Only a single Cash on Reels symbol is required to activate our Money Spins feature in the scorching slot, packed with Jackpots, enigmatic symbols, and fiery collect symbols! Is it too hot to handle? Discover for yourself!

Mystery symbols, stacked to the brim on each reel, have the potential to unveil the same symbol at random, including cash symbols that initiate Money Spins. Just one Cash Symbol is all it takes to trigger Money Spins, where you'll be granted 2 respins to gather additional prizes or a Cashpot prize. Keep an eye out for the Blazinator Fireball, which accumulates all the cash values visible and resets the spin counter to 3.

Opt for the Fortune Play and experience 4 spins simultaneously for a chance to win big! Any Mystery symbols landing in view are transferred to any remaining reels, increasing the likelihood of stacked wins.
Imagine stumbling upon a genie in real life. What would you wish for first? Naturally, you'd want to strike it rich with Link&Win across four grids!

Genie’s Link&Win 4Tune™ presents an electrifying slot experience, boasting a 5x3 reelset and 25 paylines. With its dual Link&Win™ features – Link&Win™ and Enhanced Link&Win™ – unfolding across four grids, the thrill is quadrupled!

Furthermore, the game spices up Free Spins by allowing players to amplify their winnings by selecting the optimal grid. Additionally, a Bonus Pick feature holds the potential for cash rewards or activating other enticing features.
Attention - Unidentified beings sighted on a Greek island!

Navigate through the unspoiled wilderness and delve into the enigma of the Greek hybrid creature. Track the soft melodies of a harp carried by the nocturnal breeze across 5 reels with 20 pay lines. Follow the music to a concealed cavern nestled deep within the mountains, home to the centaurs. Within the rocky confines, they safeguard ancient treasures and nourishing fruits from would-be plunderers. Those who lay claim to these riches shall attain immense power and prosperity.

Launch into the Superspin feature upon collecting 3 golden coins. Here, victorious symbols remain frozen during free spins, continuously boosting your winnings. Encountering a centaur on your journey turns it WILD, multiplying your gains. But wait, there's more! Upon achieving a win of 4 times or greater your initial bet, dare to gamble your winnings in Power Spins. This feature comprises 4 games spinning simultaneously, each operating independently. Customize the number of Power Spins by setting the bet per spin individually.

Are you prepared to unravel the mysteries of Greek mythology and return with bountiful rewards?
Increase your Odds of Winning Fourfold!

The revamped version of the game showcases sleek visuals that add to its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, an immersive soundtrack sets the mood, elevating the overall gaming experience. Players can engage in four slot games simultaneously, each boasting 25 fixed pay lines. This multi-slot setup amps up the thrill and potential rewards, delivering an enriched gameplay adventure. A highlight of the game is the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel, which triggers randomly during base gameplay. Offering four enticing Jackpots - Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega, players spin the wheel for a shot at these rewards, with the Mega Jackpot standing out as the most desirable and lucrative.

In this game, the Lion symbol serves as the Wild, substituting for other symbols except the Scatter to form winning combinations. Whenever a Lion Wild contributes to a win, the payout gets doubled. Moreover, the Lion symbol itself yields high-value wins.

Meanwhile, the Monkey symbol acts as the Scatter, with 3, 4, or 5 of them triggering 15 Free Spins per slot. During Free Spins, all winnings are tripled, significantly boosting potential rewards. Players also have the chance to re-trigger Free Spins for additional winning opportunities.

In the event that both the Progressive Jackpot and Free Spins features activate simultaneously, the Progressive Jackpot takes precedence, followed by the Free Spins, ensuring players can fully enjoy both features.

With enticing Jackpot opportunities, Wild and Scatter symbols enhancing winning prospects, and a blend of thrilling features, this African safari-themed slot game offers an irresistible prospect for players in search of excitement and substantial rewards!
Set out on your trusty camels, intrepid adventurers! It's time to join 3 Oaks for a thrilling expedition deep into the stunning Egyptian desert, where magnificent temples await your exploration. Along the way, you'll encounter the powerful Pharaoh, the god Horus with the head of a falcon, dazzling Ankhs adorned with gems, and enough Egyptian treasures to transport you back to that legendary era. Welcome to the exhilarating realm of the 3 Egypt Chests slot game!

