Set sail on the open ocean and seize a treasure trove of big wins in Monkeys Go Bananas MultiMax!

With each victory you achieve, the dynamic MultiMax multiplier continues to climb, courtesy of the guaranteed dropping Wilds. The endless Avalanches keep rolling in with consecutive wins, bringing you closer to magnificent treasures!

The thrilling Free Spins mode will drive sailors wild, as the MultiMax multiplier remains active whether you have consecutive wins or not. Additionally, wins are collected from both directions, enhancing your chances for even greater rewards! Raise the jolly roger and dominate the seas!

All winning symbols vanish after payouts, creating space for new symbols to drop in, providing more opportunities for additional wins. On each winning spin and Avalanche, a Wild appears randomly on the reels. The reel where the Wild lands receives a +1 Multiplier for all future wins on that reel. These multipliers reset when there are no further wins in an Avalanche.

Triggering 3 Free Spins symbols on the middle three reels awards 8 Free Spins. During Free Spins, all 3-of-a-kind and 4-of-a-kind wins are calculated both from left to right and right to left ("Wins Both Ways"). Moreover, the MultiMax Multipliers remain active throughout Free Spins.

During Free Spins, if no wins occur after the reels settle, there's a chance for a Bomb Symbol to appear anywhere on the reels. It will explode, removing some non-winning symbols and initiating an Avalanche. The Bomb Symbol comes in three power levels: the weakest clears only the bomb itself, the medium level destroys the bomb and surrounding symbols, and the strongest clears all symbols within a two-symbol radius of the bomb.
Chase after the vibrant colors and discover treasures in Rainbow Jackpots Megaways™! The favorite Lucky Leprechaun makes a comeback in Megaways format, offering up to 117,649 ways to win!

Stay alert for the Lucky Leprechaun, who can appear at any time, puffing on his pipe and activating thrilling features. Experience the wonder of Random Tiles and Mega Random Tiles, where symbols appear to create winning combinations on the reels. Dive into Free Spins or Mega Free Spins, presenting chances for incredible rewards. Toast to the Beer Bonus, delivering instant cash prizes and multipliers. Enjoy the enchantment of the Fairy Bonus, guiding you through a mystical journey with cascading crystals and instant cash prizes at every level. With the Feature Buy option, summon the Lucky Leprechaun or activate the magic of the Beer Bonus, Fairy Bonus, or Free Spins.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure brimming with endless excitement in Rainbow Jackpots Megaways™!

Landing 3 or 4 Beer Bonus symbols on reels 2 - 5 triggers the Beer Bonus, with 4 symbols unlocking the Mega Beer Bonus. At the start of the Beer Bonus, 4 taps appear atop the middle 4 reels. In the regular Beer Bonus, choose 1 tap for an instant cash prize. In the Mega Beer Bonus, all 4 taps are awarded without selection. The taps pour beer into glasses over the reels, each providing a stake multiplier cash prize.

Hitting 3 or more Fairy Bonus symbols activates the Fairy Bonus, advancing to level 2, 3, or 4 with 4, 5, or 6 scatters, respectively. The bonus consists of 6 levels, each with 6 crystals to pick from. Selecting crystals reveals instant cash prizes, with some crystals on higher levels offering level up arrows, granting an extra pick on the next bonus level.

Free Spins activate with 3 or 4 symbols landing on reels 2-5, awarding 10 free spins or Mega Free Spins if 4 symbols trigger it. During Free Spins, each win increases a global win multiplier, starting at x1 for Free Spins and x5 for Mega Free Spins. The Leprechaun may still appear, triggering only Random Tiles or Mega Random Tiles. Beer Bonus or Fairy Bonus symbols will not appear in Free Spins, and each additional Free Spin symbol in the bonus round awards 1 extra spin.
Are you prepared for an exhilarating adventure into the wilderness? 10,000 Wolves 10K WAYS™ offers players up to 10,000 opportunities to win. Each victory has the potential to trigger a cascade of additional wins. Within the feature, legendary bonus prizes await.

Join the Wolf Pack as you navigate the reels, bringing the spirit of the wild to life. The game’s engaging theme and stunning visuals make every spin a thrilling experience. You'll feel the power of the pack guiding you towards untamed victories. The core of the excitement is the Bonus Respins feature. Get ready for a heart-pounding experience where each spin can boost your winnings to extraordinary levels. Seize the moment and howl with joy as your prizes grow!

Your fortune, illuminated by the soft glow of the moon, awaits its time to shine in ReelPlay’s newest addition to the highly successful 10K WAYS™ series. Answer the call of the wild and secure your place among the pack in 10,000 Wolves 10K WAYS™.
Begin an exhilarating adventure to ancient Greece in the captivating slot game, Stone Gaze of Medusa™. As the reels turn, the infamous Gorgon, Medusa, casts her enchanting powers across the screen. Medusa's piercing stare turns symbols into stone, revealing cascades of untold riches for the brave player.

The game's ambiance is infused with mythological charm, featuring hauntingly beautiful artwork that captures the essence of the ancient world. Can you resist Medusa's gaze and triumph, harnessing her formidable powers to your advantage? Fortunes await with just a blink of an eye.
Ahoy there, matey! Climb aboard and get ready for a tidal wave of fun with Booty Ahoy! Even if you hit a losing spin, don’t fret – the pirate Flags on the reels will clear out surrounding symbols and make way for new ones, bringing in extra chances to win. Raise the Jolly Roger and let’s have a blast! Wild symbols can replace any other symbol except for the Flags, Free Spins, and Mega Mode symbols.

Free Spins are triggered when you land 3 Free Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. During Free Spins, the lowest paying symbol is removed, and the First Mate symbol is introduced. There's a higher chance of Flag symbols appearing during Free Spins. Free Spins use the last bet amount you placed.

Activate Mega Mode by spinning 3 Mega Mode symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. In Mega Mode, the two lowest paying symbols are removed, and both the First Mate and Captain symbols are added. Flag symbols are more likely to appear in Mega Mode. Mega Mode spins use the last bet amount you placed.

