In the sequel to the legendary Ragnawolves WildEnergy, the formidable Ragnaravens emerge from the shadows.

These powerful birds, known as Super Wild Ravens, can swoop down to seize control of the reels and enhance the multiplier following a victory. Fueled by the innovative WildEnergy mechanism, the Norse deities Thor and Loki possess the ability to appear on the reels, providing players with persistent respins. By harnessing the combined abilities of the ravens and the gods, players can experience an explosive surge in their gameplay.

The might of Odin unlocks access to the ultimate Free Spins mode, maintaining the vigor of the Base Game. It's time to take flight and soar alongside the Ravens! Ragnaravens, featuring a "pay both ways" format, introduces Countdown Sticky Wilds and Multiplier Wilds, which together deliver additional multipliers.

The Loki and Thor Countdown Wild symbols boast a maximum of 4 "Lives." Upon achieving a win, respins commence with these symbols becoming sticky. The Buy Bonus feature enables players to purchase 7 or 10 spins and gain entry to Free Spins.

When the Multiplier Raven Wild lands on reels 2 and 5, respins begin with this wild symbol becoming sticky. Respins persist as long as new wins are attained. Triggering 3 or more Free Spins Symbols rewards players with up to 10 Free Spins. All wilds present in Free Spins offer the same features and respins as in the Base Game.
The cherished Rainbow Ryan has returned, just in time for his preferred holiday!

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the atmosphere in an Irish pub brims with joy, as he prepares to entertain to his heart's content! Adorned with shamrocks, pints of stout, and vibrant decorations, the reels capture the essence of the celebration, as we tap into the Irish luck to yield greater fortunes.

Amidst the festive revelry, thrilling Encore Respins and Amplified Multipliers can be delivered at any moment. The jolly leprechaun is poised to take the spotlight with his guitar solo, and there's more – be sure not to overlook the opportunity to spin the Jackpot Wheel!

Initiate Free Spins by landing 3 or more Free Spin symbols during the base game. Free Spin rounds are played with the same wager and lines as the triggering spin. Commencing with 2 synchronized reels, the Free Spin mode may see an increase in synced reels with the Encore feature. Retriggering the Free Spin mode is not possible.

Upon accumulating 400 points in the Golden Jackpot Collection, you earn a spin on the Jackpot wheel, offering the chance to win 15x, 40x, 100x, or 2000x. Each bet size maintains a separate collection.

Rainbow Ryan 2 has the capability to randomly synchronize 2-6 reels, aligning them with identical symbols and boosting the likelihood of landing winning combinations. The Rainbow Reels feature activates randomly during the base game and on every spin within Free Spins.
Prepare to reel in another big one – an even more significant Nice Catch!

Amidst this frenzied fishing escapade, the DoubleMax multiplier makes a comeback beneath the waves, resembling the boundless ocean with its capacity to extend and unleash limitless multipliers in the Free Spins mode!

The amiable angler is all set for another maritime adventure, eagerly partaking in the excitement to accumulate some cash. Additional bonus rounds abound as the reels twirl, so let's dive in with the friendly critters!

When the Diverwoman lands on reel 6 with any chest symbols in sight, the Hold and Spin Bonus is triggered. This bonus unfolds with 3 spins, and any chest symbol resets the spins to 3. A full reel of Chest symbols activates the multiplier. The Diverwoman can appear anywhere on the screen, doubling the multiplier and resetting the spins.

To participate: Land 3+ Bonus Symbols to initiate Free Spins! 3 Bonus Symbols - 8 Free Spins, 4 Bonus Symbols – 11 Free Spins, 5 Bonus Symbols – 14 Free Spins. Any appearance of a Fisherman or Diverwoman in Free Spins grants +1 Spin and instantly doubles the multiplier prizes for the entire Free Spins duration. Bonus symbols are eliminated from the reels during Free Spins. Additionally, Hold and Spin can be triggered from Free Spins.
Santa Claus gathered his Hard Rock Band and received rave reviews from all the elves. So, post-Christmas Eve, when the presents were all delivered, they indulged in a massive Hard Rock concert to unwind!

The MultiMax multipliers are in town for a special holiday offer, unlocking the potential to elevate the Christmas spirit... and they keep escalating during Free Spins! Picture them as your personal helpers, enhancing your gift and amplifying its greatness with each spin! Additionally, wilds appearing after every win further enhance the rewards in Santa’s lively workshop.

Discover your inner enchantment and leave the rest to Rockstar Santa!

Upon triggering Free Spins, players have the choice to risk it for more spins or settle for the current amount and commence the Free Spin session. After successfully increasing the spins through gambling, players can choose to gamble again or initiate the session. However, failing the gamble results in the loss of the entire Free Spins session.

Achieving 3 Free Spin symbols grants 7 Free Spins, while landing 4 awards 9 Free Spins, and 5 symbols grant 11 Free Spins. Notably, multipliers persist throughout the Free Spins session without resetting between spins, maintaining the excitement at the same bet level as the initial spin.
Enter the magical world of Defenders of Mystica, a whimsical kingdom ruled by mighty female fairies! In this mysterious realm, the unconventional reel layout and bidirectional wins offer ample opportunities for extraordinary triumphs.

The mystical Mystery symbol holds the power to metamorphose, opening doors to captivating victories. However, the enchanting bonus round can only be accessed with the elusive Free Spins symbol, nestled at the edges of this enchanted domain!

Let the enchanting sorceresses guide you towards untold riches!

Trigger free spins by landing Scatters on the first and seventh reels, with 2 Scatters initiating 7 free spins, and earn additional free spins for every Mystery symbol on the central reels that morphs into a Scatter.

Experience the dynamic Wild feature: witness as Mystery Symbols morph into Wilds with diverse multipliers, boosting wins when incorporated into winning combinations, injecting a fresh layer of thrill and potential with each spin!

The enigmatic Mystery Symbols transmute into any symbol except Scatters, prompting respins and adhering to the reels when part of a win, while unsuccessful symbols vanish, paving the way for more Mystery Symbols on subsequent spins, with only triumphant symbols remaining affixed.

With its distinctive 3x5x5x5x5x5x3 reel layout offering 28,125 ways to win, and the dual payout direction – from left to right and right to left – your chances of success are greatly amplified.
Embark on a thrilling journey into the depths of a cavern teeming with ancient fossils, natural marvels, and hidden treasures!

But beware of disrupting the delicate balance of nature, as venturing too deep may trigger an avalanche of chained wins. Proper equipment is essential for all explorers, as Wild Stacks lie in wait, ready to cascade with each spin!

Delve into the perilous heart of the cave to uncover the elusive glowing mushrooms that unlock the coveted Free Spins mode, offering the chance to trigger colossal Stacks and uncover untold riches. Prepare yourself, intrepid adventurer – our quest is only just beginning!

When 3 or more scatter symbols land, players are rewarded with the Free Spins mode: • 3 scatters - 7 free spins • 4 scatters - 9 free spins • 5 scatters - 11 free spins The game's aesthetics transform to indicate this special phase. Landing additional 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols during Free Spins mode grants extra spins.

The Free Spins symbol, represented by a glowing mushroom, triggers the Free Spins mode when 3 or more appear in the base game. In Free Spins mode, landing 3 or more Free Spins symbols re-triggers the feature!

The Wild symbol is a central element of the game, appearing in stacked formations with multipliers. It substitutes for High or Low symbols during the pay cycle, both in the base game and Free Spins mode.

