It's always the perfect season to indulge in some Happy Returns™, as all your beloved festivities converge into one grand escapade in the realm of Happy Holidays - our freshest creation from studio ally, Rogue.

Each spin unveils Happy Returns™ multipliers, while a path unfolds leading to five distinct bonus endeavors: Unravel the present that perpetually bestows in Santa’s Sleigh Escape, seek your cheerful denouement in the Easter Heist, delve into the enchantment of affection with Cupid’s Love Meter, or pursue a delectable triumph in the Trick or Treat bonus. Enhance your fortunes with the Leprechaun’s trail boost, guiding you toward the coveted Happy Return Free Spins.
Prepare to be unsettled by the eerie and ominous vibes of the Carnivale of Shadows Dice™ video slot! Should you possess the courage, rely on the assistance of Wilds, Scatters, and Stacked Symbols to navigate this chilling realm and possibly find joy amidst the terror. Engaging in Free Spin rounds and risking it all in the Gamble Game might distract you momentarily from the bone-chilling fear that surrounds you.

The arrival of a circus promised an evening of delight and wonder, but as the clock struck midnight, the once-inanimate objects sprung to life, and the jovial clowns transformed into ghastly zombies. Beware! A deranged bear prowls the grounds, brandishing a knife—flee if you value your safety, or stay and confront the horrors if you dare. There is no escape from the grip of the Carnivale of Shadows Dice™ until the final curtain falls.

With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, the Carnivale of Shadows Dice™ video slot offers a spine-tingling gaming experience. The Wild symbol stands ready to replace any other symbol except the Scatter. Triggering 12 Free Spins with stacked Wild symbols requires the appearance of three Scatter symbols—a rare opportunity amidst the chaos of this haunted circus.
Restless apparitions hover amidst aged family portraits, their murmurs hinting at vanished fortunes. Igor Vasilievich, once the formidable head of the family, now pursues them, unearthing wealth from the realm beyond!

Enter Ghost Father, an exhilarating Video Slot game played on a 3×5 grid with 20 paylines, boasting a maximum win potential exceeding 10000x the initial wager. Within this game, you'll encounter cash symbols, a collection feature offering instant wins, and an enthralling Free Spins round with substantial cash rewards, along with cash symbols accompanied by collectible enhancements, wild symbols featuring multipliers, opportunities for retriggers, and an amplifier function.

During the Base game, cash symbols act as standard symbols unless the Golden bet feature is activated, rendering wild symbols inactive.

The Free Spins round is triggered by landing 3 to 5 scatter symbols, granting players 7 to 12 Free Spins. Wild symbols may emerge at random, substituting for any symbol except the scatter or cash symbols.

Wilds accumulate the values of cash symbols present on the grid, providing an immediate payout. These cash symbols may appear alongside Gem, lightning, or coin enhancements, granting additional spins, multiplying wilds, or extra cash symbols. The cash symbols hold the potential to bestow rewards of up to 1000 times the initial bet.

Randomly triggered, the Amplifier feature introduces 3-8 cash symbols, with or without enhancements, amplifying the excitement of the game.
Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into the shadowy depths of Transylvania. Experience the magic of dynamic Wilds and embrace your eternal nature.

Vampire’s Fate presents a 5x3 grid, guaranteeing an unforgettable gaming venture. Packed with dynamic Wilds and chances for significant rewards, the mystical world of vampires beckons you forth.

Each Wild symbol has the power to morph adjacent symbols into Wilds. At the commencement of Free Games, select from x2, x4, or x8 Wild symbols, along with 14, 10, or 6 Free Games respectively. Additionally, triggering a reactivation can earn you 8 extra Free Games.
Prepare to shout 'What a fantastic whirl!' following your adventure in this delightfully entertaining slot, where scorching victories dominate the scene. Witness symbols locking in place and spinning again to unveil fiery wins, while the Blaze Wheel amps up the thrill with each rotation. The action reaches a fever pitch during Free Spins, featuring an extra multiplier wheel that could send your rewards soaring to infernal levels. Brace yourself for a whimsical journey through the flames in Hell of a Spin, where each round ignites more excitement than the last!

