Experience the remarkable journey of Zeus as he unveils a multitude of features, creating an odyssey that players will forever remember. Behold the awe-inspiring Magnificent Power Zeus™!

As Zeus advances through his quest, not only does his power intensify, but the player's chances of victory also rise. Zeus strategically gathers coins on the screen, enhancing his capabilities from a complete reel Wild to a dynamic Random Multiplier Wild.

The continuous collection of coins becomes pivotal, enabling Zeus to unlock the 6th reel for amplified wins, along with access to Free Spins and an escalating Free Spins Multiplier. At any point in this odyssey, if Zeus manifests without a win, he has the ability to craft one!

Once Zeus attains ultimate power, gather Free Spins Multipliers for a truly epic Free Spins encounter. Upon receiving the Free Spins reward, the count of free spins may unpredictably surge, granting up to a remarkable 20 spins! Furthermore, Zeus has the potential to elevate the Free Spins Multiplier to an impressive 15X. Witness Zeus at the pinnacle of his strength during Free Spins, as he traverses the reels, appending an additional 5X Multiplier to the triumphs. Epic victories rest in the hands of Magnificent Power Zeus™ – the embodiment of unparalleled strength!
Welcome to Snow Giants, where the chill meets the thrill in a slot game that'll have you shouting from the mountain tops! Brace yourself for an icy adventure through the realms of Scandinavian mythology that puts the 'cool' in casino gaming.

Picture this: majestic snow-capped mountains, the mystical Northern Lights dancing above, and larger-than-life characters straight out of Norse legends – envision Thor flexing his muscles, Odin with his all-knowing gaze, and Ragnarok looming on the horizon. It's a mythological feast that even the gods themselves would take a spin at!

But hold on – this isn't your average slot game; it's a frosty fiesta where winning meets the whimsy of the gods. Snow Giants isn't just about spinning reels; it's about embracing the thrill of risk and the rush of winning. Feel the adrenaline surge as you match symbols amidst the thunderous claps of Thor's hammer and Odin's wise nods.

And let's talk about winning – we're not just talking about coins here; we're talking about a victory fit for Valhalla! With every spin, there's that tingling anticipation, that exhilarating feeling when the reels align, and the jackpot bellows like the mighty roar of Fenrir.

Are you ready to experience the mythological feast and embrace the thrill of Snow Giants? Spin the reels, match the symbols, and revel in the rush of winning in a slot game that brings the Norse legends to life with a frosty twist!
Get ready for a divine experience in Zeus Rising, where your luck can turn in an instant! Free spins are the name of the game, and with every bonus symbol landed, the gods may favor you with a random number of free spins, reaching an incredible 45 if fortune smiles upon you.

Once in the Bonus game, wilds take center stage with random multipliers that keep things exciting as they move between spins. The unpredictable nature of these multipliers adds an extra layer of thrill to each spin, promising the potential for remarkable wins. Keep an eye on the lightning meter, as it has the power to strike up to 5000x your stake with every electrifying spin, offering the chance for truly divine rewards.

Zeus Rising combines the excitement of random free spins, dynamic wild multipliers, and the electrifying lightning meter to create a gaming experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Will the gods smile upon you, granting you a plethora of free spins and multipliers, or will the lightning meter strike with a massive win? Spin the reels and discover the divine surprises that await in Zeus Rising!
Step into the legendary shoes of Viking King Erik Haraldsson, renowned far and wide as Erik Bloodaxe, feared for the relentless fury of his axe. Traverse the frosty realms of northern Norway, determined to claim what is rightfully yours. Arm yourself with formidable weapons, and let the resounding strokes of your winning axe conquer everything in your path. Tap into the formidable spirits of Odin, Thor, Frigg, and Freyja as you seek ultimate glory, plundering the riches of snow-clad Nordic villages.

When wilds grace the reels, witness your axe skillfully thrown at the target above, ensuring your aim stays true. Accumulate respins and expanding wilds on the reel for an even more triumphant conquest.