Prepare yourself for the exciting HOLD & WIN feature, which holds the key to four dazzling JACKPOTS, including the extraordinary GRAND JACKPOT of x5,000 your initial wager. Enhancing your journey across the 5x3 reels are special BOOSTERS, promising an abundance of enjoyment across 10 paylines!

To start accumulating wealth in the desert, be on the lookout for PROGRESS SYMBOLS represented by blue, green, and yellow Coins of varying values. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the BOOST SYMBOL - when it appears alongside the PROGRESS SYMBOL(s), it gathers all visible values into your growing pool of winnings.

Now, let's delve into the realm of monumental wins and how to uncover them! Whenever PROGRESS SYMBOLS land, they contribute to the corresponding Treasure Chest Meters above the reels. Once at least one of these meters is filled, you'll gain access to the exhilarating HOLD & WIN BONUS game.

During the bonus game, PROGRESS SYMBOLS transform into BONUS SYMBOLS, initiating the beloved streak respin adventure with only BONUS and BOOST SYMBOLS active. Seek out BONUS SYMBOLS with MINI, MINOR, and MAJOR JACKPOT values, aiming to fill the entire board for the awe-inspiring GRAND JACKPOT prize of x5,000 your bet!

But wait, treasure hunters, the most colossal fortunes await through sensational BOOSTERS that supercharge the action of the HOLD & WIN game. Depending on the color of the Coin PROGRESS SYMBOL triggering the HOLD & WIN game, you'll unlock one of three thrilling BOOSTERS: MULTI FEATURE, EXTRA FEATURE, and DOUBLE FEATURE.

The 'MULTI' BONUS ROUND commences when you've gathered enough red PROGRESS SYMBOLS to fill the corresponding Treasure Chest Meter. In this round, random multipliers boost BONUS SYMBOLS, leading to colossal wins. To activate the 'EXTRA' BONUS GAME, fill the blue Treasure Chest Meter with matching PROGRESS SYMBOLS, granting you an additional respin and enhancing your chances of winning. Finally, filling the green Treasure Chest Meter with corresponding PROGRESS SYMBOLS activates the 'DOUBLE' BONUS GAME, expanding your playing field for an increased chance to win not one, but two GRAND JACKPOTS in an instant!

If fortune smiles upon you, you might even score two or three of these incredible BOOSTERS in a single spin. The royal road to becoming the wealthiest Pharaoh awaits you. All that's left is to take that leap of faith!
Journey back to the era of "Ancient Egypt" with an unprecedented surge of energy!

Exploring the scorching expanse of the Sahara desert unveils a myriad of wonders. Behold towering pyramids that pierce the sky and unravel the enigmatic hieroglyphs guiding the way to a long-forgotten treasury.

Should the revered Egyptian deity, Horus, grace your path along one of the ten pay lines spanning five reels, he will extend his presence across the reel, enhancing your chances of securing the highest line win. Encounter him thrice or more on a single line, and he bestows upon you the boon of free spins. Keep a keen eye out for the appearance of at least three pyramids scattered amidst the horizon, for they herald the onset of thrilling free spins, wherein lies the possibility of discovering the mystical Eye of Horus, a coveted keepsake.

But what of the quadruple power, you ask? It manifests within the core game. Achieve a victory fourfold or greater than your initial wager, and you gain the option to wager your winnings in Power Spins. This unique feature unveils four concurrent games, each spinning independently. You retain control over the number of Power Spins, tailoring the stake for each spin to your preference.

So, let us venture forth, immersing ourselves in the next chapter of adventure alongside the illustrious Horus!
Welcome to a delightful journey through the lively back alleys of the city with the slot – Pigeon Hut! This game, inspired by cartoons, showcases a bold art style and a heartwarming ambiance that will uplift your mood. Envision yourself dashing down a lively street on a pigeon-filled night. As you set the reels in motion, witness the enchantment unfold: the wild firecracker symbol initiates a captivating display, causing the pigeons to scatter from the reels and leaving a trail of locked wild symbols in their wake.

