These traditional confections come together to form Cluster Links when they gather in groups of 5 or more, offering a delightful treat and the promise of even greater victories! The excitement mounts with the appearance of the Wild Candy Symbol, which not only multiplies clusters it connects with but also generates wild wins! Boosting the Wild Candies even further is the Wild Multiplier Symbol, enhancing the potential for creating extraordinary clusters with enormous winning opportunities! Retro Sweets also introduces the Instant Prize Multiplier, elevating ordinary Instant Prize Symbols to the possibility of forming remarkable winning clusters! Utilize the Sweet Collector Symbol to assemble your clusters. Gather an impressive selection of Special Symbols to trigger cluster wins that continue to expand!

Acting as a Scatter Symbol, this symbol can stand in for all others, excluding Special Symbols. When three or more appear anywhere on the reels, it initiates the Free Spins Feature. Each Wild Candy Symbol possesses an associated multiplier, initially set at 1x. With each participation in one or more cluster wins, the multiplier value of the Wild Candy Symbol escalates by one. This particular symbol is accompanied by a multiplier value of either 1x, 2x, 3x, or 5x. The Wild Multiplier Symbol allocates its multiplier value to all visible Wild Candy Symbols. Following allocation, it transforms into a random Instant Prize Symbol.

Instant Prizes represent bet multipliers spanning from 1x to 1000x. When these symbols form a cluster of 5 or more, they yield a win. Upon the appearance of an Instant Prize Multiplier Symbol, all Instant Prize Symbols visible are multiplied by its value, after which it morphs into an Instant Prize Symbol with a random value. This symbol may appear with values of 2x, 5x, or 10x.

This symbol selects a Paying Symbol at random and attracts all identical Symbols, resulting in a cluster win. The Sweet Collector Symbol can draw Wild Candy Symbols, Paying Symbols, and Instant Prizes! It can attract anywhere from 4 to 9 Symbols, and once a cluster is formed, it transforms into the Paying Symbol it drew or a random Instant Prize Symbol. During the Bonus Game, this Symbol attracts a random assortment of non-clustering symbols from the grid, creating space for clusters. It can also draw Instant Prize Symbols and Wild Candy Symbols!
Align CD Icons to sense the rhythm and construct substantial rewards!

Exclusive Icons may appear on any reel. When an Exclusive Icon lands on an activated reel, it adds one point to the Multiplier Gauge of that row. Double Exclusive Icons amplify the Multiplier Gauge by two points.

The Multiplier Gauge bestows multipliers of up to 100x. The five Multiplier Gauges offer increasingly valuable multipliers as they ascend the reels. Uncover superior gauge values by utilizing Arrow Icons for optimal chances of scoring big!

Arrow Icons can land on any reel. Each active Arrow Icon raises the reel height by one notch. Landing multiple arrow symbols will increase the reel height by the total landed.

CD Icons serve as Bet Multipliers. Landing CDs on any active row grants a Bet Multiplier. Sequentially landing numbered CDs from left to right results in a prize with two or more digits.
Enter a world of dystopian cyberpunk future, where cybernetic assassins thrive on cutting-edge technology and master the art of combat akin to samurais. Will you outmaneuver your rivals and claim a lucrative reward?

The Free Spins round commences with reels 2 and 4 filled with Wild symbols, along with an initial multiplier. These Wild Stacks gradually descend, filling the Multiplier Level gauge, unlocking ascending levels with multipliers ranging from XI, X3, x5, x10, x25, to x100. This multiplier is applicable to all wins accrued during the Free Spins feature.

Upon activating Free Spins, players have the option to risk their winnings for potentially greater rewards. The Gamble Wheel offers segments containing prizes exceeding the initial amount, segments with no prize, and Wild Stack segments. If the Gamble Wheel lands on a Base Game Wild Stack, the game resumes in the Base Game mode with 1-3 additional guaranteed Wild Stacks on the reels, depending on the prize obtained.

Wild Symbols serve as substitutes for all regular paying symbols except Scatter Symbols, Gamble Scatter Symbols, and Instant Prize Symbols. Landing 3 Wild Symbols awards a 1x multiplier, 4 Wild Symbols yield 5x, and 5 Wild Symbols grant 30x.

Wild Stacks consist of 4 Wild Symbols stacked together and can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 during the Base Game. In Free Spins mode, both Wild Symbols and Wild Stacks can land on any reel.

