Chase after the vibrant colors and discover treasures in Rainbow Jackpots Megaways™! The favorite Lucky Leprechaun makes a comeback in Megaways format, offering up to 117,649 ways to win!

Stay alert for the Lucky Leprechaun, who can appear at any time, puffing on his pipe and activating thrilling features. Experience the wonder of Random Tiles and Mega Random Tiles, where symbols appear to create winning combinations on the reels. Dive into Free Spins or Mega Free Spins, presenting chances for incredible rewards. Toast to the Beer Bonus, delivering instant cash prizes and multipliers. Enjoy the enchantment of the Fairy Bonus, guiding you through a mystical journey with cascading crystals and instant cash prizes at every level. With the Feature Buy option, summon the Lucky Leprechaun or activate the magic of the Beer Bonus, Fairy Bonus, or Free Spins.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure brimming with endless excitement in Rainbow Jackpots Megaways™!

Landing 3 or 4 Beer Bonus symbols on reels 2 - 5 triggers the Beer Bonus, with 4 symbols unlocking the Mega Beer Bonus. At the start of the Beer Bonus, 4 taps appear atop the middle 4 reels. In the regular Beer Bonus, choose 1 tap for an instant cash prize. In the Mega Beer Bonus, all 4 taps are awarded without selection. The taps pour beer into glasses over the reels, each providing a stake multiplier cash prize.

Hitting 3 or more Fairy Bonus symbols activates the Fairy Bonus, advancing to level 2, 3, or 4 with 4, 5, or 6 scatters, respectively. The bonus consists of 6 levels, each with 6 crystals to pick from. Selecting crystals reveals instant cash prizes, with some crystals on higher levels offering level up arrows, granting an extra pick on the next bonus level.

Free Spins activate with 3 or 4 symbols landing on reels 2-5, awarding 10 free spins or Mega Free Spins if 4 symbols trigger it. During Free Spins, each win increases a global win multiplier, starting at x1 for Free Spins and x5 for Mega Free Spins. The Leprechaun may still appear, triggering only Random Tiles or Mega Random Tiles. Beer Bonus or Fairy Bonus symbols will not appear in Free Spins, and each additional Free Spin symbol in the bonus round awards 1 extra spin.
Embark on an extraordinary journey with Wild Quad Squad™, the latest offering from PowderKeg Studios that will transport you to a captivating medieval fantasy realm. Are you prepared to unite with a group of daring heroes and encounter the excitement of a lifetime? Assemble around the fire as we reveal the story of four exceptional individuals destined for legendary status.

In the enchanting realm of mystical wonders, you'll encounter the remarkable quartet comprising the Wild Quad Squad™. A sorceress harnessing the wild power of flames, a seasoned knight embodying justice with his sword, a nimble archer attuned to nature's forces, and a cunning rogue akin to a sly fox. Each possesses formidable abilities as they traverse the Wilds of the World.

Prepare for a gaming experience of unparalleled innovation and excitement. Wild Quad Squad™ showcases Cluster Pays with Tumbling Reels across a vast 6x6 grid, ensuring every spin brims with potential wins. Moreover, marvel at the awe-inspiring Wilds, capable of elevating each hero to Scatter Pays, leading to remarkable payouts and epic multipliers.

As you delve deeper into the untamed wilderness, the game grants you the rare boon of Sticky Wilds during exhilarating Free Spins. Experience the rush as these immovable symbols lock in place, providing additional opportunities to claim glory and unimaginable riches.

PowderKeg Studios invites you to immerse yourself in a gaming experience that transcends mere reels. Gather your courage, brace yourself for breathtaking spins, and unleash the hero within. The pursuit of greatness beckons – will you remain in safety, boasting of past exploits, or are you prepared to venture forth and join the Wild Quad Squad?
Gaze into the looking glass and prepare for an extraordinary journey into a slot adventure unlike any other. Enter the realm of Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways, where a thrilling Free Spins bonus round awaits, complete with enchanting Mystery Mirrors capable of bestowing mystical victories.

Featuring 6 reels and the potential for up to 117,649 ways to win, Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways offers the quintessential Megaways experience. Witness the explosion of winning symbols, making way for additional symbols to cascade onto the reels and amplify your chances of success.

Merlin's enchanting abilities may manifest at any moment during gameplay, granting one of several magical modifiers: Mystery Magic, introducing Mystery symbols; Wizard Wilds, bestowing random sticky Wilds; Super Spin, enhancing win streaks; or Max Megaways, activating the maximum 117,649 ways to win.

To unlock the Free Spins round, land 3 or more Bonus symbols, triggering up to 14 spins. As the Free Spins commence, the Bonus symbols transform into Mystery Mirrors, with the number of ways to win locked throughout the feature. With each spin, the Mystery Mirrors reveal a new paytable symbol, potentially leading to even greater rewards. Additionally, Merlin has the power to summon more Mystery Mirrors, further elevating your chances of victory.

During Free Spins, an unlimited win multiplier comes into play, beginning at x1 and increasing by x1 with each cascading win. Watch as this multiplier ascends to magical heights, aiding Merlin in conjuring truly wondrous wins.
Imagine stumbling upon a genie in real life. What would you wish for first? Naturally, you'd want to strike it rich with Link&Win across four grids!

Genie’s Link&Win 4Tune™ presents an electrifying slot experience, boasting a 5x3 reelset and 25 paylines. With its dual Link&Win™ features – Link&Win™ and Enhanced Link&Win™ – unfolding across four grids, the thrill is quadrupled!

