Experience a perilous adventure to rescue the town in Heroic Spins.

On the 5×3 slot grid, symbols such as a princess, dragons, treasure chests, monsters, and owls appear, forming winning combinations across 20 paylines. Wilds expand vertically to cover the entire reel, and if two or three land on the same reel, a 2x or 3x multiplier is applied to each Wild, respectively.

Activating the Free Spins round requires three or more Hero Scatter symbols. Before the bonus round begins, a fiery wheel is spun to determine both the number of Free Spins and the multiplier applied to all wins. In this game, the initial Expanding Wild multiplier is 2x, increasing to 4x for two Wilds or 6x if three Wilds land on a reel.
Delve into the exhilarating realm of Wild Drop Multiplier™, where each spin is brimming with thrills and delectable victories!

Immerse yourself in the excitement of this dynamic slot, featuring an innovative ‘dropping’ Wilds mechanism. As Wild symbols grace reels two, three, or four, they cascade down, leaving behind a lively path of Wilds, tantalizing players with the prospect of a cascade of fruity rewards!

Unleash the excitement of the Wild Drop Multiplier Free Spins Bonus by landing three or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the screen. Throughout the Bonus round, Wild symbols come with multipliers that progressively increase by +1 with each subsequent spin they appear. This multiplier also extends to new Wilds generated when a Wild cascades!

When two or three Wilds grace a payline, their multiplier values combine, paving the way for sumptuous wins that add that extra cherry on top!

For a tailored gaming experience, players can explore Fortune Bet, Bonus Buy, and Gamble options (where permitted). Fortune Bet heightens the likelihood of accessing the Free Spins bonus, Bonus Buy provides direct entry to the Free Spins Bonus, and Gamble presents players with the opportunity to amplify their winnings and/or enhance their chances of triggering the Free Spins Bonus.
Introducing an exciting new game tailored for pirate enthusiasts! Set sail and join the adventure in Riptide Pirates™, where you can seize the enemy’s fleet for grand rewards! Each reel boasts its own Riptide assortment. Completing a collection rewards players with a dynamic Riptide Wild Stack on that reel for the next spin! If another Riptide Wild Stack appears on a reel already occupied by one, the rewards multiply!

Riptide Pirates™ presents the chance to win big, with prizes scaling up to 5000x in the Pirates Bonus! Players kick off the feature with 1 - 4 cannons, with the number of cannons available depending on their progress in the Bonus Booster. The more Pirates Bonus symbols collected, the greater the arsenal available.

In the Pirates Bonus feature, cannons target various objectives on the board: ships, boats, and even treasure chests. These chests harbor bonus modifiers capable of transforming the entire gameplay, substantially boosting rewards!
Kenneth's life seems picture-perfect: sunny days, a loving family, a lucrative career, and a flashy ride. Yet, there's a lingering suspicion that there's more to his story, perhaps a hidden side that's not quite what it seems.

The Gimpier symbol has a unique rule—it can only appear on reel 5. When it does, it transforms into one of three symbols: Kinky Kenneth, Wild, or Kinky Wife. If removed due to an avalanche, the Gimpier symbol returns to its original spot.

Symbols in the special bottom row enter from the right, each gaining an increasing Big Balls multiplier as the spin progresses. These symbols split according to their multiplier when involved in a win. An avalanche is only triggered if a special row symbol contributes to a win, with winning positions filled from the right. Any new symbols added to the special reel inherit the highest existing multiplier.

A special event occurs when Kinky Kenneth and Kinky Wife symbols align on the regular reels. All symbols along the shortest path between them transform into either Wife, Kenneth, or Wild. Wins prior to this transformation are paid first, followed by any additional wins from the Kinky Hookup.

If exactly two Gimp symbols land, the Gimp Transform feature activates. The Gimp symbol morphs into one of several possibilities, including xWays®, xNudge®, Wild, Kinky Kenneth, Kenneth, Kinky Wife, or Wife. Similar to the Gimpier symbol, Gimp symbols return to their original positions after an avalanche.

The xHole feature triggers when the xHole™ symbol lands at the center of the main reel area. It sucks in symbols exclusively from the main reels, then redistributes them randomly in split forms ranging from size 2 to 8. In the case of a xNudge® Wild, its size and win multiplier change before it becomes a regular Wild. Gimp and Gimpier symbols also gain a multiplier based on their split size. However, xHole™ does not affect sticky Wilds, sticky xNudge® Wilds, or Gimp symbols when exactly three are present.

In the base game, landing three Gimp symbols initiates 8 Beefy Spins, during which the Big Balls multiplier remains active. Regular Wilds become sticky during these spins. If a Gimpier symbol appears, the bonus mode upgrades to Beefier Spins and grants an additional spin. If a Gimpier symbol coincides with an active xHole™ during an avalanche, the bonus mode becomes Beefiest Spins and awards two additional spins.

Furthermore, landing three Gimps and one Gimpier symbol triggers 9 Beefier Spins, enhancing the Beefy Spins features with sticky Gimpier symbols and Nudge Wilds. Finally, if three Gimps, one Gimpier, and an active xHole™ all land in the base game, 10 Beefiest Spins are initiated.
These traditional confections come together to form Cluster Links when they gather in groups of 5 or more, offering a delightful treat and the promise of even greater victories! The excitement mounts with the appearance of the Wild Candy Symbol, which not only multiplies clusters it connects with but also generates wild wins! Boosting the Wild Candies even further is the Wild Multiplier Symbol, enhancing the potential for creating extraordinary clusters with enormous winning opportunities! Retro Sweets also introduces the Instant Prize Multiplier, elevating ordinary Instant Prize Symbols to the possibility of forming remarkable winning clusters! Utilize the Sweet Collector Symbol to assemble your clusters. Gather an impressive selection of Special Symbols to trigger cluster wins that continue to expand!

