Indulge in the splendour of ancient China as you venture through this captivating land that’s brimming with national treasures, including the iconic golden gong.

The reels’ power increases with the age-old GigaBlox mechanic, where symbols as big as 4×4 may land at any time. Koi-filled super wilds can also trigger, expanding over the entire reel. Watch lotus flowers blossom on the reels to enter the sacred Free Spins mode!

Ring the majestic gong to have the current win multiplied by the value on the gong on the right-hand side. GigaBlox gongs can generate monumental wins, as they split into individual symbols and multiply by themselves! During the striking Free Spins mode, the gong multiplier starts from a random amount and keeps increasing by +1.

The riches of ancient China await!
Dive into a world of magic with charming mermaids in Enchanted Waters! Escape the everyday routines and find respite in a mermaid cove amidst a tropical paradise.

As the underwater reels are spun, up to four mermaids may join in on the last reel, granting Respins with unique enchantment features which can be mixed together for powerful, Big-Winning combos! If you’re lucky, you can take the Mermaids’ Enchantments for a spin during the unforgettable Free Spins mode, where each Enchantment lasts for the entire Free Spins session!
Get down in the club and shake it off with some delicious cocktails and a crazy night on the dance floor! As the night continues on, boogie lovers may encounter Random Multipliers at any moment in the Base Game, multiplying the total win per spin.

Shake your way into the Free Spins mode and watch the increasing guaranteed multiplier upgrade to the maximum of 250x! Gambles and Buy Bonuses will also be available all night long, and remember to be nice to the bartender as she acts as a Wild… increasing the chances for a greater win! So raise your glass to a wild spin and a big win!
Join the legendary medieval adventure in Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox™, where it’s up to the fair player to find the best combination of Features! Upon entering the age-old Free Spins mode, an innovative twist will award players a Wild High, x2 Multiplier, Expanded Reels, an Extra Wild, High Stacks or even Free Spins!

The GigaBlox mechanic hits in all time periods, as antique blocks can land up to 6×6 symbols in size! Golden Bet or Buy Bonus give players the option to make their way into Free Spins faster. Lucky ones may also stumble upon a treasure chest, which upon opening, awards a cash prize or Free Spins.

Prepare yourself for a grand medieval quest like no other!
Tenacious Badgers are on a mission to strike gold! Hard at work they dig deep into the mountain, hauling up karts full of precious gold … and cash!

Down in the mine, multipliers are placed above each of the three middle reels, and Cash Wilds can also be dug out from the middle three reels! Cash Wilds that are part of a win also collect the win amounts in which that Wild was involved in… and this triggers a Respin where Cash Wilds move up one cell!

Multipliers remain the same during Respins, so the sneaky badgers can put more prizes in your cart. Safety goggles on, it’s time to dig in!
Tempt fate and grant yourself astronomical Wins in Starfire Fortunes TopHit™! As players are catapulted into the mysterious cosmos, their fortune can only get better and brighter. The brand-new stellar TopHit™ GEM can grant a kaleidoscope of rewards, transforming High Symbols into Multiplier Wilds or granting additional Free Spins symbols.

Free Spins retain all TopHit™ rewards, making huge wins more imaginable! Players who are feeling extra lucky, may enter the Golden Bet mode, where the TopHit™ reels will be nudged in their favour in the Base Game, giving an even greater chance of hitting that big win. Shoot for the stars and get ready for some cosmic wins!
Satisfy your sweet tooth with the most candylicious slot of the spring - Candyfinity!

Brace yourself for a sugar rush as you spin the sweet reels and go on a wild ride full of delicious treats and exciting respins. Keep wins consecutive and watch how the number of ways to win gets more and more luscious! Will you be risking your scrumptious Free Spins, or purchasing some more through the delectable Buy Bonus feature?

Candyfinity is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for both fun and sweets!
Embark on an endless pursuit with the Wolves of Ragnarok on their chase for the Sun and Moon in Ragnawolves WildEnergy™.