Every time a Flag Symbol lands on the reels, this special feature is triggered! The Flag symbol will disappear, taking with it any symbols directly above, below, or beside it, causing new symbols to cascade onto the reels. These new symbols can create additional wins without spinning the reels again! All wins before the Flag activation are paid out, so you collect all your winnings! Flags can only appear if there are no Free Spins or Mega Mode symbols on the screen. Up to 5 Flags can appear on the screen, and they will not land on winning symbols. No new Flags will appear after 5 cascades.
Capitalizing on the success of our Blazin Hot 7's games, we're excited to introduce this thrilling new edition featuring Free Spins, Bonus Trails, Mighty Ways, and much more! During Free Spins, your winnings are multiplied, and you can earn additional Free Spins if you collect enough BONUS SYMBOLS to meet the specified threshold.

Filling either of the BONUS TRAIL meters triggers SUPER BONUS or BONUS FREE SPINS. With Mighty Ways, every win triggers a cascade, increasing your chances of winning up to 262,144 ways!
Gear up for an exhilarating arcade adventure with Trigger Happy!

Take aim at a dynamic 5x5 grid where every win triggers a spectacular chain reaction of explosive events. Each spin unleashes a Target, randomly placing a Wild symbol on the board, while two Bonus Panels can reveal Multipliers, Bombs, or Trigger Coins. Witness the excitement as Multipliers align with a Target’s final position, supercharging Wilds and enhancing your gameplay experience. Prepare for the explosive thrill of Bombs detonating, scattering up to four Wilds across the grid for massive rewards.

The ultimate rush comes when a Target’s final position aligns with Trigger Coins in both Bonus Panels, unlocking Free Spins for a whirlwind of thrilling opportunities. Experience the unpredictability of two Targets placing Wilds randomly, transforming every spin into a visual spectacle.

Dive into the excitement of Win Exchange™, converting your big wins into a cascade of Free Spins. Pull the trigger and dive straight into Free Spins with Bonus Buy. Aim for the thrill and ignite the fun in Trigger Happy.

Engage in an electrifying arcade experience with Trigger Happy! Watch as Targets place Wild symbols and Bonus Panels unveil Multipliers, Bombs, and Trigger Coins. Feel the rush when Multipliers align with a Target’s position, boosting Wilds and elevating your gameplay. Anticipate thrilling moments as Bombs explode, adding up to four Wilds for enormous rewards. Focus on Free Spins where two Targets randomly position Wilds, making each spin an extraordinary event. Immerse yourself in the excitement of Win Exchange™, turning substantial wins into a burst of Free Spins or jump straight into Free Spins with Bonus Buy.

This adventure unfolds across a 5x5 grid, where wins ignite the screen, causing winning symbols to burst in a spectacular display, allowing fresh symbols to cascade from above. With every spin and each explosive reaction, a Target emerges, placing a Wild symbol at a random spot. These Wilds are your key to unlocking incredible potential as they seamlessly replace all symbols.

Every spin and reaction might reveal Multipliers, Bombs, and Trigger Coins in the two Bonus Panels. Observe as Multipliers align with a Target’s final position, enhancing the new Wild and boosting your gaming experience. Perfectly align your Target with Multipliers in both Bonus Panels to unlock unrivaled rewards, as their combined power amplifies, creating the ultimate Target Wild experience! Brace for explosive moments when Bombs detonate, clearing rows or columns and leaving up to four Wilds in their wake. The ultimate prize comes when a Target’s final position matches Trigger Coins in both Bonus Panels, awarding you 8 Free Spins for an action-packed sequence of opportunities.

Get ready as two Targets place Wilds at different positions on the screen, turning each spin and reaction into an exhilarating spectacle of unpredictability. But there's more – gain 3 extra Free Spins when a Target’s final position aligns with a Trigger Coin in both Bonus Panels. It’s a winning formula that ensures every Free Spin is loaded with potential.
Dive into the ultimate jungle party with King of the Party, where the regal Lion takes on the role of DJ, spinning tracks that keep the club energized all night. This slot game brings the thrill of a party straight to your screen, featuring an exciting Scatter Pay that rewards you for maintaining the party atmosphere. The Multiplier feature increases your winnings as the music pumps up, while Overlay Multiplier symbols elevate the excitement, turning each spin into a potential jackpot.

The Bonus Game invites you to an exclusive VIP section of the party, with Exploding Wild symbols that can significantly multiply your earnings and the opportunity to retrigger bonuses, ensuring the party lasts until dawn. King of the Party is more than just a game; it's a festive celebration of wins, beats, and wild fun. Join DJ Roar and experience the beats that could lead you to fortune!
Delve deep beneath the surface to uncover the most exquisite diamonds in Diamond Miner DuoMax!

This slot game by Reflex Gaming immerses players in a gem mining adventure, boasting 243 win-ways, cascading reel wins, an exhilarating Free Spins feature with a progressive DuoMax win multiplier, and a TNT reel modifier that promises explosive excitement!

Appealing to both seasoned players and newcomers, the game's mathematical model and overall design offer a captivating experience with abundant feature activity and thrilling volatility.

Players have the option to purchase a Bonus to access Free Spins, which can also be gambled. Additionally, every four consecutive cascades trigger one of several enticing bonuses: Double Wild, Multiplier Boost, Wild Stack, or Extra Life.

At random intervals, the diamond miner character may appear with his TNT cart, detonating symbols on a reel to reveal a winning combination and kickstart a cascade.

Free Spins are triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 symbols, with additional symbols possibly appearing during cascades. Players can gamble their Free Spins for more opportunities. In Free Spins mode, only three consecutive cascades are needed to activate a bonus, and the DuoMax multiplier trails persist between wins, potentially leading to substantial multipliers.

The game features two win multiplier trails, one for left-to-right wins and one for right-to-left wins. Each cascade advances the corresponding trail, augmenting the win multiplier. During Free Spins, these multiplier trails remain intact between spins, offering the chance for significant win multipliers to accumulate.
Journey into the heart of Ancient Egypt, where the legendary Ra reigns supreme in tales and legends.

By following the ancient narratives, you'll be guided to the fabled Temple of Ra, crafted from pure gold and precious gems. Our latest slot game, featuring 6 reels and 5 rows with cascading reels and scattered payouts, immerses you in a realm untouched by humanity, revealing long-lost treasures.

All symbols are scattered across the reels, with their positioning being inconsequential – it's the quantity that counts! When enough symbols align, forming the longest winning combination, they vanish, allowing for new winning combinations. Bonus symbols emerge after the cascade, provided their quantity is sufficient.