Prepare for an exhilarating respin for each firecracker symbol, and observe as your winnings reach new heights with the locked wilds. The thrill intensifies with each additional firecracker symbol, replicating and locking in position for an extended winning streak! When night descends into Free Spins, the back alley springs to life, filled with pigeons and a heightened likelihood of encountering those explosive firecracker symbols. Brace yourself for the Pigeon Run respins and enhance your opportunities to win big in this enchanting escapade!
Delight the Royals with a comical spectacle!

Step into the role of the joker in "Jolly's Cap Power Spins" and aim to bring laughter to the Royal Family. Achieving a stellar performance across five reels earns you impressive rewards. Act out scenes featuring diverse animals, from a majestic eagle to an elegant white horse. So, take center stage, bring joy to the faces of the queen and king, and revel in top-tier entertainment!

After securing four or more times your stake in the base game, you have the option to gamble your winnings in Power Spins. This feature comprises four games spinning concurrently, each operating independently. You have the flexibility to determine the number of Power Spins by setting the stake per Power Spin individually.

Moreover, when the scatter symbol CAP emerges on the third reel, it acts as a substitute for all symbols and transforms up to two symbols into WILD.

Don "Jolly's Cap" and transform into a true Punch for an entertaining performance!
Engage in an epic clash of Dragons vs Pandas, navigating 40 lines across two sets of 4-reel games. Witness the excitement as Wilds leap across the reels, creating even more substantial victories. Take your pick and emerge victorious in this thrilling battle!

The Jumping Wilds Feature is triggered when a Jumping Wild appears in any position on the reels. Each Jumping Wild in the Dragon Reels or Panda Reels transforms a symbol position in the same row on the opposite game position into a Jumping Wild. If the chosen symbol position already features a Jumping Wild, the multiplier for that Wild increases by 1x for each additional Jumping Wild awarded on that symbol position.

Initiate the Dragons VS Pandas feature by landing 1 VS Coin symbol along with any combination of 2 other Coin symbols in any position. Choose either the Dragon Reels or the Panda Reels for the feature, and the spin unfolds simultaneously on both game positions. Line wins are exclusively paid for the selected game position. Make your strategic choice and plunge into the gripping conflict between these mighty creatures!
Set forth on a truly exciting journey alongside the magnificent Blessed Dragons! Immerse yourself in the divine ambiance of sights and sounds as you discover the potential for remarkable victories through K-Cash, K-Cash Bonus, Buy Bonus, and more. Experience the excitement of the K-Cash Spins game, where players can unlock fantastic features for a thrilling gaming journey.

During the base game, fill the accumulators alongside the reels to enhance K-Cash prizes in the K-Cash spins. Attain the ultimate stroke of luck by landing 3 K-Cash symbols in any position on a single spin, activating K-Cash spins with the opportunity to enjoy 1, 2, or 3 of the following features based on the colors of the symbols that appear in the triggering spin.

Unlock extra excitement with UP ONE – a feature that grants you an additional starting K-Cash Spin, elevating your initial gameplay and increasing your chances for enticing rewards. Experience double the fun with DUO REELS, where two K-Cash reel sets come to life simultaneously, amplifying the thrill and creating more opportunities for exciting wins.

Embrace the unpredictability of PRIZE BOOSTER, as each landed K-Cash symbol, when this feature is active, carries a random chance of boosting its current value. This element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement to your potential rewards.

Immerse yourself in the abundance of potential rewards with K-CASH BONUS. Trigger this feature by filling every position on the grid with K-Cash symbols, unlocking a plethora of opportunities for substantial rewards throughout your gameplay.

For those seeking instant action, the BUY BONUS feature allows you to skip the build-up and dive straight into the heart of the game with K-Cash spins. Choose from a selection of all the K-Cash accumulators or let the game randomly pick one or two features, enhancing your gaming experience with immediate thrills and rewards.
Experience heightened winning opportunities with Blade & Fangs as you delve into its thrilling features.

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a gothic, candle-lit mansion as this game unfolds across two sets of 5x3 grids. Within these grids, discover an array of symbols, including card ranks, fang-bearing snakes, and werewolves, creating winning combinations from the left to the right.