Amass greater wealth by collecting free spin scatter symbols, unlocking a path to even grander victories. Choose your destiny with the Game and Fortune features, utilizing Game and Fortune coins that can be spent across all Four Leaf games. Explore enticing features such as Bonus Booster, Fortune Maker, Bonus Replay, and Super Spinner, enhancing your journey to riches and glory.
Embark on a quest for boundless wealth in CASH OF GODS! Traverse the realms of ancient Greece, where mighty Gods beckon you toward colossal fortunes in this high-volatility 5x4 slot machine.

Participate in the Bonus Game, witness the alignment of the heavens, and allow the Gods to enhance your winning potential with unique features. Seize the opportunity to claim up to a 5000x bet payout as you unravel the mysteries of divine prosperity in CASH OF GODS!
Embrace the power of the storm and become the god of thunder in 21Thor Lightning Ways, the thrilling slot from 4ThePlayer that seamlessly combines the excitement of 3,125 ways with the striking force of Lightning Ways on top!

With every spin, at least 1 Lightning Way courses across the reels, capable of creating line wins of up to 5 of a kind. Witness the magic as a win along a Lightning Way with any symbol triggers a multiplier, offering the potential for massive prizes!

Thor himself takes center stage in the Lightning Strike feature, where he can create new Lightning Ways and amplify win multipliers at any moment. Will he conjure multiple Lightning Ways before the reels cease spinning, or enhance an existing win for an electrifying reward?

Feel the power surge in Thunder Free Spins, where the storm intensifies, illuminating more Lightning Ways as the bonus unfolds. Not only that, but Lightning Way wins during this feature increase the multiplier for that Lightning Way on all subsequent spins!
Experience the electrifying Zeus Smash, a captivating game immersing you in the heart of the ancient Greek pantheon. With each mighty smash, Zeus harnesses energy in his hand, anticipating the opportune moment to unleash his power.

If fortune favors you, behold a lightning bolt soaring towards one of the prize sectors. The intensity peaks when Zeus strikes the FRENZY sector, launching a barrage of lightning bolts that payout for each cash prize hit.

Zeus Smash transcends the conventions of traditional slot games; it offers a distinctive encounter fusing high-speed gameplay with the formidable allure of Greek mythology. Join Zeus on his pursuit of wealth and test your mettle to emerge triumphant in this unparalleled gaming experience!
Embark on a quest in Infinity Dragon Studios' Gods & Pyramids Power ComboTM, an Egyptian-themed slot. This high-volatility game offers 5 reels and 4 rows. Three Free Spins features can merge by collecting different-colored Scatters.

Get 5 Free Spins with Wild BoostTM by landing a Blue Scatter! Wild stacks grow each spin, and landing Blue Scatter adds 1 or 2 extra Free Spins. Find the Red Scatter for 5 Free Spins with Instant Collect! Reels 2-5 hold Cash and Bonus prizes. Collect symbol on reel 1 grabs all prizes instantly.

Encounter the Purple Scatter for 5 Free Spins with a Increasing Multiplier, reaching up to 20x. Purple Scatter during feature adds 1 or 2 Free Spins. Seek the gods' favor and uncover pyramid treasures!
Experience the exhilarating might of the Norse God Thor in the mesmerizing slot game, AREA CASHTM Thor! Immerse yourself in the realm of thunderous storms and dazzling lightning as you set your sights on locked prizes, liberating them with the colossal force of Thor’s Wild Hammer. Unleash divine power and brace yourself for monumental wins as you journey into the mythical realm of Asgard, where the powerful Thor stands ready to lead you to immense wealth and thrilling gameplay!

Prepare to feel the hammer of fortune as Prize Coin symbols land on the reels. When the Wild symbol strikes the center reel and at least one Prize Coin symbol is in view, get ready for the awe-inspiring AREA CASHTM feature! The locks on the Prize Coin symbols shatter open, showering you with heavenly rewards. But that's not all – if the Wild symbol comes with a multiplier, it electrifies all cash prizes and jackpots won during the feature.