Furthermore, the game spices up Free Spins by allowing players to amplify their winnings by selecting the optimal grid. Additionally, a Bonus Pick feature holds the potential for cash rewards or activating other enticing features.
Behold the Orb of Destiny! Enter the mystical realm of palmistry, tarot, and divination in this fresh 6-reel, 4-row game. Encounter Lady Fortune, a seer with an affinity for the arcane.

Lady Fortune, an expanded wild multiplier reel, reveals 1 - 3 multipliers upon landing, displayed at the reel's base. The accumulation of multipliers is achievable by landing Orb symbols, with a cap of 5 multipliers per Lady Fortune.

When Lady Fortune contributes to a winning combination, the prize is amplified by the multiplier displayed at the reel's base. Should multiple Lady Fortunes contribute to the same win, their multipliers are amalgamated before being applied. Once all prevailing wins are tallied, the base multiplier is cleared from all Lady Fortune reels, irrespective of their involvement in winning combos.

Should at least one Lady Fortune retain any multipliers, a respin ensues, preserving those reels while non-multiplier Lady Fortunes are purged along with other symbols. This cycle persists until all Lady Fortune reels are cleared.

Upon the appearance of the Orb symbol, it unveils a random number between 1 - 3, adding that quantity of random multipliers to all Lady Fortune reels.

Activate the bonus feature with 10 free spins by landing 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game. In this bonus round, all Lady Fortune reels commence with a minimum of 2 multipliers. Additional free spins are awarded upon landing extra FS scatter symbols during the feature.

Alternatively, trigger the bonus feature with 10 free spins by landing 4 FS scatter symbols concurrently during the base game. In this bonus round, all Lady Fortune reels start with the maximum of 3 multipliers attainable.
Step into the enchanting realm of the Crystal Garden and delve into the marvel of Fission Power, where possibilities abound with up to 100,000 pathways to explore! With Fission Power in play, symbols can transform into double or quadruple positions, expanding the potential to a staggering 100,000 ways to win! Throughout the bonus round, any positions that double or quadruple will retain their augmented state until the free games draw to a close.

Moreover, in the base game, seize the opportunity of One More Chance! Whenever there are 10 or more doubled or quadrupled positions without a winning combination, a supplementary spin may be bestowed.

In both the base game and preceding each spin, symbols have the potential to morph into doubled or quadrupled positions. Trigger the bonus with 6, 8, 10, or 12 Bonus symbols to unlock 15, 20, 25, or 30 free games respectively. Within the free games feature, Fission Power ensures that each doubled or quadrupled position remains augmented until the end of the bonus round, while single and doubled positions are still subject to enhancement.
Beneath the looming presence of the City of Brass lies an enigmatic secret awaiting discovery. Cradled within a mystical oil lamp rests an ancient entity, stirring from eons of slumber, poised to upend reality with a mere snap of her fingers. Are you prepared for your deepest desires to manifest before your eyes?

Should you desire to see your fantasies materialize, simply caress the lamp and watch as your wishes unfurl before you...

Within the realm of Mystery Genie Fortunes of the Lamp, you'll find yourself entranced by the spinning 5x4 reels, crafting winning combinations of symbols as you navigate the game's myriad features with the aid of the enchanting genie. With a mere flick of her wrist, you'll have the opportunity to harness her ancient powers and claim extraordinary rewards! So, dare to make a wish and brace yourself for an evening of mystique.

With each spin in the base game, anticipate the possibility of the Mystery Genie gracing the reels, infusing her mystical essence into the gameplay. Upon her arrival, the Mystery Symbols will unveil their secrets, revealing additional symbols within. As each revealed symbol synchronizes, the odds of securing a victory increase exponentially. Moreover, the Mystery Symbols may divulge the presence of a Re-spin Symbol or a Sand Rewind Symbol, heightening the suspense and anticipation.

Every Mystery Symbol possesses the potential to imbue the game with an extra dose of genie magic. Enhanced by this supernatural energy, the Mystery Symbol transforms into a Mystery Wild, which may also carry a multiplier ranging from x2 to x5, amplifying potential winnings!

Upon the activation of the Sand Rewind bonus, the Mystery Symbols, along with any Scatters and Mystery Wilds, will momentarily recede, only to reappear locked in place. Subsequently, a Respin ensues, presenting a fresh opportunity to secure victories while retaining these valuable symbols.

Should three Scatter Symbols materialize upon the reels, your wish shall be granted, and you shall be bestowed with eight Free Spins! Throughout this liberating round, all Mystery Wilds shall remain steadfast, akin to the Sand Rewind feature. Furthermore, the appearance of additional Scatter Symbols during Free Spins shall extend the duration of the round, with two, five, and eight additional spins awarded for each occurrence.

Are you prepared to witness your dreams materialize? Then, with a single tap, unleash the mysterious genie's arcane powers and behold the wonders that await!
Rub the magical lamp of the Genie to trigger Rolling Reels™, Unlimited Multipliers, and symbols with the ability to Pay Anywhere! Step into the world of Arabian legends where symbols have the power to pay anywhere on the reels. With Rolling Reels™, each win opens the door to even greater treasures as old symbols disappear and new ones materialize, creating an illusion of magic!

Experience dazzling multipliers that can amplify your winnings up to 100x. Keep an eye out for the charismatic Genie host, who enhances these multipliers, leading to a whirlwind of victories! Gather shining magical Lamps to increase your initial Free Spins Multiplier to as high as 20x and unlock Free Spins where the Genie's influence becomes even more pronounced with multiplier symbols adorning the reels. With each spin, your win Multiplier has the potential to reach limitless heights!

