Petra, an ancient city nestled in Jordan, lies approximately 250 kilometers to the south of Amman, concealed within a narrow canyon on the eastern flank of the Arabian Valley. In 1940, the intrepid 24-year-old adventurer, Hannah, chanced upon the lost city of Petra during her explorations in the Middle East!

On the gaming board, diverse symbols and stone tiles emerge haphazardly. As the board forges connections and attains victories, the stone tiles fracture, expanding the board to a maximum of 6x6, offering a staggering 46,656 Ways to win!

Upon reaching its full dimensions, the stone mechanism at the entrance unlocks, granting access to the free game. This allows you to delve into the ancient city's temple, embarking on a journey to amass a trove of treasures and riches!"
Begin a whimsical journey alongside the mischievous Leprechauns, utilizing their magic to fulfill people's wishes. Each spin in this enchanting game offers you a chance to win the elusive Leprechaun's gold coins. However, taking them away isn't as easy as it seems.

Engage in a simple yet thrilling bingo game where the objective is clear – achieve a line of those coveted gold coins, and you'll be able to take home all the accumulated winnings! But the real magic lies at the end of the rainbow, where a treasure trove of Leprechaun's wealth awaits. As the bingo lines touch the JACKPOT mark at the rainbow's end, you open the door to luck, providing you with a chance to reach the end of the rainbow and claim a large JP (Jackpot) prize.

Come, make a wish, and let the magical Leprechauns fulfill your dreams of wealth in this delightful and rewarding adventure!
Here comes the 2nd generation of the most popular Fortune Gems! Retaining the original simple and easy-to-grasp gameplay, this time there's an even greater chance to trigger the Lucky Wheel with Scatter symbols!

Significantly boosting the maximum prize multiplier, the existing payline wins combined with the multiplier reel on the right side are also retained. This provides you with more opportunities to win, and the wins are bigger and more impressive than ever! Come and experience the lucky blessings of Fortune Gems 2!
Welcome to Candy Land! With the adorable mascot Bear, you'll set off on an exciting and tough quest in this removal game that's full of candies and sweetnes! The game has a 7x7 super-sized board; the player can remove candies to accumulate multipliers.

To enjoy the thrill and excitement, remove candies like crazy. In the free game, multiplier accumulation doesn't reset; the more you play, the greater and more exciting things become! Bright visuals and adorable characters render you a cozy atmosphere. And throughout every level, the candy bear will be there to cheer you on and surprise you!

Candy Land allows you to have fun on your own terms, whether you're competing against yourself or your pals. Join us on this sweet candy excursion!
Want to play a gorgeous game of continuous elimination? The more combo's you have, the more you can convert into Gold Pairs. The more combo's you have, the more combo's you get. The free game also comes with a multiplier to double your winnings and make it even easier to win.
Welcome! It's show time! The cute and smart Joker welcomes you to her stage! Laugh along with her. If you have landed symbols in the last two spins but this spin turns out nothing, you will get a free re-spin! A Coverall Bonus will trigger a spin game. Let the wheel of destiny makes you rich!
Kung Fu Tiger has been practicing martial arts in the deep mountains for years, and now, his mighty efforts are paid off as he has become an undeniable master of Kung Fu!

Play the game that has 243 ways to win and get rewards by landing 3 or more symbols from left to right in a row! Don’t put your eyes away. The jackpot is yours!
Set sail! The world is full of hidden treasures. Follow our captain, a woman of great beauty, and search for treasures of all kinds. Enjoy the game offline. Once the board displays a certain number of or more identical symbols, you win. Golds are falling to the ground.

Come and pick them up! Add to this the boom of cannons from the ship, and you will see money rolling in! However, be careful that enemies are everywhere. Dangerous Skeleton Pirates may drag you into fierce battles. And when you enter the free game, the board may randomly display bomb symbols.

Fill your cannon cartridge, and the winning for each round will be multiplied by all bombs. Kill off the enemies and loot their treasures. Conquer all seven oceans and have trophies all under our belts. We are a Pirate Gang!
Maneki-Neko, a famous mascot in Japan, said that it’s a sign to make people become richer and richer. Let the adorable and energetic Maneki-Neko accompany you on your quest for wealth! The Okiagari-Kobashi just wobbles and bounces around!
Colorful neon lights, on a romantic retro night, sit on a sports car, and have an exciting race! Free games, sticky wilds appear, and the old driver will never get out of the car! Run with you to the end! Every time there are 3 cars, the number of free rounds +3, up to +9 rounds, such an exaggerated old driver, hurry up and get in the car, press the accelerator down!
The once-in-four-year international event - the Football World Cup is kicking off! Come and enjoy the superb skills of world-renowned stars, Dribble, pass, lob, shoot and score! Score a GOAL with big symbols and superb technical football stars! Excess bonuses are waiting for you.

Enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement of the World Cup Football game perfectly!
Get bonuses through a variety of totems, and use Samba symbols to convert into unified big symbols, making it easier to get connected bonuses, and easier to get overall rewards. Start the Extra mode, and you can re transfer and convert for free, with unlimited prizes.
Come with TaDa's Bonus Hunter from wild west for the super prize! The most exciting part is getting in the Free Game! The Gold Frame as the Wild, and win inside hunter's hidden surprise in cylinder: unlimited multipliers!
Gain a variety of symbols to get bonuses. Enter the Free Game to easily match the large symbols of multiple lines to win great prizes. You also have the opportunity to enter the special game in the Free Game! If you get a whole board in the special game, you can play it again, and if you keep gaining whole boards, you can keep getting free spins to gain bonuses.
In this special occasion, hold a celebration, and party all night under the moonlight! The guitarist brings music as passionate as fire, so come celebrate the grand ceremony of money and fortune! Play Wild and get re-spins free!

During re-spins Sticky Wilds will continue to move down until there are no more Wild left! Crazy respins for free to get high till the very end!
Drive through the quiet night, this is the Happy Taxi! Get on the taxi and on the road to wealth! Let the driver take you high! Round 2 ~ Round 4, Wild taxis rush out, win the prize and then flip the multiplier! The multipliers are X2, X3, X4, the multipliers are multiplied together, with the highest being three X4s for a grand multiplier jackpot of X36!

In Rampage mode, accumulate multipliers on cars X0.5, X1, X2, X3, and +0.5 multipliers on all cars when you meet the driver, while Rolls-Royce collects will let you collect all the multipliers on the reel! What are you waiting for? Get on board the Happy Taxi and win big!
You can win great prizes through a variety of minerals, and in the free game, you can also win prizes through WILD locking for continuous winning lines. In addition, for the prize game, every mine quarry that lands means more rewards. In the bonus mode you can stack even higher rewards. Join the gold rush and win great prizes!
Do you want to gain the Treasure of Asgard ? Through the continuous elimination rewards, you gain more Free Games. The more eliminations the more games you play, and the more rounds you can get in the Free Game, and the more rewards you win. In addition, there is also a bonus game the Yellow Spirit of the Gods. Show your courage and swing your weapon at the Fenrir Wolf to get exclusive rewards!
In the dusty desert, find the long-lost Book of Gold, through the mysterious power of the gold symbol, in addition to the general link prizes, you also pair with expanded WILD to easily get the whole board winning.
Medusa is a well-known snake-haired demoness, a combination of beauty, fame, wealth, and other desirable elements. Come conquer Medusa to achieve an extraordinary life. The higher the bet, the higher the Symbol payout, and there are two free games to choose from!

Special Medusa symbols will also land in the free games to increase your payout. Additional bets will enhance the Medusa effect in the free games. Use your Medusa Scatter to choose the best way to play!
Launch of classic and timeless Golden Ace! 6X6 oversized reel! There are 46,656 ways in total. Gain multipliers when you eliminate. The more combo multipliers you get, the higher the combo multiplier, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 for the base game, and X2, X4, X6, X8 for the free game, up to X10!

Don't forget to use Extra Bet, launch it and get the multiplier from the second level, as long as you win the prize starts straight from x2!
Alibaba: "Open sesame!" Treasures and prizes await you! When treasure chests land in the base game you gain multipliers! Earn more when you gain more! The higher the accumulation, the higher the bonus multiplier! Bet on a Free Game, for Treasure Chests worth x4! A whole row of Ali Baba (Wilds) may land at once on the special top reel. Certainly, win when they land!
India’s most popular elephant god, Ganesha, is here to bring player unprecedented wealth and fortune! Ganesha will turn into “WILDs” to bring good fortune and while it increases win rates, player will also get different multipliers of 3, 5, and 9 in the middle reel to massively increase the bonus. When WILDs fill the board, player will get the maximum multiplier of x1,111!
The classic fruit roulette meets a flamboyant stage. The gameplay is easy to learn and quick to play! A 3x5 board with 243 ways to line up! There is a high chance to trigger the special reels of the same row, plus a chance to expand the special reels. The more you trigger, the more prizes you earn! The special reels can expand up to the whole board. Don’t miss out on the magnificent whole board prize!
The City of Sin needs a hero to come out and fight crime! When the bad guy symbols land in the general game, there is a chance to trigger the “Ace Agent” specification. Kill the bad guys and convert them into Wilds, which greatly increases the winning rate and bonus. The spinner Wilds has a chance to trigger X2 and X3 effects, which upgrades the prize again!
The rhythm is alive in the city tonight. Colorful pub boards with various styles and themes are here to liven it up. There are 243 combos. Also, there is the bartending minigame that determines the number of rounds and multipliers of your free game. You can trigger up to 250 rounds!
Aladdin, a poor young fellow, accidentally stumbled upon a lantern with mysterious power. He rubbed it and, suddenly, from the lantern came a mighty genie that would abide its master’s wishes and make them come true. With the genie’s help, Aladdin is now rich enough to fight against a nation!
The mysterious power of Garuda is a symbol of luck, bringing you unlimited fortune and wealth. When Garuda lands on across the whole reel, you’re bound to gain great prizes! Simple and easy to master, spin any line and multiply it with the winning payout multiplier on the right side to get high prizes more easily.

