Enter the enchanting universe of The Wild Kiss crafted by Red Tiger, where an assembly of frogs, princes, and delightful surprises awaits at each twirl! Frogs with wild tendencies jump onto reels 2, 3, and 4, substituting for all symbols that fetch a reward while leaving a distinctive Frog Frame in their wake. When the Princess graces the final reel, her magical kiss performs wonders, transforming Frog Wilds and Frog Frames into captivating Prince Wilds. Unleash Free Spins by securing 2 symbols on reels 1 and 5, providing you with 3 opportunities. Throughout Free Spins, Frog Frames endure, and the Princess bestows her kiss on every spin, conjuring even more Prince Wilds. Stay vigilant for Frog Wilds, as they reset your spin counter. The Wild Kiss promises a regal escapade you won't want to overlook!

Frog Wilds may manifest on reels 2, 3, and 4, taking the place of all symbols with a reward. Upon the arrival of a Frog Wild, it leaves a Frog Frame in its trail. If it lands where a Frog Frame is already present, your symbol multiplier ascends by +1, enabling symbols in those positions to contribute as much as the displayed symbol multiplier in the win ways calculation.

The Prince Wilds serve as your majestic stand-in for all symbols that fetch a reward. However, there's a twist – Prince Wilds make their entrance solely when transformed by the captivating Princess and her enchanting, wild kiss. When the Princess exclusively lands on the final reel, she releases her magical kiss, converting all Frog Wilds or Frog Frames into Prince Wilds.

Free Spins come to life by achieving 2 Free Spins symbols on reels 1 and 5, gifting you 3 complimentary spins. During Free Spins, active Frog Frames from the base game persist. The Princess remains fixed on the last reel, blowing a kiss on each spin to metamorphose Frog Wilds and Frog Frames into Prince Wilds. Keep an eye out for a Frog Wild resetting your spin counter to 3. The bonus round concludes when no new Frog Wilds surface in 3 consecutive spins, and active Frog Frames don't make a return to the base game.
Take control behind the wheel with Redline Rush from Red Tiger as you embark on an exhilarating journey beneath the captivating city lights.

Hovering above the reels is a Speedometer with five levels, dictating the tempo of the game. Build winning combinations to advance the meter, unlocking exciting bonuses as you progress: Level 2 introduces a x2 multiplier, Level 3 boasts a x3 multiplier, and Level 4 releases a formidable x5 multiplier that persists into Level 5, where regal symbols vanish during cascades.

Upon reaching Level 3, after a cascade without wins, the game doesn’t halt. Instead, it seamlessly descends to a lower level, clearing the symbols and preparing for a refreshing cascade. Activate 3, 4, or 5 Scatters to earn 3, 6, or 12 free spins, played at Level 5 without royal symbols and with a x5 multiplier. Expedite your journey to Free Spins with the Feature Buy option.

Secure your seatbelt, ignite those engines, and accelerate to top speed with Redline Rush!

Positioned above the reels is a five-tier Speedometer. Achieving a winning combination raises the meter to the next level, initiating a feature corresponding to that level. Level 2: x2 multiplier, Level 3: x3 multiplier, Level 4: x5 multiplier, which remains active in Level 5. Level 5: Eliminates all royal symbols during cascades.

Following an unsuccessful cascade, reaching Level 3 or beyond doesn’t mark the end of the game. Instead, the meter drops to the lower level, removing all symbols on the reels—except for Wild and Free Spins symbols—to make way for a fresh cascade of new symbols.

3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols trigger 3, 6, or 12 free spins, respectively. Free Spins are played on the final level of the Speedometer with no royal symbols and a x5 multiplier. Landing 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols during the bonus round awards a retrigger of 3, 6, or 12 free spins, respectively.
Prepare yourself for an electrifying sequel! Introducing 777 Super Strike by Red Tiger, the captivating successor to the much-loved 777 Strike.

This game brims with Wilds that add excitement to your victories, while Expanding Wilds elevate the experience by encompassing entire reels. However, the true celestial delight lies in the 7th Heaven – Free Spins. Level 1 commences after 3 scatters emerge, granting 7 free spins.

Progressing to the next tier, Win Spins, occurs randomly at the conclusion of level 1, offering guaranteed wins and an additional 7 free spins. Level 3, Wild Spins, serves as the spectacular finale, where Wilds and Expanded Wilds remain locked for monumental wins. Plunge directly into the Free Spins round with Feature Buy.

Are you poised to land a colossal victory?
Welcome to a thrilling journey through the Astro Pyramid, navigating five captivating levels. Begin your adventure at the base level, where symbols showcase stake multipliers in monetary values ranging from 0.1x to 100x. To progress to the next level, activate at least 3 symbols of the same value. Continue ascending by matching symbols equivalent to those at the initial level. As you climb, each level unveils its unique multiplier: level 2 offers x2, level 3 delivers x5, level 4 boasts x10, and level 5 astounds with an incredible x50. Surpassing level 5 unlocks a celestial prize of 5000x your stake.