Within the Temple of Ra, you'll amass divine gemstones crafted by the gods, awaiting the arrival of the sun deity. Encounter Ra, and he'll guide you to his concealed treasure trove, brimming with surprises! Triggering 4 or more Bonus Ra symbols unlocks 15 Free Games with a multiplier accumulator. Additionally, 3 or more Bonus Ra symbols during the feature grant 5 extra Free Games. Amidst gold coins and ancient artifacts strewn about, players will uncover Ra's hidden riches!

Multipliers, reaching up to x1000, may land on the reels in both the main game and Free Games, enhancing winning combinations. They activate post-cascade, leading to further tumbles. During the main game, the values of all activated multipliers are tallied and applied to the cascade winnings. In Free Games, these multipliers accumulate to form the total multiplier. If a cascade concludes without any multipliers, the total multiplier remains unchanged, not affecting the winnings of that cascade.
At the dawn of the 20th century, a flurry of technological progress emerges.. Maynard Woodrow, the formidable titan of industry, holds sway over Manifest Energy – asserting dominance in the market with an unwavering grip. However, the currents of innovation are stirred by the brilliance of young inventor Tess Jačova, who introduces her groundbreaking energy source: Resonant Energy. As these two luminaries collide in a high-stakes contest for supremacy, the destiny of the grid and their lucrative rewards hang in the balance. Who emerges victorious? The decision is yours!

As the blocks descend, aim to amass victories. Achieving 15 or 25 winning symbols enables players to unlock the scientific blueprints of Tess or Maynard. These abilities are pivotal for unlocking greater potential and gaining entry to the coveted bonus round.

With Gyrota, players witness the strategic rotation of three to seven symbols, paving the way for additional winning combinations. But that's just the start. Tess's Dynamo empowers players with up to six special symbols that can connect from all four sides, providing gamers with a significant advantage in the battle of wits.

Yet, the true thrill lies in Tess's Free Energy Spin. This power-packed feature promises an unparalleled surge of momentum as abilities unfold one by one, culminating in an escalating Win Multiplier that amplifies with each consecutive victory.

Woodrow isn't without his own tricks. With his Relay ability, players can secure up to 15 Wins. Unleash chaos upon the grid as randomly selected symbols are eradicated, clearing the path for fresh opportunities.

With his Overload experiment, victories can swell to 25. The Overload ability triggers a cascade of disruption, introducing up to six special symbols that systematically dismantle surrounding symbols.

And then, there's Empire Energy Spin, Maynard's standout creation. Seize control of the spotlight with Maynard's Empire Energy Spin, where a unique 2x2 connector ignites a pathway to wealth. With each successful connection, witness the surge of the Win Multiplier, potentially granting players up to 35 Free Spins.

In this game, sparks ignite and triumphs are electrified!
Journey into a futuristic adventure through Egyptian realms in Rise of Pyramids.

In this innovative slot game, ancient myths blend with sci-fi elements. The game board, shaped like an octagon, showcases a variety of Egyptian gods adorned in gleaming armor as symbols. As clusters of winning combinations form, the tumble feature brings more symbols cascading onto the reels. Wild symbols have the power to explode adjacent symbols each time they trigger a tumble, even if those symbols aren't part of a winning cluster.

On the board, you'll also find money symbols, ranging from 0.5x to 1,000x the base bet. When four or more money symbols appear, they trigger the Respin feature. Initially, players receive three respins, during which only money symbols and blank spaces populate the reels. Each money symbol that lands remains on the board for the duration of the respins, resetting the respin count to three with each new money symbol. This cycle continues until no respins remain or until the board fills entirely with money symbols.

Additionally, landing four or more scatter symbols activates a minimum of 10 free spins, with an extra two spins awarded for each additional scatter symbol collected. During the bonus game, a multiplier starts at 1x and increases with each tumble, enhancing all wins.

The potential for significant wins amplifies as free spins can be retriggered when four or more scatter symbols land on the board, promising exciting opportunities for players.
Introducing the ultimate adventurer, a delightful and occasionally absent-minded seeker. With the aid of his well-worn tome, he ventures forth to enlist the aid of jungle creatures in solving enigmas and claiming victories. Immerse yourself in the thrill of each unique spin, activating three successive animal features along with the enticing free spins round, promising multiplied fun and rewards. Brace yourself for chuckles and thrills with every whirl!
Set off on an interstellar adventure with our newest online slot inspired by the beloved Stargate TV series. Dive into this exhilarating 6x4 slot escapade, where you'll encounter the thrills of tumbling reels and the innovative Trail Ways gameplay feature.

With each triumphant combination, symbols tumble down, making room for fresh ones to appear. But the journey doesn't stop there – every tumble propels you along the trail, unlocking a series of bonuses such as additional wilds, expanding reels, multipliers, and even free spins! As you traverse the universe and reach segment 7 of the trail, get ready for an extraordinary treat – 7 free spins await, along with an enhanced trail teeming with even more wilds, multipliers, and cosmic victories!

Get set for an unforgettable cosmic journey with our Stargate-themed online slot game.
Prepare yourself for an aquatic escapade with the promise of abundant rewards!

Dive into this engaging game boasting reels that cascade and generous multipliers, offering ample opportunities for sizable victories. With its lively visuals and serene backdrop, you'll be transported to an underwater oasis. Plus, with a diverse range of betting choices and the chance to win up to 10,000 times your initial wager, Ocean Gems Bonanza ensures non-stop excitement.

Triggering 4, 5, or 6 Scatters will grant you 10, 15, or 20 Free Games, respectively. Within the Free Games feature, Wild multipliers can be amplified, and Scatters carry random multipliers, reaching up to x1000!
The thieves are on their way! The thieves are on their way! A gang of lawbreakers is returning for another showdown at high noon. Bang Bang Reloaded presents the next exhilarating Wild West escapade from Booming Games. If you're up for even more excitement than before, then gear up for some wild entertainment and hefty prizes!

Bang Bang Reloaded features a 5x4 grid with 20 paylines, delivering hefty payouts with its cascading reels and a progressive multiplier that escalates the winnings with each cascade. As wild symbols appear, they accumulate towards activating the Big Shot Wheel, offering a chance to spin and win the Minor, Major, or Grand prize.

Brace yourself for generous rewards when 3 Scatter symbols land, triggering Free Spins with Cascading Reels and multipliers. Extend the Free Spins by landing another set of 3 Scatter symbols during the feature.