Acting as a Scatter Symbol, this symbol can stand in for all others, excluding Special Symbols. When three or more appear anywhere on the reels, it initiates the Free Spins Feature. Each Wild Candy Symbol possesses an associated multiplier, initially set at 1x. With each participation in one or more cluster wins, the multiplier value of the Wild Candy Symbol escalates by one. This particular symbol is accompanied by a multiplier value of either 1x, 2x, 3x, or 5x. The Wild Multiplier Symbol allocates its multiplier value to all visible Wild Candy Symbols. Following allocation, it transforms into a random Instant Prize Symbol.

Instant Prizes represent bet multipliers spanning from 1x to 1000x. When these symbols form a cluster of 5 or more, they yield a win. Upon the appearance of an Instant Prize Multiplier Symbol, all Instant Prize Symbols visible are multiplied by its value, after which it morphs into an Instant Prize Symbol with a random value. This symbol may appear with values of 2x, 5x, or 10x.

This symbol selects a Paying Symbol at random and attracts all identical Symbols, resulting in a cluster win. The Sweet Collector Symbol can draw Wild Candy Symbols, Paying Symbols, and Instant Prizes! It can attract anywhere from 4 to 9 Symbols, and once a cluster is formed, it transforms into the Paying Symbol it drew or a random Instant Prize Symbol. During the Bonus Game, this Symbol attracts a random assortment of non-clustering symbols from the grid, creating space for clusters. It can also draw Instant Prize Symbols and Wild Candy Symbols!
Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure in Midas Golden Touch 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to the popular slot game Midas Golden Touch. Dive into action on a 3x5 grid boasting 15 pay lines, where a plethora of exciting features awaits.

Get ready to encounter Multiplier Wilds that enhance your winnings, experience the mesmerizing Gift of Midas feature, and delve into a Bonus Game packed with Sticky Respins, an Epic Wild symbol, and the opportunity for substantial payouts. Get set to be captivated as you pursue the golden touch and unveil treasures that exceed even your wildest imaginings in Midas Golden Touch 2.
We’re heading back to Tombstone, the domain of the fastest gunslingers in the Wild West. It’s prudent not to underestimate the potency of a traditional bounty. However, add a few extra implements to the equation, and you've got yourself a compelling reason to engage in some serious gunfire.

Wild symbols stretch three rows high on reels 2, 3, and 4. These Wilds always adjust to ensure they're fully visible. With each nudge of the Outlaw Wild, the win multiplier escalates by 1. These Wild symbols stand in for any other symbol except Scatter and Badge.

When you land three Scatters, you earn ten Gunslinger Spins. Throughout this feature, the Outlaw Wilds bestow an unlimited win multiplier that persists for the entire round. Additionally, each nudge of the Outlaw Wild increases the win multiplier by 1. Scatters also grant extra spins: 1 Scatter equals 1 extra spin, while 2 Scatters award 3 extra spins.

If you manage to land a Sheriff Badge on reel 1 and a Marshall Badge on reel 5, you trigger three Justice Spins. During these spins, Outlaw Wilds remain fixed in place.

Bounty Spins activate when you land a Sheriff Badge, three Scatters, and a Marshall Badge. This awards 12 Bounty Spins, blending elements from both Gunslinger Spins and Justice Spins. Once Outlaw Wilds land, they remain affixed to the reels, contributing to a win multiplier with each nudge. Like before, additional spins are granted by Scatters: 1 Scatter equals 1 extra spin, while 2 Scatters award 3 extra spins.
In the heart of Fire Portals' mountainous terrain lies a captivating enigma.

Upon the 7x7 grid of the game, various symbols such as potions, rings, and an hourglass await. Winning formations occur when five or more of these symbols align either horizontally or vertically during any spin. An innovative tumble feature promptly removes these formations, replacing them with fresh symbols cascading from above until no further victories emerge.

An extraordinary Fire Portal Wild may emerge during any spin, adept at substituting for all symbols except the Scatter. These Wilds materialize following wins devoid of their presence, manifesting randomly within the area of the victorious formation. Initially carrying a x1 multiplier, each consecutive win involving the Wild escalates its multiplier by x1, simultaneously shifting its position. In cases where multiple Wilds contribute to a single win, they merge, consolidating their multipliers.

Triggering a free spins bonus round necessitates landing three or more Scatters on a single spin, granting a minimum of 10 free games.

During the bonus round, Fire Portal Wilds persist, lingering on the screen until the round's conclusion. Even if Fire Portal Wilds debut on the spin that triggers the bonus round, they endure until the round reaches its end.
Enter the enchanting realm of Magic Lab™, where bubbling elixirs, vibrant mixtures, and a playful fiery lamp beckon you into an alchemical adventure across the spinning reels. Scatter Pays introduces the possibility of winning with 8 or more paying symbols, while Avalanche™ triggers a cascade of fresh symbols, opening avenues for consecutive triumphs. The enigmatic flaming lamp, serving as the Wild symbol, not only endures wins without vanishing but also augments its power with a +1 multiplier after each Avalanche™.

Discover the secrets of Free Spins by landing 3 to 5 Scatters, with each Scatter granting a unique enhancement on every spin, promising an exhilarating blend of features. From the Fixed Wild, steadfastly anchoring in place, to the Erase Symbol, banishing elements from the reels, and even the Double Multiplier, there's an array of instant enchantments awaiting exploration. For those eager for immediate marvels, the Buy Feature option guarantees access to Free Spins, offering a shortcut to the mystical wonders of alchemy. Immerse yourself in the world of Magic Lab™ – where potions, sorcery, and grand victories await your revelation!

A victory is achieved with 8 or more paying symbols, irrespective of their positioning on the screen. Symbols composing wins vanish, clearing the path for new symbols to descend, potentially forming fresh victories.

The Wild symbol serves as a substitute for all paying symbols, boasting an escalating multiplier that ascends by 1 with each Avalanche™. Although it endures on the reels after contributing to wins, only a single Wild symbol can manifest at any given time.