Level 3 introduces an exciting twist with the Seven Prizes Bonus. Triggered by a Bonus scatter, this round shuffles stake multiplier symbols across 7 mystical positions, each offering potential prizes of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 100x. The bonus prize is determined by multiplying the total collected amount by the number of triggering scatters, reaching up to a 5x multiplier with 5 scatters. Throughout this journey, Wilds stand by as allies, substituting for all symbols except Bonus scatters. Conquer the pyramid, reach new heights, and unravel the mysteries of the Astros!
Prepare for a heart-pounding heist experience in Red Tiger’s Vault Cracker Megaways™! Join forces with the cunning Heist Master and the sly Hold-Up Artist as you delve into an adrenaline-fueled adventure packed with captivating features that will undoubtedly capture your attention!

Feel the excitement of the Chain Reaction as symbols vanish upon forming winning combinations, opening the door for fresh symbols that might trigger even more wins. Watch out for hidden Cash Safes containing random cash prizes - bronze, silver, and gold safes promising thrilling rewards. When the Hold-Up Artist scatter aligns with Cash Safes, you'll unlock and collect their combined riches. The Heist Master initiates unlimited respins with Cash Safes and the Scarlet Rogue spinning. Fill the reels with Cash Safes to accumulate multipliers, and at the end of the Heist, reveal your rewards, but stay vigilant for the Scarlet Rogue’s Rivalry wheel during the Heist, as it determines your fate.

Winning combinations arise by aligning matching symbols from the leftmost reel to the right on adjacent reels. When a winning combination occurs, the involved symbols disappear, making room for fresh symbols to cascade into place, potentially triggering additional wins.

Cash Safes scatters can land anywhere on the reels. These non-paying scatters harbor random cash prizes unlockable by the Heist Master or Hold-Up Artist. A single Hold-up Artist scatter, landing with visible Cash Safes, unlocks and reveals their prizes, awarding the total sum of all Cash Safes prizes.

The Heist Master, a potent scatter symbol, triggers on any reel. During the Heist, Cash Safes lock in place alongside the Heist Master, enabling unlimited respins. Fill a reel with Cash Safes to earn multipliers (x2 - x7), which combine if multiple reels fill up. When the Heist concludes, all Cash Safes unlock, revealing prizes. The total prize equals the sum of Cash Safes multiplied by Heist Multipliers. The Heist concludes when all reels are filled with Cash Safes or triggered by the Rivalry feature.

Activated by Scarlet Rogue during a Heist, with one per reel, the Scarlet Rogue initiates the Rivalry Wheel, containing 6 green sectors. Each Scarlet Rogue symbol turns a sector red, up to 5. A green sector prolongs the Heist, while a red one concludes the bonus round.
Embark on a journey to uncover the fortune and enchantment in Red Tiger's Clover Craze! Watch as Green Clovers bloom on reels 2, 3, and 4, expanding to cover entire reels, delivering wins that will leave you smiling like a leprechaun.

Encounter the rare Golden Clover on the 3rd reel, adding an extra layer of magic to the game. Join the festivities when a Golden Clover and Green Clovers come together, forming a Big Golden Clover, a substantial 2x3 symbol, complete with a triple win multiplier.

Experience the thrill of striking gold when a Golden Clover pairs up with Green Clovers on both adjacent reels, resulting in a Huge Golden Clover, an impressive 3x3 symbol, accompanied by a sevenfold win multiplier! Witness the magic unfold as a Golden Clover meets a Seven or Bell on an adjacent reel, triggering Cash Respins that multiply and shower you with cash prizes (3x for Sevens, 2x for Bells).

May the luck of the Clovers accompany you on your quest for incredible wins!
'Tis the season of festivities, and with it comes the opportunity to embark on an enchanting journey through the reels with Christmas Morning by Red Tiger!

Unwrap the joy of your presents and unveil your fortune with Christmas Presents, where each gift reveals a random symbol, offering you the prospect of delightful wins. Awaken the magic of Free Spins by landing just 3 or more scatter symbols. Unveil 12 free spins with 3 scatters, and each additional scatter gifts you an extra 3 spins. As you revel in Free Spins, fill the progress bar with 14 Christmas Presents.

When this bar is adorned with 14 Christmas Presents, witness the enchantment as the least lucrative symbols transform into charming Christmas Presents. These symbols remain hidden until the conclusion of Free Spins, enhancing your chances of acquiring more Christmas Presents and bidding farewell to additional symbols. The ultimate goal? Transmute all symbols (excluding the highest paying one) into Christmas Presents for phenomenal wins.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment and cheer of Christmas Morning for an experience that promises to add an extra touch of merriment to your day!
Explore the cosmic wonders within Giga Blast, where the universe unfolds as your vast playground, and the stars seamlessly align. Let the Star Wilds be your guides as the enthralling stellar spectacle commences with Wild Blast.