Delve into luxury with two exciting Feature Buy options, allowing you to either start anew or utilize the magic you've already amassed. Genie's Arabian Riches promises a magical journey filled with fun and fortunes, where you can ride the enchanted carpet to prosperity and have your wishes granted for epic wins!
In the heart of Fire Portals' mountainous terrain lies a captivating enigma.

Upon the 7x7 grid of the game, various symbols such as potions, rings, and an hourglass await. Winning formations occur when five or more of these symbols align either horizontally or vertically during any spin. An innovative tumble feature promptly removes these formations, replacing them with fresh symbols cascading from above until no further victories emerge.

An extraordinary Fire Portal Wild may emerge during any spin, adept at substituting for all symbols except the Scatter. These Wilds materialize following wins devoid of their presence, manifesting randomly within the area of the victorious formation. Initially carrying a x1 multiplier, each consecutive win involving the Wild escalates its multiplier by x1, simultaneously shifting its position. In cases where multiple Wilds contribute to a single win, they merge, consolidating their multipliers.

Triggering a free spins bonus round necessitates landing three or more Scatters on a single spin, granting a minimum of 10 free games.

During the bonus round, Fire Portal Wilds persist, lingering on the screen until the round's conclusion. Even if Fire Portal Wilds debut on the spin that triggers the bonus round, they endure until the round reaches its end.
Enter the enchanting realm of Magic Lab™, where bubbling elixirs, vibrant mixtures, and a playful fiery lamp beckon you into an alchemical adventure across the spinning reels. Scatter Pays introduces the possibility of winning with 8 or more paying symbols, while Avalanche™ triggers a cascade of fresh symbols, opening avenues for consecutive triumphs. The enigmatic flaming lamp, serving as the Wild symbol, not only endures wins without vanishing but also augments its power with a +1 multiplier after each Avalanche™.

Discover the secrets of Free Spins by landing 3 to 5 Scatters, with each Scatter granting a unique enhancement on every spin, promising an exhilarating blend of features. From the Fixed Wild, steadfastly anchoring in place, to the Erase Symbol, banishing elements from the reels, and even the Double Multiplier, there's an array of instant enchantments awaiting exploration. For those eager for immediate marvels, the Buy Feature option guarantees access to Free Spins, offering a shortcut to the mystical wonders of alchemy. Immerse yourself in the world of Magic Lab™ – where potions, sorcery, and grand victories await your revelation!

A victory is achieved with 8 or more paying symbols, irrespective of their positioning on the screen. Symbols composing wins vanish, clearing the path for new symbols to descend, potentially forming fresh victories.

The Wild symbol serves as a substitute for all paying symbols, boasting an escalating multiplier that ascends by 1 with each Avalanche™. Although it endures on the reels after contributing to wins, only a single Wild symbol can manifest at any given time.

Trigger 5 Free Spins by landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. Each triggering Scatter bestows 1 enhancement on every spin during Free Spins, with up to 5 Scatters in the base game ensuring an enhancement on each spin within Free Spins. The enhancements activate sequentially on the corresponding Free Spin before the reels halt.

Fixed Wild: 1 Wild is securely locked in place at random on the reels. It remains fixed in that position until the conclusion of Free Spins. Erase Symbol: A single type of symbol is eradicated from the reels until the conclusion of Free Spins. Double Multiplier: The cumulative Wild Multiplier during the Free Spins feature is doubled upon activation of this enhancement.
Indulge your palate amidst the lush expanse of Bouncy Bombs - a realm where each flavor detonates with intensity. Within Bouncy Bombs lies a grid measuring 6x5, offering scatter wins aplenty and featuring the Bomb Multiplier mechanism, ready to escalate your winnings. Achieve the pinnacle with a maximum win of 10,000 times your initial bet across all gaming modes.

Throughout each round, all wins accumulate within the Total Win Bar situated outside the grid.

Upon round's end, Bomb Multipliers detonate, provided there's been at least one win during the round. These multipliers amalgamate initially, before multiplying the resulting value by the Total Win Bar to yield the ultimate win.

Three varieties of multiplier bombs exist:

Standard Bomb: Lands with its multiplier value displayed. Available values: 2x, 3x, and 4x. Mystery Bomb: Touches down with a ?-character, revealing its value upon explosion. Available values: 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, and 100x. Cascading Dynamite Bomb: Lands with its initial value exposed, doubling with each new cascade. Initial values may range from 5x to 25x. Trigger the BOMBASTIC BONUS feature by landing 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game, earning 10 free spins. This feature heightens the likelihood of activating base game mechanics.

Alternatively, land 4 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game to initiate the BOMBASTIC FANTASTIC BONUS feature, also with 10 free spins. In this bonus round, a Bomb Multiplier is guaranteed to appear on every spin!
Delve into the enigmatic world of Mystique Manor, where the realms of reality and the supernatural intertwine with the emergence of Returning Wilds. When Wilds appear on the reels, they leave behind a distinct border until the elusive Madame of Mystique Manor graces reel 5, causing all the wilds to revert!

Unlock free spins by landing 3 scatter symbols. Throughout the free spins, any wilds that land will establish a unique border. Should a wild appear within an existing border, it enhances it with a x1 multiplier.

Upon the appearance of the Special Symbol, all wilds return with added multipliers to positions where multiple special borders were present, alongside granting an extra spin.

Triggering Super Free Spins requires 3 scatters and the Special Symbol landing on reel 5. In these enhanced spins, all wilds become sticky.

