It’s fiesta time and you’re invited to join the festivities. Put on your best-looking sombrero, grab a frosty and refreshing beer and get the celebrations started with the Grand Mariachi slot. As you party in the streets to the festive sounds of the Mariachi band, you’ll be rewarded with generous prizes and thrilling features.

Grand Mariachi is a Mexican-themed, 5-reel, 3-row slot that is a non-stop party from the very first spin. Start raking in the winnings when 1 or more Prize symbols appear and the Cash Activate symbol lands on reel 5. If they don’t award, the Hotter feature has the Prize symbols becoming sticky while increasing in value for 3 spins until awarding.

Landing 3 or more pinatas awards 10 Free Spins with the Hottest feature that turns all Prize symbols sticky as they increase in value with each Free Spin until awarded. When a Jackpot prize symbol appears, get ready to WIN the Mini, Minor, Major or Grand jackpot.
The future of slots has arrived. Enter the SlotieVerse and experience the next generation of slots with Slotie. Hot off the blockchain, Slotie is packed with an endless chain of thrilling fun that will get your FOMO juices flowing. No need to go mining for riches when it’s right here in Slotie.

Slotie is a 5×3 slot with 50 paylines and plenty of one-of-a-kind rewards. Start minting a win with the HODL feature when prize symbols appear on reels 1 & 2. The reel array then replicates up to 3 times above the reels and all consecutive prize symbol values are paid. If Jackpot Pick appears on a prize symbol, it triggers the Jackpot Pick for a guaranteed jackpot. Keep the payouts coming when 3 or more Scatter symbols land and trigger your choice of Free Games with the HODL feature.
Enjoy the rush of even bigger action than ever before with Rush Fever 7s Deluxe. Lady Luck is back and ready to shower you with more thrills, features, and bigger wins. Rush Fever 7s Deluxe boasts extra deluxe Free Games, double jackpots and other surprises to take your bankroll to the next level. Dive into a deluxe gaming experience.

Rush Fever 7s Deluxe is a 5-reel, 3-row anyway slot that is adrenalin pumping action with every spin. Start your winning streak with the Free Games feature that activates when 3 or more consecutive diamonds land on the reels, and then enjoy deluxe prizes every time a Rush Fever symbol lands and higher line pays with low fruit symbols removed. To really turn up the fun, the Rush Fever and Jackpot features are enhanced with double jackpots.
Genie looked at the exciting chest in his hands and felt happy. He walked over to the window and reflected on his rich surroundings. He had always loved opulent Arabian nights with its perfect palace. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel Generous. A perfect time to grant a wish to make a dream come true.

Arabian Secret is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with remarkable features. Build the collect rewards with the Reel Bonus Feature as the DIAMOND symbols land. Collect them with CHEST symbol in the next 3 spins. 6+ DIAMONDS also start the respin feature when the initial DIAMONDS become special DIAMONDS that collect values from additional DIAMOND symbols during the feature.

The Free Games with 3+ PALACE symbols landed bring even more magic. Constantly collect the DIAMONDS during the Free Games and enjoy how Genie brings in the riches at the end of the Free Games with Super Reel Bonus spin.
Cha-ching… feel the thrills and excitement as the reels burst into action with every spin on Diamond Explosion 7s. This captivating slot is an immersive Vegas experience with non-stop juicy rewards thanks to the dazzling fruit, bar and lucky symbols. Watch out for the 7s, especially the WILD Diamond Explosion 7s that bring even bigger payouts, features and more.

Diamond Explosion 7s is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 50 paylines. Start boosting your bankroll with Free Spins when 3 or more horseshoe symbols land. Plus, during the Free Spins, one reel will always be filled with Wilds and Diamonds on every spin.

The explosive winnings keep coming when 6 or more Diamond symbols land which triggers the Link it Up Explosion feature where Diamond symbols merge and payout even more. If Lady Luck is on your side, each Wild gives a chance at winning the Jackpot Pick game where 1 of 4 jackpots could be yours!
The God of forge has always loved the spark and the heat of his workshop, it was a place where his anvil and hammer have created many riches and fortunes for those who have ventured into his world. Now the splendid forge is red hot once again, ready to cast its glimmering fortunes to those who are lucky enough to find it.

