Prospect Gaming ignites the excitement with sizzling, chili-powered victories in Arriba Heat! Kicking off in the base game, the Wild Fiesta feature triggers randomly upon Wilds landing. During Wild Fiesta, Wilds glide across adjacent symbols, converting them into extra Wilds. If a Wild intersects another Wild, it transforms into an X2 Wild, leading to even greater payouts!

When the Chilli Inferno respins are triggered, Mr. Peppe takes center stage on the grid, gathering each chili that lands. Players forfeit a life if no chilies land. Chilli Inferno consists of three tiers. In the initial tier, Mr. Peppe must gather chilies with a collective value of 20 to advance.

Progressing to the second tier requires accumulating chilies with a total value of 50, unlocking access to the third tier. Chilies in the second tier are multiplied by X2, and in the third tier by X3. A multiplier is applied for every 50-total chili count in the third tier. Mr. Peppe's symbol expands from 1x1 to 2x2, and ultimately to 2x3, as he ascends through each tier.
Prospect Gaming proudly presents Prospector Wilds Gold Digga, bringing everyone's favorite prospector back to life! Dive into an exciting Free Spins game where collecting nuggets motivates Bob to dig deeper, increasing the rows and number of spins as he progresses!

In the base game, when Bob lands, he collects all the Nuggets on the board and pays their value, providing a valuable balance boost. During Free Spins, the Nugget collection trail at the top of the board fills up as Nuggets land.

Each tier reached along the trail rewards players with additional spins and introduces a whole new row of symbols! The board expands based on the current tier; Tier 1/2/3 expands to 5x4/5x5/5x6 respectively, starting from 5x3 in Tier 0. Get ready for an adventure filled with thrilling spins and the promise of glittering treasures!
Prospect Gaming proudly unveils Hot Joker Fruits Hold and Win! This new installment seamlessly continues the legacy of the original game, preserving its iconic symbols for a captivating and immersive player experience.

Hot Joker Fruits Hold and Win not only introduces Hold & Win rounds but also incorporates exciting features like Expanding Wilds (depicted by the Joker Symbol), Freespins (activated by Scatter Symbols), and Successive Tumbles. The Hold and Win feature brings a popular retail-inspired mechanic to the game, enhancing the well-loved Hot Joker series. This unique gameplay element adds an extra layer of satisfaction and ease to the overall gaming experience of Hot Joker Fruits Hold and Win. Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world of Hot Joker Fruits!
Prospect Gaming proudly presents Ghost Huntin’, a thrilling new game that is bound to send shivers down your spine!

In the Base Game, a Ghost Hunter prowls the reels with every spin. When the Hunter lands on a reel occupied by a Ghost, they trap the spectral presence and collect the value of that particular reel. Activate Ghost Huntin’s Antebet feature, and a second Ghost Hunter materializes, significantly increasing the chances of capturing ghosts and reaping generous rewards.

During Freespins, players have the opportunity to score even bigger payouts with multiple Hunters roaming the reels! The number of Hunters during Freespins is determined beforehand, offering a suspenseful pre-feature revelation. Additionally, for every extra Freespin landed, players receive 5 more spins, enhancing the excitement of the ghostly chase. Are you ready to embark on this hair-raising adventure? Happy hunting!
Hot Joker Fruits Stacks by Prospect Gaming is a classic video slot that captures the essence of traditional slot machines, featuring a vibrant array of fruit symbols and a mischievous joker symbol to ignite thrilling wins and nostalgia in players.
Embark on an exhilarating mining adventure with Prospector Wilds Megaways, a captivating video slot that plunges players into a rich gold mine. With the innovative Megaways feature, the excitement never wanes, offering cascading wins and growing multipliers that promise hefty rewards.

Unearth even more fortune through the free spin bonus feature, where the reels come alive with potential, echoing the thrill of striking gold deep within the reels.
Hot Joker Fruits 20 is a classic 5x3 slot from Prospect Gaming with a joker/fruit theme.
Step into the vibrant world of Hot Joker Fruits, an electrifying video slot that combines classic charm with modern excitement. This thrilling game features a delightful fusion of the ever-entertaining joker symbol, serving as the coveted scatter, alongside a colorful array of fruit symbols, reminiscent of traditional slot machines.

With five paylines spread across the reels, players are in for a riveting experience as they spin their way to potential riches. The joker scatter adds an element of surprise, promising unexpected rewards and elevating the anticipation with each appearance.

Hot Joker Fruits offers the chance to hit it big, with the maximum payout reaching an exhilarating 3000 times the stake. This tantalizing prospect keeps players on the edge of their seats, making every spin a heart-pounding moment of possibility.
Prospector Wilds Hold and Win is the sequel to Prospect Gaming's first release Prospector Wilds. This 20 lines 5x3 slot brings you back to the charming Gold Rush theme and include Free Spins, the Hold & Win feature and Expanding Wilds.
Immerse yourself in the rugged world of gold mining as you join a brave prospector on his quest for riches. The game's visuals are beautifully crafted, depicting a vast underground mine with sparkling gold nuggets, mining carts, and a breathtaking backdrop of caverns. The lively sound effects further enhance the immersive experience, making you feel like you're right there in the heart of the action.

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