Get ready to grab your cookies and get cozy with Christmas Crumble, where holiday cheer meets delightful wins! In this festive slot, sweet Cookie Stars burst onto the reels, enhancing your holiday haul with every win. Feel the warmth of the fireplace and the scent of fresh-baked cookies filling the air as the reels spin.

The merriment escalates during Free Spins, delivering extra generous servings of joy and jingles. Delve into Christmas Crumble, and let every spin sprinkle your holiday season with sweet victories, festive fun, and cheerful rewards!
Welcome to Eggsponential, where prehistoric thrills meet modern rewards! This slot takes you on a journey back in time to a rocky landscape filled with wild fruits and, most importantly, a gigantic 1x2 Egg in the center that can amplify your fortunes.

Crack open the fun with just a trio of Scatter symbols, unleashing a flurry of Free Spins. Watch in awe as the Egg's multiplier skyrockets to an incredible x500, ramping up your wins like a volcanic eruption. It's a historic adventure where every spin could hatch monumental wins.

So, put on your caveman boots and get ready to play Eggsponential – where the thrill of the past meets the rewards of today!
Indulge in the sweetness of Happy Honey, a game abuzz with nectar-rich rewards and wins as delightful as honeycomb. Each spin is a flight through a garden of riches! The top row spins horizontally, locking tiles in place, with multipliers soaring up to an impressive x100.

Trigger Free Spins and savor the true nectar of the game as locked tiles and multipliers harmonize, allowing your winnings to blossom! Take Happy Honey for a spin and discover what all the buzz is about in this delectable journey through a world of sweet victories!
Put on your mining helmet and step into the hot seat in Flaming Franzy - a game that offers an incendiary blend of thrilling gameplay and explosive rewards. In this fiery slot, the top row spins horizontally and symbols may randomly ignite with Blaze, increasing your winnings.

The excitement hits a fever pitch during Free Spins where the Blaze Zone always keeps the symbols on fire, turning the reels into a furnace of opportunity. So buckle up, and prepare for a blast in Flaming Frenzy, where every spin has the potential to set your fortunes aflame.
Unleash your inner adventurer with Rune Raiders, a game where mystic symbols pay at any position and every spin holds the potential for immense riches. Just like in the thrill of a real treasure hunt, every winning combination locks in place, clearing the path for new symbols and more wins to appear.

The magic intensifies with the Wild Rune, which triples the value of any winning combination it's part of during Free Spins and can lead to exponential wins. So ready yourself for a magical journey in Rune Raiders, where mystical symbols hold the key to hidden treasures!
Since ancient times, the greatest of riches have been protected by the most powerful of beings! The Gemstone Guardians feature a special horizontal reel, which can be visited by multipliers and crazy blazed Wilds.

The real thrill comes during Free Spins, when the multipliers double and persist until the end of the feature, so the deeper one ventures, the greater the reward that awaits!
Get ready to dive into a tantalizing world of ice cream towers and massive multipliers with our Super Sundae slot! Every spin unveils a unique playing field, where you stack ice creams while working your way to the top, where multipliers await to be activated. In the bonus round, any activated multipliers stick around till the end.

Even sweeter, if you manage to activate all 5 of them, you'll scoop up 5 additional spins and all multiplier values double to bring you the biggest wins! With its enticing visuals and adrenaline-pumping features, Super Sundae serves up the perfect blend of fun and rewards, proving that in the game of slots, the sweet taste of victory is best served cold!
Embark on a celestial journey with Star Kingdom, an enticing slot game that sends you soaring amongst the stars and fluffy clouds in an anime-style sky kingdom. The excitement reaches new heights when you land 3 or more scatter symbols, triggering a round of Free Spins.

Throughout these Free Spins, multipliers will appear behind the symbols, which are activated whenever the symbols on top of them are part of a win – these multipliers stick around for the entirety of the Free Spins. To make things even more thrilling, stars might drop onto the multipliers, increasing their value even further. Prepare for a journey among the skies in Star Kingdom, where your fortune may be waiting for you!
Immerse yourself in the allure of Caishen's Temple of Gold, where the divine power of fortune favors those who dare to spin the reels and unlock the riches hidden within this ancient temple.