Trigger 5 Free Spins by landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. Each triggering Scatter bestows 1 enhancement on every spin during Free Spins, with up to 5 Scatters in the base game ensuring an enhancement on each spin within Free Spins. The enhancements activate sequentially on the corresponding Free Spin before the reels halt.

Fixed Wild: 1 Wild is securely locked in place at random on the reels. It remains fixed in that position until the conclusion of Free Spins. Erase Symbol: A single type of symbol is eradicated from the reels until the conclusion of Free Spins. Double Multiplier: The cumulative Wild Multiplier during the Free Spins feature is doubled upon activation of this enhancement.
In the sequel to the legendary Ragnawolves WildEnergy, the formidable Ragnaravens emerge from the shadows.

These powerful birds, known as Super Wild Ravens, can swoop down to seize control of the reels and enhance the multiplier following a victory. Fueled by the innovative WildEnergy mechanism, the Norse deities Thor and Loki possess the ability to appear on the reels, providing players with persistent respins. By harnessing the combined abilities of the ravens and the gods, players can experience an explosive surge in their gameplay.

The might of Odin unlocks access to the ultimate Free Spins mode, maintaining the vigor of the Base Game. It's time to take flight and soar alongside the Ravens! Ragnaravens, featuring a "pay both ways" format, introduces Countdown Sticky Wilds and Multiplier Wilds, which together deliver additional multipliers.

The Loki and Thor Countdown Wild symbols boast a maximum of 4 "Lives." Upon achieving a win, respins commence with these symbols becoming sticky. The Buy Bonus feature enables players to purchase 7 or 10 spins and gain entry to Free Spins.

When the Multiplier Raven Wild lands on reels 2 and 5, respins begin with this wild symbol becoming sticky. Respins persist as long as new wins are attained. Triggering 3 or more Free Spins Symbols rewards players with up to 10 Free Spins. All wilds present in Free Spins offer the same features and respins as in the Base Game.
Restless apparitions hover amidst aged family portraits, their murmurs hinting at vanished fortunes. Igor Vasilievich, once the formidable head of the family, now pursues them, unearthing wealth from the realm beyond!

Enter Ghost Father, an exhilarating Video Slot game played on a 3×5 grid with 20 paylines, boasting a maximum win potential exceeding 10000x the initial wager. Within this game, you'll encounter cash symbols, a collection feature offering instant wins, and an enthralling Free Spins round with substantial cash rewards, along with cash symbols accompanied by collectible enhancements, wild symbols featuring multipliers, opportunities for retriggers, and an amplifier function.

During the Base game, cash symbols act as standard symbols unless the Golden bet feature is activated, rendering wild symbols inactive.

The Free Spins round is triggered by landing 3 to 5 scatter symbols, granting players 7 to 12 Free Spins. Wild symbols may emerge at random, substituting for any symbol except the scatter or cash symbols.

Wilds accumulate the values of cash symbols present on the grid, providing an immediate payout. These cash symbols may appear alongside Gem, lightning, or coin enhancements, granting additional spins, multiplying wilds, or extra cash symbols. The cash symbols hold the potential to bestow rewards of up to 1000 times the initial bet.

Randomly triggered, the Amplifier feature introduces 3-8 cash symbols, with or without enhancements, amplifying the excitement of the game.
Welcome to Piggy Bankers! Can you sense it? The clinking of gleaming gold coins nestled within a large rosy piggy bank? Give it a vigorous shake! It appears there are substantial rewards waiting to be seized! Are you eager to amass wealth? Then direct your attention to Piggy Bankers!

There exist various avenues to reap rewards! Can you outsmart the bank's cutting-edge security measures and stout steel gates to infiltrate the vaults? If successful, all the treasures housed within the Piggy Bank vaults shall be yours for the taking! BAM, CRASH, BOOM! Detonate the bank vault entrances, shattering them wide open and force your entry into the colossal safe. Just ensure you execute the operation swiftly and guarantee a hasty retreat to savor your spoils!

Think you possess the prowess to execute the grandest bank robbery Piggy Bank has ever witnessed? Why not give Piggy Bankers a whirl and subject your abilities to the ultimate examination? Shake your piggy bank and set the reels spinning, discover the magnitude of your potential winnings!
Conquer the Dragon's Realm!

Set off on a grand journey with this captivating 3x5 video slot featuring 9 fixed pay lines. Encounter the awe-inspiring Wilds, where legendary dragons awaken, bringing luck to those brave enough to encounter them. Be cautious of the Roaming Wilds that wander across the reels, igniting a path of thrill.

Utilize the power of the Wild Multiplier, a mystical energy that boosts your winnings with each spin. The excitement peaks in the Bonus Game, where Free Spins and retriggers unveil concealed treasures. Prepare to confront the dragon's fury and emerge triumphant in a slot where mythical creatures and endless riches collide!

Three Dragon Emblem symbols appearing anywhere on the reels during the Base game will activate the Bonus Game, granting 3 Free Spins.

During the Bonus Game, the Dragon Emblem symbol transforms into a Roaming Wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol and persisting on the reels throughout the Bonus Game. Prior to each subsequent Free Spin, it will shift to an adjacent position. No two Roaming Wild symbols can move to the same position. A spin resulting in one or more Roaming Wild symbols within winning pay lines will bestow an additional Free Spin.

The Roaming Wild symbol carries a base multiplier of x2. Following a spin where one or more Roaming Wild symbols contribute to pay line wins, their current multipliers are randomly added to another Roaming Wild Symbol, up to a maximum multiplier of x50. When calculating wins on pay lines involving Roaming Wild symbols, their multipliers accumulate. However, a 50x multiplier cannot accumulate additional multipliers.