Instant Prizes are bet multipliers located on reels 1 and 5. On reel 1, they activate when Wilds concurrently land on reels 2 and 3. On reel 5, they activate when Wilds appear on reels 3 and 4. Instant Prizes pay out once per occurrence and range from 1x to 1000x.

Initiated by a Wild Stack landing on the reels, the Nudging Wilds Feature shifts the position of the Wild Stack incrementally until all Wild Symbols are cleared, while the remaining reels spin as usual.

Scatter Symbols exclusively appear on reel 1, whereas Gamble Scatters can only land on reel 5. Gamble Scatters trigger a feature that cycles through various Free Spin rewards, offering the possibility of obtaining multipliers such as xi, x3, x5, x10, and x25.
These fiery sprites have assembled a band of rowdy leprechauns, determined to pillage and revel!

The Leprechaun Reveal function activates when a Mystery Symbol unveils a Golden Leprechaun Symbol. Each Leprechaun Reveal Symbol will cycle through various rewards, including Instant Prize Symbols, Multiplier Symbols, Collector Symbols, Chest Symbols, and Scatter Symbols.

The Chest function is initiated by landing a chest symbol on reel 3 or during the Leprechaun Reveal Feature. Five Concealed Chest Prizes are presented for selection, with choosing one unveiling all potential prizes and granting the selected one.

As the Free Spins feature commences, reels 2 and 4 become filled with Mystery Symbols. With each spin, the Mystery Symbols will nudge downward by one position, incrementing the Total Multiplier by 1. This Total Multiplier applies to all winnings at the conclusion of each spin. Free Spins persist until the final Mystery Symbol is nudged off the reels.

Mystery Symbols appear stacked in sets of 4 anywhere on the reels, both in the base and bonus games. Landing Mystery Symbols triggers the Nudge & Reveal Feature, causing them to unfurl and reveal Paying Symbols, Wild Symbols, or Golden Leprechaun Symbols.

Shamrock Mode activates either upon the Golden Pot bursting open or by selecting an Instant Shamrock Mode Prize during the Base Game Chest Feature. Shamrock Mode triggers a Free Spins Feature with the added benefit of commencing with a 10x starting Total Multiplier and Mystery Stacks nudged up three positions. Upon the Feature's conclusion, a new Golden Pot emerges above the reels, starting at a random level of 2, 3, or 4 and partially filled between 40-60%.

Tokens accrued in the base game are collected into the Golden Pot. Once the Golden Pot reaches its maximum level of five, any additional tokens that land possess the potential to burst the Golden Pot and initiate Shamrock Mode.
Journey back into the enchanting woodland, where the air hums with the buzz of bees, poised to ignite mayhem in Swarm Mode! Wild Swarm stands as a timeless gem in Push Gaming's collection, and we've set out to enhance it further, unveiling fresh features and rejuvenating the existing ones.

Within this realm, Wild Honey and Sticky Wild Symbols step in for regular paying symbols, save for the Scatter and Chest Symbols. Sticky Wilds emerge during Free Games and Swarm Mode, steadfastly clinging until the feature draws to a close.

In the Base Game, Bee Symbols fill up the Hive, transforming into Wild Honey Symbols. Each Worker Bee contributes 1 segment to the Hive meter, while Queen Bees contribute 5. Once the Hive reaches level 5, any Bee Symbol has the potential to cause an explosion, activating the Swarm Mode Feature. The Queen Bee possesses a higher chance of initiating Swarm Mode.

The Chest feature is accessible during the Base Game, Free Spins, and Swarm Mode. Players can select from 5 Concealed Chest Prizes, ranging from Bet Multipliers and Free Spins to Swarm Boosts and Instant Swarm Mode.
Join a motley crew of animals and try your luck on the icy seas, set off on a voyage and seek out substantial rewards!

Orca Symbols can land on reels 1 and 5, while Fish Symbols and Jackpot Symbols are possible on reels 2-4. Should they land simultaneously, the Orca will claim the attached Instant Prizes. Additionally, the Orca Symbol may emerge with a multiplier, boosting the accumulated amount.

Fish Symbols carry Instant Prizes, with values ranging from 1x to 1000x. The Jackpot prizes come in different tiers: Mini (x15), Minor (x75), Major (×350), Mega (x1,500), and Grand (x10,000).