Marvel at the celestial indicators adorning the spaces above the reels and rows, triggering dazzling celestial explosions whenever a Star Wild lands nearby. With explosions occurring both horizontally and vertically, it's akin to a cosmic fireworks display, enhancing the multipliers of existing Star Wilds by +1.

Venture further into the cosmic expanse and unveil the allure of Free Spins, your gateway to an interstellar bonus adventure. Identify 3 or more Free Spins symbols, and you'll secure 10 - 25 spins, with an additional chance for 5 more during the bonus round. As a cosmic voyager, take the leap into the Feature Buy for an assured adventure.

Are you ready to commence your cosmic journey in Giga Blast?
Embark on an exhilarating journey into the mesmerizing universe of Red Tiger's Steam Squad, where futuristic wonders await and bold adventurers are favored by fortune. Brace yourself for a high-energy experience filled with innovative features.

Engage in the excitement of Winning Wipeout, where symbols lock and set off thrilling chain reactions. Boost your wins with multipliers on each reel and employ strategic moves with the Booster Row to transform non-winners into victorious spins. Unleash the power of Free Spins by securing 3 or more scatters, with the potential for up to 12 spins awaiting your command.

Step into the fantastical world of Steam Squad, where towering buildings float among the clouds, zeppelins grace the skies, and incredible prizes await your discovery. It's time to venture boldly and claim your rewards in this futuristic realm.
Dive into the extraordinary world of Dragon’s Mirror by Red Tiger! Awaken the dragon within you as you explore enchanted levels, revealing magnificent mythical Dragons at every turn. From the adorable Baby Dragon to the awe-inspiring power of the Dragon King, each Dragon Wild will set your gameplay ablaze with excitement.

Gather Dragon Wilds to fill your progress bar and ascend to greater heights. Land 3 or more scatters to trigger Free Spins, where these Dragon Wilds unleash their full fiery potential, creating a mesmerizing spectacle on your screen. Get ready to be spellbound by a dragon-themed adventure unlike any other.
Step right up to the spine-tingling Spooky Carnival – a game designed to send shivers down your spine and give you goosebumps!

Dive deep into the eerie ambiance of this Halloween extravaganza. Dare to unleash the Wilds and Spooky Coins, but beware of their supernatural allure. Wilds don’t merely substitute for paying symbols; they bring along their Spooky Coins too. Collect 5 of these ominous tokens to trigger a mind-bending symbol swap on the next spin, where reality blurs with the supernatural.

But hold on, there’s more! Land 3 Free Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, and you're in for a real treat – 10 free spins to be precise. Activate those lurking Spooky Coins during the bonus round, and behold the magic as 3 more Free Spins materialize seemingly out of thin air. Get ready for an exhilarating carnival ride that will leave you both spooked and utterly amazed! The Spooky Carnival awaits, daring you to experience Halloween like never before.
Prepare to set sail on an exhilarating adventure as you dive headfirst into the captivating world of Sirens’ Riches!

As each spin unfolds, a mystical progress bar, guided by enchanting sirens, tracks your journey to dazzling rewards. The Nobleman scatter, lured by the sirens, advances the bar with each visit, leading to thrilling prizes on the 15th spin. Wilds, like hidden treasures, can appear at any moment to enhance your wins.

But keep a sharp lookout for the enigmatic Siren Queen, a 1x4 Super Wild, unveiled exclusively on the 15th spin, armed with x2, x3, or x5 Multipliers for electrifying prizes. Capture enough Noblemen and brace yourself for Respins, locking in the Siren Queen and wilds for a whirlwind of winning excitement. Sail through the waves of fortune in this epic journey, where beautiful but deadly sirens beckon and nobleman’s hearts are ensnared to appease their queen!
Join Hansel & Gretel as they navigate the delectable reels of the Candyhouse, where you’ll encounter sweet surprises and the Wicked Witch’s tantalizing temptations at every spin! Wins are yours when matching symbols grace adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. But that’s just the beginning!

Watch in awe as 2 to 5 reels randomly synchronise to become siblings, unveiling identical symbols and amplifying your winning potential. Cauldron Wilds brew up excitement by replacing paying symbols and offering juicy pay-outs. Trigger Free Spins by landing 3 or more scatters on Sibling Reels and watch those synchronised reels spin for extra thrills.

Can’t wait? Take fate into your hands with our Feature Buy option! Choose from Sibling Reels, 5 Sibling Reels, Free Spins, or Free Spins with 5 Siblings for a guaranteed feature activation. Your adventure begins now!
Get ready to experience all four seasons at once in Year-Round Riches ClusterbusterTM by Red Tiger. Whether you’re a sun or snow lover, this game takes you on a seasonal adventure with a whirlwind of features. ClusterbusterTM wins break off pieces of the centre tiles, unveiling seasonal prizes beneath.