For instance, a Roaming Wild symbol with a x2 multiplier and another with a x4 multiplier yield a total multiplier of x6 for that particular win. The highest total multiplier achievable from Roaming Wild symbols forming part of a single pay line is x150 (50+50+50).
When deeply entrenched in the throes of full-scale conflict, you must unleash all you possess in a desperate bid for victory. In this chaotic arena, chaos becomes your ally, and with a potent mixture of determination and adrenaline, hope may yet endure. Everything hinges on this moment.

A random spot is chosen on the reel grid and transformed into a Wild symbol with a random multiplier of 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100. If the selected spot is already Wild, the random multiplier increases by +1. In case of simultaneous triggering of multiple features, Atomic Wild always takes precedence. Stuka planes will appear diagonally, moving from left to right or right to left. They will split all paying symbols and double their size, with a maximum of 7 Stukas possible per spin, limited to one per diagonal.

2-5 Bombers may appear randomly on different reels, with one Bomber per reel. All paying symbols on these reels will convert into Wild symbols from top to bottom. If an Anti-Air symbol is present on the reel, Wild transformation halts just above it. If a Wild is already present, the multiplier increases by +1 for that symbol. 2-5 Panzers may appear randomly in different rows, with one Panzer per row. Every low-paying symbol on these rows transforms into a Wild symbol, except for the Foot Soldier symbol. If a Wild is present, the multiplier increases by +1 for that symbol. The Howitzer feature randomly selects 1-7 paying symbols and converts them into Wild symbols, excluding Commando symbols or existing Wild symbols.

Landing 3 Scatter symbols triggers Neptune Spins. Upon activation, you'll have a pick-and-reveal option, unveiling 2 out of 5 features. If a Scatter lands on reel 5 during Neptune Spins, the Atomic Wild feature activates, leaving only 1 option to pick from the remaining 4 features. Each revealed feature activates at least once during Neptune Spins.

Landing 4 Scatter symbols triggers Invasion Spins. Upon activation, you'll have a pick-and-reveal option, unveiling 3 out of 5 features. If a Scatter lands on reel 5 during Invasion Spins, the Atomic Wild feature activates, offering only 2 options to pick from the remaining 4 features. Each revealed feature activates at least once during Invasion Spins.

Landing 5 Scatter symbols triggers Overlord Spins. The Atomic Wild feature is guaranteed, allowing you to pick and reveal 3 features out of the remaining 4. Each revealed feature activates at least once during Overlord Spins.
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening at Love is in the Fair! Keep your composure as you anticipate the date of a lifetime. Wander along the boardwalk accompanied by your ideal companion, soaking in the sights and sounds of the fairgrounds. Capture a prize, immortalize the moment with a romantic photograph, and soar on the giant wheel, ensuring this becomes a night etched in memory.

Engage in the core gameplay of Love is in the Fair by spinning the 5x3 reels, aiming to form winning symbol combinations while exploring various bonus features. Will you dazzle your date amidst the backdrop of passion and romance? Brace yourself for amusement and merriment at the fair, where the essence of love hangs in the air.

Throughout your rendezvous, seize the opportunity to indulge in all the fair has to offer, with Romantic Pics serving as your guide. Progress through the Love Map by amassing these captivating images, ensuring you traverse every corner of the fairgrounds and create countless cherished moments.

Each acquired pic advances your journey on the Love Map, unlocking new multipliers for the game ranging from x2 to x100 as you reach specific fairground attractions. Furthermore, your progress remains intact even if you momentarily depart and return to the game.

While spinning the reels in the base game, the Multiplier Wilds feature may activate, affixing a multiplier—ranging from x2 to x100—to any Wild symbol landing on the reels.

During the base game, Romantic Pics symbols have the potential to stack, towering three symbols high on each reel. This significantly heightens the likelihood of triggering the Free Spins feature, launching the round with 15 Romantic Pics.

Upon landing three Romantic Pics scatters, embark on the Free Spins round, where you'll be whisked away on the ferris wheel of affection. The Multiplier Wild feature initiates at x2 and elevates with every trio of Romantic Pics collected, granting additional Free Spins and increasing the multiplier until the feature concludes.
Prospect Gaming ignites the excitement with sizzling, chili-powered victories in Arriba Heat! Kicking off in the base game, the Wild Fiesta feature triggers randomly upon Wilds landing. During Wild Fiesta, Wilds glide across adjacent symbols, converting them into extra Wilds. If a Wild intersects another Wild, it transforms into an X2 Wild, leading to even greater payouts!

When the Chilli Inferno respins are triggered, Mr. Peppe takes center stage on the grid, gathering each chili that lands. Players forfeit a life if no chilies land. Chilli Inferno consists of three tiers. In the initial tier, Mr. Peppe must gather chilies with a collective value of 20 to advance.

Progressing to the second tier requires accumulating chilies with a total value of 50, unlocking access to the third tier. Chilies in the second tier are multiplied by X2, and in the third tier by X3. A multiplier is applied for every 50-total chili count in the third tier. Mr. Peppe's symbol expands from 1x1 to 2x2, and ultimately to 2x3, as he ascends through each tier.
Nestled deep within the pristine northern forests, the Brew Brothers are hard at work concocting their renowned elixir in this enchanting slot adventure. These rugged siblings beckon you into their realm of rustic escapades, promising an experience that’s as untamed as it is thrilling.

With the potential to pocket a staggering 12,000 times your initial wager, the Brew Brothers slot delivers an exhilarating ride of anticipation. Keep a keen eye on the Wild symbols adorned with potent multipliers, propelling your winnings to breathtaking levels. Activate the Free Spins feature and prepare for the sticky wilds that cling to the reels, heightening your chances of scoring substantial payouts. And beware of Old Betty, the Wild enhancer, injecting a touch of enchantment into your gaming session.

Embark on an adventure with the Brew Brothers, where magical brews flow freely and excitement knows no bounds. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey filled with rustic allure and the promise of extraordinary rewards in this pulse-pounding slot odyssey!

