Experience an enhanced version of European Roulette with the introduction of Roca Riches Roulette! This latest iteration, crafted by Switch Studios, takes the beloved roulette formula to new heights, offering players even more ways to win with the innovative Sweep&Win™ feature.

Prepare to elevate your gaming experience as every spin of the wheel opens up the opportunity to activate Sweep&Win™. This unique feature empowers players to triumph on up to 6 neighboring numbers, even if the number the roulette wheel lands on wasn't initially a winning one. It's a game-changing twist that adds an extra layer of excitement to the classic European Roulette experience!
Elevate your Blackjack game with the Classic Blackjack Side Bet Suite, where the spotlight shines on the thrilling side bets. Players are spoiled for choice with numerous ways to increase their winning chances, unlocking payouts of up to 100 times their wager.

This suite introduces four illustrious side bets, each with its own unique character, win conditions, and payouts, all presented in a classic yet elegant package. Alongside the expected gameplay enhancements, experience the seamless and intuitive user interface synonymous with the Switch Studios portfolio. Classic Blackjack Side Bet Suite is designed to captivate newcomers, card game strategists, risk-takers, and casual players alike. I'd bet you'll find yourself sweet on Side Bet Suite!
A European Roulette game combined with the famous slot brand, Immortal Romance™ Roulette builds on the well-established multiplier mechanic, combining two exciting new features. With 4 guaranteed Lucky Numbers and brand-new Tri Rise™ feature all encapsulated within the Immortal Romance™ universe, the roulette experience is elevated to the next level.

The Tri Rise™ feature awards the player up to x2500 their bet. With 4 Lucky Numbers every spin, a brand-new feature and an world famous theme, there are plenty of reasons to take a bite of this game!
A European Roulette game, Ultra Warp Roulette™ builds on the well-established multiplier mechanic, introducing two exciting new features. With 5 guaranteed Lucky Numbers and a chance to enter the brandnew Tri Rise™ feature every spin, the roulette experience is elevated to the next level.

The Tri Rise™ feature awards the player up to x5000 their bet. With 5 Lucky Numbers every spin, a brand-new feature and an ultra cool theme, there are plenty of reasons to warp into this game!
Royal twins herald the best wins, with x25 for suited pairs of Kings, Queens or Jacks. Classic Blackjack with Picture-Perfect Bonus is a fun, vibrantly styled blackjack game with a side bet based on pairs of cards, and 4 different possible payouts.

With the side bet payouts on the felt, this game offers low barrier to entry for novice blackjack players, but has attractive enough payouts to bring in the connoisseurs.

Pairs are winners, but Pictures are Perfect!
Featuring the Terminator and offering a top payout of x500, this is a European roulette style game as never seen before, a futuristic presentation offering an incredible visual experience! Terminator 2™ Roulette includes a uniquely styled wheel with stunning effects, themed throughout with characters, clips and sounds from the movie.

The entire experience brings the much-loved roulette game hurtling into the future, immersing the player in truly unforgettable gameplay. Atmospheric cinematic effects and a pounding suspenseful soundtrack heighten anticipation as the characters, T-800, T-1000, Sarah and John Connor, reveal multipliers boosting possible payouts.

Every part of this game is crafted to enhance excitement and anticipation, giving the player a thrill-filled experience they will return to time and again. The familiarity of the Terminator franchise will attract new players to the roulette world and the exciting multipliers will keep them coming back.
The best hands in Blackjack just got better! This glamorous Art Deco styled Classic Blackjack with Perfect-11™ contains a side bet based around the number 11, strengthening the chance of payouts on these already strong hands.

Built by the table game specialists, Switch Studios, and featuring all the gameplay enhancements players know and love, this is an ideal side bet game for both connoisseurs and beginners. Straightforward to play, with the payouts on the felt for easy understanding, the Perfect-11™ sidebet has a range of payouts rewarding all 11s, including Blackjack itself. Blackjack is always the most exciting hand - but now any 11 is plain Perfect!
Is it a ten? Is it a 20? It’s Classic Blackjack with Ten- 20™! 3 ways to win the side bet with a top payout of x22! Built by the table game specialists, Switch Studios, and new to the online world this side bet pays out against totals of 10 or 20 from the player’s initial two cards.

An elegant game, boosting two of Blackjack’s best hands with a side bet win and sweetening the deal by throwing in a third winning combination. Easy to play and includes the on felt paytable showing how the game is won. The side bet combinations are clearly stated requiring no understanding of blackjack terminology, making this a straightforward game ideal for beginners to Blackjack wanting to explore side bets.
Fresh from Switch Studios, the table games specialist, 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette is a lively new take on the timeless casino classic, building upon the well known brand from the slots space, and looking to connect the existing audience of slots players with roulette. Introducing Lucky Lad Flynn as you’ve never seen him before, living it up at the roulette table!

He brings his 9 Pots of Gold to the wheel in an Irish themed roulette game, with multipliers offering winnings up to x500! Tap along to the rollicking music and enjoy excitement aplenty with big payouts beckoning. Lucky Lad Flynn is no stranger to the high life, in fact, he is downright spoiled! He lives large, dressed in the finest golden silks and glittering jewelry, and jigs the nights away, knowing he’s the richest in the land.