Elevating the excitement are two special multiplier symbols shaped like roses and daggers, each carrying a +1x and 2x boost. When these symbols align on the same spin, they merge the dual sets of reels into a unified 5x6 grid, triggering a respin with a 2x multiplier. Should the +1x or 2x symbol appear during the respin, the win multiplier escalates to 3x or 4x respectively – reaching an impressive 6x if both symbols land simultaneously! The merged grid remains in play until no additional winning combinations occur during the respin.
Prepare for a sizzling adventure in the world of fruity slots - introducing you to the captivating Brilliant Wilds. Here, the excitement doesn't stop, especially when you have the option to enhance your winnings through the exclusive Hot Spins feature.

Achieving a base game win of 4 times your stake or more will trigger the Hot Spins feature. Brace yourself for an elevated gaming experience with four separate reel sets in play, showcasing replicated Diamond Wilds and an enticingly player-friendly 100% RTP game. During the Hot Spins feature, any Diamond Wilds that land will duplicate onto the same positions on all subsequent reel sets. Imagine landing Wilds on the first reel set—watch them effortlessly replicate onto all four Hot Spins reel sets!

To embark on this thrilling journey, Hot Spins come at a minimum cost of 4 times the base game stake to cover all four reel sets. However, for those feeling adventurous, if the balance allows, the Hot Spins stake can be escalated up to 10 times the base per reel set, amounting to a total of 40 times the base stake. Get ready for a wild ride of spins and winnings
Dribble, tunnel, shoot, and GOOAAAAL!

The roar of the fans echoes as they erupt into thunderous applause, celebrating your triumph. In the closing seconds, you've netted the decisive goal, sending a surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins. Unbridled happiness washes over you, and the tension of the preceding minutes dissipates – you've done it, you're the champion of the season.

To partake in the award ceremony, step into the realm of Power Spins by achieving a win of at least four times your stake in the base game. Here, you can take a chance with your winnings in Power Spins. This feature encompasses four games that spin simultaneously, each operating independently. You have control over the number of power spins by customizing the bet per power spin individually.

Keep an eye out for the "Gold Cup" gracing reels 2, 3, or 4. When it appears, it expands on the same reel, adding all symbols to yield the highest possible line win.

Seize your victorious moment and bask in the celebration! You've earned the title of champion, and with the Power Spins at your fingertips, the thrill of your achievement continues as you control the game and relish the glory of your success.
Introducing Win-O-Rama XL Extended, an exciting addition to Swintt's portfolio that adds a nostalgic twist to the realm of video slots. Immerse yourself in this classic fruity game and brace yourself for a jaw-dropping experience, with the potential to win up to 6,000 times your initial bet.

Catering to all players, Win-O-Rama XL Extended offers the flexibility of choosing between 50 or 100 paylines, allowing you to tailor your gameplay to suit your preferences. What truly sets this game apart is its innovative gameplay feature that distinguishes it from the rest. Unlike traditional slots, Win-O-Rama XL Extended takes things to a whole new level by having you play on not one, not two, but four sets of reels simultaneously.

Each spin unfolds across multiple screens, creating an exhilarating visual spectacle that elevates your slot gaming experience. Buckle up for the ride of your life and feel the rush as you spin your way to glory in Win-O-Rama XL Extended.
Hola, amigos! Are you ready to add a touch of Mexican spice to your gaming experience? Look no further than 3 Oaks' sizzling new slot, 3 Hot Chillies! Immerse yourself in this vibrant game, where the lively beats of Mexico will have you tapping your feet and swaying your sombrero with joy in no time!

Join the fiesta and collect the hot Chilli Symbols to unlock the extra delicious HOLD & WIN BONUS round. This enticing round is brimming with MULTIPLIERS, EXTRA RESPINS, and the electrifying DOUBLE REELS feature. With such fantastic additions, the excitement reaches new heights! And of course, don't miss the highlight of the fiesta – the four blazing JACKPOTS that turn 3 Oaks' salsa into an absolute scorcher. Get ready to savor wins that melt in your mouth while your hips sway to the rhythm! It's time for a spicy and sensational adventure – ¡Vamos a bailar! (Let's dance!)
Embark on an unforgettable odyssey in the mythical realm of Amazing Link Zeus Epic 4TM! Prepare to be swept away on a thrilling adventure that transports you to the majestic domain of the Greek god Zeus. Brace yourself for an adrenaline- fueled quest as you unlock hidden treasures and pursue boundless riches across the sprawling expanse of four magnificent reel sets. With each spin, the Amazing symbols beckon, their divine allure promising untold wonders.