Symbol payouts vary depending on the total number of identical symbols visible on the screen.

Triggering 10 Free Spins requires landing 3 Scatter symbols simultaneously, with an additional 5 Free Spins awarded for every Scatter symbol beyond the initial 3, up to a maximum of 30. During Free Spins, landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols grants extra spins, starting from 5 and increasing by x for each additional Scatter symbol beyond 3, up to a maximum of y spins. If the Maximum Win of 5000x the Stake is achieved, the feature concludes.

Throughout Free Spins, a new multiplier wheel emerges, featuring values of x15, x20, x30, x50, x60, x80, and x100, augmenting payouts for symbols influenced by the Blaze Wheel.

Symbols marked with Blue Blaze see their payouts magnified by tenfold, while those with Red Blaze enjoy a fivefold increase.

Above the slot machine, a wheel selects a symbol at random with each bet, which doesn't contribute to winning combinations. When a winning combination of identical symbols forms, all participating symbols are engulfed in flames. These blazing symbols are then locked in place while non-locked symbols undergo a respin. This process repeats until no new symbols join the blazing winning combination.
Experience heightened winning opportunities with Blade & Fangs as you delve into its thrilling features.

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a gothic, candle-lit mansion as this game unfolds across two sets of 5x3 grids. Within these grids, discover an array of symbols, including card ranks, fang-bearing snakes, and werewolves, creating winning combinations from the left to the right.

Elevating the excitement are two special multiplier symbols shaped like roses and daggers, each carrying a +1x and 2x boost. When these symbols align on the same spin, they merge the dual sets of reels into a unified 5x6 grid, triggering a respin with a 2x multiplier. Should the +1x or 2x symbol appear during the respin, the win multiplier escalates to 3x or 4x respectively – reaching an impressive 6x if both symbols land simultaneously! The merged grid remains in play until no additional winning combinations occur during the respin.
In a quaint village, a long-standing tale has been shared among its inhabitants: Each time the moon reaches its fullness, werewolves emerge from their concealed dens within the forest to prowl the human domain. These creatures, known for their ferocity and cunning, pose a significant threat to the local populace!

Recently, a number of children have vanished under the cover of night, plunging the town into a state of intense fear. To safeguard their loved ones and themselves, the townsfolk have instituted a reward. They're offering a substantial bounty to anyone who can successfully track down or repel the werewolves. This enticing reward has garnered the attention of numerous seasoned hunters.

As the most esteemed hunter in the town, you've resolved to take action come the next full moon. The outcome of this pursuit depends greatly on your prowess and valor!

Werewolf's Hunt presents a 6-reel video slot (with 4 rows on reels 1 and 6, and 5 rows on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5) featuring a bonus round with escalating prize values. When 4 or more Scatter symbols land on the reels, the Bonus Feature is triggered! Securing wins with full moons during this feature will escalate the multiplier, bringing the grand prize of up to 10000x within grasp!
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating slots adventure! Enter the mystical realm of the Witch Queen's lair and unveil its enchanting secrets. The Burning Charm symbols hold values selected from a pool of options, including 2x, 5x, 10x, or 3x the total bet.

In the presence of multiple Wilds, each Wild accumulates all Burning Charm amounts for that round. Throughout Free Spins, every Dr. Bones Wild symbol that lands is retained until the conclusion of the Free Spin session. Upon collecting every fourth Wild symbol, an additional 10 Free Spins are added, accompanied by a bonus multiplier for Burning Symbol collection prizes.

The bonuses intensify with each re-trigger—x2 bonus for the first, x3 bonus for the second, and a remarkable x10 bonus for the third. Even when a Wild symbol appears during a Free Spin without any Burning Charm money symbols to gather, Burning Charm symbols can emerge in random positions, readily collected by any Wild symbols on the reels. Get ready for an enchanting journey into the Witch Queen's lair!
Step into the dark mansion and explore what rests inside. Just be careful not to touch anything... it might awaken! Immortal Desire presents a 5-reel, 4-row game with ways-wins, showcasing two distinct bonus games, and a tantalizing max win of 10,000 times your bet, achievable in all game modes.

