Journey back into the enchanting woodland, where the air hums with the buzz of bees, poised to ignite mayhem in Swarm Mode! Wild Swarm stands as a timeless gem in Push Gaming's collection, and we've set out to enhance it further, unveiling fresh features and rejuvenating the existing ones.

Within this realm, Wild Honey and Sticky Wild Symbols step in for regular paying symbols, save for the Scatter and Chest Symbols. Sticky Wilds emerge during Free Games and Swarm Mode, steadfastly clinging until the feature draws to a close.

In the Base Game, Bee Symbols fill up the Hive, transforming into Wild Honey Symbols. Each Worker Bee contributes 1 segment to the Hive meter, while Queen Bees contribute 5. Once the Hive reaches level 5, any Bee Symbol has the potential to cause an explosion, activating the Swarm Mode Feature. The Queen Bee possesses a higher chance of initiating Swarm Mode.

The Chest feature is accessible during the Base Game, Free Spins, and Swarm Mode. Players can select from 5 Concealed Chest Prizes, ranging from Bet Multipliers and Free Spins to Swarm Boosts and Instant Swarm Mode.
Introducing Bacon Banker, the wealthiest swine in Piggy Town, accompanied by his faithful companion, Elvis Pigsley. Join them as they venture on an exciting journey in pursuit of lost gold coins in this captivating 6×4 slot game created by Iron Dog Studio.

Prepare yourself for a voyage to a realm abundant with gold coins, where fixed jackpots and multiplier wilds await your discovery! Your mission: aid Bacon Banker in gathering as many gold coins as possible, with a maximum collection of 8 coins in the Base Game and 9 coins during Freespins. Fixed jackpots, ranging from x1 to an astounding x1000, are up for grabs, determined by the number of coins amassed on each spin. The greater the collection, the grander the reward bestowed upon you.

The Bacon Banker Dollar Scatter Symbol acts as your golden ticket to Freespins, activating them when three or more symbols are landed. During Freespins, the frequency of Bacon Banker collecting gold coins is heightened, and the Mega Jackpot (x2500) becomes attainable!

Prepare to be captivated by the charm of Bacon Banker and Elvis Pigsley as they embark on this thrilling, high-volatility slot adventure, destined to steal the hearts of all who play.
The slot game Experi-MENTAL offers a unique experience with 243 Ways on a 3x5 reel layout, featuring an Upgrading element and an Expanding Wild feature, along with a Pick Barrel Bonus.

The Upgrading feature enhances the gameplay by randomly transforming 9, 10, J, Q, K, or A symbols into various items such as Test Tubes, Power Switches, Cats, Pugs, or Men. Meanwhile, the Expanding Wild feature can occur at any time, where landing a Wild Brain may expand and duplicate additional Wilds on the reel, boosting potential winnings during both standard and Free Games.

Triggering the Pick Barrel Bonus requires landing 3 or more scatters, granting players the opportunity to earn 5, 10, or 15 extra Free Games, enhancing their chances of scoring big wins. With multiple paylines across various reel screens, players are in for an exciting gaming experience filled with lucrative rewards.
The season for blue marlin fishing has arrived, and all the participants are fully engaged. Our latest game unfolds in the depths of unexplored oceans, brimming with unexpected twists and enigmas waiting to be unraveled. Players will wield an array of tools in their pursuit of the renowned fish: from Free Spins to the Collect to Infinity™ mechanic, and not just one, but two payout systems!

Delve beneath the waves and uncover strategies to enhance your earnings with a splash!

While the base game lacks standard symbols, the Cash Out symbols inject an extra layer of excitement. The Cash Out symbol brings a thrilling twist to the gameplay. Once its timer hits zero after being drawn, and players land a Cash, MINI, MINOR, MAJOR, or MEGA Jackpot symbol on the designated reel position, they can anticipate an instant prize payout corresponding to the symbol drawn. But there's more - enter the Trawler Cash Out label. Similar to its counterpart, this label features a countdown mechanism. However, upon reaching zero, it doesn't settle for a single-symbol payout. Instead, it scans the reel above, accumulating the values of Cash, MINI, MINOR, MAJOR, MEGA Jackpot, or Collector symbols, summing up their collective worth for an exhilarating combined payout.

The Mighty Fish™: Blue Marlin also showcases a distinctive Free Spins feature. With 3, 4, or 5 Scatters, players unlock 10, 20, or 30 Free Spins respectively. This feature introduces the exclusive Collector symbol, found only on the top line of the reels. When the Collector symbol emerges, it receives a random countdown value ranging from 1 to 10 and remains fixed in place while other symbols spin. Each spin transforms the Collector symbol into a beacon for potential winnings, accumulating values from Cash and Jackpot symbols on the reels below until its countdown timer expires. During the Free Spins bonus round, the lifespan of the Collector symbol can be prolonged thanks to the Collect to Infinity™ feature, ensuring continuous collection until the end of the bonus round. The potential prize players can walk away with is a staggering 2,500 times their initial bet.

The revolutionary Chance Level™ feature is a game-changer in the realm of slots! This innovative feature empowers players to influence their chances of triggering the bonus round like never before. Chance Level™ presents three thrilling tiers of play. Players can elevate their bet by a specified multiplier, amplifying their chances of initiating the coveted Free Spins bonus game. With Chance Level™ multipliers of 2x, 4x, and 6x, players can escalate their odds of triggering the Free Spins feature by up to 6x!
Grab a glass and tease your tastebuds with Strawberry Cocktail.

Set in front of an ocean paradise a variety of cocktails make up the symbols of this tasty release. These must form a matched combination across the title’s 10 paylines to unlock a win, with Wilds aiding players in creating these wins by substituting for all base game symbols. Players must land at least three scatters to enter the bonus round.

Two mini-games will appear in the bonus, including a mini slot and a surrounding border game, filled with in game symbols. A corresponding symbol on the mini slot must be matched to one landed on the border game to award a win. Matching multiple symbols will award an increasing multiplier up to 10x.
Welcome to Cowabunga, where the waves are prime for surfing and the jackpots are ready to roll in!