Hurry... grab your shotgun and revolver, and choose which side of the law you stand on! Dive into the action of Bang Bang Reloaded now!
Step into the realm of the Mighty Viking, an electrifying video slot that transports you to the era of Norse myths and valiant struggles. Featuring breathtaking visuals and an enthralling storyline, this game beckons players to enlist with the elite warriors of the icy North. Mighty Viking distinguishes itself with its inventive gameplay elements, such as SuperSymbols™, Flying Axe Multipliers, and the Valhalla Free Spins bonus round, all crafted to deliver a gaming adventure as grand as the fabled Vikings themselves.

Set against a majestic 5-REEL, 7-ROW layout, Mighty Viking dares players to create SuperSymbols™, enhance them with symbol multipliers, and set forth on a journey to activate Valhalla free spins, where they'll amass multipliers to propel them toward monumental victories, embodying the Viking spirit.

Matching symbols landing adjacent to each other in clusters of at least 2×2 symbols will merge to create larger lucrative shapes ('SuperSymbols'). These expand when identical symbols land in proximity vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The size of the symbols directly correlates with the potential for wins – the larger the symbol, the greater the prize.

SuperSymbols remain in place, triggering cascades that replace any defeated symbols. With boundless cascade potential, your road to triumph knows no bounds.

Before each cascade, Flying Axes descend upon the grid, each carrying a multiplier that could amplify your earnings. Even amidst defeat, there lies optimism. Random re-spins offer a second chance to alter the course of battle, providing another opportunity for victory.

It's the ultimate odyssey for any Viking. Gather bonus symbols to activate Valhalla Free Spins, where every triumph is magnified by the accumulated value in the progressive multiplier gauge. With no limits on re-spins, the halls of Valhalla welcome the boldest with open arms.
Kenneth's life seems picture-perfect: sunny days, a loving family, a lucrative career, and a flashy ride. Yet, there's a lingering suspicion that there's more to his story, perhaps a hidden side that's not quite what it seems.

The Gimpier symbol has a unique rule—it can only appear on reel 5. When it does, it transforms into one of three symbols: Kinky Kenneth, Wild, or Kinky Wife. If removed due to an avalanche, the Gimpier symbol returns to its original spot.

Symbols in the special bottom row enter from the right, each gaining an increasing Big Balls multiplier as the spin progresses. These symbols split according to their multiplier when involved in a win. An avalanche is only triggered if a special row symbol contributes to a win, with winning positions filled from the right. Any new symbols added to the special reel inherit the highest existing multiplier.

A special event occurs when Kinky Kenneth and Kinky Wife symbols align on the regular reels. All symbols along the shortest path between them transform into either Wife, Kenneth, or Wild. Wins prior to this transformation are paid first, followed by any additional wins from the Kinky Hookup.

If exactly two Gimp symbols land, the Gimp Transform feature activates. The Gimp symbol morphs into one of several possibilities, including xWays®, xNudge®, Wild, Kinky Kenneth, Kenneth, Kinky Wife, or Wife. Similar to the Gimpier symbol, Gimp symbols return to their original positions after an avalanche.

The xHole feature triggers when the xHole™ symbol lands at the center of the main reel area. It sucks in symbols exclusively from the main reels, then redistributes them randomly in split forms ranging from size 2 to 8. In the case of a xNudge® Wild, its size and win multiplier change before it becomes a regular Wild. Gimp and Gimpier symbols also gain a multiplier based on their split size. However, xHole™ does not affect sticky Wilds, sticky xNudge® Wilds, or Gimp symbols when exactly three are present.

In the base game, landing three Gimp symbols initiates 8 Beefy Spins, during which the Big Balls multiplier remains active. Regular Wilds become sticky during these spins. If a Gimpier symbol appears, the bonus mode upgrades to Beefier Spins and grants an additional spin. If a Gimpier symbol coincides with an active xHole™ during an avalanche, the bonus mode becomes Beefiest Spins and awards two additional spins.

Furthermore, landing three Gimps and one Gimpier symbol triggers 9 Beefier Spins, enhancing the Beefy Spins features with sticky Gimpier symbols and Nudge Wilds. Finally, if three Gimps, one Gimpier, and an active xHole™ all land in the base game, 10 Beefiest Spins are initiated.
Your cherished sloth has returned to action – and stumbled upon a petite treasure trove.

Loaded with fresh attributes and improvements drawn from Sloth Tumble, you can ascend the towering ladder across 50 levels for a top prize of 5,000x by gathering matching coins and symbols to boost winning prospects.

Grasp onto the sloth-rific Super Build Bonus and Super Dig Bonus functionalities. Initiate Free Spins to commence your journey upwards, or to delve below to unearth concealed jewels. What's your preference?
Step into the world of Viking greatness, where the whispers of victory echo through Viking’s Legacy EveryWay™!

Achieve a combination of 8 identical symbols anywhere on the reels to set off a chain reaction of wins, as winning symbols disappear to make room for fresh ones, creating an endless cycle of potential victories. With each subsequent win, additional features come into play above the reels. Look out for the Viking Wild symbols on reels 3 and 4, each with 2 lives. After the initial win, witness the Expand feature in action, causing Viking Wilds to expand and cover entire reels.

Then, with the 2nd and 3rd consecutive wins, enjoy multipliers of x2 and x3, respectively. Upon achieving the 4th win, symbols 10, J, and Q vanish from the reels. Discover the might of Yggdrasil to grant extra lives to Viking Wilds and to unlock Free Spins, featuring escalating multipliers that endure until the conclusion of the bonus round, along with the disappearance of 10, J, and Q symbols for the duration of the round.

Seize control of the reels and carve out your legacy in Viking lore with Viking’s Legacy EveryWay™!
In a 7×7 grid, ancient Egyptian symbols align to form wins in clusters of five or more. The Cleopatra Wild symbol accompanies these wins, not only aiding in their formation but also creating Money Spots upon appearing in a winning cluster. Initially, these Money Spots carry a 1x or 2x multiplier, which increases twofold with each subsequent win in that spot. Once no further tumbles occur, the Money Spot's position on the grid yields an instant reward ranging from 0.1x to 10x the total bet. This reward is then multiplied by the final value of the Money Spot before it exits the game.