In response to the ever-evolving preferences of players, Slotmill games incorporate three integrated features designed to enhance excitement: ‘Burst Mode,’ ‘Fast Track,’ and ‘Xtra-Bet.’ Burst Mode operates as an advanced auto-play, completing two game rounds per second. Fast Track grants players direct access to the game's bonus features, while Xtra-Bet allows players to increase their bets, thereby boosting their chances of triggering a bonus round. These features have garnered widespread acclaim among players.
Welcome to a delightful journey through the lively back alleys of the city with the slot – Pigeon Hut! This game, inspired by cartoons, showcases a bold art style and a heartwarming ambiance that will uplift your mood. Envision yourself dashing down a lively street on a pigeon-filled night. As you set the reels in motion, witness the enchantment unfold: the wild firecracker symbol initiates a captivating display, causing the pigeons to scatter from the reels and leaving a trail of locked wild symbols in their wake.

Prepare for an exhilarating respin for each firecracker symbol, and observe as your winnings reach new heights with the locked wilds. The thrill intensifies with each additional firecracker symbol, replicating and locking in position for an extended winning streak! When night descends into Free Spins, the back alley springs to life, filled with pigeons and a heightened likelihood of encountering those explosive firecracker symbols. Brace yourself for the Pigeon Run respins and enhance your opportunities to win big in this enchanting escapade!
Discover your luck in our latest and thrilling Megaways release, Gimme the Honey Megaways! Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with cascading wins, Queen Bee Wilds, and a rewarding Free Spins Bonus. Immerse yourself in classic Megaways action, offering up to 117,649 ways to win!

The delightful Queen Bee Wilds make their entrance when a Golden Hive Symbol lands on the bottom tracker, unfurling a stacked Wild that blankets the entire reel, presenting more opportunities for significant wins. The Queen Bee Wild stack stays in place, providing respins while elevating its multiplier with each respin until a win is achieved! Show us the honey!

Trigger the Free Spins Bonus by landing 3 or more Bonus Symbols anywhere in view, receiving a set of free spins based on the number of triggering Bonus Symbols. Watch out, as even 2 non-winning Bonus Symbols have the chance to randomly transform into Wild Symbols. Throughout the bonus round, the escalating multiplier is exclusively activated by the persistent presence of the Queen Bee Wild in view. The Queen Bee Wild multiplier is unwavering during the bonus and continues to ascend.

Mystery Symbols add an extra layer of excitement by revealing any paid symbol, excluding Wilds, Queen Bee, and Bonus symbols. Anticipate surprises as you spin the reels and delve into the world of Gimme the Honey Megaways for a chance to enjoy sweet victories and a truly buzzing gaming experience!
Engage in an epic clash of Dragons vs Pandas, navigating 40 lines across two sets of 4-reel games. Witness the excitement as Wilds leap across the reels, creating even more substantial victories. Take your pick and emerge victorious in this thrilling battle!

The Jumping Wilds Feature is triggered when a Jumping Wild appears in any position on the reels. Each Jumping Wild in the Dragon Reels or Panda Reels transforms a symbol position in the same row on the opposite game position into a Jumping Wild. If the chosen symbol position already features a Jumping Wild, the multiplier for that Wild increases by 1x for each additional Jumping Wild awarded on that symbol position.

Initiate the Dragons VS Pandas feature by landing 1 VS Coin symbol along with any combination of 2 other Coin symbols in any position. Choose either the Dragon Reels or the Panda Reels for the feature, and the spin unfolds simultaneously on both game positions. Line wins are exclusively paid for the selected game position. Make your strategic choice and plunge into the gripping conflict between these mighty creatures!
Prepare to accelerate into high gear, where Rev it up Redline will not only rev up your engines but also boost your cash! This game is a thrilling adventure brimming with multipliers. Accumulate Spin-crease points with each spin, witness the meter advance, and enjoy persistent multiplier increases by +1x.

There are four distinctive levels, reaching up to 3x, 4x, 5x, and an impressive 6x, respectively. Player progress is securely saved, allowing players to reap the benefits of their achievements, such as higher multipliers, every time they return to the game.

Achieve a trio of Bonus symbols, and the excitement continues as you get to choose your preferred bonus round: opt for more free spins or higher multipliers – the power is in your hands! Get ready for a gaming experience that combines the thrill of speed with the exhilaration of multiplying your rewards.
Explore the cosmic wonders within Giga Blast, where the universe unfolds as your vast playground, and the stars seamlessly align. Let the Star Wilds be your guides as the enthralling stellar spectacle commences with Wild Blast.

Marvel at the celestial indicators adorning the spaces above the reels and rows, triggering dazzling celestial explosions whenever a Star Wild lands nearby. With explosions occurring both horizontally and vertically, it's akin to a cosmic fireworks display, enhancing the multipliers of existing Star Wilds by +1.

Venture further into the cosmic expanse and unveil the allure of Free Spins, your gateway to an interstellar bonus adventure. Identify 3 or more Free Spins symbols, and you'll secure 10 - 25 spins, with an additional chance for 5 more during the bonus round. As a cosmic voyager, take the leap into the Feature Buy for an assured adventure.

Are you ready to commence your cosmic journey in Giga Blast?
Welcome to Eggsponential, where prehistoric thrills meet modern rewards! This slot takes you on a journey back in time to a rocky landscape filled with wild fruits and, most importantly, a gigantic 1x2 Egg in the center that can amplify your fortunes.

Crack open the fun with just a trio of Scatter symbols, unleashing a flurry of Free Spins. Watch in awe as the Egg's multiplier skyrockets to an incredible x500, ramping up your wins like a volcanic eruption. It's a historic adventure where every spin could hatch monumental wins.

So, put on your caveman boots and get ready to play Eggsponential – where the thrill of the past meets the rewards of today!
Get ready for a Western escapade with The Wild Gang, where cowboy boots and adventure collide.

This Slot boasts a distinctive 3-4-4-4-4-3 reel setup, featuring symbols like blades, bottles, and sheriff badges. To snag a prize, players must assemble a winning combination of at least three symbols from left to right.