Ride the waves and chase after the prize pool in this oceanic adventure. Dodge the jaws of two sharks to dive into a thrilling tube of Free Spins, where the waves can surge to a towering height of seven rows, brimming with potential. Every spin at this beach is an opportunity to ride the wave of fortune!

Surf, spin, and seize victory as the pinnacle moment approaches in the Dream Drop Bonus Round, where encountering driftwood DD symbols could send you into a frenzy of excitement!

Watch as two or three middle reels synchronize and expand to a towering seven rows high!

Land two Bonus symbols to activate five Free Spins. Throughout Free Spins, the three middle reels remain synchronized! Earn an additional Free Spin for each extra Bonus symbol that appears during Free Spins.
Everyone's aware of the wealth hidden by the mystical beings on the Emerald Isle, with gold tucked away in various nooks and crannies; now's your opportunity to claim Sheamus the Leprechaun's treasures. Positioned above and below these reels, a flick of Sheamus's enchanted fingers will guide your way!

Sheamus' Bonuses hover both above and below the reels, offering the chance to win more than one with each spin! Aligning 3 or more on a winline grants the prize Sheamus is indicating... whether above, below, or both!

Wild symbols stand in for all symbols except Free Spins. While Wild Symbols can complete Sheamus' Prizes wins, they don't yield prize amounts for their own reel.

When 3 Free Spins symbols land anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4, 8 Free Spins are bestowed. Within Free Spins, the BAR, Clover, and Gem symbols vanish, replaced by Sheamus symbols featuring x2 and x3 bonuses. Upon winning, x2 Bonus Symbols double the prize Sheamus is pointing to, while x3 Bonus Symbols triple it. Free Spins adopt the last bet amount played.
Seize a pail and gather the victories in this thrilling 5-reel, 15-line journey! Approach the pier and collect heaps of shrimp and money!

Time to go shrimpin'!
Introducing ‘Valentine's Robin Hood,’ a charming and romantic variation of the beloved ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Wins’ slot game. Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional gaming experience filled with charm, sophistication, and a hint of romance and excitement.

In this special Valentine’s Day edition, Robin Hood takes center stage as the fearless protagonist, not only championing the downtrodden but also embarking on a heartfelt journey to reunite with his true love, Maid Marian. Accompanied by his faithful Merry Men, Robin is determined to outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham and the detestable King John, all in the name of love and the pursuit of substantial winnings!

The game boasts a range of features designed for a romantic escapade, including Expanding Wilds, Random Multipliers, and a meticulously crafted multi-level Picker Bonus that romantically reunites Robin Hood with Maid Marian, leading to a substantial prize. And let's not overlook the Free Spins bonus, which offers players an extra dose of love and thrills.

Designed to the highest standards and optimized for compatibility across various platforms, ‘Valentine's Robin Hood’ guarantees players hours of medieval fun infused with the essence of love. Set off on this enchanting journey and allow the romantic rendezvous of Robin and Maid Marian to guide you to consistent victories and heartfelt enjoyment!
Step into the mesmerizing realm of Jack Potter in Vegas – the trendiest, most electrifying slot game in the realm of casinos! Get set for an exhilarating journey packed with vibrant neon lights, classic Bar symbols, and a fusion of thrills that will quicken your pulse faster than a winning spin! Imagine yourself strolling through the digital streets of Las Vegas, where the neon signage outshines even your future winnings!

Jack Potter in Vegas isn't merely a slot game; it's a sensational escapade that sweeps you through the opulence and allure of the Entertainment Capital of the World! Indulge in virtual cocktails as you spin the reels, witnessing the neon-drenched symbols align to form winning sequences that evoke the sensation of a high roller! This isn't just about chance; it's about the rush, the exhilaration, and the electrifying anticipation of a substantial payout.

Jack Potter in Vegas transcends typical slot games; it's the exclusive VIP lounge of casino entertainment! Immerse yourself in the dynamic visuals, with neon lights flickering in the backdrop and iconic Bar symbols hinting at splendid rewards. The neon-infused ambiance is so immersive, you'll almost feel the pulsating vibes of Vegas flowing through your veins! Unlike conventional slots, Jack Potter in Vegas epitomizes amusement and excitement! The reels aren't just spinning; they're dancing to the beat of your fortune! With each spin, you'll be teetering on the brink, wondering if this is the moment when the jackpot cascades like an unexpected encore at a Vegas spectacle!

Are you prepared to relish the thrill of chance and the euphoria of victory? Jack Potter in Vegas invites you to partake in the ultimate casino escapade! Don't merely play a game; immerse yourself in an odyssey where every spin presents an opportunity to strike it rich in the neon-drenched city of aspirations! So, gather your lucky talismans, concoct those virtual cocktails, and prepare to spin your way to triumph with Jack Potter in Vegas – because when it comes to slot games, this one guarantees a blast on the enjoyment scale!
A celebration of Chinese culture and symbols, 88 Drums introduces an array of captivating elements to the gaming experience. Within the core gameplay, players encounter Wilds and Scatters. Upon landing 5 or more green circle scatters, the Scatter Lootlink mechanism triggers, unveiling an additional matrix comprising 25 slots, of which 10 are initially locked. Players receive 3 spins, with the count resetting to 3 whenever a new symbol emerges. Unlocking the 4th row necessitates the landing of 10 symbols, while the 5th row unlocks after a total of 14 symbols grace the reels. A jackpot symbol holds the potential to appear at any moment, with the Grand Jackpot bestowed upon covering all 25 positions.

Echoing the mechanics of the Scatter Lootlink is the Drum Lootlink, which can initiate upon the appearance of a Wild symbol. This feature introduces a distinct matrix where the objective is to amass drums. Rewards vary based on the quantity collected, culminating in a maximum award of 8,888 when 88 drums are accumulated. Initially launching with 3 spins, the feature perpetually respins, resetting the spin counter with each drum symbol landing. Each drum symbol showcases a number corresponding to the drums collected on the respective slot, with this number subject to random increments at the outset of each spin.