And keep an eye out for the Free Spin Prize Coin symbols too; they can unleash the power of Free Spins during the AREA CASHTM feature, propelling you towards even grander victories fit for a god!
Zeus and Poseidon battle for domination of Mount Olympus and its reels in Iron Dog Studio's Gods of Olympus!

This thrilling slot features a dynamic versus system, where landing multiple God Symbols not only triggers an expansion, but also a mighty battle between the Gods, with the victor awarding a stake multiplier.

During Freespins, players only need to land one God Symbol to trigger a battle, with the resulting multiplier persisting cumulatively on that reel for the rest of Freespins, setting up some potentially massive wins!
Electrifying gameplay takes you on a battle for supremacy as you come face to face with the mighty Zeus. Harness the power of lightning for instant wins and unique collection features that open the gates to Olympus in the Bonus Round. Up in the clouds, the storm reaches a frenzy, with frequent lightning bolts and a fixed symbol that brings showers of cash prizes.

The adventure intensifies in the Super Bonus Round, where your godly status awaits. 10 Super Free Spins are triggered when landing a Super Bonus symbol amongst Bonuses in the Base Game kicking up a storm of cash prizes. This round brings even more divine rewards with a win guarantee feature.

Seize destiny by the reins, etch your name amongst the legends of Olympus.
Embark on an unforgettable odyssey in the mythical realm of Amazing Link Zeus Epic 4TM! Prepare to be swept away on a thrilling adventure that transports you to the majestic domain of the Greek god Zeus. Brace yourself for an adrenaline- fueled quest as you unlock hidden treasures and pursue boundless riches across the sprawling expanse of four magnificent reel sets. With each spin, the Amazing symbols beckon, their divine allure promising untold wonders.

Awe- inspiring power surges through your veins as you gather six or more Amazing symbols on a single reel set, invoking the Amazing LinkTM feature. Hear the thunderous applause of the gods as the locked reel sets stir from their slumber, unveiling their secrets. Respins are bestowed upon you, and every captured Amazing symbol blazes with divine energy, held in both locked and unlocked reels, a testament to your destined greatness.

But the true spirit of adventure lies in your relentless pursuit of unlocking even greater marvels. Navigate the treacherous path to prosperity by seeking additional Amazing symbols in the unlocked reel sets. With each triumphant discovery, the realm expands before you, revealing untapped riches and unfathomable possibilities.
Embark on an exhilarating journey through the mythical realm of Capsule Treasure Thor's Strike! This riveting video slot game, brought to you by Samurai Studio, part of the SwinttStudios series, will transport you to the heart of Norse mythology, where gods and legends collide.

Prepare to be captivated by the immersive world of Capsule Treasure Thor's Strike, as the reels come alive with symbols representing the iconic elements of Norse folklore, you'll feel the power of Thor's Hammer, and come face-to-face with the enigmatic Loki's Snake. Hold on tight as the Cascading Feature takes centre stage! With every winning combination, the symbols involved vanish into thin air, making way for new symbols to cascade down from above. But the true pinnacle is the Capsule Treasure feature.

Your quest to unlock its secrets by collecting three or more Capsule Treasure symbols, this captivating bonus round, you'll unearth six different types of Capsule Toys, each holding a unique multiplier value, where you can land a single capsule that can skyrocket your bet by up to an astonishing x1000!
Greek Gods descend on the reels to cast their power in Wisdom of Athena™.

Played across 5×6 reels, this pay anywhere slot requires at least eight matching symbols to be present anywhere on the reels to trigger a win. These are then removed from play, triggering a cascade of new symbols to fall from the top of the game board and providing more opportunity to create additional wins. Each tumble created helps to reveal an extra reel.

In the exciting free spins round, multipliers that are landed are held throughout the 10 spins awarded, with the game offering the possibility of more than one multiplier to be added and increasing the amount won. Here, the game also holds progression towards the unlocked reel throughout all subsequent spins.
Journey through the Bifrost to find the mighty Asgardian Heimdall in this 6-reel, 4-row video slot where 4096 ways pays. Intrepid adventurers from Midgard can collect sword and horn bonus symbols to trigger free spins with multipliers. Get your runes and warrior spirit ready to start your journey to meet the mighty watchman of the Norse Gods himself!
Pass through the gates of the underworld in the newest slot in the Amazing Link series, Amazing Link™ Hades. Share in the wealth of the underworld with multipliers in the Amazing Link™ and Pick Game features. With the all new multiplier feature and popular roaming Amazing Wild reel in the Free Spins, this is one ferry you won’t want to miss. Amazing Link™ Hades is set in the underworld, where he, along with his trusted companion, Cerberus, rules over all that dare to enter.