When three to seven Bonus Symbols emerge, they trigger 10 to 30 Free Spins. Throughout these spins, Money Spots remain fixed, accruing value with each tumble while the instant reward is paid and multiplied by its final value at the end of the bonus round.

Retriggering Free Spins becomes possible if additional Bonus Symbols land on the reels, granting the same number of spins as in the base game and offering significant win opportunities.
In Fruity Treats, beloved juicy classics come with special rewards that multiply your wins.

Picture a game board measuring 7×7, where an array of Vegas-style fruit symbols—like apples, oranges, and lemons—await. To secure a win, these symbols must cluster in groups of five or more, triggering the tumble feature to replace them.

Before each spin, four vibrant spots in red, purple, teal, and blue adorn the grid randomly. These spots, when part of a winning combination, activate multipliers of 5x, 10x, 15x, and 20x respectively. These multipliers apply to subsequent wins occurring in the same spot, increasing with each tumble. If wins span multiple marked spots, their values combine, leading to the potential for hefty multipliers. However, once no more wins are possible, the values reset to their initial state.
Summon your bravery and explore the depths of Pandora’s Treasure™, where inquisitiveness reveals a myriad of surprises!

When Pandora’s Box appears on the reels, it triggers the Avalanche™ feature, causing symbols to disappear, paving the way for new combinations. Pandora’s Box gathers all the winning symbols to offer a cash reward based on the number of symbols collected, multiplied by the bet.

3 Scatters signal the beginning of 10 free spins, with each additional Scatter granting an extra 2 spins. During Free Spins, Pandora’s Box remains locked on the reels, accumulating winning symbols for a payout at the end of the feature. Landing 3 or more Scatters during Free Spins triggers a retrigger, providing an additional 5 spins. Pandora’s Box is replicated with each retrigger, up to a maximum of 2 times.

The Feature Buy ensures access to Free Spins for 50 times the stake. Embrace the adventure, uncover Pandora’s Treasure™, and claim your fate!
These traditional confections come together to form Cluster Links when they gather in groups of 5 or more, offering a delightful treat and the promise of even greater victories! The excitement mounts with the appearance of the Wild Candy Symbol, which not only multiplies clusters it connects with but also generates wild wins! Boosting the Wild Candies even further is the Wild Multiplier Symbol, enhancing the potential for creating extraordinary clusters with enormous winning opportunities! Retro Sweets also introduces the Instant Prize Multiplier, elevating ordinary Instant Prize Symbols to the possibility of forming remarkable winning clusters! Utilize the Sweet Collector Symbol to assemble your clusters. Gather an impressive selection of Special Symbols to trigger cluster wins that continue to expand!

Acting as a Scatter Symbol, this symbol can stand in for all others, excluding Special Symbols. When three or more appear anywhere on the reels, it initiates the Free Spins Feature. Each Wild Candy Symbol possesses an associated multiplier, initially set at 1x. With each participation in one or more cluster wins, the multiplier value of the Wild Candy Symbol escalates by one. This particular symbol is accompanied by a multiplier value of either 1x, 2x, 3x, or 5x. The Wild Multiplier Symbol allocates its multiplier value to all visible Wild Candy Symbols. Following allocation, it transforms into a random Instant Prize Symbol.

Instant Prizes represent bet multipliers spanning from 1x to 1000x. When these symbols form a cluster of 5 or more, they yield a win. Upon the appearance of an Instant Prize Multiplier Symbol, all Instant Prize Symbols visible are multiplied by its value, after which it morphs into an Instant Prize Symbol with a random value. This symbol may appear with values of 2x, 5x, or 10x.

This symbol selects a Paying Symbol at random and attracts all identical Symbols, resulting in a cluster win. The Sweet Collector Symbol can draw Wild Candy Symbols, Paying Symbols, and Instant Prizes! It can attract anywhere from 4 to 9 Symbols, and once a cluster is formed, it transforms into the Paying Symbol it drew or a random Instant Prize Symbol. During the Bonus Game, this Symbol attracts a random assortment of non-clustering symbols from the grid, creating space for clusters. It can also draw Instant Prize Symbols and Wild Candy Symbols!
Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of Crystal Fruits Bonanza, where a plethora of fruity delights awaits to ignite your excitement. As the reels burst into fragments, brace yourself for a surge of higher multipliers and a cascade of fresh victories. Prepare to indulge in a burst of succulent flavors and triumphs unlike any other!

The WILD symbol serves as a versatile substitute for all symbols except the SCATTER. While it doesn't yield its own payout, WILD symbols detonate during shatter sequences, activating BlastX.

Within the BlastX feature, winning combinations shatter, paving the way for new symbols to emerge and create fresh winning patterns. Up to 15 shatter rounds are possible, each incrementally boosting the win MULTIPLIER to a maximum of 15. BlastX concludes either at a x15 MULTIPLIER or when no winning combinations grace the reels.

Upon the appearance of 4 Bonus symbols, 10 FREE SPINS are unleashed. Throughout FREE SPINS, the MULTIPLIER remains uninterrupted between spins. Unlimited shatter rounds are available during FREE SPINS within the BlastX feature, capped at a maximum MULTIPLIER of x15. Furthermore, FREE SPINS can be retriggered, with SCATTER symbols granting additional FREE SPINS upon reappearance on any reel.
Pirate Multi Coins shines a light on the concealed riches of pirates. The game revolves around coins, offering both Cash and Multipliers. Accumulate sufficient coins to trigger the Multi Coins feature, or uncover the Golden Chest to witness a shower of golden coins.

Acquire 5 or more coin symbols to receive cash rewards and multipliers. Assemble coin symbols within the golden chest. It triggers randomly upon collecting coins, showering the reel with coin symbols. It's a surefire way to activate the Multi Coins Feature, with ample coins increasing the likelihood of hitting the feature.
Get ready to dive into excitement and let Moo Moo Cow take you on an adventure filled with fun! Step into the enchanting world of Moo Moo Cow, a delightful 8 x 5 slot game that whisks you away to a charming countryside landscape. Immerse yourself in the allure of the farm, the delightful array of symbols, and the exhilarating multipliers that combine to make each spin a magical journey.
In Candy Blitz Bombs, the vibrant rainbow multipliers offer delicious treats. The sequel to the well-loved Candy Blitz introduces a larger 6x5 gameboard, alive with popping candies that populate the reels. To secure a win, a minimum of eight candies must appear anywhere on the board. As winning symbols disappear, new ones cascade into place, presenting endless opportunities for victory. Furthermore, an additional reel featuring multiplier values increments by 1x with each successful cascade.