Wild symbols stack between 3 and 6 symbols in the base game, or up to 10 symbols in Free Spins mode. The bottom Wild carries a x1 multiplier, with each subsequent Wild boasting a higher multiplier. Wild stacks can land anywhere on the reels, typically beginning at the top of the first row.
Delve into the shadows of Vampire Riches, where clans of vampires converge in the heart of New York City under the glow of a Blood Moon.

Step into the abyss and witness the electrifying DoubleMax multipliers surge as victories are pursued in the depths of the urban jungle. Conceal yourself in the obscurity as symbols materialize and reappear, enhancing the intensity of the wins. The relentless pursuit of Free Spins can be accelerated with the Golden Bet, while the DoubleMax multiplier escalates endlessly during these thrilling nocturnal hours.

Do you possess the prowess to ascend the ranks of the Vampire elite?

Upon encountering a minimum of 3 Free Spins symbols, a Free Spins session commences. The ambiance shifts, accompanied by a change in music, signaling the onset of a special phase within the game. The rules governing avalanches and multipliers remain applicable during free spins; however, the multiplier remains static between spins.

The Scatter symbol, denoted by the Free Spins symbol, initiates the Free Spins Mode. Accumulating 3 or more Free Spins symbols activates this mode, granting 7, 9, or 11 free spins based on the number of symbols obtained.
Enter Fatz's groovy 1950s-themed Diner, cue the jukebox, and brace yourself for a feast of colossal proportions... all thanks to Yggdrasil's revolutionary GigaBlox mechanic, ensuring massive symbols with every spin, naturally!

Prepare for an extra kick of flavor with the arrival of exotic animals during Free Spins and respins, where sizzling features await. But mind your intake; don't overindulge! With each Bonus symbol landed, your plate of Free Spins fills up, whetting your appetite for victory. Let's dig in!

The number of Free Spins granted in Free Spin mode matches the quantity of Free Spin symbols plus 5 on the triggering reels. Additional features remain active throughout the entire Free Spin session. Land 5 or more BONUS symbols to unlock FREE SPINS, with the number awarded being 5 plus the count of Bonus Symbols.

GigaBlox, those oversized symbols, dominate the reels, forming clusters ranging from 2x2 to 4x4 during the base game and expanding to 5x5 during Free Spins. Any symbol, including Wilds and Free Spin symbols, can appear as a Gigablox, guaranteed to grace each spin with its presence.
Explore the magnificence of ancient China as you journey through this enchanting realm filled with national treasures, including the legendary golden gong.

Harness the ancient power of the GigaBlox mechanic, where symbols up to 4×4 in size can land at any moment. Trigger koi-filled super wilds that expand across entire reels, while witnessing lotus flowers bloom to unlock the revered Free Spins mode!

Strike the resplendent gong to multiply your current win by the value displayed on the gong's right-hand side. GigaBlox gongs can yield monumental victories as they break into individual symbols, multiplying themselves! During the thrilling Free Spins mode, the gong multiplier commences from a random value and progressively increases by +1.

Ancient China's wealth awaits!

Activate the Scatter Free Spins bonus by landing 6 or more individual Bonus Symbols in view (any gigablox bonus symbols are divided into single bonus symbols). Earn 10 Free Spins for 6 to 10 scatters, and the same number of Free Spins as the number of scatter symbols for 11 or more. Free Spins are played at the triggering stake. At the beginning of Free Spins, the global gong multiplier randomly selects a starting multiplier, and Free Spins are played out one at a time.

Super Wild Symbols and Gong Symbols have an increased chance of landing, just like in the base game. Each gong symbol splits into its parts and pays the current base stake multiplied by the global gong multiplier. The global gong multiplier then increases by 1. However, during Free Spins, the global gong multiplier does not reset between spins. Retrigger Free Spins by landing the BONUS scatter symbol anywhere in view, increasing the remaining Free Spins by 1 for each symbol landed.

Any gong symbol landing in view immediately splits into its parts, with each part paying the base stake multiplied by the current global gong multiplier displayed on the top right of the reels. After paying the multiplied stake winnings, the current global gong multiplier increases by 1, and the process repeats for any additional gong symbols on the reels.
Plunge into a realm of enchantment alongside captivating mermaids in the mesmerizing depths of Enchanted Waters! Break away from the mundane and discover sanctuary within a mermaid sanctuary nestled in a lush tropical haven.

As the mystical reels of the underwater world spin, up to four mermaids may grace the final reel, bestowing Respins imbued with distinct enchanting attributes that can intermingle to create potent, high-paying combinations! With luck on your side, you can venture into the spellbinding realm of Free Spins, where each enchantment persists throughout the entire Free Spins session!

Scattered across the first, middle, and last reels are symbols heralding the onset of Free Spins. Aligning all three simultaneously awards 10 Free Spins. Should two Free Spins symbols align with any Mermaid Symbols on the final reel, 10 Free Spins are bestowed, accompanied by the activation of the Mermaid Symbol Features for the duration of the session. Additional Mermaid Symbols landing during Free Spins further enhance the session, with their features extending to subsequent spins and rewarding an additional Free Spin. Attaining a trio of these symbols, positioned on the middle, first, and last reels, triggers 10 Free Spins. Meanwhile, securing two of these symbols alongside any Mermaid Symbols also grants 10 Free Spins, with accumulated Mermaid features in play.

The fifth reel hosts four distinct Mermaid Symbols, each endowed with a unique feature or "Enchantment." Upon landing during a spin, each triggers a Respin, activating its associated feature. Subsequent Respins are triggered with all accumulated features in effect upon the landing of another Mermaid Symbol.

Each of the four Mermaid Symbols initiates a distinctive feature: Avalanche, eliminating winning symbols to pave the way for new cascades and enhanced winning opportunities; No Lows, removing low-value symbols from the reels; Wild Extension, causing a Wild symbol to expand across the entire reel upon landing; Random Multiplier, applying a randomized multiplier to wins, potentially reaching up to x25.
Hit the club and groove to the beat with some delectable cocktails and a wild night tearing up the dance floor!

As the evening unfolds, dance enthusiasts might stumble upon Random Multipliers during the Base Game, amplifying the overall win per spin. Bust your moves into Free Spins mode and witness the guaranteed multiplier skyrocket to a whopping 250x!

Opportunities for gambles and buy bonuses abound throughout the night, and don't forget to show some love to the bartender as she serves as a Wild symbol, boosting your chances of landing a major win!

So, let's raise a toast to an electrifying spin and a massive win!

Upon hitting at least 3 Free Spins symbols during the Base Game, a session of Free Spins with guaranteed Multiplier kicks off. The game backdrop transforms, signaling a special phase of play. The Free Spins always number 8, with the Starting Multiplier tied to the number of Free Spins symbols secured in the Base Game. In Free Spins Mode, an Increasing Multiplier comes into play, guaranteed to climb with each spin until it reaches a value of 250x.

The Scatter symbol acts as the Free Spins trigger in this game. Landing 3 or more Free Spins symbols initiates Free Spins Mode with a designated starting multiplier. Landing 3 symbols awards 8 Free Spins with a starting multiplier of 3x. Bagging 4 symbols grants 8 Free Spins with a starting multiplier of 10x. Acquiring 5 symbols bestows 8 Free Spins with a starting multiplier of 25x. During Free Spins Mode, Scatter Symbols can only appear on the 2nd and 4th reels. Each Scatter Symbol bumps up the multiplier by an additional step (if 2 scatters appear, the multiplier increases by 2 steps).