Finding the Trigger Symbol during super free spins elevates the multiplier on all sticky wilds by one and grants an additional spin.
Welcome to the captivating realm of Forest Treasures, where the wonders of the woodland beckon you with every turn! Enter the verdant depths of the forest and prepare to encounter a myriad of enchanting beings that inhabit its realm. From playful sprites to ancient arboreal guardians, each spin of the reels brings you closer to unraveling their mysteries and claiming grand rewards! But be prepared, intrepid explorer, for this is not your average slot game.

Forest Treasures offers a pulse-pounding adventure filled with thrills, excitement, and the allure of vast fortunes. As the reels whirl, the forest bursts to life with vivid hues, mesmerizing animations, and the harmonious melodies of nature's magic. Unlike any other slot experience, Forest Treasures transports you deep into the heart of the forest, where every spin promises an escapade waiting to be unveiled.

Feel the rush of anticipation as the reels cease their motion, unveiling a treasury of symbols that could pave the path to your next triumph! Yet, exercise caution, for the forest is rife with surprises. With each spin, you may encounter enigmatic creatures, concealed pathways, and the ever-present allure of risk and reward.

Will you emerge triumphant, or shall the forest guard its secrets steadfastly? With its breathtaking visuals, captivating gameplay, and a cast of characters plucked from the pages of folklore, Forest Treasures transcends mere gaming to offer an unparalleled journey. So, dear adventurer, heed the call of the forest and venture forth into the unknown. Its treasures await your discovery!
Unleash the age-old forces within Playson’s latest creation – 3 Magic Lamps: Hold and Win. Immerse yourself in a realm brimming with genies, mystical relics, and uncharted wealth.

Spanning a 5x3 reel grid with 25 pay lines, watch for the captivating Magic Lamp icons that unlock additional features in the Hold and Win Bonus Game. Here, seize the opportunity to amplify your winnings twofold, uncover substantial rewards through the Mystery Feature, and amass prizes from across all reels. Furthermore, experience the potential to trigger all three features within a single Bonus Game for the utmost in fortunes. During Free Spins mode, the Wild symbol's potency doubles your earnings, injecting an extra dose of enchantment into your gameplay.

Give the lamp a rub and ignite the enchantment! 3 Magic Lamps: Hold and Win promises a mystical voyage where each spin propels you closer to unraveling the genie's hidden treasures.
Enter the captivating wizard observatory of Mega Magic Spell™ crafted by Hammertime Games. Immerse yourself in a dazzling realm brimming with delightful owls, bubbling potions, and the promise of unearthly rewards. Delight in magnificent sorcery across 20 paylines, with reels measuring 5x4 and boasting high volatility.

Keep a keen eye out for smoldering Jackpot symbols appearing on reels 1 through 4 during the base game. Each time one lands, the associated Jackpot tier grows in worth, holding the potential for a Jackpot win at any moment.

Coins can shine on all reels, often stacked on reels 1 through 4. When they align with a secretive, cloaked owl on reel 5, your feathered apprentice swoops in to collect all visible golden coin prizes on the reels.

Discover the magic of Free Spins by landing a single “MAGIC” Scatter symbol per reel. Here, the true enchantment unfolds, as the observatory bursts to life with one of three collecting owls on reel 5, allowing your coins to accumulate, gather, or even multiply!

Mega Magic Spell™ beckons you into a spellbinding adventure, where owls, spells, and gleaming Jackpots await. Spin the reels, unravel the mysteries, and watch the enchantment come alive!
Launching into the world of Winning Wishes, a captivating slot creation by Boomerang Studios, driven by their exclusive WinMulti multiplier.

Within the base-game, each victory elevates the WinMulti multiplier, igniting sequences of substantial rewards.

Discover the enchanting Bonus Lamp symbol of Aladdin, unlocking the gateway to the wealth within the Hold & Respin feature. Gather and enhance your coins until they rival the opulence of the Sultan's trove. As the feature concludes, watch as the WinMulti amplifies your balance, multiplying your winnings to new heights!
Enter the enchanting domain of Merlin's Alchemy, where the fabled sorcerer Merlin utilizes his mystical abilities to transmute commonplace enigma symbols into a diverse array of valued and potent icons. Discover the intricacies of a 6-reel, 5-row layout featuring scatter wins aplenty, adorned with meticulously crafted symbols of enchantment and marvel. Achieve a scatter win by amassing a minimum of 8 identical symbols scattered anywhere across the grid.

Keep a vigilant watch for the enigmatic mystery symbols. Under Merlin's enchantment, these symbols hold the potential to unveil a myriad of rewards, including global multiplier enhancers, global multiplier escalators, and the formidable activator wilds, which harness the might of these multipliers to augment your earnings. With the potential to amass an astounding 10,000 times your initial wager, true magic materializes when you encounter up to 30 of these transformative mystery symbols.

Mystery symbols divulge a random paying symbol or distinctive symbols! All revealed paying symbols are uniform.

The Wild symbol possesses the capability to substitute any other paying symbol. Should the grid exclusively consist of Wild symbols, they yield payouts in accordance with the highest paying symbol featured in the paytable. The Activator Wild applies the Global Multiplier to any wins it contributes to and stands in for any other paying symbol. Should multiple Activator Wilds grace the grid within a single spin, each one applies the global multiplier, with these multipliers subsequently combined. The Sticky Activator Wild emerges solely during the Spellbook Free Spins feature and persists until the conclusion of Free Spins. Its functionality mirrors that of the Activator Wild in all other regards.