Awe- inspiring power surges through your veins as you gather six or more Amazing symbols on a single reel set, invoking the Amazing LinkTM feature. Hear the thunderous applause of the gods as the locked reel sets stir from their slumber, unveiling their secrets. Respins are bestowed upon you, and every captured Amazing symbol blazes with divine energy, held in both locked and unlocked reels, a testament to your destined greatness.

But the true spirit of adventure lies in your relentless pursuit of unlocking even greater marvels. Navigate the treacherous path to prosperity by seeking additional Amazing symbols in the unlocked reel sets. With each triumphant discovery, the realm expands before you, revealing untapped riches and unfathomable possibilities.
Step back in time to the golden age of ancient Egypt with Queens of Ra:POWER COMBO™. Join Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut, three powerful and iconic queens, as they share their wealth and secrets with you. Experience the opulence and grandeur of the pharaohs as you spin the reels and unlock hidden treasures. Unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of ancient Egypt.

Queens of Ra: POWER COMBO™ is a very high volatility slot game with 5x3 reelset and 40 paylines. Land red, blue and green Queen Scatters to trigger Link&Win™ with special features! There are 3 differently coloured Scatters and each of them adds its own feature to spice up the old favourite Link&Win™. Red Scatter can trigger Jackpot Power, where it is possible to win Mega Jackpot of 5000x bet.

Green Scatter can add Twin Power to the Link&Win™ and enable 2 grids for the game. Blue Scatter can start Link&Win™ with Collection Power, that lets the player collect values of landed coins for several times. When red, green and blue Scatters land on the same spin and trigger Link&Win™, all 3 features can get combined in POWER COMBO! Queens of Ra:POWER COMBO™ is the ultimate game for history buffs and thrill-seekers alike. Join the queens on their quest for power and riches.
Based on the ever-popular Break da Bank Again slot game, the exciting update of all popular ingame features in this multi-slot version is sure to please existing players and attract new players. Break Da Bank Again 4Tune Reels, continues to provide players the ease and excitement of playing four slot games at the same time.

This means quadruple the chance to break da bank! The new slick graphics and original soundtrack combined with a host of upgrades culminate to make one of the most successful multi-slots even bigger. This game has a lot to offer! Each time you come across the Break Da Bank Again logo your wilds will be multiplied by 5x in the base game and by 25x during Free spins.

With 9 paylines per slot, and 4 times the chance to trigger up to 100 free spins, this game supplies a non-stop gaming experience and multiple opportunities to win big. Each scatter that lands during the feature acts as a Free Spins adder allowing the player to experience more Free Spins. With a win of up to 1097 times the bet, players will keep cracking the safe to gather as many riches as they possibly can without being caught!
Hoist that rag and haul wind, mateys: let’s get that booty! Get ready to sail the seven seas and discover hidden treasures of the Caribbean.

This 5×3 game with 25 paylines and 25 credit entry bet is set in the golden age of piracy where you’ll encounter Captain Redbeard and come across symbols such as doubloons, treasure chests, parrots and compasses. With generous bonuses and exciting features such as replicating reels, respins and irresistible bonus prizes, you’ll be hooked in no time. Are you ready to join the crew and do whatever it takes 4 The Loot?
Step into a world of fortune and mystery with Lucky Fortune Door, the latest gem in Swintt's SwinttPremium portfolio! With an enchanting theme inspired by Chinese culture, this game transports players into a world of luck. The slot is set on a 5x3 grid with 10 paylines that pay from left to right, right to left, and even in the middle when connected.