An Increasing Multiplier operates within Free Spins mode, escalating by 1 step with each spin from the Starting Multiplier up to the maximum multiplier of 250x. Whenever the Free Spin symbol lands on the reels during Free Spins Mode, the Increasing Multiplier receives an additional boost of 1 step. The game proceeds with a 250x Multiplier in Free Spins mode.
Step into the epic medieval journey of Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox™, where players must navigate through a plethora of features to uncover the ultimate winning combination!

Upon initiation of the ancient Free Spins mode, an innovative twist awaits, granting players a Wild High, a x2 Multiplier, Expanded Reels, an Extra Wild, High Stacks, or even more Free Spins!

The GigaBlox mechanic transcends eras, as ancient blocks can materialize, presenting symbols as large as 6x6! With the option of a Golden Bet or Buy Bonus, players can expedite their journey into Free Spins. Fortuitous adventurers might stumble upon a treasure chest, yielding either a cash prize or additional Free Spins.

Prepare for an unparalleled medieval odyssey!

Upon triggering Free Spins, players gain access to extra features that remain active throughout the entire session. These may include Wild High, X2 multiplier, Expanded Reels, Extra Wild, High Stacks, or Extra Free Spins – granting 1-5 additional spins.

During the Free Spin Session, players have the opportunity to gamble for more Free Spin Features, up to a maximum of 8. The number of Free Spins awarded in this mode corresponds to the number of Free Spin symbols present on the triggering reels. All extra features remain active for the duration of the Free Spin session.

Trigger Free Spins by landing 5 or more Free Spin symbols on the reels. The number of Free Spins granted matches the quantity of Free Spin symbols present during the triggering spin.

GigaBlox symbols are oversized symbols appearing on the reels, functioning as individual symbols in formations ranging from 2x2 to 4x4 during the base game, and expanding to 6x6 during Free Spins. These symbols, which include Wilds, Treasure Chests, and Free Spin symbols, are guaranteed to land on every spin.
Determined Badgers are on a quest to find riches! With unwavering determination, they delve deep into the mountain, hauling up carts filled with valuable gold and cash!

Within the mine, multipliers adorn each of the three central reels, while Cash Wilds can also be unearthed from these reels! Whenever a Cash Wild contributes to a winning combination, it collects the corresponding win amount, triggering a Respin where the Cash Wilds ascend one position!

Throughout Respins, the multipliers remain constant, allowing the cunning badgers to increase the rewards in your cart. With safety goggles secured, it's time to dig deep!

Any Wilds left incomplete on the screen at the onset of Free Spins persist throughout the session. Gathering 5 Scatters grants 7 Free Spins, with each additional Scatter adding 2 extra spins. Free Spins follow the same rules as the base game, with a few exceptions: Wilds that haven't reached the top of the reels during Respins remain for the next spin with their accumulated value, and Scatters are absent.

Scatters can appear anywhere, triggering Free Spins when there are 5 or more. Each Scatter collected adds to a meter, resetting at the end of a Respin. Cash Wilds may land on the central three reels, collecting winnings they contribute to and triggering a Respin where they ascend. During Respins, multipliers stay fixed. If no Cash Wilds contribute to a win, the Respin concludes.
Take a chance and secure remarkable victories among the stars with Starfire Fortunes TopHit™!

As players are thrust into the enigmatic expanse of space, their luck is poised to soar higher and brighter. The fresh TopHit™ GEM introduces a plethora of rewards, morphing High Symbols into Multiplier Wilds or bestowing extra Free Spins symbols. During Free Spins, all TopHit™ rewards persist, amplifying the potential for massive wins!

For those feeling particularly fortunate, there's the option to engage the Golden Bet mode. This mode nudges the TopHit™ reels in favor of the player during the Base Game, significantly enhancing the chance of landing a major win.

Aim for the cosmos and brace yourself for celestial triumphs!

Triggering 3 or more Free Spins symbols awards Free Spins—more symbols mean more Free Spins granted. Throughout Free Spins, rewards from the TopHit reels accumulate without resetting between spins.

The Nudge Feature can activate by either landing a Nudge Symbol on the last reel or by activating the Golden Bet. This feature aligns all partially landed symbols on the TopHit reels to their central positions, thereby activating their respective features.

TopHit™ Reels sit atop the Main Reel and function independently. When a High Symbol lands centrally on a TopHit reel, all instances of that symbol transform into Wilds. Furthermore, landing more than one centered copy of a symbol awards an additional Multiplier to the payline wins. If a Free Spins symbol lands centrally on the TopHit™ reel, its features are also triggered.
Indulge your sweet cravings with the delightful Candyfinity slot, the ultimate treat for springtime!

Prepare for a surge of sweetness as you spin the candy-coated reels, embarking on a thrilling journey filled with delectable treats and captivating respins. Keep your wins rolling in succession and witness the array of winning opportunities grow richer and more tantalizing with each spin! Will you risk your delectable Free Spins or opt for the mouthwatering Buy Bonus feature?

Candyfinity guarantees to satisfy your hunger for both entertainment and confectionery delights!

During the Free Spin Session, players have the option to wager for additional Free Spins, with the chance to increase from 6 to 8 spins, 8 to 10 spins, or 10 to 12 spins. However, a failed gamble results in the loss of the Bonus.

Experience an exhilarating sugar rush with the extraordinary Candyfinity Free Spins Bonus, featuring a progressively multiplying multiplier. Prepare for an endless cascade of Free Spins, with consecutive wins granting you the opportunity to keep winning, while expanding reels offer even more chances to strike it big!

Each win initiates a winning streak, with winning symbols held in place as the reels shift and reveal an additional spinning reel. As the streak continues, the reels expand, reaching heights of up to 6 symbols. Achieving six of a kind or more triggers a win multiplier, starting at x2 and increasing with each subsequent win. Additionally, two scatters appearing on reel 1 will trigger or extend a streak spin without requiring any other winning combinations.
Join the Wolves of Ragnarok in their eternal hunt for the Sun and Moon in Ragnawolves WildEnergy™!

Fuel your quest for hefty rewards with the latest gem in the crown... WildEnergy! This potent force brings fierce Wilds to the reels, each with up to 4 lives. Once triggered by a victory, Respins ensue until all lives are depleted.

Encounter additional WildEnergy Wilds during Respins to sustain the pursuit of elemental forces. Unleash the unstoppable fortune as you harness the powers of the Sun and Moon!

When 3 Free Spins Symbols land, 10 Free Spins are awarded. All Wilds appear during Free Spins, offering the same features and Respins as in the Base Game.

The Wild can appear on the middle reel, providing a multiplier to all wins and remaining Sticky as long as new winning combinations occur in Respins. Its multiplier increases with each successful Respin.

WildEnergy™ arrives with up to 4 Lives and is activated when it lands on the Win Line. Once activated, WildEnergy™ symbols trigger Respins, continuing until you have 0 lives left. They remain "sticky" on the screen, with the life count decreasing by one after every Respin. Additional WildEnergy™ symbols may be landed on the screen through Respins.

Achieve a win on any Wild to trigger Respins instantly, which endure as long as Sticky Wilds are present. More Sticky Wilds may emerge during Respins, extending their duration further.
Prepare to hook some big catches! Dive deep into the excitement of fishing as you set off to reel in some fish and boost your DoubleMax multiplier for the chance to score huge wins with these aquatic creatures!

Don't forget to bring along your trusty fisherman companion, as he's the key to snagging and bringing in those fish! As the captain of the vessel, he also triggers the DoubleMax multiplier feature. With DoubleMax, multipliers can stack up to an amazing 256x!

You can even land wins worth up to 23,972.80x your total bet! What a catch!

During Free Spins, players have the option to gamble for additional spins, increasing from 8 to 11 spins or from 11 to 14 spins. However, if unsuccessful, the Free Spins round is forfeited.