Activate Spellbook Free Spins by landing 3 or more FS scatter symbols concurrently during the base game. Throughout Spellbook Free Spins, the likelihood of encountering mystery symbols is heightened.
Immerse yourself in Alice's fantastical world, where Cheshire Cat, Hatter, and other familiar faces await! Let the dreamy atmosphere, incredibly lifelike animations, and waves of nostalgia captivate you as you hit spin! Join forces with Alice and her friends for an exhilarating adventure and the promise of substantial wins!

Alice's Mad Fortune is a 3x5, 10-line video slot that unfolds a base game filled with expanding wilds, wild bonus scatters, an adventure re-spin bonus, and various buy bonus options. The actual payout is the sum of dynamic paytable values corresponding to each won line, and simultaneous or coinciding wins are combined. Gameplays are based on the Total Bet.

In the base game, the Alice symbol serves as an expanding wild. When it lands on the reel and has the potential to create wins, the Alice symbol immediately expands to fill the entire reel. Alice substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus Symbol and special bonus symbol characters, expanding only when contributing to a player win.

The Cheshire Cat, during the base game, substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus Symbol and special bonus symbol characters. When a win involves the Cheshire Cat, it awards a random multiplier of 2x or 3x. If multiple Cheshire Cats contribute to a winning line, their random multipliers are summed.

In the base game, the Silver White Rabbit, Hatter, and Caterpillar bonus symbols act as wilds, substituting for all symbols except the Cheshire Cat.

Triggering the re-spins adventure bonus requires 3 Bonus symbols on the screen, leaving all scatters on the board for adventure re-spins. The Hatter, Caterpillar, and Silver White Rabbit Feature Bonus symbols also substitute for Bonus symbols. When triggered, the Bonus Symbol transforms into regular card symbols with win multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x. Character bonus symbols convert to win multipliers from 1x to 10x and execute their features after the first spin of the bonus. "Win multipliers" in the bonus denote win amounts displayed as multiples of the base game bet, offering an engaging bonus experience. For instance, if the bonus triggers at a base bet of 2, a symbol converting to a win multiplier of x4 would represent a win amount of 8 for that symbol.
Experience enchanting wins with Good Luck & Good Fortune, a captivating slot set in a charming forest. The 5x3 grid hosts symbols like four-leaf clovers, lanterns, and rabbits, requiring matching combinations of three or more across 10 paylines for a win. Wilds can land anywhere during the base game, substituting for all symbols except the scatter, and any winning combo with a Wild symbol is multiplied by 2x.

Glowing scatter symbols may appear during any base game spin. Landing two of them on the same spin rewards a random amount up to 1,000x the player's bet. Triggering the bonus round requires hitting three, four, or five scatters, granting 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively.

Before the bonus round starts, a random multiplier of up to x10 is chosen, applying to each subsequent win during the free spins. Each wild landing during the bonus round adds one extra free spin. If three, four, or five scatters appear, an extra 10, 15, or 20 free spins are awarded. Landing a wild in the middle position grants three additional free spins, while three, four, or five scatters in that position award 20, 30, or 40 free spins.

For those seeking immediate thrills, the free spins bonus round can also be triggered through a bonus buy option in the base game. Dive into the magical world of Good Luck & Good Fortune and let the forest unveil its secrets of prosperity and joy!
Prepare yourself for a magical journey with the video slot Book of Wisdom! As a bold adventurer, you'll uncover arcane secrets under the guidance of the most powerful wizards. Encounter mystical Book Scatters that unlock Free Spins, transporting you to enchanting realms as the reels spin tales of fortune and wonder. Your path is filled with excitement and abundant rewards — are you prepared to cast your spell?

Set on a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 10 fixed paylines, your destiny intertwines with ancient magic and wizardry. Your mission is clear: Align as many identical symbols as possible along the payline, for each spin holds the potential for enchanting rewards.

The Book of Wisdom slot transcends its role as a mere symbol, becoming a gateway to unimaginable treasures. Keep an eye out for the elusive Book Scatter symbols, as they unlock 10 Free Spins, introducing the Extra Scatter symbol. Experience the surge of magic as Extra Scatter wins seamlessly merge with normal wins, creating an ethereal dance that paves the way for an abundance of riches.

The Book Scatter symbols are elusive markers of destiny that can materialize on any of the five reels. When three or more Scatter symbols align, supernatural forces trigger 10 Free Spins, with each Scatter win harmoniously blending with other symbol line victories. The Scatter symbol, a beacon of magical prowess, subtly substitutes for any other symbol in its specific position on the reel, adding a tantalizing twist to your quest — that's what we call 'sorcery'!
Step into the enchanting forest and uncover a fantastical realm where harmony reigns supreme and the Golden Elk is esteemed for its strength and wisdom. Delight in the serenity and splendor as amiable woodland creatures guide your journey towards the revered Golden Elk and valuable treasures.

Golden Elk presents a 5x3 layout with 50 paylines, boasting remarkable Free Spins and an enthralling Bonus round. The thrilling escapade commences with the appearance of 3 or more Scatters, initiating up to 30 Free Spins. Upon landing 6 or more Elk symbols, the enchantment of the Bonus round unfolds, treating players to 3 spins of the Bonus mini-game, where multipliers and jackpots await. Moreover, the Bonus round can be activated even during Free Spins, adding an extra layer of excitement to the adventure.

Scatter icons hold the key to unlocking a potential of up to 30 Free Spins. Triggering the Free Spins requires the landing of 3 or more Scatter symbols, with an extra treat of 5 additional spins granted for landing 2 Scatters during the feature. Bask in the golden allure of Free Spins and their winning magic!