Moreover, landing 3, 4, or 5 Free Games symbols grants players 10, 15, or 25 free spins, respectively. 88 Drums also incorporates 2 Power bets: the Scatter Boost and the Drum Boost. Activation of the Scatter Boost Power bet reduces the threshold for triggering the Scatter Lootlink feature to 4 symbols, elevates Scatter values, triples the jackpots compared to the base mode, and extends the spin counter to 4. Conversely, the Drum Boost intensifies the likelihood of activating the Drum Lootlink feature, raises the spin counter to 4, maintains a consistent 8x drum multiplier for both base and free games, and increases drum pays by 3x.
All set, it's time to launch into excitement! Let's elevate our game on the path and raise those rewards even higher in this 5x3 slot featuring 15 Fixed Lines!

In Free Spins mode, all BAR symbols vanish.

Players will spin the reels to determine how far they advance along the path, while multiplier reels will also spin. Each of the three paths corresponds to one of the multiplier reels. When landing on a regular square, the current trail's reel prize gets added to the win.

Landing on a x2 or x3 will double or triple that value respectively. Landing on an 'X' will incorporate the related multiplier into the current win, after which players will collect their winnings and return to the main reels. Advancing to the next trail, signaled by an arrow, promises higher rewards as it utilizes a more lucrative multiplier spinner.
Prospect Gaming ignites the excitement with sizzling, chili-powered victories in Arriba Heat! Kicking off in the base game, the Wild Fiesta feature triggers randomly upon Wilds landing. During Wild Fiesta, Wilds glide across adjacent symbols, converting them into extra Wilds. If a Wild intersects another Wild, it transforms into an X2 Wild, leading to even greater payouts!

When the Chilli Inferno respins are triggered, Mr. Peppe takes center stage on the grid, gathering each chili that lands. Players forfeit a life if no chilies land. Chilli Inferno consists of three tiers. In the initial tier, Mr. Peppe must gather chilies with a collective value of 20 to advance.

Progressing to the second tier requires accumulating chilies with a total value of 50, unlocking access to the third tier. Chilies in the second tier are multiplied by X2, and in the third tier by X3. A multiplier is applied for every 50-total chili count in the third tier. Mr. Peppe's symbol expands from 1x1 to 2x2, and ultimately to 2x3, as he ascends through each tier.
Enter into this farm-inspired slot game, where the fields are ripe with cash crops and the rewards are abundant! Listen closely for the merry jingles of the cow bell or keep a keen eye out for the Cow; triggering the Rush Express™ Feature occurs when a Barnyard Express symbol lands on the reels during the same spin. Witness your riches multiply as your prizes are gathered amidst the chiming of the golden bell or the rumble of the golden tractor. Whichever farm animal you choose, it's bound to guide you towards a harvest of wealth!

Beware of the bulging Barn symbols! When three of these symbols burst open, get ready to venture into the barn, brimming with golden corn, and enjoy 10 Free Spins. During Free Spins, the Rush Express™ Feature activates more frequently. Stay alert for a surprise Henhouse car that appears at the end of each tractor, granting a Multiplier or Jackpot. Don't let those wagons pass you by!

As you journey through the barnyard, the allure of golden corn is certain to follow you. After every base game spin, golden corn is loaded onto the Corn Car positioned above the reels. Keep an eye on the growing pile; it may spontaneously trigger the Pick Feature! Match three icons to claim one of four jackpots and carry home your well-deserved gold!
In this 6×4 slot, everything that sparkles is made of gold, where cash accumulates on reels 1 and 6. Trigger the bonus round to make a choice between guaranteed cash or free spins accompanied by an infinite wild multiplier that could give you the golden touch.

Cash symbols come to life on reels 1-6, awarded when a Collect symbol lands on reel 1, reel 6, or both simultaneously. To activate the Bonus, have 3 or more Bonus symbols land in your view. Opt for either Wild Strike or Cash Strike, each featuring its distinctive bonus.

Opt for Wild Strike Spins and dive into the bonus round with cash and collects removed, replaced by an unlimited wild multiplier. With each wild appearance, the multiplier grows, and landing 2 or more scatters awards additional spins.

Choose Cash Strike Spins for a bonus round where only cash and collects are active. Cash Strike ensures a cash collect win, with each Cash symbol landing contributing to the Cash trail. If enough symbols appear, it triggers an extra spin and a Cash Collect Multiplier. Enjoy up to 5 Cash Strikes with a potential x10 multiplier.

Engage Fortune Blitz to play exclusively with Cash, Collect, and Bonus symbols, ensuring that every victory results in either cash or a bonus!
Introducing the Wild Riches Extravaganza, the beloved Stinkin' Rich slot now features spontaneous wilds, an enticing top prize, and an enhanced Trash for Cash Bonus! In the Trash for Cash Bonus round, discover prize enhancements or advance the meter. What may seem like discarded items to one person could be a hidden treasure for another!

The Random Wilds Feature has the potential to activate during any standard game spin that doesn't result in the Trash for Cash Bonus, the Keys to Riches Bonus, or during any Keys to Riches Bonus spin that doesn't award the Trash for Cash Bonus or additional free spins.

Activation of the Trash for Cash Bonus occurs when three Trash for Cash Scatter Symbols land in any position on reels 3, 4, and 5. Pick trash can lids to reveal prizes from either or both meters. Each selected lid could grant a Stinkin' or Rich Up Arrow, an Up Arrow for both meters, a Boost to the Stinkin' or Rich meter, a Boost to both meters, a Stinkin' or Rich Collect, or a Collect for both meters.

The Keys to Riches Bonus gets triggered when three or more Keys to Riches scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 2, and 3. Initiating the Keys to Riches Bonus rewards 3 free spins for every Keys to Riches Scatter Symbol.
Invaders Takeover introduces a random wild modifier activated by 2 scatters, along with a free spin bonus that secures wilds above reels 2-5 to enhance winning opportunities! Opt for Premium Play to engage the Space Wheel Bonus, toggle the gamble feature on/off, and experience 6 reels of excitement, offering 4096 ways to win. Trigger the Alien Attack Bonus with 2 scatters, resulting in random wilds, while 3 or more scatters initiate Free Spins, causing wilds on reels 2-5 to stack above, generating additional winning paths!