The standout feature of Lucky Fortune Door is the innovative Quadspin mechanic, designed to maximise excitement and potential wins. Whenever a player achieves a winning combination that meets or exceeds 4 times the bet, the game triggers the Quadspin mode. In Quadspin, each win is played across four simultaneous bets and four game views, heightening the thrill of every spin. This unique gameplay feature allows players the chance to multiply their wins by up to 4 times!

Step through the doors of luck and fortune and see what treasures await you in Lucky Fortune Door.
Are you ready to witness the ultimate slot battle? The final part of our Olympus trilogy sees Zeus and Hades go head-to-head in a bid to become the legendary ruler of the reels – welcome to Olympus Raging Megaways.

With 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win on two separate reel sets, Olympus Raging Megaways provides classic Megaways action, where all winning symbols explode to allow more symbols to drop onto the reels. Base game modifiers include Mirror Wilds, which will turn matching symbols in the same corresponding positions into Wilds, as well as Max Megaways, which will spin in the maximum 117,649 ways on each reel set.

The wheel can also be triggered on any base spin by collecting 12 golden coins in the central meter – this will award one spin of the wheel, resulting in either a win multiplier or an instant win of up to 100 x Total Bet.

Free Spins can be won on either set of reels and will be played on one set, Zeus or Hades - during Zeus Spins, extra Wilds are added to the reels while during Hades Spins, Walking Wilds are added to the top tracker.

The special Battle Scatters can appear on either set of reels and any 4 landing in view will award 15 epic Battle Free Spins, which take place across both the Zeus and Hades reels, with both Wild modifiers in action.
Light & Wonder's beloved classic game has got a revamp with this 'Wonder 500' edition. Enjoy Spartacus with its 25 + 75 win lines across the main reel & Colossal Reel. Stacked Wilds appear on both reels sets, and scatters combine to trigger up to 20 Free Spins with up to 20x stake Multiplier. Get ready to step on to the arena!
Happy Lucky is a 3×5 25 line slot game with a 25 credit entry bet. The Empower will light the way to mountains of treasures. Landing a stack of any M symbol on reel 1 will replicate onto one of more additional reels in the base game.

Trigger the Happy Lucky Respin Feature by collecting 6 Gold ingots with the single Ingot symbol and/or the double ingot symbols which counts as two ingots. Happy Lucky Respin Feature is triggered with four 3×5 independent reel sets.
Experience an enhanced rendition of a player favorite with The Dog House Multihold™.

Set against 5×3 reels, the beloved symbols make a comeback featuring diverse breeds of dogs, bones, and collars. To secure a win, these symbols must be landed across the title's 20 paylines. Triggering the excitement, three scatter symbols unlock seven free spins, during which any multiplier wilds that make an appearance are retained throughout the gameplay.

In the exhilarating free spins round, each additional scatter symbol landed is accumulated, requiring three to activate a retrigger, granting up to three extra spins. This retrigger introduces an additional play screen, where all previously held wild multipliers are seamlessly transferred. This captivating process can be repeated, culminating in a total of four distinct game boards in simultaneous play!

The WILD symbol appears exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4, carrying a random multiplier of 2x or 3x with each spin. This multiplier applies to the winnings of every payline it contributes to. If multiple WILD symbols are part of a payline win, their multipliers are summed together.

Trigger the FREE SPINS round by landing 3 BONUS symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. 3x BONUS symbols pay 2x the total bet, and the round begins with 7 free spins. The round unfolds across up to 4 separate 3x5 matrices. Initially, only the top left matrix is unlocked. Subsequent matrices are unlocked by landing 3 SCATTER symbols in the following order: top right, bottom left, and finally bottom right. SCATTER symbols only appear on the last unlocked matrix.

Each unlocked matrix introduces its own set of paylines, identical to the first. Winning combinations are formed and paid independently for each matrix. Throughout the round, any WILD symbol landing on the last unlocked matrix remains sticky until the end of the round. Upon unlocking a new matrix, all sticky WILD symbols from the previous matrix are carried over.

