At the yearly celebration within the charming village of Tarragon, locals congregated to observe St. Martha's captivating performance alongside her renowned Tarasque. However, this time around, the village's Mage had orchestrated a cunning scheme that promised to upend the town's traditional festivities.

This marks the inception of the narrative behind our latest grid slot adventure - 'Tarasque' - where multifaceted gameplay intersects with an array of thrilling features, all infused with a delightful sense of humor, ensuring players are entertained while pursuing substantial wins.

At the core of the game mechanics lies an 8x8 grid featuring cluster pays and our innovative Morph feature. Each spin, the Morph feature designates a symbol that will transmute the entire cluster into a neighboring symbol, igniting exhilarating chain reactions of expanding cluster wins.

The Tarasque springs to life with the activation of the first progressive feature. Serving as a wild, it voraciously devours adjacent winning symbols. The crescendo occurs as the Tarasque regurgitates all consumed symbols, presenting extraordinary opportunities for complete screen victories.

Diverging from the standard bonus structure, this game showcases Progressive Features. Each victory contributes to a feature meter, comprising five stages to unlock. Each stage triggers one of four unique features, with intensity escalating alongside the feature level.
In the vibrant Buggin’s Botanic Gardens, lively insects groove to rhythmic tunes amidst the blooming flora, forming connections beneath the colorful blossoms. Nature thrives, harmonizing beauty and equilibrium in this blessed realm of Buggin!

Buggin is a dynamic slot game with 7 reels and 7 rows, alive with buzzing excitement. Featuring wilds, 5 distinct feature wilds, a progress tracker, oversized symbols, cascading drops, a bonus round, and an exhilarating super bonus round, it promises the potential for winnings of up to 10,000 times the initial bet.

Trigger the bonus game with 3 bonus symbols, granting 7 free drops where wild symbols remain sticky throughout. For an even more thrilling experience, activate the super bonus game with 2 bonus symbols and 1 super bonus symbol, initiating free drops with a replenishment of the maximum number of unlocked Feature Wilds attained thus far.

As each cluster win accumulates, the progress meter ascends. Upon completion, it acquires a Feature Wild symbol, which disperses when no further wins occur. With 5 distinct Feature Wild symbols, anticipation builds with every spin.

With each victorious cluster, a wild symbol emerges, while unlocking the sealed shield triggers a Wild Redrop, complete with pre-filled Feature Wilds. Furthermore, multiple wild symbols within a winning cluster coalesce into a multiplier Wild, enhancing the excitement and potential for substantial rewards.
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating quest for gold with the latest offering from SwinttSelect, Dynamite Boost. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of a bustling gold mine as you dive into this action-packed video slot boasting 243 Ways to Win, ensuring thrills aplenty with each spin.

Dynamite Boost unveils the groundbreaking Booster Reels, a revolutionary feature that can randomly bestow various bonuses upon a single symbol, a specific reel, or even all reels simultaneously. But the excitement doesn't end there. Stay alert for the Free Spins Feature, where Scatter symbols reveal numbers ranging from 3 to 20. These numbers are then tallied to determine the total number of Free Spins awarded.

Discover explosive victories and strike it rich in Dynamite Boost, where every spin brings the promise of a bountiful gold rush!

The Booster Reel feature is available both in the Base Game and during Free Games. Boosters granted via the Booster Reel can affect a single symbol, a single reel, or all reels. These Boosters come in various types:

Normal Symbols: Certain positions contain normal symbols, contributing to standard wins. Full Respin: Grants 1 to 5 Respins with the current Boosters. Respin: Initiates Respins for a single reel, ranging from 1 to 5 times, with the current Boosters. Expanding Wild: Transforms the reel beneath the Booster icon into a Wild reel. Wild: Generates a 2x2 Mega Wild icon on the reels. Multiplier: Adds a multiplier (2x, 3x, or 5x) to the total winnings.

Scatter symbols within the reels will reveal a number between 3 and 20. If 3 or more Scatter symbols are awarded, their values are aggregated to determine the number of Free Spins granted.
Dive into the heart of samurai legend with Red Panda Rising™, the newest epic from PowderKeg Studios! This 5x3 reel adventure throws you into a high-stakes battle for the golden panda Buddha's favor.

Sharpen your spirit like a katana. Wilds become your allies, morphing into potent full-reel forces and wielding unpredictable, persistent multipliers during heart-pounding free spins. Danger lurks on every spin, mirroring the volatile spirit of feudal Japan. Will you navigate the unpredictable battlefield and earn the blessings of the ancient deity, a symbol of wisdom and prosperity?

Free spins unleash a game-changing strategy. An expanded Wild takes root, persisting throughout the entire bonus, offering a powerful advantage to brave players ready to explore deeper. Each spin is your chance to forge your samurai legend. Will you ascend to glory, blessed by the golden panda, or fall victim to the battlefield's volatility? The choice is yours. Answer the call, rise to the challenge, and etch your destiny in the annals of Red Panda Rising™!
Experience the thrill of traversing the enigmatic tombs of Egypt in The Cursed King, a captivating journey filled with mystery and fortune. With its innovative 5x5 grid and dynamic Moving Wild Reel Game mechanism, every spin promises excitement and unpredictability.

Beware the ominous presence of the fallen Cursed King! As you explore the depths of ancient pyramids across 5 reels and 5 rows, your quest for Pharaohs' riches unfolds amidst perilous challenges. Keep your wits about you, for the path to wealth is fraught with peril!

With a maximum win potential of 12,500 times your initial wager across all gameplay modes, the stakes are high and the rewards are immense.

When the Pharaoh symbol graces a reel alongside a winning combination on the grid, it transforms into a formidable Cursed King Wild Reel, boasting a range of multiplier values including 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, and even 100x. Remember, only one Pharaoh symbol may land on a reel at any given time.