The layout of Invaders Takeover consists of a 6x4 reel setup, utilizing the All-Ways feature, providing 4096 ways to win in the base game. The free spin bonus is triggered by 3 scatters, while the alien attack feature activates with 2 scatters.

When 2 Bonus symbols appear on the screen, there is a possibility of initiating the Alien Attack Bonus. The onboard computer's 'threat Detected' status triggers the bonus, while 'No threat detected' prevents it. Upon activation, the two existing bonus symbols transform into Wilds, and a laser gun shoots additional symbols, converting them into Wild symbols.

To trigger free spins, land 3 or more bonus symbols. Each bonus symbol grants a planet to choose from, revealing the number of free spins. After destroying all planets, the total free spins are tallied, and the free spins commence. During free spins, 4 new reel positions emerge above reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, initially inactive. Wild symbols on these reels first pay any wins, then ascend to lock in place for the remaining free spins. If multiple wilds are awarded per reel, a multiplier value is displayed.
Step into a realm of myth and strength, and accompany Hercules on his legendary quest for undiscovered treasures!

Harness the power of Wilds to vanquish mythical creatures and set ablaze lines across the reels. As you collect shields, witness the reels expanding in the Beast Slayer Bonus, and unlock heroic bonuses that enhance your lives.

Embark on conquering the labors, ascending to Olympus, and pursuing a legendary fortune nearing 3 million euros in the Dream Drop Bonus. Do you possess the mettle to join the esteemed ranks of heroism?

Earn a re-spin when a fully stacked high-paying symbol completely occupies reel 1. Should a stacked symbol land partially on the reel, there's a chance it may nudge to fill the entire reel! During the re-spin, all symbols matching the one in reel 1 become sticky, while all other positions undergo a re-spin. Look out for the reel expansion symbol, which, when landing during the re-spin, adds 1 extra row. Reels can extend to a towering height of 10 rows. Symbols may land with x2, x3, or x5 multipliers, multiplying wins involving these symbols. If a connected pathway boasts multiple multipliers in a win, their values multiply each other. Re-spins persist as long as matching or expanding symbols land, with winnings assessed at the conclusion of the re-spin round.

Attain the Beast Slayer Bonus by landing 3 bonus symbols. Upgrade the paying symbol, acquire multipliers, and enlarge the game area! The bonus game initiates the re-spin feature with an initial 3 spins, deducting a spin when a symbol fails to land and resetting to 3 after any symbol lands. Begin the bonus game with a stacked lion symbol in reel 1, progressively upgrading as the collection meter fills. Shield symbols exhibit a displayed value corresponding to their contribution to the collection, concluding when 10 points are amassed. Similar to the base game, symbols in the bonus round may land with x2, x3, x4, or x5 multipliers, amplifying wins involving these symbols. Triggering the bonus game with 4 or 5 bonus symbols awards the feature, beginning with a higher value symbol. Upon exhausting all lives or completely filling the game area, a win evaluation ensues.
Gear up for Snowborn Games' sensation with Tippy's Golden Pot™! Tippy the leprechaun returns, elevating the gaming experience to new heights. Bid farewell to his cozy tavern as he embarks on a journey to a captivating valley steeped in folklore, where a concealed treasure awaits discovery.

Tippy's Golden Pot™ introduces an innovative Bonus, featuring an array of special symbols that inject diversity and excitement into each bonus spin. Uncover the treasures that await as you land these special symbols!

For those seeking exhilarating thrills, the Tippy Spin and Tippy Pots features are bound to deliver. Keep a keen eye on the symbols' cash values, as they can lead you to the coveted Tippy Gold.

Beyond offering an entertaining gameplay experience, Tippy's Golden Pot™ presents the opportunity to strike it rich in a world where whimsical charm meets the allure of hidden treasures. Spin the reels and embark on an unforgettable journey with Tippy today!

The Bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more scattered Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. With 3 Bonus symbols, the Bonus feature awards 3 spins, no Stars collected, and 3 Coin symbols. For 4 Bonus symbols, the Bonus feature grants 4 spins, 3 Stars collected, and 4 Coin symbols. Achieving 5 Bonus symbols results in the Bonus feature providing 4 spins, 6 Stars collected, 4 Coin symbols, and 1 Chest symbol. On each retrigger, 3 Stars collected award an extra spin, and gathering 6 Stars unveils the Chest symbol. Throughout the Bonus, three different types of symbols may grace the reels: Coins, Stars, and special symbols. Bonus spins reset when Coins, Stars, and special symbols land on the reels. The Bonus concludes when there are no remaining bonus spins or no new symbols land.
The tenacious Monty Brothers, resilient performers who refused to be sidelined after a stumble in children's entertainment, have clawed their way into the limelight. Now, armed with their trusty ape companion, BIT-E, they've secured a fresh gig on the vibrant Vegas strip, a potential game-changer for their careers!

Join forces with the Monty Brothers and BIT-E to enhance their circus spectacle, boost ticket sales, and rake in substantial earnings. In 3 Clown Monty II, you'll have a ringside view to one of the town's premier shows, assisting these entertainers as you spin the 5x3 reels, aiming to craft winning combinations across the 20 paylines. Keep a keen eye out for special bonus features that not only captivate the audience but also drive up ticket sales.

In the base game, Wild symbols bring more than meets the eye. These Wilds carry special multipliers of x2, x3, or x5, amplifying any win they contribute to by the corresponding value. Landing three or more Scatter symbols while spinning the reels triggers the exclusive Free Spins round. The number of Scatters dictates the Free Spins awarded, with a maximum of ten spins achievable with five Scatters. Before the Free Spins commence, select one of three cards to unveil one, two, or three guaranteed Walking Wilds that gracefully move across reels two, three, and four with each spin.

