Prepare to groove and triumph with WILD MIRAGE!

Step onto the dance floor and spin the reels to the tune of victory. WILD symbols morph into WILD MULTIPLIERS and disco balls twirl into a free spins frenzy, ensuring non-stop excitement. Yield to the victorious beat and let the disco ambiance guide you towards substantial wins!

A respin feature is activated by any winning combination featuring a WILD symbol. Once a winning combination emerges on the reels, it locks in place. The reels whirl, replacing all non-winning symbols with fresh ones. MIRAGE RESPIN persists until no further winning combinations surface. Payouts are dispensed at the conclusion of the respin.

QuickX™ introduces a guarantee that players will initiate a respin round with a MULTIPLIER ranging from x2 to x5. Players select the MULTIPLIER they desire to commence the bonus round with. Purchasing any of the levels assures reaching at least the level players have acquired.

When WILD symbols materialize on the 1st and 5th reels following the cessation of the reels, they spontaneously convert to a MULTIPLIER ranging from X1 to X5 in the base game and from X1 to X9 in FREE SPINS. WILD symbols substitute for all symbols except SCATTER. Each single way win involving a WILD symbol amplifies the win by a specific MULTIPLIER displayed in place of the WILD symbol. If the single way win incorporates 2 WILDs, the win is multiplied by the MULTIPLIER showcased instead of the WILD symbol on the 1st reel and the MULTIPLIER exhibited instead of the WILD on the 5th reel.

FREE SPINS are triggered when 3 SCATTER symbols land simultaneously on the reels. FREE SPINS arrive in a set of 7. Throughout the FREE SPINS session, a random WILD MULTIPLIER ranges from x1 to x9. MIRAGE RESPIN may also emerge during FREE SPINS.
Set off on a fantastical journey, where the realms of science fiction intersect with ancient myths, and beings from beyond mingle with the gods of Egypt. Accompany Ra, the untamed deity, and a host of celestial entities in this cosmic narrative, where spacecraft resembling pyramids unleash generous rewards and initiate bonus rounds. Victories cascade and multipliers fluctuate dynamically, offering divine opportunities for significant wins.

Ra assumes the role of a WILD symbol, standing in for all other symbols except the SCATTER. However, it does not yield any payouts independently. When multiple WILD symbols land on adjacent reels, they merge to form larger symbols that expand vertically, following a pattern of 1x2, 1x3, 1x4. During winning combinations, WILD Ra symbols burst explosively in shattering sequences.

The QuickX™ feature ensures swift access to the game's attractions. Players are presented with three options:

Triple the chance to trigger FREE SPINS with a x1.5 bet MULTIPLIER; Spin with a randomly assigned WILD symbol with a x15 bet MULTIPLIER; Initiate FREE SPINS with a x100 bet MULTIPLIER. Opting for QuickX™ adjusts the total bet by multiplying the original bet by the chosen QuickX™ bet MULTIPLIER.

Each win activates BlastX, wherein winning combinations shatter to make way for new symbols, potentially forming fresh winning combinations. A maximum of 10 shatter rounds are permitted. The win MULTIPLIER begins at 1 and escalates with each shatter round, reaching a maximum of 10. BlastX mode concludes either when the MULTIPLIER hits x10 or when no winning combination appears on the reels.

The appearance of 4 Pyramid symbols on the screen triggers 8 FREE SPINS. Throughout FREE SPINS, the MULTIPLIER remains unchanged between spins. BlastX operates with an unlimited number of shatter rounds during FREE SPINS, yet the maximum MULTIPLIER remains capped at x10.

FREE SPINS are retriggerable, as SCATTER symbols can reappear during FREE SPINS on any reel, with each SCATTER symbol granting an additional FREE SPIN.
Experience a burst of thrill as the legendary crystal fruits make a triumphant return in a deluxe presentation. Capture the excitement of 243 WILDs and witness as 5 paylines evolve into 243 pathways, ensuring a flurry of substantial victories. Waste no time and immerse yourself in the excitement with QuickX™, igniting the deluxe adventure.

During the base game, whenever a WILD 243 lands on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel as part of a winning combination, the game shifts into criss-cross mode. Here, 5 win lines are transformed into 243 ways, with the assistance of the WILD 243 RESPIN feature to bolster wins. Victorious combinations detonate, creating space for fresh symbols and triggering another respin. The win multiplier commences at x1, escalating with each successive respin until it peaks at a maximum of x5. The feature concludes once the maximum multiplier is reached, irrespective of whether a win occurs.

