Another Truck!? Yet another shipment of riches (or bullion)! Another gang of deceitful criminals plotting theft, demise, and havoc!? Indeed! Cash Truck 3 Turbo emerges as the third edition in the Cash Truck series, taking a nostalgic leap back to an earlier era within this high-octane game. Positioned amidst the era of the Second Great War, witness the sinister Dr. Kriegsmann and his bandits evading colossal robots while engaging in combat with Maximillian “Max” Turbo, all in a bid to abscond with heaps of pilfered gold bullion.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo presents a 7-high, 5-reel gameplay with up to 16807 pathways, introducing Tumbling Reels, Second Chance, Big Wild, a multiplier-based Bonus Game, and an expanding play area with each triumph. Fresh inclusions comprise 3 Turbo features alongside an upgraded 40,000x maximum win potential.

Upon forming winning combinations, symbols are eliminated, making room for new symbols to descend and fill the vacancies. The tumbling action persists as long as fresh winning combinations emerge, with each tumble win augmenting the total win.

Each round within the base game commences with a play area consisting of five reels, each standing four symbols high, along with one securely locked segment, also four symbols high.

Any tumble generating a winning combination will expand the play area by revealing three randomly chosen positions within the locked segment, uncovering the symbol beneath. This expansion unfolds with each successive winning tumble.

Upon accumulating 3 or more Bonus Scatters during the base game, players unlock the Truck Raider Bonus game. Should there be an excess of 3 Bonus Scatters, the Truck Raider Bonus game initiates with an additional Expander symbol for each supplementary Bonus Scatter.

The bonus game launches with an allotment of 3 spins. With each spin, potential new special symbols may materialize, persisting throughout the duration of the Truck Raider bonus game. Should one or more new symbols land during a spin, the spin counter resets to 3. Otherwise, it decrements by 1. Upon the conclusion of the Truck Raider bonus game, players receive a reward comprising the cumulative value of all current symbols multiplied by the bet.
So you're craving a pint of that rich, dark brew, huh? Something with more kick than a local boxing gym? Well, if it's a pint you're after, you're in luck—we've got just the spot. Brawlers Bar, just a stone's throw away, awaits, with a seat calling your name. But brace yourself for a night of lively banter and good times, if you catch my drift..

Introducing Brawlers Bar Cash Collect™, a game set on a 3x5 grid with 25 lines, featuring a Wild symbol, the Bonus Brawl Scatter, a Tumble Feature, and Cash Collect™.

For a slight upcharge of 0.5x the bet, the Extra Bet feature kicks things up a notch, increasing your chances of winning or unlocking additional pathways to victory.

Keep your eyes peeled for Cash Collect™ symbols to gather all Cash Prize symbols and Bonus Brawl symbols. Plus, snagging Cash Prize Multiplier symbols means doubling the value of your next coin collected.

To trigger the Bonus Brawl free spins round, you'll need to land at least one Bonus Brawl symbol and one Cash Collect™ symbol simultaneously. The number of free spins? Well, that's determined by the numbers displayed on those Bonus Brawl symbols.
Are you craving a delightful treat? Experience the pure sweetness only candy can offer. Treat yourself to a taste of heavenly sugary delights guaranteed to bring a grin from ear to ear. Dive into a bag of Candy Glyph (known locally as Glyphitos), Mexico’s beloved candy sensation.

Candy Glyph is an impressive, feature-packed slot game with a 7×7 grid, showcasing Tumble Mechanics, a Power Wild feature, and our exclusive Power Glyph feature, which activates four delicious Power-Ups: Bonbon Bombs, Bouncy Bean, Lollipop Rocket, and the Bonus Pinata.

Watch as the Bouncy Bean spreads riches across the grid (4-10 Wilds), the Lollipop Rocket works its sugary magic to eliminate low-paying symbols and transform them into payouts, and the Bonbon Bomb explodes normal symbols in its path, turning them into tasty rewards!

Keep your eyes peeled for the special Bonus Pinata Wild symbol during Free Spins; it ensures any winnings are huge and satisfying, up to 13,000 times your initial bet! Enjoy Tumble Mechanics in both the base game and Free Spins Bonus, where winning symbol clusters vanish, making room for new symbols to cascade down from above.

The Candy Wild feature is available in both modes too; after winning clusters are removed, a Candy Wild is awarded in an empty position, potentially activating additional Power-Ups.

During Free Spins, triggered from the base game, you'll receive 9 free spins with the chance to earn 3 more every time it's reactivated. The special Bonus Pinata symbol appears on the first free spin, offering the opportunity to win big – up to 13,000 times your bet if you level up the Bonus Pinata to x99!

Power-Ups activate with Power Wild wins; the game features Bonbon Bombs, Bouncy Bean, Lollipop Rocket, and Bonus Pinata. Before each spin, five Power-Ups are randomly chosen, with the last always being the Free Spins Bonus Power-Up.

Power-Ups charge up with each consumed Power Wild, ready to activate when there's no winning combination on the screen, executing in the order they were charged.