As the reels spin, keep an eye out for overlay symbols spelling BONUS. Spell out the entire word across the reels, and you'll unlock the Bonus Prize Pick. Opt for one of three cups, each concealing a diverse prize, with the multiplier values skyrocketing during Free Spins, reaching an impressive x500!

So, grab some popcorn and settle into your front-row seat. The dazzling spectacle on the strip is poised to unfold, promising an unforgettable show!
The Colosseum calls upon the return of the Great Antonius. Will you once again stand alongside the Champion of Champions and brave the Arena?

The stakes have reached new heights, with enough gold coins to rival a fleet of ships awaiting the victorious. Beyond the allure of gold and glory, fight for the heart of the enchanting Helena, the beautiful Rose of Rome and Antonius' beloved. Retirement never suited the valiant gladiator, and so, the sands beckon him back to defend his honor and remind the people of Rome who the true champion is!

With helmet secured, sword in hand, and shield at the ready, Antonius fears neither man nor beast; he is prepared to face all the Colosseum throws his way. The gleam of gold, silver, and bronze coins overflowing from the champion pots shines as brightly as Helena's smile.

Will Antonius strike with precision and strength? The clash of swords will resonate through the stands and echo around the towering stone pillars and arches. Cheers and jeers will cascade from the onlookers, akin to sweet summer wine spilling over the edges of their pots. Only one can emerge as the victor, and the question is, will it be you?

Command the arena in Rome Fight for Gold Deluxe™. Can you discern that? Is it Jupiter, the Roman God of Thunder, challenging you, noble warrior? Or is it the roar of the crowds filling the stands? It's time for you to discover; it's time to Fight for Gold!
Hey there! Have you marked your calendar for this year's Gion Matsuri yet? No worries if you haven't! Dive into the anime-themed slot game, Miko Festival Feature Buy, from Powered by OneTouch, featuring Cheerful Kagura, Graceful Suzu, and Spirited Yukata.

Join these charming ladies as they lead you to one of Kyoto's most iconic Shinto shrines, where a variety of entertaining and whimsical randomly triggered Bonus Features await.

In the 3 Sisters Feature, trigger the Shooting Game, where regular symbols get replaced randomly with either Wilds or Scatters. Alternatively, you might activate the Ring Toss Game, where any reels with a ring tossed around them will have all symbols substituted for the same symbol, potentially leading to massive wins! Or perhaps it's the Fortune Game, where a fortune sticks to any present Wilds, adding a multiplier or contributing to the Heart-o-metre!

During any of the 3 Sisters Feature Games, the Heart-o-metre increases when any of the girls land fully stacked on the reels! Once the meter is full, the Kissing Bonus kicks in, allowing you to win up to 200x your bet.

The ultimate objective is to gain entrance to the Festival Bonus, where landing three (3) or more Scatters awards eight (8) Free Spins. Throughout the feature, the Wild Fan symbol may randomly appear to retrigger the feature when the Sakura Lamp lights up!

Will you share a moment with the girl of your dreams as the ceremony unfolds amid the fun, floats, and Free Spins of Powered by OneTouch’s Miko Festival Feature Buy?
In the realm of slots, the renowned Gorgon, Medusa, has concealed some chillingly rewarding victories within the 5x3 slot format, boasting 15 Fixed Lines and the allure of Ultimate Free Spins. Regardless of where you choose, a prize awaits, hidden behind masks that may reveal instant rewards or grant access to the extraordinary Free Spins Wheel.

A spin of the outer ring determines the quantity of Free Spins bestowed upon the player. Simultaneously, the central reel spins to bestow the Free Spins mode, each mode carrying its own unique bonus.

Within the realm of Ultimate Free Spins, only the top four highest-paying regular symbols remain in play. Accompanied by a X3 bonus on all wins, this mode showcases a colossal Banner Wild on the spinning reels.

In the domain of Ultra Free Spins, the Diamond and Club symbols are omitted. A X3 bonus enhances all wins, and once again, a massive Banner Wild graces the reels.Transitioning to Mega Free Spins, the Diamond and Club symbols are also removed, but with a X2 bonus applied to all wins. The oversized Banner Wild continues to make a grand appearance on the reels.

Stepping down to Super Free Spins, a X2 bonus embellishes all wins, and the reels are adorned with the striking presence of a colossal Banner Wild. Finally, in the Free Spins mode, the reels come alive with the grandeur of a huge Banner Wild, promising an exhilarating gaming experience.
Welcome to a thrilling journey through the Astro Pyramid, navigating five captivating levels. Begin your adventure at the base level, where symbols showcase stake multipliers in monetary values ranging from 0.1x to 100x. To progress to the next level, activate at least 3 symbols of the same value. Continue ascending by matching symbols equivalent to those at the initial level. As you climb, each level unveils its unique multiplier: level 2 offers x2, level 3 delivers x5, level 4 boasts x10, and level 5 astounds with an incredible x50. Surpassing level 5 unlocks a celestial prize of 5000x your stake.

Level 3 introduces an exciting twist with the Seven Prizes Bonus. Triggered by a Bonus scatter, this round shuffles stake multiplier symbols across 7 mystical positions, each offering potential prizes of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 100x. The bonus prize is determined by multiplying the total collected amount by the number of triggering scatters, reaching up to a 5x multiplier with 5 scatters. Throughout this journey, Wilds stand by as allies, substituting for all symbols except Bonus scatters. Conquer the pyramid, reach new heights, and unravel the mysteries of the Astros!
Clucks 2: Rooster Respins™, now featuring BIG BuildUp®! Watch as zany chickens lay eggs that transform into wilds and multipliers, enhancing your winnings. The respin rooster may even give the reels another whirl for an extra dose of barnyard excitement!

Keep an eye out for special corn that feeds the Mother Hen Prize on the center reel – as the beloved Mother Hen grows, so does the prize! Unleash the Rooster Respins Bonus for expanding reels and additional respin thrills! Start your day with a bountiful harvest of wins in Lucky Clucks 2: Rooster Respins™!
Engage in an epic clash of Dragons vs Pandas, navigating 40 lines across two sets of 4-reel games. Witness the excitement as Wilds leap across the reels, creating even more substantial victories. Take your pick and emerge victorious in this thrilling battle!