Now he wants to share his wealth, and he’s found a brand new way to do it! With a roulette table liberally sprinkled with rainbows and lucky four-leaf clovers, all that’s needed for maximum excitement is a few Pots of Gold. Watch out for them at the start of the game, as they reveal multipliers up to x500. Place your bets, spin the wheel, and hope you’ve borrowed the luck of the Irish for this leprechaun-themed game.
Prepare to fall in love with Switch Studios’ brand new heart-themed side bet in Classic Blackjack with Sweetheart 16™! Romance is on the cards when a pair of 8 of Hearts combine to offer heavenly high payouts of x200 bet. With 5 different ways to win from the player’s initial two cards totaling 16, this side bet is ideal for established players looking for bigger wins but intuitive enough for novice players to get started playing.

The innovation of the payout on the felt, with highlighted wins, makes it clear what the possibilities are, and where the winnings come from. Built to expand on the studio’s existing side bet portfolio, Switch Studios is looking to continually innovate by bringing new side bets to the market.

Theming the game around the side bet allows for a range of games with visual appeal to a broader number of players, and by pushing the boundaries with high payouts, the aim is to entice players looking for big wins. The smooth interface, playable on desktop and mobile, makes the game easy to love and hard to let go. Classic Blackjack and Sweetheart 16, a match made in heaven!
Switch Studios is proud to present its inaugural and first of its kind progressive table game, Roulette Mega Moolah. This highly anticipated spin on roulette brings even bigger win potential with the addition of the hugely successful Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot.

Preserving the classic elegance of traditional Roulette, Roulette Mega Moolah brings all the popular features from the original game but takes it to the next level with the potential for extraordinary wins through the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot and Lucky Numbers. Bets are placed, the wheel is spun, and players wait in eager anticipation! In every game up to 5 straight-up numbers are randomly selected, multiplying payouts from x40 up to x200.

Here lies an additional layer of excitement as players wait with bated breath to see if the Mega Moolah tumblers appears. If the ball lands in the pocket matching the Mega Moolah number, the Progressive Bonus game is triggered and guarantees a win on one of the four progressive jackpots! Switch Studios’ distinctive aesthetic, combined with an unbeatable feature set and stunning animations make Roulette Mega Moolah a fantastic gaming experience regardless of whether players are chasing the progressive jackpot or not!
Looking for Extreme excitement for a classic table game? Extreme Multifire Roulette lights up the betting table to unleash the potential for roulette players to win HUGE payouts up to x2500 stake! Building on the success of Multifire Roulette, tablegame specialist Switch Studios is proud to present an explosive enhancement to an already exciting casino game.

In every game up to 3 straight-up numbers are randomly selected and given increased payouts from x50 up to x500. Next, the Extreme tumbler spins, displaying a random factor from x2 to x5 which multiplies the already enhanced payouts, boosting them up to a incredible possible maximum of x2500! Players who love the chance to win big will enjoy this twist on the classic favourite.
Three wheels to spin, three chances to win! Switch Studios have put a different spin on Roulette with our latest addition Three Wheel Roulette. With traditional European Roulette at its core, youwill enjoy triple the action on every spin with three wheels instead of one!

Featuring all the usual betting options and functionality, Three Wheel Roulette is as easy to understand as it is stunning to look at. Mixing modern and retro, each wheel has been infused with a flash of neon colour for quick and easy identification, and the game is set against a neutral background that makes each wheel the star of the show.

You will be saving time by placing bets on all three wheels simultaneously. Each wheel then plays out in sequence with all winnings added up at the end of the round. With all the extra thrills and excitement, Three Wheel Roulette is bound to appeal to veterans and beginners alike!
The future is bright and the possibilities sky-high with High Streak Blackjack!

Switch Studios is proud to present a one-of-a- kind side bet, High Streak. Intuitive and easy to understand, this side bet pays out for each consecutive win against the dealer, with the maximum payout awarded after five wins in succession.

The introduction of the new High Streak side bet takes the excitement of beating the dealer to a whole new level! Boosting winning potentials with each consecutive win, High Streak Blackjack is bound to offer veterans and beginners alike a new kind of thrill to chase!

Set within a stunning neon-infused table, High Streak Blackjack toes the line between vintage charm and modern sensibilities. With silk-smooth animations and vibrant, pulsating lights that make the game feel alive, High Streak Blackjack boasts the ultimate thrill-seeking experience and is an absolutely essential addition to every operator’s portfolio.
Roulette-lovers the world over: we’ve got you covered! We are proud to announce Auto Roulette for your gaming pleasure.

Following the success of Switch Studios’ premier table game, Roulette, Auto Roulette recreates the nail-biting excitement of a real-world casino with a countdown timer that clocks down to each spin of the roulette wheel. This makes for a seamless, uninterupted experience that ratchets up the tension while keeping every single round fast, fluid and silky smooth.
Premier Blackjack with Buster Blackjack has arrived, supporting Buster Blackjack!

Switch Studios is proud to introduce one of the most popular and trusted side bets to a new premier suite of blackjack games. The next generation of side bet Blackjack games has arrived for desktop and mobile devices.

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