The awarded Bonus Pinata and its multiplier persist through each free spin until the end of the Free Spins Bonus, moving randomly across the reels for added excitement. The Bonus Pinata remains intact and in play after win evaluations.
Introducing a fresh take on our cherished Sticky Bandits series, Sticky Bandits Unchained reunites two familiar characters and their peacemakers in a new Wild West town alongside a formidable group of outlaws. The result is a thrillingly volatile game, teeming with possibilities for explosive wins.

In the vast and untamed expanses of the Wild West, where justice often unfolded at the muzzle of a gun, the rugged town of Dustwood emerged. Here, the mysterious malefactor Reverend Ezekiel led his gang of outlaws, accompanied by the deceptive Delilah Tempest and the ever-greedy Silas Hoarder. Hoofbeats, his loyal horse, thundered alongside.

Dustwood underwent a tumultuous transformation when Sierra "Sly" West and Rodeo Rose of the Sticky Bandits burst into the dimly lit saloon. Armed with fully loaded peacemakers, they were determined to ally with Reverend Ezekiel in bringing down the infamous deputies. As bullets filled the air, destiny favored the bandits, marking their triumph amid whispers carried by the ever-present wind.

Sticky Bandits Unchained takes the form of a 3x5 slot, characterized by high volatility, substantial maximum wins, and the presence of Wilds and Colossal Wilds that stick during the 3 Bonus Games. It features a Free Spins Bonus Game with Sticky Wilds and two additional Bonus Games offering Sticky Wilds and Cylinder Multipliers of up to 500x, providing the potential for wins reaching up to 30,000x the bet. Brace yourself for an exhilarating Wild West adventure where every spin holds the promise of thrilling rewards.
Discover the mischievous side of the holiday season with Anti-Santa and his trio of quirky elves in Book of Yuletide. This Christmas-themed slot, set on a 5-reel, 10-line layout, adds a playful twist to the traditional holiday cheer, especially for those on the naughty list.

For the recipients of Anti-Santa's unconventional gifts, there's no ordinary coal in the stockings. Anti-Santa and his three freaky minions bring boundless creativity to the table, delighting players with comically themed surprises that can turn a cheeky spin into a festive win.

Book of Yuletide offers a Free Spins Bonus with Pick and Click, allowing players to explore the surprises hidden within the holiday-themed book. Keep an eye out for Expanding symbols and Multipliers that enhance the excitement of the game, creating a whimsical atmosphere filled with surprises, giggles, and chances for festive wins!
The Big Bad Wolf is relentless in his pursuit of a majestic dinner after years of huffing and puffing. However, the three little pigs have learned their lesson and come prepared with ‘steel.’ But, the question remains: do they emerge victorious?

Welcome to Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel, a captivating installment in Quickspin’s beloved farm setting. Here, a twist of fate unfolds. As the little piggies transform into Wilds, they upgrade to fortified frames after successful tumbles, resilient against Wolf attacks and staying longer on the reels to create new winning combinations. The excitement reaches new heights when the Wolf Bonus Symbols land, triggering one of the 3 Bonus Games!

Big Bad Wolf: Pigs of Steel presents a 3×5 reel tumbling game featuring the Pigs Turn Wild and Pigs of Steel features. The game offers 3 distinct Bonus Games, each with the potential to activate multipliers, allowing players to win up to an impressive 18,000 times their bet. Join the adventure where the classic tale takes a thrilling turn, blending familiar elements with innovative features for an exhilarating gameplay experience!
In the heart of Pueblo del Cielo, the spirit of Dia de los Muertos thrives all year long. The town is abuzz with preparations for the grand fiesta. At the centre, stands Catrina, elegantly in vibrant hues. Legend has it that she guards a treasure trove of mystical coins that grant immense fortune to those proven worthy.

The air is filled with music, and the colours of the fiesta dance before you. The Catrina Coins, bearing the mark of eternity, hold the promise of prosperity beyond your wildest dreams and wilds light up the reels like marigolds in the moonlight. As the festivities reach their peak, the Pueblo del Cielo Bonus Game takes you to the village in the sky and when the Stars align, Piñatas burst forth with multipliers amplifying your wins. The music crescendos, and you’re on the edge of your seat, knowing that the next spin could bring you wins of up to a staggering 10000x your bet.

Catrina’s Coins is a 3×5 reel, 20 line slot that comes complete with Wilds and Catrina Coins that trigger a multiplier-collect bonus game if 3 or more are landed. The bonus game features Piñatas and Starpots where you can win up to 10000x your bet.
Has history taught us nothing!? The Gods’ power cannot be wielded by mere mortals such as ourselves.

Horus played with Power Glyphs™ and Chaos Clusters™ like a baby would a doll. When we saw him wield those powers with ease, we immediately began plotting to harness them for ourselves. Golden Glyph 3 takes you deep into the heart of Ancient Egypt for another adventure of epic proportions where you can use Power Glyphs™ to trigger Power Ups and gain entrance to the Free Spins round with an unlimited multiplier that’s the envy of the gods.