Achieving 3 Bonus symbols grants 8 free spins, while landing 4 awards 11 free spins, and 5 symbols trigger 14 free spins. Free Spins are played at the same bet as the initial spin. Whenever a Fisherman symbol appears, it adds +1 free spin and doubles all multiplier prizes for the duration of the Free Spins session. Bonus symbols are exclusive to the base game.

Fish symbols are the sole activators of the DoubleMax™ feature. Aligning fish symbols on consecutive reels from left to right unlocks the DoubleMax™ multiplier, which applies to all wins during that spin. DoubleMax™ multipliers range from x2 to x256.
Sinister sorcery courses through the veins of this game.

Feast on the Weak revolves around consuming lesser symbols from the spinning reels! As players engage in the battle against enchantment and emerge victorious, any symbols inferior to those in the winning combination vanish in a cascade of mystical energy.

Should hexed symbols appear in a winning sequence, they morph into Wilds and contribute to filling the Free Spins gauge. Witness as hexed symbols on the central three reels instantly shift into Wilds during the Free Spins round. With successive victories, the multiplier escalates, potentially soaring to a monstrous 666x! Allow Feast on the Weak to enchant your reels!

During Free Spins, the minimum multiplier is locked at 6. All hexed symbols on the central three reels are promptly substituted with Wilds! Land additional +1 symbols to extend your Free Spin spree.

The game features two symbol categories: regular symbols and "Hexed" symbols. Once a "Hexed" symbol participates in a win, it transforms into a Wild symbol and contributes to the Free Spins Meter. Following each win, all winning symbols as well as those of lower rank are eliminated. Fresh symbols then cascade into the vacant spaces, granting players another opportunity to win. The multiplier applies to wins. Advance the multiplier gauge by fueling it with symbols from winning combinations. The maximum multiplier achievable is a formidable 666!
Set off into the cosmos and engage in combat against alien adversaries alongside courageous barnyard creatures in Giganimals GigaBlox!

Amass points to unlock the Free Spins mode tied to each animal as you conquer the hostile creatures. The greater the symbol, the more points you'll accrue... meaning a colossal GigaBlox symbol can rapidly skyrocket your score!

Points can also be boosted by multipliers ranging from x2 to x5, presenting ample opportunities to fill your meter swiftly! For those daring enough to seek additional assistance during their skirmish, the option to gamble your Free Spins is available. Progress through the animals’ meters during Free Spins for added rewards! Unite all the animals alongside a Bonus symbol and witness one or more symbols transforming into Wilds as you advance in battle. Prepare for liftoff in 3...2...1...!

In both Free Spins bonuses, there's a chance to expand the number of awarded free spins. By taking a gamble on the two wheels, players can potentially increase their spins. The choice lies between gambling for a slight boost in spins with high odds of success or opting for a larger increase with lower odds.

The game introduces a Free Spins feature activated by 5 or more individual Bonus symbols in view. Each bonus symbol awards one free spin in the feature, offering a maximum of 24 Free Spins. Modest wins during free spins contribute to the new Spaceship meters, with filling a meter triggering 2 extra free spins and turning one of the low symbols into a wild for subsequent spins. Triggering all four meters can lead to substantial victories!

During the base game, the 'Wild Surge' feature may activate on any spin, presenting the chance for significant wins as up to 4 lower symbols can morph into wilds.

Excitement abounds with the Gigablox game mechanism, where reels dynamically alter to form large symbol blocks, facilitating substantial wins. Gigablox symbols can also appear as Bonus symbols, enabling Free Spins bonuses offering up to 24 Free Spins.

Every low symbol win not only provides cash rewards but also contributes to the Spaceship collection meters, allowing players to work towards a Free Spins Bonus where low symbols act as wilds. Collection meters persist across all stakes, enabling players to expedite meter progression. Triggering a Spaceship meter awards free spins with the triggering symbol acting as a wild. Modest wins during free spins contribute to new Spaceship meters, with filling a meter triggering 2 extra free spins and turning one of the low symbols into a wild for subsequent spins. Activating all four meters can lead to monumental victories!

Multipliers aid in collections by boosting the values added to the spaceship meters by up to X5. Greater multipliers hasten bonus triggering, offering players the chance for faster progression.
When the world faces peril, a band of champions shall emerge to restore order. Gather, E-Force!

The tranquility of Easterville's rabbit populace has been disrupted by the malevolent Dr. Zeppelin! The most elite rabbit warriors have been selected to safeguard the Easter Eggs and ensure justice prevails!

Immerse yourself in the chaos of adrenaline-fueled Free Spins more frequently with unique Wilds, which not only stand in for regular symbols but also Free Spins symbols. Once activated, the escalating Free Spins Multiplier promises even greater thrills and victories!

The Wild symbol seamlessly takes the place of any High or Low symbols during the regular game cycle. However, in this particular game, it also substitutes for Scatter symbols! This enhancement not only heightens the odds of winning but also triggers Free Spins mode more frequently. Moreover, the Wild symbol can appear during Free Spins mode, incrementing the free spins tally by one and boosting the Multiplier by one as well.

Upon landing a minimum of three Free Spins symbols and/or Wild symbols during the Base Game, a Free Spins session with a Multiplier initiates. The machine and game ambiance undergo a transformation, signaling the onset of this special game mode. The quantity of free spins and initial Multiplier corresponds to the number of Free Spins and Wild symbols that landed during the Base Game. Furthermore, additional Free Spins and Wild symbols acquired during Free Spins mode further augment the free spins count and Multiplier.

In Free Spins mode, both Free Spins symbols and Wild symbols contribute to the Multiplier, amplifying all winnings within this free spins session. Each symbol incrementally boosts the Multiplier by one. There's no upper limit to this Multiplier, although a maximum win cap (10000 x bet) has been instituted for this game. The Multiplier persists throughout the session and resets only upon its conclusion. Additionally, the Multiplier feature is exclusive to Free Spins mode.
Initiate your journey with this 6-Reel, 20-Payline Video Slot Game featuring Sticky Symbols and Respins following each victory, along with escalating Multipliers to amplify your earnings. Experience the excitement of triggering the 6th Reel through the Golden Bet feature, doubling your opportunities to access Free Spins, unlock 6-Of-A-Kind wins, and achieve the highest possible Multipliers!

Every successful combination will lock in place (freeze) and prompt a Respin. As more winning symbols land, they too will freeze, triggering another Respin. Freezing entire columns, starting from the left, activates a unique Multiplier designated to that column.

Obtaining 3 or more Scatter Symbols grants Free Spins. Specifically, 3 Scatters award 10 Free Spins, 4 Scatters award 12 Free Spins, 5 Scatters award 15 Free Spins, and 6 Scatters award 20 Free Spins. During Free Spins, all Multipliers are doubled.

Scatters initiate two distinct features. Landing 3 or more during the Base Game triggers Free Spins. In Free Spins mode, landing a Scatter boosts all Multipliers by a random amount, depending on the rarity level of the Scatter—available in Silver, Gold, and Diamond rarities. Additionally, they bestow an extra Free Spin.
Journey to the captivating realm of Ancient Greece and experience the thrills of Elysian Jackpots. Step into the grand palace nestled in the picturesque Elysian Plains to uncover hidden treasures!

Acquire all the necessary keys to gain entry to the throne room, then amass Crystals during Free Spins to seize extraordinary jackpots. Break open vases brimming with an abundance of riches and safeguard yourself with Porpax Shield scatters, which activate additional modes. Unearth the boundless excitement of the Infinite Bonus Game and witness your winnings soar!