In the event that two matrices are unlocked in a single spin, additional free spins are awarded twice, and WILD symbols are duplicated onto both newly unlocked matrices.
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Divine Gongs! Featuring K-Cash, K-Cash Bonus, Buy Bonus and more, players have the potential to trigger any or all of three great features in a thrilling K-Cash Spins game.
Everything you love about Lucky Lady’s Charm™ slots can found here, as the excitement is increased to two sets of reels along with the fantastic 10 Series Win Ways™ mechanic. This mechanic offers players lucky ways to win by removing winning symbols to allow more to fall into place!

That’s not all, though, as winning chances are increased thanks to transferring Wilds that transfer from one reel set to the other, and a Free Games feature that gives players up to 20 Free Games and a Win Multiplier for massive wins if Lady Luck is on their side! Try out this game now on the Home of Games!

This game also comes with a Bet Booster feature and/or Buy Bonus feature in certain licenses and markets. The Bet Booster gives you to double or triple their chances of triggering the Free Games feature when turned on.
Crystal Vault is a Bet 30, 25-line 3x5 Reel slot game with a Bonus Respins feature and a possibility of 75-line 3 –3x5 Reel slot games. Landing 3 or more Scatters triggers Bonus Respin. You initiates with 8 respins and when 2 Scatters land, Reel Screen 2 will unlock and and respins resets to 8.

Landing another 2 Scatters unlocks Reel Screen 3. When Reel Screen 2 and 3 are unlocked, players unlocks 2x and 3x Wild Multipliers. Multiple paylines on multiple Reel Screens during the feature results in some attractive wins! All this action together with the Wild multipliers will keep player eager to check out what this game has to offer.
Catch all the wins with the latest instalment in the Fishin’ Frenzy series. Play the classic slot with a ‘reely’ great upgrade or choose to activate Fortune Play where the fisherman is always active!

3 or more Bonus Symbols in view awards Free Spins where any fisherman that lands in view is wild and pays a win for every fish that lands in view on the same spin.

Play Fortune Play at a cost of 20xbet play 4 windows where the fisherman is always active. Each time he lands in view he upgrades the value of the lowest fish on the window it lands in view and any remaining windows as well as collecting the cash values on the fish on his window.
Take to the dancefloor in Disco Mania MegawaysTM MergeTM a 70s themed slot with twin 6x7 grids. Trigger the MergeTM feature to turn the two grids into a mighty real, 6x14 grid with up to 7,529,536 ways to win.

Land 4 or more Scatter symbols to play the Free Games feature with increasing multiplier and turn this slot into a prize filled boogie wonderland.

Now, that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it!
This epic adventure slot takes everything players love about Lord of the Ocean™ and increases the fun to two sets of reels along with the fantastic 10 Series Win Ways™ mechanic. This mechanic offers players an ocean full of ways to win by removing winning symbols to allow more to fall into place!

There’s still more to discover, though, as winning chances are increased thanks to transferring Wilds that transfer from one reel set to the other, and a Free Games feature that gives players up to 20 Free Games and a Special Expanding Symbol! Dive in and spin the reels today on Greentube’s Home of Games!
Beware the shark! Dive into our latest release and explore the depths of the ocean to discover Free Spins across 4 reel sets and a Wild Frenzy shark attack with added Wild Multipliers – welcome to Ocean Hunter.
Are you ready to enjoy some Quad Action on one of our most iconic slot titles? With 4 reel sets in play on every spin, the excitement reaches maximum level on our latest release, Majestic Megaways Extreme 4.
Find your luck at the end of the rainbow where you can discover expanding Leprechauns and Pots of Gold.

Select Fortune Play and get 4 spins simultaneously to win big! Any Wild symbols that land in view transfer to any remaining reels, giving more chance for super stacked wins. Any Leprechaun Wild symbols that land in view expand to turn the whole reel wild.

3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view awards the Free Games bonus. During Free Games any Leprechaun symbol that lands in view turns any Royals into Gold Pots, increasing the chance of a win. Collect 4 Leprechaun symbols to upgrade the value of the Gold Pot symbol and be awarded extras spins, for more chances of a big pot of gold win.
The classic 7’s On Fire gets the Power Mix treatment along with a brand new look and feel to bring it into the modern era. 7’s On Fire Power Mix is played on four 3 x 3 reel arrays. Any Wilds which land on the reels are transferred to the same position on the other reels. If a Wild is already present, the Wild is given an incremental multiplier up to x4.
Apollo God of the Sun™ returns bigger and better than ever in Apollo God of the Sun™ 10: Win Ways™ Buy Bonus. Watch the two sets of unpredictable reel windows create winning reactions using the Win Ways™ mechanic.