The Jumping Wilds Feature is triggered when a Jumping Wild appears in any position on the reels. Each Jumping Wild in the Dragon Reels or Panda Reels transforms a symbol position in the same row on the opposite game position into a Jumping Wild. If the chosen symbol position already features a Jumping Wild, the multiplier for that Wild increases by 1x for each additional Jumping Wild awarded on that symbol position.

Initiate the Dragons VS Pandas feature by landing 1 VS Coin symbol along with any combination of 2 other Coin symbols in any position. Choose either the Dragon Reels or the Panda Reels for the feature, and the spin unfolds simultaneously on both game positions. Line wins are exclusively paid for the selected game position. Make your strategic choice and plunge into the gripping conflict between these mighty creatures!
Celebrate the Chinese New Year by embracing the Year of the Dragon King.

Get ready for the Chinese New Year festivities with this 5×3 slot, perched atop a mountain where mythical creatures reside. Year of the Dragon King showcases a variety of Chinese-inspired symbols, including lamps and coins, accompanied by a Wild that replaces all base game symbols to facilitate the creation of winning combinations across the slot's 20 paylines.

Throughout each spin, the background of the reels will randomly change color, requiring a visual match to trigger the bonus.

Three distinct bonus rounds can be activated, unveiling a random number of mini-slot machines on the reels. Each bonus introduces a progressively increasing multiplier for every consecutive win achieved on the slot machines. Securing a symbol on every reel of the mini slot machine results in a win, while missing one symbol concludes that slot's spins.
Nestled deep within the Fulroya mountains lies the dwelling place of the East China Sea dragons, secluded from the outside world for half a millennium. This solitude was disrupted when the dragon queen laid three eggs imbued with mysterious powers, attracting "dragon hunters" fixated on the coveted dragon's eye gem. Legend has it that the trio of dragon eggs holds the key to discovering the precious gem. To safeguard the eggs from falling into the wrong hands, the weakened dragon queen entrusted them to the dragon master.

The feared day has finally dawned! The East China Sea dragons face an assault from the relentless "dragon hunters"! In the midst of the fierce conflict, the dragon queen was petrified in stone. Fortunately, the "dragon hunters" failed to locate the dragon queen's eggs. Presently, the only means to revive the dragon queen is to uncover the dragon's eye gem. But can the dragon master harness the enigmatic power of the three dragon eggs to successfully break the seal binding the dragon queen?

Dragon Hatch 2 presents a 5 by 5 grid of symbols in a video slot format, offering diverse features that contribute to cascading more wins and incorporating sticky Wild symbols. Accumulate winning symbols to activate the Earth Dragon Feature, Water Dragon Feature, Fire Dragon Feature, and Dragon Queen Feature! Experience substantial wins with each distinctive feature now!
Prepare for a heart-pounding heist experience in Red Tiger’s Vault Cracker Megaways™! Join forces with the cunning Heist Master and the sly Hold-Up Artist as you delve into an adrenaline-fueled adventure packed with captivating features that will undoubtedly capture your attention!

Feel the excitement of the Chain Reaction as symbols vanish upon forming winning combinations, opening the door for fresh symbols that might trigger even more wins. Watch out for hidden Cash Safes containing random cash prizes - bronze, silver, and gold safes promising thrilling rewards. When the Hold-Up Artist scatter aligns with Cash Safes, you'll unlock and collect their combined riches. The Heist Master initiates unlimited respins with Cash Safes and the Scarlet Rogue spinning. Fill the reels with Cash Safes to accumulate multipliers, and at the end of the Heist, reveal your rewards, but stay vigilant for the Scarlet Rogue’s Rivalry wheel during the Heist, as it determines your fate.

Winning combinations arise by aligning matching symbols from the leftmost reel to the right on adjacent reels. When a winning combination occurs, the involved symbols disappear, making room for fresh symbols to cascade into place, potentially triggering additional wins.

Cash Safes scatters can land anywhere on the reels. These non-paying scatters harbor random cash prizes unlockable by the Heist Master or Hold-Up Artist. A single Hold-up Artist scatter, landing with visible Cash Safes, unlocks and reveals their prizes, awarding the total sum of all Cash Safes prizes.

The Heist Master, a potent scatter symbol, triggers on any reel. During the Heist, Cash Safes lock in place alongside the Heist Master, enabling unlimited respins. Fill a reel with Cash Safes to earn multipliers (x2 - x7), which combine if multiple reels fill up. When the Heist concludes, all Cash Safes unlock, revealing prizes. The total prize equals the sum of Cash Safes multiplied by Heist Multipliers. The Heist concludes when all reels are filled with Cash Safes or triggered by the Rivalry feature.

Activated by Scarlet Rogue during a Heist, with one per reel, the Scarlet Rogue initiates the Rivalry Wheel, containing 6 green sectors. Each Scarlet Rogue symbol turns a sector red, up to 5. A green sector prolongs the Heist, while a red one concludes the bonus round.
Commence an interplanetary exploration with Cosmic Rush!

Explore the wonders of the universe while spinning reels adorned with cosmic cash symbols. Here's the cosmic twist – land these elusive symbols with a collector on either reel 1 or 6, or both, and witness your winnings soar as they're promptly collected! As you traverse the star-studded reels, keep a watchful eye on the Rush Meter. Each uncaptured cosmic cash symbol contributes to this thrilling meter, bringing you closer to a cosmic Multiplier Boost that will propel your winnings into the cosmic stratosphere!

Achieve the landing of 3 or more scatters, and the universe unveils two captivating Free Spins Bonus Rounds that will leave you starstruck!