Collect enchanting Key symbols to unlock Jackpot Free Spins, or any of the five Gem symbols that grant access to one of five Jackpots. This game's Jackpot system merges with Jackpot Raiders, Jackpot Express, Frost Queen Jackpots, and Atlantean GigaRise!

Within the Elysian temple lie 5 Free Spin chambers, each accessible by gathering 5 keys matching the color of the respective Free Spin. Upon obtaining all 5 keys of a single color, players earn 10 Free Spins in the corresponding temple, initiating the pursuit of Jackpots. Additionally, all wins during Free Spins are magnified by a factor of 3.

The structure for each of the 5 local jackpot games remains consistent: Five jackpots—Blue, Violet, Green, Orange, and Red—are positioned above the 5 reels, varying in size and progressing in value. These jackpots are attainable within the free spin bonus round.

The Treasure Chests bonus game is exclusively attainable through the Porpax Shield feature. It offers an infinite adventure where players select one of 3 chests per level. Successfully opening a chest awards a prize, potentially secures a Key for the collection, and advances the player to the next level. However, an Avalanche can abruptly conclude the Bonus game by cascading over the chosen chest, allowing the player to exit the castle with accumulated winnings up to that point.

The Pick and Click game activates with the appearance of 2 Scatter (Shield) symbols, presenting opportunities for prizes and the activation of Free Spins or a Bonus game. Additionally, hidden within those vases are keys waiting to be discovered and claimed.
Prepare for your most covert assignment yet.

Join a squad of seasoned illusionists and navigate the urban landscape undetected as you seek the treasures concealed within the Vault!

In the signature style of DoubleMax, rewards are amplified with each consecutive heist, offering the tantalizing possibility of endless ascent! Additionally, wilds materialize after each successful plunder. Do you possess the cunning required to claim the spoils?

Should you seek to enhance your expedition further, opt for the Golden Bet feature to double your chances of triggering Free Spins!

Upon landing a minimum of 3 Free Spins symbols, a Free Spins session commences. The ambiance shifts, signaling the onset of a special phase within the game. Avalanche and multiplier mechanics persist during free spins, though the multiplier remains constant across spins in this mode.

The Scatter symbol, represented by the Free Spins icon, is pivotal in this game. Accumulating 3 or more Free Spins symbols initiates the Free Spins Mode, with 3 symbols granting 7 free spins, 4 symbols awarding 9, and 5 symbols bestowing 11 free spins.
Gather 'round as we spread the joy of Christmas in a magical winter setting! Witness ornaments, candy canes, and snowflakes adorn your screen in Christmas Plaza DoubleMax, where you can snag fantastic rewards.

With each victory, the festive decorations shift, introducing a lively Wild symbol to enhance your chances of scoring big wins. And with the DoubleMax feature, consecutive wins escalate the multiplier endlessly. It's like having your Christmas wishes granted!

Hope for a holiday miracle as you wager your way through Free Spins, where you could snag up to 13 spins with the multiplier intact. Cheers to that!

Before Free Spins commence, take a chance with a gamble. Succeeding grants more spins, while failure means missing out entirely. Trigger Free Spins by landing three or more scatters, where the multiplier climbs throughout the session. And if you're feeling impatient, Free Spins are available for purchase at any time for 100 times the stake.
All crew on deck! Hoist the anchor and set forth on an adventurous journey in pursuit of some precious booty! Engage in battles against fierce pirates as consecutive wins dominate your maritime reels. Victorious symbols remain in place as the reels continue to spin, plundering more rewards. Ahoy, me hearties! Gather Free Spins during your seafaring escapade, either by discovering scatters or purchasing them. But will you dare to gamble your Free Spins on the Wheel Gamble, hoping for greater rewards? At any moment during the voyage, you might even seize winnings of up to 17,000 times your initial wager. Avast, ye mateys!

'Tis the season once more, when we prepare our gifts and place them beneath the Ygg-mas tree. And this year, our offerings transcend imagination! Fear not waiting until Christmas Day to unveil your treasures! Begin unwrapping them throughout the three stages of our festivities - Mission Mistletoe, Twinkling Tournament, and Holly Jolly Prize Drop - where a grand total of €200,000 in assorted prizes awaits. Join us for a joyful holiday season beneath the Ygg-mas tree!

Upon triggering Free Spins, players are given the choice to gamble for additional spins or accept the current amount and commence the Free Spin session. Upon successful gambling for extra spins, players may continue to gamble or commence the session. Failure in the gamble results in the forfeiture of the entire Free Spins session. Take a chance to earn up to 12 Free Spins for enhanced opportunities to win big... if you dare?

Free Spins can be triggered either by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols on a single spin or by activating the Win Streak and subsequently landing 3 or more Bonus symbols. Each appearance of a Bonus symbol is collected, increasing the likelihood of triggering the Bonus. The Win Streak remains active during Free Spins. Whenever a Free Spins symbol appears, the lowest paying symbol is removed from the reels, granting an additional free spin and improving the feature with each occurrence!

Following any win, the winning symbols are held in place, and any matching symbols are locked, while the blocker symbol above is removed to create space for more symbols, thereby opening up additional winning opportunities. A respin is awarded, offering further chances to win BIG!
Firekick! Join us as we head to an electrifying stadium where an intense football match is on the verge of starting.

In this 3×5 reel arena, players will be rewarded with a Wild symbol for every goal they manage to achieve, opening up the potential for additional goals. With each successive goal, the multiplier steadily increases, reaching impressive heights. This multiplier remains active during Free Spins mode.

Free Spins offer the opportunity for risk and reward with penalty kicks. Even if the penalty shot doesn't go your way, there's still a chance to earn some Free Spins thanks to the Firekick feature! So gear up, strap on your football boots, and get ready for some scorching action!

Players can wager up to 11 Free Spins. To gamble, players must select one of two directions for the penalty shot. Each successful gamble awards an additional Free Spin, while losing the gamble results in the loss of the entire Free Spins session.

Triggering 3 or more Scatter Symbols grants players Free Spins. Specifically, 3 Scatter symbols award 6 Free Spins, 4 Scatter symbols award 8 Free Spins, and 5 Scatter symbols award 10 Free Spins.

After an Avalanche, a Wild symbol appears randomly on the board, filling in any empty spaces. Each Wild landing on the board randomly increases the Reel Multiplier by +1, +2, or +3. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Reel Multiplier feature is present in both the Base Game and Free Spins, multiplying wins when a winning symbol lands on a reel with the multiplier.

Additionally, every win triggers a Wild symbol to randomly appear on the reels, replacing one of the symbols in the winning combination. The multiplier remains active until a non-winning combination lands or until the end of the Free Spin session. If the multiplier applies to multiple reels, their effects are cumulative. However, multipliers from the base game do not carry over to Free Spins; they reset once the player enters Free Spins mode.
In the lush realm of Florageddon! DuoMax™, where the demise of human civilization unfolds, your opportunity for victory thrives thanks to the innovative DuoMax mechanic. Engage in a battle against ravenous flora as they descend upon you with each triumphant conquest. Should you manage to obliterate these menacing plants four times in a row, a random enhancement will bolster your endeavors within this apocalyptic landscape. Throughout the free spins phase, multipliers persist and have the potential to soar to remarkable heights.

You'll find two distinct Buy Bonus modes along with a gamble feature, all designed to provide you with additional free spins to aid in your mission to dismantle the oppressive rule of the grim foliage. Prepare to confront the savage carnivorous plants that threaten humanity's existence!

Unique multiplier mechanisms operate independently for wins from left to right and right to left, escalating with each corresponding victory — maximizing the rewards for both directions when achieving a five-of-a-kind triumph!