Lively multiplier bombs, with values ranging from 1x to 500x, may emerge, adding to the multiplier reel when a cascade occurs. This reel resets only when no further tumbles remain. Triggering four, five, or six Scatter symbols initiates 10, 12, or 14 free spins, respectively.

During the bonus round, the initial multiplier bomb starts at 2x, with these multipliers accumulating and persisting for the duration of the Free Spins. The game elevates excitement with the potential for up to 10 free spins, awarded by landing four, five, or six Scatter symbols.
Gaze into the looking glass and prepare for an extraordinary journey into a slot adventure unlike any other. Enter the realm of Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways, where a thrilling Free Spins bonus round awaits, complete with enchanting Mystery Mirrors capable of bestowing mystical victories.

Featuring 6 reels and the potential for up to 117,649 ways to win, Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways offers the quintessential Megaways experience. Witness the explosion of winning symbols, making way for additional symbols to cascade onto the reels and amplify your chances of success.

Merlin's enchanting abilities may manifest at any moment during gameplay, granting one of several magical modifiers: Mystery Magic, introducing Mystery symbols; Wizard Wilds, bestowing random sticky Wilds; Super Spin, enhancing win streaks; or Max Megaways, activating the maximum 117,649 ways to win.

To unlock the Free Spins round, land 3 or more Bonus symbols, triggering up to 14 spins. As the Free Spins commence, the Bonus symbols transform into Mystery Mirrors, with the number of ways to win locked throughout the feature. With each spin, the Mystery Mirrors reveal a new paytable symbol, potentially leading to even greater rewards. Additionally, Merlin has the power to summon more Mystery Mirrors, further elevating your chances of victory.

During Free Spins, an unlimited win multiplier comes into play, beginning at x1 and increasing by x1 with each cascading win. Watch as this multiplier ascends to magical heights, aiding Merlin in conjuring truly wondrous wins.
Enter the untamed realm of Primate King Megaways™! This eagerly awaited sequel swings onto the stage, following the footsteps of its beloved predecessor.

Encounter the powerful Primate Wild, dominating entire reels with multipliers reaching up to x7, evolving and gaining strength with every spin. Enhance the Primate Wild using Gold Coins to unlock its full potential through 3 evolutionary stages. In Stage 1, earn an extra life point for the Primate Wild, extending its presence on the reels after each victorious spin. Progress to Stage 2 to add another life point and witness the Primate Wild's impactful force as it removes the 9 symbol from the reels. Finally, advance to Stage 3 to open the gateway to Free Spins, where unimaginable treasures await. Once evolution is achieved, the 6th reel reveals a new dimension of opportunities, exclusively hosting high-paying symbols and Gold Coins.

Join the Primate King on the journey of evolution, bigger victories, and unbridled thrills!

Symbols that form winning combinations disappear, making room for new symbols to cascade down, potentially triggering additional wins. This sequence can continue indefinitely, allowing for continuous chain reactions with no predetermined limit.

The Primate Wild, a Super Wild, covers an entire reel and always appears fully visible on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. It carries a multiplier ranging from x2 to x7. If the Primate Wild doesn't contribute to a win, it remains locked on the reel until it does. Furthermore, instead of being removed, its multiplier increases by 1.

Gather Gold Coins to evolve the Primate Wild and unlock additional features. The Primate Evolution progress bar consists of 3 stages and overlays the 6th reel. Acquire 30 Gold Coins, which may land anywhere on the reels, to complete each stage of the progress bar.

Once all stages are completed, the progress bar vanishes, revealing the 6th reel, where only high-paying symbols and Gold Coins can appear. Gold Coins no longer appear on the first 5 reels; instead, they may land on the 6th reel.

Upon completing all stages, landing a Gold Coin on the 6th reel alongside the Primate Wild awards 4 free spins. An additional free spin is granted for each remaining life point of the Primate Wild at the time of entry. The maximum number of Free Spins is 7, if triggered while the Primate Wild still retains 3 life points. Throughout the bonus round, the Primate Wild remains locked on the reels. Periodically, the Primate King may eliminate the lowest-paying royal symbol from the reels for the remaining free spins until all royal symbols are gone.
Once more, the avian inhabitants depleted all available resources on the island before returning to their floating glacier peak and drifting away to fresh, captivating exploits. This journey led them to distant lands, ultimately bringing them to ancient Egypt. As they arrived, a new ice age descended upon the entire continent.

Included in this offering is a captivating Reel featuring rolling symbols, diverse wilds, multipliers, symbol exchanges, enigmatic symbols, a bonus round, and an extraordinary super bonus round – all encompassed within the potential of a 25,000x bet.

Activation of the bonus game requires the appearance of three or more bonus symbols, with the global multiplier remaining constant throughout the duration of the bonus round. Combining three or more bonus symbols with the Elmo symbol initiates the super bonus game, wherein Elmo is guaranteed to appear in the primary grid and remains fixed throughout the free drops.
In this slot game featuring Zeus, there are a whopping 1 million pathways to victory, but here's the catch: symbols pay out in both directions! Additionally, when symbols form a winning combination, they vanish, taking all similar symbols with them, regardless of their role in the win. Welcome back to the realm of Olympus!
Anubis, Bastet, and Horus have returned, their might undiminished! Venture alongside these three divine beings through the ancient sands of Egypt, where secrets of wealth and treasures lie buried.

Having received a mystical map from an enigmatic traveler, the Great Pharoah once again seeks your aid. Your mission: to retrieve a potent relic lost to the annals of time. While previously, the Pharoah pursued celestial mysteries, this time his desire is for eternal youth and life everlasting! With vast riches at his command and forgotten tombs brimming with wealth, your bravery promises bountiful rewards should you answer the call to adventure.

Stay vigilant, for challenges will arise. Yet, with the support of the three diminutive deities, no obstacle is insurmountable. Horus, the formidable avian deity, illuminates the heavens with bursts of lightning; Bastet, the benevolent feline goddess, watches over you in the desert's expanse; and Anubis, with the head of a canine and the body of a man, stands ready to repel adversaries with his fierce bark and even fiercer bite!