The Cursed King reigns as the ultimate wild symbol, capable of substituting for all other symbols in the paytable. Any winning combination featuring a Cursed King is magnified by its respective multiplier value. Should multiple Cursed Kings contribute to a win, their multipliers are combined for an even greater reward.

Unlock the bonus game by landing 3, 4, or 5 BONUS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game, earning yourself 3, 4, or 5 free spins respectively. Throughout the bonus round, expanded Cursed King Wild Reels remain fixed in place, triggering re-spins that don't diminish your allotted free spins. Each spin sees Cursed Kings shifting left or right to adjacent reels, merging and amplifying their multipliers upon convergence. Beware, however, as Cursed Kings exiting the grid's edges vanish from play.

While the BONUS symbol remains absent during the bonus game, the Wild symbol maintains its versatile role, substituting for all symbols across both base and bonus gameplay. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in The Cursed King, where every spin brings you closer to ancient riches and untold treasures.
In Cat Wilde and the Incan Quest, a captivating 5x3 video slot unfolds its reels amidst the enchanting backdrop of South America. As players embark on this thrilling journey, they'll delve into the heart of the lush rainforests, where the mysteries of the ancient Incan civilization await discovery.

Join the intrepid explorer Cat Wilde as she swaps the sands of Egypt for the steamy jungles of South America, armed with her unparalleled wit and intellect. Through the dense foliage, she seeks the long-lost treasures of the Incans, beckoning players to assist her in unraveling the secrets of this uncharted territory.

Within the game, spinning the 5x3 reels across 10 paylines unveils the potential to unearth a trove of riches. Amidst the verdant expanse, bonus features emerge to heighten the excitement, including the tantalizing allure of Falling Wilds, Free Spins, and the Jackpot Bonus.

In the heart of the action, Wild symbols may descend upon the reels, triggering the exhilarating Falling Wild Re-Spin feature. With each spin, these symbols gradually descend, potentially expanding to dominate entire reels when multiple Wilds converge.

The discovery of three or more Scatter symbols heralds the onset of the Free Spins round, offering players the chance to delve deeper into the mysteries of the rainforest. Here, Falling Wilds expand with abandon, intensifying the thrill of the expedition.

Amidst the adventure, precious gemstone Bonus symbols may emerge, fitting seamlessly into the collector totem. As players collect these symbols, they edge closer to triggering the Bonus Game, where tantalizing rewards await. Within the Bonus Game, reels are cleared, and three Free Spins are granted, each symbol potentially unlocking untold riches. As Bonus symbols accumulate and rows fill, players inch closer to claiming the coveted Jackpot, with the potential to win up to X10,000 their initial bet.

In the company of the indomitable Cat Wilde, the journey into the unknown promises excitement and untold riches. Do you possess the courage to join her quest and claim your share of the ancient treasures?
Step into the heart of the jungle and join an extraordinary expedition filled with the promise of immense wealth in El Dorado Totems, an enthralling slot game with five reels and ten paylines. Amidst the dense foliage, every spin holds the potential for discovering hidden treasures.

Embark on a thrilling journey deep into the jungle with BF Games’ latest creation, the El Dorado Totems slot. Riches beyond imagination and ancient artifacts await your discovery — stay vigilant throughout your enchanting voyage and harness the power of Gold Totem Wild Symbols and Respins.

Unlocking the jungle's secrets hinges on the Gold Totem symbol, a Wild that exclusively appears on the middle three reels. Limited to one Wild symbol per reel, this age-old guardian substitutes for all other symbols, guiding players towards winning combinations and the concealed wealth hidden within the rainforest's depths.

During the heart-pounding Respin rounds, reels adorned with mystical Wild symbols remain fixed, while the others spin with anticipation. Triggering consecutively up to three times, Respins unveil a cascade of possibilities, each spin bringing players closer to the legendary riches. Only one Respin activates per spin, irrespective of the number of Wild symbols present. Brace yourself for an alternate set of reels during Respins, offering a unique twist to this exhilarating adventure.

As the reels spin and the jungle resonates with the promise of fortune, BF Games' El Dorado Totems slot invites you to embark on a captivating journey where each turn of the reel brings you nearer to the untold riches concealed within the ancient wilderness.
Experience the exhilaration of the Chinese New Year festivities with Iron Dog Studio’s latest thrilling slot game, set in the vibrant world of Macao!

8 Treasures: Luck of the Dragon presents players with two distinct ways to initiate the Hold & Win feature (Any Hold & Win HR 1/72). The first method involves the strategic placement of both the Dragon and Envelope symbols on the reels. As the Dragon chases the Envelope, it leaves a trail of coins in its wake, activating the Hold & Win feature with any number of coins collected.

These coins remain on the reels until the conclusion of the Hold & Win round. Alternatively, players can activate Hold & Win by landing six golden coins on the reels.

Freespins can be unlocked by landing 3/4/5 Scatter symbols on the reels. What's more, both methods of activating Hold & Win are also accessible during Freespins, intensifying the thrill of the game!
Prepare yourself for an electrifying sequel! Introducing 777 Super Strike by Red Tiger, the captivating successor to the much-loved 777 Strike.

This game brims with Wilds that add excitement to your victories, while Expanding Wilds elevate the experience by encompassing entire reels. However, the true celestial delight lies in the 7th Heaven – Free Spins. Level 1 commences after 3 scatters emerge, granting 7 free spins.

Progressing to the next tier, Win Spins, occurs randomly at the conclusion of level 1, offering guaranteed wins and an additional 7 free spins. Level 3, Wild Spins, serves as the spectacular finale, where Wilds and Expanded Wilds remain locked for monumental wins. Plunge directly into the Free Spins round with Feature Buy.