It features an enhanced player favorite, the Amazing Link™ Feature triggered by landing six or more Amazing Symbols represented by a coin, the payment to the ferryman for passage to the underworld. In the Amazing Link™ feature, players can land more Amazing Symbols to increase the end winning tally. Debuting in Amazing Link™ Hades is the Amazing Link™ Multiplier Feature where random multipliers multiply the value of any Amazing symbol prize. Another way to increase the end winning tally. Fill all 15 reel positions with Amazing symbols to win the Mega plus all locked Amazing symbols! Enough riches to rule the underworld!

Catch a ride on the ferry to enter into the Free Spins. The roaming Amazing Wild reel featured in the Free Spins contains only Wild Amazing symbols that act as both a Wild and Amazing symbol. This feature is designed to trigger the Amazing Link™ feature more often and connect more line wins during Free Spins. Collect Amazing symbols to trigger the Pick Game where Hades can share his wealth by multiplying the Mini, Minor or Major jackpots by 2x, 3x or 5x. When triggered, pick a coin to match 3 and win one of the main feature prizes.

This includes the top paying Mega! SpinPlay Games is excited to bring the power of Hades to the Amazing Link™ series in Amazing Link™ Hades. They strived to represent the mysteries and incredible wealth that lie deep in the underworld. Take control of the keys to the underworld and enjoy your rise to power! When designing the sound for this game SpinPlay Games captured the epic Greek God theme with sounds emphasizing the key features.
The devious Loki has switched his allegiance yet again, and this time he’s set his sights on the home of the gods. The gods are going to have their work cut out for them if they are to repel Loki and his forces bearing down on their home. It seems that they’re going to need some help...

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse offers a multitude of exhilarating features that keep players on their toes while battling Loki and his army as they try to capture Asgard. From the Spirit Wild to the Ragnarök Free Spins, this game is as unpredictable as Loki's mischief itself. Hold on to your helmets, because this battle is about to get intense!

When the charge meter is filled with 65 symbol wins this will trigger the Ragnarök Free Spin feature. The charge meter transforms into a multiplier meter, and all Power of the Aesir features are applied on every non-win cascade during the round. Spirit Wilds are collected but won't trigger any Gift of the Gods features; instead, they are reserved and added back to the grid at the end of the Free Spin, with up to 20 Wilds being collected.

So, grab your battle-axe and sound your war horn, as you get ready for the battle-to-end-all-battles in Viking Runecraft Apocalypse.
Venture to the top of Mount Olympus where Zeus, the god of lightning, is ready to reward you with great riches as winning symbols rain down to bring more wins, again and again!

Power of Olympus is a 7x7 action slot, with Cascading Reels and Cluster Pays. Whenever 5 or more matching symbols form a cluster, horizontally or vertically, you win. Then, Zeus blasts the cluster with a bolt of lightning, making room for new symbols to cascade down and potentially form new winning clusters. To keep the wins coming, with every cascade of symbols, Zeus will throw in up to 3 Wilds or Wild Multipliers that can boost the payouts up to 15x.

Take the adventure to a whole new level with Free Spins that are triggered when 4 or more Scatters land and award up to 25 Free Spins with multipliers up to 100x. Plus, if 3 or more Scatters appear during the feature, 5 additional Free Spins are awarded.
Thor 10K WAYS™ is a winning combination of a breath-taking fantasy Norse theme and ReelPlay’s hit 10K WAYS™ mechanic.

Each spin presents players with an incredible 10,000 ways to win across 6 reels. Each win may bring a chain of explosions of additional wins. The Bonus Respins feature is packed with prizes of massive proportions just waiting to be won, up to 10,000X!