Will you accept the Pharoah's summons? Can you unearth relics lost to time? Discover the answers in the 3 Tiny Gods Bonanza™.
Arriba Heat reenters the scene with Arriba Heat Salsa Wilds! Bursting with delightful chili sauce cascades and an exhilarating spicy bonus game feature!

Experience a burst of flavors with each cascade. Achieving three cascades triggers one of the game's most fiery elements: the Chili Sauce Thermometer! What's the deal? The thermometer fills up with every cascade, keeping the excitement ablaze until it's depleted and cascades are exhausted.

Land three Mr. Peppe Scatters to activate Free Spins! Upon initiation, a three-spin countdown commences, featuring Wilds and Multipliers appearing on the reels. Each collected Wild/Multiplier symbol contributes to its respective counter. The countdown restarts with each Wild/Multiplier landing.

As the spins dwindle, the excitement escalates in the final stretch of Free Spins. With only three spins left and no resets or cascades, it's time to cash in on significant rewards. With the entire Wild Counter now unleashed on the reels and all wins amplified by the Multiplier Counter, every spin ignites a chili-infused victory!
Introducing Fugly Pets™, an engaging slot game that celebrates the unique allure of unattractive animals. Get ready for an exceptional slot adventure featuring Wild Symbols that stand in for all paying symbols, Free Spins Bonus Symbols that activate up to 15 Free Spins, and Symbol Multipliers that enhance wins with each spin.

Enjoy the thrill of Free Spins, where persistent High-paying symbol win multipliers ensure continuous excitement, and the chance to activate the feature again ramps up the anticipation. Prepare for surprises with the Roadkill feature, which reveals special symbols capable of clearing reel symbols or transforming them into wilds.

Additionally, enhance your gaming experience with Super Symbols that squash symbols beneath them, setting off cascades for even more victories.
Introducing the sizzling new online slot game, Hades Lost Treasures™! Delve into the depths of Tartarus for an unforgettable journey, encountering monstrous foes and vast wealth along the way. With its dynamic 5x5 Rolling Reels™ grid, a traditional ways-to-win system offering up to 3125 winning combinations, scorching Wild multipliers reaching 500x, and the monstrous Hades and Monsters Bonus feature boasting wins of up to 10,000x the initial bet!

Experience the thrill of Rolling Reels™ as they generate consecutive wins and cascading sequences with every 3 or more matching symbols aligning from the leftmost reel onwards. Watch as new symbols cascade into place, potentially leading to even more wins! Each winning combination also removes random blocker symbols, paving the way for up to 3125 ways to win and an infernal winning spree!

Keep an eye out for Wild symbols, igniting the reels with their random multipliers of up to 500x! These Wild multipliers accumulate and amplify all wins in that spin.

Trigger the enigmatic Hades and Monsters Bonus feature by landing the elusive Hades symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5. Prepare for a spine-chilling hold-and-spin experience with a twist of monster collection! Gather symbols to progress along the collection meter, unlocking monstrous features that enhance your wins. Encounter four mythical beasts along the trail: the formidable Minotaur, the fierce Cerberus, the mighty Cyclops, and the dreaded Medusa! Hades himself may even grace the reels, bestowing additional prizes upon random positions.

The excitement reaches its peak when Hades unveils a special Pick Bonus, offering a chance to unearth his vast treasures! Uncover the golden key to reveal extra prizes on the reels. Achieve the ultimate feat by collecting symbols across all 25 positions for a colossal win of 10,000x!

With its epic, fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, captivating orchestral soundtrack, and a fiery mathematical model promising substantial wins, Hades Lost Treasures™ is set to become a beloved favorite among players!
Tornadoes wreak havoc on the farm within the setting of Barnyard Megahays Megaways™.

Players find themselves amidst idyllic corn fields, accompanied by friendly farmers and their assortment of livestock such as cows, pigs, and dogs, all navigating through dynamically changing reel sizes as the symbols of high value. Adding to the excitement, Barnyard Wilds may emerge on the grid, aiding in the formation of winning combinations which are subsequently cleared with the tumble feature.

Haystack symbols also come into play, harboring a random feature that activates for all wins if the Tornado icon strikes simultaneously, potentially granting instant rewards of up to 100x.

The appearance of one or two free spins Haystack symbols alongside a Tornado sets off either 10 or 20 free rounds respectively. During these free spins, any Special symbols that land are promptly cleared from the board and rewarded without requiring the Collect symbol. Furthermore, extra free games can be triggered anew by special symbols, offering either three or 10 additional free spins.
Discover a realm of riches in this thrilling slot game with abundant gold rewards. The magic touch of Midas brings forth substantial multipliers and lucrative cash prizes! Achieve wins by landing 8 or more identical symbols anywhere on the reels, leading to symbols being replaced by new ones cascading into view, potentially resulting in additional wins.

The Midas Touch feature activates when the special Midas Touch symbol appears on the reels, transforming adjacent symbols' backgrounds into gold. Any winning combinations formed over these golden symbols trigger the Midas Touch mini-reel, offering chances to win multipliers, cash rewards, or free spins. The Midas Touch feature persists until activated.

Trigger 15 free spins by landing 4 or more Scatter symbols on the reels. During Midas Free Spins, Midas Touch symbols remain in place for the duration of the remaining free spins, with Scatter wins potentially multiplied by up to 500x.

Furthermore, landing 6 Scatter symbols initiates 15 King of Gold spins. During these spins, Midas Touch symbols stay persistent, and all multipliers guarantee a minimum of 10x. Additionally, Scatter wins can reach up to 500x their initial value.
Embark on an electrifying journey into the heart of the Jungle with Tumble in the Jungle – an action-packed 5×3 game featuring cascading reels and 20 lively paylines. Experience the adrenaline rush of the Wild Fight mechanic as you team up with your loyal gorilla ally to engage in intense combat. Scale the ranks to seize the coveted title of apex primate and unlock amazing rewards, including valuable free spins!

Wild Fight mechanics take center stage in both the base game and the bonus feature, enabling the introduction of wild symbols onto the reels. This exciting event can occur at any point during gameplay. When triggered, any of the three monkey symbols visible on the screen can initiate the Wild Fight feature. In this feature, the wild gorilla symbol replaces all three monkey symbols through an engaging fight sequence. Any monkey symbols that emerge victorious against the wild gorilla remain unchanged.