With each spin, one or more reels may transform into Blood Reels, turning all winning high-paying symbols on these reels into Vampire symbols with added multipliers. The final win value is determined by multiplying the total win amount in a winning combination by the sum of the multipliers in that win. For example, if a winning combination includes 5 symbols, with 2 on Blood Reels each carrying a 10x multiplier, the total multiplier for that win would be 20x.

Activate the BLOOD MOON bonus feature by landing 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game, unlocking 10 free spins. In this bonus, all Blood Reels remain persistent throughout the feature, and their multipliers are refreshed on each spin. Additional FS scatter symbols during the feature award extra free spins – 2 FS symbols add 2 spins, while 3 FS symbols add 4 spins.

Trigger the DARK AWAKENING bonus feature with 4 FS scatter symbols in the base game, granting 10 free spins. In this feature, only non-paying symbols, Awakened Multipliers, and Coffin symbols appear. Each reel hosts a multiplier value, augmentable by landing Awakened Multiplier and Coffin symbols. After the feature concludes, the multipliers above the reels are summed and multiplied by the bet amount for the final award.

Awakened Multiplier symbols elevate the multipliers above the reels, employing addition or multiplication and influencing one or all the reel multipliers. While normal multipliers affect specific reels, Epic multipliers are universal. Coffin symbols remain sticky until the end of the feature, revealing a multiplying multiplier that is then applied to the corresponding reel multiplier.
Experience the spine-tingling atmosphere of Fruity Halloween, set against a spooky 5x4 backdrop. Brace yourself for the thrill of Wild Multipliers and the heart-pounding Money Re-Spin Feature, intensifying the excitement of your gameplay. With the chance to win up to 100 Free Games, Fruity Halloween delivers a perfect blend of spookiness and fruity fun like never before!
Step right up to the spine-tingling Spooky Carnival – a game designed to send shivers down your spine and give you goosebumps!

Dive deep into the eerie ambiance of this Halloween extravaganza. Dare to unleash the Wilds and Spooky Coins, but beware of their supernatural allure. Wilds don’t merely substitute for paying symbols; they bring along their Spooky Coins too. Collect 5 of these ominous tokens to trigger a mind-bending symbol swap on the next spin, where reality blurs with the supernatural.

But hold on, there’s more! Land 3 Free Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, and you're in for a real treat – 10 free spins to be precise. Activate those lurking Spooky Coins during the bonus round, and behold the magic as 3 more Free Spins materialize seemingly out of thin air. Get ready for an exhilarating carnival ride that will leave you both spooked and utterly amazed! The Spooky Carnival awaits, daring you to experience Halloween like never before.
Enter Dracula’s mysterious mansion, bring Frankenstein to life and escape from the mummy during an unfortgettable gaming experience.

Step into the darkness and brace yourself for a heart-pounding experience on this 5x4 reels, 50 payline slot machine, where the supernatural meets the thrill of gambling.
Join Frank, the main contender in Armadillo’s latest spooky release! Heads up as you set forth into the Haunted house with incredible art, scarily realistic animations and an eerie soundtrack!

This creepy videoslot is feature rich with constant anticipation, the playing experience will surely keep you on the edge of your seat…
When four determined teenage investigators ventured into an abandoned shopping mall to unravel the mystery behind its sudden closure, they expected to uncover a case of corporate negligence and mismanagement.

Little did they anticipate that their exploration would lead them into a nightmarish scenario. Trapped within the decaying confines of the mall, they find themselves pitted against Juggy, a malevolent animatronic toy with a malfunctioning AI. Now, their once-innocent adventure has turned into a desperate struggle for survival, as they face the relentless pursuit of this vengeful mechanical menace.
Prospect Gaming proudly presents Ghost Huntin’, a thrilling new game that is bound to send shivers down your spine!