It takes 6 Scatters to trigger the Bonus Respins, but for those who just miss out ReelPlay have introduced a near miss bonus, where all prize values pay on any 5 Scatters landed.

With stunning graphics, an epic soundtrack, and engaging gameplay, Thor 10K WAYS™ is the perfect choice for players who want to immerse themselves in the mythical and powerful world Thor. Join the action and see if you have what it takes to wield the hammer and conquer the reels in Thor 10K WAYS™!
Forge of The Gods brings players a fiery gameplay experience, at a high volatility offering the possibility of some truly god-like wins. With a slightly darker, moodier take on the player favourite Asgardian theme, Forge of The Gods is a classic but exciting 5x3 slot from Iron Dog Studio.

A respin feature provides added anticipation to the base game, and breaks up gameplay sessions. Landing two Scatter Symbols awards the player a respin, where 3-9 symbols are highlighted in the feature. Should a highlighted symbol land on a winning line, it will expand across the real to trigger a big win.

Landing three Scatter Symbols launches the player into Freespins rounds, with an engaging progression feature to setup some potentially massive wins.

Each time a symbol lands on a winning line, it is highlighted in the feature, and if a further win is triggered with a highlighted symbol, that symbol will expand across the reel, triggering big wins.
Are you ready to witness the ultimate slot battle? The final part of our Olympus trilogy sees Zeus and Hades go head-to-head in a bid to become the legendary ruler of the reels – welcome to Olympus Raging Megaways.

With 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win on two separate reel sets, Olympus Raging Megaways provides classic Megaways action, where all winning symbols explode to allow more symbols to drop onto the reels. Base game modifiers include Mirror Wilds, which will turn matching symbols in the same corresponding positions into Wilds, as well as Max Megaways, which will spin in the maximum 117,649 ways on each reel set.

The wheel can also be triggered on any base spin by collecting 12 golden coins in the central meter – this will award one spin of the wheel, resulting in either a win multiplier or an instant win of up to 100 x Total Bet.

Free Spins can be won on either set of reels and will be played on one set, Zeus or Hades - during Zeus Spins, extra Wilds are added to the reels while during Hades Spins, Walking Wilds are added to the top tracker.

The special Battle Scatters can appear on either set of reels and any 4 landing in view will award 15 epic Battle Free Spins, which take place across both the Zeus and Hades reels, with both Wild modifiers in action.
Greek gods grapple in Zeus VS Hades – Gods of War

An epic clash awaits players in Zeus VS Hades – Gods of War, featuring changeable volatility levels for players to choose from – Olympus and Hades – with the latter God of the underworld being the more volatile of the two.

Two different bonuses are available for players to trigger, both of which offer Expanding Wilds that can land on any reel. During the bonus rounds, players can witness a battle between the two mighty titans. Whichever side reigns victorious, players can expect multipliers of up to 100x to be added to boost rewards. Any wild reels landed will also be held in place for subsequent spins, increasing the chances of scoring huge prizes with a max win of 15,000x on offer.
Gold Coin Studios is proud to present our epic new action-packed online slot, Champions of Olympus™! The mighty Zeus has chosen you to undertake an epic journey filled with both danger and glorious riches in Champions of Olympus™!

Champions of Olympus™ is a 5x5 Rolling Reels™ game filled with amazing win-creating features including Any Adjacent Pays, an unlimited Multiplier Trail, Zeus Lightning Wilds, the Power of Zeus Mystery Wilds Feature, a Buy Feature and a persistent collection mechanic that transports players to the gates of Olympus for the incredible Link&Win™ Upgraderz feature with wins up to 12,500x the bet!

Fast-paced Rolling Reels™ action creates multiple wins and cascade sequences with Any Adjacent Pays, where 3 or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically will pay. Any wins with Wild symbols will increase the unlimited Multiplier Trail for big win potential! With the help of Zeus himself, the base game features incredible Zeus Lightning Wild symbols that award up to 4 extra Wilds on the next roll. Each Zeus Lightning Wild contained in a winning combination will also be collected and is persistent and stored per bet.