When 3 or more Bonus Symbols appear, it triggers the Free Spins Feature: 3 Bonus Symbols initiate 10 Free Spins with the standard rules. 4 Bonus Symbols trigger 10 Free Spins with a starting x3 Multiplier. 5 Bonus Symbols trigger 10 Free Spins with a starting x10 Multiplier.

During the Free Spins Feature, a 5x6 grid follows the same rules for Orcas, Fish, and Jackpot as in the Base Game. A Progression Meter for the Orcas' Multiplier is visible, requiring four increments to reach a new level. Each landed Orca awards one increment. Upon reaching a new level, additional Free Spins and a Multiplier are awarded.

Activating Push Bet increases your Base Bet by 20%, enhancing the chances of triggering the Free Spins Feature.
Experience the thrill of Hearts Highway, where fortunes await those who dare to spin its reels. Land four or more Heart Symbols in a single spin and watch as the prize ladder lights up with the potential for massive wins, reaching up to an incredible 10,000x!

Immerse yourself in a futuristic landscape where flying cars zip past a quaint motel nestled on the outskirts of a sprawling metropolis. In this cybernetic world, adventurers journey down the Hearts Highway to spin slots and recharge before embarking on their next escapade.

Even amidst the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow, the timeless allure of classic slots beckons. Hearts Highway blends iconic symbols with innovative mechanics, offering cyborg patrons a nostalgic taste of simpler times.

Ascend the prize ladder during the Free Spins Feature for a shot at claiming the ultimate jackpot of 10,000x your bet! Trigger the Slot Machine Feature by landing a Slot Machine Symbol on Reel 1 or 5, with the potential to receive up to three extra Hearts.

For even greater rewards, land Symbols on both Reel 1 and 5 to activate the Heart Slot Feature, where up to 10 additional Hearts can be won.

The Free Spins Feature is unleashed when three or more Scatter Symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Receive 10 Free Spins for landing three Scatters, 12 Free Spins with one Golden Heart unlocked for four Scatters, or 15 Free Spins with three Golden Hearts unlocked for five Scatters.

In the heart-pounding Free Spins round, each Golden Heart unlocked above a reel fills the associated meter. Once three Golden Hearts are collected, that reel transforms into a Hearts bonanza for the duration of the feature, granting an extra Free Spin for good measure.

For those seeking even more excitement, activating Ante Bet mode boosts your base bet by 20%, increasing your chances of landing the elusive Shield Symbol and triggering the Free Spins Feature.
Get ready to groove and light up the dancefloor with DJ Fox!

Load up the beats by stacking the decks with Vinyl Symbols and win whatever unfolds on the reels! The legendary Push-Up feature makes a comeback—land VIP Symbols to kickstart the reels and boost your winning opportunities!
Embark on a journey beneath the surface of the animal kingdom, far removed from the tranquil bamboo forests, and get ready to encounter the most formidable panda in town! Venture downtown to the shady side of the city and acquaint yourself with Boss Bear – a character of dubious reputation and his equally shadowy sidekicks who scoff at being labeled as cute; they're wholly committed to striking it big. Navigate through a barrage of knives, guns, and shurikens to secure the coveted Panda Symbols, uncovering the potential loot concealed behind the enigmatic Reveal Symbols.

The Golden Reveal Symbols hold a treasure trove of coins and beloved features, propelling your winnings to new heights. Step into the preferred haunt of every gangster, a renowned restaurant, for the Free Spins Bonus Game, where a downpour of coins ensues, and fortunes become the stuff of legends!
Reel in Big Wins with Fish ‘n’ Nudge!

Grab your net and head for the high seas to catch Instant Prizes. The Fisherman is on board to help lure the biggest catches… so keep your eyes peeled for the Golden Fish!
Scale the summit and bring home big wins in Goat Getter!

It's time to join the herd and scale the summit in search of prizes! Smash Mystery Boxes, discover lucrative Coin Pots and secure Bonus Symbols to meet the Goats on top of the mountain in the Free Spins Feature!
Get retro with Rat King! When the lights go out at the sweet factory, Rat King rules! Experience a retro adventure with a cheeky companion who loves causing chaos! Score tasty treats and collect Star Symbols to work your way to big wins. Collect enough Rat King Symbols to enter the Free Spins Feature, where the treats flow, and the multiplier keeps rising!
Dare to descend deeper than ever before... Dive into a new adventure with more chances to uncover hidden treasures and trigger exciting features in Razor Returns! With reimagined classic mechanics and exciting new additions, this is Razor Shark like you ve never seen before.

