Step into the enchanting world of the snow-covered pine and experience the revamped magic of plinko, where diligent gnomes have dedicated their efforts to enhance every facet of the cherished original.

In this iteration, the plinko excitement reaches unprecedented heights! Witness not only the familiar cascades of triumphant marbles but also marvel as the balls rebound, creating an astonishing spectacle of plinko frenzy. The updated board features strategic hatches that can unfold, unveiling the Golden Ball feature, where a single drop has the potential to yield rewards as grand as 10,000 times the initial stake!

Pine of Plinko 2 introduces a myriad of new playing possibilities, including unique scatter rerolls and additional bonus buys, empowering players to forge their own path to Plinko utopia. Welcome to a world where the thrill knows no bounds!
Editors Choice
The Halloween season has seen its share of playful, gory-themed slots with familiar mechanics. Darkness, however, will be a truly one of a kind experience that will both scare and delight the living daylights out of you.

From the pentagram ritual mechanic to the overhauled UI, every minute detail of this slot is aligned towards one thing; to draw us into the horrifying finale where terror meets ecstasy.
At Print studios, Potatoes are not just any old root vegetable. For us, they are a ticket back to the immersive kingdom that put us on the map. It was with a certain reverence we crafted this new experience, developing the story of a spud renaissance at the royal potato court.

Going with the ethos of “change nothing, upgrade everything”, we kept the same 30-line win lines and lucrative SuperSpinner setup. In the Free Spins Bonus, the goal remains the same: fill the whole screen with one humongous jumbo potato!

So where does the upgrade bit come in? Aside from a vastly improved math model and more buy options, we introduce a new Potato Sack feature in the Bonus which gives players exactly what they want: more ways to grow the potato, more spins and more potential!
Welcome to an action packed adventure in a forgotten ninja village, brimming with potential somewhere in 15th century Japan. This 5x4 slot features 26 lines, Bamboo Prize Feature in the base game, and a Shinobi Hold n Win bonus with a whopping 8 features.

The special Bamboo Prize symbols can deliver massive wins in the base game. The Free Spins is a new, satisfying take on the popular Hold n win genre with a host of new mechanics that interact together for endless fun.
Print Studios bring yet another never-before-seen mechanic into the world of slots. This time around it's Tower Defense!

A horde of aliens suddenly began invading your castle, with carapaces and claws too thick and strong for any sword or shield. Luckily, their movement is predictable, permitting the construction of stationary turrets to stop their violent march.

Combined with our famous SuperSpinnersTM, the traditional thrill of high potential slots is intact, while new avenues of gaming excitement have been unlocked!
Let us take you back to medieval Europe in Holy Hand Grenade. Here, the local father has his own take on God's message, seeing divine miracles in the subtle art of blowing things up!

Holy hand grenade is an explosive slot that does everything our fanbase has come to love: showing the potential for huge wins with brand new mechanics.
Far up in the Piney Treetops, an ingenious gnome has devised a remarkable world inside his clockwork home. Enter the Pine of Plinko to experience our upgraded version of the classic ball-dropping action. Pine of Plinko has a classic, simple, base game with lots of scatter symbols granting frequent access to the Plinko Bonus. If the player is in a rush, the bet boost will more than double the frequency.
In a distant galaxy, on a planet colonized by Earth eons ago, an old energy facility is overrun. Luckily the Reapers at your side were designed for this kind of mission. In a game that upends the very core of slot gaming, Print Studios guides the daring enthusiast to a whole new level of gambling excitement.

Sparing no expense to deliver an intergalactic adventure in an intuitive package, REAPERS grants more dynamic and deep gameplay than any Print slot to date.
Join the fearless Huntress in her quest for revenge on the beast who killed her kin. The wild beckons anyone looking for a breath of fresh air in this unique adventure from Print Studios.

In a new twist on our beloved SuperSpinners mechanic, this game features expanding wilds that stick on the reels and grant a global multiplier based on the spinners. Still, Wild Huntress is not for the faint of heart. A brand new, thrilling, gamble mechanic preludes the free spins that allows the bold to win big and thus unveil the Huntress's fate.
Ancient creatures are rediscovered as we bring players inside a fantastic new world of icy wonders.

Out of the Ice is a slot game with 3 to 5 rows and 5 reels. The game starts with 76 winning ways which can increase up to 259 winning ways by landing consecutive wins. Features include Merfolk Multipliers and a Free Spins feature.
Royal Potato is a 5x4, 30 winline game featuring the familiar trademarked mechanic, SuperSpinners™. Journey through a world of potatoes that you never knew existed with our new Royal Levy feature as well as the Jumbo Free Spins bonus.

Any winline going through a spinner has the chance to be multiplied and should patience falter Bonus Buy is also available. In our new feature, Royal Levy, every King or Queen symbol can reveal a prize which is multiplied by the sum of all current SuperSpinners™ multipliers.
Crystal Golem is a cascading 20 payline slot with a brand-new mechanic in play: SuperSpinners™. This feature allows individual line wins to be multiplied by up to 400 times, paying as much as 20,000x! This creates for highly potent but also fast-paced entertainment, as there’s more things to look out for with SuperSpinners™ in play.
Book of Destiny is a classic 5x3 10 win-line set up has been upgraded for maximum thrill and convenience. The improvements to your average book slot include portrait optimization, extra base game functions to trigger free spins, no win cap and player choice for Expanding Symbols! The biggest thrill seekers can also opt to Gamble the Bonus for more Expanding Symbols.

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