Ignite your pursuit for big wins with the newest GEM… WildEnergy! WildEnergy has fierce Wilds land on the reels with up to 4 lives. If activated through a victory, Respins will trigger until all the lives are used up.

Encounter more WildEnergy Wilds during the Respins to keep them going during your chase for the elemental forces. Make your fortune unstoppable as you unleash the powers of the Sun and Moon!
Get ready to reel ‘em in! Take a deep dive into this fishing frenzy as you set sail to catch some fish and increase your DoubleMax multiplier to win big with these underwater creatures!

Make sure to take your fisherman friend with you too, as he is the only one who can catch and reel in fish! Being the boss of the boat, he also activates the DoubleMax multiplier. With the DoubleMax mechanic, multipliers can pile up to a fin-tastic 256x!

You can even reel in wins that amount to 23,972.80x the total bet! Nice Catch!
Dark magic is running within.

Devour the Weak is all about devouring low symbols from the reels! As one battles the witchcraft and wins, all symbols that are lower than the ones in the win are removed via an Avalanche of magic.

If Hexed symbols feature in a win, they will turn Wild and fill the collection Free Spins metre. Keep watching as all Hexed symbols on the three middle reels immediately transform into Wilds during the Free Spins mode. With consecutive wins, the Multiplier goes up and up, and it may reach a beastly 666x!

Let Devour the Weak cast a spell on your reels!
Blast off to space and fight against menacing extraterrestrials with the brave farm animals in Giganimals GigaBlox!

Collect points to enter the Free Spins mode associated with each animal as you win against the nasty monsters. The bigger the symbol, the more points… so a massive GigaBlox symbol can shoot up your points incredibly quickly!

Points may also be multiplied by anything between x2 and x5 so there is a huge possibility to fill your metre fast! If you want to take a risk and ask for extra backup during your battle, you may gamble your Free Spins too. Fill the animals’ metres during Free Spins for an extra reward!

Land all the animals together with a Bonus symbol and watch how one or more symbols act as a Wild as you proceed with your battle. Take off in 3…2…1…!
When the world is in danger, a team of heroes will save the day. E-Force, assemble! The peaceful life of Easterville rabbits has been disturbed by the evil Dr Zeppelin! The finest rabbit soldiers were chosen to defend the Easter Eggs and bring the wicked to justice!

Experience the mayhem of action-packed Free Spins much more frequently with special Wilds, which substitute regular symbols and Free Spins symbols too. Once you're there, the ever-increasing Free Spins Multiplier ensures even more exciting wins!
Break the ice with this 6-Reel, 20-Payline Video Slot Game with Sticky Symbols and Respins after every win, with increasing Multipliers to spice up your wins. Feel the thrill of activating the 6th Reel with the Golden Bet feature to double your chances to enter Free spins, unlock 6-Of-A-Kind wins, and the biggest Multipliers possible!
Travel back to the majestic universe of Ancient Greece and win big with Elysian Jackpots. Enter the palace on the beautiful Elysian Plains to find hidden treasures! Gather all keys to enter the throne room, then collect Crystals during Free Spins to win incredible jackpots. Smash vases filled with a plethora of treasures and protect yourself with Porpax Shield scatters that trigger additional modes.

Discover the Infinite Bonus Game and watch your wins increase! Accumulate magical Key symbols and unlock Jackpot Free Spins, or any of the five Gem symbols that award one of five Jackpots. This game’s Jackpot mechanic pools with Jackpot Raiders, Jackpot Express, Frost Queen Jackpots and Atlantean GigaRise! May the Gods be on your side.
It’s time for your stealthiest mission yet. Join a team of professional tricksters and avoid detection as you venture through the city in search of the riches within the Vault!

In true DoubleMax fashion, multipliers will be doubled as you consecutively snatch treasure, with the potential to climb to infinity! Wilds also manifest after every cascade. Do you think you can be cunning enough to retrieve the riches?