In the Base Game, a Ghost Hunter prowls the reels with every spin. When the Hunter lands on a reel occupied by a Ghost, they trap the spectral presence and collect the value of that particular reel. Activate Ghost Huntin’s Antebet feature, and a second Ghost Hunter materializes, significantly increasing the chances of capturing ghosts and reaping generous rewards.

During Freespins, players have the opportunity to score even bigger payouts with multiple Hunters roaming the reels! The number of Hunters during Freespins is determined beforehand, offering a suspenseful pre-feature revelation. Additionally, for every extra Freespin landed, players receive 5 more spins, enhancing the excitement of the ghostly chase. Are you ready to embark on this hair-raising adventure? Happy hunting!
Embark on a vibrant and captivating journey through the mystical world of Altar De Muertos, a thrilling Day of the Dead themed game that will transport you to the heart of Mexican traditions. Prepare to be immersed in an enchanting atmosphere filled with colorful visuals, lively music, and awe-inspiring gameplay.
Prepare for an exclusive invitation to the Count's grand Halloween soirée at his eerie chateau, where you are the esteemed guest of honor. Amongst vampires and supernatural beings under the moonlit night, immerse yourself in an authentic Halloween experience filled with spine-tingling thrills, treats, and generous rewards.

Treasures of The Count unveils a 5x4, 40-payline Halloween-inspired slot, where the excitement begins when Cash and Collector symbols align, triggering the Cash Collect feature. Watch as Cash symbols contribute to the Collect meter, and once full, embark on the Count’s Treasure feature, unveiling more cash prizes and Collect Pot awards.

Mystical wins await when 3 or more Scatters land, initiating the Count Respins. These Scatters transform into cash prizes, holding their positions as 3 respins unfold, bringing additional prizes your way. Gather 4 Cash symbols in a column, and the prizes accumulate and multiply with the reel multiplier, potentially leading to the grand prize of a staggering 2,500x your bet. For those seeking instant excitement, Count Respins can be triggered at any time using the buy bonus option. Get ready for a night of haunting delights and unimaginable riches!
Step into the enchanting yet eerie world of the lovely mistress, who welcomes her guests to a dreamlike mansion echoing with the luxury of centuries past. With a face that masks both beauty and danger, the mistress, known as Eternal Widow, graciously bestows valuable gifts upon her guests. But beware, behind those plump red lips lies a pair of thirsty fangs!

Eternal Widow™ collects Wild Blood from her victims, storing it in her sinister Blood Heart amulet. The mere drop of Wild Blood can trigger a Blood Frenzy, leading to a Respin feature. During this time, existing Wilds burn with her wrath, clinging to their positions on the reels until the feature concludes. Then, the Sinister amulet spreads its bloody wings above the middle reels, showering them with additional Wilds to nurture your significant wins!

Discover the grim truth and unimaginable bloody treasures hidden behind Eternal Widow’s imposing name by finding 3 or more ancient Free Spins gravestones. Enter her dark Free Spins manor at your own peril, where you'll encounter four of her Undead Husbands, who once dared to marry an immortal vampiress. Brace yourself for a chilling encounter with the supernatural!
Step into the enchanting universe of NetEnt's Don’t Eat the Candy, where your sweet cravings find fulfillment and thrilling features will keep you teetering on the edge of your seat!

Meet the Sticky Win feature, where triumphant symbols stick in place while the rest of the reels respin, multiplying your chances to win. Unleash the wild symbol, hiding on reels 2, 3, and 4, ready to substitute paying symbols and boost your odds of eerie success.

Beware of the chilling Pumpkin symbol, appearing randomly on the reels, with its bone-chilling perks, including a x2 multiplier, expanded reels, and symbol replacements. And don't overlook the Free Spins, triggered by 5 or more scatters, where the Pumpkin features come alive in a specific sequence.

Prepare yourself for a delightfully spooky experience and be on guard for hair-raising surprises with every spin!
In the shadowy chambers of an ancient tomb, the spirit of fall holidays thrives like nowhere else. Here, amidst the chilling stone walls and the flickering torchlight, dwells Wanda – or, as the world knows her, Wicked Wanda. She's not just any witch; she's an enchantress deeply intertwined with the essence of the spooky season itself.