Each season brings its own unique twist to the game. During Spring, a random multiplier of up to 100x awaits lucky players, while Summer transforms non-winning symbols into the same random symbol. Autumn brings a cascade of falling leaves, leaving behind random wilds that can boost your payouts, and in Winter, snowballs hit the reels, causing cracks and revealing identical symbols.

During Free Spins, all seasons can be active simultaneously, allowing you to enjoy the full range of features at once!
It’s time to crack the code, open the vault, and seize those riches with Red Tiger’s Easy Gold! This captivating bank vault-themed game will have you on the edge of your seat as you attempt to unlock the metal bank vault door.

Easy Gold’s excitement lies in its unique gameplay with a one-row gaming grid and only 4 reels, adorned with numbers symbolising the prizes and diamond or blank symbols that hold no value. To crack the code, you must land any numbers on the single centre payline, which will then be multiplied by the current stake. Keep a sharp lookout for the Vault Spin scatter on the fourth reel – it’s your ticket to the vault’s hidden treasures.
Unleash your inner detective and dive into the enigmatic world of Red Tiger’s Case Closed. As Clue symbols land on the gaming grid, you get closer to triggering the Interrogation feature. After you have 7 Clues, the feature activates as you interrogate the 3 Suspects individually.

Every Interrogation may be Successful or Unsuccessful, which is decided randomly. Upon a Successful Interrogation, you bag the Suspect’s instant cash reward and move on to the next Suspect. Evidence symbols help you solve 3 Cases.

Whenever you solve a Case, you receive a boost to your upcoming Interrogation feature. Can you unlock Suspect 4 and conduct a Successful Interrogation for a 2,000x win? Gather your Clues and get your Evidence in line to piece the puzzle together as you solve the crime of Red Tiger’s Case Closed.
Prepare yourself for an ultimate showdown with Judgement Day Megaways by Red Tiger. Brace yourself as four wicked demons emerge onto the reels, ready to unleash their sinister powers. Experience the excitement as Seal Wilds materialize on the gaming grid, summoning one of the four demons: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.

Watch as their dark magic takes over the reels, shooting Skull Wilds into play, slashing symbols in half, adding symbol multipliers to two reels, and conjuring the touch of Death to drag multiplier Skull Wilds onto a single reel.

Before Free Spins begins, you’ll have the chance to randomly select a demon whose power is guaranteed for every free spin. Get ready to face the all-engulfing fires of Judgement Day MegawaysTM and prepare for an epic battle brought to life by Red Tiger.
Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with Red Tiger’s Sugar Monster! This confectionery creature is a treat for the taste buds and brings toothsome features to the table. It’s time to unleash the little candy critter on the reels in Red Tiger’s Sugar Monster.

Get ready for a mouth-watering experience that will give you the sweet hit you’ve been looking for!
With the scorching sun piercing through the cloudless sky, you find yourself in the middle of a bounty-hunting chase in Red Tiger’s Bounty Raid 2. Join the Bounty Hunter and the Sheriff as you put bandits behind bars for good!

Bandits swarm the reels with multipliers for instant cash rewards as an exciting tale unfolds on an untamed, rugged terrain. A bandit may lock up on the gaming grid for a maximum of 5 spins to give the sheriff a chance to catch them and lock them up. A fierce Bounty Hunter may appear on the reels and trigger 3 Free Spins, attracting more bandits to the gaming grid.

As you chase bandits along the sandy streets, dust clouds sweep across the barren landscape. How many bandits will you capture?
The God of the Sea returns in the follow up to the original classic, now with rising reels as well as rising multipliers up to 1000x!

The rising multiplier can be randomly triggered on any spin, once triggered a bubble multiplier with float up on to a random position on the reels. If any wins are achieved the multiplier will be added to the win at the end cascades. Once all wins have been processed the multiplier will rise up 1 position for the chance of more Big Wins.

On any spin after a win, the height of the reels will increase by 1 row up.

4 or more bonus symbols in view triggers 15 free spins. During any winning cascades in free spins, if the Rising multiplier is in view they multiply the final win from all the cascades in that spin for potentially huge prizes. The Rising Reels are also active. After any winning spin, the height of the reels increases by 1 row for the remaining spins, up to a maximum of 8 high, giving the chance to increase the win multiplier up to 1000x!
As soft sunlight filters through the curtains, furry companions shuffle in the cozy living room of Red Tiger’s Here Kitty Kitty. Toss around some yarn balls to see the video slot’s features unravel! As your furry friends roam the room, scatter pay matches move the colorful yarn ball across the Progress Bar. Passing a stage, yarn balls flood the reels to interact with random symbols in fur-raising features.