QuickX™ introduces a feature where players immediately enter respin mode, selecting a multiplier at the outset. They have the option to choose a multiplier ranging from X1 to X5. During respins played with multipliers from X1 to X4, players have the opportunity to advance to the X5 multiplier using the same initial bet that initiated the QuickX™ feature. However, once the X5 multiplier is selected, progression to the next level is not feasible. Participation in the QuickX™ feature necessitates the purchase of the corresponding X multiplier.
Explore the untamed thrill of the mischievous Joker! Venture into the wild side and immerse yourself in the exhilaration of substantial victories. Boasting 81 winning lines, our wild Joker serves as your pathway to amplifying your rewards.

The greater the number of Jokers gracing the screen, the more substantial your wins become. Take a spin now and kickstart the excitement!
Ignite the reels with mouthwatering wins in this frutalicious adventure!

Fueled by the thrill of victory, each spin in this game bursts with succulent triumphs. Symbols cascading over the reels burst like winning fireworks when they align perfectly with the Wild 27 symbol, expanding 5 lines into 27 pathways for exhilarating respins. Without fruits, life lacks flavor and... victories, so indulge in a life filled with fruits that crave triumph!
Rekindle the joy of classic fruit machines in a game where excitement burns as high as the flaming fruits that pop up across the reels set ablaze by juicy wins. Hunt for identical symbols - when they cover all three reels, your wins are multiplied by 2.

If all 3 reels are fully stacked with the same symbol the total win is multiplied by x2.
A regal adventure like no other awaits in this new take on the legendary tale of King Midas where it is the Queen who guides the lucky players to unleash the power of the golden touch. Opulence and luxury permeate this game where multipliers and respins are abundant and all that glitters is actually gold. Let the golden reign begin!

The Golden Touch Multiplier Respin feature is activated when the WILD Midas symbol is part of a winning combination which triggers a respin. During the GOLDEN TOUCH MULTIPLIER RESPIN, an additional payout MULTIPLIER is applied. The MULTIPLIER is picked randomly and it is displayed on the right hand at the bottom of the game window, ranging from x2 to x8. During the respin, the symbols in the winning combination freeze in place, while new symbols land, increasing the chance of new wins appearing on the screen. The win MULTIPLIER increases with each new respin up to x8. The feature ends when no new win appears.

When the WILD Midas symbol lands on the screen in a winning combination it triggers the GOLDEN TOUCH UPGRADE RESPIN. The upgraded symbol is indicated by the left hand at the bottom of the screen. During the respin, symbols which appear in a winning combination are upgraded by one level (symbol) according to the paytable. The feature ends when no new win appears.
Ready for the new crystal adventures? This time, the famous fruits bring infinite wins and a new revamped respin feature. WILD 81 is the ultimate action maker that shakes the reels and unleashes the power of infinite respins and multipliers. Spin the reels and revel in incredible wins that await!

In the base game when the 81 WILD lands on any of the reels, it triggers the respin game, where 7 winlines change to 81 ways. Here, when winning combinations are gained, they explode, leaving space for new symbols and another respin. The win MULTIPLIER starts with x2 and increases with every new respin until it reaches the maximum of x5 MULTIPLIER.

Respins are infinite and end when there is no winning combination on the reels. During respins the WILD is only a substitute for all other symbols.
Ignite your winning fever with fruits made in fire!

Get ready to unleash your inner fire and embark on an unforgettable adventure with this fiery game. Each win will send your pulse racing, but it's the sizzling Scatter symbol that will truly set your wins ablaze! Watch your victories multiply as you experience a scorching gameplay like never before. Can you handle the flames? Let the frenzy begin!
Treasures buried in the sand await the lucky ones!

Join Aladdin and Jasmine in a thrilling quest where a magic book holds the key to riches. Beware of Jafar's wicked schemes as you spin the reels, but fear not, for the magic book will guide you not only to success but also to bags of gold. Let the magic unfold and treasures be yours!
Fame and fortune await those who unlock the Gifts of Fortune!