If you want to fuel your adventure even further during this mission, choose the Golden Bet option to double your chance of triggering Free Spins!
We’re coming together and spreading Christmas cheer in a winter wonderland! Watch baubles, candy canes and snow globes fill your reels, and win some awesome prizes in Christmas Plaza DoubleMax.

After every win, Christmas decorations vanish and make way for others, including an uber-festive Wild symbol that will increase your chance to trigger some merry wins! Not only that, but the DoubleMax mechanic sees consecutive wins double the multiplier with no limit. Christmas wishes do come true!

Cross your fingers for a Christmas miracle as you gamble your gift of Free Spins, where you may win up to 13 Free Spins and have your multiplier not reset. Cheers!
All hands on deck! Weigh anchor and set sail for a swashbuckling adventure in search of some trrrreasure!

Fight off menacing pirates during this battle on the high seas as Win Streaks take over your nautical reels. Winning symbols remain as reels keep spinning to loot more prizes. Arr me hearties!

Collect some Free Spins along your marine adventure, either by landing scatters or buying them. But will you risk your Free Spins on the Wheel Gamble in hopes that you’d win more? At any point during the voyage may even end up winning up to 17,000x your bet. Shiver me timbers!
Firekick! MultiMax™ is taking us to an exciting stadium where a heated football match is about to begin.

On this 3x5 reel pitch, players will get a Wild symbol after every goal they manage to score, allowing for the possibility of more goals. As players score consecutive goals, the multiplier keeps racking up to reach grand heights. The multiplier remains active if players are in Free Spins mode.

Free Spins can be gambled with penalty kicks, but don’t worry if you’ve gone to the wrong side for the penalty strike, as you may still have a chance to score some Free Spins thanks to the Firekick feature!

So put on your best gear, lace up your football boots and start warming up for some blazing kicks!
As you experience the doom of human civilisation in the verdant world of Florageddon! DuoMax™, your chance to win flourishes with the DuoMax mechanic which features a both-way multiplier!

Vanquish flesh-eating blossoms as Wild flora drop after every win. Annihilate the dreadful plants four consecutive times, a random feature will reinforce your efforts in the apocalyptic gameplay. During the free spins mode, multipliers do not reset and may bloom to impressive levels.

Two Buy Bonus modes and a gamble feature grant you more free spins to assist you in destroying the grim foliage’s reign of terror. Combat the fearsome carnivorous plants set to kill off humankind!
If you’re brave enough to return to the depths of the Earth, take your chance to spin the reels of Champion of the Underworld.

In this next instalment of Yggdrasil’s ‘of the Underworld’ series, Hades will expect you on his arena alongside four brand new monsters, where two of our coveted GEMs, GIGABLOX™ and Wild Fight™, will be put into action.

As you spin the underground arena machine and obtain high paid symbols, some will transform into Wilds, increasing your victories. The GIGABLOX™ mechanic will make the payout even more spectacular, and the featured free spins mode will be further intensified by every Wild symbol, even those awarded by Wild Fight™.

Gamble your free spins with 2 levels of volatility and defy the depths with the buy bonus, leading you directly to free spins!
Welcome to the fiesta of the fun and the fallen. In this send off to all souls, follow the gem-crusted calavera into a celebration of spins and big wins! As loved ones pass onto the other side to leave behind the living, so do the symbols with all winning symbols being removed and new ones dropping in allowing for even more wins with Avalanche Respins!

And such is the serendipity of these spooky skulls that Avalanche Respins will continue until no new winning combos appear leading to potentially endless respins! And with every win, the multiplier increases by up to 3x! But the dead are not ready to quit the party yet.. this festival calls for Free Spins where the number of Scatters dictates the spins award with up to 16 Free Spins up for grabs! There’s no love lost for these funny bones.
Unsheathe your sword and prepare for battle with Yggdrasil’s Of Sabers and Monsters.

Join the brave Cossacks through this adventure as you’ll discover 4096 ways to win on the 6x4 reels, featuring 4 High Symbols of Adventurers and 4 Low Symbols of playing cards. Wilds can replace all of these symbols.