Golden Glyph 3 is a 7-reel, 5 to 9 high cluster-pay, game that features 2 of Quickspin’s trademarked mechanics, Chaos Clusters™ and Power Glyphs™ that trigger Power-ups as well as a Free Spins bonus with an unlimited multiplier.
It’s 1920’s Brooklyn. The streets are awash with whiskey, gin and rum smuggled in from every available port. Law and order has broken down and the walls of the city’s high-rises reverberate with the sounds of violence and drunken disorder.

Only the infamous G-Men can restore order. Enter “Easy” Izzy E and Moe Smith, fresh in from the rural South and ready for round two after their infamous battles with the Hooch Huffers and their supercharged Ford’s. Brooklyn Bootleggers is a 3×5 game with 10 bet lines, 9 pay symbols, a Wild and a Scatter symbol.

It also features the Lock Up feature that can activate at random and if all 15 symbols are locked on the reels, you will win 10 000x your bet. The Lock Up feature is also active during the Tip Off Free Spins round
Little pigs, little pigs let me have a spin!

Join the Big Bad Wolf and the little pigs in Quickspin’s first live game, Big Bad Wolf Live. It’s a 3×5, 25-line live slot game that comes complete with Tumbling Reels and the Pigs Turn Wild feature.

Landing 3 Wolf Bonus symbols will activate the Live Bonus Game that consists of the Multiplier Collect game and the Wheel Game. While you wait for the communal bonus game to start, you can boost your winnings with our Top Up Game which is a 3-Reel, 1 line slot.

And, in a Live Slot first, you can use the Buy Feature to jump straight into the action of Live Bonus Game by paying 40x your bet.
Tucked away in their cozy little coop, a brood of hens relax blissfully unaware of the danger lurking right outside. Staring in, the hungriest of foxes lays in wait, planning his attack. Guided by his stomach and the promise of dinner, you can join the him in this achingly gorgeous game that will transport you inside the hen house and keep you entertained with simple, yet enjoyable mechanics.

Feasting Fox is a 3×5, 20 line, symbol tumbling game that comes with stacked symbols, nudging stacks, Symbol Conversion, Respins, Chicken Dinner Free Spins and a Buy Feature.

This eclectically gorgeous slot game is filled with lighthearted fun, gorgeous art and effects as well as entertaining gameplay. It’s simple, straightforward but has enough to ensure you’re always enthralled and amused.
The sky is a hazy orange. The air is thick with dust. The city is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, decorated by crumbling skyscrapers that tower above deserted streets, riddled with abandoned rusty cars.

Meet “Vex,” the hacker who can infiltrate any system in a snap; “Blade,” the enforcer who can slice through any snag with his razor-sharp machete, “Wrexa,” tough muscle with a big heart, protector of the team, and “Shade,” the shadowy mastermind who can evade any security measure with graceful stealth. They’re a bunch of misfits, but they’re the best at what they do. Hijacking Cash Trucks.

That’s right, Cash Truck is back and this time you get to join the raids in a dystopian, Cyberpunk-themed future in this ways pay, 7×6 tumbling game that comes complete with an expanding play area, wilds, scatters and our latest additions to the series, a Compressor feature and a Cloner feature. So, load up the Molotov’s, prep the C4, get your breach protocols loaded up and get ready to take that truck down.
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze transports you deep into the heart of yet another Wonderland adventure. This time, you’ll be accompanied by the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and Walter the Caterpillar himself as you dive head-first into an entertainment-filled escapade that will fulfill your deepest desires of wanderlust.

Long chains of sticky features will keep you enthralled for ages, the amazing art style will entertain the eyes, the music will tantalise the soul and the gameplay will put a smile on your face bigger than the Cheshire Cat.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Magical Maze is a line pay, 5×5 symbol snake-tumbling game featuring Wilds and Power Glyphs™ that award Power-Ups. Help the White Rabbit escape the Magical Maze by reaching the bottom of the screen to enter one of 3 different Free Spins Worlds.
It’s late-night New Orleans. The bars and clubs are closing, the town’s entertainers have packed up for the night and are now looking to relax.

In the basement of the Dog Town Casino, a group of performers sit down to play. This week’s lineup is an eclectic one to say the least. Ophelia, the showstopping singer from the infamous Midnight Hour club is accompanied by her pianist Leroy Brown, the baddest dog in the whole damn town. Famous for both the mellifluous melodies he can coax from his ivory keys, and his temper.

They’re joined by Miguel “Miso” Sosa, the legendary boogaloo saxophonist looking for a break while on his annual tour of the Big Easy’s best clubs. They say he can make winning hands appear as easily as he teases the silky notes from his beloved “axe”.

Finally, there’s Bazza, this evening’s host. A nefarious card shark from the east end of London. Rumour has it he’s on the lamb after a mishap in an underground casino in Marylebone that no one dares to ask him about… Either way, it’s going to be a game to remember so pull up a chair and get ready to play.
Good ol’ Lucky Jeb, the man with the strongest nose this side of the animal kingdom. It’s said he can sniff out a vein of gold, aka “paydirt”, from a mile away. It’s a gift that has made him famous from the dusty plains of California’s gold fields all the way up to the wild Northern expanse of the Klondike region where we meet him, his amazing gold-sniffing schnozz and his eternal quest for the alluring ore. He’s going to find it, mine it and melt it.

