Tsai Shen, the god of Wealth. Hailing from; well, nobody is really quite sure where exactly in China. Known by many names such as god of collecting treasures; god of attracting wealth among others. This well-loved deity is the celestial being equivalent of international man of mystery.

This good-natured immortal apparently comes from all directions (9 with ‘center’ added with the usual ordinal directions). Multiple myths involving legendary heroes as his ‘embodied forms’. It’s really fascinating how this highly popular figure’s story remains a riddle.

One thing we are pretty sure about is that this jolly fellow is a top bloke and generous to boot. Every lunar new year, people all over the world offer incense, greet, and pray ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai!’ to him. And he would respond by granting them his abundant blessings and favor.

Tsai Shen 10K Ways introduces Dream Drop Jackpots. Five levels of linked progressive global jackpots are to be won. Dream Big! Who knows it may drop in your lap?

Get into Tsai Shen’s good graces and perhaps you will come into a sudden windfall and reap all the joys of wealth and luck. Wait no further! The god of wealth is pointing you towards the direction of prosperity!
The star of Fu, presiding over the planet Jupiter is believed to be the embodiment of Good Fortune. It is said to be auspicious, upon its ascent; Prosperity will arrive. Because of this, east Asian cultures around the world uses the character Fu in various forms of lucky charms and decorations.

Festival 10K Ways flourishes up to 10,000 ways to win. Each win may bring you a chain of explosions of additional wins. Within the Bonus Respin feature, Bonus prizes of ample proportions are waiting to be won.
Straight outta ReelPlay, you are now about to witness the latest Infinity Reels epic.

Stepping up to the mic, ReelPlay proudly present We$t Coa$t Ca$h Infinity Reels.

Set in the sun kissed urban streets, We$t Coa$t Ca$h Infinity Reels is banging with features and dope win potential. Supported by incredible art and animation, you’ll be sat back in the low rider with old skool beats pumping to 11, chillin’ with your crew and spinning home all that money.

Score your Cash symbols in the Level Up Respins feature to unlock your OG’s. The Hustler levels up in every respin; the Pimp brings in massive prize values; the Dealer deals out more cash and the Enforcer adds prizes from around her block. Have each G work their ‘hood and you be back at HQ countin’.

Hustle your way to the Infinity Bonus on reel 15 to win a massive prize of 888x total bet. Live the life as a boss playa and win big with We$t Coa$t Ca$h Infinity Reels.
Shamrock Money Pot 10K WAYS™ boasts up to 10,000 ways to win. Each win may bring you a chain of explosions of additional wins. Awaiting within the Bonus Respins feature are prizes of magical proportions to be won.

Come along with jolly ole’ Timmy and embark on a lucrative journey to reach the end of the rainbow. Find the hidden pot of gold, filled with riches beyond your dreams.

With Timmy’s Golden Shamrock, the Luck of the Irish is on your side!
A brand-new take on cascading gameplay, one might call it ‘reversed cascade’. Professor Clank’s Combinator symbol drops have it all! Up to 707 ways to win; explosive reactions, morphing symbols and win boosters. A myriad of clankety sounds will accompany your existing play experience: Clank! Thud! Bang! Crash! Zing!

The game also comes with winning arsenal of the popular Bonus Respins feature; Feature Gamble up to 10x your feature wins; and Buy - a bonus available in selected jurisdictions. It’s a meta – winning combination of ingredients in Professor Clank’s Combinator!

Start your wonderful adventure inside the mystifying factory... discover the secrets of Professor Clank and his Combinator. Amazing wins and great prizes are waiting for you inside!
A 6-reeler with a huge 10,000 ways to win, ARRR! 10K WAYS has plenty of wealth on offer by way of bonus respins featuring multipliers and plenty of power up potential.

With buy-a-bonus available in permitted territories and a post feature gamble opportunity, this is a core gamblers slot.

Sail with ReelPlay on a pirates adventure - there’s great wealth and LARRRGE treasure to be found! But beware of the Kraken guarding the way... ready your cannons!
MegaPearl Gigablox is a 6 reel, 40 line video slot with dynamic oversized symbols offering the potential for huge pays.

Gigablox symbols land on every spin, whilst landing Pearl symbols triggers the Bonus Respins feature where valuable multipliers sit behind every Pearl.

Respins re-set with every Pearl landed, so Bonus Respins can go on and on. Players can create Megapearls in Bonus Respins by combining quad squares of pearls for even greater rewards, with each Megapearl doubling in value.

Featuring many traditional symbols of wealth & opulence, the game is also supported by a soundtrack that invokes the excitement and opportunity that awaits. Innovative Gigablox mechanics from Yggdrasil meet with ReelPlay’s ingenuity.
Venture into the jungle with Monkey Mike in ReelPlay’s new 10k Ways™ adventure BANANAZ! A 6-reeler with a huge 10,000 ways to win, Bananaz has plenty of wealth on offer by way of bonus respins featuring multipliers and plenty of power up potential.

With Buy-a-bonus available in permitted territories and a post feature gamble opportunity, this is a core gamblers slot under a soft veneer where your friend Mike is always on hand to play he may even get involved in the game itself!
Hailing from the corners of the magical trolls’ realms – the 4 elders of the clans gather inside the sacred Troll cave. The warrior King Troll, the feisty Queen Troll, the wise Old Troll and the mischievous youth Boy Troll brought with them many treasure chests filled with unimaginable wealth.

Inspired by the fairy tales from the long tradition of Scandinavian folklore – The Trolls’ Treasure™ brings a story of daring adventure – to unravel the mysterious Wheel Feature and gain the treasures of the trolls.
November 2nd, Mexico City – a band of shadowy figures emerges to the centre stage. Sweet melody and percussions burst forth, marking the arrival of the dead souls.

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is here; the last day of the All Hallowtide season. It’s a day of remembrance, but also of celebrations. The locals do not dwell in sorrow, instead they make music to melodically wake the spirits of the dead.

In the centre of this great festival the mysterious 4 members of the Magical Money Mariachi band work their enchanted songs.

ReelPlay proudly present Money Mariachi Infinity Reels™, their first bonus round collectable slot!
Eons have passed since Gods, Demons and Beasts walked the earth. In this new fantasy themed slot from ReelPlay, who will reign supreme in this battle of the ages? Combining Infinity Reels™ mechanics with the potential riches of the Bonus Wheel feature – Age of Beasts Infinity Reels™ offers infinite possibilities. Each Free Spins trigger comes with a Bonus Wheel feature - pays include instant win prizes and the opportunity to enhance the play by adding free spins and symbol win multipliers. The extent of the wheel’s potential riches can extend to one of four potential Bonus prizes. Score 13 additional reels to win the 888x Infinity Bonus on top of any other wins.
The almighty force from light years away returns with riches untold. Win Big with Massive Stellar Explosions in HYPERNOVA 10K WAYS™!!! Hypernova 10K WAYS™ is a slot game that boasts up to 10,000 ways to win. Each win may bring you a chain of explosions of additional wins

The Bonus Respin mechanic has dominated the land-based casino scenes with queues of players lining up to take their chances and players will have the opportunity to fall in love all over again with Hypernova 10K WAYS™.

A compelling and fitting visual theme. On the base game - win explosions link up one after another, just like new stars being born. While in the feature, Hypernova reveal linked multiple Prizes and Bonuses to add up to an epic Super Massive Win of up to 5662x.
The omnipotent stellar power returns... this time with Infinity Reels™! A winning combination of a well loved theme, the hit Infinity Reel™ mechanic and popular Bonus Respins, ReelPlay proudly present Hypernova Infinity Reels™.

Hypernova Infinity Reels™ is uninhibited by limits to the amount of cosmic explosions on offer; the opportunity for additional reels and multipliers is infinite. Bonus Respins across Infinity Reels™ is an incredible visual . Lucky players who tally up to 12 additional reels or more will be rewarded with the Infinity Bonus worth 888x their bet!
The fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance. Unspeakable evil is lurking and ready to wreak havoc on our universe. Together our heroines battle to prove Unity will triumph over evil.

ReelPlay’s ground-breaking Infinity Reels™ returns with a unique feature set and a powerful theme. A stunning cast of protagonists are married with Multi-Reels, Increasing Symbol Multipliers and Free Spins featuring our Unity Bonus with up to 888x your Total Bet.
Hailing from the islands of South Pacific, Polynesian idols were originally carved to represent the first human progenitors. Created by the gods and later ascended to deities; these ancestral heroes rule over aspects of islanders’ life and its natural elements.

Central to the creation myth is the power of volcanoes. Don’t be fooled by the picturesque and relaxing seaside; underneath the serene waters hot boiling lava is slowly but surely bubbling up. With any eruption come wild volatile explostions bringing plentiful prizes to the Infinity Reels™.

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