May the delights of the fruits fill you with happiness! Experience a dynamic, vivid, and seamless gaming experience filled with dazzling bursts of valuable fruits. Expanding Wilds offer players respins as a reward. Wins are consistently assessed from either side of the reels simultaneously, with symbols appearing in stacked formations.
Super Wild 27 Dice is a 3-reel video slot featuring multiplying Wild symbol. The game has 27 ways to win. Way wins pay for combinations of matching symbols on any position on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel. Only the longest symbol combinations per way are paid. Way wins are added.
Groovy tunes, chic icons, and an electrifying vibe define this slot's wild appeal! The Magnetic Wild feature entices players with expanding Wilds carrying multipliers of up to 100x, along with funky Free Spins.
In this vibrant slot game, immerse yourself in a retro paradise adorned with a rainbow spectrum and classic symbols. These fruity icons are bursting with excitement, boasting an array of dazzling features and sparkling allure. Crazy Wild Fruits invites you to spin across its 5 reels, showcasing Wild symbols, a gripping Hold and Win feature, and Scatter symbols that unlock thrilling Free Spins rounds.
Navigate through the pristine forest floor, cautiously collecting precious luminous spheres concealed amidst the newly fallen leaves. Stay vigilant against untamed creatures and toxic plants as you journey towards unprecedented wealth.

Virgin Forest presents a 5-reel video slot, boasting a Wild symbol and a Bonus symbol that activates the Hold and Win feature.
It's that time of year when the orchard is bursting with ripe fruit, so start gathering up those juicy treasures. Every crate filled to the brim enhances your harvest, and keep an eye out for those helpful wasps that can unlock bonus spins.

"Collect 'Em Fruits" is a dynamic 5-reel slot game boasting Wild symbols, Fruit Collectors, and Free Spin triggers.
Explore the vibrant streets of Rio and immerse yourself in the excitement of the carnival as the sun sets and the samba beats fill the air. Experience Rio Mystery Night, a thrilling 5-reel video slot game that includes Wild symbols, Scatter Free Spins, and Bonus symbols that activate the Hold and Win feature.

Experience the captivating allure of Samba, the enchanting presence of beautiful women, and the exhilarating excitement of uncovering secrets hidden behind the feathered masks! Welcome to Rio Mystery Night, designed to enthrall the rhythm-loving audience. Exciting features unfold to create unforgettable moments throughout the night. Scatter masks offer payouts of up to 1000x, while the dancing nudge symbol emerges in full splendor when contributing to a winning combination.

Get ready to don your masks and delve into the mystery night across 5 reels!
In this vibrant slot game filled with rainbow hues and nostalgic icons, the excitement never ends. Packed with lively features and sparkling charm, the fruity symbols promise non-stop entertainment. Crazy Free Fruits presents a dynamic 5-reel video slot adventure, showcasing Wild symbols, Free Spins, and Bonus symbols that unlock the thrilling Hold and Win feature.

Bonus symbols that activate the hold and win feature remain fixed in position and kick off with 3 initial respins. Any subsequent bonus symbols also remain in place and reset the respin count back to 3. The hold and win feature concludes if no additional respins are possible or if bonus symbols occupy all 15 positions on the reels.

In free spins mode, landing the full free spins symbol (scatter) grants an extra 5 free spins. A total of 15 free spins can be played within a single free spins feature.
Confront the mighty challenge across 6 reels in Aztec Jaguar Megaways, a thrilling fusion of the Hold and Win feature with the dynamic Megaways mechanic. Dive into an unparalleled level of entertainment as you battle against the odds, aiming to showcase your valor among the bravest in the grand Aztec Empire.

As you navigate through the immersive gameplay, the vibrant symbols and intricate design of Aztec Jaguar Megaways transport you to a world where the spirit of the Aztec Empire comes alive. The fusion of Hold and Win with the dynamic Megaways mechanic creates a gaming experience that is both visually stunning and incredibly engaging. Feel the adrenaline surge as you face the challenge head-on, confronting the odds to prove your mettle among the bravest warriors of the ancient civilization.
Experience the thrill of a celestial melody that will shake your world. Amidst the arches, a untamed angel awaits, offering numerous opportunities for redemption and an abundance of unpredictable traits. Heaven Mania presents a captivating 5-reel video slot adorned with an Expanding Wild symbol accompanied by multipliers and an array of random features.
Experience the soothing caress of sandy terrain that leaves its mark on you as you engage in the playful company of ancient scarabs. Kick off your shoes and immerse yourself in a distant oasis, a secret haven known solely to the ancient pharaohs.