Legend speaks of a time when Wanda was a gentle enchantress, celebrated for her charms. But as the holiday lost its mystical allure, her powers evolved. Craving the authentic spirit of the season, she channeled her magic into gathering pure spooky elements – bats, pumpkins, slimes, and spider webs.

These very halls bear witness to Wanda's transformation. The tomb pulsates with life, its entrance serving as a gateway to the true heart of fall magic. Within its mysterious game grid, ensnared in Wanda's web, destinies are decided. With every spin, Wicked Wanda tugs at the spider webs, determining the fate of those who dare to play.
Enter the colorful world of Catrina, and celebrate the Day of the Dead with our brand-new slot - Dia De Los Muertos 2! Surround yourself once again with the brightly-colored skulls and enjoy the cheerful gameplay inspired by this majestic holiday.

Join Catrina on an incredible journey to the other world and get a chance to have fun with your loved ones on this spectacular holiday! Admire the colorful decorations and joyful music while you're celebrating the memory of people who meant the world to you.

This time, Dia De Los Muertos 2 is back as a cascading slot with 6 reels and 5 rows with Scatter payouts. Instead of catching a winning combination on certain paylines, players can now score wins simply by catching 8 or more symbols of the same kind located anywhere on the reels. Of course, this leads to those symbols getting paid and disappearing, causing the cascading reels to activate and bring new symbols onto the screen. Besides the cascading reels enabling multiple winning combinations to strike in a single spin, the slot also offers Free Spins.

Getting 4 or more Catrina Bonus symbols results in 15 Free Games with extra multipliers from x2 up to x500! The Multipliers are applied only when a player is hitting a winning combination from the Paytable. They get activated at the end of the winning cascade, producing no further tumbling. During Free Games, all the activated Multipliers are accumulated to create the total multiplier. If the winning cascade ends with no multipliers on the reels, the total multiplier remains as is and doesn’t apply.
Are you prepared for a gaming adventure that will enchant you beyond imagination? Witch's Secret brings forth a hidden innovation: Infinity re-spins that promise more wins than ever before!

So, don your pointy hat and fasten your seatbelt, because Witch's Secret is brewing up an intense dose of excitement! Step into the magical realm of Witch's Secret – the most enchanting, eerie, and exhilarating slot game you'll ever encounter in the casino universe!

Picture this: A moonlit Halloween night, with mischievous pumpkins glowing in the dark, skulls grinning wickedly from the reels, and a playful witch all set to brighten your day... or perhaps your night! Get ready for a spellbinding experience like no other!
Enter the shadowy realm of “Necropolis” – a 4×5 slot game that beckons you into the heart of a mysterious and ancient city of the dead. Here, the secrets of the afterlife intertwine with the potential for monumental wins.

In “Necropolis,” you’ll spin the reels within the eerie cityscape, surrounded by haunting symbols and enigmatic surprises. Each spin holds the power to unlock cryptic bonus rounds and spectral free spins that promise unearthly rewards. As you delve deeper into the darkness, you’ll discover the hidden treasures guarded by the ghostly inhabitants.

Venture into the depths of “Necropolis” and unearth the secrets of the afterlife as you strive for monumental wins in this 4×5 slot game.
Embark on a spine-tingling journey into the realm of the supernatural with “Spirited Specters” – a hauntingly delightful casino slot game that will send shivers down your spine while filling your pockets with ghostly riches!

In “Spirited Specters,” you’ll encounter an eerie yet enchanting world filled with mischievous phantoms and friendly apparitions. Spin the reels and watch as ethereal symbols align to conjure up otherworldly wins. With each spin, you’ll unveil the secrets of spectral free spins, ghastly bonus rounds, and the elusive jackpot that’s said to be guarded by the most formidable ghost of all!

Are you brave enough to explore the mysterious mansion of “Spirited Specters” and harness the power of the supernatural for big wins? Play now and let the spirits guide you to unimaginable treasures!
Summon your bravery and prepare for a spooky fishing expedition in Big Bass Halloween.