Furthermore, every fourth cascade in the base game triggers a Special Reward, ranging from a Double Wild and Wild Stack to a 10x Multiplier Boost or an Extra Life. Additionally, earn 7, 9, or 11 free spins, during which a mere three consecutive dropdown victories will unveil a Special Reward!
If you dare to venture back into the depths of the Earth, seize the opportunity to spin the reels of Champion of the Underworld.

In this latest chapter of Yggdrasil’s 'of the Underworld' series, Hades awaits your presence in his arena, accompanied by four new adversaries. Within this battleground, two prized mechanics, GIGABLOX™ and Wild Fight™, will come into play.

As you engage the subterranean machine and land lucrative symbols, some will morph into Wilds, enhancing your chances of success. The GIGABLOX™ feature promises even more impressive payouts, while the highlighted free spins mode becomes increasingly thrilling with each Wild symbol, including those granted by Wild Fight™.

Take a chance with your free spins, selecting from two levels of volatility, or dive straight into the action with the buy bonus, granting instant access to free spins!

Upon acquiring a minimum of 5 Free Spins symbols, a session of Free Spins with Multipliers ensues. The appearance of the machine and game environment transforms, signaling the commencement of this special mode. Every spin during Free Spins mode triggers the Wild Fight feature, enhancing the potential for wins, with additional boosts from the mode's unique Multiplier, which can soar up to x25 and remains active throughout the entire session.

In this game, the Scatter symbol represents Free Spins, with 5 or more symbols triggering the Free Spins Mode and each symbol granting an additional Free Spin. Notably, the Scatter symbol can also take the form of a Gigablox symbol!

Yggdrasil introduces distinctive mechanics, such as the fusion of reels to form colossal Gigablox symbols, ranging from 2x2 to 4x4 in size, including the Free Spins symbol. After each spin, these Gigablox symbols disperse into individual symbols, increasing the potential for wins.

Additionally, Yggdrasil presents the Wild Fight feature, aimed at providing players with more Wild symbols. Periodically, Hades engages in combat against each High symbol on the machine, transforming victorious symbols into Wilds. During Free Spins mode, the Wild Fight feature activates with every spin, enhancing the excitement and potential rewards.
Step right into the lively celebration of joy and remembrance! Join the procession led by the bedazzled calavera as we honor departed souls and revel in the excitement of wins and spins! As our dearly departed move on, so do the symbols, making way for new ones to cascade down and create even more winning combinations with Avalanche Respins!

The magic of these spectral skulls keeps the respins going until no new wins emerge, offering endless possibilities! Plus, with each win, the multiplier can soar up to 3x! But the spirits aren't done partying yet... Enter the realm of Free Spins, where the number of Scatters determines your spin bounty, with a chance to score up to 16 Free Spins! These merry bones won't be forgotten.

Feeling adventurous? Take a chance with the Gamble feature to potentially win more Free Spins, with up to 18 spins up for grabs! Gather 4 or more Scatter symbols during the Base Game to unlock the Free Spins round. Once in Free Spins mode, the multiplier remains active, allowing you to rack up wins in grand style.
Unsheath your blade and ready yourself for conflict alongside Yggdrasil’s Of Sabers and Monsters.

Accompany our courageous Cossacks on this journey as you uncover 4096 pathways to victory across the 6×4 reels, showcasing 4 High Symbols depicting Adventurers and 4 Low Symbols representing playing cards. Wilds have the ability to substitute for any of these symbols.

When you achieve triumph with the High Symbols of Adventurers in battle, the Focus Meter gradually fills until you progress to the next stage of your struggle – the Ardent Respins phase. During this period, Yggdrasil’s Wild Fight™ mechanism unleashes its full potential, with the Ardent High Symbol prevailing and transforming into a Sticky Wild.

The mystical Feather Symbol will be coveted by many but claimed only by the boldest, offering random rewards, including the coveted Tempest Free Spins! Upon initiation of Free Spins, players have the option to gamble for additional Free Spins, though risking the forfeiture of the entire Free Spins Session.

Activated by landing a minimum of 3 Free Spins Symbols, the quantity of Free Spins is contingent upon the number of Free Spins Symbols landed. Furthermore, an additional, random Feature is bestowed upon each Free Spins Session, with every spin instigating a Wild Fight feature.

Achieving victory with High Symbols in the Base Game contributes to their Focus Meter Collection. Upon reaching maximum Focus, Ardent Respins are initiated, featuring the designated symbol in Ardent Mode. Each Respin triggers the Wild Fight feature, with Respins persisting as long as new Wild Fights are secured.

The Wild Fight feature can be activated at various junctures throughout the game, such as during Free Spins or Collection Respins. High Symbols positioned on the middle 4 reels will engage in combat against the Monster, potentially transforming into Sticky Wilds upon victory.
We're summoning intrepid explorers to venture on an exhilarating Mayan expedition deep into the heart of the Aztec jungle in our newest Multimax release, MexoMax!

Introducing a cluster pays mechanism where five or more symbols connect, each column boasts its own multiplier for colossal victories. Up to six multipliers can be applied to each win, amalgamating into a potential total that could soar into the thousands in this high-risk, high-reward sensation. With cascading wins accompanied by a wild symbol after each triumph, the multipliers can ascend to enchanting heights amidst the lush greenery of the rainforest as symbols cascade ceaselessly.

Furthermore, the free spins mode features an escalating multiplier, a gambling option, Golden Bet, and two bonus buy alternatives to inject even more exhilaration into the gameplay. Immerse yourself in this adventure brimming with concealed riches!

Upon triggering Free Spins, players have the choice to gamble for additional spins or accept the current allotment and commence the Free Spin session. Successfully gambling for extra spins offers the opportunity to gamble again or initiate the session. However, failing the gamble results in the forfeiture of the entire Free Spins session.

Achieving 4 Free Spin symbols grants 8 Free Spins, while landing 5 awards 12, and 6 bestows 18 Free Spins. Furthermore, acquiring 3 or more Free Spin symbols during the Free Spin session grants an additional 4 Free Spins. Notably, multipliers remain constant throughout the Free Spins rounds, maintaining the excitement at a consistent level. Free Spins are conducted with the same wager as the activating spin.

Discovering a Chest Symbol yields supplementary rewards, including 5-100 times the bet, 7-11 Free Spins, and 4 Extra Wilds during the base game. In the Free Spins mode, rewards include 5-100 times the bet plus 1 Free Spin, 4 Extra Wilds, and a 1x multiplier increment.
Prepare for the fiery spectacle of Boilin' Pots as the reels spin and the cauldron bubbles! With each turn, there's an opportunity for the reels to grow taller, reaching heights of up to 7 rows high whenever an arrow symbol lands, incrementing the height by 1. Once the reels expand to a full 5x7 grid, it triggers a sequence of Wild Respins. During these respins, Stacked Wilds adorn every reel.

Delve deeper into the concoction of the witches' brew, where 3 scatter symbols set off the Rising Reels Bonus game, while 4 or 5 scatters not only activate the same game but also bestow an extra coin prize. Within the Bonus Game, landing a coin win or a Jackpot symbol in the middle row results in an immediate reward. Jackpots are attainable on reels 1, 3, and 5. The Bonus game commences with 3 lives, with each win resetting the lives to 3; however, each spin without a win reduces the counter by 1.

Unravel the secrets of Boilin' Pots!