If you land the High Symbols of Adventurers during battle and win on them, the Focus Meter will slowly fill up until you enter the next phase of your fight - the Ardent Respins mode. Yggdrasil’s Wild Fight™ mechanic comes out at full force here, and the Ardent High Symbol is always victorious, transforming into a Sticky Wild.

The mystical Feather Symbol will be sought by many but only found by the bravest, and will grant random rewards, including the glorious Tempest Free Spins!
We're calling upon brave adventurers to journey on a thrilling Mayan quest deep into the Aztec jungle in our latest Multimax title, MexoMax!

Featuring a cluster pays mechanic if five or more symbols link, every column contains its own multiplier for huge wins. Up to six multipliers can be applied to every win, with them combining to a total that could potentially be in the thousands in this high-volatility hit.

Add in cascading wins with a wild after every win, and the multipliers can hit mystical levels in the depths of the tropical rainforest as the symbols keep falling.

In addition, the free spins mode has an increasing multiplier, gamble feature, Golden Bet and two buy bonus options to add even more excitement to the game. Join this maxed out adventure full of hidden treasures!
Reels turn and cauldron bubble, prepare for the bonfire of Boilin’ Pots! On every spin, there's a chance for the reels' height to increase up to 7-high with each arrow symbol landing increasing the height by 1. Expanding the reels to a full 5x7 triggers a series of Wild Respins. At the beginning of a respin, Stacked Wilds are added to every reel.

Elsewhere in the witches’ brew, 3 scatters trigger a Rising Reels Bonus game, whilst 4 or 5 scatters award the same game with an additional coin win. In the Bonus Game, if a coin win or a Jackpot symbol land in the middle row, it is awarded. Jackpots can be won on reels 1, 3 and 5. The Bonus game starts with 3 lives. Any win resets lives to 3; every spin without a win decreases the counter by 1.
Will the Hall of Heroes fall, or will the warriors prevail? Vikings Go To Valhalla brings the enraged generals back together in their fifth outing where the ruthless snake king, Jörmungandr looms near, hellbent on destruction.

Join Gunnar and his army to protect Asgard with respins and Free Spins where all high paying symbols battle Jörmungandr on every spin. If they win, they turn into Sticky Wilds! Their onslaught continues into the fabled Ragnarök Free Spins where the warriors always win their battles!

Collect Rage from high pay wins to fill the Rage meter for up to 20 respins with any one Viking always winning their battle with the beast. The treasury of the kings is on players’ side too with a Treasure chest that can land on the 5th reel to award an array of exciting prizes!
Feline friends of all fur and folly, COME ON DOWN! The stage is set, and the lights are down for our latest TV cavalcade!

It’s time for PU-SHY CATS! In this on-screen delirium, your host will help you on your way to respins and Free Spins thanks to Wilds in the base game which will trigger a respin, whilst landing a third subsequent Wild will trigger the Bonus Game. Audience: “Ooooooooh!”
Take a flight and play for big stakes in the remake of Yggdrasil steampunk classic - Cazino Zeppelin Reloaded! Cazino Dealer wids are back, this time with multipliers. Each Wild has a chance for a random multiplier.

Spin to get into Free Spins, where wilds stay sticky until end of round, and each new wild landnig will increase the multipliers! Cazino will reward you with 5 extra free spins if you catch a wild on each reel.
Gator Gold Deluxe is an upgraded take on a modern Yggdrasil Classic. It features everything that made Gator Gold great and MORE! Introducing an upgrade mechanic in Free Spins allowing the player to potentially upgrade ALL high symbol into the Super High Pay - the mighty Golden Gator. Together with Gigablox this feature offers the potential of landing truly awe inspiring wins!
A sequel to poular Golden Fish Tank, new installation brings what's best about part 1 while adding Yggdrasil's Gigablox to the mix for even more amazing feature combos. Game is set in the same environment as the original (aquarium), and features the core Free Spins with special features chosen in Pick and Click game, with new possible bonuses. New addition - bonus chest - gets players even more surprise wins.
Vikings are back at their best! The game is a remake of our 2016 classic and it comes with all you love about Vikings: vikings are fighting to turn into sticky wilds and bloodthirsty berzerkers always win!

