Sep 27, 2023


Explore Zodiac's celestial world, seek luck with free spins & Zodiac Wheel. Are you under a lucky star? Find out now! Jackpots: 5000× stake!
In the shadows, the enigmatic Cygnus Society thrives. Armed with clandestine knowledge, they guard three coveted jackpots. Unseen, they maneuvere the world, silently shaping the course of humanity with their extraordinary power.

Cygnus 3 is a 6 reel, 4 rows stellar slot. It comes with rolling symbols, multiplier wilds, expanding rows, 3 fixed jackpots, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 10,000x bet. Cygnus 3 has three fixed jackpots, ranging from the Sky jackpot of €1000, to the Star awarding €10 000 and the epic Cygnus jackpot of €100 000. All jackpots are reachable from any bet size.
Take a chance and secure remarkable victories among the stars with Starfire Fortunes TopHit™!

As players are thrust into the enigmatic expanse of space, their luck is poised to soar higher and brighter. The fresh TopHit™ GEM introduces a plethora of rewards, morphing High Symbols into Multiplier Wilds or bestowing extra Free Spins symbols. During Free Spins, all TopHit™ rewards persist, amplifying the potential for massive wins!

For those feeling particularly fortunate, there's the option to engage the Golden Bet mode. This mode nudges the TopHit™ reels in favor of the player during the Base Game, significantly enhancing the chance of landing a major win.

Aim for the cosmos and brace yourself for celestial triumphs!

Triggering 3 or more Free Spins symbols awards Free Spins—more symbols mean more Free Spins granted. Throughout Free Spins, rewards from the TopHit reels accumulate without resetting between spins.

The Nudge Feature can activate by either landing a Nudge Symbol on the last reel or by activating the Golden Bet. This feature aligns all partially landed symbols on the TopHit reels to their central positions, thereby activating their respective features.

TopHit™ Reels sit atop the Main Reel and function independently. When a High Symbol lands centrally on a TopHit reel, all instances of that symbol transform into Wilds. Furthermore, landing more than one centered copy of a symbol awards an additional Multiplier to the payline wins. If a Free Spins symbol lands centrally on the TopHit™ reel, its features are also triggered.
Millennia have passed since the first mention of the Cygnus society. Obsessed by the stars, they master the knowledge of free fall and gravity to unlock the true galactic mysteries. Once solved, it will unlock eternal riches!

Cygnus 2 is a 6 columns, 4 rows galactic slot. It comes with rolling symbols, multipliers, a bonus game, and a max potential of 50 000 x!
The sky is adorned with stars, while a full moon shines brightly. An astronaut sits on a high cliff with his telescope pointed to the sky. He suddenly recalls an old story his mother told him when he was little.

“There was an ordinary couple who lived in a small village. The husband was a kind-hearted man who always helped people in need. His wife was a beautiful lady with skin as fair as snow. She had many admirers, some of whom were even from the neighbouring villages.“

“One day, a sorcerer passed by the village and was attracted by her beauty. He demanded her to become his wife, disregarding the fact that she was already married. Rejected and exasperated, the sorcerer turned them into the Sun and the Moon, so they would never meet each other ever again. However, once a year, both of them will appear in the sky simultaneously and unite for a brief moment. Anyone who witnesses this beautiful scene will be blessed with everlasting love.“

Destiny of Sun & Moon is a 6-reel (2 rows in reels 1 and 6, 3 rows in reels 2 and 5, 4 rows in reels 3 and 4) video slot featuring win both ways and win multipliers in both ways. Winning combinations can be formed from left to right or from right to left, giving you a higher chance of winning! During the Free Spins Feature, every Sun or Moon symbol will increase the win multiplier by 2!
Hocus-pocus! Magic Spins™ is a truly immersive title with a magic entrance to the Hold the Jackpot bonus round that awards with Jackpots up to x2500 player’s bet.

The game, like a magic trick, will enchant your players with its new and advanced mechanics, multiple Bonus symbols, including Collector and Mega Collector symbols as well as the ground-breaking and exceptional Collect to Infinity™ feature. After spotting the uncanny infinity sign, the feature boosts players engagement allowing them to use the magical powers of the Collector and Mega Collector symbols and grab cash prizes till the end of the entire Hold the Jackpot bonus round.

If you want to boost your players engagement and notice the remarkable increase of numbers, let them enjoy Magic Spins™!

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