In ancient Egyptian lore, a tale unfolds of a towering monolith submerged within a crimson sea, promising untold wealth to those who unveil its secrets. Horus, with strength unmatched, raises its towering pillars until the precious treasures nestled atop can be grasped. Legend whispers that when the goddess Bastet graces the scene, adventurers must plunge into the scarlet depths to uncover the hidden bounty.

Triggered when a reel achieves 9 symbols, the Mini-Link Bonus springs to life, unleashing 3 respins with the current grid intact, while introducing the elusive link symbol to the reels. Throughout these respins, only link symbols bestow rewards, rendering way prizes dormant (Symbol pays as depicted in the paytable remain unclaimed). Growth remains stagnant during this phase, with link symbols carrying the potential for random multipliers of x1, x2, x3, x5, x7, or x10. The Mini-Link bonus tantalizes with the chance of a maximum prize of x231.

Upon reaching 9 symbols, the Sticky Stacked Wilds Bonus awaits. Nine Wild symbols materialize upon the reel, clinging steadfastly for the subsequent 6 spins. With each spin's conclusion, the reel shrinks by one symbol until it dwindles to a size of 3, signaling the end of the bonus.

Achieving a 9-symbol reel heralds the activation of the Free Spins Bonus, with an additional opportunity arising if 3 or more bonus symbols grace the reels. Within the Free Spins realm, players may be bestowed with the Big and Small Prizes Fortune Wheel Bonus, Sticky Stacked Wilds Bonus, or Instant Prize feature upon reaching the 9-symbol reel size. The Free Spins Bonus imposes no restrictions on the number of spins, with each bonus bestowed bearing the potential to conclude the feature.

Commencing with a 5x4x3x3x4x5 reel, players possess the ability to expand it to a final configuration of 9x9x9x9x9x9. A special growing symbol facilitates this expansion, augmenting the reel by 1-3 symbols. Each reel expands independently, resetting to 3 upon reaching 9 symbols, triggering a random bonus feature in the process.
An antique temple in the deep jungle holds valuable symbols that cause Wild waterfalls to emerge. Collect orbs to have a chance to spin an ancient wheel to activate one of two different Free Spins games.

Explore all corners of this Mayan temple to find the legendary Moonlight Roulette to win all kinds of ancient treasures… or is it all just a tale?

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