The stray yarn balls may Swap Symbols, Destroy Symbols or turn them into Random Wilds. When the Progress Bar fully fills, it unleashes the Catmageddon and a random cat becomes a Super Symbol with a win multiplier to paw-tentially fill the entire gaming grid. Purr-haps, it is time to meet your feline friends in Red Tiger’s Here Kitty Kitty. Curiosity treats the cat — are you ready to roll the yarn ball?
Are you brave enough to venture into the sinister cave of chained beasts in Red Tiger’s Monsters Unchained? Prepare to face the terrifying creatures that lurk in the dark. The gaming grid is home to 3 monstrous beasts: the Minotaur, Medusa, and Cerberus. These fearsome monsters reveal their unique features every 10 spins when you break their chains.

Brace yourself as the reels expand, wild symbols appear, and your winnings multiply. This is all while exploring these creatures’ dark and ominous world. But there’s more to discover: in Monster Spins, you can earn 10 Free Spins and witness the unleashed fury of these untamed monsters in each spin. Get ready for an engaging experience that will keep you entertained and captivated. Can you handle the terror of the unchained beasts and emerge victorious? The challenge awaits!
Discover a hidden world beneath the busy city in Red Tiger’s London Tube. Experience the atmospheric heart of a busy station packed with exciting features and bonuses on this thrilling train ride. The Tube Symbols leave golden frames on the reels, coming alive on every 10th spin when the Train Arrival triggers random features.

The golden frames can turn into Wilds, substituting for all paying symbols, ways multipliers, boosting the number of symbols in a win way, and instant cash prizes, multiplying the original bet. During Free Spins, at least 3 golden frames dash around the reels with random features, guaranteed on each spin. Step onto the platform and let Red Tiger’s London Tube take you on an underground adventure. Oh! And please mind the gap when alighting from the train.
Enter a world where the impossible becomes possible. Experience the masterful craft of sleight of hand with Red Tiger's Magic Tricks. Watch in awe as the magician makes objects vanish into thin air. As the reels spin, the stage is set for a magical adventure. The magician wields his craft with precision and flair, conjuring Magic Rings that duplicate random symbols across your screen. And if you're lucky, you could earn up to 40 Free Spins!

But beware, the magician's nimble fingers move quickly. Can you keep up with his every move? Enjoy Las Vegas magic show's electric atmosphere as you feel a sense of wonder and amazement. Prepare to be amazed!
Enter the neon-infused digital world of cyberpunks and hackers in Red Tiger’s Cyber Attack. Put your hacking skills to the test as you take on the role of the mastermind hacker hiding in the shadows. On any spin, a Breach Attempt may randomly trigger. When a Breach Attempt is diverted, it’s time for Plan B, as every diverted Breach Attempt triggers 1 of the 3 Feature Hacks.

With Symbol Hacks, Wild Hacks, and Multiplier Hacks, hologram symbols hover on the gaming grid. Every 6th Breach Attempt is a guaranteed success, leading you to Free Spins, where a random symbol gets infected. The more infected symbols you collect during the bonus round, the better your winning chances are at the end of Free Spins. Are you ready to rule the cyberworld as the ultimate mastermind hacker? Use your hacking abilities and navigate through the system in Cyber Attack by Red Tiger.
Step into the fiery forge action with Gems Inferno Megaways™ by Red Tiger. The sound of bubbling lava and hissing steam fills your ears as gemstones cast a shiny hue on the gaming grid suspended by chains above slowly flowing lava. As heat radiates from the molten rock beneath your feet, Gems and Diamonds, which can land anywhere on the reels, may offer instant cash rewards of up to 2,000x stake multipliers.

The scent of sulphur hangs in the air as the Gem Sack may land on the horizontal reel, spanning over reels 2-5, randomly dropping up to 3 Gems onto the gaming grid. Vivid hues shine against the dark, smokey backdrop when 6 or more gem scatters land on the gaming grid to trigger the GEMMED! special feature with at least 3 Free Spins and potential Retriggers. Descend to the forge's heart and stand firm in the throbbing heat as shiny gems spin on the reels with incredible instant cash potential.
Get onboard your spaceship and dash through the depths of the cosmos in Astronaut by Red Tiger. Pay close attention to the Green Crystals as you pass through wormholes on your journey.

The thrill of space travel intensifies as you explore new galaxies for great rewards. The engines hum and the control panels whir as the sole reel spins with Green Crystals, Red Crystals and Golden Shield in the control room. Green Crystals apply gradually increasing win multipliers to your original bet as you progress on the Prize Ladder.

Red Crystals bump you back to the beginning of the Prize Ladder, while the Golden Shield keeps the reels spinning till the first Red Crystal destroys your defense and upgrades the Prize Ladder to Advanced multipliers. As you wait in the electric ambience of the spaceship control room, you may reach the pinnacle of the Prize Ladder in Advanced mode for a stellar maximum win multiplier of 48,000x.