Explore the magic and fortunes of faraway eastern realms where dragons still hold the keys to riches galore. Hidden in blooming sakura trees or scattered around floating sky islands, the Gifts of Fortune seal the fate and luck of every brave player.
Glamour and glitz of Sin City await in this perfect fusion of classic fruit game and funky modern twists. Every spin is a wild ride with multipliers rolling on across the reels and bringing big wins and pumping-thrills. The cherry on top is QuickX which takes players right into the thick of it where glorious wins shower the bold ones.
Join forces with the three thunder gods to strike it rich! Venture up into the skies where formidable gods of thunder and lightning keep watch over fortunes galore. Use your spinning skills to collect the required number of magical gems to step up your game and play under the protection of one of the gods - Thor, Zeus or Perun.
Experience the style and glamour of a legendary table game from the comfort of your home or on the go. With the La Partage rule, players will never leave empty-handed as half of their Red/Black, Even/Odd, or Low/High bets is guaranteed when the ball lands on zero.
Unlock 243 magic ways to scoop up some festive wins! The famous crystal fruits are back in town! Sprinkled on with a bit of snow and a dash of Christmas magic, they bring along a festive cheer, excitement and wins galore.

243 Wild Respin is bestowed by Santa himself as he rolls over the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel to make someone richer this season of jolly. To rip your Christmas presents real quick, a new feature QuickX will do the trick.
Behold the power of fruits descend on the 5x4 grid, bringing wins across 40 paylines at lightning speed.Cherries, grapes and other fruits are accompanied by bells, sevens, wilds and Rot Stormo symbols in this fast-paced fruit adventure.

Rot Stormo symbols are the ones to watch out for because, when amassed on the bonus screen, they bring on the ultimate action with a x2000 multiplier and the Rot Stormo Ultimate Prize.
Quench your thirst for big wins in this bloody adventure

True wins know no boundaries and those thirsty for some eternal riches must step out of their comfort zone and battle the undead creatures.

Behind the walls of a dark vampire’s castle a chilling jaunt to claim unearthly fortunes begins. Dripping blood marks the winning path and cauldrons of bats roaming the haunted castle swirl to award spine-chilling wealth.
Join the wild mermaids to salvage underwater riches

The enchanting realm of mystifying marine creatures opens up its deepest secrets. Beautiful mermaids grant wishes and luck to the brave ones who embark on an underwater quest to salvage riches galore.

Each wave is swelling with big wins and a host of wild features guarantee a good catch every time the reels are spun.
Rock the reels to feel the heat of the wild Hawaiian night!

From the first aloha to the late buzz of the Hawaiian night, splendid hula girls spin the reels and expand to perform the triumphant dance to the infectious rhythm of winning sounds.

Calm island breeze stops blowing and the shores of Waikiki are set ablaze as the special Expanding Wild swirls in the hot Hawaiian night, bringing wins galore for the lucky ones.
Something’s cooking in the berry land. Goldenberries, cherries, blueberries and other juicy berries leap in tandem to unleash big wins across 40 win lines.

Wild jars shake the reels up as they slide down the reels and free spins burst with jumpy berries bringing on even more finger-licking wins.
Faraway eastern lands hide plentiful riches guarded by the fearless beasts – dragon and phoenix. Only the brave ones can harvest the fiery energy of the phoenix and the luck of the dragon to lay their hands on the mythical treasures.

Both creatures can get super wild as they unite in the ultimate free spins battle to award the lucky ones with big wins.
Meet the PengWins and fish out some cool riches!

In the far corners of Antarctica a happy penguin family resides. The PengWins love to explore and have fun. Accompanied by a cheeky octopus and a lazy shrimp, they embark on a journey across the floe dotted sea to fish out some crisp and cool riches.

Jumping on and off the floes the kids go wild and get lost only to be saved in a wild family reunion that rocks the reels and showers players with splashes of big wins.
Conquer the power of Frutopia to claim the ultimate prize! In the far corners of space the Fruit city of Frutopia emerges from the depths, unleashing the mystic powers of its five strata.

Only those with perfect qualities and impeccable skills can enter and draw the power of the mighty Frutopia energy cores to stand tall and claim the crystalline riches of the highest stratum of Frutopia.
The adrenaline goes through the roof as teams gather to compete in the greatest of cricket tournaments. With no small degree of luck, skill and discipline, the best comes on a great run and hope is lifted to even greater heights with each spin as the bat hits the winning ball.