Mine & Melt is a 4-high, 4-reel game that comes complete with up to 256 bet ways, the Three Lucky Swedes feature which randomly activates a wild symbol on reels 2 to 4, a Bonus game and a Super Bonus Game both of which come complete with Merge and Smeltdown features.
It’s just another day in the life of Anna the Explorer, where a trio of demons have started crossing over into our realm to take over our world and end life as we know it forever. No biggie.

Equipped with a powerful armour and lots of Red Bull, Anna heads into the abyss of darkness while channelling her inner demon huntress. Guided by the Book of Inferno to track down her targets, she’s taking on her most intimidating enemies so far: The Lord of Hell, The Lady of Hell, and the Commander of Hell.

But there are even greater dangers lurking inside the fires of hell. Will Anna be able to outsmart the twisted logic of the Inferno?

Book of Inferno is a classic 10-line Book-game with high volatility and a high max win, boasting Expanding Pay Anywhere Symbols, a Free Spins Bonus with permanent Expanding Symbols, a Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the bonus game), plus a unique Upgrade Expanding Symbols feature that can turn any spin into an Epic Win!
It’s a late night in the early 60s, somewhere along Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The paint on the now iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign is barely dry, and all the cool cats are here to see and be seen. Frank Sinatra is singing on one stage, Elvis on another one. Guys and gals in smart suits and sparkly dresses crowd the casino floor of the latest hip club, eager to mingle amongst the movers and shakers.

And there’s Betty, decked out in the red dress she’s been saving for a special occasion, beaming like a firefly in the dark. Tonight, she’s ready to go all out. Tonight, she’s going bonkers! With its gorgeous retro theme, Betty Bonkers is a stylish game for players who love classic 3-reelers.

This 3×3 slot with 5 bet lines boasts high volatility and tons of features, including a Multiplier Spin, Wild Spin, Link Spin, Symbol Removal, Free Spins Bonus, Mega Free Spins bonus (20 free spins), plus a fixed Jackpot with a Mini (10x bet), Midi (100x bet), and Mega (1,000x bet) Jackpot. And in the Free Spins Bonus, you can win more than 10,000x your bet!
Do you love festivals or think they’re hell on Earth? Well, this festival is hell. Literally.

A warm welcome to Scatterbury, where monsters from all over the world meet up for a legendary 5-day festival. Scatto, as it’s commonly known in the Underworld, started as a simple event in 1974 with 1,500 visitors. It’s grown year by year and now attracts more than 200,000 culture-loving monsters each year.

Party with zombies, demons, and vampires while you match symbols and fill the Soul Meters with unsuspecting souls. And if you fill the Demon meter you get access to the VIP room in hell, where you can mingle with Satan and other superstars. Maybe you’ll even get his autograph?

Scatter Monsters is a 6×6 symbol tumbling game where you fill the Soul Meters to trigger the Color removals, Symbol upgrades, and a Free Spins Bonus with a dynamic Multiplier (the multiplier increases the more unused Souls you have). This spinferno is a dedicated scatter pay game with a completely new mechanic, hellishly entertaining gameplay, and a chance for some diabolical wins!
Wishing for something special this Christmas? You’re probably waiting in anticipation, dreaming of the day when Santa will pop down the chimney to brighten up your day with joyful laughter and wonderful gifts.

Well, don’t hold your breath. There’s a new Santa in town and he didn’t get the memo. No, this Santa is hellbent on beating the Grinch as Christmas enemy number one – he’s on a mission to grab and hoard as many presents as he can get his filthy fingers on.

And we’re throwing you smack bang into the middle of a hijacking, where Santa and his little helpers are chasing a truck loaded with gifts across a frozen lake, doing everything they can to make sure the packages are not delivered to the village on the other side.

Boasting the same superb mechanics that made Cash Truck explode onto the scene like a Molotov cocktail, Cash Truck Xmas Delivery is a holiday game with an edge, and the modern math model from 2022 makes it the go-to game this Christmas season.

Cash Truck Xmas Delivery is a 5-reel, 4-to-7-high slot with 20 base bet ways, featuring Tumbling reels, Expanding Play Area, a Truck Raider Bonus game with a Collect-Multiplier feature that doubles exponentially every time you land a new symbol, plus a chance to win 25,000x your bet!
A mystical raven, a messenger of the gods, will guide a couple of Vikings on their trek from Midgård to Ragnarök. Join these seafaring pirates on their quest while they release the energy of mythical stones along the way. This energy holds a slice of the power of Thor, the hammer-wielding God of Thunder. As long as you follow the raven, you will triumph. And if not, mayhem will ensue…

Raven Rising is a 3×5 symbol tumbling game with 20 lines, boasting proven features with extra spice, including a progressive Multiplier and a Bonus Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins Bonus). The multipliers are especially powerful in the Free Spins Bonus, where they grow with each winning symbol faster than you can down a jug of mead!