But that's not all – when the stars align in your favor, the Dream Drop Bonus wheel may spontaneously activate on any base game spin! This wheel is divided into 5 sectors, each harboring its own alluring jackpot. The first sector to be entirely filled with segments will grant the jackpot and send shockwaves through the cosmos! Get ready for a celestial adventure with Cosmic Rush!
Step into the thrilling world of Sidewinder DoubleMax, a classic fruit slot with a modern twist! This 5×3 reel, 20 payline video slot introduces a unique reel shuffling feature accompanied by a progressive DoubleMax win multiplier, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

In Sidewinder DoubleMax, the Sidewinder feature takes center stage, turning a losing reel position into a winning one. Brace yourself for the potential of multiple shuffles, each accompanied by a win multiplier that doubles with every successful combination. The ultimate prize tantalizes at an impressive 5,000x the base bet.

Taking the excitement up a notch, the Sidewinder feature introduces the enigmatic Super Wild symbols. These unique symbols manifest solely during the Sidewinder feature and present themselves as stacks of three symbols. Functioning as formidable counterparts to regular Wild symbols, Super Wilds possess the ability to substitute for any symbol on the reels, contributing to the creation of thrilling and rewarding combinations.

For those seeking an extra challenge, the golden bet option awaits. Increasing the base bet by x0.25, this option enhances the frequency of Sidewinder features, promising more thrilling moments and opportunities for big wins.

In select jurisdictions, players can opt for the Bonus Buy feature, allowing them to purchase a Sidewinder feature for a fixed price. The Sidewinder Feature may trigger randomly after a losing spin, with the reels shuffling to unveil winning combinations. The excitement continues as the reels shuffle again, keeping the feature alive if a winning combination is revealed and concluding if a losing combination appears.

A dynamic win multiplier trail, starting at X1 and increasing exponentially with each winning shuffle, adds to the intensity of the game. Up to 6 Wild or Super Wild positions can be added to random points on the multiplier trail at the feature's outset, creating additional anticipation and potential for significant wins.
Enter the mesmerizing realm of ancient Egypt and unveil The Magic of Cleopatra in this 3x5 slot with 15 Fixed Lines! Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Cleopatra's rule as you spin the reels and unravel the hidden mysteries within.

Free Spins bring an added layer of excitement to your gaming adventure, paying out in any order on the screen. Whether the symbols align from left to right or right to left, the flexible nature of Free Spins ensures that each spin holds the potential for significant rewards, transforming every moment on the reels into a thrilling pursuit of ancient riches.

Extra Spin: During Free Spins, landing a Bonus symbol on the reels awards an additional 1, 3, or 5 Free Spins. Witness the unfolding magic as you gain more opportunities to discover ancient treasures and enhance your rewards.

Symbol Upgrade: Feel the power of transformation as the lowest symbols in play ascend to become the next higher paying symbol. This captivating feature can occur either instantly or on the next spin, introducing an element of surprise and strategy to your gameplay.
Step into the enchanting forest and uncover a fantastical realm where harmony reigns supreme and the Golden Elk is esteemed for its strength and wisdom. Delight in the serenity and splendor as amiable woodland creatures guide your journey towards the revered Golden Elk and valuable treasures.

Golden Elk presents a 5x3 layout with 50 paylines, boasting remarkable Free Spins and an enthralling Bonus round. The thrilling escapade commences with the appearance of 3 or more Scatters, initiating up to 30 Free Spins. Upon landing 6 or more Elk symbols, the enchantment of the Bonus round unfolds, treating players to 3 spins of the Bonus mini-game, where multipliers and jackpots await. Moreover, the Bonus round can be activated even during Free Spins, adding an extra layer of excitement to the adventure.

Scatter icons hold the key to unlocking a potential of up to 30 Free Spins. Triggering the Free Spins requires the landing of 3 or more Scatter symbols, with an extra treat of 5 additional spins granted for landing 2 Scatters during the feature. Bask in the golden allure of Free Spins and their winning magic!

Upon the landing of 6 or more Elk symbols, the Bonus feature is unleashed! Engage in the spinning action of the 3-reel bonus wheel mini-game. Each Elk symbol landing activates random pointers numbered 1-9 on the wheel, resetting the spins to 3. As the mini-game progresses, should some pointers remain unlit and spins run out, the bonus wheel spins, granting prizes corresponding to the lit pointers. The multiplier prizes accumulate, while any illuminated jackpots, whether Minor or Major, are duly awarded. Should all 9 pointers light up, the ultimate Grand jackpot is yours to claim!
Introducing Bill and Coin, your gleaming, dime-filled companions in a dazzling slot game adventure. Achieving a trio of appearances in the Base Game with these dynamic characters opens the door to a triumvirate of lucrative rounds. Now, the choice is yours!

Will you embark on the Coin Track, where 'Enhancer' and 'Collect' symbols boost the coins encircling the reels, augmenting your winnings? Perhaps you'll ascend the Multiplier Ladder, where each win and spin progressively elevates the multiplier to a potential 500x. Or, are you ready to pursue the Sure Win Bonus, where your base sum grows with each success, ensuring a perpetually victorious experience?

However, it's in the Super version of these rounds that true wealth awaits. Enhanced with extra Enhancer symbols and additional spins, it brings you closer to achieving the elusive 10,000x max win! Join the spectacular journey with Bill & Coin, where the allure of spinning and winning takes center stage in this dazzling realm of razzle and dazzle.
Enter Wilfred's Wheel, a majestic spinning palace where opulence intertwines with chance at every twist. With each wager, anticipate the grand descent of the Royal Curtain, potentially revealing the entrance to the Wheel Bonus. This esteemed game of fortune features a circle adorned with ten regal segments, each carrying cash prizes befitting royalty.

In a triumphant moment, the wheel may come to rest on the illustrious King Wilfred himself, who, with a royal gesture, doubles the riches of the segments to princely sums, reaching up to a remarkable 500x reward each. However, take heed of the royal caution – landing on an empty sector concludes your courtly quest, bestowing the amassed riches of the round upon you.
Enter the Arena of Rome for maximum fun! Face off in the Gladiator's Gold feature and see how many times you can spin the wheel, the prizes can just keep repeating themselves. Free Spins are awarded in any order on an active winline.