With each winning combination across all 20 paylines, the winnings are tallied on the meter. The symbols involved in a win vanish from the game window, leaving behind vacant spaces. Subsequently, the position on the symbol elimination trail advances by one. The symbols above the empty spaces descend to fill the void, potentially creating new winning combinations. This process repeats as long as new wins occur. Once no further wins are generated, the main game concludes.

Advancement along the symbol elimination trail during cascading wins can trigger the Free Spins bonus if the player progresses far enough. The trail position resets at the beginning of each new game.

Additionally, the Base Game introduces an interactive feature where a punch bag symbol may appear on reel 5, granting the player a 'pick me' opportunity. The player selects one of five punch bags, each containing various rewards such as Cash Value multipliers, Free Spins Bonus, or entry to Super Free Spins.

Free Spins are activated upon reaching specific positions on the trail. The number of free spins awarded varies depending on the position achieved, ranging from 5 to 18. During Free Spins, each spin guarantees a win, with each subsequent win surpassing the previous one, following any cascades.

Similar to the base game, the Free Spins bonus includes a trail system that increments with wins. Additional free spins obtained during the bonus are added to the free spins meter. The number of retriggering free spins varies based on the trail position, ranging from 2 to 18.

An optional feature called "encore" is available in the main game. This feature converts the last two losing spaces on the trail into respin positions. Landing on these positions grants the player an extra respin for free. Encore significantly enhances the frequency of free spins, with the potential to increase the number of spins obtained. If the player progresses to the next encore position during a respin, they receive an additional respin at the new trail position. Encore increases the player's stake by 50% to accommodate the improved feature frequency.

During Encore respins, the Gym Bonus may be awarded on reel 5, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.
Get ready to groove in the disco era with D-I-S-C-O! Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the 70s with Boogie Boom, the latest creation from Booming Games, and unleash your inner dancer as you aim for those victorious moments. Head to the dancefloor, strut your stuff with your best disco moves, and watch as the wins pile up in this electrifying slot game. Boogie Boom guarantees an exhilarating experience filled with excitement!

Boogie Boom presents a 7x6 grid layout with Cascading Reels and Cluster Pays mechanics. Simply form clusters of 5 or more symbols to set off a chain reaction of wins. Feel the thrill when the Spotlight Wilds feature is activated, showering the reels with a cluster of 5+ Wild symbols during both the base game and Free Spins rounds.

But the party doesn't stop there. Keep your eyes peeled for colossal 2x2 and 3x3 symbols that can appear at any moment, promising even larger payouts. With the Free Spins feature, complete with an Unlimited Win Multiplier that grows with each cascade, the excitement and rewards will keep you dancing into the night!
Another Truck!? Yet another shipment of riches (or bullion)! Another gang of deceitful criminals plotting theft, demise, and havoc!? Indeed! Cash Truck 3 Turbo emerges as the third edition in the Cash Truck series, taking a nostalgic leap back to an earlier era within this high-octane game. Positioned amidst the era of the Second Great War, witness the sinister Dr. Kriegsmann and his bandits evading colossal robots while engaging in combat with Maximillian “Max” Turbo, all in a bid to abscond with heaps of pilfered gold bullion.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo presents a 7-high, 5-reel gameplay with up to 16807 pathways, introducing Tumbling Reels, Second Chance, Big Wild, a multiplier-based Bonus Game, and an expanding play area with each triumph. Fresh inclusions comprise 3 Turbo features alongside an upgraded 40,000x maximum win potential.

Upon forming winning combinations, symbols are eliminated, making room for new symbols to descend and fill the vacancies. The tumbling action persists as long as fresh winning combinations emerge, with each tumble win augmenting the total win.

Each round within the base game commences with a play area consisting of five reels, each standing four symbols high, along with one securely locked segment, also four symbols high.

Any tumble generating a winning combination will expand the play area by revealing three randomly chosen positions within the locked segment, uncovering the symbol beneath. This expansion unfolds with each successive winning tumble.

Upon accumulating 3 or more Bonus Scatters during the base game, players unlock the Truck Raider Bonus game. Should there be an excess of 3 Bonus Scatters, the Truck Raider Bonus game initiates with an additional Expander symbol for each supplementary Bonus Scatter.

The bonus game launches with an allotment of 3 spins. With each spin, potential new special symbols may materialize, persisting throughout the duration of the Truck Raider bonus game. Should one or more new symbols land during a spin, the spin counter resets to 3. Otherwise, it decrements by 1. Upon the conclusion of the Truck Raider bonus game, players receive a reward comprising the cumulative value of all current symbols multiplied by the bet.
Now is your moment to step into the spotlight, take a chance, and score big. Dive into the excitement of this baseball-inspired slot game, where the thrill of victory reaches new heights. Witness your fortunes soar with our array of multipliers, bonus opportunities, and extra wilds, ensuring that your wins hit it out of the park.

The Extra Chance Feature kicks in after every winning round, clearing the symbols involved in a winning combo from the reels. The remaining symbols cascade downward, making room for new ones to drop in from above.

In the base game, watch out for full-reel Wilds that can randomly appear on reel 3, 4, or 5, guaranteeing a win. These Wilds stay active throughout the Extra Chance Feature. Scatters won't show up during the full-reel Wild addition feature or the free games.

Trigger 12 free games by landing 3 or more Scatters, with each game boasting an increasing multiplier and additional Wilds. With each Extra Chance event during the free games, the win multiplier escalates. Plus, Wilds are stacked on reels 2 through 5 during free games, with each spin adding another Wild to the stacks.

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About Cascading Wins Games

Cascading Wins is a casino game mechanic that is often found in online slot machines and video slot games. It is a feature that allows for multiple wins from a single spin by removing winning symbols and replacing them with new symbols. This creates the opportunity for additional wins on the same spin, without the need for an additional bet.

When a player hits a winning combination on the reels, the symbols in that combination will disappear and be replaced with new symbols, potentially creating additional winning combinations. This process can repeat several times in a row, leading to multiple wins from a single spin. Some games also have multipliers that increase with each cascading win, leading to even larger payouts.

Cascading Wins can be a great way to increase the excitement of playing a slot game, as players can see their winnings grow with each cascading win. It also adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must decide whether to risk their winnings for the chance of additional cascading wins. This feature is popular among players as it increases the chances of hitting big payouts and adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. Some popular slot games that feature Cascading Wins include "Gonzo's Quest" by NetEnt and "Temple Tumble" by Relax Gaming.