Collect 8 Zeus Lightning Wilds to trigger the unique Link&Win™ Upgraderz feature! Zeus unleashes his awesome power with the Power of Zeus Mystery Wilds Feature! On any base game spin Zeus shoots lightning onto the reels turning up to 6 low-paying symbols to Wilds! Electrifying wins await! The unique Link&Win™ Upgraderz feature is triggered when 8 Zeus Lightning Wild symbols are collected! Featuring a classic Link&Win™ game with a collection mechanic that unlocks mythological creatures that upgrade your wins!

Each creature features a unique entertaining gameplay experience and potential for wins of epic proportions! Collect all 25 Link&Win™ spots and your place in Olympus is assured when Zeus awards the top prize of 12,500x the bet! Epic gameplay and electrifying action come together with gorgeous graphics, animations and an epic musical score! Be a true champion and join Zeus on a feature-packed adventure filled with huge win potential and Champions of Olympus™ is destined to become your next old favourite game!
The gifts of the Gods are yours to behold in OneTouch’s brand-new, Ryse of the Mighty Gods. Journey to the Athenian Acropolis where the Ionian lords a set to strike fortune into your spins. Travel from the Hill of the Muses into a world of Expanding Reels, Colossal Symbols, Symbol removal, Free Spins, Bonus Buys and up to 262,144 ways to win.

In the base game, each win will see the reel set increase by x1, before winning symbols are removed, and the subsequent cascade teases further, bigger wins! Four consecutive winning cascades see the reels grow in godly stature all the way up to a giant 8×6 grid where a massive 262,144 ways to win await. Wilds appear on reels 3-6 and can substitute for all symbols except for Scatters.

Land as many 6 Scatters on the reels for up to 12 Free Spins where even more reverent rewards await. Any Wild in view eliminates the lowest paying symbol, which when retriggered to remove all low-paying symbols can award a max win of up to 10,000 your bet. Herculean symbols of up to 4×4 in size can appear to endow you with titanic wins.

Land more Scatters in the Bonus game for endlessly re-triggerable Free Spins. And for 80x your bet, prosperity is guaranteed with the Feature Buy where a random number of Scatters will appear to whisk you straight into the Golden Gates of the Bonus Game where up to 12 Spins await!
Prepare for the second installment of our epic Olympus trilogy as the mighty Hades enters the slot arena and stakes his claim to become the legendary ruler of the reels – welcome to Olympus Hades Megaways.

With 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win, Olympus Hades Megaways provides classic Megaways action, where all winning symbols explode to allow more symbols to drop onto the reels. On any spin, Hades Wilds can be triggered, adding Wilds to the tracker to guarantee a win. Meanwhile, Max Megaways can also be activated on any spin, causing the reels to land the maximum 117,649 ways.

Hades Free Spins are triggered by landing 4 or more Scatters anywhere in view. During the feature, the Hades Wilds modifier can also trigger on any spin with any Wilds added on the tracker becoming Walking Wilds. During Free Spins an unlimited win multiplier, starting at x1 and increasing by one for every cascading win, is in play and can reach mighty levels to help Hades deliver some truly epic rewards.
Ascend to Mount Olympus and witness Zeus unleash his powers in ZeusPlay's latest slot release! This game boasts 6 reels, 4 rows, and 30 fixed paylines, promising an epic adventure in the realm of the gods. Brace yourself for the excitement as up to 6 random reel wilds make a dazzling appearance every 12 spins, bringing thunderous wins to the reels.

Trigger the divine power of the game by landing 3 or 4 harps, unlocking 12 free spins accompanied by win multipliers. Immerse yourself in the divine atmosphere as you spin the reels and experience the might of Zeus in this thrilling slot journey to Mount Olympus!
Experience the Wild Link and Free Spin features, with expanding reels, extra paylines, cash prizes, jackpots and multipliers on this 20+ paylines, 5x3 slot. From his exalted position high atop Mount Olympus, Zeus unleashes his power with the strike of his mighty thunderbolt to reward all with glorious riches with wins up to 5000x!. Wild Link Zeus is set high up in Mt. Olympus where Zeus governs over all.