Wilds are sticky for the whole free spins session and you can win the chest on the last reel to get even more wilds, more spins, more berzerkers!

But the game is also full of new features. Every Wild can now land or be upgraded in FS with up to x8 multiplier. There is also a new random feature, 'Ragnarok Spin', which can happen both in the base game & free spins and turn all the high pays into Wilds.

To boost the winnings even more, there is a Buy Bonus feature, and also every Free Spins session can be gamble, to upgrade it with more berzerks!
In Raptor DoubleMax™, reptiles roam the Cascading Reels, where after each win, all winning symbols are removed and new symbols fill the empty spaces to create even more chances to win.

True to Raptor DoubleMax™’s ferocious nature, following each cascade, an additional Wild will be added. But the hunt of these bipedal beasts doesn’t stop there. The game’s Doubling Multiplier feature means that each consecutive win doubles the multiplier with no limit. The rage of these Jurassic giants knows no end.
Golden Gorgon is a Video Slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. The game has seven regular symbols that win if three or more are lined up on a payline beginning from the leftmost reel.

Use her Golden Gaze to trigger respins after every win and fill those rows with winning symbols to get those multipliers!
In this solar spectacular, win both ways paylines mean even more chances to win, whilst a full slot of Wilds will result in an astronomical 1,000x win multiplier!

With Wild Respins and synced reels containing up to 3×3 Gigablox™, are you set to catch your cut of the cosmos? Following the immersive Lucky Neko, Hades and Gator Gold comes our fourth Gigablox™ release. Straightforward mechanics means fun for all players; no complex features, just pure slot gameplay! Wild Expansion and Respin features increase win potential on every spin with Wild landing on board. Golden Bet allows players to get Wild Respins faster to fill the board with Wilds for a max. All Wilds Win.
Both the wins and the gators here are huge! Gator Gold is a 4x6 game of high variance. It offers frequent free spins featuring multiplier wilds.

On top of that we have a Golden Gator super symbol that pays from 2-of-a-kind! Plus, Gator Gold Gigablox™ sees the return of reels of colossal symbols. Each round, at least 1 Gigablox™ reel appears. Gigablox™ sizes go all the way up to 4×4!
Mystical Free Spins sessions and Bonus games with Jackpots await! Rising the reels with each bonus symbol increases the ways to win and awards Bonus games!
Expanding reels and colossal block respins come together for fantastic win opportunities. Hit any win to get a re-spin – the longer the winning combination, the better the re-spin gets!
Spin the night away in Reel Desire and get a full board of Wild reels for a max win of x20 480! There are also multiple free spin modes and a Double Wild symbols for a x2 multiplier and a respin! You will get respins as long as more double wilds land! Reel Desire is simply the Reel Deal. Let’s disco!
Enter the palace of the beautiful Frost Queen to find hidden treasures! Gather all the keys to enter the throne room, then collect Magic Gems in Free Spins to win jackpots! Open ice chests filled with treasures, get Magic Mirror scatters to trigger additional modes, and discover Infinite Bonus Game!

Frost Queen Jackpots is a Video Slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines oriented from left to right. The game has eight regular symbols that pay if three or more are lined up in sequence on a payline, beginning from the leftmost position. There is a Scatter symbol that activates the Magic Mirror if 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels. There are also 5 Key symbols which award Jackpot Free Spins and 5 Gem symbols that award 1 of 5 Jackpots.
Pirates 2: Mutiny comes packed with ways to turn around bad fortunes. Even when you might think you have lost, our Cannon Blast or Tsunami feature can turn the world upside (or should we say “broadside”?) down and the player into a winner! This is the kind of excitement pirates like and so do we. Yarrr!
Carol of the Elves slot puts you into that Christmas Spirit. Elves might be traditionally known for being santas helpers but with this slot they will definitely be helping you multiply your wins. With a potential max win of €870,300, it could be a very jolly Christmas indeed’!