Introducing Multi Golden Scarab, a 5-reel video slot that showcases a Wild symbol and Scatter symbol, unlocking Free Spins with an additional Scatter symbol for added excitement and rewards.
Raiding certainly builds up an appetite, as our Viking warriors can attest. Returning from their adventurous exploits, they demand nothing less than a feast fit for kings—roasted pig, a medley of veggies, and barrels brimming with aged honey wine. And, of course, we've delivered!

Thirsty Viking is a thrilling 5-reel video slot, adorned with a Wild symbol, Bonus, and Sticky Bonus symbols that unlock the gateway to Free Spins. Embark on this epic culinary and gaming journey with our Viking warriors, where the promise of feasting and winning awaits!
Step into the concealed treasure nestled beneath the bustling traffic. Enclosed by massive rocks and imposing doors, this place challenges all preconceived notions. A covert vault brimming with visual delights and captivating features awaits.

Money Vaults is a 5-reel video slot that introduces Sticky Respins, Full Reels Multiplier, and Scatter symbols triggering the Hold and Win feature. Prepare for an adventure where excitement and rewards collide in this hidden gem of a game.
Embark on a Vampire Odyssey, if you dare, to unravel the darkness lurking in Nosferatu’s abode. Vampire Odyssey is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols and Free Spins.
A king, a druid and a knight meet at a magical portal… What lies beneath the portal is up to you to reveal. Winfrey Treasures is a 5-reel video slot which features Expanding and Multiplying Wild symbols, nudge symbols and Bonus symbols that award Free Spins.
Clovers carry Respins and Free Spins on their shoulders in this colorful slot. But the Sevens are the elusive rapscallions at the center of it. Lucky 77 is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbol and Bonus symbol triggering Free Spins.
A good pirate captain takes charge when it comes to bounty hunting and our captain is sure to be the first to grab his dose of fruits. With strong teeth and a healthy dose of competitiveness, he’s one of the fiercest pirates in the seven seas.

Pirate’s Run is a 5-reel video slot featuring Expanding Wild symbols and Full Reel Multipliers.
Get into the middle of the festivities as you follow the crowd into the corrida. Admire the skillful evasiveness of dazzling matadors and the relentlessness of the charging bull. Toro Wilds Reel is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols and Free Spins.
Hark as her charm calls you into her realm for, she knows what you need most. These aren’t smoke and mirrors but auspicious talismans of a fortuitous character. Madam Lucky is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols and Free Spins.
Earn as much as 3 Wilds on the screen in this pumped-up game and multiply your wins up 4 times at a frenetic speed!

Super Wild 27 is a 3-reel video slot which features multiplying Wild symbols.
Embark on this magical journey and receive nature’s blessing in form of stacked wilds and bonus Free Spins. A magical, airy 5x4 slot with 50 paylines and stacked Wilds. Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins feature. During the free spins, stacked Wilds always seen on reel 1 and reel 5.
The pressure is on the and the heat is rising as the world discovers our diamond-studded slot.

It’s fruits. It’s sevens. It’s scattered pressurized carbon everywhere! But just when you think it’s everything all at once, 3 or more of your Diamonds launch the spins that spin your world for good.