This slot starts out soft as a lamb in the base game and becomes as volatile as Thor’s hammer in the bonus game. Feeling extra brave? The Gamble feature lets you gamble existing free spins for the chance to win more!
Deep in the heartland of Native America, under the moonlit indigo blue sky, the Thunder Bird is crying out to summon Spirit Animals from near and far. As the Enchanted Gems release the Spirit Animals onto the reels, you can immerse yourself in their sacred rituals and reconnect with Mother Earth while being rewarded with untold riches.

Primal Spirits is a 5×3 slot with 25 bet lines and gorgeous art that ties in perfectly with the game mechanics, which boasts Tumbling reels, Symbol upgrades, a Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins Bonus), and growing Multipliers – so you can spot the chance of a big win a few tumbles ahead!

And the game unleashes its full potential in the Free Spins Bonus, thanks to the progressive Multipliers. Even the most lukewarm spins can quickly surprise you with thrilling win combinations!
This game is bound to be an instant smash hit – Eastern Emeralds MEGAWAYS merges one of our most successful games ever with the popular MEGAWAYS™ mechanic!

Been cooped up at home and itching for a change of scenery? Pack your Lonely Planet and get ready for a mega-adventure in the Asian wilderness. Expect breath-taking mountain vistas, fast-paced gameplay, and an explosive math model that works perfectly with the MEGAWAYS™ mechanic.

When you arrive at your final destination, let the phoenix award you with green emeralds and golden figurines. And if you’re really lucky, Shenlong might make all your wildest wishes come through.

In addition to the powerful MEGAWAYS™ mechanic, Eastern Emeralds MEGAWAYS boasts Emerald Wild Multipliers, a Free Spins bonus, a Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the bonus game), and a Gamble feature that spices up the bonus game by letting you gamble your existing free spins for the chance to double them!
With their contagious zest for life and carpe diem attitude, your favourite orange creatures are back to fulfil a life-long dream: take part in a big football tournament. Welcome to Spinions Game Day!

Strap on your football boots and enjoy a day packed with colourful confetti, squiggly shapes, and lots of enthusiastic cheering – sport has never been this much fun. This game will charm the socks off even the grumpiest referee and convert anyone into a raging football fan.

This is the third instalment in our Spinions series and our most sticky game to date, with a revamped math model for players who really enjoy the classic features and long sessions.

Spinions Game Day is a 5×3 slot with 10 lines, boasting Re-spins, a Free Spins Bonus, and a Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins bonus), plus Passing Wilds that move across the reels and increase the Multiplier by +1. We’ve also boosted the max win significantly, so it’s like a jazzed-up version of our previous Spinions games!
Like a lone pirate on dry land, Mr Beastwood is combing through the forests of Beastwood in search of monsters. When this former sea bandit found out there’s fame and fortune in the monster-hunting business, he swiftly ditched his crew at sea and changed careers.

Striking out on his own, he now spends day and night slaying dangerous beasts with his golden harpoon. Join him on his first mission, where you’ll track down monsters with scrolls and trap them with gold chains. There’s a surprising number of monsters hiding in the foliage – and great rewards to be had!

Beastwood is a Ways game that introduces a new original IP and a continuation of the fan-favourite mechanics from Wins of Fortune (2017) and Wild Chase: Tokyo Go (2019). This slot is 4 reels high and boasts high volatility, a chance to win up to 29,000x your bet, a Buy feature, Expanding Ways that can grow forever (a grid that grows with each win), Symbol Win Multipliers that multiply your win if you hit two or more of the same symbol, Reel Multipliers that double your win, plus an exciting Free Spins Bonus where the multipliers really start to pay off!
A new twist on a beloved theme, Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood is the fourth game in our hugely popular Sticky Bandits franchise – and the most volatile one so far.

Tex Tallonis returns to the goldrush town where he once served as a sheriff’s deputy, until he discovered that everyone in charge was using the town as their personal ATM.

On his quest for justice, Tex ended up making some powerful enemies along the way and it all blew up in his face one night. Bandits started peppering his home with bullets and Molotov cocktails, taking the lives of his wife and children… His enemies assumed he died too, but they were wrong.

Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood is a 5-reel, 10-line game, boasting high volatility, high max wins, five different Wild symbols (one per reel), and a Free Spins Bonus with Sticky Wilds.
Step into the urban subway station on Slugger St., deep below ground, where violent masked street gangs are wreaking havoc under the streets of the big city.

Expect punches, chaos, and anarchy, all packaged in a slick graphic book-style with a touch of dark humour. Slightly sinister but also amusing, anything can happen in this dystopian noir satire. Like when you land a Wild, the sewer lid pops open and a masked jock with a baseball bat jumps out to reveal your Multiplier number.
Step into a stunning building from the 18th century and feel like a king or queen for a night. And it’s early in the evening, so you’ve got most of the place to yourself. Order a drink at the bar, park yourself in a plush chair by one of the tables and click to spin the reels – easy peasy.

Developed just for you, players who are new to casino games, this modern slot is easy to understand. It combines low volatility with strong features that hand out frequent wins, a number that increases even more in the Free Spins Bonus.