Wielding his mighty thunderbolt, feel the forces of Zeus when he lands on the first reel, triggering the exhilarating Wild Link Feature. Once triggered, watch in excitement as Zeus adds up to three extra rows above reels 2 to 5 with additional paylines. Each prize symbol that lands consecutively from reels 2 to 5 will award the prize displayed on it. Zeus appears on every reel to connect prize symbols and payline wins! Zeus can randomly boost the total feature win, including paylines, jackpots and cash prizes, by a multiplier of x2 or x3. A win fit for a god!

The Wild Link Feature is even more powerful in the Free Spins. When triggered by the mighty Zeus, up to six extra rows are added above reels 2 to 5 making each reel 9 high and paylines increase from 20 to up to 50. Additionally, on each Free Spin a random reel turns into a Wild Reel containing all Wild Prize symbols! This feature increases payline and Wild Link Feature wins. Feel the full power of Zeus on each Free Spin!! Prize symbols can randomly trigger the pick feature! Pick an orb to zap with Zeus’ lightning to reveal either a Mini, Minor, Major, or Mega jackpot! Match 3 to win! Pick wisely to win the thundering 5000x Mega!! A reward fit for the god of the sky himself! sum repernat.
Delve deep into the realm of Norse mythology with Gods of Asgard Megaways from Iron Dog Studio.

Gather around the Norse Tree of Life to meet this Megaways' titular gods: Freya, goddess of love and gold influences the future, transforming symbols across the centre reels; Loki, the infamous trickster, uses his shapeshifting magic to match symbols with one from the first reel for some spectacular tumbles; Thor, God of Thunder, crashes from the heavens to strike symbols across the board, forging them into high paying Rings; and finally Odin, enthroned ruler of the Gods, transforms two symbols into multiplier wilds, which are cumulative in freespins.

With fantastic spine animations and plenty of features, Gods of Asgard Megaways offers an exciting and engaging experience to players.

Gods of Asgard Megaways takes the player favourite theme of Norse Mythology and pushes it to the max. With four unique God characters each triggering exciting gameplay features.

These are included in the core gameplay, and then upgraded as the player enters freespins - which can also be accessed via Iron Dog Studio's Bonus Upgrader feature.
Odin, Thor, Freya and Heimdall are waiting in Power of GodsTM: Valhalla! During playing, all Vikings’ fans will have an opportunity to gather Bonus symbols and feel the uncanny atmosphere.

Whenever 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols are drawn, they stick to the reels for one spin, increasing the chance of activating the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game.

The Bonus Game awards players with Bonus symbols with assigned cash values or the special bonus symbols such as Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpots. Players may await to fill in all 16 reels and grab the Grand Jackpot worth 1000x their bet which will be added to the total win up to 2145x their bet.
The luck of the Sun God, Helios, shines brightly upon you. Get godlike wins with pays-both-ways Helios symbols, collect tokens to win massive prizes, and reach divinity by repeatedly upgrading Free Spins!

In Riches Helios we want to invite you to the mythical realm of the Greek Sun God; Helios.
A decade since Thunderstruck II first pulled players in with its dark allure and Mega Moolah with its much-loved progressive jackpots, we’re thrilled to be taking these brands to a whole new level.

Thunderstruck II brings all the popular classic electrifying features from the original game combined with the four-tiered Mega Moolah Jackpot Bonus.

Here lies an extra layer of excitement as players wait with bated breath to see the symbols spin and land to potentially activate the Jackpot Bonus Wheel. Thunderstruck II with its 243 Ways video slot is still an amazing visual feast with loads of winning opportunities on offer.
Do you want to gain the Treasure of Asgard ? Through the continuous elimination rewards, you gain more Free Games. The more eliminations the more games you play, and the more rounds you can get in the Free Game, and the more rewards you win. In addition, there is also a bonus game the Yellow Spirit of the Gods. Show your courage and swing your weapon at the Fenrir Wolf to get exclusive rewards!
In another reality, a young Zeus along with his brothers Poseidon and Hades reside among the mortals of Earth after imprisoning their father, the merciless titan, Cronus.

But as you can imagine, Cronus isn’t too pleased about his imprisonment. Full of rage he breaks free and the first place he can think of to take out his newfound fury is Earth.

Rise of Gods: Reckoning is a 5-reel video slot with 20 fixed pay lines.
Zeus, the god of the sky, lightning, thunder, and the ruler of all the gods has summoned you to return to Mount Olympus. Zeus has a new task for you, and should you make the gods happy, you will be rewarded generously. Feel the rush of winning big with the Free Games, Jackpot Pick and double-sized jackpots that are ready to be won.

Zeus Rush Fever Deluxe is a 5-reel, 3-row anyway slot with plenty of winning features. Get ready for even bigger payouts than ever before. Activate the Free Games feature by landing 3 or more Zodiac wheel symbols. Then, every time a Rush Fever symbol lands it pays 1x the total bet. The diamond symbols are your key to triggering the Jackpot Pick that pays even bigger jackpots than before. Plus, when 6 or more Rush Fever symbols appear at the same time, one of the jackpots will be yours.
Higher Forces is a 5×4 Slot with 25 lines, paying left to right. Featuring 4 Gods! Watch out for Zeus who can appear randomly adding Wilds and Followers. Collect followers for Aphrodite, Cai Shen and Thor turning them from humble beings to all powerful Gods. The more powerful your God the bigger the payouts.

Explore the 3 exciting bonus rounds each with 3 levels, this game will take you to another Godly World. Entertaining, historical with a modern social media twist, this game appeals to both young and old players.
Snowborn Games invites you through the gates of Valhalla on a quest with the Viking Gods! Masters Of Valhalla is a 1024 ways slot with mesmerising gameplay and epic win potential!

Meet Thor, Odin, Hel and Freya all with their own skills to help you reach prizes that await true masters!
The realm is rife with war! After Oden threatened the Eternals, those who wish to unify all the high territories, the defenders must fight for Asgard’s independence. Thrust into battle with the Asgardians, in a winner takes all scenario!

Defeat the Eternals and become known for eternity as one of the Defenders of Asgard! 4 by 5 reels. Nudging Reels with Scatter Bucks, Stacked Wilds, and Random Multipliers.
Apollo God of the Sun™ returns bigger and better than ever in Apollo God of the Sun™ 10: Win Ways™ Buy Bonus. Watch the two sets of unpredictable reel windows create winning reactions using the Win Ways™ mechanic.

Enjoy the Wild transfers and Free Spins featuring the Increasing Win Multiplier! Plus the new Buy Bonus feature allowing players direct access to the Free Spins Bonus.
Might of Zeus is a slot machine designed to immerse the players in Greek mythology, where Zeus and his Olympian gods bestow untold riches to the players.
In this 4x6 video slot set against a backdrop of Norse mythology, you find yourself at the roots of Yggdrasil, closing in on the entrance to the shrine of Mimir’s Well. With Wild multipliers and a Bonus game with Sticky Wins and Roaming Wild Stack, Odin’s gamble is crammed with win potential!
Meet your fate at Mount Olympus – conquer the Wrath of Zeus to be rewarded by the thunder god. Can you make it through the ten stages and please the king of gods?

Zeus Wild Thunder is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols, Wrath of Zeus and Free Spins. Harness the lightning bolts to turn them into Wild symbols!
Eons have passed since Gods, Demons and Beasts walked the earth. In this new fantasy themed slot from ReelPlay, who will reign supreme in this battle of the ages? Combining Infinity Reels™ mechanics with the potential riches of the Bonus Wheel feature – Age of Beasts Infinity Reels™ offers infinite possibilities. Each Free Spins trigger comes with a Bonus Wheel feature - pays include instant win prizes and the opportunity to enhance the play by adding free spins and symbol win multipliers. The extent of the wheel’s potential riches can extend to one of four potential Bonus prizes. Score 13 additional reels to win the 888x Infinity Bonus on top of any other wins.

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