Before you enter the realm of a neon party, pick your feature top-up to increase the initial 5 spins and x2 payout multiplier. Enter the hall with your feature maxed and meet the reel hero. This Joker busts out his moves for your eyes only! Jump on this 5x3 wagon and feel the Diamond Fever all night long.
Escape the reality and step into the magical world of spells and potions where anything is possible with a single wave of magic wand. Be brave and with your wand cast a spell that creates lightning spheres. These lightning spheres bring you Free Spins which reward you with an amazing reward!
X marks all the spots in this pumped up fruity slot. Multiplying lines, Mystery symbols and huge rewards with the Big X.
Witness as the legend unravel in a stunning display of art and combat. Follow the rogue samurai pave the way with his favorite weapon. This is Shuriken Legend.
Hop on the reels of this swanky slot with jazzy tunes and juicy fruits. Get the most out of multiplying Wild and scattered Bonus tricks with Multi Bricks.
Discover hidden treasures and valuable coins cashed away in mechanic items in the depths of ancient tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Coins of Luck is a 5-reel video slot featuring Wild symbols that award Free Spins and Mechanic symbols
Wing it with this wonderful slot with expanding Wilds wandering through reels 256 ways. Fruits and sevens complete the set, if one is missing, a substituting Wild saves the day. Wandering Wild is a 4-reel video slot which features Expanding Wild.
Get a ride to Christmas town, where it snows all year long and the fireplace is never out. Get cozy with an assortment of seasonal trinkets and discover our Xmas Secret. Xmas Secret is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols and Free Spins symbols triggering the Free Spins feature with Extra Sticky Wild symbols.
81 Vegas Multifruits is a 4-reel video slot which features multiplying Wild symbols.

Where are you, you ask? Vegas, baby!
Meet your fate at Mount Olympus – conquer the Wrath of Zeus to be rewarded by the thunder god. Can you make it through the ten stages and please the king of gods?

Zeus Wild Thunder is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols, Wrath of Zeus and Free Spins. Harness the lightning bolts to turn them into Wild symbols!
Fight for the riches of the Aztec Empire in this fiercely entertaining video slot. Aztec Jaguar incorporates a new concept – Hold and Win – to increase your chances.

Battle feral jaguars and two-headed snakes on your way to the top of the pyramid. Packed with Free Spins and multiple bonus features, this 5-reel video slot is bound to keep you on your toes.

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About SYNOT Games

Everyone loves a professional so do the gamers playing at a casino. SYNOT is an experienced veteran in this world of igaming. They have been around for the last 30 years and hence are aware of how to reach the clients' hearts. Their games speak volumes of their panache and excellence in design. This is what you can expect when you play any of their games.

SYNOT Games Limited is a Malta-based company with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. The company also has the Gambling Commission licenses and follows its regulation, the ONJN Romanian Authority, and the Kansspel Commissie. It has been incorporated in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

The company excels in creating magnificently designed slots. Their fruit-themed games are of the top class. For instance, their 6 Fruits Deluxe, Fruity Gold 81, Hell Fruits, and more are engaging and bright addition to the reels.

Among the other theme of slots are the ones in adventure and action like Amazon’s Wonders, Skull Bonanza, Rich Pirates, and more. The animal-themed slots are Monkey Slots, Rock n Roll Rooster, and others. The Asian-theme slots like 88 Pearls, 8 Flowers, and others are also popular.

The company takes a lot of effort into creating unique and enjoyable features for the gamers like free spins, multipliers, and sticky wilds, to name a few. This ensures better time on the reels and gives gamers many reasons to enjoy. The gamers prefer these features and look forward to playing those titles.

The company has created over 90 games and has spread over 30 countries. This shows the innovation it has put into the art. It creates titles on HTML5, allowing them to run on any device of their choice. They can run with ease on Android or iOS devices. They can even run on desktop or mobile platforms. Modern-day gamers prefer this as they can play from anywhere on any device. The games are easy to load, and we have to credit SYNOT’s innovative design. This allows the games for easy integration on any casino platform.

Paying heed to the customers’ needs and desires has been the biggest reason for the company's success. Today, we can expect these games to run smoothly and in multiple languages. This has allowed for a better connection with the audience globally. You can expect titles in English, French, Russian, and more.

The next point to note is the way the game development happens. Look for the company's multi-resolution slots that allow you to play QHD, HD, FHD, 4K Ultra HD quality titles. The quality of games is why the gamers also prefer the titles from SYNOT.

Gamers can even find the games with a 4-level progressive jackpot option that makes the journey to a big win more memorable. The company has partnered with top game developers like Relax Gaming, Every Matrix, GAN, Draft Kings, Pariplay, iSoftBet, Playtech, and others.

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