Upon the landing of 6 or more Elk symbols, the Bonus feature is unleashed! Engage in the spinning action of the 3-reel bonus wheel mini-game. Each Elk symbol landing activates random pointers numbered 1-9 on the wheel, resetting the spins to 3. As the mini-game progresses, should some pointers remain unlit and spins run out, the bonus wheel spins, granting prizes corresponding to the lit pointers. The multiplier prizes accumulate, while any illuminated jackpots, whether Minor or Major, are duly awarded. Should all 9 pointers light up, the ultimate Grand jackpot is yours to claim!
Get ready for a magical adventure as Feera the Fairy and Rufus the Ogre make a triumphant return in ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™, the latest whimsically fun video slot from Betsoft! Join these beloved characters in a fairy tale brought to life through exquisite rendering of thematic elements, creating an irresistible game that invites you into the deep woods where the biggest wins are hidden in plain sight.

ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™ boasts a 5-reel, 4-row layout with 40 fixed paylines, all crowned by the popular HOLD & WIN FEATURE. This feature will keep you enchanted as you play, eager to see how big your wins can grow in the magical earth of the Enchanted Forest. Watch out for the cunning wizard named Eldrid, who resides within the towering trees, ready to use his power to make all of your wildest dreams come true!

The game is adorned with STACKED MYSTERY SYMBOLS that can add to your wins, offering a touch of mystery and excitement to every spin. Enjoy plentiful FREE SPINS and frequent WILDS that will send thrills of satisfaction down your spine as you play for big wins in the beautiful forest.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ENCHANTED: FOREST OF FORTUNE – HOLD & WIN™? Join Feera, Rufus, and Eldrid on an unforgettable journey through the magical forest, where big wins and delightful surprises await at every turn!
Hot Rise Games has returned with another release of the fan favourite VS series, Excalibur VS Gigablox™! Heroes of legend do battle, in search for the magical sword, Excalibur! Get a second chance at glory, with non-winning Gigablox™ symbols. Gigablox™ symbols are randomly chosen to magically change into Excalibur Wilds with huge potential in prizes.

Search the heavens for the HIGHRISE™ feature as Bonus prize symbols grow for increasingly tempting prizes. It’s time to spin the reels and challenge the mightest heroes around the world to claim your destiny!

Hot Rise Games is proud to present Excalibur Vs Gigablox™…Heroes are Eternal!
Prepare to embark on a mystical adventure in the enchanted world of Mystic Forest, where magical creatures roam and hidden treasures await.

This game boasts the most magical slot experience ever, featuring a 5×4 layout, 20 fixed paylines, dazzling graphics, and thrilling gameplay! Journey into the depths of the forest and uncover ancient ruins adorned with glittering gems. This enchanted realm is home to cunning foxes, wise owls, majestic lynxes, graceful deer, and a powerful magician.

Can you gather enough gems to claim the ultimate prize? Dive into the mystic forest and find out!
Enter the magical world of Defenders of Mystica, a whimsical kingdom ruled by mighty female fairies! In this mysterious realm, the unconventional reel layout and bidirectional wins offer ample opportunities for extraordinary triumphs.

The mystical Mystery symbol holds the power to metamorphose, opening doors to captivating victories. However, the enchanting bonus round can only be accessed with the elusive Free Spins symbol, nestled at the edges of this enchanted domain!

Let the enchanting sorceresses guide you towards untold riches!

Trigger free spins by landing Scatters on the first and seventh reels, with 2 Scatters initiating 7 free spins, and earn additional free spins for every Mystery symbol on the central reels that morphs into a Scatter.

Experience the dynamic Wild feature: witness as Mystery Symbols morph into Wilds with diverse multipliers, boosting wins when incorporated into winning combinations, injecting a fresh layer of thrill and potential with each spin!

The enigmatic Mystery Symbols transmute into any symbol except Scatters, prompting respins and adhering to the reels when part of a win, while unsuccessful symbols vanish, paving the way for more Mystery Symbols on subsequent spins, with only triumphant symbols remaining affixed.

With its distinctive 3x5x5x5x5x5x3 reel layout offering 28,125 ways to win, and the dual payout direction – from left to right and right to left – your chances of success are greatly amplified.
What treasure lies buried here, beneath the glittering sands of the desert? The mysterious Genie waits to reveal your fate, and this Djinn is a real tonic! Showing you the way to the Picker Feature, where ultimately you could reach one of the magical Wheels of Fortune – stuffed with prizes!
Are you prepared for a gaming adventure that will enchant you beyond imagination? Witch's Secret brings forth a hidden innovation: Infinity re-spins that promise more wins than ever before!

So, don your pointy hat and fasten your seatbelt, because Witch's Secret is brewing up an intense dose of excitement! Step into the magical realm of Witch's Secret – the most enchanting, eerie, and exhilarating slot game you'll ever encounter in the casino universe!

Picture this: A moonlit Halloween night, with mischievous pumpkins glowing in the dark, skulls grinning wickedly from the reels, and a playful witch all set to brighten your day... or perhaps your night! Get ready for a spellbinding experience like no other!
7 Fates is a unique 5×5 cascading slot game in which the mysterious fortune teller can reveal your possible futures and lead you down the path of riches and wealth. The game revolves around the magical number seven that powers the soothsayer’s fortune-telling skills and helps her reveal all the fabulous fortunes fate has in store for you.

Collect seven matching symbols to win, pursue those lucky seven symbols and benefit from seven different multipliers, including the mega multiplier of 77x added to the multipliers you have already won.