Keep an unwavering focus as you navigate through the cosmos in Red Tiger’s Astronaut. Collect all the Green Crystals and dash into the inter-stellar radio: “Mission Accomplished!”
Embrace the mystery, magic, and wonder of a legendary civilization in Egypt Megaways™ by Red Tiger.

The Eye of Horus summons greatness and power to the gaming grid, switching on the lights above the middle 4 reels. The colossal Super Wilds with Ways Multipliers stick onto the reels with the magnificent towering pyramids in the background when all the lights go on. As the sand-coloured landscapes stretch across your screen, the Super Wilds participate in a handful of wins before disappearing. March into Free Spins, where a choice of 3 options benefits you just as the Nile River provides nurturing water for the fertile lands of Egypt.

The incense-filled air shifts through bustling marketplaces, where vendors hawk their wares and people do their daily business. Let’s travel back to Egypt Megaways™ by Red Tiger to explore the endless possibilities.
Follow along as Red Tiger embarks on an adventure with Alexander the Great: World Conqueror. Expand your empire - and gaming grid - as you progress towards becoming the mightiest ruler in history.

Aristotle may appear on any reel to spread his philosophy and fill the Progress Bar atop with his golden knowledge. Starting from Macedonia, as you reach each checkpoint on the Progress Bar, you conquer a new area. With each new conquest, your gaming grid expands, boosting the potential Win Ways too. Additionally, as your empire grows, your Wilds may adopt ways multipliers and become sticky in the last stage. Alexander’s Treasure may bring you up to 21 Free Spins and the potential to retrigger the Bonus Round.

Soak in all Aristotle’s knowledge as you pledge loyalty to Alexander the Great: World Conqueror by Red Tiger. A handful of conquests await with thrilling expansion and exciting features. Ahead, Conqueror; let’s build an empire today!
Prepare yourself before embarking on a quest into the mythical realms of Wolfkin by Red Tiger. Rise up to the realm of the Wolf Queen, where the Wolfkin energises the reels with her blazing power. At the heart of the mythical gaming grid, the Wolfkin Super Wild may emerge on the middle reel.

This fierce golden warrior queen has unmatched power. She transforms dormant Stone Wolf symbols into Golden Wolf Wilds. Beyond recruiting loyal wolf companions and awakening them to become golden, she may blow symbols to smithereens to cast Stone Wolf symbols to the empty spaces—before she turns them into Gold Wolf Wilds!

If you want to eternally worship her, keep your watchful eye on the Wolkfin during Free Spins. She remains on the gaming grid till the end of the Bonus Round. Run with the glorious Golden Wolf Wilds as a fierce howl escapes your throat. Fear not, brave one, the Wolfkin may cast her mercy on you!
Embark on an epic journey back to medieval times in Red Tiger’s Knights of Avalon. Grab your sword and march out swinging to prove that bravery and chivalry are not dead!

The stunning Golden Lion Wild, backed up by 2 majestic swords, fills in for any paying symbol to assist you in potentially completing up to 1,024 Win Ways. When 6 of the same fierce knights band together on the battle reels, they may randomly trigger the Knights Drop Feature, where they battle against opposing knight symbols to convert them to their legion. When the castle’s gates open, prepare for 7 Free Spins where the battle-thirsty mighty knights may drop to the reels to pick a fight at a higher rate!

Wear your armor, grab your sword, and let the adventure begin! Spin the reels of Red Tiger’s Knights of Avalon; how will you go down in history?
Step into a mystical world of wonder and delight in Magic Powers Megaways™ by Red Tiger. As you wander in the enchanted forest, you come across the raw power of the 4 captivating elemental symbols: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Enchanted Reels mysteriously transform their corresponding elemental symbols into Wilds, potentially leading to wondrous rewards. As you journey deeper into the magical forest, you may meet Super Wilds possessing 2x-7x Ways Multipliers. Yet, when the moon shines on the enchanted forest, Magic Spins can bring up to 20x Win Multipliers. As chances of enchantments increase during Free Spins, a blue moonlight glows across the enchanted forest.
Precious treasures await you as you lower into the dens of the mighty dragon. Collect your courage to face the ruler of their hoard in Reel Keeper Power ReelsTM by Red Tiger and stash all the dragon’s riches on your mission. Immense fortune rattles on the 8-reel, 6-row gaming grid in a goldwrought frame of this atmospheric slot.

Pay attention to the gargantuan shadow as the dragon circles above the reels; they may drop Dragon Wilds, covering entire reels on the playing area. The Dragon Wilds stick onto the reels and occasionally progress across the grid. Free Spins set the reels ablaze to increase the chances for Dragon Wilds landing, locking them on the grid upon crossover!

