Looking for Extreme excitement for a classic table game? Extreme Multifire Roulette lights up the betting table to unleash the potential for roulette players to win HUGE payouts up to x2500 stake! Building on the success of Multifire Roulette, tablegame specialist Switch Studios is proud to present an explosive enhancement to an already exciting casino game.

In every game up to 3 straight-up numbers are randomly selected and given increased payouts from x50 up to x500. Next, the Extreme tumbler spins, displaying a random factor from x2 to x5 which multiplies the already enhanced payouts, boosting them up to a incredible possible maximum of x2500! Players who love the chance to win big will enjoy this twist on the classic favourite.
Three wheels to spin, three chances to win! Switch Studios have put a different spin on Roulette with our latest addition Three Wheel Roulette. With traditional European Roulette at its core, youwill enjoy triple the action on every spin with three wheels instead of one!

Featuring all the usual betting options and functionality, Three Wheel Roulette is as easy to understand as it is stunning to look at. Mixing modern and retro, each wheel has been infused with a flash of neon colour for quick and easy identification, and the game is set against a neutral background that makes each wheel the star of the show.

You will be saving time by placing bets on all three wheels simultaneously. Each wheel then plays out in sequence with all winnings added up at the end of the round. With all the extra thrills and excitement, Three Wheel Roulette is bound to appeal to veterans and beginners alike!
The future is bright and the possibilities sky-high with High Streak Blackjack!

Switch Studios is proud to present a one-of-a- kind side bet, High Streak. Intuitive and easy to understand, this side bet pays out for each consecutive win against the dealer, with the maximum payout awarded after five wins in succession.

The introduction of the new High Streak side bet takes the excitement of beating the dealer to a whole new level! Boosting winning potentials with each consecutive win, High Streak Blackjack is bound to offer veterans and beginners alike a new kind of thrill to chase!

Set within a stunning neon-infused table, High Streak Blackjack toes the line between vintage charm and modern sensibilities. With silk-smooth animations and vibrant, pulsating lights that make the game feel alive, High Streak Blackjack boasts the ultimate thrill-seeking experience and is an absolutely essential addition to every operator’s portfolio.
Roulette-lovers the world over: we’ve got you covered! We are proud to announce Auto Roulette for your gaming pleasure.

Following the success of Switch Studios’ premier table game, Roulette, Auto Roulette recreates the nail-biting excitement of a real-world casino with a countdown timer that clocks down to each spin of the roulette wheel. This makes for a seamless, uninterupted experience that ratchets up the tension while keeping every single round fast, fluid and silky smooth.
Premier Blackjack with Buster Blackjack has arrived, supporting Buster Blackjack!

Switch Studios is proud to introduce one of the most popular and trusted side bets to a new premier suite of blackjack games. The next generation of side bet Blackjack games has arrived for desktop and mobile devices.

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