Underdogs or favourites? Who will stand up in those pressure moments when the big wins are up for grabs?
Gold diggers, have your mining gear at the ready! A maze of mine tunnels opens up, offering riches galore to those who are courageous enough to face and withstand the perils of the arduous journey across 9×8 reels in a race to collect all the gold and gems of the mine.
From the far reaches of the galaxy, the unlikely heroes emerge to battle relentless intergalactic criminals who stole a precious chest in an epic heist.

To ensure the universe’s fragile peace doesn’t break apart and to find the stolen object, a motley group of space pirates, humanoids and cyborgs must join forces to shatter the evil opponent and to hunt down big wins with increasing multipliers.
The crazy fruits have descended on the reels to kick-start the party of a lifetime.

Popping up cheerfully across 5 winlines, which in free spins change to 27, the fruits join forces with symbols 77WILD and Stars to bring even more fun and excitement in this delightfully colourful game.
Big, small, green or brown. Coins or bills. Shining or rustling. Money is the anthem of success. Grab your pennies, ponies, monkeys and spin the reels to ring the sound of big wins in this money-making game.

The more you bet, the more you earn as your winnings increase with each respin up to 5x multiplier.
The town of Buñol is painted red in the August heat when people take to the streets and start a famous tomato fight.

Join forces with two local rascals, Sergio and Fernando, and discover the unique Spanish party spirit and a host of exciting features that help you amass not only piles of squashed tomatoes but also juicy wins.
A playful, fruit-infused game takes players on a mischievous adventure across 81 win lines where a succulent assortment of fruits pops up cheerfully on the reels to award lucky players big wins.

Wild Multiplier is the symbol to watch out for as it doubles the winnings.
With its rich features and lavishly rendered 3D wheel this Announced bets European Roulette variant promises a unique thrill of the live game experience players can enjoy whenever they feel like hitting the casino floor.
A delicious, decadent, mouth-watering adventure that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but awards also lusciously huge wins, opens its door to all sweets lovers and lucky players. Once you start playing, Sweet Crush will definitely have you craving for more wins and…sweets.

The magical world of crunchy hazelnuts, smooth chocolate, marshmallow trifles, brownies, jelly beans, cup cakes, candies hides a delightful stash of big wins so prepare for a hilarious quest to claim the candied trophies.
Time to succumb to the golden lure hiding in the vaults. It’s true that gold bars and coins are in short supply, but the lucky ones are sure to stumble upon them. Wild X and Bonus icons are the symbols to watch out for to step up your game and take home whopping wins in Free Spins and Gold Vault Bonus Game.

Time to snatch at the chance to scoop up some life-changing picks.
Ravaged by the elements and wild mythical spirits, the Wild Sierra is no place for weaklings. To gain the protective charms of dreamcatchers and take away big wins, players must first tame the mighty and stubborn wolves that guard the paths to riches.

The great Wolf leads the pack that at times turns into Wild clusters and helps players sweep the board. Dreamcatchers open the gate to Free Spins where the ultimate battle against the spirits of nature will decide whether players are worth a hidden fortune.
A juicy adventure with a famous WILD symbol and 243 paylines returns in a new dress. The fruits have taken on a more contemporary and seductive look and have tweaked the game’s features to make it more appealing.

Unlike in its predecessor, in 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed winning symbols don’t explode but freeze in place leaving space for another respin with a higher multiplier to maximise winnings.
The netherworld opens its dark gates, inviting the brave ones to step in and follow the Ba between the worlds of the dead and the living.

Those who are lucky and find the Secret of Ba will be guided through the darkness of the infernal realm, where immortal riches are guarded by the souls of the dead.
Get ready for rocking the reels with a wild Joker that brings wins galore in this enjoyable twist on a classic video slot theme. Towering neon lights swamped in swirling colourful mist of iconic disco visuals set the stage for the Joker to play his game.

The lucky players are sure to scoop up whopping wins with exciting features like the Towering reel and Joker Free Spins Game. Curtain is up! Time to try your luck.
This fresh take on a classic arcade game is packed full of exciting features that guarantee myriads of ways to win big. Bouncers make sure players hit it big with every spin and no one leaves empty-handed. Left Ramp Booster is the best spot to secure large payouts.