Press the Spin button to start the wheel spinning. If players land on a multiplier, it gets added to the Current Win. Keep spinning the wheel and adding to the Current Win, players will collect their win when they land on a Collect segment.
Enter the realm of Big Bonus Booster™ – the exciting evolution of Inspired's popular slot, Big Bonus™. Prepare for a captivating journey with a stunning new appearance and an inventive twist on the classic game mechanics, featuring a fresh Boost symbol and an extended Boost Trail.

With a reel setup of 6×4 and 50 win-lines, Big Bonus Booster seamlessly integrates regular base game wins with a plethora of classic slot symbols and entertaining Wilds. Achieving three Bonus symbols in the base game triggers the Big Bonus Match 3 Pick Me game, presenting players with a selection of mixed-colored gems. The choice of three identical gems determines the player's Big Bonus multiplier value and marks their positions on the Boost Trail.

In the Free Spins Bonus round, sticky Wilds lock in place until the bonus round concludes. A Boost symbol can land on reel 6, filling the next trail position to potentially boost a player's Big Bonus multiplier for monumental wins. The Free Spins Bonus persists until a player achieves a win greater than or equal to their Big Bonus value.

Depending on the jurisdiction, additional features can be activated for an enhanced gameplay experience. Opt for Fortune Bet to increase the likelihood of bonus entry, or choose Bonus Buy for the opportunity to directly purchase entry into the Bonus round, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.
Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping journey through the fiery depths with Wild Hogs™! These audacious Hells Hogs, depicted in a daring anthropomorphic style, guide you on an epic slot adventure through the seventh level of Hell. The dynamic reels not only provide a minimum of 4096 Ways to win but brace yourself – with each spin, it has the potential to skyrocket to an astounding 46,656 Ways! Hold on tight as the Wild Hogs race across the reels, offering three random modifiers that can lead to massive wins.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Immerse yourself in the bonus game, set in the main casino of hell, where a feature trail beckons. Accumulate multipliers, but exercise caution – landing in the same position twice comes at the cost of a life. Unleash the devilish excitement of Wild Hogs™, where each spin is a heart-pounding journey through the underworld's thrilling casino!
Get a glimpse of Santa's world and experience Christmas from his point of view with our newest release - Santa's Puzzle! Join Santa Claus as he sifts through a trove of heartwarming letters and delightful drawings from his multitude of devoted fans. The dynamic interplay between our spirited Santa and his supporters infuses an exhilarating dimension into the festivities, promising an extraordinary and gratifying gaming experience!

Santa’s Puzzle unfolds across a 5-reel, 4-row festive slot adorned with 50 paylines, promising a captivating gameplay where Wilds ingeniously stand in for all symbols, excluding the Bonus symbol. Unfurl your tinsel and initiate the revelry, for the pièce de résistance of Santa's Puzzle lies in its distinctive Puzzle Bonus Game, triggered by the appearance of 4 Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5.

Upon activation, the screen metamorphoses into a 5x4 blank puzzle grid. Players are granted 3 attempts to secure a puzzle piece and prolong the feature. As each puzzle piece aligns and locks into place, a fragment of the image is revealed, and the attempt count resets to 3. Each vacant puzzle slot boasts a unique multiplier, bestowed upon completion of the corresponding position. What's more, these multipliers escalate to a staggering x16, elevating the potential winnings! The triggering Bonus symbols seamlessly migrate to their designated spots on the Bonus Game grid, uncovering segments of the image embedded in these locations.
Prepare your spaceships; the race to the intergalactic jackpot is about to kick off! On this cosmic track, there are no rules—float, fly, or blaze through the cityscapes, collecting elusive random multipliers to turbocharge your performance.

Navigate the race's ways to score winning combinations and secure three or more trophies to enter the Bonus Round, where multipliers are fixed and plentiful. Build up your points and fast-track your way to the Dream Drop Jackpot finish line, with the potential to win up to €3 million!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the cosmos and aim for the stars in this high-stakes space race!
Join Lucy Luck on an exhilarating expedition to the Temple of Mysteries nestled in Nepal’s majestic mountains. Within this gripping slot adventure, the potential for wins skyrocket to an astonishing 10,000x your bet, achievable by aligning 8 or more symbols and unraveling the enigmatic secrets guarded by the mysterious Mystery Symbols.

Acting as gatekeepers to a myriad of rewards, the Mystery Symbols grace both the Base Game and Free Spins. Accumulating 8 or more of these symbols unveils paying symbols, special features, or the coveted Mystery Coin, boasting heart-pounding bet multipliers of up to 1000x. Feel the thrill of Free Spins or intensify the excitement with Super Free Spins, where Mystery Symbols persist until reaching 8 or the bonus concludes.

Delve into the mysteries concealed within the Nepalese mountains, seizing the opportunity for incredible rewards tucked away in the temple's depths during this exhilarating expedition.

Responding to evolving player preferences in gameplay, Slotmill games feature two integrated excitement-enhancing features: "Burst Mode" and "Fast Track." Burst Mode presents an enhanced auto-play, swiftly progressing through two game rounds per second, while Fast Track provides players with a direct route to the games' bonus features. Both Burst Mode and Fast Track have garnered immense popularity among players.
Welcome to my splendid Bank, dear friend! You may address me as Mr. Pigg E. Have you graced my establishment to unravel the secrets behind my ascent to becoming the most prosperous gentleman in the world? Fear not, for I am more than willing to share some pearls of wisdom!

Firstly, should you aspire to bask in the opulence that I do, exercise utmost care in preserving every Dollar Tag you encounter! In due course, these dapper bills shall metamorphose into expansive Golden Wilds, shrouding entire reels and bestowing upon you boundless wealth!

On to the next lesson: a penny conserved is a penny gained. Deliver your Piggybank savings unto me, and I shall safeguard them within my Bank until the opportune moment arises. Await my summons when your Bonus Cash Prizes are ripe for the claiming, and witness how the accumulation of even a solitary saved penny can yield substantial riches!

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