This player-favorite slot is back with a Halloween twist, featuring a 5×3 layout. To secure a win, players must land a winning combination across 10 paylines. During the base game, symbols like crows, hooks, and blood-soaked Scatters can appear, and the hook-wielding fisherman serves as the Wild symbol.

The cash-carrying fish are back too, offering random money values ranging from 2x to 2,000x the player's bet. If you land three or more Scatters on a single spin, the free spins bonus round is triggered, granting players up to 20 free games for a chance at even bigger wins. Get ready for a spine-chilling fishing adventure like never before!
Prepare for a chilling adventure with Infective Wild™.

Delve into this Halloween-inspired game where spooky elements abound, featuring ravens and cats as the top-paying symbols. To secure a win, these symbols must align across 40 paylines. Utilize Wilds to enhance your chances, as they not only assist in unlocking wins but also have the ability to transform other high-paying symbols into additional Wilds.

Unlock the free spins round by landing a minimum of three scatter symbols. Once activated, eight mini reels will spin, each granting up to three free spins as a bonus. What's more, during this bonus round, any Wilds that land will remain in position for the entirety of the free spins session.
What riches will you discover when the full moon rises? Any Wild symbols that land in view on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 expand into a stacked wild. 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view awards the Free Games bonus where the upgrading symbol mechanic becomes active.

Each Wild in view turns the next available highest paying symbol into the top paying symbol as well as awarding extra spins, increasing the chance of big wins on the remaining free games.
Editors Choice
The Halloween season has witnessed an abundance of playful, gory-themed slots featuring familiar mechanics. However, Darkness promises a truly unique experience that will simultaneously send shivers down players' spines and fill them with delight. From the pentagram ritual mechanic to the revamped UI, every meticulous aspect of this slot aims to immerse players in a spine-chilling journey leading to a horrifying climax where terror collides with ecstasy.

This immersive slot adventure boasts a base game with 26 winlines, SuperSpinners™, and a Terror Symbol feature integrated into the base game. The Terror Symbol, a colossal symbol varying in size up to a full screen, glides across the reels from right to left during spins.

Beware of the mansion's ominous embrace, where the veil between worlds is fragile. A coven's ritual beckons ancient powers, yet what they unleash may be their own downfall. To ensure an experience where genuine terror blends with the thrill of winning, players can customize their brightness settings, enhancing the impact of countless creepy animations concealed throughout the game.

The primary objective is to fulfill the Dark Ritual, initiated by landing 3 or more scatters. When the bonus commences, a Pentagram manifests across the reels, particularly highlighting the star's corner positions. Wilds landing here become sticky, commencing their ominous chant. As the Pentagram accumulates more Wilds, tension builds, leading to the eagerly anticipated grand finale upon completion.

Should a player be fortuitous enough to successfully complete the dark ritual, Lucifer himself materializes to occupy the entire three center reels as a wild, triggering extraordinary wins in conjunction with the beloved SuperSpinners™.
Embark on a Vampire Odyssey, if you dare, to unravel the darkness lurking in Nosferatu’s abode. Vampire Odyssey is a 5-reel video slot which features Wild symbols and Free Spins.
Dive into the Halloween spirit with this slot featuring 3 reels and 5 paylines, delivering simple yet captivating gameplay. The thrill heightens with the Special symbol, exclusively appearing on low-value symbols, promising exhilarating wins. Tailor your adventure with the unique Volatility Levels™, offering the choice between occasional big wins or frequent smaller payouts. The unique Gamble Feature enabling players to double their rewards up to seven times consecutively.

Immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of Los Muertos™ II, a Halloween-themed slot where captivating visuals blend seamlessly with the spooky theme. Explore the supernatural realm in a haunted carnival, where the moonlight casts chilling shadows on colorful symbols. Witness skeletons dance and ghosts freely roam, creating a truly immersive experience. The meticulous attention to detail in the graphics and animations transports players into this supernatural world, making every moment unforgettable.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, ghouls, and goblins, for a spine-tingling adventure that's sweeter than any treat you'll find in your trick-or-treat bag! Allow us to introduce Don Papu Sweet Halloween – the coolest, most devilishly delicious slot game in the casino world!

Are you tired of those run-of-the-mill slot games that leave you yawning like a mummy in a crypt? Well, your quest for the ultimate Halloween-themed slot game concludes here! Don Papu Sweet Halloween is a spooktacular fusion of thrills, chills, and sweet, sweet wins that'll leave you screaming for more! Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween experience!
Welcome to the thrilling world of Grim Reaper Supermatch! In this captivating slot game, you’ll embark on an epic adventure alongside the Grim Reaper, as you spin the reels in search of big wins and unearthly excitement.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a realm filled with mystery, as you collect Souls to trigger bonuses, and unleash the full potential of the Reaper’s power. To trigger Soulcatcher Bonus, you need to collect Blue Souls to the Soulcatcher Chest. If 3 or more Mystery symbols land on row 1, the Mystery Stacks will trigger where symbols expand up on the board, allowing to progress further in the game for bigger rewards.

Landing 3 or more Free Spins symbols trigger Free Spins, where the player can collect Red Souls to exclude lower paying symbols one by one for the duration of the feature! With stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and a chance to reap bountiful rewards, the game promises an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to embrace the darkness? Let the reaping begin!
Get ready for a spooktacular adventure in 3 Lucky Witches, the sequel to the top-performing 3 Lucky Leprechauns!

Embark on a spellbinding journey and spin the Witches’ Wheel, where you can conjure cash prizes, Win Spins, or Mega Picks, or land on a mystery space to choose which feature you want to win! Can you bewitch your way to win up to 5000x?

Land more Pumpkin Scatters in view on the reels to upgrade your starting wheel! Summon one of our 3 Lucky Witches to be your wild symbol! Each Witch has her own unique charm, so choose your companion wisely to guide you through this supernatural adventure!

Can you win a cauldron of cash? Cast a spell on your fortunes and join forces with your luckiest witch for the most hexcellent prizes!
Ladies and ghouls, step right up, because we've brewed up a slot game that's sweeter than a cauldron full of candy! Brace yourselves for the spine-tingling excitement of Juicy Crush Halloween, the spookiest and juiciest slot game in town!

Let the witchy magic flow through you as you spin the reels and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Halloween. From mischievous witches to eerie Halloween pumpkins and grinning skulls, this game is a whirlwind of supernatural fun! If you ever thought ordinary slot games were just plain boring, it's time to think again.

But hold on, there's more! Juicy Crush Halloween isn't your run-of-the-mill slot game; it's a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions. Feel the rush of adrenaline with every spin, the excitement building as you chase the coveted jackpots. The stakes are high, and the wins are spine-chillingly amazing! Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween ride!
Prepare to be spooked and entertained with Iron Dog Studio's Halloween Horrors Megaways, a classic Megaways format wrapped up in Iron Dog's signature premium style. During the base game, players can expect classic high-volatility gameplay, with Megaways' iconic tumble mechanics. Should the player land four successive tumbles, they'll be awarded with Freespins.

During Freespins, the reels lock at 7 symbols high to help chase the 25,000x maximum win. Players can also retrigger further Freespins with by landing additional tumbles. Halloween Horrors Megaways is also available as a Brandable Megaways, contact your dedicated Account Manager for more information.
Delve into the shadows of Vampire Riches, where clans of vampires converge in the heart of New York City under the glow of a Blood Moon.

Step into the abyss and witness the electrifying DoubleMax multipliers surge as victories are pursued in the depths of the urban jungle. Conceal yourself in the obscurity as symbols materialize and reappear, enhancing the intensity of the wins. The relentless pursuit of Free Spins can be accelerated with the Golden Bet, while the DoubleMax multiplier escalates endlessly during these thrilling nocturnal hours.

Do you possess the prowess to ascend the ranks of the Vampire elite?

Upon encountering a minimum of 3 Free Spins symbols, a Free Spins session commences. The ambiance shifts, accompanied by a change in music, signaling the onset of a special phase within the game. The rules governing avalanches and multipliers remain applicable during free spins; however, the multiplier remains static between spins.

The Scatter symbol, denoted by the Free Spins symbol, initiates the Free Spins Mode. Accumulating 3 or more Free Spins symbols activates this mode, granting 7, 9, or 11 free spins based on the number of symbols obtained.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and brace yourselves for the spooktacular sensation that is Jack Potter Halloween – the slot game so thrilling, it'll have you howling for more! Get ready for a gaming adventure that will send shivers down your spine and pump up your adrenaline faster than a ghost fleeing from a pumpkin patch! This isn't your run-of-the-mill slot game; it's a hair-raising, heart-pounding extravaganza that takes the term "high stakes" to a whole new, terrifying level.

Forget the mundane slots you've played before; Jack Potter Halloween reigns supreme in the slot kingdom. Why settle for the same old, same old when you can spin your way through a world filled with mischievous Jokers, dancing skeletons, and grinning pumpkins that are just dying to help you strike it rich? Get ready for an electrifying experience that will haunt your dreams!
Dive into the eerie world of this online slot, where players assume the role of a fearless monster hunter committed to protecting ordinary people from the relentless assaults of the Ancient Vampire and his army of formidable creatures. The action intensifies when the grumpy Witch drops 3 Bonus symbols on the reels, triggering 8 free spins with only middle and high symbols in play.

In gratitude for players' heroism, the citizens reward them with valuable Coins. Collecting 6 or more Coins activates the thrilling Horror Respin feature, offering the chance to win Horror Mini (x20), Mega (x100), and Grand (x1,000) Jackpots.

Players have control over the gameplay – they can launch a counterattack by clicking the Buy Bonus button to trigger the Free Spins round immediately or choose to claim rewards in the Horror Respin feature. The decision is theirs, as they strategize to thwart these evil beings and save thousands of lives.
Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you explore Dracula's domain in search of blood-soaked features and huge wins, but beware, many dangers lay ahead with the undead hungry to taste the living! Dracula's Bloody Reels is a 5x3 reel, 25-payline slot set in Vlad the Impaler's country, shrouded in fog and among a graveyard of lost souls.

Hidden within the darkness lie coffins full of cash prizes with multiple chances to trigger free spins within-sync reels, plus potential big money cash respins if you dare to claim them.
A European Roulette game combined with the famous slot brand, Immortal Romance™ Roulette builds on the well-established multiplier mechanic, combining two exciting new features. With 4 guaranteed Lucky Numbers and brand-new Tri Rise™ feature all encapsulated within the Immortal Romance™ universe, the roulette experience is elevated to the next level.

The Tri Rise™ feature awards the player up to x2500 their bet. With 4 Lucky Numbers every spin, a brand-new feature and an world famous theme, there are plenty of reasons to take a bite of this game!
Max Win Gaming invites you to a spooky adventure!

They are the famous nightmare family that lives in the old castle just outside the city! Scary for some and funny for others, they are object of great curiosity among the local people! We offer you a chance to spend a day in the castle and get a closer look!

Are the creepy legends all true, or behind the scary shell you will find any good?
Join Hansel & Gretel as they navigate the delectable reels of the Candyhouse, where you’ll encounter sweet surprises and the Wicked Witch’s tantalizing temptations at every spin! Wins are yours when matching symbols grace adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. But that’s just the beginning!

Watch in awe as 2 to 5 reels randomly synchronise to become siblings, unveiling identical symbols and amplifying your winning potential. Cauldron Wilds brew up excitement by replacing paying symbols and offering juicy pay-outs. Trigger Free Spins by landing 3 or more scatters on Sibling Reels and watch those synchronised reels spin for extra thrills.

Can’t wait? Take fate into your hands with our Feature Buy option! Choose from Sibling Reels, 5 Sibling Reels, Free Spins, or Free Spins with 5 Siblings for a guaranteed feature activation. Your adventure begins now!

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