The pulse-pounding "Million 777" saga is back, offering an astounding 1 million ways to win! Brace yourself for an added layer of excitement with a scorching mini-game featuring flaming hot coins, intensifying the thrill.

To elevate the stakes even further, multipliers are in play, promising even more substantial wins. Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with this dynamic video slot and relish a one-of-a-kind experience, complete with incredible and rewarding wins at every turn.
Enter Dracula’s mysterious mansion, bring Frankenstein to life and escape from the mummy during an unfortgettable gaming experience.

Step into the darkness and brace yourself for a heart-pounding experience on this 5x4 reels, 50 payline slot machine, where the supernatural meets the thrill of gambling.
Did you say a shamrock, a horseshoe or a hat? These are three main elements hidden in this entertaining 5x3 reel video slot with 20 paylines, where you can try your luck to land wins and combine these features in the free spins feature.

Are you ready to embark on a quintessentially Irish adventure with the mischievous Leprechaun? Spin to let the fun begin.
What happens in Vegas... is pure fun! Join the show in this 6x10 slot with our symbol fusion game and free spins feature with lucky multipliers.
There's no 25 without 30! The new slot from the Super Stars family is here with a great new feature! The new Super 30 Wild symbol with a special multiplier bar. More features, more fun!
The world’s stealthiest thief has improved his skills and is now fantastic at forging art. Join him on his journey through museums to swap great works of arts for forgeries, earn incredible wins and make it to the Mona Lisa room, which is hiding a large number of free spins.
The god Dagda wanders stealthily through untamed Ireland, showering the roads with gold coins and leaving a great treasure in his wake. Venture into the forest, collect lucky clovers to multiply your wins and search for the rainbow that will take you to the pot of gold.
A mine full of gold and many possibilities to find it for yourself thanks to the 6 incredible features offered by this 6x5 reel video slot. And pay attention to the miner in the free spins feature... he will multiply your winnings!
Hear the call of the wild in this thrilling 5x4 reel slot game. Race ahead of the buffalo stampede, get the golden buffalo in the free spins feature and earn massive wins.
Travel to Ancient Egypt, enter its mysterious pyramids and decipher the hieroglyphics that will lead you to the great treasure of Ramses in an exciting minigame, where you will reveal rows one by one and solve the pharaoh's most hidden secrets. An exciting adventure awaits you in this video slot with a free spins feature and 1 million ways to win!
Now that the nice weather is here, it’s time to go fishing. Set the bait, cast your rod and catch as many fish as you can in this 5x3 reel video slot. And if you become an expert, in the free spins feature, you’ll gain a net to catch even more fish, boost their value and land yourself a reward when your fisherman friend appears. Ready to go fishing?
Climb up to Mount Olympus and join the Greek god Apollo in search of riches in this 5x3 reel slot game. Apollo’s golden arrows will launch multiple features while the sun will brighten up a variety of free spins features and minigames.
Heroes, villains and a lot of radioactivity! Revel in the epic battle between Captain Wild and the villain as you go in search of multipliers in this 5x3 reel slot game, increasing them on the “Intergalactic Wheel” and discovering “Mystery” symbols along the way.

A unique battle that will intensify during the free spins feature, where Captain Wild will try to destroy the radioactive substances thrown at the reels by the villain and increase your chances of winning. Welcome to the world of Superheroes!
Travel to the incredible Kalgoorlie Mine in Australia and discover the 3 secret mines in this exciting 5x3 reel slot game. Reveal the secret of the 3 gems and combine the 3 different free-spins features: 'Gem Coins', 'Diamond Wins' and 'Reel Expand'.
A season full of joy, good wishes and a million ways to win! Celebrate Christmas with a mini-game packed full of surprises and a free spins feature with an extra reel multiplier and additional spins.

Activate the minigame by accumulating grey Santa Claus symbols and multipliers. You will get 3 free spins in the minigame and all win symbols will be fixed in place. Each additional symbol will be fixed in place and the counter will restart at 3 free spins. The minigame will finish when the spins are over or when all of the reels are filled with win symbols. If you line up 5 or more respins in the same spin, you will obtain free spins.
Million 777 fans are in luck, now one of the most successful slots comes with a new wheel where you can win up to x777 times your bet! This new feature builds on the previous ones and brings even more fun: multipliers, a mini-game and a free spins feature complete this game loaded with wins.
Kick back and soak up the fun of the Hawaiian Islands in this colourful 5x3 reel video slot. A paradise where you'll find 'Tiki Collect' with wins, multipliers, extra coins, respins and much more.

Play the free spins feature with Tiki features and enjoy the chance to win a huge prize pot.
In a world where the seas were ruled by feared Vikings, the struggle to seize land and the treasures of powerful kings was the daily battle faced by these dangerous warriors. Join them and defeat the King to collect more wild symbols, fill the coin chests in a fun mini-game and multiply your wins.
Follow in the footsteps of the favourite winner, Lucky Adam, in this 6X10 video slot, with lucky multipliers in the free spins feature, and the superb symbol combination game. So, play along with Lucky Adam and multiply your wins!
Enter a colourful world of wins, obtain the ULTRA BURST WILD symbol and experience the excitement of going from 5 to 243 ways to win in an instant. Continue earning Burst multipliers with each respin!
Indulge yourself in Mexican culture and enjoy an unforgettable trip. Revel in mini-games featuring spicy jalapeños that will take the roof of your mouth off and land thousands of wins, hack at a piñata full of surprises and make the most of the free spin features with multipliers. So get into the party spirit with the mariachi band and have some fun. Ándale!
2 Kings of Africa is a slot machine with 6 reels and 5 rows, and it also has a free spins feature.
BOOOM! EXPLODE AND WIN! After the success of Million777, a new slot game has arrived with all the same features plus one new one: bombs that add extra symbols! Feel all the excitement of winning big on this game with 1 million ways to win.

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