Golden Forge is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with crowd-pleasing features. Start building the rewards with the Hotter Feature as the SHIELD symbols land and hold while also at the same time increasing in values for the next 3 spins, the Cash Activate feature will collect them with the HAMMER symbol on reel 5. The SHIELD with a Star means a guaranteed jackpot prize, keep an eye on it as it reveals.

The Free Games feature with 3+ Scatter symbols land increases the heat even more and triggers Free Games with the Hottest Feature where all the SHIELDS now turn to gold. The golden SHIELD will hold and increase in values every spin during Free Games until collected.
Climb aboard and travel back in time to join the Vikings on an epic crusade to find treasures like never before. These seafaring warriors ruled the seas from the 8th to 11th centuries and established many Norse settlements along their trading routes. Now you can experience the thrilling rewards of being a Viking.

Viking Crusade is a 5-reel, 3-row slot that is a non-stop adventure with every spin. Begin your crusade for valuable rewards by collecting red and blue shields each time they land on the reels. The shields are added to the shield meter which increases the chances of the red shields converting to the more valuable blue ones.

When 6+ shields land, it triggers the Jackpot Mania hold & respin feature that begins with 3 respins, and resets each time a new shield lands. Filling all 15 reel positions with shields is your ticket to winning the Grand prize.
The Dragon Ladies have returned and this time they bring with them even more action, fun, adventure and rewards. Help the Dragon Ladies to find the precious Orbs and you will be rewarded generously by the sacred Dragon. This is your opportunity to impress, so join the Dragon Ladies now and you’ll be glad you did.

More Dragon Ladies is a 5-reel, 3-row slot that will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first spin. Start spinning and collecting Orbs, which get added to the Orb meter. The more Orbs you collect, the more valuable Purple Orbs that will appear on the reels for even greater chances of winning bigger prizes.

The Super Orb is Wild, and when it lands, it locks into position for 3 spins. Landing 6 or more Orbs will trigger Jackpot Mania with guaranteed prizes, or possibly even the Grand prize!
Zeus, the god of the sky, lightning, thunder, and the ruler of all the gods has summoned you to return to Mount Olympus. Zeus has a new task for you, and should you make the gods happy, you will be rewarded generously. Feel the rush of winning big with the Free Games, Jackpot Pick and double-sized jackpots that are ready to be won.

Zeus Rush Fever Deluxe is a 5-reel, 3-row anyway slot with plenty of winning features. Get ready for even bigger payouts than ever before. Activate the Free Games feature by landing 3 or more Zodiac wheel symbols. Then, every time a Rush Fever symbol lands it pays 1x the total bet. The diamond symbols are your key to triggering the Jackpot Pick that pays even bigger jackpots than before. Plus, when 6 or more Rush Fever symbols appear at the same time, one of the jackpots will be yours.
The Maya civilization has captured the imagination of people for thousands of years. The Maya people were famous for how innovative they were, especially in the areas of art, architecture, math and astronomy. Now is your opportunity to experience the Maya people and their rich heritage as you spin the reels and rake in the rewards.

Mayan Blaze is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with generous features. Start your winning adventure with prize symbols containing values or Free Games on reels 1-4 which are all awarded when the Sun/Moon activator symbol lands on reel 5.

Give your bankroll an extra boost with the 3 different Free Games options where the activator symbol is guaranteed to land more often. Collecting Ruby Coins on reel 5 is your ticket to activating the Bonus feature for even more lucrative payouts.
Roman Legend is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with crowd-pleasing features. Start reeling in the rewards with the Cash Activate feature when Coin symbols land on reels 1&2. The reels then duplicate up to 3 times above the main reels and all prizes on consecutive Coins are awarded, or possibly activate the Jackpot Pick for a guaranteed jackpot prize.

Keep the action rolling when 3+ Scatter symbols land and trigger the choice for Free Games and Cash Activate size for even more generous payouts.
Your next thrilling Egyptian adventure starts now, as you return to Ancient Egypt to find the next sacred book with Book of Riches Deluxe Chapter 2. If you thought your first expedition was epic, then you’re in for a surprise as this time the action, adventure and rewards are bigger, better and more generous…. But only the bravest treasure hunters will prevail.

Book of Riches Deluxe Chapter 2 is a 5-reel, 3-row slot that is pure excitement with every spin. Start your treasure hunt for the sacred book with the Free Games and expanding symbol feature. A random symbol turns gold for the Free Games and expands over the reel for extra payouts. Jackpot Mania triggers when 6 or more Orbs land. If the Orb is chosen as the gold symbol, it expands and counts as 3 Orbs toward triggering Jackpot Mania. During Jackpot Mania, hold and respin for more Orbs, and if all 15 reel positions are filled with Orbs, the GRAND awards!
Time to get festive and turn up the heat with Mucho Loco Habanero. Return to the fiesta with refreshing beers, a Piñata, music, romance and of course some spicy habanero peppers. As the action unfolds on the reels, watch out for yellow, red and fiery red peppers which award you with prizes. Plus, the fiery red habaneros are your shortcut to generous hot prizes.

Mucho Loco Habanero is a 5-reel, 3-row slot that packs a punch of flavour and rewards. As you play, collect peppers, which get added to the pepper meter. The more you collect, the more red peppers you’ll get, and the bigger the prizes. Watch out for the fiery red peppers, because when one lands, it locks into position for 3 spins and substitutes for other symbols too. Landing 6 or more peppers will trigger Jackpot Mania with guaranteed zesty payouts.
The New Year is a time for celebration, rejuvenation and spending time with family and loved ones, especially in Chinese tradition. Get your house ready by decorating it with fresh flowers and start giving out your red envelopes and lighting firecrackers to make sure Nian the monster stays at bay.

New Year Rising slot is a festive slot that will have you celebrating with joy from the very first spin. New Year Rising is 5 reel, 4 row slot with thrilling, explosive features. Start celebrating with the Jackpot Mania Rising feature that triggers when 4 or more coin symbols appear and adds 4 extra rows that are locked. Then, 3 respins take place and if more coins appear it unlocks rows and that can award jackpots.

Whenever a coin lands during the feature, the respins get reset for even more spinning and winning potential. New Year good luck is on your side when 3 or more scatters land, which wins free games where every coin awards its festive prize.

Get your New Year off to a winning start and play New Year Rising now!
Get into the festive spirit with Shake Shake Christmas where Santa has plenty of surprises for you! Spin the reels that are full of all your favourite Christmas treats and surprises. From candy cane symbols to gifts, toys, sledges and more, you are sure to have a jolly good time. Be sure to leave some cookies and milk out for Santa, and he will reward you with even more Christmas wonders.

Shake Shake Christmas is a 5 reel, 4 row slot that is as magical as Christmas. As you spin the reels, the golden tree ornaments hold super rewarding prizes, plus at random, you will get to shake the Christmas Tree which will snow down more golden ornaments onto the reels with even more cash prizes, Free Spins and multipliers. To make things even more festive, the Rush Fever feature will have you grinning like a kid on Christmas morning.

Join the festive fun and play Shake Shake Christmas now!
Step back in time to ancient Egypt, where the Pharaohs had priceless treasures. Explore the temples, tombs and pyramids and be ready to be captivated by the incredible Egyptian architecture and ingenuity. This is an adventure of a lifetime, and you just might walk away with a fortune beyond your wildest imagination.

Ancient Pharaoh is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 50 paylines. Start reeling in the rewards with the Jackpot Mania Ultra feature that activates when 6+ orbs appear, which adds an additional 3 sets of locked reels and awards 3 respins. Landing more orbs has the power to unlock more sets of reels for even bigger prizes and resets the respins. Take your winnings to the next level with the Free Games feature, where you get to select the number of Free Games, the multiplier and the number of orbs needed to unlock all 4 sets of reels in Jackpot Mania Ultra.

Let the adventure begin. Play Ancient Pharaoh now!

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