Christmas 2020 might be shaping-up to be a little different than usual, but you can tuck yourself away with Carol of the Elves slot and have a very merry time. Released by Yggdrasil for the 2020 festive slot season, this game is loaded with helpful elves and forest animals, and it has the power to create lucky wins as big as x5,800 – €870,000 for lucky max spinners! Take a ride with our full Carol of the Elves slot review.
Syncronite is a game for the true casino lover with a premium design and great sound effects. You really get into the vibe when playing Syncronite and the Splitz™ mechanic takes the entertainment factor to the next level.
Hades is Yggdrasil's second game featuring the Gigablox mechanic, where you can get massive blocks at any point - from 2x2 up to 6x6 in size!

If you manage to land the right blocks at the same time as the Wild Hunt feature, truly wild things will happen!

If you would like to explore the underworld, Hades is here for you. The combination of Gigablox, Hades Wild Hunt, and Wild Hunt Free Spins should entice the most demanding casino players out there. Let’s go dark!

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About Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming is a software development company that provides iconic online casino games. Being founded in 2013, they are pretty new in the market of iGaming. Even though they are not that old in the market, they have a good reputation.

Most companies often try to compete in different markets, due to which they tend to struggle or fail in doing so. It is often quoted as "Jack of all trades, master in none." One of the reasons why Yggdrasil is on the right track is that they have identified a segment they want to focus on and master with time. Unlike some other competitors in the market, Yggdrasil focuses more on video slots and progressive jackpot video slot games.

Even though their main focus is on video slots, they also have other games in their portfolios, such as Lotto products, jackpot video slots, and online scratch games. In total, the company has around 180 plus games in its portfolio. Some of the most famous games are Double Dragons, Legend of the Golden Monkey, Seasons, Cazino Zeppelin, and Super Heroes.

All the slot games from the company have premium quality graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay. Their games are available on multi-platform and can run on desktops and mobiles without lag or interruption. This multi-platform feature makes it more flexible for the players. The company has adopted and implemented many policies to ensure that all the players are treated fairly and that the players' rights are secured.

As mentioned earlier, the producing company specializes in slot games, so we should know that, on average, these slots can have a minimum payline of 9 to a whopping 1024. The average RTP is 96%, but it can also be less or more like the pay lines. To make sure that the game does not prove to be underwhelming, it always has something to redeem itself with.

If we look at the top games from the company, such as Double Dragons, it has an average payline of 25 but an RTP of 96.1%, which is pretty good considering the market average. Cazino Zeppelin is another game from the company, which offers a jackpot to win up to a maximum of 2000x your stake and a lot of free spins. The company does not offer any Live Dealer games.

Not only will they deliver eye-catching and thrilling games of their own, but they also aggregate beautiful games from other game studios as well, such as Peter & Sons, ReelPlay, Jade Rabbit Studio, Reflex Gaming and many more.

Yggdrasil Gaming hails from Malta, a European country. They are provided with a manufacturing license by the Hellenic Gaming Commission of Greece. The company also has a B2B Critical Supply License provided by the Malta Gaming Authority. The CB Gambling Commission of Great Britain has provided the company with a Gambling Software Remote and a Remote Casino. Apart from all these licenses, the company also has 5 more licenses from 5 other countries.
The company won the first award at the 2015th edition of the EGR B2B Awards for the Software Rising Star. In 2016, it won 2 awards, one GA Award for the Gaming Software Supplier of the Year and the EGR B2B Awards for the Slot Provider of the Year. Yet again, in 2017, they were awarded the same award at the EGR B2B Awards, and in the GA Awards, they won The IG Award. Many more awards were awarded to the company, but the latest one on the list is Slot Provider of the Year at the 2021st edition of the GA Awards.

Official Website: