond you hit, there is a chance to trigger an extra bonus game. Wielding the regal theme and fruitful mechanics, we are sure “Royal Fortunator: Hold and Win” is bound to flourish and thrive.
Introducing "Buffalo Power 2: Hold and Win," the thrilling sequel to Playson's smash-hit slot game! Venture into the captivating Arizona desert on a 3x5 grid with 20 fixed paylines, where the mighty Buffalo reigns supreme. Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals while you reap the benefits of exhilarating new features.

Experience the Total multiplier in Free Spins mode, boosting all winnings of the spin for even greater rewards! Discover the all-new "Buffalo Extra Bonus" feature, granting you access to an enhanced Bonus Game with the potential for massive payouts. With a maximum Jackpot of 5000x, "Buffalo Power 2: Hold and Win" promises an unforgettable gaming adventure and the chance to walk away with incredible rewards!
Coin Strike: Hold and Win is a new enhanced game inspired by everyone's favorite “Royal Coins 2”, and complemented by even more exciting features that are perfectly intertwined.

The game keeps a 3x3 reels grid with 5 pay lines, the classic fruits, 4 in-game Jackpots, Hold and Win Bonus game, and precious coins as Bonus symbols while featuring a new Strike Bonus symbol which, in combination with other coins, activates a Coin Strike Feature.

The latter works both in the Main and Bonus game and allows the Strike Bonus to collect values from Bonus and Jackpot symbols and add them to the winning. In addition to this, every coin landing on the reels during the Main game, grants a chance of triggering an additional Bonus Game by activating the Pile of Gold feature. The game is full of action and stunning-strike winnings.
Unveil the secrets of the night and set foot inside the ancient town of Giza - a mysterious place, enriched with ancient history and the glorious power of its former owners.

Giza Nights is a video slot from Playson with a 3x5 reel grid, 25 win lines, and a plethora of great features for players to enjoy. Starting from the Base Game, the slot has a lot to offer and certainly will catch the eye of a classic Hold and Win player.

Moreover, Hold and Win mechanics were upgraded with a Boost mechanic - a perfect way for players to grab some extra wins in all game modes. The ultimate goal of Hold and Win was not forgotten, players can rest easy, knowing that they can win Mini, Minor and Major jackpots by hitting the corresponding symbols, uncovering the Mystery symbols or filling all bonus fields to get the Grand Jackpot.

Additionally to Hold and Win, players can enjoy Free Spins mode with top and special symbols only and Extra Bonus Feature - which opens new ways to trigger Hold and Win bonus. The Game is truly rich with features and we hope for players to try them all, accompanied by the dazzling spirit of the Giza Night!
You will feel like a king while playing this game because the Joker brings you lots of joy and big wins! “Royal Joker” is the rightful heir of such great games as “Royal Coins” and “Royal Coins 2”.

It keeps the classic fruits, a 3x3 reels grid with 5 pay lines, and precious coins as Bonus symbols while introducing a Joker symbol, which works as Wild in the Main Game and gives you multipliers to enlarge the wins of the coins you collect in the Bonus Game. No matter whether you are a new player or an experienced one, this awesome game will surely bring you not only the biggest winnings but also the best time of your life!
Challenge your survival instincts in Mammoth Peak: Hold & Win – a 5x3 video slot with 20 paylines. The game presents 2 special modes – Free Spins with x2 Wild symbol, that enhances winnings, and Bonus game with a chance of winning Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpot.

All Bonus symbols slide down the reels to form a winning line of 5 and bring winnings at once. Then these symbols disappear to increase the chance of winning with more upcoming symbols. The special Volcano Feature grants a chance to get an additional Bonus Game in case of landing of any Bonus symbol. Explore the wild nature of the ice age and best winning mechanics with Mammoth Peak: Hold & Win!
Join a squad of four peculiar cats and catch a glimpse of their day-to-day life in Bozo Cats. The game is played out on a 3x5 reels with 20 paylines and a number of features to look out for! Wild symbols represented as golden cans with x2 or x3 multipliers are a great way to win a lot in the Main game.

Although the key attraction to the game is, of course Free Spins. During Free Spins all the Wild symbols are sticky, but there is a catch. There are numerous ways to upgrade the Free Spins by gambling for upgrades before the Free Spins start. Moreover, some of the upgrades can be won during the Free Spins trigger!
Immerse into an exciting journey along with the pirate crew roaming the high seas on a hunt for the lost treasures. Pirate Chest: Hold and Win is a new video slot from Playson with a 5x4 reel grid, 25 win lines, and well-designed game features that will excite you from the very first spin.

Classic Hold and Win mechanics were enhanced with an amazing Boost feature, which is available across all game modes and will collect additional winning. While Treasure Chest Feature will grant a chance of activating an additional Bonus game.

The game has it all: Free Spins with more Boost and Bonus symbols added to the mode, a Bonus game where you will have a chance to get a Mini, Minor, Major jackpot, or catch the Mystery symbol and find out what it is hiding. And by filling the entire field with Bonus symbols you will get the main prize – Grand jackpot!
Have you ever dreamt of robbing a bank alongside with the fearless and charismatic gangsters of Chicago? Then you have a perfect chance to empty the Bank’s vault in this Playson game – “Hit the Bank”! The game is a 4x5 slot with 40 paylines in the Main Game and a Hold and Win Bonus Game with unlimited number of respins.

In the Bonus Game Coin symbols land on the field while a top row presents boosters that can add up to 100TB to each Coin symbol on the reel or multiply each Coin on the reel by up to x50.
Behold, fortune-seeker, as you enter the Dragons' secret lair in Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays. In this 6x5 slot symbols pay from anywhere – the more identical symbols land on the reels, the bigger the win.

The game offers a few features: round-win Multipliers and collapsing symbols. As Scatter symbols in the form of the Dragon's Eye Amulet trigger Free Spins mode, the chance of getting multipliers is rocketing. The Dragon can even grant random multipliers to the winning free spins.
Join captain Sharky and his trusted crewmembers on their pirate journey of gold looting and prize plundering in Pirate Sharky.

Voyage begins on the 4x5 grid stylized as an old, cranky ship, fitted with mighty weaponry on top! Reels of the slot represent deck of the ship, line up pirate crewmembers or knotted royal symbols on one of 12 lines to get your win. Of course, there is also the main villain himself – Pirate Sharky.

Chained up in the main game Pirate Sharky cannot get to all those money bags, with promising prizes on them. Players will need to hit 3 or more Pirate Sharky symbols to get to the Free Spins and loot those enticing rewards.
Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win is a highly anticipated and enhanced sequel to one of the most popular Playson classic games. The game plays out on a 3x3 reels grid and offers 5 pay lines. This follow-up game has the same winning formula with several great enhancements. Precious coins, such as Bonus and Royal Bonus symbols, trigger the Royal Bonus feature within the classic Hold and Win Bonus Game, which grants fantastic payouts.

As the Bonus Game has been upgraded, now it features 4 in-game Jackpots. In addition to this, with every coin landing on the reels during the Main Game, there is a chance to trigger an additional Bonus Game by activating the Pile of Gold feature. Still simple and classic, “Royal Coins 2” now brings even more joy and entertainment during the gameplay.
Playson is excited to present the newest ultra-slot experience to players with the latest Fortunator series game – “Ultra Fortunator: Hold and Win”. Players will be greeted by the familiar set of aristocratic Fortunator symbols, but will be pleasantly surprised about game features we have in store!

On 5 reels, 3 rows sits a special middle reel that is enriched with diamonds, hit those 3 diamonds in the center to get to the bonus and win an ultra-fortune in the “Ultra Fortunator: Hold and Win”!
Ruby Hit is an expansion of Playson’s “Timeless Fruit Slots” series where well-known fruits are combined with shiny and precious ruby gems.

The game is a classic 3x3 slot with 5 pay lines and a Bonus Game where all Bonus symbols present on the game field pay on every spin and slide one cell down to clean up the space for the new Bonus symbols to land.

The player has a chance to get every symbol’s payout up to 3 times, including Jackpots which can present massive wins.
Discover the mystery and allure of an ancient Egyptian temple of Luxor, where lost treasures are hidden, and the great pharaoh resides.

Luxor Gold is a video slot from Playson with a 3x5 reel grid, 25 ways to win, and a number of great features to offer to a player. 3 Scatter symbols, represented as an ancient jar with gold, trigger the Free Spins mode, which features only high-paying symbols.

While precious coins trigger Bonus Game with classic Hold and Win mechanics. 3 types of in-game Jackpots along with the Mystery symbol are present in the Bonus Game and give an additional thrill to the gaming process. And on top of that, with every coin landing on the reels, there is a chance to trigger an additional Bonus Game by activating the Treasure Chest feature.
The treasure hunt continues in a new chapter of Playson’s iconic Book series, now on the territory of an ancient Aztec temple featured in “Book del Sol: Multiplier”.

The adventure starts on the 3x5 grid and gratifies the bold ones on the 10 winning pay lines. This game is led by the Scattered-Wild symbol in form of a golden book with the sun emblem. Arrival of 3 or more books triggers the Free spins mode with a Special Expanding symbol that fills up the whole reel.

Besides, the Free spins mode features an upgradable multiplier for all Special Expanding symbol’s winning combinations multiplier. An exclusive Sun symbol upgrades the value of the multiplier from x1 to x2, x3 and x5, which increases greatly the chance of Big wins!
Far away from any civilization, deep in African continent lay vast territories of savannah. This is where the 5x4 game of Playson, Lion Gems: Hold and Win, takes place. The world is exciting and full of adventures with animals being the main heroes on 30 pay lines.

At the top of the hierarchy sits a wise and righteous lion who also is a Wild symbol. He shares all resources among his servants fairly through Free Spins mode and Bonus Game with Hold and Win mechanic. During the first, Wild gets x2 multiplier and during the second four types of in-game Jakpots leads you to great victories.
The game takes a classical slot machine approach with 5 lines, 3x3 grid and no over-complicating features. The goal is simple – spin to win, match the symbols on the pay lines to get large payouts.

With every win, the reels and the symbols are infused in flames – not threatening, but tempting, welcoming players to play more and discover the flaming theme of the game.
This is a Megaways™ game that can give from 64 to 46,656 ways to win on 6 reels. The same favorite symbols are here – Wild, Scatter symbol and two paying Bonus symbols during the Bonus Game. As Scatters activate Free spins mode, the Wild will become Expanding Wild to enhance the number of winning ways.

The Bonus Hold and Win game await those, who gathered enough Power and Bonus symbols, and rewards the trying with in-game Jackpots, Reel Multipliers and Booster symbols. Everything to guarantee the lavish winnings of the hunt.
This is a new addition to the Playson's Timeless Fruit Slots portfolio that delivers new feature into common gameplay. Players will be familiar with 3x3 and 5 pay lines setting as well as Wild symbol, however, Bonus Game is particularly interesting.

Upon entering it player will collect Bonus symbols, sometimes even with double payouts, and spin the wild and random Jokers reel to get one of four in-game jackpots.
Playson would like to bring you in a magic journey were everything is possible. New video slot Diamond Fortunator: Hold and Win is infused with mystic energy power that is on a brink of lashing out. On the 3x3 game field player will see 5 pay lines and some interesting opportunities inside Bonus Game.

It would be a real surprise when game field will double its size and Jackpot symbols will start to pop-up here and there. Moreover, if all 18 cells will be filled with Bonus and/or Jackpot symbols Total Win will multiply x2.

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Playson is well-known among the leading online gaming brands and has created a significant range of casino games for online gamers to enjoy. The software firm mainly serves virtual casinos across Europe, but it aspires to open its doors to other regions of the globe.

The vast majority of Playson's games are themed slots. With that stated, table games enabled by the software company can also deliver a pleasant and profitable casino experience. Playson has customized a substantial section of their gaming repertoire for mobile devices to ensure an excellent casino experience is available no matter where you are.

Playson's Timeless Fruit Slots series includes several essential titles with conventional symbols, including fruits, sevens, stars, and BARs. Imperial Fruits is now available in 5-line, 40-line, and 100-line versions, each featuring expanding wild and two Scatters. Then there's Fruits 'N' Stars (original and Holiday Edition), Juice 'N' Fruits, Sevens & Fruits, and a few more.

If you've had your fill of fruits, try the super-fun Art of the Heist, an interactive bonus feature, or the terrifying Dracula's Family, which features four different free spins rounds. Rome: Caesar's Glory begins with a reel area that resembles a scooped pyramid facing to the left, but reels turn around during free spins to increase your chances of winning.

Playson slots are accessible at a variety of online casinos. They've created and released more than 40 video slots in the online casino business. The majority of them have been designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive. These titles are not only inventive but also entertaining to play. These stats have progressively increased since their presentations at the ICE trade exhibition, proving appealing with both igamers and casinos.

Though a majority of the Playson-powered games are slots, the business has also created just several table games. Classic games such as blackjack and roulette will entice those who appreciate them.

Video slots featuring many paylines and added features like free spins, re-spins, and multipliers. Playson also provides a variety of promos on their most popular games. These can include free spins depending on the partner casino you join.

Playson has secured a gaming license from one of the most trusted and taxing authorities in the iGaming sector to assure its reliability and the standard of its games. The software supplier is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, renowned in the iGaming industry due to its demanding laws requiring fair and secure online gambling for virtual players.

Aside from that license, the company can also provide its games under a license given by the Romanian National Gambling Office. This increases the number of regions in which the software supplier may legally sell its fantastic software solutions and deliver a tremendous gameplay experience to people online worldwide.

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