Are you ready to look deep into the mighty dragon’s eyes? Grab their riches when they blink and set off with their rewards in Reel Keeper Power ReelsTM.
Join the mischievous wolf in the wild farm adventure of snatching sheep for great rewards in Red Tiger’s Sheep Gone Wild video slot. The more danger hangs above the sheep, the more rewards you can expect. On any spin, a sheep may appear before the reels. Once you click it, the wolf snatches the sheep for you to unleash fluffy rewards, such as symbol upgrades to Wilds or Win Multipliers.

As the night falls and the guarding dog sleeps, your favourite predator goes berzerk in Wolf Spins. Choose your sheep to snatch from the Sheep Picker for Wins Multipliers, Bonus Spins, and Symbol Upgrade Wilds. This wild wolf is ready to cause a ruckus on the peaceful farm. But are you prepared to join this masked sheep bandit?
Become the scrapyard racing king in Wrigley’s World by Red Tiger as you push the pedal to the metal for the potential of great rewards. No creature steers like Wrigley, who is always 1 step ahead of the curve. The Multiplier Wilds are ready to substitute for any paying symbols and double the potential payout as you push the pedal through the rusted metal.

Add full throttle and immerse yourself in Race Spins. Are you ready for Double Boost? In Free Spins, the fuel Wilds fill up the gauge, and when it's full, the payout accumulated thus far is doubled and +5 Bonus Spins are awarded.

Build a scrapyard car and race against the scrapyard racing king himself. Cut him off in the last corner and claim your victory in Wrigley’s World by Red Tiger.
Cobblestones tremble under your feet as you walk in the flickering candlelight of the rain-soaked streets. Red Tiger’s Transylvania Night of Blood takes you back to the dark 17th century when vampires and werewolves first appeared to hunt the souls of mortals.

Scatter symbols of majestic but sinister creatures crawl onto the reels before an atmospheric backdrop. Vampire Bites may randomly infect symbols, turning them into Wilds to substitute for Win Way matches. Werewolf scratches may sever symbols to turn them into Ways Multipliers, enhancing your potential wins. Behold Free Spins! They may manifest in 3 thrilling versions. Vampire Scatters take you to Vampire Spins, where Vampire Bites may swarm the reels.

Werewolf Scatters drag you to Werewolf Spins, where Werewolf Scratches may tear into the reels. Alas, should a Vampire and a Werewolf be summoned to the reels simultaneously, you end up in Battle Spins, with vicious Vampire Bites and savage Werewolf Scratches raining down on the reels. Follow the creatures of the night—if you dare—but beware! Your blood may turn cold when you come facing the giant beasts.
Take a break beneath the boughs of the Fortune Tree, and if you're lucky, mystical apples may fall to grant Mystery Symbols and Multipliers! Everyone has heard of red and green apples, but what about Golden and Diamond?! If Golden Apples drop from the Fortune Tree, they will all turn into the same symbol when they land on the reels.

If the Fortune Tree is feeling generous, Diamond Apples may drop. All Diamond Apples will reveal a Random Multiplier which will add up and be applied to any wins . Once you reach Free Spins, the Fortune Tree may shake its bushy branches more frequently, letting apples rain from the sky. Close your eyes, make a wish, and take a bite out of Red Tiger's Happy Apples video slot. Who knows what the Fortune Tree may bring.
Meet the tough representatives of the 1930s underworld as the reels spin in the middle of a blood-stained vintage jukebox in Bugsy’s Bar.

The dead gangster Wild will fall onto the reels to substitute for all paying symbols on the 5-reel, 4-row gaming grid. When 3 Free Spins Scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, you will be awarded 7 Free Spins featuring Bugsy's Special. Before the Bugsy’s Special starts, you can spin the Mini Slot for rewarding features during Free Spins, where Super Wilds may entirely fill reels, covering any paying symbol.

Landing 3 Free Spins Scatters in Bugsy’s Special will give you another chance on the Mini Slot to bag a retrigger and further rewards. You'll have to gather your wits to handle the gangsters of Bugsy's Bar. Are you ready?
Run with a mighty herd of buffaloes as they stampede by the reels in Red Tiger’s Buffalo Mania Megaways™. Red Tiger’s ground-shaking Buffalo Stampede feature rewards players with genuine thrills when 3-10 Buffaloes land randomly on the reels. Super Wilds may cover entire reels carrying 2x-7x Ways Multipliers for elevated gaming excitement, in addition to the renowned Megaways™ mechanics and chain reactions.

The sun setting over the American Great Plains serves as a stunning backdrop as you roam with these mighty beasts, chasing potentially great rewards. Let’s see what these incredible animals have in store for you in Red Tiger’s Buffalo Mania Megaways™.
Enter into a far away galaxy ruled by chief alien Blobby in Blobsters Clusterbuster™ by Red Tiger. Watch as he rules over the interstellar reels and commands respect from his subjects with lasers and frenzied attacks! Represent the human race as you tag along with the many-eyed Blobsters clan in this 9-row, 9-reel slot.