Flip Royale is a 5×3 slot with 10 paylines and classic slot graphics. The main feature is the Coin Flip feature, which is triggered when all three positions on one or more reels are filled with the same Coin symbol. And in the Free Spins bonus, the Coin Flip feature is guaranteed to happen on every spin!
Travel to central Mexico and check into a cool jungle lodge. Venture into the rainforest and hike along remote, twisty roads and steep trails as you listen to the roar of mighty waterfalls and squealing howler monkeys jumping in the treetops.

Deep inside this tropical jungle lies your final destination: the land of Tenoch, ruler of the Aztecs. As you enter his territory, cradled in lush mountains, you’ll arrive at the grand and glorious Twin Temple. Navigate your way through this holy building and grab as many treasures from the great Aztec empire as you can, confronting powerful deities and other obstacles along the way.

Azticons Chaos Clusters™ is a brilliant cluster game that introduces a completely new and unique game mechanic: the Chaos Clusters™. A superb new format for cluster games, this trademarked mechanic opens up for more winning combinations and even longer win chains.

In addition, Azticons Chaos Clusters™ boasts a feature that converts symbols and helps you create clusters, a Free Spins Bonus with a progressive Multiplier, plus a chance to win up to 25,000x your bet!
Some years have passed since iconic warrior princess Sakura fought evil emperors in Sakura Fortune. Since then, she’s been training hard with her Sensei, honing her skills and getting ready for her next challenge. And during their many sessions together, her Sensei told her about a unique sword, a sword so powerful it would transform her into an unstoppable warrior.

Sakura Fortune 2 stands as one of our most eagerly awaited games, a project driven by true passion. It boasts proven game mechanics with a modernized math model, an elevated maximum payout, and more volatile gameplay, promising an exhilarating experience!

According to legend, the sword within the game was forged by the possessed swordsmith Muramasa, who, in a bid to resist complete takeover by a demon, infused some of its raw energy into the weapon. This granted the sword immense power, making it a formidable challenge for all but the most robust warriors.

As Sakura faces her most formidable challenge yet, the question remains: Can she overcome her fears and successfully pursue the legendary sword? And if she does acquire it, will she manage to wield its power, or will it assert control over her?

Sakura Fortune 2 is structured with 5 wide reels, 3-4-4-4-3 symbols high, offering 576 ways to win. The game features Stacked Nudging Wilds and a Free Spins Bonus with Multipliers.

Sakura Wilds are positioned on the three middle reels and serve as substitutes for all symbols except the Sword Scatter. Whenever a Sakura Wild lands on a reel, there's a chance that they will nudge to cover the entire reel. Each Sakura Wild that achieves this awards +1 respin and locks in place for those subsequent respins.

During Free Spins, Sakura Wilds are consistently sticky, remaining in place for the duration of the bonus round. Triggering the Free Spins involves landing 3 Sword Scatters on the three middle reels, prompting the first and last reel to respin with only Sword Scatters, potentially leading to an enhanced Free Spin. The respins continue until no new Sword Scatters land or when 5 Sword Scatters have been accumulated.

The number of Sword Scatters determines the Fortune Free Spins awarded: 3 Sword Scatters grant 9 Fortune Free Spins. 4 Sword Scatters grant 10 Fortune Free Spins, initiating with 1 Locked Sakura Wild. 5 Sword Scatters grant 11 Fortune Free Spins, commencing with 2 Locked Sakura Wilds. In the Fortune Free Spins bonus, Sakura Wild symbols unfailingly nudge to cover the entire reel, remaining sticky and awarding +1 Free Spin. Locking 3 Sakura Wilds results in a win multiplier of x3.
In an affluent area of a big city, where the streets are lined with designer boutiques, posh shops, and high-end restaurants, lies an iconic jewellery store. Sandwiched between Dior, Chanel, and Luis Vuitton shops, this world-renowned store attracts the rich and famous with its precious gemstones, dazzling jewels, and valuable watches.

High Street Heist starts out with low/medium volatility in the base game, which morphs into super-high volatility in the Free Spins Bonus with a full 1,024 ways on every spin – giving you a chance to win BIG
On a planet far, far away, the world’s top scientists are fighting against the clock to develop robots for the next ‘astrocalypse’. The biggest and most important project is constructing The Destroyer, but it’s not quite finished.

Instead, this state-of-the-art facility is packed with cute and colorful robots who don’t realize they’ve been cloned, so when they come face to face with themselves they get confused and explode… which creates an energy orb that activates the booster in the cluster bomb!

Warp Wreckers Power Glyph™ is a feature-rich slot with high volatility and super-fun gameplay. The ‘Erase-3’ mechanic is also introduced, a proven and popular feature which is new to Quickspin – and a match made in heaven with their awesome Power Glyph™ mechanic!
In a post-apocalyptic world, where resources are scarce and money is hard to come by, a truck is roaming across the desert highway. And it’s loaded with cash!