Are you poised to land a colossal victory?
Introducing ‘Valentine's Robin Hood,’ a charming and romantic variation of the beloved ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Wins’ slot game. Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional gaming experience filled with charm, sophistication, and a hint of romance and excitement.

In this special Valentine’s Day edition, Robin Hood takes center stage as the fearless protagonist, not only championing the downtrodden but also embarking on a heartfelt journey to reunite with his true love, Maid Marian. Accompanied by his faithful Merry Men, Robin is determined to outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham and the detestable King John, all in the name of love and the pursuit of substantial winnings!

The game boasts a range of features designed for a romantic escapade, including Expanding Wilds, Random Multipliers, and a meticulously crafted multi-level Picker Bonus that romantically reunites Robin Hood with Maid Marian, leading to a substantial prize. And let's not overlook the Free Spins bonus, which offers players an extra dose of love and thrills.

Designed to the highest standards and optimized for compatibility across various platforms, ‘Valentine's Robin Hood’ guarantees players hours of medieval fun infused with the essence of love. Set off on this enchanting journey and allow the romantic rendezvous of Robin and Maid Marian to guide you to consistent victories and heartfelt enjoyment!
Shuang Long Fu presents a plethora of valuable gifts to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As the festivities unfold, prepare to reveal your rewards. May Shuang Long Fu bestow upon you remarkable prizes, exciting features, and substantial profits to sustain you throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the game as our exotic wilds, symbolized by double dragons, offer diverse multipliers and opportunities for substantial bonuses, all in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

Shuang Long Fu is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 'ways pays'. It features exotic wilds that frequently appear, each offering different multipliers every spin, along with opportunities for prizepot bonuses and fortune collection.

The game boasts three distinct exotic wilds: the Green Dragon, the Red Dragon, and the Double Dragon. After each spin, any Red Dragon landing on the reels will expand the entire reel and receive a random multiplier ranging from 3x to 7x. Similarly, every Green Dragon landing on the reels will expand the entire reel and receive a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 5x. When both a Green Dragon and a Red Dragon land on the reels simultaneously, they merge into a Double Dragon, expanding the entire reel and receiving a random multiplier ranging from 5x to 50x.

In cases where exotic wilds land on multiple reels during the same spin, wins that feature multiple exotic wilds accumulate the sum of all the exotic multipliers.

Triggering free spins during the base game requires landing 3 or more Scatter symbols. Players can then choose from 3 free spin options, ranging from medium to extreme volatility: Multiplier Boost, Extra Exotic, or Extreme Exotic. Landing 3 Scatters awards an additional 12 free spins.

Each Special Symbol awards an extra free spin and extends the multiplier range of all exotic wild types by 1 to 3. This increase is achieved by adding a random amount from 1 to 3 to all the multipliers. For instance, if the multiplier range is increased by 3, the Green Dragon's range changes from 2x to 5x to a new range of 5x to 8x, the Red Dragon's range changes from 3x to 7x to 6x to 10x, and the Double Dragon's range changes from 5x to 50x to 8x to 53x.

The extended multiplier range applies to all wilds for the remaining free spins, including the spin in which the Special Symbol landed. With each additional Special Symbol landing during free spins, the exotic wild multipliers continue to increase further. However, the maximum increase from Special Symbols is capped at 20x.
The Dragon Prosperity Tortoise, a dazzling addition to our captivating series, awaits.

In the base game, the Gold Gem Multiplier symbol [SCATTER 1] can reveal either MINOR, MINI, or a bet multiplier ranging from x1 to x200. If the Hold & Spin Feature isn't activated during a base game spin, the elusive MAJOR jackpot might be bestowed upon lucky players. Similarly, the GRAND jackpot may grace a base game spin that doesn't trigger the Hold & Spin Feature.

Within the base game, the Gold Gem symbol [SCATTER 2] also holds the power to unveil MINOR, MINI, or a bet multiplier from x1 to x200. Triggering the Hold & Spin feature requires any combination of 6 or more Gold Gem symbols [SCATTER 2] or Gold Gem Multiplier symbols [SCATTER 1], granting players 3 spins. All symbols appearing on the triggering spin remain locked in place throughout the feature, with any additional [SCATTER 1] symbols landing during subsequent spins also held. Should all 15 positions be filled, the coveted GRAND jackpot is bestowed.

Moreover, in the base game, the appearance of 3 scattered [SCATTER 1] symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 triggers 5 Free Spins. Each [SCATTER 1] symbol not only awards its displayed prize but also displays a prize directly above the corresponding reel for the duration of the Free Spins Feature. Throughout the Free Spins Feature, [SCATTER 1] symbols exhibit a bet multiplier ranging from 1x to 200x. Any [SCATTER 1] symbol landing on reels 2, 3, or 4 adds its displayed value to the prize shown above the corresponding reel for the entirety of the Free Spins Feature. Additionally, the distribution of prizes displayed on [SCATTER 1] symbols varies depending on the chosen bet option.
Hey there, cowboy! NetEnt's Buckshot Wilds is an online video slot with medium to high volatility, boasting a solid 96.04% RTP. It plays out on five reels and four rows initially, offering 20 paylines. But hold onto your hat, as special features can expand the grid to eight rows, giving you a whopping 48 paylines to wrangle in this old-school game. Saddle up and place your bets ranging from 0.20 to 100 as you track the majestic bucks through the wilderness.

Take it easy! In Buckshot Wilds by NetEnt, the wild symbols are the stars of the show, adding excitement to this classic-style slot. With each spin, existing wilds descend one row, sticking around until they reach the bottom row. They might even stretch out to nearby positions, boosting your chances of matching symbols. Plus, keep an eye out for the grid expanding, doubling the available paylines.

Opting for the Bonus Bet feature increases your shot at triggering features and Free Spins scatters. It's worth a shot, as Free Spins come with an expanded grid and more chances for bonuses and wilds.

Up to three wild symbols can grace the reels on any spin, sliding down row by row until they disappear from the grid. Wilds stand in for all symbols except scatters, enhancing your chances of scoring big wins. Remember, wilds are tied to your original bet, so they vanish if you change your wager. But fear not, they'll reappear when you return to your previous bet (just keep an eye on their expiration date!).

Keep your eyes peeled for the Expanding Reels Feature, randomly triggered at the start of any spin in the main game. This nifty feature causes wild symbols to shift down a row and expands the reels by four rows, bumping up the paylines to 48. And if a wild lands in the top four rows, another wild pops up four positions down on the same reel.

When a wild covers a trigger symbol during the main game or Free Spins, it triggers the Expanding Wilds Feature, turning adjacent symbols (except other wilds) into wilds. These extra wilds disappear at the start of the next spin.

To kick off the bonus round with 6, 10, or 15 free spins, land 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere on the reels, even if they're hidden under wilds. Activate the Bonus Bet for even more spins: 8, 12, or 20, respectively.

During Free Spins, the grid expands to eight rows, offering 48 paylines for the duration of the round. Plus, one to three wilds may appear randomly on the reels during the initial spin, with an additional wild joining in each subsequent free spin. And don't forget, landing scatters during Free Spins earns you extra spins, keeping the excitement going.
Prospect Gaming ignites the excitement with sizzling, chili-powered victories in Arriba Heat! Kicking off in the base game, the Wild Fiesta feature triggers randomly upon Wilds landing. During Wild Fiesta, Wilds glide across adjacent symbols, converting them into extra Wilds. If a Wild intersects another Wild, it transforms into an X2 Wild, leading to even greater payouts!

When the Chilli Inferno respins are triggered, Mr. Peppe takes center stage on the grid, gathering each chili that lands. Players forfeit a life if no chilies land. Chilli Inferno consists of three tiers. In the initial tier, Mr. Peppe must gather chilies with a collective value of 20 to advance.

Progressing to the second tier requires accumulating chilies with a total value of 50, unlocking access to the third tier. Chilies in the second tier are multiplied by X2, and in the third tier by X3. A multiplier is applied for every 50-total chili count in the third tier. Mr. Peppe's symbol expands from 1x1 to 2x2, and ultimately to 2x3, as he ascends through each tier.
Step into the world of opulence with Rich Lady Deluxe, the newest addition to SwinttPremium's collection, offering a lavish gaming experience. Delve into the extravagant lifestyle of a wealthy woman bedecked in the finest jewels.

Within Rich Lady Deluxe, players encounter the captivating Mystery Diamonds feature. Triggered by the appearance of three Bonus symbols on the reels, this feature unveils hidden treasures and the potential for substantial wins, reaching up to 1,080 times the initial bet. Additionally, players can indulge in the unique Pearl Feature, distinguishing Rich Lady Deluxe from other games. By acquiring six or more Pearl Symbols, players activate this feature.

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the world of Rich Lady Deluxe?

The Mystery Bonus is unleashed by three Bonus symbols, prompting players to select a diamond for a mystery prize. Possible rewards include multipliers of x30, x60, and x100 of the current bet.

Rich Lady Deluxe boasts four special pearls: MINOR, MAJOR, MAXI, and MEGA. MINOR and MAJOR pearls exclusively contribute to the Pearl Feature, while MAXI and MEGA prizes remain attainable throughout the game.

The Pearl Feature commences upon collecting 6 or more Pearl Symbols. During this feature, pearls affix to the reels and each new pearl resets the remaining spins to 3. The Pearl Feature concludes either when all Pearl Spins are exhausted or all positions are occupied by pearls. At the feature's conclusion, the values of all pearls are tallied, multiplying the bet to unveil the final win. Pearl values range from 30 to 1, multiplied by the bet. If all positions are filled with pearls, their values are doubled, excluding the MAXI and MEGA jackpots.
Super Lion has made a triumphant return, boasting enhancements that take the gaming experience to new heights! Stay immersed in the excitement with Super Lion Megaways™, whether you're indulging in a Wild Re-spin, unlocking the Free Games feature, securing a Jackpot, or celebrating a monumental Megaways™ victory!

Experience wins from both directions and seize the opportunity for significant wins through the Buy-in feature and the instantly accessible Guaranteed Re-spin feature, ensuring you find yourself in a state of Super Lion bliss!

Every wild win initiates a re-spin with the wild reel firmly in place. Should additional wilds grace the reels during a re-spin, get ready for yet another thrilling round! The Guaranteed Re-spin feature also grants immediate access to this exhilarating sequence.

Achieving 4 or more scatter symbols scattered across the primary 6 reels triggers the onset of free games. Utilize the Buy-in feature for instant access to the free games, enhancing the excitement of your gameplay.

The pursuit of fortune intensifies as any combination of 6 Jackpot royals appearing on the screen secures a glorious JACKPOT win. Super Lion ensures a gaming experience that is not only better but reaches unprecedented levels of exhilaration!
Release the prosperity and wealth within 'Golden Dragon Fortune,' a slot game commemorating the prosperous Year of the Dragon. May the majestic dragon lead you towards vast riches and good luck in this exhilarating gaming venture!

Golden Dragon Fortune is a 3x5 video slot, providing 243 ways to achieve victory. Scatters have the potential to land on any reel. The activation of 3 or more Scatter symbols initiates the Free Spins feature. Within Free Spins, gaining 3 or more Scatter symbols results in an additional +8 spins. The Free Spins feature can be re-triggered, offering a maximum of 86 Free Spins.

Two types of Wild symbols exist, both capable of substituting for all symbols except the Scatter. Dragon Wild symbols exclusively appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, expanding to cover the entire reel.

At the commencement of Free Spins, one must choose from four available options. Each option dictates the number of Free Spins awarded and the range of multipliers applicable during each spin. Options in Green, Blue, and Red offer between 8-28 Free Spins and 2x-30x multipliers. The Mystery option, chosen randomly at selection, may grant between 8-38 Free Spins and 2x-50x multipliers. Throughout Free Spins, the multiplier showcased at the top is applied to any wins involving a Wild or Dragon Wild symbol.
Immerse yourself in Alice's fantastical world, where Cheshire Cat, Hatter, and other familiar faces await! Let the dreamy atmosphere, incredibly lifelike animations, and waves of nostalgia captivate you as you hit spin! Join forces with Alice and her friends for an exhilarating adventure and the promise of substantial wins!

Alice's Mad Fortune is a 3x5, 10-line video slot that unfolds a base game filled with expanding wilds, wild bonus scatters, an adventure re-spin bonus, and various buy bonus options. The actual payout is the sum of dynamic paytable values corresponding to each won line, and simultaneous or coinciding wins are combined. Gameplays are based on the Total Bet.

In the base game, the Alice symbol serves as an expanding wild. When it lands on the reel and has the potential to create wins, the Alice symbol immediately expands to fill the entire reel. Alice substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus Symbol and special bonus symbol characters, expanding only when contributing to a player win.

The Cheshire Cat, during the base game, substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus Symbol and special bonus symbol characters. When a win involves the Cheshire Cat, it awards a random multiplier of 2x or 3x. If multiple Cheshire Cats contribute to a winning line, their random multipliers are summed.

In the base game, the Silver White Rabbit, Hatter, and Caterpillar bonus symbols act as wilds, substituting for all symbols except the Cheshire Cat.

Triggering the re-spins adventure bonus requires 3 Bonus symbols on the screen, leaving all scatters on the board for adventure re-spins. The Hatter, Caterpillar, and Silver White Rabbit Feature Bonus symbols also substitute for Bonus symbols. When triggered, the Bonus Symbol transforms into regular card symbols with win multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x. Character bonus symbols convert to win multipliers from 1x to 10x and execute their features after the first spin of the bonus. "Win multipliers" in the bonus denote win amounts displayed as multiples of the base game bet, offering an engaging bonus experience. For instance, if the bonus triggers at a base bet of 2, a symbol converting to a win multiplier of x4 would represent a win amount of 8 for that symbol.
Ignite the excitement with Blazing Wilds Megaways™!

Immerse yourself in a dynamic neon world where the six constantly evolving reels of this scorching Megaways™ adventure showcase diamonds, triple sevens, and treasure chests as the highest-paying symbols. Introducing an expanding wild, capable of substituting for all base game symbols and offering a multiplier linked to the number of wilds present on that particular reel.

Witness the magic unfold as symbols creating a win vanish, triggering a cascade effect where new symbols tumble onto the game board, opening up the potential for consecutive wins.

When a wild makes its fiery entrance, watch as all symbols above it transform into additional wilds, each carrying a multiplier equivalent to the number of wilds on that reel. If multiple multipliers grace the screen simultaneously, they intertwine, amplifying the excitement.

The appearance of four, five, or six crown scatter symbols unleashes 15, 20, or 25 free spins, respectively. Brace yourself for the free spins round, where the multiplier generated by expanding wilds doubles in value, reflecting the number of wilds on that reel.

Prepare for a blaze of spinning action in Blazing Wilds Megaways™, where each moment brings the potential for dazzling wins and an electrifying gaming experience!
Gather pearls to discover the gateway to oceanic wealth, but be cautious of the formidable kraken! Immerse yourself in the expansive sea, seeking the hidden treasures beneath its surface. Discover gleaming coins and gathered pearls that unlock incredible bonus rewards, encounter expanding wilds that may expand the reels randomly for added riches, and experience the legendary Red Kraken collection during Free Spins. This unique feature transforms low symbols into the highest symbol – the Golden Kraken! Join the exciting underwater expedition now!

Players who receive Treasure Hunter coins during the base game will initiate the accumulation of pearls, opening doors to potential wealth. Gather pearls to unlock opportunities for Free Spins, Jackpots, Progressives, or even the coveted Grand Jackpot!

Treasure Hunter introduces a free spins feature centered on collection, where players embark on a quest to track down the elusive RED KRAKEN. This pursuit offers the chance to transform major symbols into the highly rewarding GOLD KRAKEN symbol. The thrill of expanding wilds and the possibility of retriggering free spins enhance the excitement of this captivating free spins pursuit!

Wilds in the base game emerge on reels 2, 3, and 4, serving as substitutes for all symbols except the free spins and the special RED KRAKEN symbols. These wilds not only provide players with opportunities for significant wins but also expand, magnifying the initial wins and generating additional payouts!
Enter the mesmerizing realm of ancient Egypt and unveil The Magic of Cleopatra in this 3x5 slot with 15 Fixed Lines! Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Cleopatra's rule as you spin the reels and unravel the hidden mysteries within.

Free Spins bring an added layer of excitement to your gaming adventure, paying out in any order on the screen. Whether the symbols align from left to right or right to left, the flexible nature of Free Spins ensures that each spin holds the potential for significant rewards, transforming every moment on the reels into a thrilling pursuit of ancient riches.

Extra Spin: During Free Spins, landing a Bonus symbol on the reels awards an additional 1, 3, or 5 Free Spins. Witness the unfolding magic as you gain more opportunities to discover ancient treasures and enhance your rewards.

Symbol Upgrade: Feel the power of transformation as the lowest symbols in play ascend to become the next higher paying symbol. This captivating feature can occur either instantly or on the next spin, introducing an element of surprise and strategy to your gameplay.
Embark on a journey to uncover the fortune and enchantment in Red Tiger's Clover Craze! Watch as Green Clovers bloom on reels 2, 3, and 4, expanding to cover entire reels, delivering wins that will leave you smiling like a leprechaun.

Encounter the rare Golden Clover on the 3rd reel, adding an extra layer of magic to the game. Join the festivities when a Golden Clover and Green Clovers come together, forming a Big Golden Clover, a substantial 2x3 symbol, complete with a triple win multiplier.

Experience the thrill of striking gold when a Golden Clover pairs up with Green Clovers on both adjacent reels, resulting in a Huge Golden Clover, an impressive 3x3 symbol, accompanied by a sevenfold win multiplier! Witness the magic unfold as a Golden Clover meets a Seven or Bell on an adjacent reel, triggering Cash Respins that multiply and shower you with cash prizes (3x for Sevens, 2x for Bells).

May the luck of the Clovers accompany you on your quest for incredible wins!
Experience the thrill of a celestial melody that will shake your world. Amidst the arches, a untamed angel awaits, offering numerous opportunities for redemption and an abundance of unpredictable traits. Heaven Mania presents a captivating 5-reel video slot adorned with an Expanding Wild symbol accompanied by multipliers and an array of random features.
Embark on an adventure to secure elephantastic winnings! Grab a map and journey into the sprawling savannah of Africa in search of the legendary "Big Five," eager to observe these majestic creatures up close in their natural habitat. Keep your camera at the ready to capture thrilling moments and snap impressive close-ups of these mighty wild animals.

Delve into the heart of the action with the "Photo Safari Feature," triggered when the Africa symbol graces three reels. This unlocks exclusive free games where the elephant takes center stage as the WILD symbol. As the reels come to a halt, watch in awe as the elephant randomly expands into a 2x2, 3x3, or even a 4x4 block, substituting for all symbols. In the base game, the WILD lion steps in, substituting for all symbols except Africa.

Are you prepared for the most breathtaking safari of your life? Get ready to explore the untamed beauty of the African wilderness, where every spin brings the potential for elephant-sized winnings and an unforgettable safari experience!
Extract additional enjoyment from this sensation with Juicy Fruits Multihold.

Set on a 5x5 reel grid, classic fruit symbols like kiwis, cherries, and strawberries make a delightful return. To secure a win, these symbols must create a matching combination across the game's 50 paylines. Adding to the excitement, a Wild symbol may grace the reels, armed with a 2x or 3x multiplier. With the potential to appear in various sizes, the Wild introduces an extra layer of win possibilities to elevate your gaming experience.

In the bonus round, a minimum of three scatters will bestow six free spins.

Featuring four unlockable gameboards, players aim to gather scatters to access these extra reels, with each newly unlocked board also granting extra spins. Blue scatters enhance the active wild, enlarging it and mirroring its size onto newly revealed gameboards, intensifying the thrill of gameplay.
Embark on a daring journey in search of riches and renown, exploring the realms where the majestic Wild Dragons freely roam. In the realm of "Legend of Dragon Wins DoubleMax," every victory holds the key to unlocking extraordinary rewards, all thanks to the distinctive DoubleMax multiplier.

Witness the magic unfold as, with each successive triumph, the multiplier doubles, propelling your winnings to unparalleled heights. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure, guided by the dragons towards unimaginable wealth. Experience the thrill of doubling your win multiplier repeatedly, fueled by the boundless power of DoubleMax!

Are you bold enough to pursue the fabled fortune guarded by the legendary dragon?
Prepare for a festive celebration with Spiñata Piñata™! This 6-reel slot is your gateway to an exhilarating fiesta of wins. As you fill the Spiñata collection meter, anticipate a Piñata Spin that introduces up to 10 Wild symbols, forming a multiplier ladder for epic payouts!

But the excitement doesn't end there! Activate the bonus by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols, unlocking as many as 15 Free Spins, each Piñata Spin loaded with the potential for insane wins! Get ready for a lively adventure brimming with fun and fabulous rewards!
Dribble, tunnel, shoot, and GOOAAAAL!

The roar of the fans echoes as they erupt into thunderous applause, celebrating your triumph. In the closing seconds, you've netted the decisive goal, sending a surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins. Unbridled happiness washes over you, and the tension of the preceding minutes dissipates – you've done it, you're the champion of the season.

To partake in the award ceremony, step into the realm of Power Spins by achieving a win of at least four times your stake in the base game. Here, you can take a chance with your winnings in Power Spins. This feature encompasses four games that spin simultaneously, each operating independently. You have control over the number of power spins by customizing the bet per power spin individually.

Keep an eye out for the "Gold Cup" gracing reels 2, 3, or 4. When it appears, it expands on the same reel, adding all symbols to yield the highest possible line win.

Seize your victorious moment and bask in the celebration! You've earned the title of champion, and with the Power Spins at your fingertips, the thrill of your achievement continues as you control the game and relish the glory of your success.
Prepare for explosive wins as you dive into the thrill of the 'Exploding Wilds' feature and succumb to a fruit frenzy!

Witness the dazzling fireworks symbol illuminating the reels, erupting into a cascade of wild symbols that transform the adjacent symbols into a frenzy of Wilds. Each spin sparks a symphony of fruit-filled excitement, offering you the chance to set your winnings ablaze and turn your bankroll into a fiery spectacle. Brace yourself for a fruit-filled extravaganza, where wins explode in this electrifying slot adventure!

The Wild symbol, aptly named "Fireworks," detonates and converts all surrounding symbols into Wilds.

Don't let the explosive fun pass you by – Happy New Year! Get ready to revel in the explosive joy of this fruit-filled spectacle and let the wins burst forth in a dazzling display of excitement!
Welcome to my splendid Bank, dear friend! You may address me as Mr. Pigg E. Have you graced my establishment to unravel the secrets behind my ascent to becoming the most prosperous gentleman in the world? Fear not, for I am more than willing to share some pearls of wisdom!

Firstly, should you aspire to bask in the opulence that I do, exercise utmost care in preserving every Dollar Tag you encounter! In due course, these dapper bills shall metamorphose into expansive Golden Wilds, shrouding entire reels and bestowing upon you boundless wealth!

On to the next lesson: a penny conserved is a penny gained. Deliver your Piggybank savings unto me, and I shall safeguard them within my Bank until the opportune moment arises. Await my summons when your Bonus Cash Prizes are ripe for the claiming, and witness how the accumulation of even a solitary saved penny can yield substantial riches!
Joker’s Wacky Wilds Pays Both Ways is a 10-line 3x5 reel game that amplifies your winning opportunities with its pays-both-ways game mechanic, where line wins pay from both left to right and right to left!

The zany excitement doesn't stop there; when the Joker Wild symbol lands on reels 2, 3, and 4, it expands to cover the entire reel, offering incredible Wild Joker win potential! These Joker Wild symbols can even play a part in triggering the Free Spins feature!

Free Spins symbols are scattered across all reels, and landing 3 of them awards 10 Free Spins, 4 awards 15 Free Spins, and 5 awards an impressive 20 Free Spins, which are then doubled for an astonishing total of 40 Free Spins! Retriggers are also possible during Free Spins, adding even more potential for wins.

So, team up with the Joker and let the wild excitement lead to truly fabulous wins. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary player experience that is sure to become a favored go-to game!
Explore the cosmic wonders within Giga Blast, where the universe unfolds as your vast playground, and the stars seamlessly align. Let the Star Wilds be your guides as the enthralling stellar spectacle commences with Wild Blast.

Marvel at the celestial indicators adorning the spaces above the reels and rows, triggering dazzling celestial explosions whenever a Star Wild lands nearby. With explosions occurring both horizontally and vertically, it's akin to a cosmic fireworks display, enhancing the multipliers of existing Star Wilds by +1.

Venture further into the cosmic expanse and unveil the allure of Free Spins, your gateway to an interstellar bonus adventure. Identify 3 or more Free Spins symbols, and you'll secure 10 - 25 spins, with an additional chance for 5 more during the bonus round. As a cosmic voyager, take the leap into the Feature Buy for an assured adventure.

Are you ready to commence your cosmic journey in Giga Blast?
Embark on a scorching trail of fortune and immerse yourself in pure gaming excitement and thrills. Dive into a world teeming with adventures and let the flames of anticipation dance!

Amidst vibrant fruits and fortunate symbols, flames flare up on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, transforming into WILD symbols. These fiery elements replace all symbols on the same reel, except for the scatters Dollar and Star. Witness the sparks of victory as, upon achieving a winning combination, the flames spread rapidly to adjacent positions, igniting blazing hot wins. The Dollar scatters add explosive excitement, generously rewarding incredible prizes regardless of reel positions. Additionally, catching the star scatter on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels opens the door to fantastic winnings.

Ignite the inner fire within you and relish the breathtaking adrenaline rush as you explore a world ablaze with thrilling possibilities!
Are you prepared for a spicy 5-reel escapade in the Devil's bar down in Hell? Brace yourself for laughter, victories, and the sensation of sinking your teeth into the world's spiciest pepper.

Multiplier Wilds, Expanding Devils, and Free Spins are the fiery elements that make this game sizzle unlike any other. So, mix up some hot sauce drinks and get set to add a dash of heat to your gaming journey – Hellapeños is here to transform your reels into a chili-infused celebration!
Experience the enchantment of the holiday season in Santa's Pots and Pearls, a festive 5x3 video slot that brings Christmas magic to life. Set against a backdrop of Santa, Candles, Mistletoe, and Bells, this beautifully adorned game creates the perfect holiday atmosphere, offering players the potential to win up to 1,080 times their bet.

Unveil the excitement of thrilling bonus features, starting with the Mystery Bonus triggered by landing 3 Bonus Symbols. This feature presents the opportunity to win mystery prizes ranging from x30, x60, to an astonishing x100 multiplied by the current bet. Elevate the excitement by collecting 6 or more Pearls to activate the Pearl Feature, which opens the door to winning Special Pearls such as the MINOR, MAJOR, MAXI, and MEGA pearls, each bringing substantial rewards.

This Christmas, immerse yourself in the holiday spirit and aim for significant wins with the captivating Santa's Pots and Pearls.
Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with Xmas Drop! Join Santa on his magical adventure as he strives to deliver all the gifts in time for Christmas in this enchanting 5x5 game with paylines and the potential for a maximum win of 12,500 times your bet!

Experience the holiday cheer in three festive game modes: the base game, Night Before Xmas, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The excitement peaks as Wild Santa symbols take center stage. Watch as these symbols expand, bringing joy to the grid, and if the expanded symbol would contribute to at least one winning combination, it expands even further.

Expanded Wild Santa symbols count as wild on every position they cover, creating opportunities for delightful wins. The expansion is a downward affair, reaching all the way to the bottom of the grid, spreading festive cheer with each spin. Keep in mind that each reel can have only one Wild Santa symbol at a time, ensuring a harmonious blend of holiday magic.

Are you ready to unwrap your own Christmas gift in Xmas Drop? Spin the reels, follow Santa on his adventure, and revel in the festive joy as Wild Santa symbols expand to bring you delightful wins. It's time to celebrate the season with the magic of Xmas Drop!
Saddle up for an adventure in the Wild West with "The Wild Drifter," a thrilling new slot from Boomerang Gaming where you're not just a player; you're the law!

In the base game, every non-winning spin amps up the excitement with the Winmulti Multiplier. Quick on the draw? With Winmulti, you can turn a slow spell on the reels into an outlaw win! Feel the adrenaline as you increase the multiplier, anticipating the big wins that await.

Claim your bounty in the free spins round, where the Wild Drifter takes center stage. Watch as every wild symbol expands, sticks, and roams across the reels, creating opportunities for massive wins. But that's not all – during these free spins, the Winmulti Multiplier doubles on every non-winning spin, ensuring that the excitement never wanes.

Are you ready to step into the boots of "The Wild Drifter" and bring justice to the Wild West? Spin the reels, build up that Winmulti Multiplier, and let the free spins round take you on a wild ride filled with expanding wilds and doubled multipliers! It's time to claim your bounty and show the outlaws who's boss in this action-packed slot adventure.
Welcome to Super Lion Xmas, where the reels are adorned with holiday cheer, and majestic wins await! With festive symbols and enchanting backgrounds, this game will transport you to a world of seasonal delight and winning excitement in no time.

Experience the thrill of a respin feature triggered by any wild win, with the wild reel locked in place. But the excitement doesn't stop there – any new wilds landing on reels 2, 3, or 4 during a respin will trigger yet another respin! With all 10 lines paying both left to right and right to left, the possibilities for festive wins are doubled.

Keep your eyes on the prize as 5 jackpot royals on any line can award the progressive Jackpot, adding an extra layer of excitement to your holiday adventure. Get ready for a joyous journey filled with seasonal magic and the potential for incredible wins in Super Lion Xmas!
Welcome to Super Lion Xmas, where the reels are adorned with holiday cheer, and majestic wins await! With festive symbols and enchanting backgrounds, this game will transport you to a world of seasonal delight and winning excitement in no time.

Experience the thrill of a respin feature triggered by any wild win, with the wild reel locked in place. But the excitement doesn't stop there – any new wilds landing on reels 2, 3, or 4 during a respin will trigger yet another respin! With all 10 lines paying both left to right and right to left, the possibilities for festive wins are doubled.

Keep your eyes on the prize as 5 jackpot royals on any line can award the top prize, adding an extra layer of excitement to your holiday adventure. Get ready for a joyous journey filled with seasonal magic and the potential for incredible wins in Super Lion Xmas!
Are you eager to blend the succulence of fresh fruit with the whimsical allure of the Joker? If so, Fruity Fruits is the perfect gaming choice for you! Picture this: the Joker serves up a delectable assortment of fruits on a grand platter, crafted across 5 reels and 10 fixed win lines. Acting not just as your waiter but also a wild symbol, the Joker graces reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. After indulging in this delightful feast, the Joker extends an invitation to merge the joy of tasting with the thrill of playing through unique features:

Enter the multiplier feature, where wins are magnified by 3, 4, or 5 when 3, 4, or 5 reels display identical symbols. Embrace the expand feature, where each visible Joker symbol stretches to encompass the entire reel, covering up to 2 reels.

The rotate feature comes into play under specific conditions: when the win is 0, and at least 1 Joker is visible on the reels. In this scenario, all symbols are rearranged to construct a winning combination. As for the replace feature, it can be triggered when the win is 0, and no Joker graces the reels. Up to 2 symbols are then randomly replaced by the Joker symbol.

Doesn't this promise the ultimate fusion of fruity goodness and Joker-inspired amusement? The decision is yours to make!
Step into the enchanting winter wonderland of Santa's Inn, a magical place where symbols come to life, multiplying, transforming, and triggering free games in this delightful 3x3 adventure. Let Santa himself guide you through this festive journey that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Welcome to Santa's Inn, where every spin is an adventure filled with joy and surprises. Immerse yourself in the heartwarming atmosphere of this remarkable place, where every win is a special gift waiting to be unwrapped. The 3x3 layout adds a cozy charm to the game, making it a perfect setting for a holiday-themed slot.

As you spin the reels in Santa's Inn, anticipate the magic that each symbol holds. Watch as they multiply your excitement, transform the reels into a winter spectacle, and trigger free games that add an extra layer of festive cheer. This is more than just a slot game; it's a heartwarming experience that captures the essence of the holiday season.

Are you ready to join Santa in his Inn and experience the joy and generosity that come with every spin? Santa's Inn invites you to celebrate the holidays in style, surrounded by symbols that bring the magic of the season to life.
Get ready for a thrilling escapade with Big Max Super Pearls, a classic fruity video slot that brings an exciting twist to the table! This latest addition to SwinttPremium's collection boasts 50 paylines, high volatility, and a maximum win multiplier of 3,000 times your bet.

At the core of the game is the Free Spins feature, stealing the spotlight with a unique and engaging twist—Scatter symbols that remain fixed to the reels throughout the entire duration of the feature. This innovative feature significantly enhances your chances of landing impressive wins. But there's more to discover—be on the lookout for Special Scatters that wield the power to unlock thrilling surprises, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Join Big Max on his quest for Super Pearls and step into a world where hidden treasures await in Big Max Super Pearls!

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About Expanding Wilds Games

Expanding Wilds is a casino game mechanic that is often found in online slot machines and video slot games. It is a variation of the traditional wild symbol, where wild symbols can expand to cover an entire reel or even the whole game board.

When a player hits an Expanding Wild symbol, it will expand to cover the entire reel, or in some cases, the whole game board, increasing the chances of hitting winning combinations. The expanded wild symbol can substitute for other symbols on the reels, and this feature can lead to multiple winning combinations in a single spin. Some games also have multipliers or other bonuses that are associated with the Expanding Wilds, making them even more valuable.

This game mechanic can be a great way to increase the chances of hitting winning combinations and adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. It is a popular feature in online slot games and has been used by many game providers. Some of the most popular slot games with Expanding Wilds feature are "Starburst" by NetEnt, "Pirates Plenty Megaways" by Red Tiger Gaming, "Helloween" by Play'n GO and "Wild Chapo" by Relax Gaming.