The presence of 3 or more Bonus Game Symbols enables entry into the Bonus Game. Landing 4 or 5 Bonus Game Symbols initiates the same game but with the added bonus of a coin prize: landing 4 Bonus Game Symbols grants an additional 10xBet, while landing 5 grants an extra 100xBet. The Bonus Game unfolds on a distinct board featuring a single payline, where each token that lands represents a win. The game kicks off with 3 lives, dwindling with each spin that fails to yield a new win and resetting with every win obtained. The game concludes when the lives are depleted, ensuring that the Bonus Game cannot end with a win less than 5xBet. If the player exhausts all lives and still falls short of a win greater than or equal to 5xBet, the Bonus Game persists until such a win is achieved.

Expanding the reel to a 5x7 grid initiates the Wild Respins, which persist until a non-winning combination lands. During these Wild Respins, Wild symbols have the potential to stack atop one another, enhancing the excitement of the gameplay. With each spin, there's the tantalizing prospect of the reels growing taller, with each arrow symbol landing increasing the reel's height by one row. As each row is added, the machine background undergoes a transformation, accommodating the new row of symbols with a zoom-out effect on both the machine and the background scenery.
Will the fate of the Hall of Heroes be decided by its fall, or will the valorous warriors emerge victorious? Vikings Voyage to Valhalla reunites the fierce generals for their fifth campaign, with the menacing presence of the ruthless serpent monarch, Jörmungandr, threatening imminent destruction.

Accompany Gunnar and his army as they defend Asgard, utilizing respins and Free Spins, where each high-value symbol engages in combat against Jörmungandr with every spin. Emerging triumphant, they transform into Sticky Wilds, fortifying their position. Their relentless assault extends into the legendary Ragnarök Free Spins, ensuring victory in every battle. Accumulate Rage from significant wins to fill the Rage meter, triggering up to 20 respins, with a guaranteed victory for one Viking in each encounter with the beast.

Players also benefit from the favor of the kings' treasury, with a Treasure chest appearing on the 5th reel to bestow various thrilling rewards!

Each occurrence of a high-value symbol landing on the reels engages Jörmungandr in combat, with victorious symbols morphing into sticky wilds. The triggering high-value symbol for respins enters berserk mode, ensuring a 100% success rate in battle. Respins persist as long as at least one high-value symbol emerges victorious after each spin.

Getting 3, 4, or 5 scatters triggers 7, 14, or 21 free spins respectively, with each session receiving up to 4 random boosts. In Ragnarok Free Spins, all high-value symbols are in Berserk mode, guaranteeing victory in battle. These special free spins can be triggered by the treasure chest, Ragnarok Wheels, or purchased for 330 times the stake. Ragnarok Wheels consist of 6 fortune wheels with winning and losing fields. If all wheels stop on winning fields, Ragnarok Free Spins commence. Otherwise, the odds increase for the next attempt. Ragnarok Wheels activate after each free spins session, with spins also available for purchase at any time for 7 times the stake.

The treasure chest, a special symbol, can appear on the 5th reel during the base game, free spins, and Ragnarok free spins, offering various random rewards. Options in the base game include instant wins, free spins, or Ragnarok free spins. In free spins, options include instant wins, extra free spins, additional sticky wilds, or a sticky wild reel. During Ragnarok free spins, players may receive an instant win, extra free spins, or a multiplier increase.
In this exciting new digital adventure, your guide will assist you in unlocking respins and Free Spins using Wilds during regular gameplay, which will initiate a respin. Furthermore, achieving a third consecutive Wild will activate the Bonus Game.

However, there's more than one path to winning prizes. By collecting 10 Bonus Symbols during regular gameplay, you can also trigger the Bonus Game. Within this Bonus Game, there's a substantial Win Multiplier applied to every win, increasing by +1 with each successive win. Additionally, before each spin, every Wild symbol will randomly relocate to one of the adjacent positions, with this feature persisting until all Wilds are exhausted. In Free Spins, Wilds vanish when they enter the vortex but are promptly returned to their original position when the bouncer activates.

The Bonus Game's global multiplier (+1 for each win) and level are randomly determined, impacting the number and type of bouncers present. This feature remains active until all Wild symbols have disappeared. It can be triggered by either landing 3 Wild symbols in the base game or by completing the collection. Walking Wilds have the potential to trigger extra rewards by interacting with bouncers, which may include multipliers, coins, extra Wilds, and advancing bonus game levels.
Board the aircraft and dive into the high-stakes action of the revamped Yggdrasil steampunk classic – Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded! The enigmatic Cazino Dealer wilds are making a return, this time boasting multipliers. Every Wild presents an opportunity for a random multiplier. Spin the reels to trigger the Free Spins round, where wilds remain affixed until the round concludes, and each subsequent wild landing amplifies the multipliers! Cazino promises an additional 5 free spins if you manage to capture a wild on every reel.

Encountering 2 or more Free Spins symbols guarantees a prize equivalent to 2 times your initial bet. Accumulate 3 to 5 Free Spins symbols to unlock the Free Spins feature. During Free Spins, Wild symbols become permanent fixtures on the reels until the conclusion of the Free Spins round. Moreover, each new Wild landing increases the multiplier for all permanent Wilds by 1. Achieving at least one wild on each reel triggers an extra 5 Free Spins.

With each wild landing, there's a chance to activate a random multiplier of x2, x3, or x5.
Gator Gold Deluxe presents a refined iteration of the beloved Yggdrasil Classic, Gator Gold, with added enhancements. It encompasses all the elements that made its predecessor exceptional and elevates the experience even further!

In the Free Spins mode, a novel upgrade mechanic is introduced, enabling players to potentially transform all high symbols into the coveted Super High Pay, embodied by the majestic Golden Gator. When coupled with Gigablox, this feature opens the door to remarkable winning possibilities, promising truly astonishing rewards!

By acquiring 3 Upgrade Symbols during Free Spins, players can elevate all lower-tier High Paying Symbols to higher-paying counterparts. This process is repeatable and holds the potential to ultimately transform every high symbol into the illustrious Golden Gator Super High Pay.
In the latest iteration of the beloved Golden Fish Tank series, enthusiasts will find a continuation of the aquatic adventure they cherish. This fresh installment seamlessly integrates Yggdrasil’s GigaBlox mechanic, elevating the gameplay with an array of captivating combinations. Maintaining the original aquarium setting, players will rediscover the thrill of Free Spins, now accompanied by a Pick and Click mini-game offering enhanced bonuses. Among the novelties is the introduction of a bonus chest, promising delightful surprises for lucky players.

To trigger Free Spins, keep an eye out for 5 or more Free Spins symbols landing on the reels. Notably, GigaBlox Free Spins symbols count as multiples, granting additional spins. Before diving into Free Spins, players engage in the Pick and Click game to select special features, enriching their Free Spins experience.

During gameplay, reels may transform into GigaBlox reels, showcasing symbols ranging from 2x2 to 4x4 in size. In the midst of Free Spins, an expanded reels feature may unleash GigaBlox up to 6x6 in size.

The treasure chest symbolizes unexpected fortune, bestowing random rewards such as cash prizes, extended Free Spins sessions, or extra Free Spins when discovered during Free Spins mode.

Within the Pick and Click mini-game, players can secure various enhancements for their Free Spins session: Wild Fish - one of high symbols will change to wild for the whole session X2 multiplier - all wins in session will be multiplied by 2 Expanded Reels – The reels are expanded to 6x6 with more paylines and 6x6 GigaBlox Extra Wild - 1-2 symbols will randomly change to wild each spin Fish Stacks - 1 fish symbol becomes super stacked on the reels Extra Free Spins – 1-5 extra Free Spins Features can create combos, like wild fish + stacked fish resulting in stacks of wilds, or extra wilds with Expanded Reels, changing giant GigaBlox to full screen of wilds.
The Vikings have returned to their former glory! This revamped game pays homage to our beloved 2016 classic while introducing exciting new features. Witness the fierce battles as Vikings strive to transform into sticky wilds, and the relentless berserkers claim victory! Throughout the free spins session, wilds remain sticky, with the potential to unlock additional wilds, spins, and berserkers by securing the chest on the final reel.