Torpedo Scatter Symbols can take you further into the depths, submerged with Mystery Symbols that can reveal explosive prizes! Are you ready to dive back into the Big Blue and uncover even greater riches in Razor Returns?
Get ready to delve deep for big wins in Crystal Catcher!

Create cluster pays as you search through the mines for crystals, aided by the Wild Beetle! Finding a special Crystal Symbol will cause the Wild Beetle to take flight, increasing its multiplier along the way and joining any cluster it touches for even larger wins!
Prepare yourself for battle! Will you wield the 10 Swords? Journey back to the Colosseum and fight for epic wins along the way! The Emperor has chosen you to brave the gladiatorial games. Collect swords to aid your conquest, increasing your multiplier with each new weapon in your arsenal. Amassing all 10 Swords can make for big wins the likes of which the Roman Empire has never seen!

Drop into dungeons filled with lava for the Free Spins Bonus Game, where the Wild Beetle will scour the fiery depths, leaving behind more Beetles and increasing its multiplier value in search of the biggest wins! Prepare yourself for battle! Will you wield the 10 Swords? Journey back to the Colosseum and fight for epic wins along the way!

The Emperor has chosen you to brave the gladiatorial games. Collect swords to aid your conquest, increasing your multiplier with each new weapon in your arsenal. Amassing all 10 Swords can make for big wins the likes of which the Roman Empire has never seen! Drop into dungeons filled with lava for the Free Spins Bonus Game, where the Wild Beetle will scour the fiery depths, leaving behind more Beetles and increasing its multiplier value in search of the biggest wins!"
Head back to the Triassic Town that spawned the world’s coolest casino to meet the lizards of law enforcement! Dino P.D. are on patrol searching for big wins! Land Dino Coins, meet different members of the team and snack on dino donuts as you cruise around town.
The DJ with the coldest beats returns with their own game! Giga Jar is back and better than ever, head out to the dancefloor and get ready to thaw out those juicy fruits! Get fruit clusters to build up the Wild Jar meter and get those Jars jumping!
Come one, come all! Generous Jack has a seat for you at his table, will you bring home a big win? Take your shot at landing Number Chips and avoiding Duds as you seek out golden Jack Symbols to open the reels up and land even bigger wins!

Collecting enough Jack Symbols to fill the Bonus Game meter will take you into Generous Jacks’ Free Spins Game, where the board is completely open and the win potential is huge!
Get ready to dance to Retro Tapes! These cheeky cassettes are itching to groove and need your help to get the party started! Retro Tapes breaks the slots mould with Cluster Link, Push Gaming’s latest exclusive Feature. Land five or more tapes in a cluster for instant wins!

You can also land Wild Tape Symbols that multiply any cluster wins they’re involved in. Chain cluster wins together with a Wild Tape Symbol to keep increasing the multiplier. Land three or more Wild Tape Symbols to keep the party going and trigger the Top Charts Feature!
The Mystery Series continues, and this time, we are rocketing to the moon!

Explore the outer reaches of the galaxy on your quest to build a library of galactic treasures and technologies! Be warned, your ship is being stalked by a deadly force from deep space…

Land Instant Prize Symbols along your expedition, collecting strange artefacts and new elements for your museum. You may meet allies like the Robot or your fellow Astronaut, but beware of the Golden Martian, who serves a much more menacing opponent… The Mystery Martian!
Explore the outer reaches in Space Stacks! You never know what surprises are in store for you on each planet as you traverse the galaxy in search of big wins! Space Stacks introduces a new feature to the push catalogue – Reelbets - allowing you to split your bet between different Instant Prize Blocks, Bonus Round Blocks and the Max Block. Play your way with Reelbets!

With 10 different Blocks to bet on, your choices open up a universe of possibilities to win big in deep space! Between the Instant Prize Blocks, Bonus Blocks and Max Block, there’s no telling where your journey will take you! The choice lies with you, what wins will you find on your adventure through space?
Head back to the American frontier and prepare to face the Deadly 5! Chase down the most fearsome cowboys in the wild west, each one has a big price on their head! Land three Safe Scatter Symbols to trigger the Sheriff's Bonus Feature - land up to five to unlock a maximum of 20 free spins and a 50x instant win.