When the ball flies high in the Free Spins Path, players are awarded with a smashingly big number of Free Spins. Spinball takes pinball visuals, combines them with sharp sound effects and crisp, clear graphics and video slot rhythm to provide an ultimate, well-rounded escapade all punters will love.
Diamond Hill takes you on winning paths across the enchanted kingdom and its ancient woodlands, packed full with magical ingredients that spark winning streak and guide players up the steep slopes of big wins to the summit where the eye-watering wealth resides.
A huge fruity fire blazes in this 5-reel slot with an exotic flavours combo waiting to be squeezed to get truly mouth-watering wins.

Every new winning combination exploding in the blaze makes it harder to put out a fire so brace up for a really fiery adventure.
In the deep of the Banana Jungle, Kongo Bongo the Monkey is the boss, safeguarding the riches hiding in the mist. The craic and enjoyable wins are guaranteed when the reels start spinning and the anticipation of big wins begins to fizz through players’ veins.

Those who take their betting seriously, should make sure they take Kongo Bongo’s advice on where to place their bets to heart, as he is the one who knows the secret combinations of symbols that definitely hit the spot.
High in the Andes Mountains, the mighty Inca warriors reside in the mysterious Empire of the Sun, safeguarding precious treasures and worshipping their bloodthirsty deities. Their ruthless gods are hard to please.

However, those who believe in success and are bold enough to embark on a dangerous journey to conquer the riches of the Lost City, will be rewarded in the end. Inti, the Sun God is the one to watch out for as he guards the door to the Inca’s Treasure Bonus Game where plenty of Free Spins and multipliers to boost the winnings are up for grabs.

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About Tom Horn Gaming

Tom Horn Gaming is a software developer who deals in premium casino games that might be online and offline. After being founded in 2008, the company has had goodwill in the iGaming market. One might say that its massive success in the market is due to its dealing with a turnkey solution. This company has its origins in Slovakia.

The fact that sets them apart from the rest of the companies is that they deal in online casino games and video slots and offline casinos. If we talk about the company's diverse gaming portfolio, we will find that it deals in video slots to video poker along with Bingo, Scratch Cards, and many more. All games are available for multi-platform to make it more flexible for the players.

If you think about games options, you would be happy to hear that they offer nearly 100 games. Some of the most famous ones from their playlist are PengWins, Dragon vs. Pheonix, Frutopia, CricketMania, Mine Mine Quest, Spacejammers, etc.

These games come with premium graphics and soundtrack quality. The quality of a product is the first thing that a company assures before making it available to the consumers. This is the reason why they are so reputed for providing premium games. As said earlier, these games come in multi-platforms, like desktop, mobile, and terminals.

The video slots range from a unique theme and storyline to mega wins and huge jackpots. Some of them will have pay lines of 50 to RTP of 96%. It should be noted that these values are the average for all the games. There might be some games with lower values than those mentioned above. To compensate for a lower value, the game will provide the players with an insane jackpot feature where one can increase their payouts for as many as they want.

If we look at some of the famous games from the company's playlist, we can see that Dragon vs. Pheonix has a pretty decent jackpot feature of a maximum of 8096x your stake but compensates for the lack of a good feature is the number of free spins available. Frutopia is another game from their list with a jackpot feature of 3190x. But it compensates with the RTP of 96% and a pay line of 125, which is pretty good and above the average mark.

The company draws its origins from Slovakia. They are incorporated in Malta, and their registration number is C75121. The company is approved by the B2B Supplier license from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). Tom Horn Gaming Limited also has the UK GCL (United Kingdom Gambling License). Along with the UK and Malta, they are also certified by the NOG (National Office of Gambling) under Romania's Ministry of Public Finance.

The company has been nominated in the 2018th edition of the International Gaming Awards for the iGaming Software supplier of the year. In the Login Casino Awards, the company was recently nominated and even shortlisted in not one, not two, but three categories. They also won the award for a Rising Star in the Online Casino Technology at the 2018th edition of the CEE Awards. In the 2019th edition of the International Gaming Awards, they were awarded for being the best-of-breed gaming innovator. In 2019, they were also nominated for the CEEG Awards for Online Casino Provider. In 2021, the company was shortlisted in the EGR B2B Awards for the "Mobile Gaming Software Supplier."

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