Apparently, there was never a time when humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth together... Well, there should be!

Meet Andy and Annie Anderthal, a charming cave couple that keep T-Rexes as pets, and prefer their meat straight off the bone by the fire.

Anderthals is a fun game filled with action, Free Spins and random features, such as Cash Prizes, Expanding Wilds, Extra Wilds and Wild Multipliers that can trigger on every spin, accompanied by epic music that comes with a head-nod guarantee.
Welcome to the world of Caveman Bob, a blend of bygone times where cavemen and mammoths roam the Earth. Join our friendly caveman on his adventures, which start in his cave before venturing on to a blissful oasis and sees him trekking the ice-capped mountains.

This slot by Relax Gaming packs in a ton of excitement along with an inviting and novel theme. Unlock 3 different environments as you travel from world-to-world for greater entertainment value.

Caveman Bob is 5x3 video slot with three different worlds that offer ​varied volatility and features. Trigger Bob’s Wheel of the fortune, Hand of Bob or Mammoth Re-spins and win up to 500 times your bet. Get ready, the journey is about to begin!
2 Million Years Ago in a land before time the earth sat perfectly still until.. Women. Wanted. Diamonds. Now there’s only one man determined enough and brave enough to take a journey of epic proportions. But be careful seekers because jungle isn’t always as safe as it seems. So grab a friend and join in the adventure of a lifetime when you journey back to 2 MILLION BC.

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