Lock symbols on every spin and enjoy free respins in this enchanting game, until you reach the Free Spins round, where a global multiplier grows to boost your winnings to breathtaking heights.
Lollicat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. With an adorable candy theme and exciting scatter pay feature, the game keeps you engaged and eager for more. But the real magic happens in Free Spins, where Lollicat becomes a massive wild with a growing multiplier, offering the potential for huge payouts.. With its bright and colorful graphics, Lollicat promises to be a sweet treat for any player.
Get ready to dig up some serious spud-tacular wins in Mutant Potatoes! Keep your eyes peeled for gigantic taters that pack a punch with massive multipliers. And when the Free Spins feature hits, those mutants go wild and can transform into lucrative Wilds for massive payouts. Don't miss out on the chance to rake in the chips with Mutant Potatoes!
Unleash the power of the totem spirits with Spirit Blast! Keep an eye out for multipliers that may appear behind the symbols and unlock them for bigger wins. In the free spins feature, any unlocked multipliers remain for the entire round, giving you the chance to build up a massive multiplier for even bigger wins. Let the spirits guide you to riches!
Embark on an epic adventure through the heart of the Aztec civilization with Aztec Ancients! With the all-powerful Sun God watching over every spin, players can trigger symbol upgrades, removal of low paying symbols, and total win multipliers. During the free spins feature, the Sun God becomes even more active, awarding features more frequently for even bigger rewards!
Twice as Nice is a unique and exciting slot game that takes you on an adventure to an ancient Egyptian city. Cleopatra is a Wild and unbreakable symbol that only appears on the middle reel, and If you're lucky enough to get into Free Spins, Cleopatra also gives you the chance to double your spin win. Take a trip back in time and see if you can uncover Cleopatra's treasures!
Blazing Touch takes you to the edge of a raging volcano. The heat is intense, but so are the rewards! Get the Free Spins feature by landing 3 Scatter symbols in the same spin. While in Free Spins, an increasing multiplier will apply to a chosen symbol, grow the multiplier as big as you can for a chance to win big. The heat is on!
The ocean is a vast, unpredictable place. It's full of adventure and possibilities for those brave enough to explore it. Heavy Anchor is a slot game that mixes Wilds and multipliers with unique symbol crushing mechanics to take players on a thrilling hunt for pirates treasures. Set sail today and uncover the riches of the ocean!
Disco Dive is a slot game that will have you grooving all night long! Get into Free Spins by landing 3 or more disco balls in the same spin. Once you're done collecting wins in the Free Spins feature, you'll get a spin on the amazing Disco Wheel for a chance to massively boost your winnings. The dance floor is waiting for you, so put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove!
Looking for a slot game that will transport you to a world of sandy beaches and clear blue waters? Pearly Shores is the perfect game for you! The calm and serene setting is the perfect backdrop for some slots action, and with a Free Spins feature where multiplier symbols double on each cascade, you could be in for some big wins. There's a max win of 11000x up for grabs, so spin those reels and see if you can escape to the Pearly Shores!
Vegetables have never been so hot! In Hot Harvest, the vegetables are ripe for the picking and the wins are waiting to be harvested. This slot takes Lock & Respin to a whole new level, allowing you to grow a global multiplier with each Lock & Respin while in free spins. The multiplier can grow up to 100x, so work hard and bring in the big harvest!

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About Super Hippo

Super Hippo is a startup gaming company headquartered in Ireland that focuses on developing exceptional mobile games. Their passion for premium video games unites players from all over the globe as they create pleasure for the public. They have over forty of the company's most dedicated developers, entrepreneurs, and artists on the ground, making them a lively, active company. The startup wants to set the standard for mobile technology for future generations.

Super Hippo did not begin as a maker of outrageous games; instead, it was a gaming studio seeking to succeed in the competitive industry of game production. The provider company released two games - Pirate Legends and Don’t be Squared - and, like many game makers, struggled immensely to make money from them.

A genuinely good game, a focused player niche, and a decent deal of luck are all necessary for advancement in the gaming sector since it has grown highly competitive, and countless games are released daily.

The substantial Irish firm Super Hippo, headquartered in Montreal and Bucharest, creates and releases adult games. Additionally, it actively contributes to the localization of English-language versions of Japanese adult games. Pero Pero, Flower Knight Girls, Ultra Adventure! Go Go-Oswari Island are a few of them. Pirate Legends and Don't Be Squared are two mobile games created by the provider company that falls under the family-friendly genre. The games were constructed with the latest HTML5 technologies, so you can explore the games on your mobile devices.

Octoplay, a casino game creator, has declared the opening of a second standalone facility to assist with increasing production output. Penguin King, a brand-new studio, has joined Super Hippo, the division of Octoplay dedicated to developing original gaming titles. The Symbols Rewards Anywhere games, which Super Hippo has already released, are slowly gaining popularity as providers of innovative gaming experiences in the iGaming sector.

Among the games created by Super Hippo are Pearly Shores, Hot Harvest, and Twice as Nice. With its debut game officially declared, Penguin King plans to play catch-up. To make it simpler for affiliates to obtain the game and to ensure users have a seamless gaming experience from beginning to end, Octoplay will build the next slot machine Salmon King in-house, employing the company's innovation and releasing it via its own Remote Games Network.

One game from each studio will be released each month, according to Octoplay's strategy. However, the company may reconsider this creation rate if there is a significant demand for its goods and it sees a positive impact on sales. Currently, the business is optimistic about its offerings and future possibilities.

The goal of Octoplay and its novel studio, according to Carl Ejlertsson, the CEO of Octoplay, is to give gamers the format they want so they can take advantage of new adventures as an aspect of the iGaming industry. That is Penguin King's primary concern. Ejlertsson revealed that different brands are on the way from the firm. One of these brands, Octoplay, would offer operators tested material customized for specific regions to assure profitable outcomes.

Currently, the Malta Gaming Authority regulates Octoplay. The provider company is additionally controlled in Romania, where it was granted a license in 2022. Octoplay made its iGaming debut in November when it released Hot Harvest, Heavy Anchor, and the previously stated Pearly Shores.

Autoplay has been granted a provisional license by the Swedish gaming regulator Spelinspektionen for running the business there. With the help of its custom remote gaming server, providers will have access to a list of Octoplay's slot machine collections. Currently, the company has multiple in-house studios, Super Hippo and Penguin King, each of which releases at least one new game monthly.

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