Prepare for even greater thrills with enhancements like the ability for each wild to land or upgrade during free spins, now with the potential for an up to x8 multiplier. Experience the unexpected with the 'Ragnarok Spin' random feature, capable of converting high-paying symbols into wilds during both the base game and free spins.

For those seeking to maximize their winnings, take advantage of the Buy Bonus feature and the option to gamble every free spins session for a chance to upgrade with more berserkers. However, be warned – there's a 50/50 chance of success, with failure resulting in the loss of all free spins.

Unlock the Free Spins feature by landing 3-5 Free Spins symbols, with the opportunity to reach levels 3 and 4 exclusively through the gamble feature. Each level grants 7 free spins, with additional berserkers awarded for landing 4 or 5 scatters. High-paying symbols engaged in combat have the chance to become sticky wilds, with berserkers guaranteed victory.

During free spins, all wilds remain sticky, with the possibility of earning a multiplier that doubles with each spin, symbolized by a dragon's fiery breath. Additionally, the 'Ragnarok Spin' feature randomly transforms high pays into wilds, ensuring an electrifying gameplay experience.

Discover the treasures hidden within the chest on the final reel during free spins, offering rewards such as extra spins, additional wilds, a bonus berserk Viking plus free spins, or a wild boost doubling wild multipliers for a single spin.
In an ancient era, where mighty creatures roam the vast expanse of the earth, vying for dominance, it's your chance to ascend the hierarchy of the prehistoric world in Raptor DoubleMax™. Witness the clash of these colossal reptiles as they vie for supremacy amidst the Cascading Reels, where victories lead to the removal of winning symbols, paving the way for new ones to emerge, increasing your chances of triumph.

With each cascade, the ferocity of Raptor DoubleMax™ is unleashed, as an additional Wild is unleashed onto the reels. But the pursuit of these bipedal behemoths knows no bounds. Through the game's Doubling Multiplier feature, each consecutive victory amplifies the multiplier without restriction, reflecting the boundless fury of these Jurassic titans.

Before delving into the realm of free spins, a choice awaits: gamble for greater rewards or forego the opportunity altogether. Land three or more scatters to unlock the coveted free spins round, where the multiplier escalates throughout the duration. Should you desire instant gratification, free spins can be acquired at any moment for a price of 100 times the stake.
Journey back in time to ancient Greece and confront the mythical Golden Gorgon! Harness the power of her Golden Gaze to initiate respins following each victory, and populate the rows with triumphant symbols to unlock lucrative multipliers!

Successful symbols become fixed in place, prompting a respin of the remaining symbols. These respins continue as long as new victorious symbols appear or the entire board becomes adorned with winning symbols.

Completing rows with victorious symbols triggers a multiplier, determined by the number of filled columns as indicated beneath the reels. This exciting feat typically occurs during the Golden Gaze respins.
The radiant beams of the sun promise abundant rewards. What treasures await your discovery? It's time to illuminate the heavens with Suncatcher Gigablox™. In this celestial extravaganza, bidirectional paylines enhance your winning prospects, while a full array of Wilds triggers an astonishing 1,000x win multiplier! With Wild Respins and synchronized reels showcasing Gigablox™ formations up to 3×3, are you poised to claim your share of the universe?

Whenever a new Expanding Wild lands on the reels, a Free Respin is granted, with the Expanding Wild remaining sticky. Should another Expanding Wild appear during the Respin, the process repeats.

While a full array of Wilds doesn't trigger a respin, it does add an extra 500x win on top of regular earnings.

The Gigablox™ feature ensures at least one set of synchronized reels on every spin, generating sizable blocks across the reels. These blocks start at a minimum of 2x2 but can expand to 3x3, and multiple block reels are possible with each spin.
Step into the vast riverlands, where the winds blow strong and the alligators roam large! Gator Gold presents a thrilling 4 x 6 gaming experience with high variability. Delight in frequent rounds of free spins enriched with multiplier wilds.

Moreover, be on the lookout for the illustrious Golden Gator super symbol, granting rewards starting from just a pair! Witness the majesty of Gigablox, reels adorned with colossal symbols. Each spin guarantees the appearance of at least one Gigablox reel, reaching sizes as grand as 4x4.

Both the wins and the gators in this realm are immense! Gator Gold boasts a 4 x 6 gameplay filled with substantial fluctuations. Enjoy regular rounds of free spins adorned with multiplier wilds. Additionally, discover the Golden Gator super symbol, rewarding from just a pair!

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About Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming is a software development company that provides iconic online casino games. Being founded in 2013, they are pretty new in the market of iGaming. Even though they are not that old in the market, they have a good reputation.

Most companies often try to compete in different markets, due to which they tend to struggle or fail in doing so. It is often quoted as "Jack of all trades, master in none." One of the reasons why Yggdrasil is on the right track is that they have identified a segment they want to focus on and master with time. Unlike some other competitors in the market, Yggdrasil focuses more on video slots and progressive jackpot video slot games.

Even though their main focus is on video slots, they also have other games in their portfolios, such as Lotto products, jackpot video slots, and online scratch games. In total, the company has around 180 plus games in its portfolio. Some of the most famous games are Double Dragons, Legend of the Golden Monkey, Seasons, Cazino Zeppelin, and Super Heroes.

All the slot games from the company have premium quality graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay. Their games are available on multi-platform and can run on desktops and mobiles without lag or interruption. This multi-platform feature makes it more flexible for the players. The company has adopted and implemented many policies to ensure that all the players are treated fairly and that the players' rights are secured.

As mentioned earlier, the producing company specializes in slot games, so we should know that, on average, these slots can have a minimum payline of 9 to a whopping 1024. The average RTP is 96%, but it can also be less or more like the pay lines. To make sure that the game does not prove to be underwhelming, it always has something to redeem itself with.

If we look at the top games from the company, such as Double Dragons, it has an average payline of 25 but an RTP of 96.1%, which is pretty good considering the market average. Cazino Zeppelin is another game from the company, which offers a jackpot to win up to a maximum of 2000x your stake and a lot of free spins. The company does not offer any Live Dealer games.

Not only will they deliver eye-catching and thrilling games of their own, but they also aggregate beautiful games from other game studios as well, such as Peter & Sons, ReelPlay, Jade Rabbit Studio, Reflex Gaming and many more.

Yggdrasil Gaming hails from Malta, a European country. They are provided with a manufacturing license by the Hellenic Gaming Commission of Greece. The company also has a B2B Critical Supply License provided by the Malta Gaming Authority. The CB Gambling Commission of Great Britain has provided the company with a Gambling Software Remote and a Remote Casino. Apart from all these licenses, the company also has 5 more licenses from 5 other countries.
The company won the first award at the 2015th edition of the EGR B2B Awards for the Software Rising Star. In 2016, it won 2 awards, one GA Award for the Gaming Software Supplier of the Year and the EGR B2B Awards for the Slot Provider of the Year. Yet again, in 2017, they were awarded the same award at the EGR B2B Awards, and in the GA Awards, they won The IG Award. Many more awards were awarded to the company, but the latest one on the list is Slot Provider of the Year at the 2021st edition of the GA Awards.

Official Website: