The Hot Gates tremble under the immense pressure of the million-strong Persian army advancing towards you. Leading them is Xerxes, a formidable figure who has vowed to bring ruin to you, your family, and your nation. You and your 300 comrades are the only barrier against his onslaught. A wall of shields stands tall, proudly bearing the Lambda symbol. Your symbol. The emblem of unity, freedom, and Greece.

Shields of Lambda is a breathtaking, 5-row, 5-reel cluster-pay game featuring a persistent Lambda Meter that activates the Unity feature, a Colossal Wild, and the Ferryman’s Free Spins round where the Unity feature comes with an increasing multiplier.

This game offers 5 rows and 5 reels with cluster-pay mechanics, tumbling reels, the Lambda Meter, the Unity Feature, Colossal Wilds, and the Ferryman’s Free Spins. Wild symbols substitute for all except Scatter symbols. Lambda symbols are randomly positioned on the reels, and if there are any wins, Lambda symbols beneath the winning symbols are removed and added to the meter. In the base game, landing 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the screen awards the Ferryman’s Free Spins. Each additional Scatter symbol grants 5 more free spins.

During Ferryman’s Free Spins, the Lambda Meter, Unity Feature, and Colossal Wild are active. The Unity Feature applies a progressive multiplier to wins, starting at x1 and increasing by one with each winning tumble, with no upper limit. If retriggered, the multiplier continues to increase without resetting.

In the event of a non-winning spin, the Colossal Wild might appear, placing a 2x2 wild symbol anywhere on the play area, and filling the Lambda Meter.

The persistent meter fills any time a Lambda symbol is involved in a win. In the base game, collecting 70 Lambda symbol wins fills the meter, while in Ferryman’s Free Spins, 20 Lambda symbol wins are needed. Once filled, the Unity Feature is triggered. The meter is persistent across bet levels and saved between sessions, with additional collected symbols carried over.

When the meter is filled, the Unity Feature begins. The screen fills with one random low symbol, wins are calculated, and tumbling reels add the next symbol in the hierarchy. This continues until no more wins occur.
Power of Gods™: Valhalla Extremely Light offers an exceptional 16-reel slot experience for players who enjoy diverse winning opportunities and the flexibility to set their own rules. The game boasts detailed graphics that prioritize essential entertainment features while minimizing unnecessary animations, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and portable gaming option.

The bonus round persists until the number of available re-spins is depleted or all reels are occupied with Bonus symbols, triggering the Grand Jackpot reward, which is worth 1000 times the player's bet.

Drawing a minimum of 6 Bonus symbols initiates the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game. If 3, 4, or 5 Bonus symbols appear, they remain on the reels for one spin. Bonus symbols yield payouts only at the conclusion of the Bonus Game.

During the Bonus Game, Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpot symbols may randomly appear, awarding their respective Jackpots. Players have the chance to win multiple Jackpots of the same type throughout the Bonus Game.
A heavy rumbling sound echoes across the prairie: the buffaloes are on their way! Get ready to witness the power of these majestic creatures and the tremendous payouts they can bring. They are massive, powerful, and heading straight towards you.

At any moment, the buffaloes might start a stampede, transforming symbols that pay as scatters for assured wins. During free games, the book mechanic blends with buffalo-style payouts: gamble the number of free games won, choose which symbol expands, and gather scatters to expand the reels to up to 5×7 with 50 paylines. Experience the overwhelming strength of this unstoppable natural force!
Delve deep beneath the surface to uncover the most exquisite diamonds in Diamond Miner DuoMax!

This slot game by Reflex Gaming immerses players in a gem mining adventure, boasting 243 win-ways, cascading reel wins, an exhilarating Free Spins feature with a progressive DuoMax win multiplier, and a TNT reel modifier that promises explosive excitement!

Appealing to both seasoned players and newcomers, the game's mathematical model and overall design offer a captivating experience with abundant feature activity and thrilling volatility.

Players have the option to purchase a Bonus to access Free Spins, which can also be gambled. Additionally, every four consecutive cascades trigger one of several enticing bonuses: Double Wild, Multiplier Boost, Wild Stack, or Extra Life.

At random intervals, the diamond miner character may appear with his TNT cart, detonating symbols on a reel to reveal a winning combination and kickstart a cascade.

Free Spins are triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 symbols, with additional symbols possibly appearing during cascades. Players can gamble their Free Spins for more opportunities. In Free Spins mode, only three consecutive cascades are needed to activate a bonus, and the DuoMax multiplier trails persist between wins, potentially leading to substantial multipliers.

The game features two win multiplier trails, one for left-to-right wins and one for right-to-left wins. Each cascade advances the corresponding trail, augmenting the win multiplier. During Free Spins, these multiplier trails remain intact between spins, offering the chance for significant win multipliers to accumulate.
Would you be willing to venture into the ancient Tomb of Ra and confront the fury of the gods of old? Those with enough courage might discover the treasure of a lifetime.

Watch out for Ra's faithful servants, the scarab beetles, who fiercely guard the tomb, ensuring no intruders enter. Yet, landing three of them on the spinning reels will unveil the tomb's secrets. Within, you'll encounter the elusive golden scarab wilds, which shift to new positions with every spin, enhancing your winnings.

But tread cautiously. As you gather more golden scarabs, Ra's power intensifies. He will endeavor to ensnare you within the tomb for additional spins, thwarting your escape. You can accumulate up to five golden scarabs, potentially multiplying your wins by 20x!

The Curse of Ra offers an exhilarating experience, transporting you to the heart of ancient Egypt, where peril and triumph await at every turn.
Explore the depths of Jungle Spirit Megaways™, where the enigmatic allure of the jungle will keep you captivated for more! Observe as symbols adorned with butterflies gracefully expand to cloak entire reels, both in the primary game and during Free Spins. Through the Butterfly Boost feature, anticipate the arrival of 2 to 3 butterflies alighting upon high-value symbols, ensuring victorious outcomes as they stretch across the reels.

Yet, the true thrill awaits within Free Spins, where you're presented with a choice of 5 distinct games, each showcasing its own lucrative symbol and varying quantities of free spins. Will you select the Tiger, Elephant, Bear, Crocodile, or Cobra Free Spins? Engage with the Free Spins Wheel for an opportunity to double your spins and amplify your winnings. Feeling daring? Leap straight into the excitement with the Buy Feature, unlocking Free Spins for 50 times the stake. Embrace the untamed essence of the jungle and let your spirit run wild with Jungle Spirit Megaways™!

In both the primary game and Free Spins mode, a high-value symbol forming part of a winning combination is randomly adorned with butterflies during the initial spin. Any symbol graced by a butterfly expands to envelop the entire reel.

The Butterfly Boost feature may trigger on any spin within the main game and during Free Spins. Between 2 to 3 butterflies might land on high-value symbols, expanding them to cover the entire reel and ensuring their inclusion in a winning combination.

Scatter symbols make appearances in the primary game on reels 1, 3, and 5, and can also manifest anywhere during Avalanches. Upon collecting 3 scatters, Free Spins are activated. At the commencement of Free Spins, players are presented with a choice of 5 Free Spins games. Each game features a distinct high-value symbol corresponding to the animal theme, appearing exclusively on the reels. Different games offer varying quantities of Free Spins. Games with fewer Free Spins pose higher risk but promise greater rewards.

Upon selecting a Free Spins game, players gain entry to the Free Spins Wheel, where they have the chance to double the number of free spins. Successfully accepting and winning on the Free Spins Wheel doubles the initial count of free spins. However, failure to win on the Free Spins Wheel results in the forfeiture of Free Spins, prompting a return to the primary game. Conversely, declining the Free Spins Wheel initiates Free Spins with the originally intended number of spins.
Another Truck!? Yet another shipment of riches (or bullion)! Another gang of deceitful criminals plotting theft, demise, and havoc!? Indeed! Cash Truck 3 Turbo emerges as the third edition in the Cash Truck series, taking a nostalgic leap back to an earlier era within this high-octane game. Positioned amidst the era of the Second Great War, witness the sinister Dr. Kriegsmann and his bandits evading colossal robots while engaging in combat with Maximillian “Max” Turbo, all in a bid to abscond with heaps of pilfered gold bullion.

Cash Truck 3 Turbo presents a 7-high, 5-reel gameplay with up to 16807 pathways, introducing Tumbling Reels, Second Chance, Big Wild, a multiplier-based Bonus Game, and an expanding play area with each triumph. Fresh inclusions comprise 3 Turbo features alongside an upgraded 40,000x maximum win potential.

Upon forming winning combinations, symbols are eliminated, making room for new symbols to descend and fill the vacancies. The tumbling action persists as long as fresh winning combinations emerge, with each tumble win augmenting the total win.

Each round within the base game commences with a play area consisting of five reels, each standing four symbols high, along with one securely locked segment, also four symbols high.

Any tumble generating a winning combination will expand the play area by revealing three randomly chosen positions within the locked segment, uncovering the symbol beneath. This expansion unfolds with each successive winning tumble.

Upon accumulating 3 or more Bonus Scatters during the base game, players unlock the Truck Raider Bonus game. Should there be an excess of 3 Bonus Scatters, the Truck Raider Bonus game initiates with an additional Expander symbol for each supplementary Bonus Scatter.

The bonus game launches with an allotment of 3 spins. With each spin, potential new special symbols may materialize, persisting throughout the duration of the Truck Raider bonus game. Should one or more new symbols land during a spin, the spin counter resets to 3. Otherwise, it decrements by 1. Upon the conclusion of the Truck Raider bonus game, players receive a reward comprising the cumulative value of all current symbols multiplied by the bet.
Enter a world of dystopian cyberpunk future, where cybernetic assassins thrive on cutting-edge technology and master the art of combat akin to samurais. Will you outmaneuver your rivals and claim a lucrative reward?

The Free Spins round commences with reels 2 and 4 filled with Wild symbols, along with an initial multiplier. These Wild Stacks gradually descend, filling the Multiplier Level gauge, unlocking ascending levels with multipliers ranging from XI, X3, x5, x10, x25, to x100. This multiplier is applicable to all wins accrued during the Free Spins feature.

Upon activating Free Spins, players have the option to risk their winnings for potentially greater rewards. The Gamble Wheel offers segments containing prizes exceeding the initial amount, segments with no prize, and Wild Stack segments. If the Gamble Wheel lands on a Base Game Wild Stack, the game resumes in the Base Game mode with 1-3 additional guaranteed Wild Stacks on the reels, depending on the prize obtained.

Wild Symbols serve as substitutes for all regular paying symbols except Scatter Symbols, Gamble Scatter Symbols, and Instant Prize Symbols. Landing 3 Wild Symbols awards a 1x multiplier, 4 Wild Symbols yield 5x, and 5 Wild Symbols grant 30x.

Wild Stacks consist of 4 Wild Symbols stacked together and can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 during the Base Game. In Free Spins mode, both Wild Symbols and Wild Stacks can land on any reel.

Instant Prizes are bet multipliers located on reels 1 and 5. On reel 1, they activate when Wilds concurrently land on reels 2 and 3. On reel 5, they activate when Wilds appear on reels 3 and 4. Instant Prizes pay out once per occurrence and range from 1x to 1000x.

Initiated by a Wild Stack landing on the reels, the Nudging Wilds Feature shifts the position of the Wild Stack incrementally until all Wild Symbols are cleared, while the remaining reels spin as usual.

Scatter Symbols exclusively appear on reel 1, whereas Gamble Scatters can only land on reel 5. Gamble Scatters trigger a feature that cycles through various Free Spin rewards, offering the possibility of obtaining multipliers such as xi, x3, x5, x10, and x25.
Descend to the ocean depths with Beware The Deep Megaways™

Explore the ocean depths where the height of every reel dynamically shifts in this Megaways™ installment. Spanning six reels with the potential for up to 117,649 winning combinations, players aim to align symbols like rum, bells, and treasure chests to secure wins. Whenever a winning combination forms, the symbols vanish, replaced by a fresh selection that could unveil additional prizes. A Wild shark stands ready to substitute for all base game symbols, enhancing players' chances of landing winning combinations.

To trigger one of the two bonuses, a minimum of four Scatters must be collected. In the free spins mode, players receive a predetermined number of free spins, while the multiplier mode grants a fixed multiplier. Before initiating the bonus round, players have the option to gamble to potentially increase the number of spins or the starting multiplier.
Unleash the ancient force of the runic artisans! Venture into an enigmatic domain nestled within a shadowy woodland governed by THE RUNIC ARTISANS. Engage with the potency of DOUBLEMAX™, an enthralling attribute that bestows doubled multipliers with each triumph, promising boundless possibilities! Post every victory, adventurers may unearth the enchantment of enigmatic ARCANE SIGILS, paving the path to unforeseen riches.

Yet, the odyssey truly commences with THE RUNIC ARTISANS FREE SPINS – procure 3 scatter symbols to unlock 7 Free Spins, where the DOUBLEMAX multiplier remains constant. Are you prepared to wield the ancient force of the runes on this mystical odyssey? Join the quest today and unravel the mysteries of the woodland in a game set to enthrall and captivate its players!

Acquiring 3 bonus scatters triggers 7 free spins where the DOUBLEMAX multiplier remains unchanged. Upon entering Free Spins, players can opt for the standard DoubleMax all-or-nothing gamble for additional Free Spins, up to a total of 11.

After a successful spin, MYSTIC SYMBOLS may descend and all disclose the same symbol, triggering spectacular cluster formations!
Enter the serene depths of the forest and submerge yourself in the realm of Panda Money!

Every win initiates the dynamic Prize Builder, a mesmerizing feature that gracefully removes non-winning symbols, clearing the path for new symbols that bring forth grand rewards. Set forth on an exciting journey of exploration as you unveil the entrance to Free Spins, accompanied by an ever-expanding Free Spins Win Multiplier. The excitement of the Prize Builder persists throughout the Free Spins, offering glimpses of Bamboo symbols that emerge when unsuccessful symbols are cleared from the reels. Utilize the influence of Bamboo symbols to satisfy your panda's cravings, with each set of 5 delectable Bamboo treats increasing the Win Multiplier by one.

Amaze yourself with the Panda Money pandemonium! With 15,625 pathways to victory, each triumph triggers the dynamic Prize Builder, a feature that elegantly removes unproductive symbols, making room for new symbols that bring extraordinary rewards. Embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery as you enter the Free Spins, and employ the strength of Bamboo symbols to fulfill your panda's desire to continuously enhance the Free Spins Win Multiplier. Dive straight into a frenzy of bamboo feasting with Bonus Buy or convert your significant victories into Free Spins with Win Exchange™.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the forest, where every triumph initiates a cascade of victorious symbols descending to the bottom while all other symbols seamlessly transform into new symbols before the win is bestowed. Should luck smile upon the Extra Reel, its victorious symbols cascade gracefully into the reels below, potentially increasing the number of symbols on the reels. Witness the enchantment unfold as improved victories trigger another round of Prize Build, capturing the enchantment of the forest for truly magnificent victories!

Discover 3 or more golden panda Scatters to unlock 8 Free Spins, with an additional 2 spins for each Scatter beyond the third. As the pandemonium of the Prize Builder unfolds, keep watch for the emergence of Bamboo symbols amid the symbol shifts. The Free Spins Win Multiplier commences at x1, growing as you generously feed the panda 5 delightful Bamboo symbols, increasing the multiplier by 1 with each feeding!

Utilize Win Exchange™ to transform your significant victories into Free Spins! Whenever you achieve a victory between 25 and 100 times your stake, you have the opportunity to exchange the entire victory for the chance to receive 8 Free Spins. The likelihood of winning the gamble is displayed in green on a wheel. Whenever you achieve a win of 100 times your stake or more, you have the option to exchange 100 times your stake for 8 Free Spins.
Step into the wild expanse of the Rocky Mountains, where the magnificent moose holds dominion in an exhilarating Megaways™ slot game crafted by our collaborative partner, Pixiu Gaming. Prepare for a distinctive Canadian journey with this exceptional 7-reel video slot boasting 117,649 ways to win.

Anticipate an unbridled, adrenaline-pumping escapade teeming with free spins, jackpots, and bonus rounds. Beware, as the wilderness isn't the only thing untamed—your victories are bound to be as wild as the majestic moose itself!
Prepare to reel in another big one – an even more significant Nice Catch!

Amidst this frenzied fishing escapade, the DoubleMax multiplier makes a comeback beneath the waves, resembling the boundless ocean with its capacity to extend and unleash limitless multipliers in the Free Spins mode!

The amiable angler is all set for another maritime adventure, eagerly partaking in the excitement to accumulate some cash. Additional bonus rounds abound as the reels twirl, so let's dive in with the friendly critters!

When the Diverwoman lands on reel 6 with any chest symbols in sight, the Hold and Spin Bonus is triggered. This bonus unfolds with 3 spins, and any chest symbol resets the spins to 3. A full reel of Chest symbols activates the multiplier. The Diverwoman can appear anywhere on the screen, doubling the multiplier and resetting the spins.

To participate: Land 3+ Bonus Symbols to initiate Free Spins! 3 Bonus Symbols - 8 Free Spins, 4 Bonus Symbols – 11 Free Spins, 5 Bonus Symbols – 14 Free Spins. Any appearance of a Fisherman or Diverwoman in Free Spins grants +1 Spin and instantly doubles the multiplier prizes for the entire Free Spins duration. Bonus symbols are eliminated from the reels during Free Spins. Additionally, Hold and Spin can be triggered from Free Spins.
Commence an interplanetary exploration with Cosmic Rush!

Explore the wonders of the universe while spinning reels adorned with cosmic cash symbols. Here's the cosmic twist – land these elusive symbols with a collector on either reel 1 or 6, or both, and witness your winnings soar as they're promptly collected! As you traverse the star-studded reels, keep a watchful eye on the Rush Meter. Each uncaptured cosmic cash symbol contributes to this thrilling meter, bringing you closer to a cosmic Multiplier Boost that will propel your winnings into the cosmic stratosphere!

Achieve the landing of 3 or more scatters, and the universe unveils two captivating Free Spins Bonus Rounds that will leave you starstruck!

But that's not all – when the stars align in your favor, the Dream Drop Bonus wheel may spontaneously activate on any base game spin! This wheel is divided into 5 sectors, each harboring its own alluring jackpot. The first sector to be entirely filled with segments will grant the jackpot and send shockwaves through the cosmos! Get ready for a celestial adventure with Cosmic Rush!
Get a glimpse of Santa's world and experience Christmas from his point of view with our newest release - Santa's Puzzle! Join Santa Claus as he sifts through a trove of heartwarming letters and delightful drawings from his multitude of devoted fans. The dynamic interplay between our spirited Santa and his supporters infuses an exhilarating dimension into the festivities, promising an extraordinary and gratifying gaming experience!

Santa’s Puzzle unfolds across a 5-reel, 4-row festive slot adorned with 50 paylines, promising a captivating gameplay where Wilds ingeniously stand in for all symbols, excluding the Bonus symbol. Unfurl your tinsel and initiate the revelry, for the pièce de résistance of Santa's Puzzle lies in its distinctive Puzzle Bonus Game, triggered by the appearance of 4 Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5.

Upon activation, the screen metamorphoses into a 5x4 blank puzzle grid. Players are granted 3 attempts to secure a puzzle piece and prolong the feature. As each puzzle piece aligns and locks into place, a fragment of the image is revealed, and the attempt count resets to 3. Each vacant puzzle slot boasts a unique multiplier, bestowed upon completion of the corresponding position. What's more, these multipliers escalate to a staggering x16, elevating the potential winnings! The triggering Bonus symbols seamlessly migrate to their designated spots on the Bonus Game grid, uncovering segments of the image embedded in these locations.
Explore the fish-filled treasures of the frozen tundra that lie in wait! Embark on a thrilling Arctic fishing experience like never before with Arctic Catch!

Against the enchanting northern lights, this game immerses you in the exhilaration of the frozen wilderness. Feel the thrill of Catch of the Day, where distinctive symbols with multipliers amplify your victories.

Gather symbols of Fishy Cash and witness the multiplication of your fortunes! Prepare for Frostbite Free Spins, where each spin brings the potential for chilly triumphs. Join the expedition now and capture substantial victories in this icy wonderland!
Embark on a mesmerizing expedition with The Secret of Anubis DoubleMax™ Adventure, guiding players through the mysteries of ancient Egypt. This immersive slot game delivers breathtaking visuals and centers around Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Afterlife. The fusion of complimentary spins and the groundbreaking DoubleMax™ GEM introduces a truly thrilling gaming encounter.

The game's potential is limitless! Fueled by its distinctive 'pop and drop' mechanism, triggering cascades of triumphs, and featuring a multiplier that doubles with each drop. During Free Spins, the win multiplier lingers between winning sequences, intensifying the thrill for players.

The timeless Egyptian theme holds a universal allure, captivating players from around the globe in an exhilarating journey through the secrets guarded by Anubis.
Bonanza, the globally acclaimed creation from Big Time Gaming, has undergone a stunning transformation in the thrilling world of Bonanza Falls!

Featuring the iconic Megaways™ mechanic, it opens up an astounding 117,649 ways to win, providing an unmatched gaming adventure. Brace yourself for the pinnacle of excitement during Free Spins, where Bonanza Falls introduces its groundbreaking Megadozer™ mechanic. Witness the anticipation as gold Bonus Coins gather in the dozer, ready to cascade onto the reels, revealing their extraordinary surprises.

What mysteries do these Bonus Coins conceal? Unveil Wilds enhanced with multipliers reaching up to x5, observe repeating symbols adding to the reels, creating individual symbol multipliers of up to x10. Enjoy additional Free Spins, or marvel as the Free Spins win multiplier skyrockets to unprecedented levels!

Immerse yourself in Win Exchange™, a feature where substantial wins can evolve into even more Free Spins, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of action. With the Bonus Buy option, plunge straight into the heart-pounding Free Spins action, bypassing the wait and unlocking limitless possibilities. Fall into the zenith of gaming excitement with Bonanza Falls and its revolutionary Coin Dozer!
Santa's reindeer are tirelessly laboring, creating magic with every twirl and reaction to bring the spirit of Christmas to life. Uncover the delights left by Santa himself, with captivating Gifts Bonus Prizes materializing after each reaction. Witness the dedicated reindeer gathering your prizes, loading each Sleigh for the season of generosity! And if you've secured a spot on Santa's nice list this year, anticipate the possibility of receiving a Golden Sleigh adorned with a dazzling x10 multiplier.

Come Christmas Eve, attune your ears to the soft rhythm of reindeer hooves on rooftops, announcing the advent of Free Spins and a plethora of Sleighs! The inaugural Sleigh takes flight, bearing a x1 Sleigh Multiplier, and with each subsequent Sleigh, the multiplier escalates, marking the commencement of festive celebrations! Experience the Christmas spirit as each Sleigh multiplies your Gifts Bonus Prizes.

Let the snowfall commence as Win Exchange converts your significant wins into Free Spins for the most enchanting time of the year! Embrace the genuine essence of the season with Bonus Buy, where Free Spins await, wrapped in a large red bow, poised to unleash the full grandeur of holiday merriment!
Santa Claus gathered his Hard Rock Band and received rave reviews from all the elves. So, post-Christmas Eve, when the presents were all delivered, they indulged in a massive Hard Rock concert to unwind!

The MultiMax multipliers are in town for a special holiday offer, unlocking the potential to elevate the Christmas spirit... and they keep escalating during Free Spins! Picture them as your personal helpers, enhancing your gift and amplifying its greatness with each spin! Additionally, wilds appearing after every win further enhance the rewards in Santa’s lively workshop.

Discover your inner enchantment and leave the rest to Rockstar Santa!

Upon triggering Free Spins, players have the choice to risk it for more spins or settle for the current amount and commence the Free Spin session. After successfully increasing the spins through gambling, players can choose to gamble again or initiate the session. However, failing the gamble results in the loss of the entire Free Spins session.

Achieving 3 Free Spin symbols grants 7 Free Spins, while landing 4 awards 9 Free Spins, and 5 symbols grant 11 Free Spins. Notably, multipliers persist throughout the Free Spins session without resetting between spins, maintaining the excitement at the same bet level as the initial spin.
Embark on a journey beneath the surface of the animal kingdom, far removed from the tranquil bamboo forests, and get ready to encounter the most formidable panda in town! Venture downtown to the shady side of the city and acquaint yourself with Boss Bear – a character of dubious reputation and his equally shadowy sidekicks who scoff at being labeled as cute; they're wholly committed to striking it big. Navigate through a barrage of knives, guns, and shurikens to secure the coveted Panda Symbols, uncovering the potential loot concealed behind the enigmatic Reveal Symbols.

The Golden Reveal Symbols hold a treasure trove of coins and beloved features, propelling your winnings to new heights. Step into the preferred haunt of every gangster, a renowned restaurant, for the Free Spins Bonus Game, where a downpour of coins ensues, and fortunes become the stuff of legends!
Rise above the world's challenges and immerse yourself in the Sanctuary of extraordinary rewards and thrilling gameplay! Open the door to a realm of boundless possibilities and unimaginable wealth, empowered by the might of Full Reel Wilds. The luminous brilliance of the Purple Wild brings vitality to the reels, commanding an impressive x8 multiplier that will keep the flame of excitement burning brightly in your eyes.

An enticing adventure awaits with the Free Spins Gamble, poised to work its enchantment and elevate you to extraordinary heights. Embrace the journey as the allure of multiple video slots captures your senses in an unprecedented manner! Be prepared to be entranced as up to 4 video slots, each featuring an astonishing 4,096 ways to win, come alive in a symphony of spinning reels and endless thrills. Witness the mystical metamorphosis as the Ankh symbols unveil their true potency, transforming into Sticky Wilds that grace identical positions across every Free Spins video slot.

Behold the marvel of Win Exchange™, where significant wins become a portal to additional Free Spins, ensuring that the momentum never falters. For those yearning for instant gratification, bask in the brilliance of Bonus Buy, granting you direct entry to the heart-pounding action of Free Spins.
Step into the legendary shoes of Viking King Erik Haraldsson, renowned far and wide as Erik Bloodaxe, feared for the relentless fury of his axe. Traverse the frosty realms of northern Norway, determined to claim what is rightfully yours. Arm yourself with formidable weapons, and let the resounding strokes of your winning axe conquer everything in your path. Tap into the formidable spirits of Odin, Thor, Frigg, and Freyja as you seek ultimate glory, plundering the riches of snow-clad Nordic villages.

When wilds grace the reels, witness your axe skillfully thrown at the target above, ensuring your aim stays true. Accumulate respins and expanding wilds on the reel for an even more triumphant conquest.

Amass greater wealth by collecting free spin scatter symbols, unlocking a path to even grander victories. Choose your destiny with the Game and Fortune features, utilizing Game and Fortune coins that can be spent across all Four Leaf games. Explore enticing features such as Bonus Booster, Fortune Maker, Bonus Replay, and Super Spinner, enhancing your journey to riches and glory.
Enter the lively realm of Rooster Mobs™, where mischief and mayhem are the order of the day. The excitement reaches new heights when the three distinct Reel Modifiers come into play, each revealing its own heart-pounding bonus game.

So, puff up your tail feathers and brace yourself for a barnstorming adventure like no other!
Gobble up the excitement in More Turkey! Fall into a world of holiday magic with Big Time Gaming’s iconic Megaways™ offering up to 117,649 ways to win! More Turkey is pumpkin spice and everything nice with an Extra Reel for the ultimate feast mode even in the base game!

Golden roast Scatters will leave you feeling thankful as you enter the Free Spins Gamble with the chance to win up to 24 Free Spins. Feast on explosive action in the Free Spins with an unlimited win multiplier that will keep you stuffed with excitement!

Keep the Free Spins gobbling when you reveal 3 or more roasted Scatters. Thanksgiving thrills await in this fully stuffed slot with the inclusion of Bonus Buy to get you straight into the Free Spins, easy as pie!
Welcome to Lotus Warrior, a fast action oriental style game with high end graphics, multiple free spins features and a variety of gaming options. The base game features a unique expanding wild mechanic where the lantern wild symbols rise and turn symbols above in to wilds.

To trigger the free spins features you must collect 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols anywhere in view. Each number of collected bonus symbols awards a different set of free spins with different mechanics. With the bonus gambler you can gamble between the free spins features available for higher returns. Featurnig an ante bet which doubles the feature frequency and multiple buy a bonus options there are plenty of ways to win big with Lotus Warrior.
Discover your happily ever after concealed amidst the forests of Big Time Gaming’s freshest creation, Wild Unicorns!

This slot, with 4,096 potential winning combinations, contains just the perfect touch of fairy dust to animate your fantasies! Graceful unicorns traverse the reels, introducing the wonder of Wilds and Multiplier Wilds for an absolutely mesmerizing gameplay! Immerse yourself in genuine fairytale enchantment with Multiplier Wilds capable of reaching up to a staggering x10 multiplier!
Within the serene woodlands lies an enchanting castle that transports you to Free Spins, where unicorns reign supreme and an infinite Win Multiplier awaits. For those eager to dive straight into the enchantment, Bonus Buy will whisk you to the core of the magic! Wild Unicorns features Win Exchange™, allowing you to sprinkle a touch of magic over your significant wins and transform them into Free Spins.
Join the rhythm and heat up your spins with Hot Chilli Fest™! This game is a tribute to Mexican dancing culture, featuring lively characters, Roaming Wilds and spicy features. Roaming Wilds take centre stage with multipliers from 2x to 5x.

Get ready for an even hotter celebration when landing 3 Bonus symbols. Feel the rhythm and dance your way to big rewards in Hot Chilli Fest™!
The next addition to our 'Blazin Hot 7's' family of games with Free Spins, Goliath symbols, and a Min Win meter. During Free Spins the Min Win Feature is activated and becomes equal to the current stake. On each Free Spin, players are guaranteed to win a minimum of the bet value.

If a reel win is obtained which exceeds the stake, the minimum win value will be set to the highest reel win achieved so far.
Scale the summit and bring home big wins in Goat Getter!

It's time to join the herd and scale the summit in search of prizes! Smash Mystery Boxes, discover lucrative Coin Pots and secure Bonus Symbols to meet the Goats on top of the mountain in the Free Spins Feature!
Step back in time to the days of the Roman Empire where emperors ruled with an iron fist and Caesar’s glory was celebrated in the streets of Rome! In Roamin’ Romans UltraNudge you too can pay tribute to Caesar and his glittering achievements.

Spin the reels and maybe the great man will grace you with his presence and bestow the honour of his favour! Hail Caesar!
Experience 30 years of Hugo in one slot! Hugo Legacy is the newest instalment in Play’n GO’s revered Hugo series. Bringing back familiar faces from previous slots such as Jean Paul and Don Croco, this title is a fun-filled love letter to the Hugo franchise. Pitting Hugo against the forces of evil once more, he needs your help to save the day.

Your goal is to clear the grid of Dynamite, Legacy Cap, Gold, Key, Diamond, or Character symbols to achieve a standard win. It's important to keep an eye on the Overcharge Meter, which can be filled to unlock powerful bonuses.
Enter the torii gates and channel your fighting spirit as you journey to Japan’s dark underbelly for a feud of good and evil. Climb on the Multiplier Ladder, which increases one step after every win, and team up with the samurai or oni for the battle of the century.

Special stone blocks may land on the reels, containing multiplier boosters and spin savers to aid in your battle. 3 Free Spin combat zones are presented before you when 3 Bonus symbols land, choose wisely as each brings its peaks and pits. Stone blocks with multipliers, spin savers, and additional free spins are your destiny, but are you ready to face your fate?

Warriors, unsheathe your swords, it’s time to tumble.
Set off on an intergalactic adventure with Rocket Blast Megaways™ for an exhilarating voyage through space.

Encounter aliens and vibrant gems across six dynamic reels, complemented by Wilds that can stand in for all symbols except Scatters, present on every reel except the first. Whenever four or more Scatters land on any spin, they initiate the free spins round.

Experience the cascade feature, where winning combinations vanish from sight, allowing the remaining symbols to cascade downwards, filling empty spaces with fresh ones. Additionally, a unique rocket feature emerges, converting symbols it lands on into Wilds. These Wilds remain fixed on the reels, descending one position after each cascade, while new Wilds are added to the top, heightening the excitement and boosting the slot's winning potential.
Step into the epic medieval journey of Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox™, where players must navigate through a plethora of features to uncover the ultimate winning combination!

Upon initiation of the ancient Free Spins mode, an innovative twist awaits, granting players a Wild High, a x2 Multiplier, Expanded Reels, an Extra Wild, High Stacks, or even more Free Spins!

The GigaBlox mechanic transcends eras, as ancient blocks can materialize, presenting symbols as large as 6x6! With the option of a Golden Bet or Buy Bonus, players can expedite their journey into Free Spins. Fortuitous adventurers might stumble upon a treasure chest, yielding either a cash prize or additional Free Spins.

Prepare for an unparalleled medieval odyssey!

Upon triggering Free Spins, players gain access to extra features that remain active throughout the entire session. These may include Wild High, X2 multiplier, Expanded Reels, Extra Wild, High Stacks, or Extra Free Spins – granting 1-5 additional spins.

During the Free Spin Session, players have the opportunity to gamble for more Free Spin Features, up to a maximum of 8. The number of Free Spins awarded in this mode corresponds to the number of Free Spin symbols present on the triggering reels. All extra features remain active for the duration of the Free Spin session.

Trigger Free Spins by landing 5 or more Free Spin symbols on the reels. The number of Free Spins granted matches the quantity of Free Spin symbols present during the triggering spin.

GigaBlox symbols are oversized symbols appearing on the reels, functioning as individual symbols in formations ranging from 2x2 to 4x4 during the base game, and expanding to 6x6 during Free Spins. These symbols, which include Wilds, Treasure Chests, and Free Spin symbols, are guaranteed to land on every spin.
Diamond Mine 2 is the next installment of this Diamond digging classic. With up to 117,649 pay lines, cascading wins and 2 Free Spins games. Also, watch out for the TNT barrel which can reveal any other symbol for even more ways to find your fortune! Featuring the Megaways™ mechanic.

3 or more scatter symbols triggers free spins. The player can choose to play one of 2 Free Spins rounds. Featuring unlimited increasing multiplier on every win! Free Spins are unlimited until the Minimum Multiplier is reached.
Rise and shine, todays the day for a magical adventure. Anything’s possible thanks to the power of Andvari the Wizard and his magic ring. Dragons, dwarves, demons, and who knows what else lies ahead, but fear not you aren’t going to face fantastical magic forces all on your own!

Andvari is the most powerful wizard in all the land, and he’s happy to aid you on your journey. Andvari’s power is further amplified by his incredible magic ring, with him by your side there are no obstacles you can’t overcome. What is it you’re searching for eager traveler? An enchanted sword, a wish granting chalice, or perhaps it’s mountains of gold and coins piled up sky high! Luck is on your side, and so too is Andvari the Wizard, so the odds are in your favor.

Cross mountains and find hidden treasures concealed behind waterfalls and in mystical caves, see where your journey will take you. Comb out your beard and grab your adventuring hat and wizard staff, Andvari is waiting and adventure is calling! Play Andvari: The Magic Ring now, and see what kind of treasures you might find.
Fast Fruits DoubleMax is a fruit-themed video slot game with a classic look. The game features warm and inviting sounds and graphics. It has a very high win potential. The combination of free spins and Yggdrasil’s DoubleMax GEM makes this a very exciting slot game.

The game is full of potential, with its ‘pop and drop’ mechanic creating cascades of wins, and a multiplier doubling with every drop. During Free Spins, the win multiplier persists between winning sequences, giving players even more excitement.

As the game rides the current wave of high volatility games, it will appeal to core players seeking big returns. The classic fruit slot theme has also proven popular with players everywhere.
Tap into the mystical forces of nature with Power of Merlin Megaways™.

Returning is the beloved Tumble feature, where winning symbols vanish from the reels, making way for new magical-themed symbols until no more wins occur. A blazing Wild can appear on any spin, accompanied by an electrifying Lightning Bolt feature, which substitutes random symbols with additional Wilds, paving the way for substantial rewards!

Trigger the Free Spins bonus round by landing four or more Scatters. Before the round commences, you have the option to gamble for extra free spins or to collect immediately and initiate the round. During the gamble, a wheel spins, stopping on either a win or lose position. A win increases the free spins by 4, while a loss forfeits all free spins, concluding the round.

The FREE SPINS round begins upon collecting the free spins or directly transitioning from the base game. It kicks off with a 1x win multiplier, which escalates by 1x with each tumble throughout the feature. After each tumble, the total win for that tumble is multiplied by the current win multiplier.

To extend the excitement, land 3 SCATTER symbols during the round to earn an additional 4 free spins.
Dare to descend deeper than ever before... Dive into a new adventure with more chances to uncover hidden treasures and trigger exciting features in Razor Returns! With reimagined classic mechanics and exciting new additions, this is Razor Shark like you ve never seen before.

Torpedo Scatter Symbols can take you further into the depths, submerged with Mystery Symbols that can reveal explosive prizes! Are you ready to dive back into the Big Blue and uncover even greater riches in Razor Returns?
Set off an your expidtion from base camp and climb the summit by expanding the reels with every cascading win. Players will have to battle the elements with Avalanche Wilds cascading down the reels and multiplying wins as they fall. Climbing wilds can land on any spin to accelerate your way to the summit and trigger free spins. During these hazardous conditions, wild blizzards will cause Avalanche Wilds which land on every spin with increasing multipliers that accumulate throughout the feature.

Players can utilise their favourite Game & Fortune features including Super Spinner, Nitro Spins, Bonus Booster and Fortune Maker to tackle the mountain and create wins to elevate their pulse.
When two proven player favourite mechanics combine, the result is one seriously wild ride and the ultimate slot game experience! With Ultranudge, all reels pay and keep nudging, delivering win after win, and now in our latest release, the addition of Yggdrasil’s Gigablox ramps this up to whole new levels of excitement and potential! So come on, spin those reels and feel the rush with JOKRZ WILD ULTRANUDGE GIGABLOX!

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