Blobby is the true star of the show. Cluster wins around his spaceship illuminate all his navigation lights, unlocking out-of-this-world features such as removing low-paying symbols, placing random Wilds, and even supersizing symbols. Once all features unlock, firing up Blobby’s saucer once more takes the player into Invader Spins, where the intergalactic antics continue!
Join the hostess with the mostest Peggy and her BFFs, Tina and Lisa, as they start an exciting new venture in Peggy Sweets. Set in a '50s-themed roller diner with funky pop music and flashing neon lights, join the dynamic trio as they serve up delicious treats and unique features.

Each server bring a unique twist to the reels, with Symbol Swaps, Double Symbols and Multipliers, depending on who is working their shift. Free Spins brings a lunch time rush, where you'll find all three friends whizzing round serving up their specialties to lucky players (sometimes at the same time!). In the Peggy Sweets diner it's all about customer service, and when the girls participate in a scatter win, they fill up a progress bar which when full, will award additional Free Spins!

Fire up the jukebox and relive nostalgic '50s Americana in Peggy Sweets, where service with a smile is guaranteed.
Chilly mist drifts in the air as biting cold sinks its teeth deep into your bones. A shiver runs down your spine as you grapple onto the wooden stake to hunt down undead creatures of the night in Red Tiger’s chilling Blood Suckers™ Megaways™. Blood Suckers™ Megaways™ by Red Tiger casts blood-thirsty creatures onto the reels.

Push aside the heavy, skull-engraved stone top of the coffin in the mausoleum to reveal a sleeping vampire enveloped in red velvet cushions. Legend says you are the only brave revenant capable of ridding the dark town of its sinister creatures. As you drive the wooden stake through their heart, you wonder - what rewards this malevolent being has in store for you, Multipliers, Wilds or more? Keep your garlic and holy water close to your chest as you head out into the nocturnal streets to face the darkest crawlers of the night in Blood Suckers™ Megaways™.

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About Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger was founded in 2014 by a group of industry veterans and have since the beginning focused mainly on video slots. Their team of mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, audio engineers, gambling experts, QAs, account managers and secret magicians are dedicated to continuously improving the player experience.

The company has more than 150 employees spread across their offices in Malta, Isle of Man and Bulgaria. Their head office is located in St. Julians, Malta.

NetEnt purchased Red Tiger Gaming in 2019 for £223 million and they collaborated on the releases Gonzo's Quest Megaways and Piggy Riches Megaways after the acquisition.

The live casino giant Evolution Gaming Group acquired NetEnt including Red Tiger in 2020 for €1.8 billion and have with that purchase entered the video slot market with a huge game catalog.

Red Tiger have a solid mix of different themes for their games, and have several video slots with the Megaways™ mechanics and they have also used the mechanics InfiniReels™ in their slots.

Red Tiger have also their own trademarked mechanic called Power Reels™, which makes all wins pay adjacent and multiple different symbols can form payouts on a single win line.

Another great feature Red Tiger have in their portfolio is Daily Jackpots. These progressive jackpots are available in all video slots from Red Tiger and offer another thrilling way of experience their games. The jackpots are not enabled by default but can be requested from the online casino operator. Jackpots are bespoke to every online casino that offers them and they can decide which Red Tiger games to feature the jackpots and the timeframe.

At the very left inside the slot, you will see the jackpot tickers, which may look like this:

Hourly drop, which will be won by a player within an hour.

Daily drop, which will be won by a player within one day.

Super drop, no timeframe but can be won at any time by a player.

The jackpot prize pool updates in real-time so you can always see how much can be won. You can also see a countdown by which time the prize must pay out. Unlike some progressive jackpots, there is no max bet requirement for the spin to qualify for the main jackpot prize meaning you can potentially win big from a very small stake.

You can read more about their jackpots on Red Tiger's website: https://www.redtiger.com/news/daily-jackpots-explained and https://www.redtiger.com/engagement/network-jackpot.

During these years, Red Tiger also started another in-house development studio called R7 Studio and they released their first slot in 2019 called Devil's Number. The slots from R7 Studio have similar feel and look as the other slots from Red Tiger, so you will definitely have a great experience playing their games.

The company have won several awards, including Slot Supplier of the Year at EGR Awards 2020, Mobile Gaming Software Supplier of the Year at EGR Awards 2020 and 2019, Best Online Slot for Rocket Men at the WhichBingo Awards 2018 and Casino Supplier of the Year at GIA Awards 2019. They have won several more awards and have them all listed on their website.

Red Tiger's products are certified for several jurisdictions and they are continuously adding to the licences they hold. They currently hold licenses in the UK, Malta, Alderney and Gibraltar.

Official Website: https://www.redtiger.com/