Claim bounties and find Wanted Posters to unlock wild wins. Helping the Sheriff track down the vigilantes will ensure you return with a huge bounty! These sharp shooters are the best in the wild west, you'll need all your wits about you to bring down the Deadly 5. Deadly 5 is a 5 × 4 game with 20 win lines.
Start your engines and buckle up, its time to drive Mad Cars! Speeding through a post apocalyptic wasteland is the only way to win the Mad Race. Land Instant Prize Car symbols and compete to win as you race to the finish line.

Along the way you can unlock Booster Symbols to upgrade your Mad Cars for better rewards at the chequered flag. Look out for the debut of Race Reels, our latest premium feature designed to ramp excitement to the next level
Follow our jolly Fat Banker as he explores a life of opulence and grandeur alongside his wife and dog as they cruise around town in style.

This time we're heading back to the 1920's to witness our greedy Fat Banker fatten up his pockets! The wealthier he gets, the more he enjoys the finer things in life. Flashy cars and bags of cash get him growing fatter and fatter by the minute.
Listen to rock music along with chiming bells and flaming Fireballs as you take on an unforgettable nocturnal adventure.

Embrace the darkness and the more sinister side of things as you experience Push Gaming's Gothic themed game, Nightfall. Rock music along with chiming bells and flaming Fireballs landing on the reels will take you on an eerie adventure as you embark on your quest to smash as many Instant Prize slabs as possible.

Watch out for the full moon that peers through the clouds along with creepy flying bats as inferno wins can be yours for the taking.
Delve into a zen-like experience, with a twist! As you embrace the calm of Asian inspired surroundings, you’ll encounter deep secrets and vibrant riches hidden beneath plentiful bamboo that will spark your senses.

Sway to the rhythm of enchanting Japanese music as more and more surprises are revealed from magical Mystery Stacks, along with the chance to take unforgettable gambles.
Stand back! A bison clash is about to take place!

Head over to North America and be prepared to encounter some rowdy and raging bison that are ready to charge at any moment. Explore the canyons and witness some momentous clashes that can take place in a chilly Ice Park or a sunny Green Valley.

Wherever you end up, be sure to hold on, as plenty of collisions and commotion are set to take place with numerous rewards to be enjoyed.
Take a stroll down beautiful country lanes and feast your eyes on a spectacular waterfall that leads to a pond that’s full of unexpected surprises.

The setting may be tranquil, however there’s lots of activity going on beside the peacefully still lily pads, buzzing fireflies and singing birds.

Here, a majestic Fire Frog runs the show. Watch it kick start the action as it hops across the pond, ablaze, changing colours, and leaving behind golden treasures for some flaming wins.
Fat Drac is a 5x5 slot game with 40 win lines. The third game in our ‘Fat Series’, with our unique twist on a Vampire theme that can be enjoyed not only at Halloween, but all year round.
Discover the beauty and immense power of mother nature by exploring the almighty Mount Magmas! A fiery slot that keeps getting hotter and hotter with smokin’ win potential.

A base game that’s burning with anticipation as Super Stacks land on the reels for hot wins alongside scorching Magmas Rocks. These can give you the chance of entering the Volcano Bonus where you can pick up some red hot instant prizes!
Ahoy, Me Hearties! Prepare to set sail for Booty Bay - a tropical cove that’s full of hidden plunder buried beneath the sands. Treasure abounds in this 5 x 5 video slot! Build up the Cluster Pays as the Booty Wild Symbols boost their multipliers in the action-packed Hotzone.
Get down to the fruity dancefloor once again and rave to the rhythm with the coolest DJ around! Everyone’s favourite game is back, and it’s groovier than ever! Jammin’ Jars 2 is an 8x8 slot game that’s jam packed with even more exciting features.
Get down to the hippest casino around with the most roarsome guests you’ll ever meet! A 34443 slot game that takes players into a world that could have been had dinosaurs continue to live on.
Embark on an adventure to uncover the history of the land of the sky. A 6x4 slot with 30 paylines that will take players on an exciting journey through the sky. Here they'll discover the fascinating technology of the floating islands that can reveal exquisite treasures.
Prepare to discover mysterious relics that lie beneath the sand of an ancient wonder. A highly dynamic slot that evolves and changes as you play. Build up the reels from 6x3 to 6x6, along with the number of ways from 729 to 46656! Filled with features along the way that bring about interesting outcomes every time.
Uncover the secrets of the past by venturing through the Mystery Museum. A 5x3 slot with 10 paylines that takes players on a mysterious tour of a museum that’s filled with historic artifacts and stories of the past.
Get ready to feel the heat with Joker Troupe! Not your ordinary Joker game! Experience the thrill and excitement of this modern take on a classical Joker game that’s filled with surprising twists and unique features.
Grab your swimming gear and prepare to dive into the deep sea treasures with Razor Shark! Nudging Mystery Stacks will send streams of wins flowing to those daring enough to explore the Big Blue. With a little luck, they may even uncover the riches hidden within the Razor Reveal Feature!

Discovering 3 explosive scatter symbols will sink you deeper, where Mystery Stacks and an increasing multiplier can keep you submerged... forever! Get ready for an underwater adventure filled with excitement and the potential for endless rewards.
Delve into the innermost circles of the mysterious ancient organisation! The Shadow Order is a 5x5 cascading symbol game with a secret society theme. The game includes three base game features, four unlockable characters and a Free Games Feature.
Immortal Guild was decommissioned by Push Gaming 14th January 2022.
Fat Santa is on his way, so keep your eyes peeled for his sleigh! He can't get enough of the Christmas Pies, even as he soars through the skies. If you can feed him, prepare to cheer; the massive wins are almost here! Bigger and bigger he will grow! How big, you ask?

We don't know! It's time to celebrate and shout! Generous wins are what Christmas is all about! Get ready for a festive and rewarding holiday season with Fat Santa!
Join us on the dancefloor and get into the groove with Jammin’ Jars! A 8x8 cascading slot that will get players dancing to the rhythm as Jam Jars jive across the dancefloor, bringing massive multipliers and juicy wins!

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About Push Gaming

Push Gaming has reached a pinnacle of success by creating the most exciting slot games. Its gaming library is packed with only premium quality games. The company was established in 2010 by veterans named Winston Lee and James Marshall. Destined to occupy the gambling business, the provider partners with the top names like Microgaming, Playtech, and Open Bet. They expanded their business substantially by bringing better quality slots for the gamblers. Today, its flagship online slot products like Wizard Shop and Immortal Guild are played at every recognized online casino venue. Similarly, it looks into the safety and fairness in gambling as well.

Since its establishment, it has entirely focused on creating innovative slots contributing to the mobile-friendly features powered by Android, Windows, and iOS.

Golden Farm is one of the popular games packed with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. In addition, the gambling interface boasts Wilds, scatter symbols, Replicating Reels, etc.

Meet the Meerkats, powered by the software provider, takes players on a rewarding virtual journey. The game's theme is packed with cartoonish symbols, colorful reels, and plenty of bonus features.

Inspired by the fairy tales of the 12th century, the company released the most fun-loving game Peter and the Lost Boys. Overall, the theme brings awesome spinning action to elude the players from gaining massive payouts.

Tallying the company's slot games, every slot release features super high RTPs that range from 95% to 98%. Playing with higher RTPs can give you generous payouts in the long run. The volatility rate is also manageable that stays between medium and high, attracting high roller gamblers to hit the slots. In addition, it provides a cash range between 0 and 20 and extends to 50 coins per single spin. They are destined as mobile slots to create fun in the lobby.

The software provider provides 24 slot titles to date involving creativity and benefits to make the gambler win. Every game is better than the other and gives quality gambling fun to the gamblers. Securing the maximum potential of a slot game with the help of its features, symbols, and many more is not that tedious. The interfaces are straightforward to navigate. All the games are compatible with mobile devices offering the same graphics and animation on the PCs.

Push Gaming has claimed its licenses and gambling authority from the Malta Gambling Commission. The commission also allows the company to provide the critical gambling Supply services to manage the game of chance to the players. In addition, its extended veterans are licensed and regulated by the Great Britain Gambling Commission. Maintaining responsible gambling for the players has secured the name to its peak in the gaming market as a reputable and trustworthy vendor. Likewise, it can offer games on mobile devices with the secure exchange of databases and finances.

Established as one of the reputable entertaining slot suppliers in the market, Push Gaming has gained respect by winning many awards from other veterans. It took the crown as the Casino Beat Game Developer Award and the Game of the Year in 2021. It has also gained the European SIGMA awards and was nominated for the prestigious EGR B2B awards for 4 consecutive years. Seeing this, the gaming market has put its name as the fastest-growing company in recent years, assuring much growth in the future.

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