Spin and be pleasantly surprised. Paired with whole board bonus for incredible prizes!
India’s most popular elephant god, Ganesha, is here to bring players unprecedented wealth and fortune! The elephant will be transformed into the Golden Ganesha to bring players good fortune, and spin up 1 Pay Way to earn some winnings.

The Golden Ganesha will increase the win rate and get a x8 multiplier for any Pay Way, and get higher multipliers with Golden Elephants that can go up to x888!
In the rich Inca Empire, gold is everywhere! Let the chief lead you into the Temple of the Sun to discover secret gold treasures. The changing reel surface and the gold frame spin into Wilds for continuous elimination, bringing more surprises with every spin!

With 32400 possible winning lines and a dynamic reel, each time you eliminate a single symbol, the more you play, the bigger the reel becomes!
In the Arena, you can accumulate rewards through continuous elimination and get a free game ticket. The more eliminations you gain in a row, the higher the number of rounds you can play in Free Game, and the more awards you win. In addition, there are bonus games Dueling Lions, show your courage to swing weapons at the wild beasts to get exclusive bonuses!
The mysterious Egyptian world, under the control of the Pharaohs, brings more surprises with the combination of variable reels and elimination multipliers. The maximum 7X6 variable reels with 117649 lines, continuous elimination multiplies the winning multiplier and creates big prizes and different surprises every time.
Thrilling Arena for an adrenaline explosion! Come and become the world boxing champion! 88 ways to link into a line, with a huge number of Wilds, eliminate Cascades to continue to drop hundreds of Wilds!

Free to play, right hook left hook continuous combo to get multipliers! Up to X8, the prize is in your pocket and the glory is in yours!
The King of Jungle bestows good luck on you so you have a chance to get whole board prizes! In a free game, the King of Jungle arrives at the city but encounters aerial attacks. Counter these attacks and bring down the aircraft.

The more aircrafts you down, the higher your multiplier! Also, you get additional free games. The more you play, the bigger your multiplier. Come challenge the King of the Jungle!
Super easy rules, and super simple one-line games, guaranteed to let you win, win, and win! The numbers on the reels are the winning points, and the numerical symbols don't need to be connected into a line to win a prize!

Bet higher and you'll unlock bigger wins + more special reel effects! You don't need to win on the main reels, the special reels will give you the corresponding special effects if you hit the symbols!
The Golden Cleopatra takes you to immerse in the charm of ancient Egypt, head deep inside the desert pyramids to seize the treasure! Each round of the game will give you 5 Wilds each time a Scarab lands. 4 Scarabs and you gain a whole board of Wilds! Let the Golden Cleopatra bring you golden treasures!
Come and collect some lively Jumpy Sheep! Get 3 Yellow Sheep (or more) enter the Free Game and get 3 Sheep immediately, and the 3 Yellow Sheep are fixed on the board! The more player has, the bigger the pot and the better the prize! It’s loads of fun!

Here’s a secret tip! Increase the bet to 100 or more, and get insane payouts beyond your imagination!
Would you like supreme, amazing, and consecutive winning? Accumulated multipliers via elimination of consecutive winning that will be the more the better! Free Game is no exception and double multipliers than the main game! The "Golden Joker" will appear after "Golden Card" has been eliminated that you will enjoy Joker's power!
"No limit to the number of Free Games and Wild Card multipliers will be added on level after level!" In addition to the winning points multiplying when Wilds appear, there is no limit to the number of Free Games. Endless prizes waiting for you now!
Come and enjoy the great atmosphere, and hopefully, you’ll prosper and have a great fortune! Come and collect pigs. The more pigs, the bigger the Pots and get so many coins that you’ll lose count! Here’s a secret tip! Increase the bet to 100 or more, and get insane payouts beyond your imagination!
"Mad about the money?! The Bonus Game is full of prizes up for grabs!" In addition to the winning points multiplying when Wilds appear, if the Bonus symbol appears in the Bonus Game, you will get additional prizes. There is no limit to how many prizes you can get and no limit to the number of games!
Two adorable Friendlies play in the streets of a traditional village and add a serene and joyful atmosphere to the environment. As the firecrackers are set off, the sound of the explosions scares away the evil spirits and triggers all kinds of magical abilities.

The special 4x5x5x5x4 board of “Crackling Firecrackers: High Payouts Galore” and the adorable Friendlies randomly light firecrackers, producing various kinds of random effects for players to earn lots of money and jackpots. Adorable Friendlies, Auspicious Firecrackers, and win happy.

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