A gang of wasteland warriors have caught on to the fact that there’s a piggybank on wheels driving around in their area. Armed to the teeth with electric boomerangs, boosters, Molotov cocktails, dynamite, and homemade weapons creatively strung together out of junk and spare parts, they’re determined to catch this cash truck before it reaches its final destination. If they succeed, they’ll be set for life.

Join these warriors and whack the cash truck like a big piñata, to squeeze every last dollar bill out of it!

Cash Truck is a 5-reel, 4-to-7-high slot with 20 base bet ways, featuring tumbling reels and a play area that expands with every win. We’ve also included a bonus game that’s completely new to our portfolio: the Truck Raider Bonus game, which boasts a multiplier collection feature that doubles exponentially every time you land a new symbol!
Out of ideas for your Christmas party? Save yourself the stress of planning and join an event that puts a twist on your regular festivities – the Spinions Christmas Party!

Your favourite orange dudes and dudettes are back and they sure know how to have a good time. Expect an all-you-can-eat buffet, delicious drinks, and dancing on the tables (there might even be karaoke if you stay long enough).
And it wouldn’t be a Quickspin bash without the brilliant features, which include Sticky Wild Respins and Sticky Wilds in the Free Spins Bonus, so grab your ugliest Christmas sweater and get ready for some seriously festive gameplay!
Book of Duat is a 5-reel game with 10 lines, featuring a Free Spins Bonus with Pick and Click, Expanding symbols, and a Multiplier. In the base game: When 3 or more Wilds land anywhere on the screen, you will get 4 free spins. When 3, 4, or 5 Wilds land on the reels, you will get 3, 6, or 12 picks respectively.

In addition, 1 Expanding symbol and a Multiplier of 1x will be awarded. One day she’s battling enraged T-Rex mamas, the next she’s taking on some rather demonic (and very much alive) Pharaohs – our adrenaline-hungry heroine Anna the Explorer is back!
Who doesn’t have a road trip in the US on their bucket list? Imagine you’ve invited your best friends along for the trip of a lifetime. As you’re cruising down the highway together, wind in your faces and the landscape of Nevada rolling out around you, there’s nothing but blue skies and free time ahead.

Driving by a road sign that says ‘7 Miles to Reno’, you feel the pull of the lucky 7s calling your name. Why not enjoy a weekend at this popular gambler’s resort? And as you pull into the city, you notice a Fortune Wheel stacked with 7s. This might just be your lucky day.
Welcome to the smoky back tent of an independent circus, where a talented magician owns the stage. But is she really alone up there? Or does she have a twin…? It’s all smoke and mirrors in this show. Nothing is what it seems, and everything turns out to be even more fantastical than the card tricks being performed.

Catch this travelling circus while you can, because once this sneaky lady has moved on with her entourage there’s no trace to be seen. Not even a dent in the field. Makes you wonder if it was all a dream. Wild Harlequin is a 5×3 slot with 10 paylines, featuring Wild Harlequin symbols that always nudge to cover the entire reel, plus a Free Spins Bonus with Multiplier magic – and if you hit the BIG win, you’ll know it really happened!
Editors Choice
Big Bad Wolf Megaways will blow your mind with its top-notch graphics, Tumble Mechanics, a Multiplier that climbs in the Free Spins Bonus (it increases with each tumble), up to 117,649 paylines. This game is one of the big highlights of 2021, merging one of Quickspin's most iconic IPs and best-performing games ever with the Megaways version.

Uh-oh, the three little pigs better watch out… the world’s most tenacious wolf is back and he’s more determined than ever to blow down their houses and serve them up for dinner – mega determined!

After running around in the woods all day, harassing squirrels, shouting at deer, and throwing stuff at birds, he’s dying for some grub. And the pigs just seem like the most delicious, protein-rich, and mouth-watering appetizers.
Tough day? Come have a good time and unwind with Seven’s High Ultra. Grab a drink and a bite to eat while you put your feet up and spin the reels.

Just like the original game, classic meets contemporary for a fresh and familiar experience. Timeless slot symbols like cherries and other fruits are matched by modern club music and exciting features – now with extra heat!

The Progressive Wild feature has been a proven success in both the original Seven’s High and Big Bad Wolf, but we’re taking it to a whole new level in Seven’s High Ultra. The stacked symbols and mechanics are the same, but the Free Spins Bonus has been given a big boost as you can retrigger even more free spins and your scatters can land on any wheel.
Nothing but fresh air, bird song, and the odd moose peeking through the pine trees – get ready for a low-key weekend in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

With the nearest person being miles away, this rickety old cottage is an introvert’s dream. Take a deep breath, relax, and kick back in your rocking chair. Your only concern for the next few days is keeping the lager cold and the fireplace warm.

But then you hear a rustling in the trees. And a strange breathing sound that sends chills down your spine… it sounds like it’s coming from more than one person or animal… many, actually. Damn it, it’s a group of zombies! What a bunch of party poopers. But don’t let these unwanted visitors ruin your silent retreat – grab your rifle and get ready to defend your alone time (and avoid becoming breakfast food!).