Change your fates for the better, ride your luck and be the master of your own destiny in this thrilling slot title in which your fortunes could be massively multiplied to the power of everybody’s favorite magical number: seven!
Embark on a mystical journey deep into the woods with NetEnt’s Druid’s Magic. The forest conceals captivating secrets and the druid’s enchanting magic shapes your destiny! Featuring five distinct Wilds, each possessing its own captivating abilities. The Stacked Wilds tower 3 high or appear as singles or doubles.

The Expanding Wilds unfurl to cover entire reels, while Random Wilds summon up to 9 companions. Linked Wilds horizontally transform intervening symbols and Colossal Wilds create a 2x2 spectacle.

Unleash Free Spins with scatters on reels 1 and 5, triggering 10 spellbinding spins. Within these wondrous Free Spins, a pair of full-size scatters may provide an extra round - up to 5 times, extending your journey through the mystical reels and increasing your chances of uncovering extraordinary rewards.

Embrace the power of the druid’s spells, and let the forest reveal your fortune in Druid’s Magic!
Embark on a spell binding journey with Mystic Spells, here the magic of powerful spells awaits to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience

With two exhilarating free spin modes, the magic intensifies as your journey unfolds.
Achieve majestic cluster victories in the royal-themed Twilight Princess™.

Featuring symbols such as bells, flowers, and the princess herself across its 5×5 reels, this slot game requires clusters of five or more adjacent symbols to secure a win. Keep an eye out for Wilds, which can land with multipliers of up to 10x, simplifying the formation of winning clusters for players.

The WILD symbol serves as a substitute for all symbols except for SCATTER. When the WILD symbol appears, it carries a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x, applying these multipliers to all winning combinations it contributes to. Additionally, if multiple WILD symbols are part of the same winning combination, their multipliers stack.

To activate the FREE SPINS feature and receive 10 free spins, land 3 or more SCATTER symbols. Throughout this round, any WILD symbol that lands remains on the screen until the round concludes. Look out for SCATTER symbols overlaying during the round, triggering extra captures and awarding 5, 10, 20, or 30 additional free spins.
Are you brave enough to sneak on top of the “Dark Towers”?

A legendary evil witch with black magic holds three beautiful princesses captive in a tower chamber to keep the power of the great kingdom for herself. On your way up, you will get some rewarding winning combinations as well as valuable jewelry and items which are supposed to have magical powers. By using them, you will enter free spins, where the mighty witch can't harm you thanks to a cloaking spell.

Outside of free spins, you'll experience an incredible adrenaline rush spin after spin - because you never know what's waiting for you after entering the next step.

With every win you get, your cashpot grows and only you decide its outcome. So consider carefully which step will be your next. If the witch discovers you, she will destroy the unsecured successes within seconds.

Do you want to take a risk this time or do you prefer to secure your cashpot step by step?
Discover your happily ever after concealed amidst the forests of Big Time Gaming’s freshest creation, Wild Unicorns!

This slot, with 4,096 potential winning combinations, contains just the perfect touch of fairy dust to animate your fantasies! Graceful unicorns traverse the reels, introducing the wonder of Wilds and Multiplier Wilds for an absolutely mesmerizing gameplay! Immerse yourself in genuine fairytale enchantment with Multiplier Wilds capable of reaching up to a staggering x10 multiplier!
Within the serene woodlands lies an enchanting castle that transports you to Free Spins, where unicorns reign supreme and an infinite Win Multiplier awaits. For those eager to dive straight into the enchantment, Bonus Buy will whisk you to the core of the magic! Wild Unicorns features Win Exchange™, allowing you to sprinkle a touch of magic over your significant wins and transform them into Free Spins.
Welcome to the enchanting world of Magic Fusion, a captivating slot game that will immerse you in a magical journey of potions and the wonders of a wizard’s realm. In this game, every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide a clear and visually stunning presentation, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

With its crisp and vibrant style, distinctively separated colors, and an array of captivating features, this game promises an unforgettable journey into a world of wonders. Will you uncover the secrets of the glowing gemstone in the secret book? The fate of the reels is in your hands. Let the magic begin!
A king, a druid and a knight meet at a magical portal… What lies beneath the portal is up to you to reveal. Winfrey Treasures is a 5-reel video slot which features Expanding and Multiplying Wild symbols, nudge symbols and Bonus symbols that award Free Spins.
Watch in awe as the wise Druid unleashes nature’s raw energy, unlocking a fortune in shiny gold coins … just for you! Join forces with the wild creatures of the woods—wolves, bears and eagles—and accompany your new Druid friend as he embarks on a thrilling adventure through the magical woodland. Prepare to meet this gang of delightful characters hanging out in the all-new Forest Spirit slot by 3 Oaks.

You will be blown away as the HOLD & WIN BONUS GAME cranks up the gameplay excitement to the MAX! Get ready to take a shot at four enticing JACKPOTS, including the GRAND JACKPOT of x5,000 your bet! A whirlwind of MULTIPLIERS is coming your way, so brace yourself. And the EXTRA BOARD booster supercharges your chances of discovering that massive treasure stash.

Not only that, but you’ll have the opportunity to win not just one but two GRAND JACKPOT prizes from a single spin. That’s right, this game is an absolute banger! A 25-payline adventure on the 5x3 slot like no other is waiting for you.
Witches Tome is filled with potions, magical spells, and a lot of fun. With Wild Replication and Locked Re-Spins thrown in the mix, this spooky 5x3 is sure to keep you spellbound. Discover the magical spells and secrets to fortune in Witches Tome. Only the lucky ones will stumble upon it.

Any Wild symbol appearing will duplicate to a random position. Any replicated Wild symbol locks for remaining Free Games. Locked Re-Spins trigger at random, locks a random symbol in place and re-spins until a winning combination is found. Win up to 20 Free Games for any spin.
Start your journey into the world of luck and magic, the essential elements for a captivating and successful gaming experience. This slot game by BGaming is filled with both, so don't miss the chance to explore its uniqueness. Named Luck&Magic, this game breaks away from the ordinary with a distinct feature: instead of traditional reels, face-down cards await you, turning face-up with each spin.

The slot's enchanting effects create an immersive experience, making you feel like you're under the influence of mystical forces that can significantly boost your winnings. Additionally, the game offers a Bonus round, adding an extra layer of mystery. In this round, you'll select a card, and the concealed multiplier within it will be applied to your bet. Describing the game's atmosphere is beyond words – it's an experience you must witness firsthand.
WISH GRANTED™ is any player’s wish come true! Step up to the treasure laden reels and watch as they dance magically before you. Excitement pulses through the air as the genie decides if he’ll turn the wheel in your favor when suddenly the reels burst with riches and sing playfully with another huge win – it’s decided, WISH GRANTED! This is the experience that the latest video slot offering from Betsoft delivers.

With the chance to win up to 5,000X their bet, WISH GRANTED™ offers a truly captivating experience with alluring special features like HOLD & WIN BONUS, and seemingly endless opportunities to win! This game draws on high quality graphics and enticing bonuses, as well as a theme so enchanting players will come back again and again to see if they can have their WISH GRANTED™.

This highly popular game format is appealing to all players with its ease of play, eye-catching display, and thrilling possibilities.
Editors Choice
Get ready for a magical journey into the enchanting realm of Abrakadabra, a captivating fantasy slot game where a skilled sorcerer and an array of whimsical creatures breathe life into the world of magic! Abrakadabra unfolds on a 5x3 grid, offering 243 ways to win and a thrilling max win potential of 10,000x your bet. Immerse yourself in cascading wins, a distinctive power reel featuring various types of Wilds, Free Spins, multiplier jumps, and not one but two exhilarating free spins Bonus games.

In the base game, each winning combination sets off a cascade, causing the victorious symbols to disappear and be replaced by new symbols cascading from a Power Reel above the grid. Cascades persist as long as new wins are generated, and with each triumph, a cumulative global multiplier adds to the excitement.

Step Multiplier Feature: The multiplier resets after all cascades are concluded in the base game. The step multiplier appends the current cascade iteration to the previous multiplier, following a sequence such as 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, 29, 37, 46, 56, 67, and so forth.

Power Reel Feature: The power reel harbors special symbols released when winning symbols are replaced by cascades. It includes Wilds with limited lives and powerup Symbols offering features like extra free spins or multiplier jumps.

Monster Free Spins Bonus Game: Trigger 7 free spins by landing 3 Scatter symbols, with each additional scatter granting 2 more free spins. Scatters are tallied once cascades cease and no further wins occur. Unlike the base game, the step multiplier doesn’t reset here, and the power reel contains symbols awarding extra free spins or boosting the multiplier. Additionally, a random wild placement feature can be triggered during spins without wins or in the final cascade of a winning spin, heightening the excitement.

Super Free Spins Bonus Game: Accumulate 450 Scatters in a meter during the base game to unlock the Super Free Spins Bonus game, bestowing 10 Free Spins. This bonus game encompasses all Monster free spins features, with the added benefit that the Multiplier Powerup can elevate the step multiplier by up to 3 steps.

Power Bet Feature: Opt for the Power Bet feature, which involves an extra cost per spin but doubles the speed to access the Super Free Spins game, enhancing the chances of triggering the Monster free spins Bonus game.

Buy Free Spins Feature: Players have two options to secure entry into the Monster Free Spins Round, either for 90x the bet, granting 7 Free Spins, or for 120x the bet, providing a random number between 7 to 11 free spins.
Candy the Witch has become a teacher, and she’s got three new apprentices... her little sisters! Teaming up with Cherry, Berry and Apple, Candy’s passing on her knowledge of sorcery to her prize-making protégés. Our three new witches will be learning the power of teamwork as they rise to sugar-coated stardom! There’s room for one more in the Sweet Alchemy classroom – are you in?

Sweet Alchemy 100 is a 5x5 grid slot featuring dynamic Free Spins and witch-themed mechanics that transform the grid into a playground for Cherry, Berry and Apple. The Witches’ abilities range from bolstering non-winning spins to filling the Trinity Metre.
Rise and shine, todays the day for a magical adventure. Anything’s possible thanks to the power of Andvari the Wizard and his magic ring. Dragons, dwarves, demons, and who knows what else lies ahead, but fear not you aren’t going to face fantastical magic forces all on your own!

Andvari is the most powerful wizard in all the land, and he’s happy to aid you on your journey. Andvari’s power is further amplified by his incredible magic ring, with him by your side there are no obstacles you can’t overcome. What is it you’re searching for eager traveler? An enchanted sword, a wish granting chalice, or perhaps it’s mountains of gold and coins piled up sky high! Luck is on your side, and so too is Andvari the Wizard, so the odds are in your favor.

Cross mountains and find hidden treasures concealed behind waterfalls and in mystical caves, see where your journey will take you. Comb out your beard and grab your adventuring hat and wizard staff, Andvari is waiting and adventure is calling! Play Andvari: The Magic Ring now, and see what kind of treasures you might find.

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