Across the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels, four different Wilds may emerge, each with a distinct gang member but sharing identical functions. When Wilds land on the second and third reels, they act as usual, substituting for all pay symbols and earning a random multiplier of up to x4. Should three or more Wilds appear on a single spin in the base game, they double up as Scatters, unlocking the free spins bonus round.

Three Wilds trigger the Wanted Free Spins round, offering a x2 multiplier on their first appearance during the bonus and a x3 multiplier on their second. Meanwhile, four Wilds activate the Dead or Alive Free Spins round, expanding the game grid to 6×4 and granting players 4,096 ways to win, along with a x4 Wild multiplier.

These multipliers accumulate on a meter throughout the round, persisting until its conclusion and applying to each spin's winnings.

In the base game, players can also trigger the free spins bonus rounds through a bonus buy option. Wanted Free Spins cost 80 times the player's bet, while Dead or Alive Free Spins come at a cost of 200 times the bet.
Welcome to the land of chocolate rivers and milkshake clouds! Immerse yourself in the sweet wonders of Candy Paradise™, where each candy holds the promise of a delightful taste and miraculous experiences.

Indulge in the juicy Jelly Wilds, collecting them carefully into your Wild Candy Box. Once you gather enough, watch as they transform into glittering Wild Swirls! During random Respins in Candy Paradise™, these Wild Swirls travel to the reels, triggering sweet big wins. And when Wild Swirls collide, they form Multiplier Wilds, reaching up to 5x, multiplying your sugary treasures for an even sweeter victory!
When four determined teenage investigators ventured into an abandoned shopping mall to unravel the mystery behind its sudden closure, they expected to uncover a case of corporate negligence and mismanagement.

Little did they anticipate that their exploration would lead them into a nightmarish scenario. Trapped within the decaying confines of the mall, they find themselves pitted against Juggy, a malevolent animatronic toy with a malfunctioning AI. Now, their once-innocent adventure has turned into a desperate struggle for survival, as they face the relentless pursuit of this vengeful mechanical menace.
Step into the enchanting yet eerie world of the lovely mistress, who welcomes her guests to a dreamlike mansion echoing with the luxury of centuries past. With a face that masks both beauty and danger, the mistress, known as Eternal Widow, graciously bestows valuable gifts upon her guests. But beware, behind those plump red lips lies a pair of thirsty fangs!

Eternal Widow™ collects Wild Blood from her victims, storing it in her sinister Blood Heart amulet. The mere drop of Wild Blood can trigger a Blood Frenzy, leading to a Respin feature. During this time, existing Wilds burn with her wrath, clinging to their positions on the reels until the feature concludes. Then, the Sinister amulet spreads its bloody wings above the middle reels, showering them with additional Wilds to nurture your significant wins!

Discover the grim truth and unimaginable bloody treasures hidden behind Eternal Widow’s imposing name by finding 3 or more ancient Free Spins gravestones. Enter her dark Free Spins manor at your own peril, where you'll encounter four of her Undead Husbands, who once dared to marry an immortal vampiress. Brace yourself for a chilling encounter with the supernatural!
Welcome t o Fireborn, a mythical journey into the world of dragons! In this 5-reel, 5-row game, you'll encounter majestic Gold, Red, Green, and Blue Dragons, each with unique powers and features. Get ready t o embark on a n unforgettable adventure!

The maximum win in this game is 15,000 times your bet and can be achieved in the base game and bonus game.
A monkey experiencing an identity crisis receives a visitation from the unknown, but it's not about to undergo examination without a fight. Armed with the most potent weaponry available to its species, the spacefaring primate takes on waves of extraterrestrial invaders, all while collecting valuable gold. It's a timeless tale of defiance!

In the game, the Abduction Wild feature can be found on reels 2-6. When the Wild contributes to a win, it stays in place and evolves for the subsequent drop. Descending downward, the Wild captures regular paying symbols, increasing its multiplier for each one removed. The multiplier corresponds to the number of symbols in that position. Chopper symbols may emerge on reels 2-5 during the main game. Triggering the Hellfire feature requires three or more Chopper symbols. Each Chopper symbol fires in a specific direction, with subsequent symbols firing in additional directions. The multiplier from the Chopper is applied to all Wild and regular paying symbols in those directions.

If three Scatters land, the Hide N’ Seek feature is activated. The Scatters transform into traps within a 6x6 grid, forming a continuous loop around the edges. Each turn presents two values: 'Direction' and 'Steps,' guiding the monkey as it collects chest values. The monkey's journey ends if it loses all its lives, either by encountering an alien or falling into a trap. Initially equipped with three lives, both the monkey and aliens lose a life upon collision. Traps vanish upon the monkey's arrival, unlike aliens. When the monkey steps on a position, it activates or collects the symbol's ability, triggering a reel drop for removed symbols. However, trap symbols do not drop.

Four Scatters initiate the Seek N’ Destroy feature, granting additional monkey shields for each extra Scatter. Within a 5x6 grid, random multipliers (ranging from 1 to 10) appear above columns 2-6, while aliens advance towards the monkey each turn. The monkey leaps to a random row with each turn, eliminating aliens and ultimately destroying the mothership. Upon elimination, an alien's value is multiplied by the column's multiplier and awarded. Aliens vary in life points, and booster symbols granting shields or weapon upgrades may also emerge in the launcher tube. The feature concludes when the monkey runs out of lives or triggers Monkeypendence Day.
For centuries, inhabitants on Jellon have used Porta-loos as entry points to earth. Fascinated by human life, they gather and master any item of importance, and use them as part of their vibrant rituals.

J-POP is a 6 reel, 4 rows popping slot. It comes with big symbols, walking wilds, symbol upgrades, expanding rows, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 25,000x bet.

3 or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with safety levels up to a maximum of 8 rows and 262 144 ways to win. Free drops can be retriggered.
Let dragons and moons light up your path during the Moon Festival and beyond as you spin the reels in Moonrise Fortunes Hold and Win. Including Cashpots, Hold and Win symbols and Spins, Buy Bonus and incrementing Multiplier Wilds during the Free Spins game, Moonrise Fortunes Hold and Win offers an immersive experience that transports you to a world of mysticism and potential wealth.

Enjoy the harmonious blend of captivating visuals, serene soundscapes, and the allure of dragons. Moonrise Fortunes Hold and Win is a captivating and rewarding gaming experience.
Indulge in a candy shopping spree like never before with NetEnt’s 101 Candies! This 7-reel, 7-row Cluster Pays™ video slot is packed with sweet features that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. When at least 5 of the same candy symbols join, your wins accumulate in the Total Win Jar by the reels, and the Avalanche™ mechanic drops new candies onto the reels.

The Wild Conveyor of 2x-101x Multipliers, sitting on the top of the gaming grid, delivers wilds, potentially boosting a following cluster win. When 1 of the 4 Feature Coin symbols randomly triggers, it may Upgrade, Destroy, or Scramble wild multipliers in the Conveyor, or Transform a symbol into another. If you’re lucky, you’ll trigger 10-15 Free Spins when 3-8 Scatters appear on the reels. What are you waiting for? Play NetEnt’s 101 Candies and see if you have what it takes to fill up the coin jar with some sweet wins!
Legends truly endure, and it seems 'they' were onto something! A Nolimit slot has united history's most renowned and gloriously decayed stars for a final spectacle, crafting an explosively thrilling experience: Welcome to The Crypt.

Introducing a mysterious symbol capable of encapsulating 2 to 3 identical symbols within, expanding the reels in the process. These xWays® Symbols can grace any reel, extending it to a towering height of 6 symbols. With the potential for multiple xWays symbols in a single spin, the reels can expand to offer an astonishing 46,656 win ways.

Triggering the bonus mode requires the appearance of 3 Scatter symbols, granting 10 resurrection Spins. Each additional Scatter symbol awards an extra 3 Resurrection Spins. In the bonus mode, at least one xWays® symbol is guaranteed with every initial cascade.

During Resurrection Spins, every fourth cascade that results in a win transforms one of the five deceased legends into Wilds for the remainder of the bonus round, accompanied by an additional +2 spins. Furthermore, any win featuring the highest paying symbol garners a +1x multiplier for that symbol. However, cascades exclusively involving the highest paying symbol contribute solely to multiplier escalation and do not aid in the transformation of symbols to Wilds.
Step back in time to the days of the Roman Empire where emperors ruled with an iron fist and Caesar’s glory was celebrated in the streets of Rome! In Roamin’ Romans UltraNudge you too can pay tribute to Caesar and his glittering achievements.

Spin the reels and maybe the great man will grace you with his presence and bestow the honour of his favour! Hail Caesar!
Make your way to the bank and join the excitement with Piggy Bankers™. This 5×4 slot showcases symbols like banknotes, piggy banks, and the bankers themselves, serving as Wilds that can stand in for any other symbol. An additional reel sits atop the grid, and if a full stack of Wilds aligns beneath a banknote, players can score up to 100x its value.

Trigger a Wild respin whenever a full stack of Wilds lands, with the complete Piggy Banker Wilds shifting left or right across the reels. Triggering free spins requires either landing a free spins banknote or two stacked Wilds in one spin, unlocking a round of free games where Wilds can be multiplied for impressive winning potential!

The FREE SPINS feature begins upon collecting a FREE SPINS banknote or when two significant WILDS meet, starting with 5 free spins. Exclusive to the FREE SPINS round is the appearance of a banknote worth 1000x the total bet.

The RESPIN feature remains active during FREE SPINS. Whenever two significant WILDS meet on the same reel, an additional free spin is awarded, and both Wilds receive a 2x multiplier before splitting and moving to opposite ends of the screen.

Each split significant WILD retains a 2x multiplier, with subsequent meetings increasing the multiplier by 1x. When FREE SPINS start, all significant WILD symbols triggered during the base game respin are cleared. Once the round concludes, the base game respin session resumes from where the significant WILDS were positioned before the round began.

Note: During the FREE SPINS round, the FREE SPINS banknote cannot appear on the BANKNOTE REEL.
Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline-fueled adventure in the sandy wasteland with Snowborn Games’ latest blockbuster release, Cat Clans 2™ - Mad Cats! This is the game that everyone’s engines are revving about, with our mad cats on turbocharge!

With sandstorms, rumbling thunder, and blasting beats, you’ll feel the excitement from the very first spin. And with totally mad wins of up to 20,000x your bet waiting for you, there’s no telling how big your payday could be! Join Fluff Warrior, Meowrauder, Treat Eater, and Impawrtant Bro on a wild journey filled with twists and turns.

With our mad cats, you’ll never know what’s around the next corner... But with exciting features like Furry Spins, Mad Respins, and mystery boxes full of surprises, you’ll always be ready for whatever comes your way!
Once again, the notorious gunslingers return, relentlessly pursuing any target with a bounty on their head, regardless of virtue or vice. In this realm, morality takes a backseat to the allure of riches. You're either fully committed or facing certain demise.

Scatter symbols exclusively land on reels 2, 3, and 4. When 3 Scatter symbols align on these reels, Raid Spins are triggered. Aligning bonus symbols on the same row as 3 Scatter symbols activates Showdown Spins. Bonus symbols can only appear on reels 1 and 5 but may also emerge in the middle reels during a Mexican Standoff.

Initiating a Mexican Standoff requires bonus symbols to land on reels 1 and 5 of the same row. This triggers a respin for that row while disabling the others. Each bonus symbol turns into a sticky Wild, offering a 6x multiplier. During a Mexican Standoff, if a Bounty Hunter Wild appears, it also becomes a sticky Wild with a 6x multiplier. All sticky Wild multipliers are applied cumulatively. Landing bonus symbols during a Mexican Standoff awards additional respins, acting as Wilds for subsequent respins and remaining sticky until the feature concludes.

During Raid Spins, the reel layout expands to a 4x5 area in the center, accommodating thugs and bosses. Additionally, 5-row high reels flank the left and right sides, with a 4-reel row at the bottom, each guarded by a Hunter. The feature begins with 3 spins and resets to 3 whenever a thug or boss lands in the central reel area.

In Showdown Spins, the reel area enlarges to 5x5, centered around thugs and a formidable Hard Honcho Boss. Surrounding the Hard Honcho Boss in a diamond formation are 12 thugs, 8 directly adjacent and 4 positioned on the outer edges. Similar to Raid Spins, the feature begins with 3 spins and resets with each thug landing in the central reel area. The Hard Honcho Boss starts with a 6x coin value and alternates behavior akin to the Raid Spins bosses with each spin. Upon collecting the Hard Honcho Boss, new thugs fill the empty positions of the diamond formation for the subsequent spin.
Meet TIPSY, a masterful brewer whose skillfulness promises an enthralling voyage. WILDS amplify your winnings while overflowing BEER MUGS bring forth abundant victories, as the reels expand, unveiling a delightful spectacle.

The pinnacle of TIPSY's expertise lies in the exhilarating Free Spins, delving into the intricacies of brewing to unveil unprecedented profits. Join us in the lab and let TIPSY work their magic!
Are you brave enough to venture into long-lost palaces and tombs in search of mystical treasures? If you make it safely to the Inca Temple, harness the might of the 4 Inca Masks, powerful relics of the once great Empire; their colors are as dazzling as the poisonous dart frogs that croak in the balmy rainforest heat.

Channel the might of the Masks, draw magical energy from the elements around you and commence fearsome Inca Battle. Call upon the Red Mask and rain down fire with lava-energy from the Andean Volcanic Belt! Summon the magics of the Purple Mask, as vibrant as the jungle’s spectacular frogs and jewelcolored beetles (and just as mystical)!

There’s also the Blue Mask, drawing energy from the water all around; calm and still like the glittering Lake Titicaca, or roaring like the raging rivers and thundering waterfalls! Finally, there is the Green Mask, drawing power from Mother Earth herself! Grab your explorer’s hat and a torch and see what kind of mysteries and treasures you can unearth. Harness the ancient powers of the colorful elemental masks and win an Inca Battle in 4 Masks of Inca. Are you ready to explore the lost tombs of the Inca Empire?
The Glorious Pharaoh, a viceroy of the gods, greets the pilgrims in a mesmerizing Ruby Temple. The legend says that anything he touches turns into gold, and the perfect symmetry of his face pays generously both ways.

Collect Wild Rubies for a chance to awaken the ancient Sun God of Egypt from his slumber and trigger the Ruby Respin feature, where existing Wilds melt in his radiant shine and stick to their positions until the Respin feature is over. The Sun God will spread his ruby wings above the middle reels and shower them with additional Wild Rubies!

Place 3 or more sacred Bonus pyramids on the reels to enter the Free Spins sanctuary! Two mighty blessing collections will help you conquer your legendary quest: Pharaoh Power and Wild Upgrade.

Return 10 Golden Masks to the Pharaoh, and His Majesty will upgrade your symbols with his mighty Pharaoh Power. Pick up pockets full of rubies and gift them to the Sun God to obtain Wild Upgrade blessing: all Wilds on the reels will gain +1 Multiplier with every 10 rubies collected!

Solve the riddles of Ruby and Gold, praise the Sun, and obtain hidden treasures of Ancient Kings!
Every day can be your lucky day in HOT LUCKY 7’s™! The essence of adrenaline and high hopes ring through the air as you relax into your lucky chair at your favorite casino. You take the first sip of that delicious complimentary beverage, and ease into the ambiance of winning while the sounds of jazz and cheerfully clinking machines draw you in. This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers, sure to excite your players with the rush of their favorite casino experience, right at home!

With the chance to win up to 10,102X their bet, HOT LUCKY 7’s™ gives players an enthralling reminiscent experience, as well as ease of play, and seemingly endless chances to win! This charming game features classic symbols and simple features for a no-frills, all thrills style of play. HOT LUCKY 7’s™ is a 1024 WAYS game with no paylines which gives players the access to potential wins in all possible winning combinations – filling spin after spin with fun and simple wins!

This highly popular game format is appealing to all players with its relaxing, reminiscent feel, eye-catching visuals, and the thrill of possibility in every spin.
Unleash the power of Excalibur for legendary victories in Excalibur Unleashed™. This slot, steeped in fantasy, introduces a cast of heroic animal companions as its top-paying symbols, accompanied by regal crowns and enchanted crystal balls. Players aim to form matching combinations of these symbols to claim their rewards. When wilds land on the first or fifth reel, they unlock a wild reel along with a random multiplier, elevating the potential for magnificent wins!

In the free spins round, wild multiplier reels become sticky and progressively increase by 1x for each win they contribute to, playing a pivotal role in reaching the slot's maximum win potential.

Whenever a WILD symbol lands, it expands vertically to fill the entire reel and may receive a random multiplier from a predefined set. These multipliers range from x2 to x20 and apply to all winning combinations passing through them. If multiple WILDs contribute to the same winning combination, their multipliers are cumulative.

Trigger the FREE SPIN round by landing 2 WILD symbols on reels 1 and 5, initiating 6 free spins. The FREE SPINS round commences with the random WILD multipliers determined during the triggering spin. Throughout the FREE SPINS round, expanded WILDS remain fixed on the screen until the round concludes. After each free spin, if a WILD contributes to a winning combination, its multiplier increases by one until the end of the round. If both WILDS contribute to any winning combination within the same free spin, an additional free spin is awarded, enhancing the excitement of the quest for legendary victories.

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