Enjoy the Wild transfers and Free Spins featuring the Increasing Win Multiplier! Plus the new Buy Bonus feature allowing players direct access to the Free Spins Bonus.
(Previously known as Fishin’ Frenzy Fortune Spins) Cast off and try to win a fortune with the latest instalment in the Fishin’ Frenzy series. Play the classic slot or choose to activate Fortune Spins where the fisherman is always active! Matching 3 or more fish of any kind on a winline pays a prize regardless of the size of fish.

3 or more Bonus Symbols in view awards Free Spins where any fisherman that lands in view is wild and pays a win for every fish that lands in view on the same spin. Play Fortune Spins at a cost of 20xbet play 4 windows where the fisherman is always active. Watch out for the Golden Catch fisherman where he collects EVERY fish in view.
Play Gold Party® to try and tap into the luck of the Irish!

Wild Symbols can help you complete winning paylines, but that’s not all, there’s a Money Respin Feature, a Multiplier symbol, and an Extra Spin symbol. Essentially, there are lots of ways to boost your winnings!
Rainbow Riches Power Mix consists of four separate 3x5 reel arrays. Upon loading the game, select 1 bonus per reel array from a collection of 5 bonuses. It is possible to select the same bonus for each available reel array.
Yin Yang Masters has reel modifiers that allow you a chance to win big. All the pay lines will be paid as per the paytable.

Fire Wilds – Either side of the pot fires wilds onto each reel grid to award win chances. Lucky Spin – More high-paying symbols are added to each reel grid to win more. Bonus Chance – Either side of the pot fires a bonus symbol onto each reel grid to give a chance of awarding the free spin wins.

In Free Spins, each additional SCATTER symbol awards +1 Free Spin and it will be turned into Sticky Scatter for the rest of the Free Spins. The Free Spins feature is evaluated as ways which will start with 729 ways and may be extended up to 262144 ways.
After experiencing Bounty GoldTM, you'll understand why it's dubbed the 'Wild' West! The vibrant green and gold Wild symbols play a crucial role in completing successful paylines in this adventurous 3×5 slot game. Align the symbols from left to right, and you'll find yourself celebrating with a hearty 'yehaaaaw' all the way to your destination! The standout feature of Bounty GoldTM is the Money Respin, where the Money symbols within the game carry preassigned values. Once the Respin feature concludes, the accumulated value of all landed Money symbols is calculated, jackpots are factored in, and the game rewards the player with the total amount.

Triggering the re-spin feature requires 6 or more Money symbols positioned anywhere on the screen. This engaging feature introduces 5 levels and up to 4 matrices, contingent on the number of Money symbols spun on all activated matrices. The feature commences with 3 re-spins and 1 or more active matrices, determined by the quantity of Money symbols initiating the feature. For instance, if 11 Money symbols trigger the re-spin, the feature begins with 2 activated matrices (level 2). Any landing of Money symbols during the re-spin resets the remaining re-spin count back to 3, keeping the excitement alive.
Enter the ancient forest in search of the mythical Jungle Jewel, the largest Emerald known to man. It is said that three men could not lift such a “rock”. Jade of the Jungle is the first three-reel “Dual Reel” game with 2 reel sets side by side (or top and bottom on Portrait mode), that is packed full of big winning experiences and huge amounts of excitement as the natives bang their drums to a fresh new beat.

With up to 7 win lines per reel set, all prizes are multipliers of the initial total stake to make a volatile in reel game and even more attractive free spins.
Twin Spinner Book of Ra™ deluxe is played on 2 reel sets. Each reel set has 5 reels and 3 rows, with 10 win lines always in play. Your aim is to land 5 Explorer symbols on a win line, which will award you an immediate win of 500x the bet on one reel set. You can divide the bet between the left and right reel sets. All winning combinations run from left to right on a win line, except Scatter symbols.

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