Cabin Crashers is a super-fun 3×5 slot with 20 lines, boasting high volatility, Multiplier Wilds, a Free Spins Bonus that lets you pick your own volatility, a Buy Feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins Bonus.
Looking for a career change? If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a gladiator, look no further. We’ve got an exciting opportunity for someone with the right attitude and determination, as you’ll have to train hard every day, eat a strict vegetarian diet, and fight fierce tigers in front of a tough crowd.

The reward will be fame and possibly a large fortune, so sharpen your sword and start working on your fighting style. If you put on a good show, you might even be included in the gladiator Hall of Fame alongside Spartacus and other famous fighters.

Tiger’s Glory Ultra is like the original Tiger’s Glory with extra heat – higher RTP, higher exposure, and higher volatility! It’s an extremely volatile 4×6 slot with 40 paylines, offering non-stop action that will keep the adrenaline pumping all the way.

In Tiger’s Glory Ultra, the red Tiger Wilds are always Sticky in the Free Spins bonus, we’ve increased the average free spins payout with 166%, and you can win up to 32,000x your bet.
Get ready to return to the land of the Pharaohs, we’re taking you on another unforgettable trip to Egypt with Golden Glyph 2. The original title was Quickspin's first cluster game and now they’ve revamped everything and given it an extra boost – enjoy improved game design, higher hit rates, and even smoother gameplay!

In addition to our new Bonus Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins bonus), this game boasts great Respins and a even more exciting power-ups!
Get your scuba gear on and descend into the depths of the ocean – it’s a truly fascinating world down there. Explore the sunken ship under the watchful eye of a giant octopus and other curious creatures. Will you find the hidden treasure at the bottom of the sea…?

Blue Treasure is a 3×5 slot with 9 bet lines, high volatility, Respins on every win, and a Free Spins Bonus that only includes the highest paying symbols!

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About Quickspin

One of the biggest names in the modern online igaming market, Quickspin witnessed its inception in 2011 in Sweden's Stockholm. Three friends and online gambling veterans, Joachim Timmerman, Daniel Lindberg, and Mats Wasteland, started it as a joint-venture to confer a new edge to the igaming surface.
Several online slots like Big Band Wolf developed in the initial stage gained immediate success, propelling a venture towards the limelight instantaneously. In 2016, with Playtech showing much interest in incorporating Quickspin, it became an inseparable part of the Playtech Group.

Quickspin is exclusively an online slot developer and a business-to-business igaming provider. Presently, around 95 exquisitely developed online slots are on its official website, and 90% are optimized with HTML5, depicting the providers' mission of prioritizing mobile gambling.

To many, the gaming library of this igaming company might seem comparably limited. Still, the quality of existing titles and the efforts one must devote to achieve them justify it all. However, its gaming library is on the course of constant blossoming, with Qucikspin announcing to release 1 to 2 slot titles every month throughout 2022.

The developer currently comprises real-money and free-play versions of video slots, progressive jackpot, and Megaways title. Some players' favorite slot machines of Quickspin are Dragon Chase, Big Bad Wolf Megaways, Sakura Fortune, Blue Fortune, Gold Lab, King Colossus, and more.

Video slots from this developer's pockets are technologically sound, visually alluring, and promote adequate online gambling enthusiasm. In addition, this B2B provider also comprises various promotional tools and casino management systems for platform operators.
The casino platform endowed by Quickspin is extremely optimizable and advocates smooth and fast operations of products. The platform enables operators to track game statistics, aside from allocating exclusive promotions and round-the-clock active customer support systems, having been enriched with all the essential tools. Furthermore, the independent platform ensures unproblematic integration and adaptation to casinos' target markets, saving the operators from being cautious of rules and regulations.

Along with everything else, Quickspin employs dedicated personal account managers for online casinos. Those industry experts effectively empower casino service providers with apt guidance and advice. Thus, gambling platforms become more effective in devising their marketing campaigns, game releases, and more. Furthermore, this leading igaming provider conducts meticulous training sessions for entire casino operation teams.

Therefore, games from this company are relatively common sights on the most modern online casino platforms. Indeed, this list includes the leading names like Casumo, Bet365, Leo Vegas, Betsson, PokerStars, etc.
This overabundance of proficiency and inclusiveness as an online slot machine developer has kept this company within the ongoing advent of rewards and recognition from many levels. The award of the Software Rising Star of 2013 from the EGR B2B Awards is the first one received.

Since then, in every consecutive year, Quickspin has received many of them until 2019. Hence, its sack encompasses many prestigious awards like Game of The Year (2014), Innovation in RNG Software (2015 and 2016), and many more.

Trust has been a significant element propelling this online casino solution provider to the position it owns in the industry today. However, even if one keeps the aspect of it being an award-winning software provider aside, he cannot bypass Quickspin's legitimacy derived from multiple regulatory licenses.

Presently, it's one of the leading video slot providers globally, with licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and Swedish Gaming Control Commission. These licenses are valid testimonies of Quickspin's authoritative presence and the faith modern web-based casino sites have in it. Furthermore, it strictly adheres to the policies of BeGambleAware. It has two physical presences in Sweden's Stockholm and Malta.

Official Website: